THE SWIMMER AND THE RESCUER Together MeUsCan-Do! Together- We’ll Create Our ‘YOU TOO!’ Movement- “TIME to ACT!” We Are CHALLENGED Until CHANGE BECOMES U.S.!!! LET’S JUST DO IT!!! June 11- 1776- June 11, 1963 (JFK) -June 11, 2020 or Why Hurry- Only been 244 years Violating what should be Inviolable? Please see latest post- Feb. 24, 2021 click on 4th of 5 sidebar Heading: BEING HEALTHY- LOVING LIFE- Mental Health SUCCESSES & NIGHTMARES Please see earlier posts especially 2019 up to Feb. 17, 2021 below under THE SWIMMER AND THE RESCUER! Bellicose & Bedlam in ‘OLD NORMAL’ NUTTY AMERICA- Pres. Goes ROGUE, Hair Brained Stars Zany Alyssa Milano, Ga Ga #Free Britney Spears! Escaping the ‘Beaver Fever!!!’ Oct. 1, 2020*****STARS SPELLBINDING PERFORMANCES!!! Oct.8, ’20 OUTLAWS & HERETICS- CRY ME A RIVER!!! Oct. 21, 2020 Oct. 15, 1517- 2020 ‘In God We Trust’ **Saviors, Outlaws, Heretics & Halloween Tales of Terror!!! Oct.21, 2020 **LIGHTENING UP OUR LIVES- ALWAYS ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIPS Oct. 29 20/20 ******NATURE vs. NURTURE- From JUNGLES of GOMBI to SWAMPS in WASHINGTON- BONZOS BIDENS vs. SCANDALOUS TRUMPS MONKEY BUSINESS!!! Nov.5, 20/20 *** CONSCIOUSNESS BREAKTHROUGHS!!! vs. We R All Britney Spears- High Functioning “CONSERVATEES”- Beating COVID & OLD NORMAL War & POLITICS??? Nov. 11, 2020 SHOW of FORCE- Who’s Running Our Lives, Our World?!! Nov. 18, 2020 ***SHOW of FORCE II- OUR HAPPY SEASON & VACCINE Rollout but The POLITICAL ASSASSINATION of U.S. PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! Nov. 25, 2020 ***1900 Sounds of LAUGHTER, JINGLE BELLS vs. 2020 Big PharmaGATE & Sounds of SILENCING FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY!!! Dec. 2, 2020 ***’Still THE ONE I LOVE’/Je t’aime Encore vs. Political PANDEMIC STEALING Our Rights & Freedoms? Dec. 9, 2020 ***CRUISE MISSILE ATTACK- PEACE-HOPE-LOVE-JOY! Hit U.S. With YOUR BEST SHOT!!! Dec. 16, ’20 ***Becoming UNSCROOGED-In the SPIRIT of CELEBRATION- Family Gathering, Festival of Lights, SANTA & CHRISTMAS- LET’S DOIT! Dec. 23, 2020+++ updates- FORGET HOLLYWOOD- We’re LIVING REAL SUPERHERO EARTH SURVIVAL BATTLES!!! Dec. 30, 2020 ***Our Apocalypse- Year 2-Significance of Jan. 6, 2021 YOU’RE STILL THE ONES WE LOOVE!!! Jan. 6, 2021 ***BY LOVE, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE- But be ready to beam us all up!!! Jan. 13, 2021 ***BITTER ENDING butt BETTER DAYS AHEAD for U.S.ALL- God Bless US EVERYONE!!! Jan. 20, 2021 YES- Even INDEPENDENT WARRIORS like $$$successful Britney Spears Need Breakdown Help- Not Harm Jan. 26, 2021 ***FACING AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE WITH OUR CONFIDENCE INTACT!!! Feb. 3, 2021 ***HEY JOE- WhereYouGoingWithThat PEN IN YOUR HAND? WE R ALL CELEBRATING AFRICAN- ‘A.A.’ History Month Feb. 10, 2021 ***”BRING PEOPLE JOY!!!” “You’ve Got to SPEAK OUT AGAINST the MADNESS!!!” Feb. 17, 2021 Let’s Get Physically REAL Everyone! Please- Please!!! SMILE on the INSIDE & OUTSIDE- And YOUR WORLD WILL SMILE BACK!!! = OUR HAPPY, BETTER BEAUTIFUL WORLD! ALWAYS LOVE- LOVE ALL WAYS!!! TOGETHER- We’ll Create Our ‘YOU TOO!’ MOVEMENT- Someday Over the Rainbow! Let’s Get Physically REAL Everyone! FUN, GENTLE & NO PAIN = YOUR HEALTH & MENTAL/EMOTIONAL GAIN!!! Wonderful, Effortless- May 7, 20/20 Vision ***REVISITING/REVIEWING- The Swimmer & The Rescuer Jan. 16, 2020 (originally pub. 4-4-2017) Welcome to Our World’s ‘Apocalypse???’ Jan. 23, 2020 ******SURFERS R US in ‘Apocalyptic Times!’ March 18,2020 ***Come Fly Away-DREAM OUR NEW WORLD TOGETHER! March 25,2020 *****TOGETHER IN STRENGTH BUT ALWAYS WITH LOVE!!! breaking news- HEAR What Gov’t. & Health Care Systems Withholding- Stealth VIRUS ‘STRATEGY!’ … ex. Study in Iceland based on ‘test- test- test everyone’- finds almost 50% infected ‘asymptomatic’- BUT SPREADING ‘STEALTH’ VIRUS to YOU!!! Mar 27, 2020 ********OUR HEARTS ON OUR SLEEVES! April 3, 2020 *****GOING HIGH WITH MICHELLE- BABY IT’S STILL YOU!!! Aug. 19-20, 20/20 visioning *******SPRING IS SPRUNG- HAPPY EASTER, RAMADAN, PASSOVER, … SO LETS GET IT- YER SMILING HAPPY FACE, ON- TOGETHER BUT EXCITEDLY APART!!! April 9, 2020 CONGRATS EVERYONE- TOGETHER We Blew Open HOLOCAUST Story Against Seniors & Vulnerable!!! April 16, 2020 VISION? *Apart But ALWAYS TOGETHER- We R SURFERS SAVING OUR WORLD April 23, 2020 *****’LIVE FREE!!! or die’- LISTEN & SEE, Our 20/20 Vision Embracing CHERRY BLOSSOMS & ‘NEW NORMAL!!!’ *****CHERRY BLOSSOMS CHEER LEADING YOU- GUTS & GLORY R US! April 30, 2020 *****TOGETHER- We’ll Create Our ‘YOU TOO!’ Movement! Fun, Gentle & No Pain = Your Health & Mental/Emotional Gain!!! May 7. 