aBOUT tIME wE jUMPED oNTO lIFE’S DANCE FLOOR Trending Issues- A ROSE SO BEAUTIFUL! Our SkyIsFalling CrisisCreators-NEW***Before ALL IS LOST! ***Breaking Hearts News to Cheer You UP! NEW*Futuristic Shortcut to INSTANT BEAUTY! NEW****Suffering in Silence & Shame? NO- HEAR US ROAR SHAMED NO MORE!!!!!! **new** Leaders of THE FREE WORLD Scary Insanity-TrumpTOPIA!ChildreninCages? New** Mental Health Halloween Moments! **MassMedia versus Political CONJURERS! New** One Infinitely Beautiful Living Rainbow- Poto’GoldLOVEHearts! New**The Times- TheyAren’tAChangin’? Reliving 1963-’65 Social Change in 2018! NEW****Hi GORGEOUS! Handsome! You CAN Be ALL THAT TOO! with the beetles! NEW*** Before-SWIMSUIT TEASERS! Now-T.E.S.S.ACHIEVERBEAVERS! stopBODYshaming! faceoffAGAINSTSEXISM! new***PUCKERED LIPS- FAST BEATING HEART! Together MeUsCAN-DO/FEELSSORIGHT!(**butwomenstill’weaponsofwar’) new* Americana “ANIMAL HOUSE” Revisited! MisadventuresofDAMNED&PREPROGRAMMED! Resistance Inside ‘OPPRESS-IDUNCY’- SafeguardingOurWorld! 1969wOODSTOCK vs. sept.112018vOSTOK NEW***OMG! ‘Me Too’ CalltoAction-Clear&PresentDanger!-Up Close & Personal! NEW**What Says the Law-Invest-$$$-igate Scandals! mOTHER oF ‘mE tOO!’- sTORM wHISPERER? Is It SAFE to COME OUT Yet? Our World- GAME BOARD for BAD BOYS? Diana’s ‘Accidental’ Assassination! **HEROES versus Me-Me-Me TRUMPtopian ZEROS! iNDIA’S lGBTQ? pOETIC jUSTICE! Far Out wORLD oF dECEPTION-sEEING tHE lIGHT? **Oh GOD! Not ANOTHER Priest IN OUR PANTS/PANTIES! **Seduction of the Catholic Church or US Peoplekind? Global Charity ‘SEXtor- SEXploitation? Sue ‘big pharma’- yeh! yeh! yeh! Skeletons in Our P.M.s Closet? A ROSE SO BEAUTIFUL! Coal Mine Canaries Searching for ‘Weapons’ of PEACE! Russian Lullaby! iF gOOD pEOPLE fAIL tO aCT, eVIL wINS! Setting YOUR WORLD ON FIRE- nEVER sURRENDER! But back in the CASTLE… You LOVING ADVOCATE You! THE SWIMMER AND THE RESCUER- GoddamnThePusher! PSYCHOMATHS:psych.meds.-therapy=$$$ Gettin’ Better or Badder? True Medicine- Honest LOVE & Real FRIENDS! Only DO IT for BEAUTY & LOVE! Dr. BEAUTY ***NEW …or see our citizens FLY like BIRDS on the WIND! VaticanOrgies OpioidEpidemics Assassins vs.3Amigos NEW*****Whenthe SOLUTION isthe PROBLEM! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.’Drs./Nurses OR Vampires?’ ***WILL to LIVE! ***Institutional ‘crucifixion’ Complacency! NEW***The Doctor is IN & HOTSTUFF!! ‘Dr. SMELL’S’ VICTORY!! Happy M.D. 1872-2018 Time Travelers! Caution- Your Rescue Ahead! ABC’s of Love! Happy in Hurricane Eyes! SPLIT Personality ‘Stormy!’ Godzilla vs. Titanic Trump! Melania Modelling the TRUTH! ***Boo-Hoo! Bambi Twins Grow Up Too Fast! ***ALWAYS LOVING YOUR WELCOME COMMENTS!!! See ALL at the bottom (& also under ‘The Seduction …’ articles heading & additional posts under ‘The Swimmer and The Rescuer’ in mentalhealthrightsforum.com)

  • Newest updates- Several articles+ for your discussion about Women’s Rights- Still Being Wronged since 1848 (Seneca Falls, N. Y.) up to today- Americana ‘Animal House,’ … 2018!
  • Suffering in Silence & Shame But “ME TOO!” is actually 94 years TOO LATE or 1000’s of years TOO LATE for Generations of Women who suffered in Silence & Shame!!!  But OUR WEATHER FORCAST: NO SHAME, NO FEAR, No COVER UPS, and nowhere for sex abusers to HIDE!  Endless April Showers of Criminal Proceedings on sex abuse monsters bring May SUN CHARMED, SMILING, HEALING FEMALE  HEAR US ROAR  SHAMED NO MORE! FLOWER POWERS!  April 4, 2019
  • Cultural Wars/Limits to ‘Multiculturalism’ …. Dr. Beauty … or see our BEST citizens FLEE like Birds on the Wind! Jan. 16, 2019                                                                                                                                                        “Two Faces of Warrior ‘Michael'” under “Mother of “Me Too!”- Storm Whisperer?” (Our ‘Peoplekind’ created Climate Change, ‘dissing’ our beloved Mother of “Me TOO!” MOTHER NATURE)            & under     “Oh, GOD! Not ANOTHER Priest in OUR PANTS!”        (Sharing Our Bed/Our World With ‘Princes of Darkness!’) Is any country SAFE from The Frocked-Up Sinful R US!                                         SEDUCTION of the Virgin Catholic Church or US Peoplekind??                                                                                                         Living in TrumpTOPIA- Creating Crisis! The Sky Is Falling! (Oct. 12, 2018)
  •                                                     ****BEFORE ALL IS LOST! ****
  • CARTOON CHARACTER-  CRISIS CREATOR is rising from comic book print into our lives via American t.v.-Sound the Strumpets’ Charge! 
  • Slapping on our B.S. Detectors- our psychiatric diagnostic intuition, Americans brace for cartoon character, CRISIS CREATOR, presenting LIVE! from the OVUM Office! Our beloved CRISIS CREATOR cut up/out President bursting into fearful, tearful ‘The Sky IS Falling’ television EVANGELISM on Jan.8, 2019! 
  • Rise Up NOW TrumpTOPIAN Believers against ALIEN INVASION- Space Invaders/Terrorist Mothers & spawn toddlers in tow crossing into America’s sacred virgin soil! Donning daring Tobasco dresses & SOMBREROS, Cha Cha Chaing into our lives, enchanting red-hearted Americans into their aspirations, …                                                            **** BEFORE ALL IS LOST!****                                                 
  • BEWARE Liberals & Dems. condemning our hero: CRISIS CREATOR is ‘touched’ by OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE BORDER LINE (U.S.-Mexico) PERSONALITY DISORDER & should be impeached/vanquished to Ottawa, Canada to be speech corrected incessantly by Justin “I am a Feminist premenstrual P.M. Peoplekind!” CRISIS CREATOR’s new role- Welcoming & Settlement AMBASSADOR …. His byline- “COME One- Come All Illegal ALIENS & BORDER CROSSERS! VP-LGBTQ? Imagine how boring our lives without LOVE of OUR WORLD, DARLING to Vlad the Impaler & Russia’s Oligarchy, N. K.s BELOVED MENTOR bringing PEACE & PROSPERITY?, our own MADE IN AMERICA- OUTRAGEOUS & SCANDALOUSLY! soap opera comic book Stormy CRISIS CREATORHugs & kisses– Donald! Too bad Marilyn wasn’t here to sing affectionately to you- Happy retirement? Mr. President! by Brian  on behalf of all TrumpTOPIAN Dreamers or Damn-o-crats! Unbelievers…  Lane  Jan. 9, 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Breaking Hearts News to CHEER You UP!                                                      Heroes vs. Forest Trump & Worldly ‘Zeros!’ If OUR GOOD fail to act, evil wins! Puckered Lips, Fast Beating Heart!  Breaking Hearts News to Cheer you up! African American Twilight Zone* Spokesperson Kanye ‘YE’ HAAH!           West stages WHITE HOUSE LOVE IN the ARMS of  our beloved                           Scandulous!  Scandanavian looking but not white supremist?, King Triumphant Trump!!     U. S. ‘race war is NOW OFFICIALLY OVER & OUT- IF you want it! Meanwhile, in apparently much less important American news, southwest coast SHREDDED by Hurricane Michael, survivors in total shock or crying for help somehow missed ‘makin’ America great again news!’ Hysterically Happy White House LOVE IN! *(Rod Serling)    More insanity– Hillary Clinton, former U. S. Presidential candidate, has asked for her own security clearance to be REVOKED! ‘Why is it NECESSARY to revoke your security clearance, Hillary? For God’s Sake Hillary, What have you done now?!                                                     Scary insanity- What the HEX?     Brooklyn Witches calling all GOOD WITCHES SHARING A SOCIAL CONSCIENCE to BREW a HEX (on Oct. 20?) against all American rapists including the alleged wanna be who terrorized Dr. Ford circa 1982!                   FACE-OFF of The FORCES-             American Witches vs. American S. C. LawIARS, gropers & rapists.   May the FORCE BE WITCH our patriot Sisters!   Hope our ‘Charmed Ones’ win, right Rose?!                                                 Blessed be, Witch Side are you’all fir?                                                      U. S. Supreme Court Insanity!  You got The ‘Right Stuff’                               to be a future American Supreme Court Jurist?                              Describing his friends & formative years- “We’re loud, obnoxious DRUNKS with prolific ‘pukers’ among us! It would probably a GOOD IDEA to WARN the NEIGHBOURS!”   Feelin’ Better now?   Oct. 12, 2018  by Brian Lane  O.k. Let’s have at it!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Futuristic Shortcut to Instant Beauty!                                                                       Programmable Settings on all household mirrors, glasses/contact lens, optical aids, …. “Honey- tell the truth: Do I look ___?”   ‘Just one second, Beautiful! …’ while I secretly set the BEAUTY APP. to the right  Body Style & appropriate Romantic Compliments. All mirrors & optical aids in the house to ‘MARILYN MUNROE.’ 
  • O.k. Darling- OMG! LOOK at YOU-  Marilyn Munroe back in the flesh! “The happiest time of my lie is NOW!” Honestly- you’re “body is meant to be SEEN- not all covered up!” But truthfully, “A SMILE is the BEST MAKEUP a Girl could wear!” 
  • Oh Dear- your programmable mirror & optical aids app. is flattering but “Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is Genius!” “We are ALL of the STARS & We DESERVE to TWINKLE!” As our Autocratic DicK!tators, Presi-dunces & PAST Prime DATE Ministers show us- “It’s BETTER to be RIDICULOUS than absolutely BORING!” (But- but Darling “If (we’re) going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty!”)  Sorry- even Marilyn says “Trying to somebody else is a waste of the PERSON YOU ARE!” 
  • ‘Please ‘APP. for Marilyn’ – May I have my soul mate, my equal partner, my wife BACK?!’    O.k. but she been uploaded with 2 Marilyn directives: “A Girl knows her limits (but) a wise Girl knows She has none!” “Women who seek to be EQUAL with men LACK AMBITION!”  But disappointed men can purchase an APP. to escape newly enhanced ‘soul mates’….           Just sayin’  BEAUTY APPS. in our future will create shattering looking glass illusions ….   Jan. 11, 2019 by  Brian ‘Marilyn Marilyn Marilyn Marilyn’- our future “LIFE IS BUT A DREAM!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Leaders of The FREE WORLD Scary Insanity-Reverse Karmic Replays                                                                     P.S. Do you’all remember 1990’s 70 million $$$ burned up over years in BARELY LEGAL? attempts to impeach Charismatic ‘Cad’ Clinton-Presidential Philanderer, Catfish Cannonballs, Woman Bomber White Privilege Bill?                                        Had Bad Bill been Black African American Billy Bob, his ‘sorry ass’ be long departed after conviction for ‘rapin” (white) women- Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, …               But gettin’ FAST HANDS Bad Bill Clinton on account of his ‘investments’ in Whitewater, …. ‘Sides his interests in Paula Jones (who sues Pres. Bad Bill FAST FINGERS Clinton for sexual harassment) …. Not to overlook WILD WILLY’s PERSONAL PARTS against  seducible, sweetheart White House intern Monica Lewinsky- her memory about sexual encounters equivalent to a pair of ultra high def.  IMAX porn cameras?! Chasin’ WILD WILLY’s PERSONAL PARTS STORY-our controversial 2018 Supreme Court Jurist among a pack of “elves” laying snares to catch Clinton testifying/ lying under oath about sexual encounters, … t’ trigger IMPEACHMENT! “I did not have sex with THAT woman!” “I am not having- not IN a sexual relationship … There IS no sexual”- “You mean, RIGHT NOW, Mr. President?                          Today, we’re caught in a ‘Twilight Zone’- REVERSE KARMIC REPLAYS-                       1990’s Clinton Years Style but TABLES TURNED by the Democrats to bring down a Republican President-                      ‘Tables Turned- Their Turn To Cry!’                                                 What BETTER CHALLENGES might leaders of The Free World   DAMN-o-crats!  & REGRESS-licans BE ADDRESSING rather than REPLAYING karmic political civil wars in 2016- 2020?    Millions in Yemen- The Middle East, Africa, Central & South America- our world facing societal breakdown, lawlessness, starvation, violence & genocide, autocracies or fascist nationalism, religious/cultural/ethnic suppression & cleansing, man made global climate change environmental disasters- social, economic displacement & migrations ….  Self expression & individual liberties being eyed/monitored by GOVERNMENT KNOWS BEST POLICE STATE CONTROL ….                              BIG BROTHER CAN & IS WATCHING EVERYONE ALL THE TIME!                              Dec. 12, 2018  by Brian Lane               Feelin’ better now- At least  now  we know why half the world’s on Big Pharma $$$Meds. while the other half is too poor to afford them!                          Don’t We All Have Scary Mental Health Halloween Moments-                                                    But we’s a buildin’ One Infinitely BEAUTIFUL, Living RAINBOW!  Any ladder takin’ the world down like our fightin’, lyin’ politicians, WE ALL CAN USE T’ BRING OUR WORLD BACK UP AGAIN where it RIGHTFULLY BELONGS!                                                                 Please also see  new posts under           The Swimmer and The Rescuer                                                                                                    mentalhealthrightsforum.com
  • Win Mental Health Hospital Door Prizes or Y.B.Y.O.Doctor? Nov. 30, 2018
  • Who Is Throwing Rocks in GLASS HOUSES? Good Cop vs. Bad Cop Dec. 3 & 22, ’18
  • Prisoners in our Communities= Inquisition Style C. ‘Treatment’ Os. Dec. 22, 2018
  •  Fake or Real Conspiracy Theories? Dec.22, 2018

Our Lives- A WONDER! ‘OMG- Was he/she/other BORN LIKE THIS?’ Dec. 28, ’18

Suffering in Silence & Shame- ‘Me Too’ Is Actually 94 years TOO LATE!!! Or 1,000’s years TOO LATE for Generations of Women  BUT HEAR US ROAR- SHAMED NO MORE!!!

  • Truck rolled, highway traffic in chaos from morning till night but ‘Scooter’ & I were on a “Blues Brothers'” sacred ‘mission from God’ to bust a beloved Relative from Care Home seclusion into outdoor SUNSHINE & THE REAL WORLD!!! (I’m so excited because yesterday, Mommy Deer- still beautiful beyond description raising TWIN BAMBIS each year, and I almost KISSED!  Big wind storm, looking about for debris, I suddenly looked up into Mommy Doe’s pensive gorgeous face! Little baby Bambi beside him/herself- “Mommy- he’s a HUMAN, not a Deer!” We’ve always enjoyed a close, admiring relationship but never SO IN YOUR FACE close! “Bambi- he’s our FRIEND!” So you completely see how DELIGHTFUL when ‘wild animals’ adopt you as a “FRIEND!”) 
  • At about 100 years young, my Beloved Relative has seen just about everything & is discouraged by our world today- Anti-climate, species & environmental reckless human behavior changes everything weakening our beautiful Mother Nature!  Almost a 50% divorce rate, young people living apart together without vows, anonymously ‘hooking up,’ shunning commitment but facing stressful L.G.B.T.Q+ identities & orientations. Ever increasingly powerful ‘street drugs,’ gambling, & alcohol available everywhere, marketed and legal for self medicating, recreational enjoyment & escape, ….          OUR WORLD ‘HER STORY’ IS ‘HER WORLD’ GONE UPSIDE DOWN? Governments profiting from & pushing vices, acting like low life ‘gangsters’ of bygone days. BEFORE- Neighborly neighbors all knew everyone, walked into each other’s house like FAMILY! AFTER- ‘2 kinds of people: them looking up the barrel … them looking down!’ 
  •  At 6 years she didn’t understand what happened- no other man touched her like ‘that,’ did ‘that’ to her innocent body. “But her Mom says, ‘Don’t you leave ME alone in the room with him!’ And though every home in their neighborhood leaves doors unlocked- ‘Howdy Friend!’ neighbors walk into each other’s homes freely, the woman next door rushes to lock her doors & ‘hides’ anytime he approaches!
  • Young girls, adult women- married with delightful, well raised & cared for children, Church stalwarts ALL suffering silently in FEAR- ALONE! Without protection from their men, their Police, their Places of Worship, their God! No one dares shatter PEACE & HAPPINESS in this family FRIENDLY ‘Sure Is A Wonderful Life!’ 1920’s Idyllic Community! After all, he’s a pillar of the Community, happily married to a strictly righteous wife, a Father, attends Church faithfully! No one “DARE SPEAK OF SUCH THINGS!” But ON THEIR FACES- youngsters or adults and IN EVERY FEMALE’S HEART-  SHAME BURIES THE TRUTH, ‘what happened,’ ‘that!’ (sexual abuse) My beloved Relative, 100 now says, “Brian You’re the first person outside TO KNOW!” (what happens in their not so ‘Idyllic Sure Is A Wonderful Life!’ Community circa 1920’s Americana.) 
  • But REALLY we ALWAYS SECRETLY KNEW- whether we lived in the ‘Roaring Twenties,’ 2,000 or 10,000 years ago, or today in The America’s, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, India, Russia, China, …. Finally- Big HUG for Instant Internet Sharing, WE ALL INSTANTLY KNOW ‘what happened,’ ‘that’ with no SHAME, NO FEAR, no COVER UPS, and nowhere for sex abusers to HIDE!!!  OUR WEATHER FORCAST: Endless April Showers of CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS on sex abuse monsters BRING May SUN CHARMED SMILING, HEALING FEMALE   HEAR US ROAR- SHAMED NO MORE!’  FEMALE FLOWER POWERS!  April 4, 2019 by Brian Lane

                                    The Presidential Un-Proof!         Increasingly,  xenophobic world political, religious leaders, … are plying an age old divide and conquer strategy- stirring up fear & prejudice against minorities, especially ‘INVADING FOREIGNERS.’ Today in America, scapegoats from Honduras & Guatemala- “Who knows from where else?” are being targeted by Trump’s witch hunt. His battle cry- ‘Only 700+ miles away & closing!’ What we’re not told, many or most caravans eventually fall under awful circumstances! Hot, unforgiving desert, deprivation & suffering; 6 in 10 migrant women & girls raped; 20,000 annually kidnapped for ransom; etc. (Amnesty International) They’re actually escaping from insufferable poverty & violence, seeking Liberty’s cry BECKONING to the World- “Give me your tired, your poor, … huddled masses- I  LIFT MY LAMP BESIDE THE GOLDEN DOOR!” But our fearless President sends heavily armed soldiers by the thousands, not exactly LIBERTY’S PROMISED “WELCOMING LAMP BY THE GOLDEN DOOR!” Our President descended from a shi_hole country, a very suspect immigrant- his disloyal OPA/ Grandpa kicked out of Germany & known as “SCANDALOUS FRED” in America! Our President’s wife, arriving on a travel/visitor’s visa but working instead- ‘stealing American jobs!’ But Americans elected these  curious, ‘unwanted invading foreigner types’ contradicting every Presidential hate speech sermon!  Nov. 9, 2018  by Brian  Only unwanted or descendants of disloyal, unwanted, (scandalous) immigrants are The Right Stuff!, 2016- 2020 U. S. Presidential Material!   Lane

Trick or treating,’ so-so COOL costume parties, anxiously viewing scary movies- PILLOW IN HANDS to block YOU KNOW THE SCARIEST SCENES!,  RETELLING GHOST STORIES about the SUPERNATURAL, visiting ‘HAUNTED PLACES & HOUSES,’ casting CHARMS or  ‘SPELLS,’ voicing incantations, FORESEEING OUR FUTURE?, HUDDLING CLOSE TOGETHER by friendly, SPARKLING BRIGHT FIRES under FULL MOON, foreboding, windswept NIGHTS-             ‘Are You Warm Enough, Honey?’                                                                     ‘FEELING SAFE?????                                                                       For good citizens challenged by major mental illness, has society even the most BASIC APPRECIATION HOW HARD, HOW MUCH EFFORT, HOW                                           MUCH COURAGE IS CALLED FORTH?!                                                                  In ‘Halloween Moments’ of OUR LIVES-   I experienced about every imaginable Nightmare scenario IN FULL 3 D ‘Technicolor’-    during the intense times of mental illness!        1.  My ‘Spock the Observer Brain’ said delightfully, ‘Intellectually Fascinating Beyond ALL Expectations!’ No scientist will ever (voluntarily) experience this or ‘has what it takes!’               2. My ‘Brian- I’m only human emotions & biological, physical body’ said ‘Please- tell me ‘Only a ‘Die Hard Movie Shoot’ & ‘Only hours to go                     ‘living in & out’ A VIRTUAL REALITY HALLOWEEN!’                                          ‘Movie set closes for the night, folks.’ You won’t believe what we’ve got cooked up for you to live through tomorrow!’                                                                           3.’My ‘6th Sense’ said, ‘Bring it On! I was born to face these challenges & banish dark reality!’                                                                                                                    Halloween Virtual Reality 3 D Moments- Way Fun for Once a Year Scary Party Fun! But experiencing seemingly endless Halloween Virtual Reality! Not So Much!                                                                               Hallow’s Eve is Oct. 31, when incarnate life & goodness triumph over dark reality! (Our Catholic brothers’ & sisters’ Pope Francis is telling us dark reality is way beyond any ‘virtual reality’ but has actively attacked, BLASPHEMED & disgraced the  CATHOLIC CHURCH worldwide- Pope Francis begs for our forgiveness & understanding!)                                                                  Are we really different today- in Pope Francis’s eyes, from Medieval Times? “Barns and homes were blessed to protect people & livestock (from the effects of ‘witches …’) Although a rare few continued to divine the future, cast spells, and tell ghost stories …, woe to anyone who was denounced to the Church for engaging in such activities.  These (Halloween style activities) may seem like innocent fun today, but it was deadly serious stuff during the Middle Ages!” (D. Die hl & M. Donnelly in “Medieval Celebrations ….)                                          The 3 sisterly “Charmed One’s” t. v. series attempted to cast a spell on us- sure worked on me! How ’bout you?         Aren’t American Witches today overall PRETTY, damn GOOD?!                               So, Y’all go an’ forget about that Salem thang, o. k.?!  American t.v. & film, media, music, even our Supreme Commanders & Judicial Court candidates,   ‘obnoxious drunks’ over $$$ & power/ greed? Throw into the boiling cauldron our political SWeinkenstein sex predators et viola!,                                     our 21rst century evil Charmers & Spell Casters!                                                                                            In a spirit of innocent ‘Magical’ playfulness, Charm, Chant, Cast Spells, Divine the Future, Dress to kill!, light candles in pumpkins & lanterns to ward off evil & light the way for lost, wandering spirits! (Unmarried women-  sit in a darkened room & stare into a mirror (versus a computer dating site screen) hoping to see your future husband/partner/other, ….) In spite of our toys and technology, AT HEART, ARE WE REALLY ANY DIFFERENT FROM EMOTIONS OUR ANCESTORS EXPERIENCED?              But the BEST or SCARIEST Halloween Story is-                               Like it or not, are we ACTUALLY ONLINE 24/7, A GLOBAL SUBCONSCIOUS INTERNET HAPPENING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!                                                                           Are we VIRTUALLY BECOMING ONE PLANET, ONE PEOPLE,       ONE INFINITELY BEAUTIFUL, LIVING RAINBOW?!               Our global subconscious fears & insecurities, our hopes, dreams, prayers,                       OUR INVIOLABLE BELIEF in LOVE & LIFE FOR US ALL-                                        BUT EACH ONE IS UNIQUE, GIFTED, ABSOLUTELY  NEEDED!                                            Oct. 23, 2018  by Brian ‘BOO! Did I scare you?’  Lane

Mass Media Versus Political Conjurers- Strange Alt. Reality!

                                                  ‘You won’t believe what we’ve got cooked up for you to live through tomorrow!’ (Sounds like I was subconsciously picking up news the evening of Oct. 23rd- a near full ‘Hunters’ Moon,’ from the dark, ‘demonic realm‘- the alternative, ‘underworld reality’ Pope Francis speaks about!)  Yesterday & today we learn about 1/2 dozen suspicious packages- more ‘bomb gifts’ keeps- a- comin’! Seemingly explosives in appearance, mailed to former Democratic Presidents & high political appointees …. Purposed to silence key influential political  protagonists, turn the election tide!  Bottomless bad behaviour  to frustrate freedom & democracy in America?  Who- or what TROGLODYTES behind such abhorrent craftiness?                                                                                                                       Constant angry, outrageous  diatribes by political grandiose gladiators- you know who they are! Versus mass media  massacring our senses (& ‘The News?’) to bring us into submission to their views!  Toss into the bubbling cauldron citizens feeling ‘left out or behind,’ held back from our American Dream Lifestyles! A sorcerer’s brew building up to HURRICANE LEVEL “BUTTERFLY EFFECTS!”      In bright ‘technicolour,’ we see the consequences for WHAT WE THINK & SPEAK- especially angry hate speech by politicians & mass media- REVERBERATING across the WORLD, entailing REAL, SCARY KARMA!                                                                                                                   ‘CAUSE & EFFECT’- CREATIVE or DESTRUCTIVE SPEAKING, THINKING, LIVING- OUR CHOICE!  But what’s their choice?  Will our mass media & political ACTORS  REIGN IN THEIR RHETORIC & ‘Drama Queen/King/Other’ Emotional Outbursts?’ Take PERSONAL responsibility, accountability! for CONJURING UP A DEMON SPELL OVER ‘WE- THE PEOPLE?’ (When have they ever?!) Chants, spells, conjuring, … actually works in our fallen world- but includes unforeseen consequences!  But just because mass media & politicians are ‘smart,’ ‘dumb’ or ‘conjurers’ skilled about deceitful ways, harness evil for $$$/power/ influence/ greed,                it doesn’t mean they ‘Ever- Ever – Ever’ (Taylor S.) should!!  Oct. 25, 2018  by Brian Yes- our ‘6th sense’ can divine the future, evil or good! Lane                    P.S. Still a full moon in our night sky- perfect for an innocent late evening walk into the mists … But Beware  Friends- Werewolves  ‘Out and About’  looking                  for a Howling Good Time as Halloween descends upon us! 

       One Infinitely Beautiful Living Rainbow! Pot o’ Gold LOVE HEARTS!                                                 Halloween nightmares in our Planetary ‘hood?’ Our cute/friendly/curious/ trusting Bambi frolicking in Heaven?  Why is Ms. Doe back to her nursery (my wooded yard), only 1 Bambi ‘quiet child’ at her side?  Did a coyote- or ‘human coyote’ take our playful Bambi or is she frolicking among peer Bambi children in greener pastures? We all face sad events, human or other life, sharing our common emotions. A bird family- beautiful bright yellow, sadly gathered round a fallen parent, an accident victim by a window crash- STAYED PUT when I approached their solemn family gathering & ALLOWED ME to join their mourning. (Windows may reflect the surroundings like a mirror confusing birds their flight path is clear.)     Representing ‘SURVIVORS’ from bad mental illness & mental health treatments, a wonderful ‘married- young son,’ endearing woman also volunteered. Aside from ‘invisible’ mental illness, she seemed to ‘have everything-‘ brains, personality, looks, ‘YOU GO GIRL!’  But on Christmas, suddenly excused herself- walked to a bridge & ‘into Heaven!’  OMG!!!                                                                                                                 Our real life Halloween stories- good, happy beginning life stories hopefully- but sometimes not! (My Aunt, a prison teacher, says typically offenders experienced really ‘fallen world,’ bad childhoods/environments- ‘scrambling’ their brains!) SUDDENLY THE HORROR MUSIC STARTS …!  But who or what is able to stop us RISING UP from our ‘Fallen World & apparent failures,’ bad life experiences- or ‘scrambled brains?’                 Beatle John Lennon says, “War is over NOW if we WANT IT!”               If we sought after LOVE & PEACE with the same enthusiasm we have for another TELEVISION SET (or ‘gotta have it NOW’ digital device), ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY, we bring about a WORLD WIDE REVOLUTION OF GOOD! ( You know- The Declaration of Independence American GOOD Revolution was about 250 years ago! Time for a new PEACE, LOVE & Understanding One Another Revolution? “But if you want $$$ for minds that hate, I can tell you buddy-politicians & media, you’ll have to wait!”)                                                                                                               Honestly, aren’t we DESTINED TO BE CLOSER TO PLANETARY GOOD WILL, Loving Mother Nature-  Being a Benefit to Life on Earth? But we’re brought up to see our world along a stereotypical Halloween horror story plot line.                   ‘SCIENCE’ is beginning to ‘prove’ common characteristics of life among plants and animals- information we probably accepted & understood as young children but were taught to deny in order to ‘grow up’ in a downward zombie direction!                  If we deny who we are, what we know & are destined to understand about Real, True Life, we grow up ACTING OUT CRAZY Halloween Movie TALK!                   Trump vs. CNN, for example- ALWAYS ACCUSING & BLAMING- NO ONE’S HEARING OR LISTENING!                    Round & round in a merry-go-round of crazy hate speech!                In Trump’s eyes, Every F…in’ thing goes wrong, the media blames us!                                               CNN et al. say ‘Yeh- Because it’s true! And WORSER!                                                                                      Just wait ’till our next show!’                                                      Isn’t it wrong to raise children to imagine we are ‘so all alone,’ separated & helpless, scared by our own Mother Nature & Her rainbow splendour of Life Forms!  Living in fear of our fellow man/woman/other-‘those people & their culture,’ or ‘OMG! Our own people but apparently different from us?’ Et viola, we’re supposed to choose a SIDE- ‘Are you’all agin or afore?’                       Begin parroting crazy hate talk too! What a waste of a life worth living!               You & me facing a ‘SCARY WORLD HALLOWEEN MOVIE FUTURE?’            I receive feedback from all over the world- Guess what- PEOPLE HAVE IDENTICAL HOPES, DREAMS & FEARS EVERYWHERE! ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR PESSIMISM- WE CAN GET OUR COLLECTIVE SH..                                        TOGETHER AS SIMPLY AS JOHN LENNON SAYS!                                            Why aren’t our POLITICAL WACKOS & MEDIA MONSTERS ONSIDE?              Because they practice the DARK ARTS OF DIVIDING & CONQUERING US- HATE & FEAR MONGERING to get $$$  AND STEAL OUR RIGHTFUL PEOPLE POWER!   Time’s Up on Halloween Horror Stories-  Happy, good folks enjoying life but as the horror music begins, are preyed on by evil or  indoctrinated in a Fallen World- ‘Winners and Losers,’  Blaming & Naming!  “2 kinds of people- Them lookin’ down the barrel of a gun and them lookin’ up!”                  Time’s Up! One Life on our planet- a beautiful RAINBOW connected to a pot o’ GOLD- LOVE IN ALL OUR BRIMMING HEARTS!       Nov. 2, 2018  by Brian   We’re Just Like A Rainbow    Lane

As I wrote The Seduction of the Virgin Mental Patient, I vividly recalled my being all out VICIOUSLY sexually attacked by a much older teen acting completely ‘possessed’ including uttering demonic laughter/cackle as I fought for my life! So enjoying attempting to rape me and WORSE!  Sept. 21, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                         “… Believed he was going to RAPE ME!  …going to KILL ME!”                                                      Q.: Most enduring- strongest memory you have?                            “Indelible in the hippocampus” (where brain memory is consolidated) IS THE LAUGHTER- UPROARIOUS LAUGHTER & having fun at my expense!”                                 Q.: You’ve never forgotten that laughter?! And the assault?          (… Muffling her cries with his hand…!)                “SEARED INTO MY MEMORY! HAUNTED ME EPISODICALLY!”      Sept. 27, 2018  One ALLOWED alleged sex assault victim being questioned & testifying before Senate Judicial Committee evaluating Pres. Trump’s recommended candidate- “born to be” for a LIFE LONG appointment on the U. S. Supreme Court.*                                                    ‘Birds of a feather, flock together’- Should Pres. Trump & his                                             candidate just ‘FLOCK OFF!?’  Sept. 27, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                       The Times-                            They Aren’t A Changin’?   Relivin’ 1963- ’65 in 2018 …?

Hey- y’all!  Welcome all in 2018 back to relivin’ 1963-1965- civil rights! Georgia’s first black female nominee for Governor is facing same ol’ stiff white segregationist & supremacy winds been around afore 1960’s- for sure! Republican candidate, currently Secretary of State, is holding back over 53,000 voter applications- over two thirds from black applicants.                                           Kinda like the 40 black seniors, dancing & cheering before boarding a ‘Black Voters Matter’ touring bus attempting to encourage black voters to exercise basic American rights- taking them to vote!  Jes’ like ol’ times, Georgia County orders them ‘off the bus’- jes’ like  blacks being ordered ‘to the back of the bus!’  If you were just a twinkle in your future mom & dad’s eye in 1963- 1965, why don’t we time travel back ….                                               In the 1963 Selma, Alabama Registration Campaign- Voting Rights Movement, African Americans encountered intimidation & violence from local gov’t. authorities and white supremacists.   BUT in 1964,  Martin Luther King, Jr. was awarded THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! At that time, only 2 % of Selma’s black voters were registered?                                                                 RADICAL SOCIAL CHANGE WAS IN THE AIR!                                                    White religious & protest, social activists, like pioneer folk singers Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie- nurturing, inspiring Bob Dylan- “Blowin’ in the Wind,’ (the music he stole to create) the 60’s ANTHEM “The Times- They Are A Changin,'” Buffy Sainte Marie- “Universal Soldier,” … joined forces with the British Invasion- love of black ARTISTS, black created R & B and offspring, Rock and Roll …. YES! And Elvis blasting unstoppable black music blended with Home cookin’ Mama! white country hillbilly/rockabilly,  dance EXCITEMENT into young, hip white America!  & MOTOWN!                                                                                                                                                           On Feb. 18, ’65 ‘White Segregationists’ attacked peaceful demonstrators …. In response, 600 protesters began an ill fated protest march on March 7. State troopers whipped them back to Selma! BUT, the world began to watch live television- to agonize over the brutality surrounding the Selma march, to learn about about all the lynchings, … 100 years AFTER the Civil War supposedly ended the question about slavery!  5,000+ lynchings, about 75% blacks, 80% in the South, white sympathizers lynched, ….     So on March 9, 2000+ set out to march from Selma to Montgomery- 54 miles- THE WORLD WATCHING BY T. V.!   President Johnson acted decisively- placing Army & National Guard  forces to protect the procession. “… It is not just Negros, but really it is ALL of US, who MUST OVERCOME the crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice!”                                                                                        “And WE SHALL OVERCOME!”   In August, Congress passed The Voting Rights Act guaranteeing blacks the Right to Vote- 100 years AFTER the Civil War supposedly settled the status of ‘Negros!’ As we see TODAY, many slippery schemes are employed to exclude minorities- not only blacks!  Circa 1965, literary tests were banned as a requirement for voting, & poll taxes, …. TODAY, First Nations targeted schemes are used demanding prospective voters produce licences/ i. d. cards with complete house address since some Reserves do not use these …. (Allegations are of Republicans being ‘in tough,’  creating anti democratic schemes to discourage or ‘disallow’ the democratic RIGHT of  minorities to vote because Republicans see them as ‘hostile.’ Remember Pres. Trump tried to ban Muslims from immigrating into America, …. Way beyond ‘Go to the back of the bus’ hate speech!)                                                                                                                                                                               We see current attempts in many ‘progressive’ modern western countries to sanction, exclude, demonize, punish & criminalize Muslim women & girls for wearing head scarves or facial covering. Is paranoia & racism ALIVE & WELL in America, across our World?                                In 1965, Pres. Johnson adopted the declaration,                    WE SHALL OVERCOME! but in 2018 we’re STILL MARCHING-              THE SAME 54 MILE MARCH FROM SELMA to MONTGOMERY- AND DAMN IF IT DON’T SEEM LIKE                               WE’S AIN’T GETTIN’ ANY CLOSER!!               Oct. 18, 2018  by Brian Lane

Hi  GORGEOUS!’/Tall, Dark & HANDSOME!’/’Hollywood- Bollywood make-up created Hunks & Baby Dolls’ Time’s Up on Skin Deep Celebrity! Gonna Be Ourselves- Just BEAUTIFUL!  with the beetles                                                                                                You & I speaking candidly- spontaneously about the skinny on fat. No body shaming or judgement. But first, a funny thing happened as I stumbled into 2020- or 2019?  On NEW YEARS DAY, so EXCITED to be hearing first hand, a young individual’s 1960’s summer experience for 3- 4 months touring with a FAMOUS MUSIC GROUP- The Crickets? No- Wasn’t Chuck Holley’s Band. But another band (named after an insect?) inspired by ‘Buddy Holly’ & all FAB 50’s POP ROCKERS!  The Grasshoppers? Ladybugs? Please HELP ME! I NEED SOMEBODY! NOT JUST ANYBODY to say the insect band’s name- Ladybugs?                              Said artist ‘John’ ‘ALWAYS so kind to him!’ Our friend brought his own reel to REAL LOVE tape recorder to the INSECT BAND’s press Q. & A. but approaching the desk, BIG SHOT MEDIA TYPES PUT HIM DOWN- ‘Get Back JOJO!  To the BACK of the ROOM WHERE YOU BELONG!’                 Insect band member Dear John strongly DEFENDED our friend- ‘You CAN’T DO THAT! SAY THOSE WORDS to OUR FRIEND!’ ‘He’s OUR PERSONAL FRIEND- HELPING US GET BY ON TOUR!’ (Band members knew the sting of being put down- wounded by words! Guitarist George was told by his school teacher, “You’ll never amount to anything!” Has anyone ever said that curse against you?)                                                                                                             ‘Put your recorder on our table- Yes, closest to me!’       Why, I asked? ‘John cared about people being ‘the underdogs,’ put down by uppity blokes.’ Wounded by harsh words. A working class hero kinda guy? ‘Yes, Brian- a working class hero!’      ‘Always so nice to me- a GENUINE FRIEND!’  But good stage actors, so witty & carrying on?  ‘Brian, simply being themselves, not acting really.’ Genuine as is possible, in showbiz.   But I heard they did their drummer Pete horribly wrong- A really GOOD drummer, talented! Imagine being dumped by a proxy after embracing all the run up touring, practicing, 8 hour+ performances, handling bookings, Pete & his family creating the initial Liverpool teenage head scene, … Slave conditions performances in Deutschland, kilts? on cold knights in Scotland,? … Before the insects band BREAK OUT a month after Pete, the FAB & BEST LOVED,  BEST looking, … John & Paul just jealous guys? After easy teen+ girls? Pete dumped HARD!                                                                                                                                                      Me Too? versus the Insect Band? And I LOVE HER in every SEXIST WAY? Wanna Hold More than Your Hand, Cup Cake … Onto next peach in line! She was Just seventeen- a sexist pig’s wet dream? That’s why many young aspiring ‘artists’ began swarming about feeding on sweet innocence from young Darlings, before Me Too! Movement rocked the stage …!    ‘Calm down, Brian- 1950’s, early 1960’s Seaport, Liverpool, not Shangri-La for Women’s Liberation & Equality!’ Assistants’ duties included having the teens/young women stand in a hallway line- the insects fly out, …’   Based on looks? ‘Yes- Brian’-          Like they’re picking ripe fruit from the vine?     ‘Yes, Brian- old school Liverpudlian views on young women…’ So only thanks to ALL the ‘BIRDS’ FLUTTERING ABOUT among the beatles & other insects style musical groups, did our 50’s & ’60’s music culture explode? Beethoven rolled over- Music became skin deep & sexual? ‘Brian, 50’s & 60’s artists/musicians are wounded eyes rascals like any Bollywood/Hollywood stars!’                                                                                                                                                                                                And they sacked drummer, kind-hearted Pete who helped  BUILD & CREATE their style & sound in CRITICAL FORMATIVE YEARS? “Yes- but pop rock bands may become like wolves on Wall Street. George, the quiet insect in the band, saying seemingly daily over the phone- “So if you cash my checks & add everything up, exactly how much am I worth right now?’                                                                                             Isn’t Pete the BEST- his replacement hardly obtained formal schooling? And bad legs, shame about his face!….  ‘He’s a NATURAL ACTOR, CHARISMATIC SHOWMAN, SPONTANEOUS, (unintentional?) COMIC-     Whoa! “Been A Hard Day’s Night, John!”‘   You’re saying, Rings’ A Laugh Out Loud Human Mender & Good Times Peace an’ Love Blender?  ‘So comical & ‘naturally talented’, A KEY to success!    Harmony & beetle’s band mates ‘GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME?’ Yes- Pete & Pete’s family helped establish the band, music & fame but his sweet, talented QUIETER nature is suddenly supplanted by Rings’ Bollywood deadpan humor,  intuitive acting up eruptions, pantomimes, ….                  EVERYONE LOVES  A PUPPY DOG- PUPPY DOG INNOCENCE & PUPPY DOG EYES!?!                                                                                                                                   But I hear dearest John could be very angry, see himself as a prophet, a Christ player? “Christ- you know it ain’t easy- … The way that we’re going, Their gonna crucify me!” (John posed? as a soon to be crucified Christ figure? Hair, beard, dressed in white! Invited people to question their political & spiritual leaders, their culture, their movements- “I don’t believe in Beatles/Zimmerman/” … in violent revolution like Yeshua, in being seen as a harmless, court jester & entertainer- “Wealthy audience members simply rattle your jewels” in beat with our ‘Yeh! Yeh! Yeh! innocent music,’ in being a ‘playful fool’- bread & circuses for the sedated masses, …  Like Jesus, to bring about a universal, peaceful, cultural, societal revolution. Compared his popularity against Jesus! Actively causes ’60s political & cultural status quo to shake- the President’s biggest fear behind election defeat was Beatle John & cultural shift!                                     ‘Human beings, not ‘gods!’ But don’t go creating a new My Sweet Lord Beatles Religious Movement or based on our FAV FAB artists because Times’ Up! on our political schemers!   Aside from pollinating honey bees & hard playing ’60s band, Dave Clark Five, our FAB beetles delivered their ALL TO US ALL THE TIME, HERE THERE & EVERYWHERE!                     Hmmm    Pope ‘Rings’ Our Bell! Calls us to DANCE to a DIFFERENT DRUMMER!   Pope Paul’s Sermon to scoundrel politicians- LET IT BE & stop raping Mother Nature, LET HER BE!! And band leader John- ‘Where we heading boys? To the top!” Playing his harp in Heaven- All You Need Is REAL LOVE- It’s Really LOVE!  GOOD DAY- SUNSHINE!  Coming down from my New Year’s Day dream encounter with a temp. Beatle’s colleague, we must get on with our candid weighty conversation- the skinny on fat!   Jan. 7, 2020- oops! 2019 still flyin’ high from New Years!  by Brian YOU CAN BE ALL THAT TOO- You Beatle about to be discovered by your World ! Lane

*Maryland sexual offence 3rd degree-  “Engaging in sexual contact- intentionally touching the victim’s genital, anal or other private parts for sexual gratification or abuse WITHOUT CONSENT while … strangling or seriously injuring the victim, threatening the victim with death, serious injury, or kidnapping, or committed with another’s help.”    Penalty-   A felony with a sentence not more than 10 years + convicted felon added to sex registry.                             Statute of Limitations- NONE!? (statelaws.findlaw.com)                          Q.- Have Maryland rape & sexual assault laws or other state or federal laws been explored & tested for above alleged victim or any or all other alleged victims? If not- why not & when!? How about NOW!  Sept. 27, 2018  by Brian Lane             P. S.        Should alleged sex offender be held more accountable for ‘sex offence 3rd degree’ on account his mother worked in a Maryland states attorneys office at the time!?                                                                         ‘Cousin?’ Sen. Jeff LANE Flake says give the F.B.I. a week to investigate!  Dean of Yale Law School & American Law Ass’n. also ask that  allegations of sexual assault & misconduct by a number of complainants in the past few weeks be FULLY INVESTIGATED BEFORE a recommendation is brought forward by the Judicial Committee! (11- 10 vote recommendation along ‘Party’ lines including deciding vote by ‘cousin? Flakey’ BUT THANKING JEFF- secured 1 week for investigation BEFORE full Senate vote?? Sept. 27, 2018)

Trending issues: Is Pres. Trump ATTEMPTING TO CREATE CRISES? Alleged “illegal immigrant crisis”- Similar numbers or less than prior years? Tortures babies, toddlers, young children- torn from parents, dumped in cages like animals, ….* What mental & physical disabilities & illness will tortured immigrants suffer? Will Pres. Trump be prosecuted, impeached or held liable? We remember Trump’s Opa/Grampa was kicked from Germany as a scoundrel draft dodger but accepted into America as ‘Scandulous Fredrich & $$$prospered!’ With Pres. Trump’s pedigree, who is he to bitch about immigrants today from so called “S    H   !” Countries!?!  His sweet, loyal wife, an immigrant too! from beautiful Slovenia apparently illegally worked– only admitted as a visitor! No immigrant pedigree President has worked harder at chasing down & seizing an alleged ‘illegal immigrant’ to stay IN AMERICA-be his wife & now FIRST LAdy!   The 26% of eligible voters who elected Pres. Trump ( 74% did not support him) should applaud America’s immigration system- brought them a President & First Lady they love!                            Bad mouthing Allies: Dissing Canada & P. M. Trudeau- U.S.A.’s best friend & steadfast ally- as well as The European Union, but lavishing praise and ‘love bombing‘ “Little Rocket Man?” who savages his own people, anti aircraft fires!’ his Uncle before relatives,  V X nerve ‘balms’ his half brother 1000’s miles away in Malaysia, ….              Pres. Trump’s propaganda film gift to “Little Rocket Man” (But ‘my nuclear button is bigger than yours!’)   portrays him to be  a respected & adored supreme leader EQUAL!                                  But bemoans how Americans fail to jump to attention as N.K.ers jump for L. R. M.!                                                                                                                                                                   Creates economic instability worldwide by engendering tariffs & trade warmongering alleging American allies “are an IMMINENT THREAT to National Security??? CANADIAN COWS, … “A THREAT TO U. S. NATIONAL SECURITY?” Overplays a state of constant paranoia & frenzy        using the ‘dark arts’ to energize his TrumpTOPIAN BELIEVERS!– Hungry to ‘crush trade partners?’        Biggest dealer in ‘fake news’ on the planet?                                The SKY IS FALLING EVERYWHERE HE LOOKS?                                     Both Canadian Trudeau & U. S. Trump Love Women but in opposite ways!             Trudeau is The Feminist P. M. & Pres. Trump is The Misogynist Pig!                            Q: How Trump views American women: A: At his happiestat Beauty Pageants groping young innocents! Like ‘Wild Willy Clinton’ doing his wild cigar thang in the ‘OVULAR  WHITE HOUSE OFFICE! Pres. Trump sees young American women with 20/20 PERFECT PORNO VISION -for ex.,   The 40 year old virgin!”- “Space Nuts- Episode 69!”    June 23, 2018  by Brian Lane

*Living in TrumpTOPIA- Welcome to America, Children! A utopia including                       LIFE! LIBERTY! The PURSUIT of HAPPINESS!                               Best of all: FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!            Sooooooo, how y’all immigrant children enjoying Living in TrumpTOPIA so far? We hope our CUSTOM BUILT Just Fir YOU! CAGES                           EXCEED YOUR                                                                 EXPECTATIONS!     Your Supreme Commander, Donald- Please remember to jump to attention when my name is spoken as is the custom in N. K.!                                      P.S. Pass the word back to your ‘S___HOLE! Countries of Origin’- We’ll built a cage for their CHILDREN TOO              if they attempt to cross our border!!  Y.S.C., Donald                                                            Living in TrumpTOPIA- “Donald j.(jerko) Trump  calling for a COMPLETE SHUTDOWN of MUSLIMS ENTERING THE U. S…!”                                      Before: A KEY U. S. A. MOST SACRED COMMITMENT: “The U.S.A. is a Nation  built on the promise of religious liberty … embedding the principle of religious neutrality in the First Amendment.”                                                                        After:  5-4 Supreme Court Decision  agreeing with Supreme Commander’s edict to ban travel to the U. S. from several ‘Muslim Countries.”                                                                 But as we know, Justice Is Blind- and stupid?!        Justices Sotomayor & Ginsberg gripe: “Trump’s policy now masquerades behind a facade of national security …. A reasonable observer would readily conclude the Proclamation” (‘Muslim travel ban’) was motivated by hostility and animus toward the Muslim faith.” ‘The Majority view ignored the facts, misconstrued legal precedent and turned a ‘blind eye’ to the pain & suffering the Proclamation inflicts upon countless families and individuals, many of whom are U. S. citizens.

                                Living in TrumpTOPIA- “Me Too!”                                                                       Thompson Reuters Foundation asked 550 ‘experts in women’s issues’ ‘which among 193 United Nations Countries are Most Dangerous for Women’- U. S. makes top 10 list! Huh?? But 1 in 5  U. S. women are RAPED!   (by E. Wulfhorst)       June 26, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                    Miss America Pageant 2018 Contestants-  Told ‘Take your sexy                              swimsuits off & don’t bring them to the Pageant!’                                                                                            sTOP bODY sHAMING nOW?                              Supposedly, contestants will not be judged by a SWIMSUIT CONTEST, BY PHYSICAL APPEARANCE-       FROM  SWIMSUIT TEASER to TESS!        Rather, by    Talent, Empowerment, Social impact, and Scholarship!                                              But looking at our Pageant’s Winner & Runner                                                   Up,  STEREOTYPES- ‘fitness & attraction’ APPEAR UNCHANGED!       An attempt to appear politically correct without actually changing  underlying traditional stereotypes about young women? STILL bODY sHAMING & hOLDING bACK YOUNG WOMEN BUT PRETENDING NOT TO?               We can have CULTURAL CHANGE NOW IF WE WANT IT*- but how SLOWLY STOPPING bODY sHAMING YOUNG WOMEN HAPPENS- IF EVER?! Sept. 10, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                               fACE oFF aGAINST sEXISM*Holy Cow!                                                             Muslim Indian Marriage MANia!                      Finally, India’s top political & legal officials outlawed BAD Muslim  divorce practice!  Before, BAD husbands were allowed to write, text, message or say, ‘I divorce thee’ 3 times to GOOD, LOYAL wives & end WONDERFUL marriages- UNGRATEFUL NONBELIEVERS of Allah’s Will never deserved in the first place!      bUT wHAT aBOUT aLLAH aLIMONY- mAKE tHE bUMS pAY, iNDIA:  eNABLE sPURNED gOOD wIVES tO sAY: iNDIA’S lAW  sAYS eX-                       HUSBANDS mUST pAY    aLIMONY! aLIMONY! aLIMONY!                                                           FACE OFF MARRIAGE & DIVORCE LAWS!                                               AMONG COUNTRIES TO SEE WHAT LAWS ARE MOST PROGRESSIVE!                                               Why do we live according to laws better suited for the ancient Middle East thousands of years ago- people believed the earth is flat & FEMALES = PROPERTY,’ …!                                              Instead we may                                          Simply FACE OFF MARRIAGE & DIVORCE LAWS,                           engage in co-operative consensus building throughout the Faith, Region or Country- & CHOOSE BEST MARRIAGE & DIVORCE LAWS & PRACTICES!                           Why spend one more year according to ancient slavery practices!?  Similarly, within or between States, Provinces, Territories, … why are abusive ‘old school’ laws & practices flourishing juxtaposed                                        against modern, equality & enabling society?                                                   The Declaration of LIFE, LIBERTY, FREEDOM, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, EQUALITY Of MANKIND- male/female/other allows for INSTANT SOCIAL CHANGE!    (NEANDERTHAL NEWS FLASH!  Please do it quickly before modern men fall into carnal sin- seek out a mate from a neanderthal style culture- act out our ancient BAD HABITS!    Sept. 20, 2018 by Brian Lane  see Clear & Present DANGER to ALL (aMERICAN) WOMEN! Sept. 21, 2018 after Resistance Movement Inside The Oppression DUNCY!                                                   

  PUCKERED LIPS- FAST BEATING HEART! “And then we fell in LOVE!”                                                   (Confession by a Split Personality Pres.)                                           At  the same time Pres. Trump is dissing “ME TOO!” as a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT TO POWERFUL U. S. MEN,  attempting to ‘REVICTIMIZE?’/smother sexual assault victims & historical sex misconduct, he is micro-managing an F. B. I. SHORT, LIMITED (PUBLIC RELATIONS) BACKGROUND CHECK on an alleged S. C. wannabe jurist!  Instead, the Presidency better BLOW THE DOORS WIDE OPEN BY A COMPREHENSIVE INVESTIGATION- or will Democrats rise up! *                               Suddenly our President’s ‘Split Personality’ shatters the daylight!                   On June 12, 2018, writing about our President’s seeming ‘Split Personality’                                                  “And then we fell in LOVE!”                                                                                          Unbelievable? Or actually painting you a real life story!                      ‘See ol’ SPARKLY EYES … POUR HIS CHARM ONTO HIS NEW BELOVED …. YOU BARELY HEARD HIS “WORDS OF LOVE” (Buddy Holly) avec plus beaux poemes d’amour ROMANTIQUE for LOVE to BLOSSOM  in ROMANTIQUE Singapore! ‘Oh, la la’ Dingy- Je t’aime!’ cries Darlin’ Donald!      Dingy swoons feeling Donald’s gentle but ‘J’ai besoin de toi!’/I NEED YOU! HUNGRY GRASP ON HIS ARM! … Donald’s eyes so focused on Dingy! ( DID YOU SEE DINGY BLUSH as laser eyes Donald stared?!) And how quickly                           Donald, pointing insistently to the door, ordered the Press OUT!’           (NOW we are hearing what was said on June 12, 2018) from Donald’s PUCKERED LIPS & FAST BEATING HEART“And then we fell in LOVE!” “He Wrote me BEAUTIFUL LETTERS! …”                                                                                                                                             * Testifying before the Senate Judicial Committee,  where is the demand  for full investigations of ALL alleged sexual misconduct & assaults including reported ‘bad drunk’ behaviour? brought against the S. C. wannabe Jurist?)  VICTIM’S VOICES WERE SMOTHERED THEN-   BUT WHY NOW IN OUR ‘ME TOO!’                                                                             MOVEMENT TOWARDS JUSTICE!?                                                                                                                                      Beyond “Maryland Sex Offence 3rd Degree?” or other charges as may apply & additional investigations emerging from sworn victim statements, the Judicial Committee needs to examine the  veracity of the S. C. applicant. Is he being honest? Also, is a grandiose conspiracy theory proposed by the applicant involving the Clintons, etc.  REAL? or is the applicant jurist spouting ‘FAKE NEWS,’ ‘flights of fancy’- PARANOID DELUSIONS?   Oct. 1, 2018  by  Brian Lane                                       

                                                      FEELS SO RIGHT!                                                                                        Together MeUsCan-Do!    3 BEST AMIGOS Ride Together Again!                                                ‘Sign’                        MEUSCAN-Do!   Agreement     (Yahooo!)                        Oct. 1, 2018  by Brian Lane                                        A GOOD VIBRATION + FEELS SO RIGHT!  Mexico + U. S. + Canada 3 AMIGOS BACK TOGETHER  AS WE SHOULD BE!           Could you- like me feel uncomfortable tension                      weakening upon achieving a beneficial  trade agreement?                                                 Our political leaders incessantly stirring up the pot- ‘OMG! How we’ve been taken advantage of!’                           ‘Oh, how Canadian COWS                       are putting the MOOOO-OOVES on U. S. National Security!’                                   ‘We love Canada- Canadians & Mexico BUT  OH! our AMIGO/FRIENDS                                                        took advantage of U. S….!’                                                                                             Imagine, however, living in South Korea- 68 long years being ‘officially at war’ with North Korea!  Or Japan, waiting to hear air sirens as North Korea- also a ‘forever enemy,’  fires test missiles over Japanese waters!                 In too many countries sexual harassment, sexual assault & rape are used as a WEAPON OF WAR!  We point to Africa- militias in Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, … To the Middle East- Islamic State tactics!   “ME TOO!”                       emerged in the U. S. because good men together with women say                          It’s way beyond “TIME’s UP!” on using sexual harassment &                                          assault to put down & prey on people- usually women!                                                                          BELIEVING WOMEN-  OR NOT!? coming forward to speak                      about (long past) sexual harassment & assault!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Muslim WOMEN are currently being heavily harassed, ostracized-  legally attacked in our so-called ‘Enlightened?’ Western World-                            the WOMAN FACE BAN SCAM!                                                                                                         In Quebec, Canada Muslim WOMEN are about to be specifically targeted for wearing ‘religious clothing’ … ‘No person is allowed to give or receive public services with (HER) face covered??’ (Accessing health services, attending school, riding a bus, using metro, …?)                                                                                                            In France-  our “Statue of Liberty” was given as a gift to “We the People”of the U.S., WOMEN’S headscarves were banned in 2004                & full face veils from public places, streets & parks, … in 2010.              So much for LIBERTY!        Belgium bans anything partially or fully covering the (WOMAN’S) face!                       The Netherlands, Bulgaria & Austria join the WOMAN FACE BAN SCAM, Austria laying on a heavy fine- 150 euros!                   Are we stuck in a “Twilight Zone” (Rod Serling) episode:                          ‘We are about to witness a “modern, enlightened world” in 2018 but             actually apparently stuck forever in a worldview from the distant past!                     The first meeting of THE WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE MOVEMENT,                held at Seneca Falls, N. Y. in 1848: Some men- but mostly women, began a search for WOMEN’S LIBERTY but ever since have found themselves living in “THE TWILIGHT ZONE!” a place in space & time these republicans                                         CANNOT & WILL NOT A  FORD TO BELIEVE!’                                                                       We see many countries facing decades or centuries harboring ongoing ‘Inglorious Stories!’  But what about OUR own  recurring interactions & relationships?   WE can ACT NOW! WHENEVER &    WHEREVER TO (RE)BUILD HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS, TURN OUR ANGER INTO ‘FOR GOOD!’ ENERGY- LIVE ON THE EDGE OF EXCITEMENT & HEALTH                because it  Just Feels So So Right!!!  Oct. 5, 2018  By Brian Lane       P.S. Great to see Malanija beginning to go solo abroad!  Hope she discovers her significant capacity as an agent for love & healing for ALL our children world wide- their SAFETY, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL & PHYSICAL HEALTH!  ‘GO! MALANIJA GO!’