2020 ***** ‘YOU TOO!’ We R Super Heroes ALL- Together Apart!! May 14, 20/20 Vision *****We’re ALL EXPOSED TOGETHER- STRUGGLE & LOVE TOGETHER APART!!! May 21, 2020 *****SUN RISING IN OUR HEARTS & EYES- May 28,2020 WE CAN BREATHE TOGETHER- We Shall Overcome!!! June 4, 2020 *****”TIME to ACT!” JFK June 11-1963- June 11, 2020 Hindsight! *****Racism by Design- The ROSE- HOPE! A BRIDGE SO CLOSE- A BRIDGE TOO FAR June 17, 2020 *****Windows to Our Soul- Sweet Surrender to LOVE!!! June 26, 20/20 view ****Hairy Potty SORCERESS BREAKING HEART News …July 2, 2020 ****Apocalyptic Times- POWER, ‘SPORTS’- WORLD’S FUTURE IN YOUR HANDS Brothers & Sisters, ..!!! July 9,20/20 Vision ****COVID-19 & OUR POLITICAL-EMOTIONAL RESCUE July 16, 20/20 visioning **** Because TEARS AREN’T ENOUGH- Time to ACT!!! July 23, 2020 ****JUSTICE an PEACE- EXPOSING & RIGHTING Current & Historical WRONGS! July 30, 2020 *****Leading A CHARMED LIFE in Apocalyptic T-T-Times! Aug.6, 2020 *****GREAT EXPECTATIONS- GREATER ANXIETY- May We Breathe Again??? Aug. 13, 20/20 *******May We Breathe Again- AGAIN? Part 2 Aug. 27, 2020 visioning *****OUR ‘CRAZY HORSE’ POLITICS & WORLD- Ever Changing but Staying the Same- Sept. 3, 2020 *****From CALIFORNIA DREAMING to WELCOME to LIVING on ‘MARS!!!???’ Sept. 10, 2020 *****One BIG ‘HAPPY FAMILY’- EARTH BEINGS including ‘BEING BRITNEY!!!’ Sept. 17, 20/20 Visioning ***WARNING- Events/People in Your Rearview Mirror May Be CLOSER Than THEY APPEAR!!! Sept. 24, 2020 ***Bellicose & Bedlam in ‘OLD NORMAL’ NUTTY AMERICA- President Goes Rogue- Oscar Grouch Cookie MONSTER?, Hair Brained Episodes- Ga Ga, Zany Alyssa Milano, #Free Britney Spears, Escaping Our BEAVER FEVER!!! Oct. 1, 2020 ***LOVE & TRUTH- Sets Us FREE, Our HEARTS On FIRE Jan. 30 ***Poised & Glorious R U.S.- SURFING WITH THE SHARKS!!! Feb. 13, 2020 ***Please Don’t Feed SHARKS or Royal Jelly Fish! Feb. 20, 2020 *****LOVING OUR PLANETARY FAMILY! (Mother Says!!! We’re Listening!!!) Feb.26, 2020 ***** LAUGHTER- YOUR BEST Defense, Offence & MEDICINE! March 4, 2020 *** How Can ‘The TRUTH’ Be SURPRISING with OUR 2020 VISION? March 11, 2020 ***Surviving Bollywood Reality Shows vs. Being the Truth? Feb.6, 2020 ***’In the Hands of ‘Doctor Demon’or Emergency Rescuer?’ *** WIN Mental Hospital ‘Door Prizes’ or Y.B.Y. Own Doctor? ***Hey- Wild Wilderness World- LOVE to BE CHALLENGED??? Getting Our GOOD TIMES ROCKING BAND Back Together!!! MY LIFE is FAB AGAIN 4! ***Oct. 3, 2019 Dr. STRANGE LOVES- WHO or WHAT Are YOUR HEALERS? + The ‘GENTRIFICATION’ of Mental Health Services? ***Don’t Be Cruel- TREET Me RIGHT by LOVING ME- Plant PLANT POWER! ***Oct.17, 2019 EXPANDING OUR HORIZONS- Bringing HEALING Into Our WORLD + Extending “INALIENABLE RIGHTS” to Our FURRY (and FISHY?) FRIENDS! Oct.24 ***Smells Like “PLAY MISTY FOR ME!” Oct.31***SELF PARTNERING WITH OUR EMOTIONS- Can’t Live With ‘Em/Without ‘Em?!! Nov. 8, 2019 ***SANTA CLAUS IS COMING- ARE YOU READY FOR LOVE- Self Partnering- Finding OUR HAPPY!!! Nov. 15, 2019 New*** WHO’S STILL FAB?!! Nov. 21, 2019 ***Happy THANKSGIVING- The GOOD, BAD & The un- BEAUTIFUL! Nov. 28, 2019 ***The CHRISTMAS SPIRIT & HEALING! Dec. 5, 2019 *** WORLDWIDE WHIRLWIND FACED OFF vs. OUR COURAGE, HEART & BRAINS! Dec. 12, 2019 *** WORDS of LOVE- Tell me LOVE IS ALWAYS REAL!!! Dec. 19, 2019 *** Year’s-Christmas-Holiday Best Wishes- Where Do We Go From Here? R U Ready for 2020- FIRES of CHANGE- Lights- Action- Showtime- HEALING!!! Jan.2, 2020 *** FIRES of CHANGE+ 2020- L A C S- HEALING Face Off!!! Staring Fiercely … ***Jan. 9, 2020 Facing Our Final Frontiers to Regaining Our Health- (Also Celebrating 100- Birth of LIVING WOMEN’S LIBERATION!) **Branded for Life? ***Neanderthal Docs ‘Dirty an’ Harry’ been throwing rocks, … IN GLASS HOUSES but …. skipping over our challenges like stepping stones along our Golden Path ***’TORTURE & TREASON WITHOUT A REASON?’ **humor- World’s First ‘FAKE NEWS’ *** Fake or Real- Health, Economic & Political Conspiracies? **To Serve (&) Protect POT- Trippin’ Police ***YOUR ANNUAL REPORT CARD!’ ***12 Hour PSYCHOTIC REACTION!!! ***BecomingTheSTAR YOU Already Are! ********YOUR BUTTERFLY EFFECT- Science of Living- Cause & Effects! 1. 2. 3. 4. NEW***Prisoners in the Community= Inquisition Style C. ‘Treatment’ Os. ***COMING OUT! Whoa- Saying Too Much, Darling ***** OUR Lives- A WONDER! **Less Credible ‘Conspiracy Theories’ & ‘whole lotta horsing going on’ **2 wrongs ain’t rights,’People Kind!’ & The Stomping Bomb’ flat plains freak-outs! ***Hearing from BEST, OPENHEARTED READERS on our Planet! THANKS! for YOUR Wonderful, Encouraging Input/Comments, Feedback- your story … Together- MeUSCan-do!