                                      Americana Animal House Revisited!                 1978 “Animal House” (“National Lampoon’s A. H.”) starring John Belushi is a belligerent, RAUNCHY, RIOTOUS, POLITICALLY INCORRECT, PARTY POTPOURRI!      In other words, had fan fav Belushi- only 33,  not asked singer & drug dealer Catherine Smith* (from Hamilton , Ont.) to inject him over & over for several days with heroin & cocaine- 10 times! (including ‘Speedballs?’) in    L. A. , TODAY he could be a background F. B. I. CHECKED & APPROVED                                                                 SUPREME COURT NOMINEE!                                                   *(In the ealy 1970’s, Cathy was MISTRESS TO AMAZING SONG WRITER                          Gordon Lightfoot- INSPIRING his hit single, “SUNDOWN!”)                                     Unfortunately, less inspiring to energetic, comedian Belushi!                                                                     F. B.I. becoming F. B. Lies!?                     If only our F. B. L.-  F. B. LIES!  had turned on ANY TELEVISION ANYWHERE or simply READ                  mainstream press- Washington Post, New York Times, etc..                        WE ALL WATCHED-  KEY WITNESS TESTIMONY &  EXAMINATION damning                     MR. ‘SHADY PAST? current S. C. BAD AWFUL                                                                                      ANTI- APPLICANT!                                                                          (His roommate, for example, discusses his week-end stumbling drunk, falling down, ‘bad drunk’ behaviour- his slurs against women, …. Many are saying he lied to the Judicial Committee    !  + The SEXUAL ASSAULTS!                                 For me, like many readers, I witnessed ‘Animal House’ behaviour on many occasions at College-          ‘I  WAS THERE!  I DID IT’ ONE day but the talk about ‘Gang B……’  & decadent behaviour outweighed the ‘FUN FACTOR’- way too far over the edge & disgusting for me, misogynistic- same for almost everyone else!!  ‘Good Brett’ thrown under the bus by ‘Bad Brett?  Being repeatedly stumbling drunk &  a ‘badmouthing, misogynist pig’ are two different levels of DEBAUCHERY apparently the F. B. Lies & AMORAL Senators see only as ‘YOUTHFUL INDISCRETION  & EXUBERANCE?’   Oct.4, 2018  by Brian Lane  P.S. Underage17 circa 1982-  alleged ASSISTED BY A FRIEND attempted rape of a 15 year old teen=                                                         Maryland sexual assault level 3?-  Supreme Court wannabe jurist wrote: “It would probably be a good idea to warn the neighbors that we’re LOUD, OBNOXIOUS DRUNKS WITH PROLIFIC ‘PUKERS’ AMONG US!”                   (Original hand written statements displayed by “Inside Edition.” He organized a “Beach Week” of debauchery in Ocean City, Maryland  for his underage friends. Later YALE drinking buddies also report about his recurring ‘stumbling drunk episodes!’ Ludington, Brookes & Swisher write in the Washington Post & Swisher eloquently adds on CNN,  he LIED TO THE SENATE & all Americans! Swisher grieves our ‘loss of truth & justice- how politics ‘Trumped’ truth & justice, undermining our Supreme Court …, how our BRAVE WOMEN who came forward, had their STORIES THROWN AWAY’ (& were repeatedly MOCKED by Pres. Trump),    how our system of checks & balances was diminished …!  Just sayin’ … Oct. 5, 2018  by Brian                                                                                                                                                                                                    BROAD MEDIA WITNESS TESTIMONY (ACTIVELY AVOIDED & IGNORED  by F. B. Lies!) painting a clear picture of debauchery, misogyny & abuse? Showing no remorse for his alleged defiant, unashamed youthful Americana “Animal House” BEHAVIOUR, HIS WILLFUL PARTICIPATION! Throw himself- regretful & repentant, before the American people for mercy!  “I’ve changed!”  His alleged VICTIMS ARE STILL SUFFERING!                                 Thankfully, we may all look to our Pres.- leader of THE FREE WORLD!  (Brian- OMG! You mean Our Split Personality Pres.- praising our beloved sexual assault victim for coming forward, for offering her believable, compelling testimony from HER OPEN HEART! Is now MOCKING HER, publicly FLOGGING- BLAMING & SHAMING HER!) Oct. 4, 2018 by Brian ‘Animal House’ Lane- but only for 1 day- PLEASE BELIEVE ME!

                           Misadventures of DAMNED PREPROGRAMMED                                                              Sadly, but TOO TRUE:  Today’s NOW! mainstream media stories are repeats?  Take our President… Please! (Jus’ kidding?!)  Today’s breaking news revealed almost a year ago?*The CRAB APPLE DOESN’T FALL FAR  FROM THE CRAB APPLE TREE! …          But like his OPA- Scandalous Friedrich/Fred, a draft dodger kicked out by THE VATERLAND, who came out AHEAD as people close around him collapsed into a pit, crafty drafty dodger Donald continues to sidestep so many challenging situations toppling power elites like eggs by the carton.  Is our political street fighter, golden haired tweeting American Eagle- good old ‘White Hope!’, MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!                 ‘TOUCH DOWN (there) FOR AMERICA?’                    Or, will outrageous karma befall our President from PEACHY PRESIDUNCY into IMPEACHMENT JAM? Biographer Blair told us what we needed to know about Donald- but Blair was writing about OPA ‘Scandalous’ Friedrick’s activities: “…ONCE AGAIN … managed to emerge a WINNER in a situation that created many losers!”  (*Oct. 27 & again on Dec. 8, 2017 articles under TORTURED HEARTS & BUSTIN’ LOOSE!) But SHOULD WE ALLOW OUR PAST- especially an outrageous past,  ‘PREORDAIN’ our PRESENT?  Aug. 23, 2018  by Brian ‘Hurricane Lane’ Happily Churning in our Stormy Psychological Oceans…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              More Presidential fLAKY Biographical Info.                                                              Misadventures of Forest Trump- A simple man, low I.Q., loves Slovenian models, Power Groping young women, sees Life like he fawns over his daughter- a SWEET BOX OF CHOCOLATES!  Says he loves PLAYING THE GAME-   Fav. quote-  America- Are you LISTENING? ‘…The best investments are the one’s (I) didn’t make’       versus       How the world too often sees Forest’s PRESIDUNCY: A box of FAKE NEWS CHOCOLATES, ‘BEST BEFORE DATE’ June 14, 1946!  Y’all lick off the superficial, bitter sweet coating-  ALL COW PADDY FILLIN’S!  Sept. 5, 2018 by  Brian Lane               P.S. But Forest IRKS US FROM SLEEPY PIE COMPLACENCY into ACTIVE EXPRESSION & MORAL ENGAGEMENT!     About time we JUMPED ONTO LIFE’S DANCE FLOOR! xxoo Trumpy- Brian                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   RESISTANCE MOVEMENT INSIDE ‘OPPRESS-IDUNCY!’                                                 ‘Safeguarding United States & World from Trump?’  Op-ed in New York Times (Sept. 5, 2018) “… PART of the RESISTANCE INSIDE THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. WE BELIEVE OUR FIRST DUTY IS TO THIS COUNTRY- the President continues to act in a manner that is detriMENTAL TO THE HEALTH OF OUR REPUBLIC!”                          For example, RESISTORS remove & destroy a PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE from Trump’s desk so he can’t sign & ‘will forget all about it!’ Apparently, in another example, Trump was ONE TWEET AWAY from going to war against North Korea! Simply being elected by a minority 26% of eligible voters DOESN’T GIVE ONE EMOTIONALLY ERRATIC PRESIDENT THE RIGHT TO throw the world INTO CHAOS, DOES IT?!                     (World destroyer Adolph was elected in Germany- appointed Chancellor on Jan. 30, 1933 & within approx. 1 1/2 years,   combined Chancellor &  President into “Fuhrer.”  What happened to 60 million+?)                                                                                                        North Korea might have less than 10 minutes against a preemptive strike & begin retaliation fire but Seoul, South Korea- with 10 million citizens, is 121 miles from Pyongyang, a city of 3- 4 million & capital of North Korea. North Korea could obliterate Seoul with artillery, rockets and nukes & undoubtedly take out Tokyo at the same time! Before attacking, American families etc. will be airlifted away, and other war preparations undertaken. North Korea’s, Russia’s, … spying & hacking  capabilities would enable preparations including A FIRST STRIKE OPTIONdetonating dirty bombs, biological & chemical warfare over America, taking out America’s electric POWER GRID, collapsing the country quickly or slowly! Both Israel & Russia political leaders warn if their BELOVED NATION appears  about to be defeated/ destroyed, they’ll take out THE ENTIRE HUMAN WORLD IN RETALIATION with 100s of nukes! We’ve suffered 5,000+ years of savage, narcissistic, worse than dangerous ‘political leaders’-“All We Need Is LOVE” (Lennon)  ‘PEACE N LOVE’ be the REAL & ONLY ANSWER, right Rings? WE CAN DO IT! but HOW DO WE STOP GODZILLA- fire breathing, hysterically strong, GATHERING WOLVES!    Sept. 10, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Russia’s NOW VERSION of  ‘Woodstock, 19693 days+- PEACE, LOVE & MUSIC!’    Vostok, Sept. 11- 15,  2018-  5 days practicing chillin’ & killin’ WAR GAMES….  300,000+ fighters, 1000 war planes, ….  Putin RUSSIA & Xi Jinping CHINA BREAK DEMOCRACY           DANCE RAP!       Sept. 11, 2018- We Remember!  by Brian Lane

   ‘Me Too!’ Call to Action! Clear and Present Danger to ALL AMERICAN WOMEN!                        Are we going to allow a small group displaying arrogant, elitist, sexist, politically disgusting,  predatory attitudes TO RUN OVER YOUR INVIOLABLE HUMAN RIGHTS from sea to (not so) shining sea now & in the future? Our President bragged about serially sexually groping young woman. Right now, he is PUSHING WAY TOO HARD for admitting an “OBNOXIOUS DRUNK & PUKER” INTO EXERCISING LIFETIME POWERS ON OUR U. S. SUPREME COURT! Alleged victim,  an UNDERAGE FEMALE- 15 years young attending an all-girls school- Holton-Arms. Became a psychology Professor/researcher, a Biostatistician, designing & analyzing clinical studies including publishing her findings in academic journals.   17 year old alleged sexual predator attended an elite all-boys school and later, Ivy League schooling to become a Judge. But why did our alleged victim wait?                                                                                                           Writing The Seduction of the Virgin Mental Patient,  my brain ALLOWED ME to RECALL being  lured into a basement & all out VICIOUSLY sexually attacked by a much older teen acting completely ‘possessed’ including uttering a demonic laughter/cackle as I fought for my life!  So enjoying attempting to rape me & WORSE!       Our brains, our survival, MAY REQUIRE EXTRAORDINARY APPROACHES- disassociation, out of body experience, locked down emotions & memories, multiple personalities, and so on. We suffer PTSD, anxiety, depression, …. (Prince Harry needed about 20 years to deal with his trauma over the tragedy (ASSASSINATION) of his Mother- Queen of Our HEARTS!) 75% sexual assault victims don’t tell anyone for at least a year! 45% for at least 5 years! Some victims, NEVER!  70% sexual assault victims are 17 & younger! ‘It’s not complete strangers our children need to fear most!’ (stats. from The Children’s Assessment Center)  We witness Catholic children abuse horror stories going public decades after dates of occurrence! DO WE REALLY WANT SEXUALLY ABUSE VICTIMS TO CONTINUE TO SUFFER FOR YEARS OR DECADES IN SILENCE? ISN’T  “ME TOO” ATTEMPTING TO SET US ALL                                                         FREE FROM  VICTIM SILENCE!                                                                                                     Sexual assault victim is recorded disclosing in 2012, during a ‘COUPLE’S’ therapy session. Her husband verifies her disclosure & details. One year later therapy session record includes the “RAPE ATTEMPT.”  Recently, she acknowledges her “civic responsibility is outweighing my anguish & terror about retaliation!” The allegations include: the 17 year old alleged rapist wanna be was 1.”STUMBLING DRUNK,” 2.”CORRALLED HER INTO A BEDROOM,” 3.put her down on the bed 4.”GROPING HER OVER HER CLOTHES” & 5. “GRINDING HIS BODY INTO HERS,” 6.”PRESSED HIS HAND OVER HER MOUTH WHEN SHE TRIED TO SCREAM,” 7. “TRIED TO PULL OFF HER 1 PIECE BATHING SUIT & HER CLOTHES OVER HER SUIT”, … Our alleged victim 7. “THOUGHT HE MIGHT INADVERTENTLY KILL ME!”   8. She escaped & ran for her life when the alleged rapist wanna be’s friend ‘fell’ on top of them!    Alleged rapist wanna be’s friend ASSISTED= Maryland Sexual Assault Level 3? (Up to 10 years in prison!) Alleged victim understood the alleged perpetrator was on a short list for Supreme Court consideration, (and before President Trump specifically selected him,)  in early July she used a Washington Post tip line & contacted her local congresswoman. Later in July, she contacted Senator Feinstein, a Judicial Committee member. She lawyered up, underwent a lie detector examination by a former F.B.I. agent, which concluded she was not lying but being truthful about the alleged sexual assault & details. ( Tests are 90% able to detect lying.) The information was passed on to the Washington Post. After a leak, … she felt flushed & now is tentatively prepared to testify before the Committee next Thursday or …? Republican Neanderthals say ‘Too Bad- So Sad!’ we can DO YOU MONDAY MORNING!   So, We’ll see?    Clearly, every female needs to TAKE A STAND NOW! alongside every outraged American male- ADDRESS THIS CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER TO ALL AMERICAN WOMEN!  Sept. 21, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Up Close & Personal–  Face-off                                                                                   In a report about a college dorm party, we are informed of an alleged 2nd sexual assault! ‘Wanna be’ S. C. Jurist was allegedly LAUGHING AS HE SUDDENLY THRUST   HIS PENIS IN A FEMALE’S FACE– so close she pushed the extended, offending ‘supoenis’ away handily! Story spread- a male student- sober at the time, says he’s 100% sure he heard the sex assault story being talked about shortly after the short offender’s penis attack! A friend Judge to the alleged offender says the second victim isn’t  motivated by politics to come forward. Also, against the perp., are comments of support by Pres. Trump, a braggart of his own sex assaults against young women! As well, speaking like a heretic against the U.S. Constitution, Trump claims he was ‘BORN to be a S. C. jurist.’  Sept. 25, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                                  P. S.    Yet another accuser paints a bleak picture for a candidate ‘born to be a S. C. jurist’ on behalf of the ‘FREE WORLD!’  Julie S. says candidate K. was allegedly more than abusive towards girls in high school: She witnessed efforts by candidate K. and others to ‘GET GIRLS INEBRIATED SO THEY COULD BE ‘GANG RAPED” & she provided details …!*  (A complainant says she is the victim of a ‘G. R.’ & candidate K. was present!*) A further accuser alleges at least 4 witnesses leaving a bar circa 1998 to see candidate K. ‘shove her friend against a wall very aggressively & sexually!’*                        Witnesses paint a picture of K.s College & later years involving alleged hard partying & drinking excessively,* suggesting misogyny– horrible attitudes & behaviors  towards girls & women giving rise to the righteous STRONG POWER OF “ME TOO!” Compounding K.s alleged shocking attitudes & behaviors,                                      he DENIES EVERYTHING!   ALL OUR ABOVE FEMALE VICTIMS PAINT A CONSISTENT PICTURE ABOUT candidate K.    REALLY K.?   We NEED A FULL INVESTIGATION UNDER OATH! The Sword of Perjury dangling over candidate K.’s brain to help him remember- speak the jurist truth! We could ask President Trump or former Pres. Wild Willy Clinton about what & why- and about telling lies! Both Presidents had  hand’s on experience about serial sex assault: “And when you’re a STAR you can DO ANYTHING!  Grab them by the P___Y!” Pres. Trump bragging!    *(New York Times, MSNBC- mainstream media is actively reporting victims’ accusations) Sept. 26, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   What Speaks The Law!                                                                                 Sexual assault– especially of a minor, is a serious offence. The general age of consent varies from 16 to 18. As stated, our first victim was only 15. She was attacked against her will! For example, in Alabama- like Alaska, sexual assault with violence or THREAT of VIOLENCE where the victim is under 16 favors NO STATUTE of LIMITATION. Other States support varying reporting requirements- Connecticut, for example, wants victims to formally complain to police, …. within 5 years. Maryland appears accepting towards charges, especially concerning a minor & when a rapist is ASSISTED by another person! A big issue is CONSENT- unwanted touching, coercing, forcing, groping, fondling, pressuring, … INCLUDING ATTEMPTING sexual assault!  AGAINST YOUR WILL! WITHOUT YOUR FREELY GIVEN CONSENT!    Interesting for me as a teen, before any discussions on consent were taking place, I was ‘coming on to a female teen’ but at one point she suddenly told me, ” I can’t stop/help myself Brian- but if we go further, I’ll be so upset tomorrow!” After about 1 second or less, I took her home! Young boys in western nations INHERENTLY KNOW about gentlemanly behavior or otherwise for generations have been exposed to                                                                                                   ‘The Code of Being A Gentleman.’                                                                                    Very sad if Being A Gentleman is tossed, replaced by TrumpTOPIAN  amorality- no sense of right or wrong, consideration, compassion, empathy- only winners & losers, predators & prey!  In TrumpTOPIA, all about $$$ & power!  Especially, the abuse of power- SPLITTING HIS LOYALTIES literally all over- Double agent? Triple agent?  THE WORLD MAP!  Sept. 25, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                Update: (Saudi Arabians have allegedly been making Pres. Trump FILTHY $$$ RICH!               So, when U. S. resident & Washington Post media darling Khashoggi is lured & rendered into “BITS & PIECES” for not being 100% supportive of Saudi Arabia’s Royalty & degree of thirst for modernization?, by Saudi assassins … (ass-as-sins reportedly listening to music? – 1960’s pop rock HITMAKERS, The Dave Clark Five? “Since you left me & you said good-bye ….”)  U. S. Secretary of State Pompeo, is sent to ‘invest $$$ igate!’  BUT the invest $$$ igating is indeed going well-             Pompeo is seen SMILING & LAUGHING with our TrumpTOPIA/U. S. ‘best friend & ally,’ who Trump says is innocent, the Saudi Crown Prince! In the 1970s,  we  experienced Nixon’s’Watergate’ Cover up!  Now we have before us-                       Trump’s ‘Invest $$$ igate Scandals- hey, our President’s OPA/Grandpa was called ‘Scandalous Fred!!         ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!’     Oct. 16, 2018   by  Brian Lane

               mOTHER oF “mE too!” sTORM wHISPERER?        q. iS oUR mOTHER nATURE mOTHER oF “mE tOO?” 2+ centuries UNABASHEDLY ENVIRONMENTALLY RAPING                dO wE wANT fUTURE bEINGS tO rEAD oUR ePITAPH- fINALLY, wE cAME aROUND- bEGAN tO cARE aBOUT mOTHER nATURE- bUT mUCH tO lITTLE, mUCH tOO lATE tO bE oF aNY sIGNIFICANT cONSEQUENCE!  aLL liFE & lOVE oNCE fLOURISHED eVERYwHERE- nOW tURNED tO sAND & aSHES! (bEWARE a sERPENT hISSING ‘dO THIS eVIL & bECOME aS gOD,!  bUT cLOAKED iN vANITY, tHOU sHALL sELL tHY bIRTHRIGHT & fALL!)        BUTTERFLIES aND wORSE! IN mY sTOMACH OVER SEVERAL dAYS nOW- mOTHER nATURE informed me SHE IS INTENTIONALLY CREATING & DRIVING A HURRICANE STORM AT THE U. S. EAST COAST-  When will they listen?  hOW wILL tHEY eVER lEARN?  What must I do to ask them to change from trashing tHEIR oWN mOTHER & ALL LIFE on my BELOVED EARTH?                                    dO wE aCTUALLY wANT tO iNVOKE & lIVE oUT a ‘pLAGUES oF eGYPT’ X 10 eXPERIENCE oVER  fUTURE tERRIFYING yEARS?     BACK AT THE PRESIDENCY, WILL FOREST TRUMP DANCE SOME SATANIC HOKEY POKEY, TOSS PAPER TOWELS AT STRESSED OUT SURVIVORS IN CRISIS & CHASTISE THEM- ‘YOUR STORM IS YOUR PROBLEM,  just like i told ’em IN PUERTO RICO where they had ONLY 64 CASUALTIES- Not like KATRINA!’  (Actually, 3,000 OR UP TO 4700+ if we don’t believe fake FOREST TRUMP news!)  But what are the practical issues we encounter?*  Sept. 12, 2018  by Hurricane/Brian Lane      *Hurricane winds- 120 mph++, exceed our buildings durability & our manufactured environment- shredding anything & everything in a vast devastated area;  20- 40+ inches of rainwater flooding  combined upon storm surges, high tides, low coastal seaside land elevation, stalled or slow moving hurricanes, concrete/asphalt … impervious surfaces= certain dangerous & polluted flooding; loss of drinking water, food & electricity, dry, warm or safe shelter, cleanliness, emergency services, … i.e. = chaos, … complete breakdown of society, safety & humanity in disaster areas- Petri dish for illness & disease! Overall short & long term health devastation! Global climate change involving incessant  ‘100/500/1000 year storms’& rapid environmental upheaval is NOT SUSTAINABLE! Our governments are failing us badly by failing our MOTHER NATURE, by pretending we may destroy the very source of our life on Earth- and live! Our deaf, dumb & blind political leaders may not receive specific messages- experience butterflies & stomach upset about what is approaching! But simply adding up all the increasing climate inspired disasters, doing the math, even narcissistic, spineless politicians!, know we cannot sustain what scientists agree is (man made) climate change!                                         But back at Vostok- 5 days practicing chillin’ & killin’ war games, China & ally Russia celebrate their BREAK DEMOCRACY DANCE RAP!     Will some whistle blower please leak where all the governments’ underground access shelters are built using our tax dollars, before Rapid & Unsustainable Climate Change or our terrible twos Vostok brained Vlad the Impalers & Political Putzys grab us by our privates & don’t let go!   Sept. 12, 2018  by Storm Whisperer Hurricane (Brian) Lane                                          Update-Thankfully, coincidentally while writing above, Mother Nature’s winds eased back significantly sparing us from high casualties but ‘gently’ giving us ‘the stare/glare’ “I’m still very, very upset about human beings violating & trashing our beloved Garden of Eden & all other LIFE on Earth…!  Damages to property + economic losses could total $50 billion! Last year, 3 super storms Harvey, Maria & Irma cost $133.5 billion, $120 billion & $84.2 billion DOWN THE DRAIN (according to Moody’s Analytics data cited in The Wall Street Journal.) Just ALSO imagine total physical & mental health short & long term damages & costs …!  A definition of insanity ‘is doing the ‘same  things’/same behaviors over & over again but expecting different results!’ Isn’t it wiser- & MUCH CHEAPER! to honor & cherish our beloved MOTHER NATURE & HER GARDEN ON EARTH BEFORE WE CAUSE INCREASED TRAGEDY & SUFFERING? Both individually & together, WE CAN & MUST CHANGE OUR WAYS-don’t you believe we will walk the talk?  Sept. 25, 2018  by Brian (Hurricane) Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               WARRIOR ‘Michael’                                                                                                   Coincidentally, Pope Francis is calling for warrior/savior “Arch Angel Michael”  to RESCUE the CATHOLIC CHURCH RAVAGED by THE HERESY OF ABUSE BY TOO MANY PEDOPHILE PRIESTS, … IN OUR PANTS;        ‘HURRICANE MICHAEL APPEARS suddenly on the horizon- an IRONIC RESPONSE- 3rd most powerful modern storm SAVAGING, RAPING & RAVAGING SOUTH & EASTERN U. S.!                            Are we going to replay the Biblical Story- “the PLAGUES of EGYPT” -be unwilling to accept A NEW REALITY- CHANGE & CHERISH Mother Nature AS OPPOSED TO LUSTING AFTER & GREEDILY ‘LOVING’ (in dispiriting, exploitative ways) Our Mother’s BEAUTY& BOUNTY TO DEATH!  Around our World- as in America, we cannot hide any longer from our KARMA!   Oct. 11, 2018  by Brian Lane P.S. CBS News Correspondent, Hilary Lane, reporting from Panama City Beach- herself appearing IN SHOCK, says ‘The biggest challenge for residents surrounded by’ … (HURRICANE DESTRUCTION as we should  rename the storm) ‘is just MENTALLY GETTING PAST’ (taking in & processing) ‘THE FULL EXTENT of the DAMAGE!’ ‘… 10’s of billion in storm damage, 300,000- million+ without power, nothing but concrete slabs where houses & businesses previously stood- entire neighborhoods flattened, boats tossed out of canals, roads impassable & closed, all night curfews, locals hysterically crying- so hard to fully understand what happened …!’ In Mexico Beach, a survivor of Hurricane Destruction says, “The Mother of all Bombs wouldn’t have done this!” (Tom Baily)  Physically, the hurricane winds & storm surge SHREDDED the environment. But mentally, how DEEP & LONG LASTING WILL THE MENTAL & EMOTIONAL DAMAGE BE?  If we ever believed we can escape tragic consequences for disrespecting, abusing & trashing Mother Nature, we ALL better smarten up NOW!  Oct. 11, 2018   by Brian Lane

 Breaking news: Canadian University pursues rogue ‘unsafe, hostile & mean spirited- or not?’ mental illness policy for students perceived to be a potential danger or NOT ADEQUATELY ENGAGED in education activities….

       Is It SAFE To Come Out YET?! oUR wORLD- gAME bOARD FOR bAD bOYS!                Serial  sex offender/gropHER* shapes U. S. Legal direction for future generations;  Been Doused In Ice Cold Water! PUSHIN’ THEIR BAD BOY AGENDAS The anti GOLDEN RULE: Them holdin’ the GOLD, impose their IRON RULE!                                      Our own Bad Boy ‘Forest’ Trump questions traditional practices, policies, friendships & enemies, relationships, institutions, power brokers- even the ability or RIGHT of MASS MEDIA to FREELY publish & influence society or society’s lawful checks & balances against Presi-DUNCY MEGALOMANIA!  Makin’ up a ‘reality’ complete with TWILIGHT ZONE ‘facts’ almost oblivious to what is RIGHT or WRONG, GOOD or BAD, but purposed for his immediate interests? WE’RE ALL SHOOK UP! ALL AWAKE AND ACTIVISTS! THANKS to ‘uniquely talented’ Pres. Trump!                                                                               But we Now Face Russia & Vlad!  N. K. wanting more fireworks propaganda videos & Easy Dealing fails by Trump!  Canada putting on a friendly, brave smile but really like living next door to a paranoid whack job President? ‘The Peoples’- NOT Republic of China looking to eventual world domination & the end of freedom & democracy. Iran getting space silly? Women still fighting for the right not to be raped, controlled, be the subjects of ‘honor killing!’ BEGIN TO RENEW OUR WORLD WITH PLANETARY LIFE BEING ONLY A TWEET OR TWO AWAY FROM DESTRUCTION!  Sept. 20, 2018  by Brian Lane          P.S.S. Birds of a Feather, Flock Together! Should we ALLOW our GROP-HER Pres. to select an alleged GROP-HER judge for appointment to the U. S. Supreme Court?                                                                   

July 1rst High Noon- Oh Yes! or Oh, No!                                                          July 1- OH CANADA’s Birthday- OH YES!     Also transfer anniversary date- HONG KONG from POLITICAL FREEDOM back to China & POLITICAL SLAVERYOH NO!              Also anniversary of 1863 Battle of Gettysburg- bloodiest Civil War battle (51,000 casualties!) OH NO!  & turning point OH YES?!     Today, our Culture of Violence & Guns  surpasses casualties at Gettysburg in 1 1/2 years!  OH NO!  &   Not until 1960’s before African Americans would experience “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL!” (ex. Knoxville- Home of the ‘Volunteers:’ “There shall be NO RACIAL DISCRIMINATION in the ADMISSION of qualified students.” (Nov. 18, ’60) Jan. 3, ’61-  3 African American students register w/o incident. OH YES! But sure been a long time coming!  (I vouch how generous, kind & inviting Knoxville folks are!) But OH NO! The BEATLES had to specify ‘absolutely no segregation in seating arrangements’ at their Music Concerts!  Terrible tragedy- NEEDLESS BLEMISH OF SLAVERY on otherwise good folks for a century AFTER THE CIVIL WAR!! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?!! WHY DO WE ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE? Informs us to thoroughly clean our minds & hearts of SOCIETY’S SICK OBSESSION with DISCRIMINATION & SCAPEGOATING!!                   July 1, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                   P.S. 57 in HEAVEN! QUEEN of OUR HEARTS! Birthday July 1, 1961; She married at 20- BUT WHEN SHE MARRIED & KISSED HER PRINCE CHARMING (CHARLES), he BECAME A TOAD!! Oh NO!!*       P.S.S. July 1: Recien electo el senor Presidente, IZQUIERDA?, MEXICO asumiendo NINOS EN JAULAS BANDITO ‘Gringo Culero?’            (amistosano- no el Presidente, Estados Unidos!) “…It just never seemed we or could overcome the RETREAT INTO THE VILIFICATION of MEXICANS at a rally or (by) a tweet ….” Former U. S. Ambassador to Mexico finally GAVE UP!! 

                                                      Diana’s ‘ACCIDENTAL’ ASSASSINATION?                                         Aug. 31, 1997    Have we overslept for 21 YEARS? Is it TIME for everyone to WAKE UP?!               Princess Diana- FOREVER OUR PRINCESS!      ALWAYS QUEEN of OUR HEARTS! WAS INTENTIONALLY ASSASSINATED (BY BRITAIN?)  William Shakespeare- please compose a sequel to Romeo & Juliet, a story of STAR CROSSED LOVE- The British Crown & Government? DARING to INTERFERE with DIVINE DESTINY,  playing the ‘DEFILER,’ Cain slaying Abel, the ‘kiss’ of Judas!       ‘They’d found their VIRGIN, their SACRIFICIAL LAMB!’ as Princess Diana said & prophesied her assassination by auto ‘accident.’  Sept. 1, 2018    by Britainy/Brian Lane

HEROES  VS. ME-ME-ME TRUMPTOPIAN ZEROS!                                                                    Today, America experiences a split personality- Meghan McCain sees her father as we ALWAYS see Queen of Our Hearts, a fire burned bright Lighting Up Our World! In Princess Diana’s influence- Opening Up Our HEARTS LIKE NEVER BEFORE! As we all know, demonic evil’s worst fear is BEAUTIFUL, HONOURABLE, GLORIOUS, BRIGHT DIVINE EXPRESSION LIGHTING UP OUR LIVES, EXPRESSING TRUTH! (Meghan attempted to explain this TRUTH! Pres. Trump did not & could not attend- Honor & treachery embracing?  Isn’t it like matter & anti-matter….  Never forgetting our Occupied Prison Camp Palestinians & 10s of millions of war torn displaced victims of American, Russian, …  global & proxy war treachery, scapegoating, discrimination, oppression & genocide!  And by the way, where are our psychiatrists, psychologists & therapists who SHOULD BE PUBLICLY CALLING OUT! OUR TREACHEROUS WORLD ASSASSINS TO ACCOUNT like Meghan contrasting her Father’s LIGHT to the shroud of TrumpTONIAN “cheap rhetoric, “opportunistic appropriation,” ‘unwilling to sacrifice-ever! & living lives of comfort,  privilege’ (& deception!)    Betrayal of trust, treachery, deceptive nature or action= World of Deception  Sept. 1, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                     P.S. Anyone ABOVE THE LAWS OF GOD & MANKIND?   President Trump’s Twist on ‘Build It & They Will Come’- is CRUSH & CAGE THEIR CHILDREN & THEIR PARENTS WILL COME AROUND!  Throwing refugee KIDS IN CAGES was Trump’s ‘solution’ at the southern U.S.- Mexico border. Another Twist of moral depravity is setting weapon sights on MIDDLE EAST REFUGEE CHILDREN- like Yemen. Or brainwashing child suicide bombers! Do you agree the desired outcome justifies any horrible means being applied?  Immoral ‘solutions’  often rely on the hope that parents will completely SUBMIT THEMSELVES, agree to ANYTHING! Israel, in moral depravity, LIKES Trump slashing U.S. contributions to the U. N.’s Relief & Works Agency from $364 million in 2017 to $60 million in January, 2018!   ISRAEL, backed by Pres. Trump, hopes refugees will be forced to accept UNJUST TERMS to a PEACE AGREEMENT.  515,000 children FACE SCHOOL CLOSURES as Trump axes long standing U.S. aid!   Israel’s policy of raiding, arresting, shooting,  imprisoning, withholding funds, … crushing hope,  liberty, economic opportunity is designed to BREAK THE  SPIRIT  OF REFUGEES!         (NBC News reports that in addition to providing EDUCATION to children, our United Nation’s Relief & Works Agency gives social services & health care to 2.1 million Palestinian refugees in the West Bank & Gaza Strip; to 2 million in Jordan; to 560,000 in Syria;  to 450,000 in Lebanon. (Sept. 3, 2018 by Bruton, Jabari, Goldman & Eckardt.) A refugee Arts & Science educator asks ominously, “We want peace…. But let me ask you a question-If there is no hope, what do you think will happen?”(Khalid Al Saifi)                 Should we allow ANY & ALL MEANSHOWEVER TORTUROUS & MORALLY DEPRAVED?, in a pursuit for WE WIN- YOU LOSE OUTCOMES? The ‘ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM WE MUST FACE’ is- Do any Countries TRULY BELIEVE THEY MAY ACT ABOVE & BEYOND THE LAWS Of God & United Nations’ Human Rights? Sept. 3, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                          Updating Pres. Trump’s ongoing attack on Palestinians in an effort to BREAK THEIR SPIRIT & AGREE TO what Israel wants: Trump closes Palestinian Liberation Organization’s mission to the U. S. located in Washington.    Co-founder of  “If Not Now,” complains she was stopped and interrogated in August at the Israeli border. “In their eyes, knowing Palestinians, caring about or having anything to do with Palestinians is A THREAT!” (Simone Zimmerman) A solid majority of younger Jews in America are dispirited by Israeli abuses being incessantly inflicted on Palestinians. Israel in turn engages in a propaganda campaign by paying for young Jews around the world to come ‘home’ & experience Israel on a ‘FREE, VERY GUIDED!’ TOUR to be indoctrinated. Sept. 10, 2018  by Brian Lane

Poetic Justice: INDIA’s LGBTQ? FREE FROM RULE,  BRITANNIA!            When ‘THE SUN NEVER SET ON THE BRITISH EMPIRE,’ circa 1860 Victorian  morals & culture viewed homosexual intimacy being AGAINST THE ORDER OF NATURE!  Male & female private parts ‘down there’ fit PURITANICALLY PERFECTLY to create a NEW DIVINE LIFE! So, existing homosexuality was put in the closet, the door & topic closed! About 160 years later, in 2017, INDIA’S SUPREME COURT RULED CITIZENS ENJOYED A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TO PRIVACY! So today, Sept. 6, 2018, India’s LGBTQ? community are rushing out into FREE EXPRESSION after 160 years of darkened UNNATURAL closet life-  people LIVING DOUBLE LIVES of ‘QUIET DESPERATION!’ India’s Court waxes poetically: “What’s in a name? A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME WOULD SMELL AS SWEET!” (Shakespeare)  (Homosexuality:) The LOVE THAT DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME!” (Alfred Douglas)       “We can call ourselves a FREE SOCIETY (in India) ONLY WHEN each and every individual IS LIBERATED from social & identity exclusion, and isolation, ….” (Supreme Court) “History owes AN APOLOGY for the delay!” (History replies- How could I be expected to know what is needed in the FUTURE? As Brian says, Unfortunately, there is NO FUTURE IN HISTORY! The SWAMI Agnivesh says THE VEDAS- ancient Hindu scripts, are COOL with the Supreme Court decision! Amen!    Amin!   Aum- All of Creation! Blessed Be!  Sept. 6, 2018  by Brian Lane  P.S. IN INDIA!  Please-       In MANY OTHER COUNTRIES, KINDLY- patiently HANG OUT in the closet for a few more years- JUST NOT SAFE YET TO COME OUT! O. K.?

                                    FAR OUT-    WORLD OF DECEPTION!                                                                                 Happily churning (but not drowning) in our STORMY psychological world oceans, a key vexatious issue irking us for 1000s of years is- DO WE ALL LIVE IN A WORLD OF DECEPTION- SO MUCH ISN’T REALLY AS IT SEEMS? About a 1 1/2 years ago, I clearly felt ‘Mother Nature’ inform me “Brace yourself- EXPLODING OUT MY UPSET- TAKING ACTION!  about BEING SO VIOLATED, unappreciated, not cherished by mankind for so long!”)   Super storms- 100/500/1000? year storms, firestorms & even fire tornadoes– creating terror beyond Hollywood special effects, are now being unleashed.   How we all enjoying our ride so far?      Way too scary, right?            A world of deception beyond harmless musings like ‘Is that man beside you ‘really a women’ or ‘Is our arena’s grass ‘simply plastic painted green?’ (Yes & Yes.) Or, a world of deception we don’t want to think about- ‘Are our world leaders maybe lacking in something important? Like maybe having NO CHARACTER but predatory & power crazy, reptilian, narcissistic,  demonically ‘perfectly possessed?’   Thankfully, we can always count on organized religion, right? Like the Catholic Church appreciated by a billion shepherded believers, right? All the wonder, wealth, power, kingdoms, earthly  splendor, ability to forgive sin/forget about sin?, … tightly possessed by the Church.      “All this I will give to you if you will bow down & worship me!” HOT DUDE’ once said gazing out from a high mountain.   (Same bloke offering musicians stardom for selling their soul?)                         Imagine if ‘HOT DUDE’ called a ‘family meeting’ including Trump, Putin, Xi Jinping, ….  Gathering our WORLD’S NO CHARACTER POWER ELITES!    Hopefully religious leaders among major world faiths would not attend, even if invited as FAMILY’- Yikes!               Aug. 24, 2018  by Hurricane/(Brian) Lane                                                                                                 P.S. You’ve heard of “horse whisperers,” but ‘path whisperers?’ “Stepping outside, a passing neighbor whispers- “Brian, your path is NOT clear.” So I whisper back- My PATH to ENLIGHTENMENT??  “Your path through the woods by your house is not clear” the ‘path whisperer’ whispers. So, seeing as she’s some kinda  genuine ‘path whisperer,’ I gits my path chore done in short order!    Hop on my 200 cc ‘horse’ & ‘gallop’ to the beach for a swim- YEE-HAH!!  Smell a great meal being cooked & dive in- (to the water!)     Coming back to shore,  smiling woman greets me with an overflowing plate & drink- “We wondered if you are hungry?” Well, kind lady- WONDER NO MOREYEE- HAW!!  And so  John Lennon’s “instant karma” is scientifically proven- BURP!      Aug. 24, 2018  by Hurricane/Brian Lane

Oh GOD! Not Another Priest in Our Pants!  R.R.P.P.s*                      (*Repeat Rapist Predator Priests)        Q. But what’s ‘worser’ than living in a World of Deception?  A. NOT KNOWING!!   ‘And the first shall be last!’  Pope # 266, Francis, SOVEREIGN of the Vatican City State,  PRESIDING OVER unimaginable wealth, property, treasures, and world wide influence, WITH ACCESS TO scholarly, political, societal, historical & scientific information beyond we HARMLESS GRAZING SHEEP?….  His EVERY UTTERANCE- from the lips of the SACRED UNIVERSAL POWER?, STATED in early 2018, the current Chilean government sweeping raids to access victim info., witnesses, Catholic documentation and uncover the depth & breadth of priests raping children and Catholic parishioners is SLANDER against the Catholic Church! (More recently, Pope Francis is backtracking, reversing his thinking & pronouncements to the world & his billion + adherents! We all thank God Pope Francis has finally SEEN THE LIGHT!  #266- Francis finally seeing THE UNHOLY WORLDWIDE DECEPTION afflicting spiritual/mental/emotional/ physical dimensions perpetuated by 5% among Catholic priests plundering & desecrating our world!                              A WORLD WIDE DECEPTION DELIBERATELY & SYSTEMATICALLY              INFLICTED, COVERED UP, ENABLED TO SPREAD LIKE A PLAGUE!  You & me- BELIEVER OR NON BELIEVER, we are ALL victimized by a world wide RAPE OF INNOCENTS. Predatory rape, harassment & assault UNDERMINE  OUR VERY individual & societal vibrational & dimensional life FORCES & FABRIC.                                       Our foundation collapses beneath our feet from earth & rock to wind blown & water washed away sand! Shocking powers & changes may emerge from seemingly one off “BUTTERFLY EFFECTS.” Imagine what  happens every time an INNOCENT is raped-  PANDORA’s BOX of life long “BUTTERFLY EFFECTS” let loose into our EMOTIONS, into our WORLD EVENTS! Bible writer, Mark, writes Yeshua/Jesus- the Lord of Salvation, spiritual son of Yahweh- I AM to believers- exceptional compassion & intellectual ability- a prophet to everyone else, spoke: “Whosoever causes one of these little ones to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone around his ….” Aug. 26, 2018  by Hurricane/Brian Lane  P.S.  (Former?)Catholic in laws, since relocated to North America from Chile, were devastated by the Church’s rape scandals!  One relative actually attended a Popemobile Parade, positioned himself to be directly in front, close, eyeball to eyeball-  you guessed it?      GAVE ‘THE FINGER’ TO THE POPE!          Years later, I happened to be attending a Catholic Church & an upcoming happy Catholic marriage ceremony. My shy, quiet, well mannered nephew suddenly screams running in terror from a Priest-   “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF ME! STAY AWAY! STOP FOLLOWING ME! DON’T TOUCH ME!”   Now we hear regarding Pope Francis’s current tour to Ireland how predator priests have enjoyed relocating around the world, for example, from Ireland to North America & not merely from Parish to Parish or State to State! Fresh fish to fry- new hunting grounds for predator priests?                 Just saying what actually happens in our world of deception ….                                                               Father, here to confess my sins & seek absolution- being ‘an ecclesiastical declaration of forgiveness of sin’          FROM A SERIAL RAPIST?         Who knows, relocated from Chile because predator Priest was too hot to practice his satanic craft- needed to get out of Dodge before being engulfed by THE LAW or, failing that by  FRONTIER JUSTICE,  the Catholic Church LOSING MORAL AUTHORITY!  Pope Francis actually comments during his Ireland ‘Apology Tour’          his determination to maintain his Church’s MORAL AUTHORITY! Ireland’s P.M. Leo Varadkar asks Pope Francis to do more than express regret & shame but ACTIVELY ADDRESS & REDRESS! But a former top U. S. Vatican diplomat alleges Pope Francis actually CONSPIRED with VATICAN OFFICIALS in COVERING UP the abuses & rapes & (in my words) subjugate JUSTICE TO JUST US/THE TRUE MORAL AUTHORITY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH-      FOR GOD’S SAKE, MAN! RESIGN?  But what elegant phrasing, inspiring words from Francis: “Each child is a precious gift of God, to be cherished, to develop his or her gifts….”The really scary part of the story begins next as it ALWAYS DOES- ‘TO BE GUIDED….’ by predator priests all covered up under a shroud of silence imposed on all clergy- under penalty of excommunication??!)  Aug.26, 2018 smells like hurricane like weather darkening Irish skies!  by Brian Lane         But always loved my small circle of wonderful Nuns & Priests/friends- sensed a dreary heaviness behind their Catholic calling- Being unable to right wrongs within the Church? Being forbidden to tattletale on the Church? They were wonderful & kind….                                                                  But back to the RRPPs– Repeat Rapist Predator Priests*- What do we do about them before Pope Francis #266 is truly demonically blemished or influenced towards becoming  Pope #666!  Join me in my Category 5 Hurricane Lane persona- RRPPs could be the FEATURE ACT in an OLD SCHOOL BIBLICAL ROCK CONCERT -AND GET STONED?! (Oopps! You’re right! Yeshua says about (an alleged adulterer anyway), “He who is without sin cast the first stone!” What about having them be emotionally stoned by listening to Keith & Mick play the RRPPs song “SYMPATHY for the DEVIL”- 24/7?! (J. Richards & R. Foster, Abkco Music & Records)  Oopps! You’re right again- the RRPPs would probably enjoy the experience & attempt to seduce naive priests to join their CELEBRATION of the DAMNED & UNFAITHFUL! Aug. 27, 2018  by Hurricane/Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                              * Is ANY Country FREE from    BLASPHEMING,   FROCKED UP!  SINFUL R US FALLEN PRIESTS?   Pennsylvania Supreme Court Findings- Aug. 13, 2018  300+ Priests sex abusing 1000+ IDENTIFIABLE VIOLATED INNOCENTS;  Priests, Cardinals, Archbishops investigated IN FRANCE & Australia getting down & dirty IN CONGREGATION’S PANTS- or any easily accessible breathing Laddie or Lassie!                   Q: What’s the story on PRIEST’S ‘SICK LEAVE?’ A: Blaspheming Priests being SICKED onto NEW PASTORAL GREEN PASTURES- i.e. SICKED onto fresh, young INNOCENT PARISHIONERS!  But Thankfully, OUR HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL- THE GLOBAL CHARITY SECTOR, for example,  BEING A SHINING STAR in a World of Deception-   or maybe not? Aug.31, 2018  by ‘Oh, GOD! NOT ANOTHER Priest in OUR PANTS!‘ Hurricane- Category 5 ‘PISSED!’     Brian Lane

   SEDUCTION of the VIRGIN CATHOLIC CHURCH or US Peoplekind??                                                Pope Francis says “We should not think of the devil as a myth, a representation, a symbol, a figure of speech or an idea….” Pope Francis- not a devil, calls on help from Arch Angel Michael.  In The Holy Bible, Arch Angel Michael defeated & ousted Lucifer & his followers from Paradise! “Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil, thrust into hello!   S…. & all evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls!” Pope Francis blames the devil for post WWII Catholic Church scandals!               But do you believe the following excuse as an explanation-                                          Your Honor, Please Don’t blame me! for this blasphemous sin- The Tempter, The dirty, low down devil, The Seducer, The Fowler laying His/Her/Other Snare, all evil spirits prowling about the world seeking the ruin of souls- indeed, even The Prince of Darkness him/her/other self Is Behind It ALL! (By the way, Why didn’t the Senate Judicial Committee majority offer this explanation on behalf of their Conspiracy and Paranoid Theories Candidate instead of an F. B. Lies Fake Enquiry?!)                                  Pope Francis adds the dirty, low down d. is also enlisting his influence as The Great Accuser! to “ACTIVELY undermine The Catholic Church! Non believers find ‘Prince of Darkness’ explanation excuses way too OLD SCHOOL!  (But smart evildoers may tape & memorize our U. S. Supreme Court’s candidacy thesis presentation- ‘the Clinton’s, …et al. being behind all accusations & smear campaigns …’ & present this thesis as a legal defense against their own stumbling ‘bad drunk,’ combative misogyny,  & recurring episodic misbehavior!)  “In our defense, we quote  & fully rely on Supreme Court Justice ….”                                                                                                                                                                 Should Catholics- or anyone else accept Pope Francis’s explanation as being reasonable? Should anyone-  similarly excuse or justify really bad behavior towards oneself, one another or other life- Mother Nature?  Is anyone helped by Pope Francis claiming The Fowler, The Seducer prowled about the World laying snares, whispering in our easily influenced innocent ears seeking our ruination …? Update- Washington Archbishop finally owns up & resigns, being  snared in sex abuse scandal by the fallen ‘prince of darkness’ fowler!  Better late than never!  (OMG! Pope Francis still allows him to be a Bishop?!) Oct. 12, 2018  by Brian Lane

But will our political class admit to misbehavior? Ever? Except to cop a plea? Our police: Cameras or voice recordings ‘fail’ at critical moments, victims are shot excessively in the back running towards the Officer; Too many ‘interactions’ with police involve subjects quickly ceasing breathing, vital signs absent- obviously caught in the ‘Snare of the Fowler!’ Does our President- like our previous Presidents, Prime Ministers or Supreme Commanders view a blameless hero in the mirror of their personality disorders ? Our young self proclaimed, progressive, future looking, reformer Saudi Crown Prince & his Royal Family have no knowledge how a respected Washington Post contributor entered a Saudi Consulate in Turkey seeking a simple spousal doc. and simply vanished! (But maybe The Prince of Darkness has All the answers! )            Russia’s Presidency has no idea about plutonium attacks & other deep state hits on civilians! (But ask the low down dirty d. & evil spirits prowling about!)                                         Beloved Queen of Our Hearts– Accidental Assassination– Don’t Blame Rule Britannia!          Rather The Ruin of Souls Conspiracy!   Syrian chemical warfare- no idea? Guess who- “Please let me introduce myself …” China’s autocracy works incessantly to know everything about its’ citizens but millions simply disappear- some just as suddenly reappear but are NEW & IMPROVED- Reprogrammed!  Did you know-           Big organ donors in China!  Global Climate Change-      BLAME our SUN?  (Or s-s-Sa…?)                         If our fearless leaders are ALL so WONDERFUL, RIGHTEOUS & GOOD, while our World is On The Brink?     Oh yeh!  The Prince of Darkness, The Seducer/Seductress, The Tempter, The Fowler prowling about our world laying snares, The Accuser laying shame on our Godly, blameless political, judicial, religious, … class elites!                                ‘Peoplekind’ do you think we are ALL BEING HAD? Our bodies & minds groped?   Oct. 11, 2018  by Brian Lane

                                      Global Charity SEXtor- Sexploitation?                                                            British House of Commons International Development Committee reports ” (sexual) exploitation and abuse across the GLOBAL CHARITY SECTOR!   A collective failure of the not for profit aid sector over a period of 60 years to address sexual exploitation and abuse.”  Chair, Stephen Twigg & his Committee’s observe “The international aid sector’s response to tackling SEA- sexual exploitation and abuse (since 2002,) has been reactive, patchy and sluggish… complacency verging on complicity. Organizations have often put their own reputation ahead of children, women and other victims!” Shocking complacency & complicity combined with “humanitarian crises are often chaotic situations with little regulations,” means “PREDATORS will be attracted to working in the Global Aid sector.” Younger girls & women especially cite SEXUAL EXPLOITATION & ABUSE AS A RISK FACTOR in deciding WHETHER OR NOT TO SEEK NECESSITIES FOR LIFE AID AGENCY HELP- for food, housing/shelter, ….    ‘You & your starving children want food & shelter- And what have you to offer…?’        We see sAME oL’ sTORY, eVIL sLIPPERY sERPENTS/pREDATORS pREYING oN vULNERABLE iNNOCENTS! wOLVES iN sHEEP’S cLOTHING! tWIGG gLUMLY sIGHS, “iTS gOING tO tAKE dECADES tO cHANGE tHE sYSTEM (oF sEXUAL eXPLOITATION & aBUSE)  iN aLL pARTS oF tHE wORLD!”  Sept. 1, 2018   by Brian Lane

SUE Big Pharma-Yeh! Yeh! Yeh!!                                                                               Canada’s New Political PARTY- LAWSUIT PARTY                                                                  British Columbia, Canada’s beautiful west coast Province, is inviting all other Provinces & Territories to join their LAWSUIT PARTY!  B. C. experienced 1422  opioid casualties in 2017, a 43% increase over 2016- an epidemic! Now suing 40 marketing & distribution pharma companies, B. C. alleges Doctors, patients & the public were DECEPTIVELY MANIPULATED (smells like World of Deception scenario) by claims pain meds. were SAFE for back pain relief, etc.. ‘Oh no- not really addictive at all or less addictive than other typical prescribed pain meds., with fewer overall negative effects including withdrawal issues.’ But back in our REAL WORLD, we witness a plague like disaster engulfing pain patients- dying by the 1000s! Doctors freak having allegedly been intentionally? deceived & seeing how addicted their patients have become, not wanting to lose their medical licence, be  fined & imprisoned.           So, Doctors forcefully cut their addicts off!  Patients/ADDICTS, are caught in a “CATCH 22.” Lives messed up, lacking $$$ for costly opioids- narcotic analgesics, cut off or dropped by their Doctors, desperate to find shadowy pushers & alternative street garbage, Chinese made poison potions- ALL lacking quality controls, …. PLAYING RUSSIAN ROULETTE with potential fentanyl laced pain meds.  50- 100 times stronger than morphine!  ALWAYS SAME STORY, ISN’T IT, GOING BACK TO ‘the beginning of time,’ OUR GARDEN OF EDEN. A slippery, deceptive serpent attempting to trick us to sell our precious souls & integrity & enter their WORLD of DECEPTION- Telling you, me, Eve ‘EAT this fruit/drug/oxycontin, … You’ll see what GOOD really is! EAT!  (Thou shalt surely not die- SUCKA!’)  Yes- by following deceptive alleged opioid pharma pushers, INNOCENTS vividly appreciate what GOOD IS-              GOOD for GOD’s SAKE! is NOT BEING SEDUCED by slippery snake oil scammers as THE BETRAYED feel their life slipping ….  Aug. 29, 2018  by Brian Lane                                P.S. Too Little Too Late Mr. Pres.! Trump’s tossing paper towels to storm savaged Puerto Rico survivors while admonishing them  Hurricane Maria is a non-storm compared to Katrina, was inexcusably inadequate & hurtful! The official casualty toll of 64 (compared to Katrina’s 100s as Pres. Trump said) is now about 3,000- another estimate above 4600! (according to Harvard et al. researchers in the New England Journal of Medicine as relayed by CNN.) ( Our World Trade Center TWIN TOWERS casualty count was 2752. Katrina about 1833?) No Hurricane Maria adequate or timely response= mass casualties!   Aug. 29, 20012  by Hurricane/Brian Lane

                                      Skeletons in Our Feminist P. M.s Closet?                                                                        Earlier this year,  self-proclaimed “FEMINIST Prime Minister!” Justin Trudeau (Canada) ‘CORRECTS’ a young women asking a question using the word “MANKIND.””You mean “PEOPLE KIND!” our ‘FEMINIST’ P. M. chirps!    But what think YOU of this tale?  Many moons ago, our dashing gentlemanly knight took UNFAIR ADVANTAGE OF A YOUNG FAIR MAIDEN’S SANCTITY-  She reported he GROPED HER!!!  A MISSING LINK? Neanderthal beast becomes ‘Feminist Savior?’                                               Showing shock & disgust at our knight’s outrageous deflowering attack on her dignity &  privacy- while explaining her vocation as a reporter, our NO KNIGHT Trudeau expressed regret, he would have behaved quite differently HAD HE PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF HER POSITION AS A REPORTER …! (Huh?)               As you can expect, the local newspaper carried this SHOCKING TALE OF BETRAYAL!                    Today, in Canada, prospective or even elected parliamentarians are summarily DUMPED for ‘standing too close’ to a woman, for not ‘READING HER BODY LANGUAGE’ & other ‘NON VERBAL LANGUAGE, FEELINGS & RESPONSES’- as well as for outright sexual impropriety, ….   But what’s our “FEMINIST?” P. M.’s reply today- ‘Oh Yes! I remember that day CLEARLY, an important social conscience event for everyone involved! But no memory of the ALLEGED IMPROPRIETY- WHATSOEVER!’   Wouldn’t a true ‘feminist P.M.’ recall his past groping, neanderthal daze?    YOU BE THE JUDGE: WHO DO YOU BELIEVE? WHAT SHOULD THE P. M.s FATE BE?                    Judgement or Forgiveness? Or, ‘Caution- VERY SICK HUMOUR AHEAD’-    Shall our transgressed fair maiden do what only a Christian will do & TURN THE OTHER CHEEK!)*July 3, 2018  by Brian Lane  HAPPY July 4th-                                                INDEPENDENCE DAY U. S. A.  O.K.- Yes! I humbly apologize- groping is very dispiriting & causes long term suffering!! Next time I see Justin I dare not ask: ‘Carry your bags, Sir?’ & dare not GROPE HIM?! But his JIG IS UP- I can assure you, fair ladies!

A ROSE SO BEAUTIFUL, GENTLE & SWEET!!!                                         My 6th sense informed me about above sad story info.- but backwards!                          Our distraught (bum) groped ‘Fair Maiden’ is actually a ROSE SO BEAUTIFUL, our KNIGHT in shining armor:  Ms. ‘R. Knight!’ Our pant twitching, blushing, red guilty faced, knickers in a knot Justin is BEING ANYTHING- BUT NOT A KNIGHTARROGANT & DISMISSIVE, minimizing his  bad behavior, flashing his sword wildly rather than falling on his sword politically! So table’s turned- his turn to cry! Justin is today our story’s maiden, helplessly floundering, praying for rescue by a kind heart ‘Ms. Knight!’                                                                                                                                                                 Feminist fraud P. M. Justin Before Exposed:  “(‘Me Too!’) WOMEN SHOULD ALWAYS BE BELIEVED!”     After ‘Justin The Grope HER’ is EXPOSED-  ‘Social interactions are experienced & viewed completely differently by male & female genders!’  His political future in question, our brave ‘Ms. Knight’ says, ‘He apologized the next day- ACCEPTED- No further action being purSUED!’ (He “BLATANTLY DISRESPECTED” me but I did not pursue the (assault) at the time, nor will I now!’)                  Raised up from certain ‘political hello!,’ may we agree with Jesus who says: ‘Where is your accuser who has FORGIVEN YOUR OFFENCES & SET YOU FREE!- Go-Justin- SIN NO MORE!!!’  What choice should ‘BLATANTLY DISRESPECTED & GROPED WOMEN ACCEPT? Me Too & Justice!? or ‘Me FORGIVE TOO?’ July 9, 2018  by Brian Lane

     A  SUMMER FANTASY-  Malanija & Donald exchange Places- World Celebrates!                    Question: After U. S. President Disrupter’s Winter of Discontent, what naturally follows?? Why Donald THE Disrupter’s Summer of Discontent!! Disrupting economies world wide by TRADE WAR TARIFFS!  Every tariff IS A TAX on average Americans: Tariff on Canadian softwood lumber = $10,000+ added to cost of an American new house! Proposed auto tariffs = $5,000 added to purchase of a car! Beloved U. S. adored Harley Davidson Co. having to EAT OVER $2,000 on every motorcycle shipped to Europe & necessarily planning to build OVERSEAS plants in Europe & Asia!! Giving Canadian cows BOUTS OF INDIGESTION by pitching Canadian dairy cows are an imminent threat to U. S. National Security: President Trump’s COW PADDY DIPLOMACY tossing sh_t everywhere JEST  HOPING SOME STICKS!!  But ‘sometimes’ pushes beyond the outer limits on Earth-    the KIDS IN CAGES DISASTER!!                                                                                                                                                              Reality Entertainment Presentations by President ALWAYS MANAGING to CREATE COMICAL MISUNDERSTANDINGS & MAYDAY DISTRESS SITUATIONS wherever he visits across the globe! ( with Trudeau in Canada; May in U.K.; Merkel in Germany; Australia, ….)       But Donald’s Opa was SCANDALOUS FRED, wasn’t he?           He’s just being himself, playing his ROLE IN HISTORY & offering daily OUTRAGEOUS  ENTERTAINMENT VALUE- You better believe we’re paying dearly! $$$  P.S. Mr. President, May we at least be ALLOWED A SUMMER VACATION from incessant WORLD WIDE DISRUPTION?!  Malanija  RUN YOUR AFFAIRS during breaks? Oh, soorrry! ‘Run Your Affairs’- poor choice of words!  A SUMMER FANTASY? Malanija is allowed to ‘RUN THE PRESIDENCY’ during Donald’s time off ON VACATION with Vlad & Russian Oligarchical friends, on his personal time! Imagine sweet calming, gentle & kind-hearted Malanija ‘STEALS OUR HEARTS’ & Americans ask Malanija TO STAY ON AS PRESIDENT! Donald falls out of the limelight as ‘Mr. Mommy,’ a stay at home Bill Murray hopeless Dad!  It COULD HAPPEN- Don’t YOU THINK?!   July 15, 2018  by Brian Lane  (P. S. Mature Subject Russia Update: CULTURAL, GENDER & SEXUAL Struggle for Free Expression & Human Rights in Russia: Well known FEMINIST, PUNK, PROTEST ART, FREE SEXUALLY EXPRESSIVE, LIBERTARIAN Activist Band MISUNDERSTOOD! (Russia is traditional & conservative, for ex. oppressive to LGBTQ?) “Pussy Riot” arranged 4 demonstrators to rush on field during the WORLD CUP SOCCER FINAL in RUSSIA demanding ‘FREE POLITICAL PRISONERS; STOP “ILLEGAL ARRESTS” AT PROTESTS; ALLOW POLITICAL COMPETITION.’  “P. R.” engaged in PERFORMANCE ART- free, open public? sex & also played punk music & shouted their own (misunderstood) religious/political protest slogans on a historically ‘sacred’ Russian Orthodox Church stage, ….  ‘unholy alliance between Church & Putin’s iron-fisted autocracy!’ Russian Orthodox Church spokesperson reacted poorly saying ‘Feminism Could Destroy Russia!’ “P. R.” WON SYMPATHY WORLD WIDE but also sadness within Russia for ‘seemingly dishonoring & violating’ Russian Traditional Modesty, Culture & Religion Heritage…. Similar to cultural/political/religious struggles WORLD WIDE?!  July 18, 2018 by Brian Lane                                                                                                  

               Good News/Bad News- At last we see 2016 U. S. Election results!                       And the WINNER is- Madder Max VLAD! supported by his proxy puppet? Trump-SKI? DOUBLE TROUBLE LOYALTY unwavering! QUESTION our President’s commitment to “America First?”  BUT FIRST, America, I have OBLIGATIONS to my Russian autocracy & oligarchy FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS- $$$!, a bragging groper’s paradise!!  July 18, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                    Tear Down This Wall, Mr. Gorbachev! (1987, Pres. Reagan)                          Former Intelligence Officer & Russian President (as long as he wants?) Vlad has created a new IRON CURTAIN against Russian citizens leaving the Motherland. MILLIONS of Russian Citizens ARE REFUSED PERMISSION TO LEAVE RUSSIA except by Putin’s Government Orders. Why so eager to leave the Volga river?Safety & Security? Exodus of Wealth? People of Intelligence, Education & ADVENTURE desire LIFE, LIBERTY, FREEDOM & the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS!!        Aug. 02, 2018   by Brian Lane  Russians dream of freedom along the beautiful Volga!                           Speaking about BACKSLIDING COUNTRIES, in 1948 Israel’s founding declaration stated ” Israel will foster the development  of the country for THE BENEFIT OF ALL IT’S INHABITANTS, ENSURE COMPLETE EQUALITY OF SOCIAL & POLITICAL RIGHTS TO ALL ITS INHABITANTS IRRESPECTIVE OF RELIGION, RACE OR SEX.”   bUT aCTUALLY nOT sO mUCh!  ISRAEL DOES NOT WALK THE TALK, MOST COUNTRIES AGREE-‘HARSHLY CONTROLS THE LIVES OF MILLIONS OF PALESTINIANS, EMPLOYS INSTITUTIONAL DISCRIMINATION, ….” ‘APARTHEID?’            ”AUTHORITARIAN POLITICAL CULTURE?”INSTITUTIONALIZED SEGREGATION?’ ‘OUTSIDERS vs. INSIDERS?’ ‘SYSTEMATIC EXCLUSION?’ “RACISM & INEQUALITY?’                                   Israel is NOW ‘the Nation State of the JEWISH People.                            The ethnic-religious nature of Israel is JEWISH! HEBREW is the State’s Language. Israel allocates resources promoting development of Jewish Settlement …. The underlying ideology is in the new words (a shameful proclamation of institutionalized discrimination- a two class society) & declarations to bring about or shape a new future, the original 1948 GOOD INTENTIONS Declaration being replaced by an ever expressing self centered, personality disorder? Hey, only a tiny, narcissistic country but with 300? NUKES! Yikes- another World Destroyer? Aug. 02, 2018 by Brian Lane P.S.  Where are the Countries for WEAPONS OF PEACE!