First World Wide Series Articles

  1. ***REVISITING/REVIEWING The Swimmer & The Rescuer Jan. 16, 2020 (Published April 4, 2017 ) 2 Welcome to Our World’s APOCALYPSE??? Jan. 23, 2020 3********SURFERS R US in APOCALYPTIC TIMES!!! (disappearing coral reefs but plagues a plenty, buzzing, hungry desert locusts & infestations, corona sharks after our Crowns- Yes- It’s 2020 Everybody- But We’re Ready!!! March 18, 2020 4***********COME FLY AWAY- DREAM OUR NEW WORLD TOGETHER! March 25, 2020 5Facing Down Our APOCALYPTIC CHALLENGES & BECOMING FAMILY FRIENDLY!!!! ***********TOGETHER IN STRENGTH BUT ALWAYS IN LOVE! breaking news- R U Ready- HEAR WHAT Gov’t. & Health Care R Withholding from You? (ex. Iceland Study & So Much More- Iceland’s ‘TEST TEST TEST EVERYONE’ finds almost 50% ASYMPTOMATIC AMONG INFECTED- but by ‘Trojan Horse Stealth,’ PASSING ON INFECTION TO YOU!!! + Seniors Abandoned By Age 60 Cut Off Health ‘CARE NOT’ System? Just Another Reason Not to Trust Our Governments! March 27, 2020 6********OUR HEARTS ON OUR SLEEVES!!! April 3, 2020 7NEW*******************GOING HIGH WITH MICHELLE- BABY, It’S STILL>>>>>>>>>>>>> YOU!!! Aug.19-20, 20/20 visioning (**************Please also see GREAT EXPECTATIONS BUT GREATER ANXIETY?!! May WE BREATHE AGAIN???- Part 1 & 2, Aug. 13 & 27, 2020

Second World Wide Series Articles


********SPRING IS SPRUNG- HAPPY EASTER, RAMADAN, PASSOVER, … So LETS GET IT-YER SUNNY SMILING HAPPY FACE ON TOGETHER BUT EXCITINGLY APART Apr 9, 2020 *********CONGRATS EVERYONE- TOGETHER We Blew Open HOLOCAUST Story Against Seniors & Vulnerable !!! April 16, 2020 VISION IS U.S.? **********Apart But ALWAYS TOGETHER- WE R SURFERS SAVING OUR WORLD Apr. 23, ’20 *********’LIVE FREE!!! or die’ LISTEN & SEE, Our 20/20 Vision Embracing CHERRY BLOSSOMS & ‘NEW NORMAL’ April 30, 2020 **********CHERRY BLOSSOMS CHEER LEADING YOU- GUTS & GLORY R US!!! May 7,2020 TOGETHER- WE’LL CREATE OUR ‘YOU TOO!’ MOVEMENT Let’s GET PHYSICAL- TOGETHER APART EVERYONE! Moving Our Physical Bodies to Improve Our MENTAL/EMOTIONAL HEALTH! FUN, GENTLE & NO PAIN = Your HEALTH & MENTAL/EMOTIONAL GAIN! Our Health Simply Unfolding Naturally Like Cherry Blossom Petals Opening Up in SUNSHINE! Effortless, Wonderful!!! ***********’YOU TOO!’ We Are SUPER HEROES ALL- Together Apart!! (Our 20/20 Adversarial Contest- Outdated BEST BEFORE BEHAVIORS & Crafty Corona Pandemic versus OUR ENLIGHTENING ‘NEW NORMAL’ by SUPER HEROES ‘YOU TOO!’ Movement May 14, 2020 ************We’re ALL EXPOSED TOGETHER- STRUGGLE & LOVE TOGETHER APART!!! May 21. 2020 *************SUN RISING IN OUR HEARTS & EYES- May 28, 2020 ********************WE CAN BREATHE TOGETHER-WE SHALL OVERCOME!!! June 4, 2020 *******************”TIME to ACT!” June 11, 1776- JFK- June 11, 1963- June 11, 20/20 Hindsight! But Why Hurry? Only Been 244 years violating what should be INVIOLABLE- ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ & Our Stocks R Doing Fantastic- Or Maybe NOT??? *********************Racism by Design- The ROSE- HOPE! A Bridge So Close, A Bridge Too Far June 17, 20/20 Hindsight!!! **********************WINDOWS to Our SOUL- Sweet SURRENDER to LOVE!!! June 26, 2020 **********************Hairy Potty SORCERESS BREAKING HEARTS NEWS … July 2, 2020 **********************Apocalyptic Times- Power- SPORTS! World’s FUTURE IN OUR HANDS Brothers & Sisters, … !!! July 9, 20/20 Vision ******************COVID-19 & OUR POLITICAL-EMOTIONAL RESCUE!! July 16, 20/20 Vision ******************Because TEARS aren’t ENOUGH- TIME to ACT!!! July 23, 2020 Visioning ******************JUSTICE an PEACE- EXPOSING & RIGHTING Current or Historical WRONGS! July 30, 2020 Visioning ******************Leading A CHARMED LIFE in APOCALYPTIC T-T-TIMES!!! Aug.6,2020 ******************GREAT EXPECTATIONS, GREATER ANXIETY?!! May We Breathe Again??? Aug. 13, 2020 *****(Please also see GOING HIGH WITH MICHELLE- Baby, It’s Still YOU!!! Aug. 19/20, 20/20 Visioning- Above/End of First Series- Article 7) ******************GREAT EXPECTATIONS BUT GREATER ANXIETY?!! May We Breathe Again- Part II??? Aug. 27, 2020 ******************* OUR ‘CRAZY HORSE’ POLITICS & WORLD- Ever Changing but Staying the Same!!! Sept. 3, 2020