                                                           Russian Lullaby                                                                                “Where the dreamy Volga (Russian river) flows …is a” (not so) “lonely rose                              Gazing tenderly   Down upon her knee    Every night you’ll hear her croon A Russian lullaby”  (Irving Berlin)     Our American “Liberty” affectionately hand in hand with Volga’s Russian rose?!  Like Stormy Donald & Vlad His Impaler! at Hell- Sin-ki!         O.M.G.! After Donald skewers America’s best friends like Canadian Justin Trudeau, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel & Britain’s Theresa May, he celebrates with his Russian Rose, Vladimir! At a press conference BROADCAST WORLD WIDE, he tosses aside the American Intelligence Community- stem to stern! OVERBOARD as MALFEASANTS into the Volga River! Better a Donald & Vlad ‘mutual admiration society’ IN COMPETITION FOR WEALTH & POWER? Or an incessant ‘cold war’- Vlad showing weapons of mass destruction videos ‘which cannot be detected or stopped?’ Better left hand ‘red’ than both hands d___?’ America’s President, LEADER of THE FREE WORLD ‘in bed with the enemy?’ Something’s Wrong in the dreamy Volga, in our tender hearts, overshadowing a lonely rose crooning lullabies.                  Are you & I like COAL MINE CANARIES  SOUNDING the ALARM by our mental illness in a dangerous, crazy World? Actually run by PERFECTLY POSSESSED, REALLY MAD, DANGEROUS MEN- & Stand By Your Man- instead of SAYING “GOOD-BYE!” Women?  July 21, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                   

                gOOD VS. eVIL- sAME OL’ sTORY- If Good People Fail to Act, Evil Wins!                 “They’re really rocking in Boston  in Pittsburgh P.A.    Deep in the heart of Texas- round the ‘Frisco Bay” (Chuck Berry “Sweet Little Sixteen” & Beach Boys appropriate song et viola- “Surfin’ U.S.A.”)  But in Toronto, Canada,  ALL THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS JERKING IN A WAR DANCE FRENZY singing from the same song book: Let’s put A HATING HURTING ON THEM THAR CRAZY MENTAL PATIENTS!  Instead of dancing to a ROCKING BEAT, Toronto’s mainstream media appears hell bent on BEATING ‘MENTAL PATIENTS’ with ROCKS!!      Tuning in for only a few unbearable minutes before Toronto’s media turned me off & I dropped out from the brutal hate speech, they even brought in a ‘legal expert’ WHO READ THE RIOT ACT OVER THE RADIO! ‘Doctors ‘MUST’ begin working as partners with police to ferret out mental patients for punitive legal persecution regardless of any threat as defined by current standards ….’  Just as if they were WITCHES up to only a few centuries ago,  Christians under Roman rule after 2,000 years ago, Jews circa 1940, …. WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO KNOW?! Rid society of the  CURSE: ‘WITCHES?’- No, we been there, done that!               Today, in mainstream media everywhere, The HATE & HURT IS ON towards mental patients!                                                                                                                                           REMEMBER how it all started in the 1930’s propaganda hate speech & fake news! Psychiatrists having their ‘patients’ rounded up & brought into hospitals for eventual ‘final solution!’ Hitler seeing what Doctors/Psychiatrists were doing to their ‘patients,’  brought in his SS to learn FROM DOCTORS about mass killing he consequently applied to how many- OH, ONLY ABOUT 15 million civilians! Are we going down that road again now? Mainstream media RE-LIES! Again &again! I told my presenters when they awarded me the SCHOOL HISTORY AWARD: THANKS FOR BESTOWING THIS GENEROUS HONOR UPON ME- But, sadly- Like everyone else,                   I see no future in history! But actually, in a ‘Fallen World,’ we can see the future!                               ‘If they are ‘mental patients’ WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO KNOW?!’                             Seeing how Jesus & Christians were & are today scapegoated and persecuted, so-called ‘witches over the centuries,’ ‘mental patients’ & 15 million more civilians about 80 years ago, our future is – iF gOOD pEOPLE fAIL tO aCT, eVIL wINS aGAIN!  July 27, 2018  by Brian Lane 

                                               Setting Your World on FIRE!                                                                                       Do we ALWAYS set our FRIENDS & LOVED ONES FREE from walking into harm’s way? Even if we risk looking ‘uncool’?  If we kept a scorecard for our week end ‘FUN FACTOR,’ must ‘FUN’  involve reckless self risk & danger for people & other life around us? Friends & I USED TO sneak onto ‘seemingly’ vertical icy ‘SENIOR LEVEL’ ski runs in the darkness of night to toboggan down uncontrollably! Surfers imagine they’re expected to delight in CHALLENGING= DANGEROUS surf conditions & rip tides! Emergency Room Doctors know all about ‘WEEK END WARRIORS’ equating DANGER & ‘FUN,’ experiencing a self induced BRINK of DESTRUCTION!    At University we are expected to be REALLY STUPID, ‘Wild & Crazy Girls/Guys/Other!                                                  BUT- just imagine what it’s like to WAKE UP- OR NOT WAKE UP! THE NEXT MORNING being paralyzed, our face & body disfigured, facing long term brain injury or otherwise too often today- ‘Abused while impaired by drugs?’ (Spend our days & nights asking ourselves ‘Why did we do that?! Why didn’t my friends protect me or stop him/me …? I heard/felt a tiny ‘voice’ warning me-                                                 If I only listened as I glimpsed THE FUTURE!? Being involved in social advocacy, often worked with people in the FLOWER of THEIR YOUTH confined NO- not to “electric chairs” for really evil predators–  but to battery powered wheel chairs for GOOD PEOPLE who MOMENTARILY ACTED foolishly (or victims of circumstances & selfish people’s reckless  behavior.)                                                                                                                            But nonetheless sentenced ‘TO LIFE?’ Were ‘you born like this?’ people wonder but consider too impolite to dare ask! “Actually, I was diving with friends- dared to dive in …!” they would tell me like they sadly tell so many people- they were ONCE ACTIVE- DANCE & ARTISTRY IN EVERY MOVEMENT BUT IN A SECOND! Seeing lush vegetation, eating delicious free fruit from my trees, scooting over for quick swim, a gorgeous sunset, the Bambi twins coming by to play in my yard- Mom trusting but watching as good Moms will, ‘Why would you & I,’ whether our present circumstances are wonderful or seemingly not so much*, EVER for one second, risk our future WONDERFUL LIFE & DESTINY!  Aug. 10, 2018  by Brian Lane  *P. S. Looking back, see the ‘darkness’ in our lives may appear the hardest, heaviest & deepest before a THANKFULLY BRIGHT FUTURE DAWNING BEFORE US- NEVER SURRENDER or GIVE UP- BUT                          ONLY TO LIFE’S WONDERFUL DESTINY FOR YOU!

    But first, Back at the Castle (The “FIRM”/Monarchy), is Duchess Bean  behaving like the ‘Princess & a Pea’ Fairy Tale? (The Princess couldn’t sleep comfortably on mattress upon mattress upon mattress because a pea was placed under the lowest mattress?!) Is Duchess Bean, already a successful Hollywood ‘DRAMA QUEEN,’  disavowing her doting Dad from her Castle?! While from his rented Mexican Casa, between tears, Daddy  blubbers he gave his little Princess everything money could buy including paying for exclusive Private Schools, her University years at North Western, …. But now, no card or letter- “Hey, Mr. Postman- Look And See- Is there a letter from Meghan to ME … Why’s it takin’ such a long time     For me to hear from that GIRL of MINE!” (released in 1961, sung by The Marvelettes- obviously a French Canadian white group, right Rosanne? & later by a ‘one hit wonder’group nobody remembers, ‘The Silver Beatles’ led by Yoko? Oh No! by a Russian obviously, John Lenin- a revolutionary?) No text, tweet, phone call, fax, hoax prank visit/home invasion or spooky call by M…I5/British Intelligence! Since every story has a moral question:  How can a daughter, treated as a ‘PRINCESS’ by her Daddy-                                   as ‘truthfully told’ by her Daddy, be such a BIT-  T-E-RSWEET CHANGELING?! We have so many LONELY ELDERLY PARENTS & SENIORS!    All known by the names “Elanor & Leroy Rigby?”  UNVISITED by their ‘LOVIN’ FAMILY’ in hospitals or care homes?!             “Where do they all belong?” Where is their family?                Please! Please! Please! (James Brown- “SAY IT LOUD! I’m Black and I’m PROUD!’)     

Those kinda Super Star Ludwig Drum Sets cramming up your retirement room, DUDE or do you remember John, Paul, George & Pete- Heard you stole his gig! Your Amanda-tory hospital or care home visiting ORDER=Please LOVE THEM DO!                                                           Please lovingly visit family members in hospital or care homes! Family in hospital or care care homes are asking again- PLEASE LOVINGLY VISIT! Yes! Please- “LOVE ME DO” & Visit ME!!   “Hey Mister Postman- Look and See!    Is there a card or a letter- BETTER STILL- A REAL LIVE PERSON COMING TO VISIT ME!”  BEEN WAITING FOR SUCH A LONG TIME FOR A VISIT FROM FAMILY OR A FRIEND OF MINE! Mentalhealthrightsforum.com will apply for Amanda-tory visiting ORDER on behalf of lonely hospital or care home residents! (Have a sweet relative named Amanda always conscientious about human rights!) No one to visit? How about be an angel volunteer- with permission, ADOPT RESIDENTS OR SENIORS in a hospital or care home to visit? Remember-You just might one fine day be visiting Ringo- 78? or Mick- 75? or … but they seem so healthy- Thank God!  July 29, 2018  by Brian Lane

P. S. Be your FAMILY’S/FRIEND’S ADVOCATE-  ‘MI5 Secret Service Intelligence Agent’                During hospital/care homes visits being observant if he/she/other is 1. CLEAN? 2. properly DRESSED? 3. Feels SAFE? & CARED FOR- DIGNITY & RESPECT addressed? TREATED WELL? in a PLEASANT ENVIRONMENT with COMPASSIONATE, HELPFUL, COMPETENT RESPONSIVE STAFF?  Appears & acts reasonably satisfied/well/healthy/rested/stable/improving all things considered? 4. Is ACTIVE & INVITED & ASSISTED to attend many POSTED IN ADVANCE? recreational & other appropriate programs brought to  his/her/other attention? 5. LGBTQ?/ Religious/ Racial/ Language, … disability, food & diet, illness concerns being acceptably addressed or accommodated? 6. Regular one hour +/- OUTSIDE reprieve for fresh air & seeing the REAL WORLD? (Inmates are supposedly allowed at least one hour outside- Why should your LOVED ONE/FRIEND ENJOY LESS?!) 7. Active without cuts, injuries or bruising? Appropriate care & treatments? Seniors’ skin, bones, … may be FRAGILE! FRAGILE! FRAGILE! Slightest bumps, bangs & falls may be serious, …       8. Outbreaks-flu/pneumonia, … EXTREME DANGER FOR VULNERABLE PEOPLE! CATASTROPHIC NEGLECT BY ALL GOVERNMENTS WORLD WIDE ON THIS ISSUE?!  9. You want to know why & how any injuries occurred! Not always preventable- A relative woke up suddenly- very thirsty, rolled to the side of her bed & stood up! But attempting to take a step- Oh- OH! She forgot she doesn’t walk anymore- forehead to floor!! Cried out for a very long time before nursing staff heard her pleas & attended to her injury!   10. nOT bEING tAKEN aDVANTAGE oF fINANCIALLY, …. 11. dON’T bE fOOLED bY sUPERFICIAL aPPEARANCES aND mARKETING -‘bE PART OF oUR fAMILY’ ‘tHE aDDAMS fAMILY’? The building is beautiful, clean, … BUT ARE STAFF ENTHUSIASTIC & EXPERIENCED        >VERY CAREFUL & COMPETENT >TAKE PRIDE & INTEREST BEYOND MINIMAL STANDARD REQUIREMENTS >ARE ALERT AT ALL TIMES, …   12.   YOU are Friendly & Courteous among Staff- BUT OBSERVANT & CONCERNED! As always, smiling Pres. Reagan said TRUST BUT VERIFY!  July 30, 2018  by Brian Lane 

                                      P.S.S. New day-  NEW TRICKS  by Care Home STAFF!                                                 What think you? Staff see (if &) when- days & times visitors ROUTINELY drop by- Example- Few visits or only daytime, weekday visits + Serve residents early dinner 4:30- 5:45 p. m.  = ABLE TO Send/Order/Place Residents in bed at 6:00 p. m.           GENERALLY PEACEFUL & QUIET RELAXATION ENJOYED BY ‘NOT BOTHERED’ STAFF until next morning wake-up call! Residents kicked up a huge fuss as Staff argued with them-‘Extra rest & sleep will DO YOU GOOD!’ … Soooo, staff backed off fearing LOVED ONES would find out! (Asked one Resident how she was affected-  “I would wake up in the middle of the night, having my 8 hours & rested- FORCED to lie in bed until the morning!)  Trick an’ Treat by Staff & not even Halloween!  Aug. 2, 2018  by Brian Lane                                     

                               Good Emergency Rescuers versus Mockers & ‘Fockers’                                                    See Update-  Playing Emergency Rescuer or Doctor Demon   (Dec. 7, 2017 in The Swimmer and the Rescuer) Story is a devout young Muslim exited his Mosque (Abrahim Jame Mosque? in Hamilton, Ont., CANADA) to see a man across the street being accosted by hooligans   (Frank & Eddie Hooligan? Sorry- bad joke!)   An N.R.A. Wet Dream Scenario- Our Muslim HERO rushes to the rescue but being in CANADA, he is UNARMED and is shot once by the ARMED hooligans!                                                                         Can you hear N.R.A. printing presses roaring to life!  Imagine how long before Canadian “Mounties” on horseback arrive at the tragic scene! Ambulance Emergency Rescuers arrive but wait 38 minutes? before transporting our HERO to hospital- BUT NOT to the closest hospital!   And MOCK OUR HERO!     Finally- are they still communicating by ‘PONY EXPRESS’ in Canada? the Emergency MOCKING ‘Rescuers’ have been CHARGED- ‘failing to provide the necessities of life’ ….  BUT- won’t the ‘E. R. Union’ act to DEFEND the INDEFENSIBLE? Stay tuned…  Aug. 2, 2018  by Brian Lane P. S. Yes! The Union ACTUALLY IS CRYING FOUL OVER THE MOCKING EMERGENCY ‘RESCUERS’ BEING CHARGED with failing to provide the necessaries for life, …” Huh? Isn’t that their primary role- provide the necessaries for life, communicate to hospital experts so staff are prepared for arrival, transport patient for care, …

Same old Story- Good vs. Evil= Life vs. Death Outcomes. Yet we only know Sports                                               Statistics! Evidence Based Health Care Facade?                                                Simply because someone is an Emergency Rescuer,  Nurse or other so called Health Care Provider, doesn’t guarantee they won’t HURT YOU INSTEAD of HELPING YOU! Absolutely SHOCKING what is too often being presented as CARE in hospitals across the world! Back in Ontario, CANADA a nurse systematically harmed & ‘more than hurt’ her patients, receiving countless complaints- but was enabled to continue on. No one, care administration, fellow health care workers nor unions CALLED HER OUT!      Finally, she went for therapy & opened up about what she was doing!      Her therapist called the POLICE! Recently, a young Japanese nurse, annoyed to have to give ‘bad final news’ about a patient to waiting relatives, orchestrated having 50+ patients succumb during another nurse’s shift!                                                                                                  From our own shocking experiences-how gently & ‘innocently’ a Doctor suggests “to be safe, please allow us to keep your loved one overnight for observation & a few tests ….” Day after day, they destroy her health- deferring her release “one more day- a few more observations & tests to figure things out!”    Relatives began to see “we are losing OUR LOVED ONES to a health care MONSTER now claiming OWNERSHIP     & CONTROL over OUR LOVED ONES future & life!” After a week+, she is nearing the end, bedridden, breathing oxygen, not eating, ….  Acting BEYOND my legal authority- her time is almost up!, I enlist every avenue including working with a social worker & sympathetic staff to finally ACHIEVE the Doctor’s SIGNATURE to release her!  Rush her out back into the world of the living!  Thank God, she slowly rallies from the brink!                ALL TOO COMMON REGRETS by health care providers-  ‘All our tests & procedures were successful, but in the process, unfortunately, the patient ____!’ Almost 2 years of GLORIOUS LIFE later after recovering from ‘hell care,’    STILL ENJOYING HERSELF!    How often do we see & hear similar stories? Another loved one- taken into hospital & surgically treated with a “MINOR PROCEDURE” before I could attend & intervene. The Doctor had created a ‘TICKING TIME BOMB!’ Don’t remove an inserted tube- INFECTION!   Remove the tube- “Who knows?” The Doctor decides “FOR SAFETY… FOR SAFETY, Nurse, remove the tube NOW!” The Nurse is screaming, crying trying to put the tube back against the blood rushing out! Doctor shrugs- “His time was up” (when the horrible Doctor assumed his ‘care!’)                                           Is it a coincidence or common place to witness or experience errors & incompetence by our trusted health care providers? In times of illness, accident or health crisis, we want to BELIEVE IN our health care systems & our traditional providers having only OUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART! What happens to our ASPIRING & ‘ON FIRE’ young medical students- The basic mandate is “Do No Harm!” Only GOOD FOR ALL OUR PATIENTS- SAVE THEM from sickness, debilitation,  suffering!      Restore their JOY! Health care providers everywhere STAND NAKED BEFORE US & ACCOUNT FOR YOUR PATIENTS! Should we publish outcomes for individual Doctors? We always know every performance statistic for individual  professional  players. So much more important to be familiar with the statistics of Doctors affecting if we live or not!! Should we publish & study performance, outcome & satisfaction statistics for individual health care providers- including complaints & recommendations to/from respective professional ‘Health Care Colleges? Or is it far more important we only know the statistics of sport professionals? Aug. 2, 2018  by Brian Lane

You Wouldn’t Be Thinking ‘Bad Thoughts?’ You might? Just Think About Pretzels!

Accolades to the Canadian Psychiatric Association for challenging mean spirited ‘witch hunting’ & discrimination in Canada! “People with mental illness are two & a half times more likely to be VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE than other citizens!” “The perception that mental illness carries with it a potential for violence has been PROVEN WRONG in many studies!” (Setting aside citizens who have achieved a ‘rebirth’ or renewal via faith, therapy, an entirely new outlook & direction in living, … Psychiatry President N. Sinka says, “The best risk factor for future violence is previous violence- whether one is mentally ill or not.”)        So, we should aspire to never engage in violence but beyond this, why even daydream about committing a violent act!                                                                                          P.S.  Always remember the young, built like a ‘brick house’ late teens troublemaker who got on my nerves struggling a bit between ‘good & evil’- to the point,  I blindly called up the local probation office & said’ “Give me __________’s probation officer right away! She needs to keep a tighter rope on him!” Sure enough, lady picks up the phone- I’m ___________’s probation officer- tell me what’s happening with him!?” Few days later- “Brian, my probation officer called me in. Said you asked her to ‘reign me in’ a bit. Brought my girlfriend in with me- told my probation officer I’m being good! You wouldn’t write or testify agin’ me?” Of course not! “Good, thanks, I didn’t think you would.” Walks away, stops, thinks for a minute, turns around- “You wouldn’t be thinking ’bout writin’ or testifyin’?” Of course not!  “Good, thanks- I feel better!” If you ever have difficulty AVOIDING DAYDREAMING about committing a violent act, IMAGINE my ‘gentle?’ giant built like a BRICK HOUSE teen is asking you the same question- “Joel/Judy/…….. you wouldn’t be THINKIN’ ‘BOUT committing a violent act?”-Risk being twisted a bit like a pretzel??)  Aug. 2. 2018  by Brian Lane

                   The Swimmer And The Rescuer- Goddamn The Pusher!                               Head swollen like a basketball, eyes sealed tight, throat threatening to close off  and cause asphyxiation,  a terrified family brings their drugged up zombie like loved one to the hospital emergency. Goddamn the pusher-  psychiatrists forcefully encouraging psychiatric medications while ignoring or downplaying poisonous side effects! The medications, it is claimed,  successfully helped relieve symptoms but the patient  is almost relieved of his/her LIFE!  The shocked nurse blurts out:  “WAS HE BORN LIKE THIS!?”  How could this happen?  Gently,  kindly,  “it’s a chemical imbalance” the psychiatrist/rescuer had explained to the floundering swimmer…. (A chemical imbalance in the water?  in the air?  transmitted by others or other life forms?  in our food?  by pollution? global climate changes or end times…?) The psychiatrist/rescuer was  very concerned, serious:  In YOU- IN YOUR BRAIN.  “We either think YOU are  A _____________  or A ________________… YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR MEDICATIONS  REGULARLY PROBABLY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  WE CAN INJECT THEM TO MAKE IT EASIER,  SAVE YOU MONEY…. You have to  give the medications time to work;  we can give you medications for any minor side effects; we have newer medications if  your current medications aren’t effective enough; we can give you different medications if you run into problems; ‘You can’t survive without your medications;’  Keep taking your medications even if you feel better or don’t  think you need to- otherwise you could have setbacks and any number of awful problems; Are you on support programs? Are your medications covered by a drug plan?….  (The psychiatrist/rescuer might as well have added, “Norman (Bates) : call me immediately if your Mother really bothers you like before! We have draconian C.T.E. Programs for non- compliance so don’t attempt to resist our control over you, Master Bates!)    April 4, 2017  by  Brian Lane            mentalhealthrightsforum.com                                       does NOT advertise/endorse/sell any products.

                                   Getting BETTER or Getting ‘BADDER’ All the Time?                                       Dr. Beebop, boys are bothering me again at school-  so I asked my Mom.  She laughed and said, “You and all your friends are teenagers now! ??” “Ms. Beauty, those boys have a chemical imbalance in their trousers“.  So my mom laughed again and said,  “You can talk to me about anything!” Think she winked at me, gave me this smirky smile, a really long hug – AND THEN SHE KISSED ME!!!  DO YOU THINK MY MOM’S GONE GAY ON ME?!!!  “I’ll ask Analyst Rings- He’s our PEACE an’ LOVE EXPERT!   Ms. Beauty, your mom has a chemical imbalance in her heart that only you can heal.”  So my mom said, “Talk to your psychiatrist about it.” But I said, Dr. Beebop always only writes me prescriptions…. So I asked my family Doctor and she said “Dr. Beebop used to offer talk therapy but now “everything is a chemical imbalance!”” “Ms. Beauty, my wonderful wife and children pointed out I had an imbalance in my bank statement– too little money coming in. Now, I can treat two- three- four times as many patients by prescriptions as with talk therapies- Happy Wife- Happy Life! The Ministry of Health is happy- more treatments offered per psychiatrist = less imbalance in people’s needs vis-a-vis  timely psych. treatment.  The pharmaceutical companies AND “BIG BUSINESS” all happy!  No cures, BUT BETTER THAN CURES- LIFETIME REGULAR CAPTIVE CONSUMERSMONITORED BY PSYCHIATRISTS & MANDATED BY LAW!!!  And the general public is naively delighted along with psychiatrists, government political and bureaucratic officials,  law enforcement, pharmaceutical companies, big business, shareholders, … BEAT THE MANTRA- EVERYONE & EVERYTHING’S UNDER CONTROL! What a great society we live in! Everyone’s doing great or being ‘treated’ for better (but mostly for ‘worser!’)! No need to change our cultural dysfunctions, thinking or direction!  It’s real progress! Sing all together now: “It’s Getting Better All the Time!” Sing the chorus now: “Better, Better, Better!” Don’t worry about climate changes– only a “chemical imbalance,” we’re working on it!  Drink some more beer now- “Better, Better, Better!” Watch some more t.v. now!  Next year in Canada- like in the future United Stoners’ States, ‘Be totally stoned if anything is troubling you! YOU, society, our world! Society’s sheep together now! “Better, Better, Bet.  May 15, 2017  by Brian Lane

MEDICINE for the HEART: HONEST LOVE, REAL FRIENDS!                                        “Ms. Beauty-  you’re back and beautiful! Love the decorative accents on your necklace!”  Dr. Beebop- I know you can’t afford to be a “talk therapist” but-“Ms. Beauty, when I finally tossed in the towel- turned my back to my integrity, and basically now am “OWNED” by the government, law enforcement services, for-profit business interests and especially big pharmaceuticals,  MY INCOME JUMPED FROM $180,000. to $400,000. PLUS PERKS.      But I knew someday, a patient would call me to account about my “MORAL BANKRUPTCY!” Ms. Beauty, that day is here!                                               We can and we will speak honestly!”      Dr. Beebop, I too have something to confess- “Ms. Beauty, if it’s about wearing loose, oversize sweaters to fool me because you know you haven’t been eating-”  It’s about my necklace, actually.  My friends and I have been avoiding our anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications. We’ve been trading different colored pills, decorating necklaces…. Everybody teased us- How “dopey” & “SPACED OUT”we have become because of our “psych meds.” The smallest mistake and like- “Oh, I guess ‘dopey’ here forgot to take her “psych meds.- AGAIN!” We really did hate all the “side effects”  “psych. meds.” caused us to suffer!  “My God, Ms. Beauty-  I wanted to believe the pharma. reps., their advertising, their propaganda downplaying horrible “side effects.” I could see so many more patients, leave intense, stressful and time consuming therapy in the past, breeze through my day,                          simply let  “psych. meds.” handle and solve everything! How have you been coping?!!”  We kinda knew who is being prescribed “psych. meds.” so we created our own “REAL FRIENDS CAMPAIGN.” We all agreed to be available to care for and support each otherto listen without judging understand and LOVE EACH OTHER as REAL FRIENDS,  not superficially, as plastic ‘hello good-bye throwaways!!!’                             May 16, 2017 by Brian Lane                                                                                                         

                                  ONLY DO IT FOR BEAUTY AND FOR LOVE!!!                                                                                “Dr. Beebop,  thank you for seeing me!”  About Beauty?  “Yes- about Chris, Beauty- and me!” Christine- the girl in Vegas? “Chris  Cornell, Beauty- and me!”  You were with the bands, “Soundgarden” or “Audioslave” with Chris Cornell?!  “Dr. Beebop,  you heard he played a sold-out venue in Detroit, great performance! But….  ” Yes- his family is devastated! “”Ativan”- he took “ativan”- a tranquilizer and anti-anxiety “psych. meds.”- can cause paranoid or suicidal thoughts, the news reported!”                                       A very commonly prescribed benzodiazepine, good for a  brief few days- addictive and a pain in the posterior before too long! “Big pharma” would love to see the world “dumbed and numbed down”- and we’re well  along the road to destruction! “Beauty is on “ativan” and she’s suddenly behaving irrationally!” Suddenly? She’s been under my psychiatric care for two years. She and her friends somehow weaned themselves off “psych. meds” at least a month ago…. Gutsy and smart girls! Beat any addiction- wonderful strength and determination! You’re intuitive daughter held a consult with me and in her gentle way, threw refreshing water on my face, reminding me of a time when my patients came first- my integrity couldn’t be bought for $400,000.- or any amount! But I’m no “big pharma drug mule” anymore- no Sir! She’s not taking any “psych. meds.” and I’m not prescribing any!                            But tell me about “she’s suddenly behaving irrationally”! “I got home early and saw her laughing with one of the boys she always complained about. She was humming and whistling happily around the house. She wanted to share her feelings with her mother- and other unusual behaviors. Even our dog looked at her cocking his head sideways in amazement! She claimed you said, “this pushing drugs fad- easy money scam is actually a bullet to my patients’ health!  Two years of so-called “treatment” and the “psych. meds.” accomplished ZERO!” She claimed  “From now on your patients’ health came first!” You promised her she “would be so much happier soon and you would give “REAL  THERAPY” that involved “HARD WORK” but brought  truly beneficial changes in patients and in their worlds…!” All true! “It’s Been A Hard Days Night” to quote Analyst Rings Starr, same beat but definitely a different drummer, for me and my beloved patients! Let’s you and I do “HARD DAYS/NIGHTS WORK” right now!                                                                                                                                                                How are you and your wife doing? “We avoid arguing loudly for Beauty’s sake….”            So Beauty’s home environment is cold but quiet- everyone pretending not to see the ELEPHANT in the room, everyone walking in an atmosphere of FEAR & DREAD.     And your daughter- a wonderful blessing to you and to the world- shutting down her emotions, her beautiful personality- the very reason you settled on naming her “Beauty,’  literally starving herself in the face of the starvation of affection between YOU AND YOUR WIFE! YOU AND I – and Rings- PEACE an’ LOVE ARE BRINGING HER BACK, SIR- her beautiful smile, laugh, intelligence, gentle kindness and personality- her GIFTS TO THE WORLD! Apologize unconditionally to your wife- CHERISH HER and “date her” as a gentleman- suddenly and passionately you FINALLY have THE WOMAN OF YOUR DREAMS in your arms, in your HEART! Do it BECAUSE IT’S TRUE!  Do it for Beauty, your marriage- for Rings PEACE an’ LOVE, for yourself!  Do it for LOVE!    May 19, 2017 by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                       

   Vatican Orgies, Opioids Epidemics, ASSassinators, … vs. 1Heart3Amigos                                                                                                                           “OMG!  DAD- IS THE WORLD SAFE?!”  BEAUTY!  Let me read you the Daily News…. “VATICAN POLICE RAID DRUG-FUELED GAY ORGY AT TOP PRIEST’S APARTMENT.”  Everything normal at the Vatican, Beauty!    (Remember the U.S. Attorney General’s Office statement about ‘fallen Catholic priests’ in Boston, for example:    ‘six decades of child abuse involving at least 237 priests and 789 children.’ (I’ve been friends with GOOD priests & nuns but I recall my quiet, polite, sweet, VERY YOUNG nephew being followed around intently BY A PRIEST UNTIL IN DESPERATION HE SCREAMED, ‘STOP TOUCHING ME- STAY AWAY FROM ME!’)     Oh, your mother would want me to read you “DRUG OVERDOSES ARE THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH FOR PEOPLE UNDER 50….” 43 ARTICLES ABOUT ‘OPIOID NATION NEWS’…. HEROIN, FENTANYL, CODEINE, DILAUDID, OXYCODONE, MORPHINE, PERCOCET- and the winner most dangerous is: HEROIN LACED WITH FENTANYL!” Everything normal in the good ol’ U.S.A., Beauty!  July 7, 2017  by Brian Lane

                     Helping Sovereign Nations Make up Their Own Minds Correctly?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Be calm, Beauty! Ol’ snake eyes is meeting with Russian President Putin as we speak!  “Dad- Putin is ex-KGB! He puts poison in his enemies’ drinks…” Beauty- he’s safe! Putin & the Russian Oligarchy TRUST & ADMIRE our President- Helped get him voted into Office! Enjoy ‘helping’ Sovereign Nations make up their OWN MINDS IN RUSSIA’s FAVOR! Pres. Trump is seen as a TEAM PLAYER!  Ol’ snake eyes will SMILE LONG AND HARD, LONG AND HARD! but barely scrunch up his face so as not to give himself away!  … YES!  Beauty- here’s our President speaking now: “WE LOOK FORWARD TO A LOT OF POSITIVE THINGS HAPPENING FOR RUSSIA, FOR THE U.S. AND FOR EVERYBODY CONCERNED.  AND IT’S AN HONOR TO BE WITH YOU!” See- a real TEAM PLAYER, Beauty! Our President’s ON HIS GAME!                                                                   “But DAD!  What if ol’ snake eyes decides to speak face to face with North Korean Dictator/THE ASSassinator, Kim Ding-Dong Yung-Dung-un!”  Good grief! Beauty- you’re right! We have to warn ol’ snake eyes!  Our President can view all the Lee Van Cleef movies he wants but THE ASSassinator is among lowest of the low!  See what’s he up to, Beauty!  |”Dad- North Korea has poisonous chemical and biological weapons programs in addition to nuclear and short and long range missiles and artillery!  THE ASSassinator recently poisoned his half-brother who was once promised the dictatorship role but instead became an exiled vocal critic of North Korea’s cruel, Vlad the Impaler style of Communism! His half brother died on Feb. 13 less than 20 minutes after two duped women rubbed VX nerve agent on his face at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur airport- 3000 miles from North Korea!  Dad- Is no place safe from state sponsored assassination?!  How come kinda REALLY creepy ASSassinators  are ALLOWED to scare and hurt GOOD PEOPLE?!!”  Beauty-  America and ol’ snake eyes is wising up…”YOU HOPE!”       July 7, 2017 by Brian Lane            

                                                                          DR. BEAUTY                                                                “Kinda embarrassed… for NOT apologizing to you, Dad. Remember you promised, “cross my heart”, to cheer me on at the D.S.A.R.(Dance School Admission Recitals.) Suddenly something in Vegas was more important… and well, up on stage- with no Daddy giving me strength or cheering me on, I FELT SO SAD AND ALONE and well- kinda bombed out! Dr. Beebop says I shut my emotions down and gave up on life! I wanted to bring my ‘A’ GAME ATTITUDE  AND CONFIDENT SMILE but…” Beauty- STOP!  BY NOT GOING TO YOUR D.S.A.R. AND BY NOT GOING BACK HOME TO MOMMY, I BECAME THE BIGGEST ASS IN THE UNIVERSE!  ‘VEGAS’ IS SIMPLY THE SWEDISH PRONUNCIATION FOR ‘BIG ASS!’ i JOINED THE ‘PRINCE HARRY DIRTY FOOLS CLUB’ IMAGINING VEGAS WOULD GIVE ME A BETTER EXPERIENCE THAN FALLING INTO A LATRINE!  “But Dr. Beebop and mommy say I got my emotions back!” And does Dr. Beauty say I got my BRAINS BACK?!  “SHE DOES- I LOVE YOU!” June 3, 2017 by Brian Lane

              So Compassionately Righteous But WRONG towards Terrorist Cultures!        

             “Beauty, what happened to Canadian P.M. Trudeau!  I think he’s gone E V I L on us!” But among the ‘3 AMIGOS’- he’s the GOOD Amigo!  “Beauty, you know how our President worries about evil doers slipping into America from the Middle East and causing chaos? Is Trudeau so CONSUMED BY COMPASSION, he’s LOST PRACTICAL CAUTION? PEACE, LOVE, TOLERANCE, COMPASSION-”  Are the 4 cornerstones for building a beautiful world, Daddy? “Yes, Beauty but ‘MULTICULTURALISM?” Daddy, teacher says 52% of citizens in Toronto identify as ‘visible minorities’ & Quebec is a French speaking Province- P.M. Trudeau is fluently bilingual. Teacher says in 20 years almost 40% of Americans will be immigrants or children of immigrants. “M.HR.Forum always points to immigrant Malanija & her spouse- our immigrant grandchild, President Trump! How his Grandpa was kicked out from his homeland but welcomed & prospered in America! But how both are called “Scandalous or Outrageous!””                        So how is multiculturalism a worry Daddy? Did a bad family slip into Canada and cause chaos?     “Worse than that Beauty! T.v. shows a young boy- BORN in Canada, brought BACK TO THE MIDDLE EAST  HELPING to BUILD I.E.D.s (improvised explosive devices)!” To BLOW UP Canadian, American and ‘Western Allies’?!                 “EXACTLY, Beauty!  T.v. also shows a western style movie SHOWDOWN at a corral/homestead!”  At a Middle East COMPOUND?  “Yes, Beauty! Of course, our  Americans Patriots blasted the COMPOUND! But as an American medic and soldiers approached the rubble to help survivors- expecting none, a 15 year old gun shot enemy combatant tossed a grenade killing the medic and blinding another rescuer!       T.v. story line is- you listening sweetheart, the teen shown building the I.E.D.s, killing & wounding Americans, is this 15 year old Canadian! Good-hearted Americans helped him heal, sent him to Guantanamo as an enemy combatant/terrorist! But multicultural P.M. TRUDEAU AGREED TO SECRETLY GIVE THIS ‘E.C.’ $10.5 MILLION AND ALSO DELIVER A PUBLIC OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT APOLOGY TODAY!!!” Daddy, is P.M. Trudeau so open minded to enemy cultures, his brains fell out?                                                      “But ARE CANADIANS SENDING TRUDEAU TO GUANTANAMO AS A TERRORIST CULTURE SYMPATHIZER OR ‘E. C.?’ Average Canadians are besides themselves with embarrassment! The medic’s widow successfully sued for $134.5 million but  to prevent the widow & blinded vet. from filing in Canadian Court to receive the $10.5 million, looks like P. M. Trudeau tried to KEEP EVERYTHING HUSH HUSH!!!  A ‘True, North, Strong & Free’ patriot Canadian leaked all the devastating news but to late for our widow’s Court Filing- the government is furious about having been exposed being so COMPASSIONATELY RIGHTEOUS BUT WRONG towards TERRORIST CULTURES !        July 7, 2017          by Brian Lane P.S. LOVE AND PEACE  HAPPY 77TH BIRTHDAY RINGO STARR                    OUR LOVE IS LONDON- 3/06/17 ‘Moneypenny- bring in 007!’ 

 P.S. We Can Clean Up Our Cultural Deranged Practices or See our Citizens Flee Like Winged Birds on the Wind                                                                                                                                                     Shouldn’t we ALWAYS WORK to WEAKEN despised CULTURAL PRACTICES centrally based on FEAR, HATE & DISCRIMINATION, …? For example, work to weaken ‘Male Guardianship’- almost ‘slave owner’ control over women in Saudi Arabia- acknowledging very slowly women are to be granted RIGHTS & FREEDOMS within Saudi Arabia. With the BLESSING of our Wonderful Internet, women, Christians, Muslims, so many oppressed citizens in too many Cultures, … SEE HOPE. Their horrible mistreatment, enslavement, oppression IS WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! in Allah’s/God’s/The Creator’s/The United Nations’ Human Rights EYES. If you or I live in a society still practicing misguided abuses, don’t we have a duty to clean up our culture, letting the filth of fear, hate, discrimination, subjugation/oppression fall away! Shouldn’t we expect mass migration as people seek economic opportunities in safer countries receptive to individual rights & freedoms- life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness?! Crusader sounding Canada’s Chrystia Freeland embraces former ‘Male Guardian’ ‘slave/object, Rahaf, passionately welcoming her HOME in FREE LAND Canada from Saudi Arabia’s brutal oppression! Rahaf sounds the CULTURAL BATTLE CRY- I am “ONE of the LUCKY ONES”- She escaped and now she is “FIGHTING FOR WOMEN’S FREEDOM ACROSS THE WORLD!” We invite leaders in every country, however embarrassing it might feel, recognizing change can be uncomfortable but so absolutely necessary! Citizens want a culture of freedoms, safety & opportunities, not  a culture of obsessive oppression! We applaud efforts to date among all cultures to honestly self examine cultural norms & practices, to change quickly. Otherwise, in today’s internet age, WE CAN SEE OUR BEST CITIZENS FLEE LIKE BIRDS ON LIKE THE WIND to ESCAPE A CULTURE THEY RIGHTFULLY CANNOT STAND! Jan. 16, 2019  by Brian Lane                       

                  1Heart3Amigos? Beauty & Daddy Enjoy a Political Fireside Moment!                                                                                          iS NORTH AMERICA SAFE?!                                              “Beauty-  the ‘THREE AMIGOS’ RIDE AGAIN!” Who’s ‘THREE AMIGOS’?  “Here, in America,  ol’ ‘SNAKE EYES’!  When ol’ ‘SNAKE EYES’ sees something sinister slithering by, threatening America, he scrunches his squinting face and stares!’ He plays Lee Van Cleef better than Lee Van Cleef!” But Daddy- President Trump did bad stuff!  “Beauty- ALL our Presidents do bad stuff sometimes. Besides- Canada’s job is to be friendly & polite avec everyone!  AMERICA’S ROLE IS TO SAVE PEOPLE & COUNTRIES WORLD WIDE EVEN IF THEY HARDLY REALIZE THEY NEED SAVING!”  Besides our President is not only a fighter, but a ‘WINNER!'” But Daddy- he snuck away from the Vietnam military draft 4 times! “Because he’s a smart, tough negotiator who has people around him do his bidding! Let them be swamp fighters- he wants to run & own the world’s real estate!”  The L.A. TIMES calls our President a ‘narcissist, Daddy?’ “He’s just an AVID FAN of PERFECTION- THE PERFECTION HE SEES IN  EVERY MIRROR!” Mommy says he’s a ‘tweeting bird brain.’ “The President is more than a bird brain, Beauty. He has the brains of an American eagle!” Hillary Clinton says she’s supposed to be the first female President & she got more votes! “But Pres. Trump got the Russian Oligarchy support vote. And Vlad the Impaler! And if Hillary won, Wild Willy would be at the White House bothering all the interns- Imagine all the scandals!” Well Mommy says the Russian President was KGB- Intelligence! “Vlad is just a normal Russian assassin now. Enjoys great popular support except for argumentative folks living in Siberia, Ukraine, …. Besides President Trump admires leaders who command attention- or else ‘fire them’ but not like gentle President Trump. If he could just think LONG AND HARD before tweeting!” …                                                                                                                                                                                          So Canadian P. M. Justin Trudeau is ‘OUR JUSTICE, OUR CONSCIENCE’ as Dr. Beebop would say! “Yes, Beauty but unfortunately….”  Daddy, behind a toothy grin,  TRUDEAU is an ACTOR?  Still a drama teacher? “Beauty-we Americans  proudly built our country on being distrustful of foreigners until WE ACCEPTED THEM AS                    AMERICANS!  “TRUST- BUT ONLY AFTER A FEW GENERATIONS- or centuries!”        GEORGE WASHINGTON himself demanded his overseers watch his so-called foreign ‘negro slaves’ constantly 24/7! We still call First Nations “American Indians” like they’re foreigners from India- but sometime we’ll accept they’re Americans too. I’m just saying MAYBE anyone so sunny as Trudeau is not a real American yet like flash master ‘TRUTH’ guitarist Jeff Beck!”  Daddy, he’s from England. “O.k.- English American. Or like salt of the earth American, Neil Young.” He’s Canadian.”But when he wanted to be successful, he moved to America to become American- & Great!”                                            So Daddy, how does the Mexican President fit in?  “Well, President Trump invites his Mexican AMIGO help pay for a ‘GREAT WALL’ between America & Mexico to keep foreigners out. Beauty, you’ve heard of the wise saying: GOOD FENCES MAKE FOR GREAT NEIGHBORS! Beauty,  President Trump gave his PERSONAL phone number to the other two ‘AMIGOS to show they really are “THREE AMIGOS!”   WOW- WE’RE IN THE PRAYERS AND HEARTS OF THE ‘THREE AMIGOS’- WHAT POSSIBLY COULD GO WRONG?!  “Of course, he has other business Amigos in his personal affairs no one’s supposed to know about!” June 3, 2017  by Brian Lane                  Thanks for kind comments: “GZ” by ‘wz…’;  “…wonderful posts…” by ‘ayam peru’;  “I would just like to give a huge ‘thumbs up’ …” by ‘ayam bangkok’;    

WHEN THE SOLUTION IS THE PROBLEM                                                     1.     Listening to an insightful therapist on American GUNS & VIOLENCE CULTURE: …”Ingrained” (belief, attitude, values, habits) ” in young children so I’m riding with great friends- but loaded shotguns, handgun in glove box, …. All supposedly for our safety….” America’s solution to be safe results in Americans owning about half the world’s civilian owned guns and off the chart gun violence and homicides compared to similar modern civilized countries. Because in mass media, “IF IT BLEEDS, IT LEADS,” therapist says “Americans see & hear about all the gun violence, buy more guns- multiple assault weapons…!” But young Americans are tearing off & freeing themselves from GUNS & VIOLENCE CULTURE straight jackets- A RISING TIDE OF FREEDOM FROM VIOLENCE SWEEPING ACROSS AMERICA- “ME TOO” TIME’S UP! “NEVER AGAIN, ….” THANK GOD! Isn’t it time to SILENCE GUNS & VIOLENCE!                                  2.    Big Pharma’s & our self medicating imposed plagues-   supposedly ‘modern biochemical wonders’ to alleviate all our anxieties, … sadness, depression, disappointments, pain & discomfort- block our emotions and senses, HAVE VICIOUSLY TURNED ON US.  Beyond addiction, minute doses may cause substantial impairment, INSTANT SELF DESTRUCTION  rather than advertised  INSTANT RELIEF!   Thankfully, we are at a time for SHIFTING OUR CULTURAL PARADIGMS!        OUR CULTURAL MODELS, OUR ARCHETYPES!                                                                                  3.    Enter stage ‘Right’- WORLD’s BEST/WORSE fascinating & wonderful, disgraceful & disgusting POLITICAL REALITY STARS PERSONALITY SHOWPresident Crisis Creator brings into his Reality Stars Personality Show supposedly absolute icons of brilliance, achievement & character! Allows sufficient episodes and situations in the chaos, dysfunction, conflict & frustration of his Presidency to ‘Melt Down’ BEFORE THE delighted VIEWING WORLD WIDE AUDIENCE!      As a FINAL BLOW to elitist, POMPOUS ‘I’M ALL THAT- & MORE!’  guest stars on his show- who seemingly operate ALL the levers controlling our lives, President Trump FIRES THEM ABRUPTLY- they see the news- ‘FIRED!’ on t.v. or on Twitter & think it’s a PRANK!  BUT they are indeed FIRED!    They’re like Royalty in a Presidential Motorcade when suddenly it stops & they’re unceremoniously tossed out onto the sidewalk!   Americans- at least a WINNING MINORITY,  asked for and got a President to speak to them directly   in PLAIN WORDS, to ‘CLEAN OUT THE SWAMP,’ to talk & act as a NO NONSENSE          down to earth, straight shooting bad ass AMERICAN (white) boy BELIEVING IN ‘Making America Great Again!’ Extreme right wing nationalism sweeping the world!   March 16, 2018 by Brian Lane  What’s YOUR VIEW? Radical nationalism & U.S. Presidency- ‘THE SOLUTION’ or WHEN THE SOLUTION IS THE PROBLEM?                                                                                                                           

 4.                                Hey Babe- Really Dig Your Psychographic Profile!                                                                     Marky Z.- Y’all  a whole lotta ‘splainin’ to spill to American, British, & so many other open, democratic governments about Facebook’s knowledge in the SHOCKING ABUSE & MISUSE OF CUSTOMER’S DATA in reshaping culture & democratic elections & decision making! Is you lily white innocent or rollin’ in filth guilty? Keeping quiet ain’t no acceptable PLEA, Marky!                                                                          NBC et. al. exposing Cambridge Analytica- arguing the company employed data mining, data brokerage, data analysis against at least 50 million unsuspecting Facebook users! (Canadian? Chris Wylie- former director of data research, is spilling the horror story….) Allegations unproven yet in Court,  include combining so-called ‘STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION;’  DECEPTIVE METHODS- bribes, entrapment, ‘honey traps,’ blackmail, “Recording POLITICIANS ACCEPTING BRIBES, SENDING SOME “GIRLS” around to the politician’s house,” misinformation campaigns- “SPREADING MISINFORMATION about POLITICIANS: “IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE TRUE- JUST BELIEVED!” C. A. “claims ability to build “PSYCHOGRAPHIC PROFILES”                   to”MICRO TARGET” social media & political ADVERTISING based on YOUR INDIVIDUAL TRAITS. For example, all the critical information about YOU creates a complete “psychograhic profile’ including specifically what you believe & will embrace- YOU’RE BEING PLAYED LIKE A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT BUT HAVEN’T THE SLIGHTEST AWARENESS A MASTER PUPPETEER IS PULLING ALL YOUR STRINGS!      C. A. claims, for example, they are able to influence & swing elections! News media are alleging Bannon,  President Trump’s campaign chief executive, looked to C. A. to wage cultural warfare in Trump’s rise to power. Russia drools at the chance to target 10s of millions of  FACEBOOK users CULTURE &VOTING PREFERENCES? WE ALL BELIEVED Facebook was a wonderful, lily white BLESSING!   Yes! According to OUR ROSY COLORED GLASSES.’ Too bad about the ‘Vlad the Impaler Ruskie Trojan Horse’ underneath!! Think we all fell into another “When the solution is the problem!?”  Sometimes we appear to LIKE our past mistakes so much, we just keep repeating them!   LIKE the answer to a culture of guns & violence is more and bigger guns! An y’all don’ forget- better, badder ammo…!  As SIR Ring’s drummer buddy’s band mates sang in the 1960’s:       “We’ll be fighting in the streets With our children at our feet  (Parkland)*    And the morality that they worship will be gone!    And the men who spurred us on Sit in judgement of all the wrong  They decide and the shotgun sings the song!           I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution   Take a bow for the new revolution  THEN I’LL GET DOWN ON MY KNEES AND PRAY- WE DON’T GET FOOLED  AGAIN!” (Pete Townsend)                        March 21, 2018  by Brian Lane            P.S. “March For Our Lives” nationwide March 24, 2018   P.S.         Coincidence?   03. 24. 2018 : 3+2+4= 2+1+8= 11            Is America’s ‘violence & guns/weapons culture’ facing a watershed moment in American History- SOCIAL RECKONING/UPHEAVAL/CHANGE?  The Parkland massacre bringing about  THE MARCH FOR OUR LIVES- being  a ‘last straw’ heralding …?      THANK GOD!  A GOOD CATALYST TOWARDS LIFE & SAFETY? PEACE & LOVE?                                      Update:  87 million users’ PERSONAL INFO. BEING STOLEN, HARVESTED,  PACKAGED, SOLD & USED AGAINST US/THEM for monetary & evil purposes? Oh,  Guess what? We the CITIZENS of the world were THE PRODUCT BEING SHAPED, PACKAGED, PROFILED, PRODUCED & SOLD ! We believed Facebook actually CARED ABOUT US  as human beings, not as PRODUCTS for sale.  We completely exposed ourselves- our innermost thinking, beliefs, values, attitudes, relationships, activities & lifestyle, …. All harvested to manipulate our tastes, thinking, purchasing decisions, voting preferences, for social control- to know us inside out. Used to disrespect us! Search engines appear to be trolling for information about us individually, collectively to sell us out to the highest bidder! We’ve been fooled again. Awake, ‘Seen the light’- BREAKING FREE AGAIN! Eventually GOOD ALWAYS TRIUMPHS! April 6, 2018 by Brian Lane             P.S. For ’30+ pieces of silver,’ did FACEBOOK knowingly agree, allow & enable alleged bad actions against 87 million unaware users undermining our DIGNITY, AUTONOMY, FREE WILL, SAFETY, RIGHTS, WELL BEING & our DEMOCRACY in America,  across our planet? April 10/18  Brian Lane            

 5. 1          ‘TIME’S UP’ on doctors, nurses or children arbitrarily imposing ACTUAL ‘TIME’S UP’ ‘treatments’ on seniors! Are you SHOCKED by what passes for ‘senior’s care?’ I couldn’t believe how careless & carefree Doctors and nurses could be about rescuing & saving the life of ‘youthful’ older adults!) Relative telling me about a special state of the art,  so-called “End of Life” exclusive luxury center- ‘We spare no expense.’  What seniors aren’t told is how often so-called ‘physicians & nurses care’ involves prematurely taking ’em out- judge, jury & executioner on an arbitrary time schedule? “The Doctors & Nurses were apparently giving him strong ‘PAIN KILLERS.’     For 3 days he couldn’t eat or drink. Couldn’t talk! He was going straight down & they stopped the meds. But just before they wiped him out,  he got the meds. out of his body & became conscious! Immediately, told them to” “STOP GIVING ME YOUR MEDS. SH__!” GOD! I’m thirsty!! And hungry! “So he’s gulping down lots of water & eating like he hasn’t been fed for days!  He’s talking, feeling better, jokin’ about sex to the Nurses!  So they were basically killin’ him!” Is it really “better” being hoodwinked &’wiped out’ prematurely by doctors & nurses in an advertised exclusive “End of Life” luxury center? Seniors being played like lambs to the slaughter- another tragic situation where the solution is the problem! Kinda difficult to develop a seniors’ ‘ME TOO!’ lobby group as most potential adherents are BANISHED to the AFTERLIFE!         From the day he accepted an offer to enter the care facility 3 weeks ago, he is the sole living soul survivor!             April 11, 2018  by Brian Lane  P.S. Senior to Nurses on FRIDAY April THE 13th:* ‘Y’all have to tie me down before y’all do ME in!’        “Today, Nurses asked him to fold his hands together. ” “Y’all wanna handcuff me now?” he said jokingly- or maybe not!   What think you! *Butterflies in your stomach? Safeguard YOUR HEART-     P.S.   PRAYERS for PEACE & BENEVOLENCE …  U.S. + Britain+ France= bombing ‘Dam-Ass-Cuss!’ & Syria for ‘sad ass’ Assad’s chemical attack on Syrian civilians + regional slaughter- Yemen, ….            April, ‘Friday the 13th!’                      A CAREFUL Pres. Trump tweeted HIS INTENTIONS  about using “VERY SMART” missiles giving Syria & Russia a ‘HEADS  UP’ WARNING! Good! to avoid a ‘head to head’ battle with Russia! Russia was ‘BRIEFED.’ But Bad! because Syria had time to move weapons, equipment & chemicals, … to safety enabling ongoing slaughter (500,000 casualties? to date) within Syria in an ‘implied damning double message:’  U. S. & Western Allies  primarily against using chemical weapons on civilians but not against using  conventional weapons? Tragically, for Syrian civilians, being burned or poisoned by chemicals or burned or blown up by conventional weapons, is anything but being rescued! April 17, 2018  by Brian Lane                                

                            5. 2  Fearful about the above story, I rushed over to see a close relative in another care home.    Similar damn procedures at work!  Staff began isolating my relative, withdrawing her from activities & stimulation, confining her movements to her room, finally trying to keep her in bed even in daytime!                     Arrived in early afternoon to a closed room door- no lights on, my relative  in bed.                                 My ‘6th senses’ informed me-   a growing ‘darkness’ in the room, surrounding & ‘smothering her,’ my relative immobilized, seeing little hope! She said “my room is becoming so dark- Is it night or day?” Acting quickly, gently, patiently- assisted her out of  her bed into a wheelchair, put a sweater & coat on, wheeled her through the hallways, QUICKLY by a nursing station & a staff meeting in progress, hustled her onto an elevator, through a coded locked door- OUTSIDE INTO A BEAUTIFUL BIRD & FLOWER BLOOMING SPRING DAY!    She immediately began breathing more deeply, said how wonderful to feel the sun on her face,  gentle breeze on her skin, hear birds singing, see  colors everywhere,        BECAME ALIVE!             Gradually, the ‘darkness’ surrounding her dissipated in the daylight!  She said,  “I’m beginning to see better, more clearly!”  So here we see the explanation for the            VAMPIRE THEME.   Our ‘6th senses’ inform us  of a ‘darkness’ surrounding & smothering human beings physically &/or mentally/ emotionally/spiritually….      Should we feel ‘hopelessly confined,’ locked in despair- a darkening room or enable OUR ‘COMPASSION ON FIRE RESCUERS’-  AND OUR OWN SELF RESCUE    TO LIFT US GENTLY  FROM OUR BED OF DESPAIR-      CARRY US INTO FREEDOM!                                     INTO LOVE! INTO LIFE’S BRIGHT LIGHT !   April 12, 2018 by Brian Lane

                                             WILL TO LIVE! LET’S GO _____________!                                                                                    My cousin was without ‘the Will to Get Married’ but eventually she found ‘Mr. Right’- William, and  married-  2 smart, beautiful daughters, 1 offering counselling for women impacted by violence! Another loving young niece, like too many college students, imbibed too many pitchers- 3X weekly? Are College Professors, their scrolls & scribes THAT BORING, young students feel ‘forced’ to attend lectures & study texts BOMBED OUT OF THEIR BRAINS?! 5 years older, she says she’s too old for such reckless behavior, “way back as a naive, college frosh!”     About LGBTQ? liberation movement issues, a female partner strayed badly despite 2+ years of loyal faithfulness from a niece. Are finally free & liberated from closet hiding lesbians suffering same as everyone else saying:            Women- Can’t live with ’em; Can’t live without ’em!  “Beach  Boys” sang, “Wouldn’t it be NICE! …” Wouldn’t it be nice if we could  glimpse future outcomes from 1 or 2 turning point bad decisions in our lives.                      ‘If I only knew the consequences … how I & everyone around me will be badly impacted…!’  Carpenters say: “Measure twice before cutting once.”  ‘Enable’ a ‘popup conscience app’ in our brain to measure our thinking twice-  How will everyone be affected, … forever regret ‘A Careless Moment?’                                                                                                BIG HURRY to bring my Mom to a meeting- courteously opened her door & she handed me her purse. “Have your purse- you can let go. You can let go. You can let go now!” THANK GOD I didn’t PULL her purse! Her wedding ring on her delicate baby finger caught in her purse zipper- she couldn’t ‘let go!’  Just a momentary thought, outward expression, inappropriate word or action (or inaction) ‘changed everything!’ Ask Roseanne!  Stepping into traffic without looking. Daydreaming or ‘Lost in space, Houston,’ we walk blindly into a crisis! ‘Somebody else’s fault!’ What does it matter          who screwed up in a car crash- We all suffer the consequences! Our BIRTHRIGHT is not spending our lives drowning in blame & shame but our inviolable WILL TO LIVE,  TO SURVIVE, TO EXPERIENCE & OFFER YOUR WORLD WHAT YOU & NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU IS ABLE TO GIVE! To BRING YOUR WORLD UP! To BE THE SOLUTION YOUR WORLD NEEDS! Begin by being Present in the Present- NOW! Are our mainstream mass media or our political elites  deciding for us what we’re to think about? “When I’m watching my t.v.- and a man comes on and tells me how white my shirts can be & he can’t be a man ’cause he doesn’t smoke ….” (M. Jagger, Stones)  May we be as fully aware to what is LESS OBVIOUS as to what is obvious as to how we are needed! More aware of what the truth is instead of what the ‘official’ mass media fake news says…. We are all needed, ALERT to our world together, for BETTER, RIGHT?!! Not just for the right price!    April 20, 2018  by Brian Lane      P.S. My brother, a former competitive runner, brought me to see an aging legend’s final hurrah? ?Legend won the 1500 m. at the ’76 Olympics & first to run a sub 3:50 mile. We’re sitting alone, completely empty section way up & back enjoying ‘eagle’s nest view.’  Older bloke in shorts, worried looking, walks way up & sits right behind us!  Brother becomes quiet,  smiling, giving me a few pokes with his elbow, …. I understand!  The final & feature race, 1500 m., is called- older bloke begins to get up haltingly. LET’S GO, JOHN! I shout!  He now rises TALL & CONFIDENT-  inhales a  POWERFUL BREATH, CLENCHES HIS JAW, STRIDES DOWN TO THE TRACK- COMPLETELY DOMINATES & WINS THE RACE, START TO FINISH over his competitors in past youthful perfection!  So I’m sitting in my eagle’s nest view & saying what I shouted to Johnny but now            shouting to YOU- seeing YOU, rising tall & confident, striding to your life’s track, to SUCCESSFULLY OVERCOME ALL YOUR MENTAL HEALTH  CHALLENGES!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         INSTITUTIONAL crucifixion COMPLACENCY