********************FROM CALIFORNIA DREAMING to WELCOME to LIVING on ‘MARS’!!! Sept. 10, 20/20 Visioning *********************One BIG ‘HAPPY FAMILY’- EARTH BEINGS including ‘BEING BRITNEY!!!’ Sept. 17, 20/20 Visioning We Are CHALLENGED until CHANGE BECOMES U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ********************WARNING- EVENTS/PEOPLE in YOUR REARVIEW MIRROR May Be CLOSER Than THEY APPEAR!!! Sept.24, 2020 *********************BELLICOSE & BEDLAM in ‘OLD NORMAL’ NUTTY AMERICA- Pres. T Goes Rogue- Oscar Grouch Cookie Monster?, Hair Brained Stars Zany Alyssa Milano, Ga Ga, #FREE BRITNEY SPEARS, ESCAPING OUR ‘BEAVER FEVER!’ Oct. 1, 20/20 visioning

*********************STARS SPELLBINDING PERFORMAMCES!!! Oct. 8,20/20 Visioning *********************OUTLAWS & HERETICS- CRY ME A RIVER!!! Oct. 15, 1517- 2020 *********************SAVIORS, OUTLAWS, HERETICS & HALLOWEEN TALES of TERROR!!! Oct. 21,2020 Always Keep One Foot Firmly in SESAME STREET Just In Case!!!!!!!!

*********************LIGHTENING UP OUR LIVES- ALWAYS ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIPS!!! Oct. 29, 20/20 Visioning **********************NATURE vs. NURTURE- From JUNGLES in GOMBI to SWAMPS in WASHINGTON BONZOS BIDENS vs. SCANDALOUS TRUMPS MONKEY BUSINESS!!! Nov. 5, 20/20 Visioning ***********************CONSCIOUSNESS BREAKTHROUGHS!!! vs. We R All Britney Spears= High Functioning CONSERVATEES- Beating COVID & OLD NORMAL War & Politics Nov.11, 2020 ************************SHOW of FORCE- WHO’S RUNNNG OUR LIVES & OUR WORLD??? Nov. 18, 2020 ************************SHOW of FORCE II- OUR HAPPY SEASON & VACCINE Rollout but THE POLITICAL ASSASSINATION of PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! Nov. 25,2020 *************************Sounds of LAUGHTER, JINGLE BELLS vs. 2020 BIG PharmaGATE & Sounds of SILENCING FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY!!! Dec. 2, 2020 **************************’STILL THE ONE I LOVE’/Je t’aime Encore vs. Political Pandemic Stealing Our RIGHTS & FREEDOMS??? Dec. 9, 2020 *****CRUISE MISSILE ATTACK- PEACE-HOPE-LOVE-JOY! Hit U.S. With YOUR BEST SHOT!!! Dec. 16, 2020 ******Becoming UNSCROOGED- In the SPIRIT of CELEBRATION- Family Gathering, Festival of Lights, SANTA & CHRISTMAS- LET’S JUST DO IT!!! Dec. 23, 2020 visioning+++ *************FORGET HOLLYWOOD-WE’RE LIVING REAL SUPERHERO EARTH SURVIVAL BATTLES!!! Dec. 30, 2020 visioning *************GOD BLESS U.S.A.LL Our APOCALYPSE- YEAR 2- SIGNIFICANCE of JAN. 6, 2021- U.S.A.- YOU”RE STILL THE ONE WE LOOVE!!! Jan. 6, 2021

**************BY LOVE, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE- but be ready to beam us all up!!! Jan.13, 2021 **************BITTER ENDING butt BETTER DAYS AHEAD for U.S.A.LL- GOD Bless Us- EVERYONE!!! Jan. 20, 2021 ***************YES- Even INDEPENDENT WARRIORS LIKE SUCCESSFUL $$$BRITNEY SPEARS NEED HELP- NOT HARM! HELP THEM ALL!!! Jan. 26, 2021 **********FACING AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE WITH OUR CONFIDENCE INTACT!!! Feb. 3, 2021 ***********Hey JOE- Where Are You Going WITH THAT PEN IN YOUR HAND? (P.S. Feb. is Celebrating African American History Month- According to many scientists, everyone today descended from The Cradle of Life in Africa from ONE MOTHER! We are all African Americans originally!!! Feb. 10, 2021 ***********”BRING PEOPLE JOY!” “You’ve Got to SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE MADNESS!!!” Feb. 17, 2021 *************For Feb. 24, 2021 & future articles, please click on 4th of 5 sidebar headings BEING HEALTHY- LOVING LIFE- Mental Health SUCCESSES & NIGHTMARES- previously titled Mental Health Pharmaceutical Nightmares Explanation- Swimmer & Rescuer Heading Almost Filled Up!!! Love You- Brianca Lane

*****LOVE & TRUTH- Sets Us FREE, Our HEARTS On FIRE vs. Truth HURTS? Jan. 30, 2020 ********POISED & GLORIOUS R U.S.- SURFING WITH THE SHARKS!!! Feb. 13, 2020 ********PLEASE! Fellow ‘Life’s Surfers’- Don’t Feed The SHARKS or The Royal Jellyfish! Feb. 20, 2020 ********LOVING OUR PLANETARY FAMILY! (Mother Says!!! We’re Listening!!!) Feb,26. 2020 **LAUGHTER-Your Best Defense, Offence & Medicine in Times of Trouble!!!! March 4, 2020 ***********How Can ‘The TRUTH’ Be SURPRISING with OUR 2020 VISION?!! March 11, 2020 ***BOLLYWOOD Reality Shows vs. Being the Truth? Feb.6, 2020