Beatle John Lennon sang “You tell me it’s the institution … (but)  You better free your mind instead ….”  Is society- including our national health care  systems OBSESSED with institutionalizing & trying to force each unique individual into institutionalized systems? 2000 years ago, Jewish high priests, COMPULSIVELY OBSESSED with their religiosity & institutional practices- every minute detail about    activities of daily ‘Jewish Life’ was of ‘divine concern.’ By creating their collective, obsessive-compulsive institutional artificially constructed world  view, they left little room for Divine reality. Free wheeling, Divinely Present & Inspired, creative &  life giving, Messiah Jesus was allowed zero tolerance! Fake social institutions feel threatened by reality! Or even by alternate views of reality. Today, LGBTQ?’s central  strength is based on the obvious question: ‘Why should unique individuals have to fit into society’s (scapegoating) preconceived, institutional box?’  Mental health care systems, institutions, policies, programs & resources are allocated by elites, by their arbitrary views & biases. Divorced from actual citizens challenged/traumatized by serious mental illnesses? ‘Benevolent, caring foxes are managing resources & the hen house’ intent on propping up artificial, problem laden  institutions? YES- maybe!                           We shouldn’t be overly anxious & intimidated by our diagnosis, prognosis, outcomes, statistics about longevity,  …. For example, my combined mental illness ‘life reductions’ probably have me passing away before I was born! Besides, ‘when the solution is the problem,’ why should we buy into bad outcomes statistics? CAUTION: Scary statistics ahead!   Bipolar: -9 to 20 y/tears;    Schizophrenia -10 to 20 y/tears; recurring Depression -7 to 11 y/tears;  drug & alcohol abuse -9 to 24 y/tears; … U.S. has the highest opioid epidemic, crisis/addiction;   Canada being second. In Ontario, 1 in 6 deaths among young adults is tragically by opioids. Doctors are being blamed for ‘hooking’ millions of patients on opioids, (‘when their solution is the problem.’)                                  BUT here’s the GOOD NEWS! We easily help ourselves by a ‘butterfly effect!’          No change for the better is insignificant! Improving our lifestyle; Being active & ‘appropriately independent’;  ‘Better nutrition- ‘JUNK THE JUNK FOOD’; ANY EXERCISE RECREATION;   abstinence from recreational drugs & alcohol or overly ‘self medicating’; Reducing self-harm & bad habits;   WILL TO LIVE!;  Bettering our environment ‘inside ourselves- brains & body’ & ‘our world around us’;                                  ‘BE the CHANGE YOU SEEK!; EDUCATE OURSELVES!,  Begin to study & understand what ‘works for us;’ BE HAPPIER, LOOK TO THE SUNNY SIDE!  SMILE!                                  Find Happiness Within Yourself & Be the Happiness You Seek instead of Always Hoping for Happiness From Someone Else Somewhere Else!    BE CREATIVE;            HELP OUT- SOMEBODY, SOMETHING; Our Universe LOVES HELPERS!                           IMAGINE EVERYONE THINKING ABOUT & ACTING TO HELP OUT-                                 EVERY LITTLE BIT ALL ADDS UP! INCLUDE PEOPLE WHO ARE LESS FORTUNATE & LESS SOCIALLY CONNECTED- be ‘HUMAN-KIND,’ CONSIDERATE & CARING; Build  INCLUSIVE SOCIETIES- peace n’ love- non violence, letting go anger, prejudices, hurtful gossip or backstabbing, … ‘if we wouldn’t to say it ‘face                            to face,’ why ever SAY or even THINK IT!         CATION: More scary statistics ahead!  Chris Orestis writes (Feb. 12, 2013) about ‘Life Expectancy Compression:’                                                                         “Supported by numerous studies, individuals living in institutional care (regardless of age) will have significantly SHORTER LIFE EXPECTANCY than their contemporaries living independently.” ‘Moving into an institutional care facility is disruptive to SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT- maybe worse than losing a spouse.’ About nursing homes: “The first year of residence in a nursing home is the highest risk of death for the resident.” About dementia: “People with dementia admitted to care facilities and nursing homes” go “comparatively quickly.” About loss of ‘ADLs’/Activities of Daily Living = increased risk …. (bathing, dressing, social engagement, etc.) About injury or disorder requiring admission into a care home = 75% + higher risk ….”                                                                                                                                                                          Visiting a care home over the flu/pneumonia season, I watched firsthand as seemingly ALL RESIDENTS,  OVERLY CONFINED TO THE BUILDING & ALL IN CLOSE QUARTERS, WITHOUT SAFE AIR FILTRATION SYSTEMS BEING REQUIRED- VIRUS & BACTERIA LADEN AIR RECIRCULATING 24/7, WITHOUT SAFE SANITATION IN PLACE, WERE AFFLICTED & TAKEN DOWN– one afternoon ‘men in black wearing dark sunglasses’ on an overcast day, LINED UP MINIVANS!                                                        Psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Weiden writes comparing shocking life expectancy for citizens challenged by significant mental illness:  … (like) ” life expectancy in Rwanda or Afghanistan. … so young. You might think it would be people with HIV … But it is not…” (Rather) “those with a diagnosis of serious mental illness- schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ….” About ‘life compression:’ …”2006 study showed between 13 and 31 years early with an average of 20 years. SIMILAR CAUSES OF MORTALITY” (as people not challenged by mental illness) “only 20 years earlier! …”doubling and tripling of mortality from heart disease, diabetes, respiratory ailments, …. society would NOT TOLERATE 20 years of lost life expectancy for other groups (such as blacks or gays, ….”)                      April 27, 2018  by Brian Lane    P.S. “Yet this population is rarely identified as an ‘AT RISK'” (under serviced) “group in surveys of the social determinants of health.” (Thom Insel Sept. 6, 2011)

                         The Doctor is IN &  _____! ‘Patient/Shrink’ ‘GOOD TIMES!’                Therapeutic Boundary Crossings or Slippery Slope to Patient Exploitation? Citizens challenged by severe mental illness too often face a ‘Triple Cross Threat’-  1. serious health challenges,    2. disheartening, disgraceful abuse & discrimination,                            3. jaw dropping poverty! Doctors et al. acting as ineffective, sorry-ass ‘RESCUERS’- “Sorry, we threw you ‘anchors’ instead of ‘flotation devices!’ may offer a worse solution- toss you heavier, instantly attaching ‘anchors:’   JUST FOR YOU!        But Doctors/Rescuers not so good at GIVING THERAPY BE HEARTENED!                ADVOCATING FEROCIOUSLY ON BEHALF OF YOUR PATIENTS TO MINIMIZE 2. & 3. IS JUST AS CRITICAL FOR YOUR PATIENT’S SURVIVAL! ‘Kick Ass’ Rescuers on 2. & 3. deserve our HIGHEST ACCOLADES!  Creating a healthy, life inspiring Doctor- Patient relationship is almost an ARTISTIC GIFT BESTOWED BY OUR UNIVERSE! Study & effort by less artistically endowed health care rescuers is critical but should we expect every mental health care rescuer to musically raise your serious illness into    “HERE COMES THE SUN! & I SAY: IT’S ALL RIGHT!!”  (Beatle George H.)   Mental health care rescuers- DO YOUR BEST!  For each individual in your care.                                                Remember a true story: A big team of ‘hotshots’ offered a complete EXPENSIVE examination & evaluation costing $30,+ thousands! The anti-climax ending being  sending the homeless patient back penniless to live YON HOME UNDER A BRIDGE!  But back to our Doctor- Patient Therapeutic Relationships- we can all agree ‘Gettin’ It On Is Out!’     In Medicine, Law & Society, (B. K. Plesnicar, April, 2016), cites  ‘Doctor-Patient Action’ is hardly a new problem! “3- 10% had sexual relations with patients.” (Gartrell et al., 1986;  Wilbers et al., 1992;  Leggat, 1994.) Abused patients suffered guilt, shame, feared no one would believe them, worried about ‘bringing down a medical practice, ….’  By the way, about 150 years ago, we know Doctors commonly? treated what they called “FEMALE HYSTERIA” by manually applying sexual ‘physical therapy!’ Wonder what the shingle above the Doctor’s door read?     How about ‘The Doctor is IN, WILLING & READY!!!’  Maybe circa 1850’s women ‘waren’t gittin’ enough,’ or men were too SADDLE SORE from riding all day to BUCK SPIRITED FILLIES at night? Or circa 1850’s ladies enjoyed a higher sexual appetite compared to today’s delicate flowers? Butt enough circa 1850’s damsels in sexual distress! Back to B.K.-  cautions about too relaxed an atmosphere- Doctors & patients have Roles to Play! “Professional boundaries separate the professional therapeutic relationship from social, sexual, ROMANTIC, business or other relationships.” (Marshall et al., 2008) (The reckless abandon & fun- or ‘unprofessional conduct’ has been supposedly STRIPPED from the circa 1850’s Doctor Patient Relationships.)          B.K. argues a “quality therapeutic relationship has positive  effects on patient’s satisfaction, trust, and … (acts to) prevent criminal behaviour.”  “Coercive, protective and punitive measures have negative effect(s) …  erode therapeutic relationships, … preventing achievement of therapeutic goals.”              “Voluntary patients rate therapeutic relationships with Doctors significantly higher than involuntary patients.” (Hofer et al., 2015)                                                                                                                                           B. K. speaks about ‘when the solution is the problem’- The D. P. R. “is becoming increasingly technical and impersonal, … limited to a short visit or hospitalization … often AUTOCRATIC. A 5 to 15 minute check up ….” (Remember our story about Ms. Beauty ‘calling out’ her psychiatrist, Dr. Beebop!) “… every 6 months … DAILY EXAMINE 20- 30 PATIENTS … We     sometimes CANNOT EVEN REMEMBER WHO THE PATIENT IS!” (IS THE ‘GUY’ PLAYING THE DOCTOR’S ROLE EVEN A DOCTOR!)    Tragically,   isn’t it ALMOST ALWAYS ABOUT   $$$  TRUMPING MENTAL HEALTH CARE, DOCTORS/RESCUERS BEING ENSNARED IN SELF CENTERED ACTIVITY-  ENABLING THE TRIPLE THREAT HARM BEAT TO GO ON! IMAGINE if every Mental Health Doctor & staff ACTUALLY PUT PATIENTS FIRST, what a WONDERFUL WORLD! Should we have ANNUAL AWARDS for Doctors who his/her/’other’ patients agree, ACTUALLY PUTS PATIENTS FIRST!     May 4, 2018  by Brian Lane  P.S. My neighbor watched monsoon like winds bring down trees on power lines along a nearby country road-  electric power failure! What think you? Maybe a warning from the ‘gods of physicians’ I’m TOO HARD on foxy physicians so ‘they’s a cuttin’ my voice till I begs their pardon!….’ So, ‘HAPPY TRAILS to YOU!’     “RIDE HIGH IN THE SADDLE!” 

                                                  BUT NOT WITH YOUR DOCTOR!!                                                                                                                       Q.:   Guess  why Doctors ‘sometimes’ choose one model of therapy over others? Your kind heart answer: Because Doctors put patients first– choose the best model, $$$dollars be damned? B.K.  tells us   “the BIOLOGICAL MODEL, … THE EASIEST TO IMPLEMENT, has PREVAILED!” But when you CHOOSE to see a psychiatrist- or ‘UNREASONABLE’ people ‘ASSIST YOU to hospital for ASSESSMENT,”   you HOPE your psych. is a ‘GOOD LISTENER,’ not a ‘MAD SCIENTIST,’ right? As a VIRGIN MENTAL PATIENT PATIENT, I experienced a really               BAD FIRST DATE WITH PSYCHIATRY! I was corralled by THE ARCHETYPE SEDUCTRESS PSYCHIATRIST & GREETED BY  THE ARCHETYPE MAD SHRINK SCIENTIST- shaved head, white lab coat, ‘Welcome, Brian to our “EXPERIMENTAL LABORATORY! We’ll enjoy ‘TAKING CARE OF YOU!’  Kinda felt like Princess DIANA, Queen of Our Hearts, being seduced by ‘THE FIRM’ British Monarchy. After kissing chameleon Prince Charles, he transformed into an ugly TOAD as he was already POSSESSED by an old world lizard!  Still, THE FIRM acquired  ROYALTY into their BLOODLINE, ONE HEIR & ONE SPARE- both perfectly lovely but our fan fav. is Prince Harry- We all love you & your bride!!  You 2’s the sweetest & the best!                                              My MAD SCIENTIST “Prince Charming” bodily pounced upon me- ours was a very short but passionate courtship! I ‘kissed back’ by throwing him across the lab room! The SEDUCTRESS called the police, “BRING HIM IN or TAKE HIM OUT!” Fortunately, no one got pregnant or shot!  The moral is:  Sex with shrinks is ALWAYS BAD, TOO ROUGH- don’t even think about it- or at least not all the time!  May 11, 2018 by Brian Lane

Doc- Tell the Truth- Do You Feel My Pain?                                                                        Dr. Brian Goldman tells us EMPATHY TOWARDS PATIENTS IS ESSENTIAL: “When Doctors are less empathetic, their patients become less engaged, less trusting, don’t comply with their Doctor’s recommendations, medications, prescriptions if it is not handled to them kindly, with EMPATHY.”  Unfortunately, B. K. says, “Doctors do not significantly differ from general population in terms of personality and mental disorders.” Believe it or not, Doctors, their personalities, their  attitudes, behavior & their treatments can really suck!               B. K.  tells us, for example, “30% of patients with schizophrenia abandon their meds. 3 months after treatment,  75% in the first year after treatment. … Doctors often treat patients in a technical manner, … do not show them enough respect, do not spend enough time with them, (Hope she isn’t inviting patients to ‘TAKE A VACATION FROM MENTAL ILLNESS’ by vacationing with his/her/other psychiatrist like Bill Murray in “WHAT ABOUT BOB!?”) listening less attentively.”                                                                                              But looking back, facing seductresses, interrogators, experimentersOLD WORLD LIZARD HOSPITALITY really helps focus our mind as to what you & I NEED &want or don’t NEED & want! ‘Empathy Are Us’ Doctors would be HARMFUL to us if they fed us ILL TREATMENTS- TOSSED US ANCHORS! We SHOULD NEVER drink the deadly ‘cool-aid’ in ‘appreciation’ for our Doctor’s TRUE or ‘ACADEMY AWARD                                 PRESENTATION OF HEARTFELT EMPATHY!’  We LOVE ALL Doctors, right!? BUT MOSTLY Doctors who offer GENUINE HELP & HEALTH CARE!  Shouldn’t we be especially careful in choosing our Doctors for OUR ALL IMPORTANT LIFE SAVING RELATIONSHIPS?! The health care systems usually have it backwards- attempt to control everything & all resources- including YOU, YOUR LIFE, WHO HELPS YOU, WHAT TREATMENT YOU MAY RECEIVE …. And we don’t always get the opportunity to throw your control freak ‘mad scientist’ psychiatrist across the room if they come on too awkwardly- escape & live to CHOOSE WHO HELPS! Didn’t Simon & Garfunkel sing about ’50 Ways to Lose Your Lover?’ Maybe we sort over 50 Doctors to find Mr./ Ms. Right ABLE & WILLING TO HELP LOVE US BACK TO HEALTH! Or hit GOLD with our first handful of Healers!  May 11, 2018  by Brian Lane                                         

                  ‘Dr. Smell’s’ VICTORY!! When the ‘Solution Stinks’ to High Heaven!                             A common complaint from patients, causing them to forgo their meds., is: ‘Doctor, with all due respect, your meds. are totally sh__!‘        Breaking wind news is: Patients suffering bipolar mental illness are experimentally being enlisted to inject ‘hot stuff’ by their ‘HOT STUFF’ Psychiatrist!  Our question is: We know they think we’re ‘CRAZY’ but we’re not that ‘CRAZY’ are we? Psychiatrist: “Look- I know you’re always gettin’ the ‘sh__ty end of the stick’ but we’ve tried everything else-  feces may just be the missing piece of the puzzle for you!!    Patient: “How long have you been smoking high level THC ganja & how come psychiatrists never experiment on themselves first?” Psychiatrist: Q. 1: “Forever! I entered psychiatry to  figure out why?” “Q.2: Are you crazy- our treatments are way too risky!”  So, here’s the story & DON’T YOU DARE TRY THIS AT HOME!   SOUNDS DANGEROUS TO THE MAX! Who knows how many infections/diseases are in unscreened ‘fecal matter?!’                                                         A Toronto, Canadian researcher, Dr. Valerie Taylor, Chief of Psychiatry at Women’s College Hospital, thinks bipolar disorder may be linked to ‘gut/stomach bacteria.’ The go to approach is using ‘fecal matter’ to change gut/stomach bacteria. Current STUDIES include inflammatory bowel disorders, obesity, diabetes & autism- and now bipolar disorder. (Bipolar includes intense emotional & energy highs and lows, risky behaviour, sense of being invincible, …  I watched a friend move ‘almost in a blur’ performing tasks incredibly fast!) So, Dr. Taylor studied ‘microbiomes,’ bacteria yeast & fungi living in our digestive system helping process foods, eliminate toxins, regulate our immune system, inflammation, ….Her curiosity about ‘centenarians’ health’was sparked when she was surprised to see a few patients improve while taking antibiotics and relapse after stopping antibiotics.                                                                                                                                       You & I already know how individually, our mental & overall health is influenced by our choice of foods & drinks- also by our lack of specific vitamins & minerals, if this is the situation, …. by our level of physical & mental exercise, our activities, our emotions & general emotional state, our values, attitudes & beliefs- especially ‘subconscious,’ our relationships, our feelings about how we view ourselves, our sense of appreciation & insight, …. CTV News broke the story and reported  Australian, Jane Sullivan has been successfully treating herself for 6 months with her husband’s ‘stool samples.’ (Again, I say: Who knows how many infections/diseases may be in ‘unscreened’ fecal matter!)  Here’s the yucky story what Dr. Taylor will do to her study participants: ‘Stool samples’ from a healthy donor are implanted into the sick person’s colon, once the sick person’s ‘gut bacteria’ are flushed out. Hopefully,                                             Everything will come out smelling like ROSES!  We applaud- from a distance, Dr. Taylors’s ENTHUSIASM for getting to the BOTTOM- LEAVING NO HEALTHY STOOL ‘UNREPLANTED’ FROM ONE BUM TO ANOTHER BUM! The job stinks, the method is ‘sh__ty’ BUT DR. TAYLOR SMELLS VICTORY!! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! May 13, 2018  by Brian Lane pinching his nose

Happy Mother’s Day!  1872 !                                                                                   In 1872, New York City, Julia Howe led a “MOTHER’S DAY for PEACE anti-war observance, appealing to WOMANHOOD throughout the world! Here we are- 146 years have passed, has mankind learned anything? “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” (Pete Seeger, 1955)  “Where have all the husbands gone? Gone for soldiers everyone!  Oh, When will they ever learn?  When will they ever learn?”  In the 1960‘s,  18 year old innocents, normally enjoying California sunsurfin’ fun & beautiful, smart & spirited ‘Valley Girls,’ were scooped  up in the U.S. draftforced to kill or be killed in South East Asia. So, John Lennon, son of Julia,  father to Julian, like Julia Howe* in 1872 attempted to bring the world together to finally “GIVE PEACE (& LOVE) A CHANCE!”              But today, in 2018 Israel celebrates the opening of the U.S. Embassy- kills 59 Palestinian demonstrators, wounding 2,700+-   after recently killing 50, wounding 2,240 … the deadly toll rising to well over 500,000? buried under the flowers …. May 14, 2018  by Brian Lane                            *Today, spoke of Julia Howe to a  ‘centenarian’- “Yes, SURE I remember about Julia Howe- way ahead of her time calling for ‘womanhood’ worldwide to bring about an end to war …. (CTV News reports a Canadian Doctor, who had been providing medical treatment to Gaza protesters, WAS SHOT (yesterday) while dressed in full hospital greens, standing away from the protest area with other medical professionals but in view of Israeli sniper outposts. A paramedic who treated his gunshot wound, was subsequently killed while rescuing another victim.)  Beatle John had advertisement posters put up in 10 cities across the world- ‘You Can Have Peace’ (NOW) ‘If you want it!’ (“War Is OVER! If You Want It!”)  John quipped: “If everyone demanded PEACE!!! instead of another television set, then they’d be PEACE!” May 15, 2018 by Brian Lane

Soon Be 1848 Revisited & We’re Beyond Thoughts & Prayers! Wishing & Hoping!

Kinda Fun to TIME TRAVEL– ESCAPE, for example, from present day repeating school shootings, etc. due to inaction- “The THOUGHTS & PRAYERS of all Texans …” about the latest school shooting today- Same as what was said about the previous countless shootings!       No  ACTION, ONLY “THOUGHTS & PRAYERS ….” Why don’t we carry our “TIME’S UP!” (2017- ) MOVEMENT BACK to earlier roots, the year my previous (teetering?) homestead was built, 1848.  People were small in 1848- my doorway’s narrow and low, bathtub small like for a child, ….  But Elizabeth Stanton & about 300 like thinking suffragists, social activists, abolitionists, early women’s rights visionaries  HAD & DREAMED GRAND SOCIAL CHANGE at a 2 day ‘Convention’ (in Upper New York State)      Because it was 1848 after all &”Time’s Up!”                                             * Just as America’s Revolutionaries drew up a list of grievances to call for social action & revolutionary change, so did Elizabeth & believers! “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of (INALIENABLE) rights, it is the right of those who suffer from it to refuse allegiance to it, and to insist upon the institution of a new government ….”  Timeless idea, right? Whenever we live, wherever we live, whatever type of  governance or government is in place, OUR RIGHTS ARE INVIOLABLE, our duty is to bring them into being, to cherish, nurture & experience them individually & as a society! RISING TIDE towards INVIOLABLE HUMAN RIGHTS by & for                    ‘experiencers’ of mental illness is likewise our Divine Destiny!                                                                            IMAGINE people TODAY across the globe individually & collectively WAKING UP to his/her/other OPPRESSION & SAYING, “TIME’S UP‘- THIS ISN’T 1848!!! WE PROBABLY WONDER HOW COULD ‘TIME’S UP’ IN 1848, for example, drag out so long we imagine we are creating SOMETHING NEW we call “TIME’S UP!” in 2017! It’s really the same or similar “TIME’S UP” from HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO!!!                     A few examples from 1848 TIME’S UP: “We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men and WOMEN are created equal; … endowed with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Voting, participating in law making, property rights, retaining wages, … & other DENIED rights & freedoms;  (Seemingly total) control & other POWER abuses in the hands of  husbands; Forced obedience (by law), skewed rights imbalance, females by males; Closing higher education & occupations from women & wage disparity;  Religious & Civil general oppression- restriction women from experiencing power or holding positions of authority; Uneven/double standard moral codes; Oppressing women’s standing, self-respect, CONFIDENCE & INDEPENDENCE, …:                                                                              Looking around the world, we see too many oppressed communities, like ‘experiencers’ of  mental illness, yet to BREAK FREE FROM FORCED OPPRESSION, DISCRIMINATION & POVERTY tho’ we’ve been SHOUTING “TIME’S UP!” for hundreds & thousands of years! Is today our break-out year or 2024 or ??????????    We’re beyond ‘thoughts & prayers,’ wishin’ & hopin’!  FINALLY TAKING ACTION, TIRED FROM HOLDING OUR BREATH WAITING FOR SOMEBODY ELSE IN SOME OTHER TIME, PAST, PRESENT OR FUTURE  TO BRING ABOUT SOCIAL CHANGE & FREEDOM!! We’re beginning to be the change we seek!  May 18, 2018  by Brian Lane             *P.S. Elizabeth said: “We INSIST (women) have IMMEDIATE ADMISSION to all the rights and privileges which belong to them ….”

HIDDEN MESSAGES?                                                                                              P.S.S. Speakin’ about ‘Elizabeths,’ kinda hopin’ Queen Elizabeth, (Commonwealth Queen: Feb. 6, 1952- present), anointed Harry the “Duke of Earl” instead of “Duke of SusSEX.” Firstly, British society is too preoccupied with SusSEX, whatever kind of British SEX SusSEX is!  Secondly, whenever Harry entered a social occasion, everyone could sing Gene Chandler’s 1962 smash hit ‘do-wop’ song, “DUKE OF EARL”- duke, duke, duke, DUKE OF EARL!  duke, duke, DUKE OF EARL! duke, duke ….” – I know! Britney Spears (“Baby, One More Time!”) could come up with LESS BORING LYRICS!             Also, the Americanized spelling of Meghan is “MEGAN”- ‘CHILD of LIGHT!’ (in Persian)  Just sayin’ if Prince Harry became ‘A PRINCE of DARKNESS’ married to a ‘CHILD OF LIGHT!’, would their offspring have a ‘SPLIT PERSONALITY??’ Finally, for their marriage ceremony, why choose a foreboding/ominous song by African American ‘B. E. KING?’ Name being ‘BE KING?’  And hidden message in song’s lyrics? “When the night is come, And the land is dark, And the moon is the only light we’ll see- I won’t be afraid ….” YIKES!!  May 20, 2018  by Brian Lane


Seeing Prince Charles awaiting beaming Meghan, the wedding CHOIR should have cautioned Meghan by singing to the tune of “Stand By Me:” ‘A KNIGHT HE’S NOT!’ ‘HIS SOUL IS DARK!’ ‘A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING WE’VE SEEN!’  ‘BE VERY AFRAID- REMEMBER PRINCESS DIANA’S FATE!’ KEEP SAFE OUR HEARTS, DIANA’S DREAMS!!’             Basically, in today’s fallen world, SEEING OUR ‘LOSER LEADERS’ COMING TO TAKE OUR HAND & DELIVER US TO THE ALTER (of sacrificial lambs?)- as we pray in our ‘Garden of Gethsemane,’we should be humming: ‘Chain-chain-chain’ … Chain of Fools…!” (Don Covey) Does anyone believe our elected or non-elected ‘leaders’ are here to RESCUE us? ‘We the people’ should slap away “Chain of Fools” leadership offering to walk us AWAY FROM OUR DESTINY!  Harry- filthy wealthy! but having faced considerable challenges, successes, humiliation, and his black/white enthused, actress beloved should straight away set HUMAN RIGHTS ON FIRE across the globe! 21 empty years after Princess Diana’s bloody ‘killing,’ BLOODY TIME for the British Monarchy to be so much more than a Disney Fantasy Land!  Harry & Meghan- rise like a ANGELIC PHOENIX embracing Diana’s spirit of healing our world’s wounds, boundless love in her heart,  smile on her  glowing face! Descending from slavery, Meghan’s life destiny includes freeing human ‘rights & freedoms!’ NEVER becoming a servant nor subject,  ‘keeping up appearances,’ mocking commoners by flashing expensive fashion & excess, doing duty to “The Firm that did in Princess Diana,” being a Royal Pain in the Ass like Charles!                                                                            But is Apartheid Israel rescuing Palestinians or committing genocide? Is the WEALTH of the Catholic Church or of “The (British Monarchy) Firm” being passed out graciously to our needy?  Russian (& Israeli) leaders, among others, say our globe “is not worth continuing/will be ‘nuked’ …” should Mother Russia (or Holy Israel, …) face passing away! In 1848 America, like today, in 2018 Parkland, Florida, “We the People” look around and realize “We have to be the change we seek!!” (Ghandi) Our American President allegedly receives $30 million reasons annually for OBEYING NRA ADVICE! He receives the $CHANGE HE SEEKS. But the $CHANGE he seeks is AGAINST THE CHANGE WE NEED IN AMERICA TODAY! When our so-called leaders are BOUGHT & PAID FOR- ‘He/She/Other who pays the piper calls the tune!’ Our so-called leaders abide by the ‘GOLDEN RULE’- ‘He/She/Other who holds the GOLD, RULES!’ WE the PEOPLE are the true authors of our scripts, OUR DIVINE DESTINIES! Who or what is our excuse for not changing ourselves, our world NOW?!                                                                               Johnny/Sue/Other: What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you want to be an actor? No, We want to be mentally ill! Yes! Wouldn’t you be happier- have more fun being a teacher or a scientist …. No we want to grow up to be mentally ill like our American Pres., like the Russian Pres., …. Not suffer silently like 99.99% people challenged by mental illness.-Instead do dangerous, wild, reckless, stupid, unpredictable stuff like our ‘leaders’ in today’s world!…!                                                                                          WE CHOOSE TO become  rescuers,  agents for change- we accept we need to discover how to undo our mental illness because it’s really BECOMING a DRAG! But really, we have a date with DESTINY- which includes regaining our mental health! How long are we going to allow EXTERNAL INSULTS/ASSAULTS- gun or other violence, bullying, harassment, Sweinkenstein vampire abuses of power, threats, fear, shame, intimidation, low self esteem, bad lifestyle & health habits to bleed us dry?! Same for INTERNAL INSULTS/ASSAULTS! WE are called patients because we are expected to patiently suffer in silence! ‘Time’s Up!’ on ‘suffering in silence’ or patiently waiting to be rescued! We WERE BORN TO BE HEALTHY- Let’s show the world rescuers of mental illness IN ACTION! We’re on a not so secret ‘MISSION POSSIBLE’- Caution ‘RESCUING OUR MENTAL HEALTH AHEAD!’  May 25, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The ABCs of LOVE! or “JUST AN IDIOT!” DEFENSE STRATEGIES                                     Q.:  How can a t.v. show achieve 25 million applauding viewers on March 27, 2018- yet be canceled two months later on May 29?! A#1: ABC ‘BARS’ the ROSEANNE STAR on account she’s seemingly living on ‘The PLANET OF THE HATES!’   But BARR BARKS BACK: “I’M NO RACIST, JUST AN IDIOT!” Should America create a NEW AMENDMENT, “THE ROSANNE,” ENSHRINING THE RIGHTS OF “JUST AN IDIOT!” to utter (or tweet) disgraceful ideas? ‘Stormy Donald’ is still waiting for his call of apology from ABC- “DOUBLE STANDARD!!” “Just a bunch of  ABC Defenseless stultus latine R US! Roseanne also calls on the ‘EVE IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN APOLOGY DEFLECTION’- “The serpent made me do IT!” Or, Roseanne suggests she had an ‘AMBIEN MOMENT!’ Drug companies may quip “SIDE EFFECTS OF OUR MEDS. DO not INCLUDE ‘BECOMING A RACIST!'” But Roseanne is a damn SMART IDIOT!!   Side effects of AMBIEN (Zolpidem) include: “… abnormal thoughts or behaviors, outgoing or aggressive … confusion, agitation, hallucinations, depression, …performing activities that you are not (fully) aware you are doing, such as driving, sleep walking, preparing & eating food, making phone calls, or having SEX …” (from Everydayhealth.com, for example) (OR may we add ‘TWEETING’ “JUST AN IDIOT!” insults?) And we all know how badly alcohol inflames bad side effects of meds.                                         Roseanne, great excuses but just HELP OUT! Somebody, Something- Our Universe LOVES HELPERS! Build INCLUSIVE SOCIETIES- ‘peace n’ LOVE!  non-violence- letting go anger, prejudice, hurtful gossip … If we wouldn’t say it ‘face to face,’                                  WHY EVER SAY IT (tweet it) OR EVEN THINK IT!”                                    Yes, Roseanne- We should be compassionate towards ourselves facing mental health challenges & illness.  WE CAME HERE TO DRAIN THE SWAMP, to RECREATE A GARDEN IN EDEN- BUT NOW WE FIND OURSELVES UP TO OUR ASS IN “I’m really not like that, …” TWEETY SWEETY I AM? “Don’t Blame Me! I’m NOT a hater! Just an IDIOT!”  P.S. In Toronto, a self described ‘Black Lives Matter! Activist’ just addressed the (black) Police Chief with a post slave era cruel abusive term- White or Black-                           WHY EVER SAY IT (tweet it) OR EVEN THINK IT! May 31, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                               Thankfully for bubble brained Roseanne, ‘REFORMED REPENTER!’,  we’ll come up with a show of compassion to save your SORRY ASS! Roseanne,  did you go to school  in California & see THE BEACH BOYS pull up in their convertible checking out beautiful ‘Valley Girls,’ singing harmoniously their happy song, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice!” To live together in the kind of world where WE (ALL) BELONG …?” No? Your life wasn’t picture perfect? Lights! Action! Camera Ready? And … SHOW Roseanne COMPASSION! You were born in Salt Lake City, 1952,  a high school drop out at 17 when you first gave birth, spent a bit less than a year as a MENTAL PATIENT- nightmares, memory loss, car crash …, & worked as a waitress & dishwasher until you became a comedian performing first at your restaurant? Apparently, still a ‘mental patient’today- Not your fault!  But a RACIST- NOT O.K.!  We’ll help you begin to live in an updated 2018 BEACH BOYS world, “in the kind of world where WE (ALL) BELONG,” a BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW OF CULTURES, COLORS, ORIENTATIONS & DIVERSITY …!                                                                                                                                                                                Because you are Jewish, YOUR THERAPY consists of DOING CHARITY & JUSTICE- desirable to God as opposed to sacrifice.  Jewish law demands you restore your now destroyed reputation. Roseanne- you’ll HAPPILY OFFER ALL YOUR NEXT SEASON’S SALARY &  PROFITS for appropriate black/African American charitable & justice efforts! You’ll admit to being a ‘Previous Racist’ but NOW a ‘Reformed Anti- Racist Repenter!’ A WIN-WIN-WIN outcome for America- especially black/African Americans! You publicly renounce RACISM-  being an influential widely known entertainer! The t.v./entertainment industry  acquiring a restored leading actress to present to the world in a Roseanne spirited by a NEW CONSCIENCE & EXCITEMENT!     And WE ALL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER …!  Amen!   June 1, 2018  by Brian Lane

ABC- Hope your not DEAF!                                                                              How COOL is a policy & practice of REDEMPTION ‘Donation’ Dollars!  Penalty Donation $$$ Benchmarks/Templates for ACTORS/STARS/’OTHERS’ in Hollywood’s jungle spouting intolerance/hate speech! Previously offended scapegoated communities would Financially BENEFIT FROM INTOLERANT RANTS!!! Current practices, ‘firing/banishing foul mouthed stars & actors only ADDS FUEL TO THE FIRE- ANGER against scapegoated communities increases as they are invariably indirectly or subconsciously BLAMED for cancelling a ‘great show’ or deep-sixing a beloved, enjoyed actor based on a  ‘one off’ comment, “Roseanne,” for example!  Isn’t everybody losers- instead of being WINNERS by not allowing Redemption & especially REDEMPTION ‘Donation’ Dollars! (We see S. G. recites her ABC’s party line script- “Oh, ABC was justified because  “Roseanne was always about diversity, love & inclusion.”) but APPARENTLY SOMEHOW NOT towards the ‘drugged & heavily side a/effected? CREATOR OF THE DAMNED SHOW!!!! All we’re saying ABC- if you really care about people’s feelings & happiness, GIVE LOVE- & BIG LOSER/BIG WINNER R STAR A CHANCE!  & $$$ REDEMPTION DONATION DOLLARS FLOWING INTO SCAPEGOATED COMMUNITIES!!!        June 5, 2018  by Brian Lane

                                          HAPPY in the EYES of a HURRICANE                                                                          Our beloved President ‘Donald Ducked the Draft 4 times!’- education commitments & substandard physical condition.  But incredibly 50 years later, HE’S A HURRICANE IN MOTION! He is beginning a WORLD TRADE WAR employing the argument Canada & the European Union, for example, are suddenly a threat to U. S. ‘National Security!’ Deeply insulted teary eyed? Canadian P. M. Trudeau calls out his Neighbor, ‘Please tell me why Stormy? What have we done?’ ‘Well, for starters, YOUR PEOPLE BURNED DOWN the White House, the Capitol & nearly every other public building in Washington on Aug. 24th!’ ‘But in 1814, during the British- U. S. War of 1812!’ Once a threat, always a threat! (The British North American Act established  the Dominion of Canada in 1867.)                                                                                                                                         BRANDING STICK on anyone DECLARED ‘MENTALLY ILL’- WHY IS THERE NEVER A LIMITATION PERIOD- LABEL expiry date? IF quality mental health services ACTUALLY EXISTED beyond token health care prevention & treatment services!  BRANDED, STEREOTYPED & STIGMATIZED by HOLLYWOOD & MASS MEDIA, SCAPEGOATED BY POLITICIANS …?   Who Wants That Kind of ‘CARE!?’  An especially IRKING experience in mental illness is being STEREOTYPED & STIGMATIZED- facing SOCIETY’S HATEFUL HURRICANE or SECRETLY HIDING IN QUIET DESPERATION like seemingly ‘successful STARS’ who ‘HAVE IT ALL’ but END IT ALL SUDDENLY ….  INTERNAL HURRICANE WINDS & STORMS OF HIGH ANXIETY, FEARFULNESS, LONELINESS, LOSS, EMPTINESS, SADNESS, …. We pay attention to WEATHER PATTERNS- SUNNY or STORMY CONDITIONS but not enough to PERSONAL & SOCIETY’S EMOTIONAL PATTERNS & CONDITIONS!  Our family, friends, caring neighbors & community, government services, Churches/ spiritual advisers,  INSPIRE US BACK TO LIFE! AWAY FROM TRAGIC EMOTIONAL STATES! HELP US RISE TO VICTORY !                                                                                                                     Burned out PSYCHIATRISTS vs. lightly trained young, newly graduated EAGER BEAVER, ON FIRE & AVAILABLE Family Docs, who to choose? Who is able to BLAST our afflicted FROM THE DEPTHS OF MENTAL ILLNESS, families wonder? But you know how the story ends if you choose youthful optimism: AS Virgin young Docs develop their ‘Patient Practice,’ they say: ‘Treating mentally ill patients IS DEMANDING-  INVOLVES REAL, HARD THINKING & EMOTIONAL WORK FIGHTING  VERY DIFFICULT ILLNESSES, CONSUMING MY VALUABLE TIME BUT RETURNING SUBSTANTIALLY LESS PAY than simply flying over dozens of SIMPLE Patients & their EASY needs …. Should I take the GODLY HIGH ROAD- continue to ‘BUST MY ASS’ on my mental patients? Or instead, DANCE my way to $$$RICHES on EASY STREET treating relatively healthy Patients returning high $$$ for my valuable time & worldly desires!!                                                                                                                                                                   If your personal ‘mental health weather report’ shows internal or external hurricane winds & storms of high anxiety, fearfulness, loneliness, loss, emptiness, sadness, … BE THANKFUL! YES- OUR INFORMATION/FEEDBACK is here to enlighten us, not discourage us! Yes- emotional information may be uncomfortable but helps guide us to seek solutions….  But we hope for game winning outcomes-‘ALL SUNNY SKIES, peace n’ love from & for everybody IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE!’ BRAVELY ACCEPT OUR PERSONAL MENTAL HEALTH WEATHER REPORT- SEE IT’S SIMPLY A short or longer PASSING STORM. A PASSING STORM! We need to begin to find & live in the CALM & PEACEFUL ‘EYE OF THE STORM!’ Between bouts of hurricane force winds! See everything active & swirling about beyond us,  in our emotions, in our mental illness, afflicting our physical body, …. In our stormy fallen world affairs from Hollywood’s ‘Roseanne,’ to Sweinkenstein predators sexually assaulting Rose McGowans to politics ….- Stormy Crisis Creators- Pres. Trump dissing America’s Best Friends, allying among Dark Arts Masters, …. Facing off against ‘1984’ TOTAL CONTROL China as Russia’s Vlad the Impaler eyes annexing Crimea, Ukraine, … Puppet Mastering elections. China- infiltrating, hacking & stealing America BLIND!  (But ‘Stormy Donald’- like Rome’s Emperor Caligula, sees Canada as a ‘Threat to U. S. National Security?’ R.C.M.P. riding horseback towards Washington and beyond, bringing dozens of Canadian beavers to chew up & take down Civil War monuments, undermine the EMPIRE? … ‘Enemies’ within & without dragging down America’s Greatness Momentum, damning up America’s prosperity?)                                                           We are called PATIENTS because we have to be PATIENT- learning BY INSIGHT& EXPERIENCE- P.H.D. in the school of ‘HARD KNOCKS!’ BUT HOW TO STEP BACK from the ‘eye wall’  of the Storm into our CALM CENTER. You & I will find our way back where we belong. ( Of course, once we find our way into our CALM CENTER, we or dark, ill forces will be asking- But it’s NOT NORMAL! ALMOST TOO calm & peaceful! Avoid any worldly evil attempting to stir up a cauldron again- like our worldly economic & political Caligula Crisis Creators? If we fall back into old bad vibes & experiences, we’ll quickly remember- ‘Oh right! Not too fun living out in the ‘eye wall’ of the storm,  experiencing unpredictable, high swirling emotional winds, storms, tossed an’ turned, dog eat dog living, not experiencing reality, ….     June 8, 2018  by Brian Lane

SPLIT PERSONALITY PRESIDENT?                                                                                 See Sparkly Eyes U. S. Pres. Darling Donald’  pour his CHARM onto his new beloved N. K.s ‘Ding Dong?’ You barely heard his ‘WORDS of LOVE’ avec plus beaux poemes d’amour romantique -Buddy Holly’s song probably playing sweetly in the background setting a romantic atmosphere for LOVE to BLOSSOM in romantique Singapore! ‘Oh la la! Dingy- Je t’aime!’ cries Darling Donald! as Dingy swoons feeling Donald’s gentle but ‘J’ai besion de toi/I need you!’ hungry grasp on his arm! Come with me! Donald’s eyes so focused on Dingy! How quickly Donald, pointing insistently to the door, ordered the  press out! (Did you see Dingy blush as laser eyes Donald stared?)  After months of passionate love & hate back & forth- “…Totally destroy N. K.-  Little rocket man!” “… MY Nuclear BUTTON is much BIGGER & MORE POWERFUL”  versus  “Mentally deranged U. S. dotard!” FINALLY- ALL SMILES TOGETHER! HOLDING HANDS, touching each other tenderly! “Excitement in the air!” Donald’s WORDS of SEDUCTION/encouragement & LOVE? My guess is Donald was showering- utterly DRENCHING! ‘Little Rocket Man’ in promises of Wealth, Recognition, World Wide Fame & Honors BEYOND IMAGINATION in return for giving up nuclear & other warfare weapons of mass destruction! Mentoring N.K. into our modern world? Is Pres. Trump redefining effective diplomacy towards world peace?                    Basketball!! Dingy was & is OBSESSED with Basketball! N.B.A. seasons tickets! Meet & greet with ALL THE BIGGEST & BEST STAR PLAYERS!*        (Part ownership of an N.B.A. franchise?!) ‘MOST HONORED GUEST’ sitting together with U. S. Pres. Donald at basketball/sports & international events? Attending summits with all SUPREME elected heads of state/dictators/autocrats, REIGNING like ‘gods’ over masses of adoring, obedient subjects? ‘WEAK LOSERS’ like Canadian P. M. Justin Trudeau DARE NOT have the audacity to challenge Pres. Trump’s Manifest Destiny RIGHT to Rule the World- HIS ROYAL DECREES & DECISIONS BEING BEYOND CRITICISM! (After all, this is what ALL autocratic, anti-democratic Emperor demigods would do!) June 12, 2018  by Brian Lane  P.S. Stay tuned for merchandise trade winds: ‘Darling Donald & Dingy Dolls’ …. T.V. Specials– The ‘NEW 3 AMIGOS! ‘Putin, Dingy & Donald DO CHINA!’ *Former N.B.A. Star & Dingy’s good buddy, Dennis Rodman, arrived in Singapore just prior to the ‘LOVEBUDS’ meeting & “weeps with joy!”                                                                                                             

 Pres. DON JUAN Donald drinks Dingy’s cool-aid!     U. S. wakes up to a bad hangover!                                    N. K. celebrates Ding Dong’s “Art of the Deal!”            What Dingy got:       1. A sociopath & psychopath killer of his ‘own people, ENDORSED & CELEBRATED BY DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED- o.k. Russia helped? FREE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL LEADER! Pres. Trump also says N. K. POSES NO NUCLEAR THREAT!          Holding hands, touching affectionately, ever “DEEPENING FRIENDLY FEELINGS” as claimed by both Pres. Trump &N. K., ‘walking together after lunch, ….’     2.  Don Juan Donald agrees to end ALL WAR GAMES held with South Korea in the region-  purposed to defend & protect S. K., Japan, etc.. The trumpet sounds triumphantly- “We save a fortune by not doing war games, as long as we are negotiating in “good faith”- which both sides are!”    3.  Marketing Mentor Donald produces a PROPAGANDA VIDEO  of N. K.’s ‘GOLDEN FUTURE’- HAPPINESS & PROSPERITY! Dingy waving to an ADORING CROWD! Pres. Trump AT HIS SIDE (appearing as EQUAL PARTNERS) giving the “THUMBS UP” sign like a Roman demigod! “I think he LOVED THE VIDEO!” (Pres. Trump chirped!)   4. Dingy & N. K. celebrate Pres. Trump ‘AGREEING TO LIFT SANCTIONS(?)’ which had been suffocating N. K.s economy …. (In the President’s defense, he’s abandoning ‘the stick in favor of truckloads of carrots’- a sensible redirection or ‘hail Mary, blind football game toss?)                                           5.  Denuclearize MY ASS!!! N. K. agreeing to “COMPLETE DENUCLEARIZATION BUT No Details- How? When? Where? What? Verification? ….     N. K. HAS PLEDGED TO DENUCLEARIZE SINCE 1992! Instead, N. K. pulled out of non-proliferation agreements, built a nuclear fuel cycle, holds about 60 nukes, has various short & long range missiles: able to nuke Seoul or San Francisco, …!  6. No possibility knowing where & what weapons of mass destruction are being produced & hidden- biological, chemical- plagues, small pox, anthrax, bubonic, ….  7. N. K. has one of the world’s largest standing army- over 1 million + 1 million reservists & paramilitary, ….) 8. Simultaneously, Pres. Trump kicks CANADIANS- especially P. M. Trudeau as well as further alienating G-6 Friendly Nations- you know,  REAL Best Friends & U. S. ALLIES! Pres. Trump’s gonna PUNISH ALL CANADIANS HARSHLY because Justin said ‘he wasn’t going to let Donald push him around!’ Cow paddy trade adviser Navarro actually called Canada a clear & present danger? Huh? Dingy & N. K. are Donald’s ‘LOVE CONNECTION?’ CANADA IS UNDER ATTACK? THE U. S.’s TOP EXPORT MARKET, CANADA BUYS MORE THAN 340 $$$BILLION IN AMERICAN GOODS & SERVICES! THE U. S. ENJOYS AN OVERALL 8.4 BILLION SURPLUS WITH CANADA!  As an ecstatic N. K. celebrates WINNING ‘ART OF THE DEAL!’ over dumb-ass Donald? How can we expect to grow up Mentally Healthy in America when beloved ‘fearless leader’ Donald just might be “A Mentally Deranged U. S. Dotard” as described by NEW BEST FRIEND, mass murderer of his own people, ‘Little Art of the Deal Winner Rocket Man!’     June 13, 2018  by Brian Lane

                                       Cartoon Anti Hero Losers We LOVE or LOVE to HATE:                                 Godzilla the Dragon (I. Honda) vs. Donald ‘Sinking Ship’ Titanic Trump: 1 . Both cartoon characters act out of Rage & Self Preservation…. 2. Both characters display Hysterical Strength…. 3. Both characters act as metaphors for Nuclear Weapons & the U. S. ….        4. Both characters appear to critics bent on CREATING ABSOLUTE DESTRUCTION & CHAOS, consequently engendering the total REBUILDING of EVERYTHING- We ONLY HOPE?????!!!!  5. Both cartoon characters appear to lack a moral compass, a conscience- ready to BREATHE FIRE ON THE INNOCENT ‘GOOD,’ CONSUMMATING  ‘UNHOLY’ ALLIANCES & OVERLOOKING BLATANT DEMONIC ‘EVILS’….                                                          Our cartoon character Crisis Creators calls illegal immigrants an ‘INFESTATION!’ (Rise of extremist world wide nationalism?) U.S. Immigration erects BABY INTERNMENT CAMPS in Texas, for example. Agents from ‘hello!’ YANK BABIES, TODDLERS, YOUNG CHILDREN from their Mothers’ breasts & Parent’s ARMS & PUT THEM IN CAGES LIKE ANIMALS!  11,500 children now in cages?    30,000 anticipated by summer’s end according to a Health & Human Services Administrator! Colleen Kraft, representing the American Academy of Pediatrics reportedly visited Baby/Infant/Young Children ‘INTERNMENT CAMPS’/CAGES, … but was ‘NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH, PICK UP OR HOLD CRYING CHILDREN NO MATTER HOW DISTRAUGHT THEY MAY BE.’ 

                                                  Turned On by Torture & Power?                                                                               6. Both Crisis Creators are obsessed, awakened, completely ‘TURNED ON’ by incredible displays of POWER- Godzilla by nuclear radiation, Titanic Trump: “My Nuclear Button is BIGGER & MORE POWERFUL!” ….By belittling everyone around him he finds annoying or dares to challenge his supposed ‘Supreme Authority’as “weak losers” while  REIGNING PRAISE on ‘Little Rocket Man, for example-‘ “SPEAKS AND HIS PEOPLE SIT UP AT ATTENTION. I WANT MY PEOPLE TO DO THE SAME…. I GAVE HIM CREDIBILITY! I THINK IT’S GREAT TO GIVE HIM CREDIBILITY…. WE HAVE A GREAT CHEMISTRY TOGETHER!” A star crossed love affair?                                    But a news Reporter asks: “How can Kim love ‘HIS PEOPLE’ if he’s killing them?????? Pres. Trump eagerly agrees to Kim’s request to STOP THE “WAR GAMES.” (Joint military exercises with South Korea….) N.K. fired an ICBM last year on July 4th travelling over the northern Japanese Island of Hokkaido- Chief Cabinet Secretary Y. Suga called this dangerous insult, an “UNPRECEDENTED GRAVE THREAT!” Because Japan behaved so badly to Korea in war, N.K. never forgives nor forgets.                                             “These U.S. border images are eerily reminiscent of the JAPANESE-AMERICAN INTERNMENT CAMPS of WW II, now considered to have been one the MOST SHAMEFUL EPISODES IN U. S. HISTORY!” (Laura Bush) “We need to be a country that follows laws BUT GOVERNS WITH HEART!” (Melania)  “I visited Thailand and witnessed first hand the trauma of parents separated … The practice and policy today of removing children from their parents’ care at our border with Mexico IS DISGRACEFUL AND A SHAME TO OUR COUNTRY!” (Rosalynn Cater) BLASPHEMY? Jesus did NOT say: “Let the children suffer.” (Hillary Clinton) “We should be a better country than one that tears families apart and treats frightened children as a means to a political end.” “Every parent who has ever held a child in their arms, every human being with a sense of compassion and decency, should be outraged!” (Hillary) (Do Crisis Creators cartoon characters a la Godzilla characteristics view Compassion & Decency as “WEAKNESS” by ‘Losers?’ ) “The test of any nation is how we treat the most vulnerable among us.” (Hillary) 2 cartoon Anti Heroes WE LOVE or LOVE TO HATE!    June 19, 2018  by Brian Lane

Slovenian ‘IMMIGRANT’* Melanija  unpuzzled!?                                                      *clue # 1 Didn’t get her ‘GREEN CARD’ until 2001? clue # 2 Allegedly came to U. S. on a TOURIST VISA but then WORKED as a PROFESSIONAL MODEL- an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT?? clue # 3 (I) “hate to see CHILDREN SEPARATED from their families AT BORDERS!” * clue # 4 “Hopes to see both sides of the aisle finally come together to ACHIEVE SUCCESSFUL IMMIGRATION REFORM!” clue #5 “We need to be a country that follows laws (ACHIEVES SUCCESSFUL REFORM) BUT GOVERNS WITH HEART!” clue # 6 Publicly unannounced, hastily planned trip to get a ‘first hand’ look AT THE CRISIS!  clue  # 7 She’s a ‘P.H.D.’ fashion model wearing ONLY ONE PIECE ON DISPLAY- a cheap coat BUT THE BULL’S EYE FASHION STATEMENT IS: “I REALLY Don’T CARE- Do U?” How do we interpret Malanija?                                                                                         She is an immigrant; was an illegal immigrant? until she got her green card in 2001?;  sees current (Donald & The Presidential Firm) immigration policy & practices as  ‘total bullsh__!’ traumatizing babies, toddlers & children, tearing apart families while Dems. & Repubs. squabble like spoiled brats! She sees AN UNNECESSARY CRISIS (c/o our U.S. Crisis Creator!)  failing  international MORAL STANDING, U. S.- A BEACON OF LIGHT!   “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free …    Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed, to me! I LIFT MY LAMP   BESIDE THE GOLDEN DOOR!” Wake Up America! Slovenian immigrant Melanija MODELLING IMMIGRATION SUCCESS- in flesh & blood! She despises how mainstream media shallowly portrays her ‘fashion sense,’ speculates about her ‘true motives,’ how media questions her character & relationships, ….      June 21, 2018  by Brian Lane   * No (German descent) American President, Grandfather kicked out BY his ‘VATERLAND’- ACCEPTED & $$$PROSPERED IN AMERICA, has worker harder chasing down alleged ‘ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT,’  Slovenian sweetheart Melanija, FOR MARRIAGE & CHILDREN! A SHINING TESTAMENT by America’s Crisis Creator, AMERICA NEEDS MORE, not fewer ‘ILLEGALS’ LIKE Melanija!!!

‘CRAZY’ no longer NEWS- Have a GAY OL’ TIME!                                        World Health Organization says being “trans(gender)” is no longer a “mental disorder!” Isn’t biggest & best LBGTQ? Annual Pride Parade in North America happening on Sunday, June 24th (2 p.m. beginning at Church & Bloor) in Toronto, Canada?              Friday 8 p. m. Trans Pride March;  Sat. 8:30a.m.- 5Km run;    11 a.m.’Dyke Rally’- 2 p.m. ‘Dyke March’ & post ‘March’ political Rally at Allan Gardens, ….     ‘WILD & CRAZY’ LBGTQ? celebrations won’t ring your bell? What about a “Luminato Festival” in theaters, parks & public spaces or a  Jazz Festival. Communities across our planet host low cost or no cost week-end entertainment especially during ‘blue sky, outdoor friendly weather seasons!’ Socialize, fun in the sun! An Alien Cosmic Expo Event & vendors pushin’ silly insane gadgets! Still,  always a  laugh for my brother! “HUMAN- Take us to your LEADER- and we ALIENS don’t mean ‘Crisis Creator’ or amigos, ‘Vlad- so sad!’ or ‘Little Rocket Man!’)     Stanton Friedman, Linda Moulton Howe, …. with scary tales about aliens, Government cover-ups, ‘black ops.’- ‘MEN IN BLACK!’  ‘Trans’ ALIENS in glossy black high heels lookin’ ‘ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS DARLING!!’                P.S.S. Occasionally, I awaken sensing I am RISING UP or BEING LIFTED UP from my bed- I strongly resist- ‘DON’T WANT TO GO! I’M STAYING- LOVE IT HERE!’ (Who are my abductors & is life after being ‘stolen’ fun or boring!??) A ‘Ms. Kathleen Marden’ is presenting on “How to RESIST an ‘alien’ abduction….”   Enjoy  wonderful week-ends unfolding YOUR LOVE INTO OUR WORLD!  June 22,  2018  by Brian

University of Intolerance?

New University of Toronto, Canada mental illness mandatory removal/leave of absence policy:       Rogue, mean spirited? In “The Varsity,” Adrian Huntelar wisely expressed concern about: “Sweeping university admin. powers (to appoint & enable virtually anyone with some or NO QUALIFICATIONS nor UNDERSTANDING OF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES) with few accountability mechanisms & little student input” to place students unilaterally on ‘MANDATORY LEAVE’ ….    Policy proponents have P.H.D.s in STUPIDITY- with a minor in DISCRIMINATION! Any student facing fearfulness, sadness, anxiety, body issues/shame, depression, low self esteem, cutting, low motivation, … looking or acting differently from the ‘NORM‘- common university student behaviors & issues, could be targeted by unqualified, discriminatory admin.. So the Provincial Human Rights Commission flipped out- the University looking ‘OLD SCHOOL’- Neanderthals!  Focus redirected to students perceived to be a ‘threat;’ one health care trained admin. had to be involved-     “Suzi- You’s CRAZY Girl! We’s draggin’ yo butt out to the street!” NICE- our ‘health care PROVIDER’ signing the paper- “Yeh-kick her ass outa here!” “So’s shes losing housing, university health & social services, social supports & activities, financial help, … accommodations the University could have offered BUT DIDN’T!  SHE’S EFFECTIVELY BRANDED! Wonderful enlightened University-NOT!!! Who’s gonna divulge any mental health issues or concerns at Canada’s U. of T.- University of InTOLERANCE! June 27, 2018  by Brian Lane

U.S. Courting Supreme Intolerance?                                                                                                    1. Pres. Crisis Creator poised to select a SECOND SUPREME COURT JUDGE CREATING A TrumpTOPIAN VOTING BLOCK! Trump  is the first Republican President enabled to have his Judicial Nominees confirmed by a simple majority vote- achieving RECORD BREAKING APPOINTMENTS of young, highly CONSERVATIVE (appellate) Judges!  2. Mutual Admiration Society Members Trump & Putin set to meet together in Hel  in sin  enjoying ki– (asylum protection ….)  ‘Helsinki’ ( Conspiracy theorists ALERT! A coincidence or  ‘demonic messaging?) 

                    Turning from wild political animals & beasts to more civilized life,        Doe is forever making passes at Buck: Every year- song’s the same! Hot an’ heavy passionate love making next yard over’Could you two acting like a couple of WILD ANIMALS PLEASE keep it DOWN?!’ I ask. Buck and Doe sittin’ under my tree-  K-I-S-S    I-N-G!      First comes LOVE!  Then comes MARRIAGE! Then comes 2 BAMBIS in the BABY Carriage!       ALWAYS GORGEOUS, DARLINGS-  BEST Mommy in the World! Bambi children want to stay at Mom’s side but before a year’s up, she tells them: “TIME’S UP!” INDEPENDENCE from MOMMY!   June 29, 2018  by Brian Lane

Update- Boo-Hoo! Children Grow Up So Fast  & Leave Us All Alone!                                                           Every September, I have to sadly say good-bye to so-so sweet, delightful Bambi twins- Boo- hoo!    Mommy motions good-bye to me & slowly leads her  beloved youngsters from her  SAFE nursery ( my yard & nearby field) into the Real NOT SO SAFE World- We all hope the Bambi twins learn their life lessons well to stay clear of  wily coyotes & BAD BRAINED, trigger happy humans, right?!    Oct. 19, 2018  by I really miss having them around! I bet you would too!  Brian Lane

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(But my wild, playful side also toys with double meanings- ‘truth LIES within us’- Sad Story Pope Francis et al. face in the Catholic Church- TOO MANY Priests living a lie, turning the Catholic Church’s BLESSED LOVE for CHILDREN/for ‘our little ones’ as Pope Francis says, into a lie within the Church- so sad!; Jackson B. raises his/our? issues about “seeking approval from others deeply rooted in me. In time, hope to gain confidence;” Margarito S. “desires reading more m.h.r.f. posts, … to help her plan for the future & be happy!” ‘Beals’  says “Definitely enjoy studying your posts- Helps me in planning my future!” Margene F. raises big elephant needing discussion-‘body issues’ affecting our mental health’     (Or are our mental health issues behind so many ‘body issues?’- ‘body control,’ weight gain-loss teeter totter, …. Are we happy with our body/appearance/activities? Preoccupied? How did we arrive at our body image & issues? Is our body image normal, natural, real & reasonable? Our own intelligent, healthy body image ideas or actually unhealthy? issues implanted into us, weakening our confidence, turning us puppets …? How is our mental health, financial picture & lifestyle, … affected?; Old Religious/Puritan views on ‘Obedience’ vs. Bodily Sensory Pleasures– ‘Pleasures of the Flesh’- ‘OMG- I so like it, Dear!’                         Are we FREE                     TO BE OUR SMILING ,BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL, HONEST, REAL SELVES?)                            Bosio generously adds “I take pleasure in reading posts that can make people think! 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Thank you for incredible posts- all round exciting!  Please do keep up this awesome blog!”          Please see YOUR additional comments for ‘ABOUT TIME WE JUMPED ON LIFE’S DANCE FLOOR!’  at bottom of ‘THE SEDUCTION …’ topic heading in mentalhealthrightsforum.com & also new posts, comments under  ‘The Swimmer and The Rescuer’ topic heading in mentalhealthrightsforum.com

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