  •   *** Win Mental Hospital Door Prizes or Y.B.Y.D.? Nov. 28, 2018
  •   *** Staring Fiercely into the Dragon’s EYES!  Jan. 3, 2019
  •   *** Neanderthal Doctors ‘Dirty & Harry’ been throwing rocks, … IN GLASS HOUSES- in our Mother Nature’s ‘Garden in Eden’ We ask ALWAYS the same question- WHEN WILL WE EVER LEARN?
  •   *** Hey Wild Wilderness World- LOVE to BE CHALLENGED??? Getting Our GOOD TIMES Rocking Band Back Together!!! MY LIFE is FAB AGAIN FOUR! Oct. 3, 2019
  •   *** Dr. STRANGE LOVES- WHO or WHAT are YOUR HEALERS- DOCTORS?  Oct.10, 2019
  •   *** The ‘GENTRIFICATION’ of Mental Health Services??? Oct. 10 , 2019
  •   ***  Don’t Be Cruel- TREEt Me RIGHT by LOVING ME! Plant PLANT POWER! Oct. 17, 2019
  •  ***  EXPANDING OUR HORIZONS- Bringing HEALING into our WORLD- Including Extending “INALIENABLE RIGHTS” to our FURRY (and FISHY?) Friends! Oct. 24, 2019
  •  ***   SMELLS LIKE “PLAY MISTY FOR ME!” Oct. 31, 2019
  • *****             New        SANTA CLAUS IS COMING- ARE YOU READY FOR LOVE?? Self Partnering with Em’ in a Halloween Horror Show World- Finding OUR HAPPY!!! Nov. 15, 2019 
  • *****                        New        Happy THANKSGIVING- The GOOD, BAD & The un- BEAUTIFUL! Are you READY for LOVE?!!    Nov. 28, 2019
  • *****                              New        The CHRISTMAS SPIRIT & HEALING!!!  You ARE READY for LOVE!    Dec. 5, 2019
  • *****                                     New         WORLDWIDE WHIRLWIND FACED OFF AGAINST OUR COURAGE, HEART & BRAINS!!!  Ready to WIN & Hold Sacred Your Freedoms & Equality?!!       Dec. 12, 2019
  • *****                                             New           WORDS of LOVE- Tell Me Our World  as we see it today Is BARELY REAL- But Tell me LOVE IS ALWAYS REAL!!!” Dec. 19, 2019
  • *****                                                   New           Year’s- Christmas- All Religious & Secular Holiday’s BEST WISHES! Where Do We Go From Here? R U Ready for 2020?Lights  Action- Showtime! FIRES of CHANGE- HEALING! Holiday Best Wishes!
  • *****                                                             Update        FIRES of CHANGE Jan. 2, 2020- Lights Action- Cameras- Showtime! HEALING Face-Off!!!
  • *****                                                                    Update      FIRES of CHANGE  Jan.9, 2020- Facing Our Final Frontiers to Regaining Our Health! MeUSCAN-Do!  (Also Celebrating 100 years- Birth of LIVING WOMEN’S LIBERATION!)
  • Jan. 16, 2020 beginning editing- The Swimmer & The Rescuer … 
  • – ***  Being Branded for Life by others or ourselves or SKIPPING OVER our CHALLENGES like                                        STEPPING STONES along our GOLDEN PATHS!
  •    **  Fake or Real- Cold War Conspiracies?
  • ****           You’re So Strong! 12 Hour Psychosis
  • **********  Your ‘BUTTERFLY EFFECT’- Science of Living- Cause & Effects! Essential to LIVING & REGENERATING OUR BELOVED EARTH!!!
  • ***   Prisoners in the Community= Inquisition Style C. ‘Treatment’ Os.
  •  *** Comin’ OUT! Whoa- Sayin’ Too Much, Darlin’! 
  •  **** OUR LIVES- A WONDER!!!!!!  Dec. 28, 2018                                        

The swimmer (you or me) went swimming- living our lives, but as we swam we grew weary and began to flounder. Thankfully, we were not too far from shore- we caught sight of the Rescuer (the prescribed Mental Health Care- hopefully not ‘hell care?’ System and its Tentacles.) Help! Help! we cried- as did our Family, Friends or  concerned Observers.  ‘Hold on!’ cried the Rescuer- ‘I Will SAVE YOU!’  We were happy  the Rescuer was going to save us & our panic eased- We KNEW we were going to be thrown a FLOTATION DEVICE!  Sure enough- the Rescuer threw out a line with an object attached. Gratefully we grabbed it! But ALAS- It was NOT a Flotation Device- it was an ANCHOR!!!  We held on fast! After all, we TRUSTED we were being SAVED (as THE HEAVY ANCHOR PULLED US DOWN!) Our Family, our Society BELIEVED we were being Rescued- coaxed us- ‘Hang on to your ANCHOR’– Our Institutions & Health Care System KNOW BEST WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU!’ So we held fast as it pulled us down- INEXPERIENCED BELIEVERS, we trusted we were being RESCUED- not being drowned! We held fast- it was pulling us down but we believed ,  we TRUSTED we were being saved!  But just before we went down for the last time- after being thrown additional- NEW & IMPROVED- BIGGER ANCHORS- ‘we have a BETTER IDEA how to help you this time!’ THANKFULLY WE CAME TO A BLINDING LIGHT REALIZATION: Maybe we should NOT put so much faith in the Rescuers knowing what we need, knowing why we were floundering in living- why we are DROWNING under their CONTROL & RESCUE operations & ANCHORS!  So we let go- NOT OF LIFE- we let go some of the Institutional & Rescuers’ ANCHORS! And we LET GO of some of OUR OWN ANCHORS & all our SUFFERING from the anchors! Sure enough WE BOUNCE UP- body, soul & consciousness! But still not adequately able to breathe, to be FREE & SAVED- still pulled downward by heaviness- by mental illness flooding body, mind & emotions! By our Society’s impaling tentacles & imposed, inflicted anchors & injury from outside. By our own absorbed harmful thinking & behavior as well.

Our World’s Old School ‘matrix’-ways of thinking & behaving actually cause mental & physical illness, suffering & premature aging, species extinction & passing! Our World & our ‘Old School World matrix’ is making us mentally, emotionally & physically SICK!’ In a different World matrix we would experience different outcomes! (It might get way worse- sorry young folks! Our present trajectory seemingly includes the possibility we become under 24/7 surveillance by ‘Big Brother’- our thinking, behavior, activities, associations, everything being watched, recorded, judged & scored! Everyone assessed a value as a ‘WINNER’ or ‘LOSER’ based on a ‘mark of the beast’ score. Accordingly rewarded or punished under a SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE system applied to every individual! (As being launched in China.)

Choosing a better ‘matrix?’ If health & social scientist researchers would vigorously link the percentages of illnesses, premature decline, suffering & death to our World’s 5,000 year+ old, ill suited ‘matrix,’ ‘Fallen World Consciousness,’ we might be able to THROW this CURSED ANCHOR into history’s sordid dust bin! Begin to BOUNCE UP! Aim for a better DESTINY than Climatic Catastrophe & World Wide extinctions! Achieve our true potential & desirable DESTINY!  Nothing beyond our capability or desires if we want it!  John Lennon said in the late 1960’s- ‘You can have PEACE NOW IF YOU WANT IT!’ Wonder if Jesus often said- ‘You can have HEALTH NOW IF YOU WANT IT- ACCEPT MY BLESSING FREELY- INSTANT HEALING!!! Not like today’s ‘Russian roulette style’ health care! Our wonderful Seniors shoveled off into Eternity- by ‘hell care Age Discrimination,’ Doctors choose who lives or passes! By the 1990’s was always saying to myself watching the ‘if it bleeds- it leads’ mainstream mass media news: NO MORE HATE- NO MORE WAR! Feeding Christians to the lions Ancient Roman bloody spectator attractions, hate & warfare should be discarded tastes! But, we hear about $738 billion 2020 U.S. defense spending added to the $billions allocated across our World for weapons & ‘defense’ = OFFENSIVE ENDLESS WAR, weaponizing & rumors of war, HATE, VIOLENCE, WAR , Will the ‘military industrial complex’  EVER ACHIEVE health, love, peace, freedoms, liberty, pursuit of happiness? After 18 years battling the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Taliban are declaring VICTORY OVER THE U.S.! U.S. wants a PEACE TREATY & BEGIN WITHDRAWING- HAVING ACHIEVED NOTHING BUT CATASTROPHE ALL AROUND! (My friend’s Mom always ‘freaked’ as he displaying his repressed anger-  PLAYING LOUD! The Beatles’ infamous song- ‘Happiness Is A Warm Gun’-  U.S. military industrial complex somehow arming ALL SIDES indirectly if not directly for ‘endless warfare!’ ) So please DO THE STUDIES, health & social scientist researchers- if World Wide we agreed to toss that hate/war based ‘matrix’ into history’s trash can, applied all those annual trillions to health, compassion, love, equality, opportunity, creativity…  BLESSING our Planet!  Paint us a picture- A HEALTHY, CREATIVE MASTERPIECE OF GLORY! Because TODAY our World Picture is like wonderful B.B. King’s truism- “THE THRILL IS GONE!!!” 

This MATRIX WORLD BOARD GAME SUCKS BIG TIME:  tribalism, racism, sexism, ‘gender & sexual orientation & identity battles,’ ageism, corruption, economic inequality, man made global climate disasters- our BIOSPHERE collapsing! World wide (hell) FIRES of CHANGE, annual ‘once in a 100 year Storms’ impacting like nuclear bombs… Politician’s defiance against morality & the Rule of Law… based on mantras straight from sorcerer’s lips ‘The end justifies the means’… = only the mean rule over us! How scary is that! (‘Cousin’ & former Senator, Jeff LANE Flake & other Republicans political leaders voicing regrets losing traditional ‘morals,’ ‘ethics’ & a more gentlemanly, co-operative combative style, Jeff & Co. PURGED by ‘dark arts’  open dastardly political warfare fanning anger, hostility, dividing & conquering American politics, offering ‘Alternate Facts?’ ‘Taking no prisoners’ Politics, showing no compassion to challengers… Evil Sorcerer’s GOLDEN RULE- They who control the levers of Autocratic Power & Wealth gold/print & distribute the money among themselves get to RULE! ‘two kinds of people in our World’-  Winners vs. Losers- Winners take ALL vs. Losers are beaten down & scapegoated!   U. S. colonialism & hegemony, for example- ‘Manifest Destiny’ & a ‘Divine Right’ to run our World’s Economies, Foreign Government Policies, create ‘American Friendly’ Cultural Styles- ‘The American Way’ based on ‘American Exceptionalism!’ said Hillary Clinton like so many U.S. Political figures! ‘Nyet’ says Russia’s puppet master- ‘To hell with Hillary- Comrade Trumpski gets the Russian backed political Come Up-Ski over sour puss Russian team player Hillary!’ 

Even Nobel Peace Prize winner, deep thinker U. S. Pres. Obama maintained “AMERICA MUST ALWAYS LEAD ON THE WORLD’S STAGE!” Lead where? A road to hell paved with GOOD INTENTIONS like 19 years of CATASTROPHIC ‘ASSISTANCE’ in the Middle East?  More Nations are believing America is in decline- losing  moral authority gained circa World War I & II. Nations beginning to move away from U.S. holding the World’s de facto trading currency? Younger Americans are polling 50/50 America is NOT EXCEPTIONAL!  Ed Sheeran intelligently pointed out in- The Seduction of the Virgin Mental Patient, unintended bad consequences may emerge from careless words or behavior. Take Pres. Trump’s unintended consequences of trickery & treachery- Iraq’s P. M. says Pres. Trump called on him to 1. arrange a DIPLOMATIC MISSION among Saudi Arabia & Iran to LESSEN HOSTILITIES; to 2. address protesting outside the U.S. Embassy in Iraq (Baghdad, …) & discus security with Iran; to 3. make Americans SAFER!  But Trump’s actual reasons? were to 1. deflect American’s attention from his corruption, obstruction of Justice & Congress, especially his upcoming Impeachment Trial; to 2. build up economic &/or military War against Iran- ENDLESS WARS; & to 3. continue 17 years  OCCUPYING= ‘Governing’  IRAQ; to 4. see Americans ‘Rallying Round the Flag & U.S.’s Fearlessly BRAVE & STRONG President; to 5.  help his re-election bid in 2020! To 6. advance the ENDLESS WAR & MILITARY BUILD UPS for the U.S. Military Industrial Complex! FOLLOW THE $$$MONEY to see priorities-  $738 Billion for Defense- America’s Military Industrial Complex!  To 7.  side with U.S. ‘enemy’ Russia against NATO’s & America’s Ally Ukraine- UNDER INVASION from Russia, even withholding MILITARY FUNDING FROM UKRAINE- on a quid pro quo basis- To 9. demand Ukraine interfere in the Fall 2020 U.S. election gathering dirt on Democrats- Candidate Biden & family!  To 8. continuously runs Ukraine’s CREDIBILITY DOWN! as corrupt & meddling in U.S. 2016 election;  9. because Russia’s Putin told him so- ‘It wasn’t Russia- It was Ukraine!’  To 10. puppet master Pres. Trump to label American Intelligence reports ‘ALL LIES!’- It WAS & IS RUSSIA meddling, Intelligence Sources Stated! To 11. Devise an assassination  plot against Iran’s number 2 political leader ( and military strategist fighting AFGHANISTAN’S Taliban & later Syria’s & Iraq’s ISIS) To 12. trick his TARGET into acting as Iran’s DIPLOMAT, attend imaginary ‘Diplomatic Discussions’ in IRAQ. Once there, Pres. Trump had him ASSASSINATED along with ‘Collateral Damage’- an unlawful POLITICAL ASSASSINATION according to International Law since 1954! To 13. serve Israel’s Netanyahu -who applauds the treachery- ‘the End justifies the Means Style of Diplomacy!’  To 14. create an imaginary cover story fooling Americans by his ‘alternate reality story’ about imaginary imminent attacks- completely dismissed by military experts! But unintended consequences include 176 civilians including almost 60 Canadians dying horribly- no explaining away this tragic reality!  Evil begets evil! Canada’s P.M. Trudeau is furious with Trump’s never ending intended or unintended actions & consequences souring international relations! 

Unintended consequences  include  1. Dozens of Iranians killed, 100’s injured accidentally during mass demonstrations & mourning;  2.  2 missiles taking down an Iran to Ukraine to Canada bound passenger jet killing 176- War is mostly about killing innocents ‘caught in the crossfire’ causing generations to suffer needlessly! Should we put all warmonger leaders at the front where the bombs land & bullets fly- cut off war mongering snakes’ heads- ‘unintended consequence?’ 3.  Canada’s P.M. Trudeau holds Pres. Trump to blame for creating recent bloodshed & murdered civilians- including Canadians! Says Pres. Trump started this round of suffering!  4. U.S. credibility drops World Wide- A rogue game player on World Stage- IGNORES INTERNATIONAL LAWS & TREATIES?  5. U. S. citizens & Israelis now LESS SAFE? 6. Iraq Parliament votes unanimously for U.S. to get out! 7.  U. S. loses Iraq as an ally? saying will continue to occupy- i.e.  NOW SEEN AS AN INVADING/OCCUPYING FORCE!’  (Iran wins BIG- U.S. is now seen as the Invader- Blood Sucker!!!) 8.  Iranian civilians protest Iranian government & military for shooting down civilian plane- protesters SHOT by the dozens!  More Blood, Hate & ENDLESS WAR!  Pres. Trump is both GOOD & BAD- Destiny’s Child & A Rousing TRUMPETER- Yes!  But a Dark Arts Sorcerer- The End Justifies the Means!  GOOD consequences by Pres. Trump include DRAMATICALLY AWAKENING EVERYONE- NO Sleep Walking through Life- ENGAGED & VOCAL R US-  ACTIVISTS R US ALL WORLD WIDE!   EXCEPTIONAL Leader? ‘Destiny’s Trumpeter’ SOUNDING our CHARGE for CHANGE-  MAKING AMERICA GREAT or ‘REALLY UPSET & ANGRY?’  A COMFORTABLE PROCESS- NOT!   

Asleep- A Building Apocalypse begins swirling!  Pres. Trump’s KARMA- On Jan. 16, 2020, Democrat Party’s activist IMPEACHMENT TRIAL begins naming his  ‘Abuse of Power & Obstruction of Congress/Justice!’ Impaled on the Dems. Impeachment Pole- Trump lashes back- ‘I’ll get you yet, my Pretty Dems. in 2020- just you wait!’ FLIES OFF HIS BROOM HANDLE chanting/tweeting curses? Suddenly the movie ‘MAD MAX’ doesn’t seem so weird, so unlikely?’ But with attention centered on impeachment, Stealthy Plagues Begin Consuming our World- infestations of insects the size of cities in Northern Africa heading towards the Arabian Peninsula, ongoing viruses & bacterial plagues- not only in Africa, … WORLDWIDE SKIES FLYING TROJAN HORSE PLAGUE CARRIERS? Climate Change Super Storms & hell Fires beginning to tear up & burn up our World!  Old School Sorcery hardly a challenge to unleashed Pandora’s Box Plagues of Egypt Style Punishments! Hearkening our RISING TIDE TOGETHER- MeUsCan-Do!  FACING Apocalyptic Challenges & Our New World  RISING- SUNSHINE & RAINBOWS COMING AFTERWARDS EXPOSING OUR NEW DESTINY- Breathing in Something Real, New & Beautiful!  HEALING- PEACE- LOVE- Oh but the Storms R Coming-  

But as Pres. Trump sucks up his Witch Hunt Impeachment Jam & flies off his Broom Handle, our World loses focus on REAL CHALLENGES BLASTING OUR BIOSPHERE! … Russia’s ARCHETYPE AUTOCRAT Pres. Putin appoints a new P.M., welcomes Russia’s Parliament to resign enabling SPACE TO CRAFT a new Political Constitution- but what to name it?              ‘Into Putin’s Ex- Officio Mania from Old Russia’s Transylvania?’    By 2024 is Vladdy handing many of the autocratic powers he accumulated over the past 25 years back to Russia’s Parliament? Vladdy not wanting another Autocrat controlling every decision because who else could fill his role so flawlessly & selflessly at the same time?! BE SO ADORED? And/or be President for Life Ex Officio or otherwise? Attempted to mentor his ‘BOY’- Pres. Trump- so inexperienced, he falls into impeachment jam (predicted 2+ years ago in!) Pres. Trump simply lacks the ability & chutzpah regardless his ‘superior’ ‘Swedish/Norwegian roots?’ (Vlad sneezes and his Russian Parliament gets sickly & resigns to sick bay! Trump farts & the Dems. impeach his Made In America Manly Ass!) America under Trump is EXCITABLE & CAPTIVATING- distracting us from Super Storms, … BUT NOT EXCEPTIONAL under Pres. Eisenhower’s dreaded military industrial complex, to LEAD & DIRECT OUR WORLD- let alone America, Vlad realizes! Soviet II or Vlad’s ‘New Fab Russia’ is coming on stage to a World Theater near you! Vlad is attempting to rebuild Russia’s influence, re-balance against America…  But back to our story- where were we? Struggling swimmers- Anchors drowning us? Apocalyptic skies above- sharks circling? O.k. ANCHORS CUT AWAY!!! Below, Above, Behind Us, Surrounding us- If our People Kind Karma don’t Challenge Us with Titanic Anchors & Plagues of Egypt, we’ll SURF TOGETHER through the Apocalyptic Waves Rockin’ an’ A Rollin’ Everybody’s Going Surfing Together!  by Brianca Lane (revisiting/reviewing The Swimmer & The Rescuer!)  Jan. 16, 2020 (4-4-2017)

WELCOME ALL- Approaching OUR WORLD’S APOCALYPSE amidst Societal Challenges including discrimination,  dangerous practices & deficiencies!?? Are we being lied to- Who do we trust?

Our Societies also are ‘floundering swimmers’ in APOCALYPTIC TIMES amidst changing beliefs, freedoms & liberties- like gender identities & sexual orientations; amidst targeted discrimination based on age, mental or physical health & disabilities, religious affiliation,  outer  appearance, speech, clothing… just perceived as ‘being different;’  targeted discrimination  ‘duality’ like old school hurtful childish games- ‘winners & losers;’ In stressful Apocalyptic Times, will our Governments & Health Care Systems select who is served or not served according to discriminatory beliefs & practices? Everybody looks back to the 1930’s+ saying ‘How could the Holocaust happen?’- But with health care providers killing & sterilizing various groups & believing in Eugenics practices right into the 1970’s, … very scary!  Today, in Europe some Doctors are accused of killing their patients- Doctors acting as little psycho ‘good’ gods judging over life & death like in 1930’s+ and World Wide by Eugenics. Will they revert to widespread neglect & killing under Apocalyptic Stressful Events?

An impartial Relative confided in me upon visiting a respected Care Home for Vulnerable People, especially Seniors, from a practical outsider’s perspective, the Homes are NOT SAFE FOR SENIORS. Seemingly DELIBERATELY NOT SAFE as any reasonable person observes- with DANGEROUS PRACTICES & DEFICIENCIES! Having queried Professionals who firmly PARROTED ‘ALL FACILITIES ARE TO MEET GOVERNMENT STANDARDS’- so the ‘Public can be Confident!,’ who are we to trust? An impartial observer who- with little thinking,  points out MAJOR ISSUES & DEFICIENCIES which are undeniably TRUE or Government PAID Health Experts who PARROT Care Homes meet ‘Approved Standards!’ Approved ‘Third Reich Style Standards’ or Standards conducive to living a healthy, richly enjoyable LONGER LIFE? Upon critical reflection, our Seniors’ care homes appear designed to breed & transmit viruses & bacterial infections- petri dishes for plagues! Gov’ts. & Health Care Professionals decline improving these senior death traps apparently seeing them as places where seniors are sent to die- NOT TO LIVE! Are we bombarded with brainwashing how our Gov’ts. ‘really care’ & are looking out for everyone’s well being & needs? We all know the saying- First they came for the _____ but we did nothing! Next the _____ but again we did nothing!  Eventually they came for us but no one remained free to challenge Big Brother! How will our vulnerable, targeted discriminated Peoples be treated in our Climate Change & Apocalyptic Times ahead? Will discriminatory Economic & Justice Inequalities, for example, be played out? Predatory Autocratic Elites & Big Government tracking our every move to control us increasingly in the future- WE THE STILL FREE PEOPLE- POWER TO THE PEOPLE!  We must not simply swallow hook, line & sinker Gov’t. Propaganda- A reasonable impartial citizen looks at our Health Systems & quickly can see these are OBVIOUSLY DANGEROUS & DISCRIMINATORY,  in many respects.  Are our Gov’ts. ‘occasionally deliberately lying’ to us, God forbid our Health Care ‘Professionals?’ “Hey-What’s that sign? Everybody look what’s going down! It hurts when you’re always afraid- Step out of line, the man comes and takes you away!” (Stephen Stills & Buffalo Springfield, 1966) Listen- Are we “Riders on The Storm?” (Doors) Are the 4 Horseman beginning their Apocalyptic Ride? White, Red, Black & Pale horse? You better believe it’s possible, Friend!

Loved the symbolism- 2020 World Economic Forum in Switzerland. 2020 was often seen as a Shangri- La at the end of the rainbow of human achievement! Mystical, harmonious, HAPPY PARADISE- A celebratory time we collectively achieve our Environmental Consciousness & Behavioral Change- Biosphere Sustainability! Et viola- notre monde est restaure! But is Greta Thunder Bird & Friends  just SO IMPRESSED with 2020 accomplishments? Young people World Wide congratulating adults over 30? ‘YES!-THANK YOU for turning our world away from man made global climate change disaster, from endless military build ups & wars, achieving PEACE AT LAST! THANK YOU for redeploying terrible military & hate spending- $738 billion annually in the U.S. alone … to BOUNCING OUR WORLD UP! Equality including Economic Equality & Justice, Compassion, Inclusion… Individuality celebrated! Not bringing our World down by spending on fear, hate & chaos- tearing everything apart! THANK YOU for Economic Equality & Opportunity for all! Ending Government corruption! Justice! Life! Liberty! Pursuit of Happiness for every Individual everywhere! Achieving our DESTINY, our TRUE POTENTIAL blessing our World with our Love, Truth & Honesty, Peace, Goodness, Compassion… Doing unto others as we would have them do unto us…’ Good Samaritans R US ALWAYS! The Universe CELEBRATING OUR COMING OF AGE, MATURITY & VICTORY!’ Maybe young people saying- ‘Please SHOW ME SOMETHING- ANYTHING!!!’

Imagine in envisioned 2020 Shangri- La, mental & physical illnesses subsiding- simply fading from tormenting us any longer! Because aren’t most illnesses created by enabling or allowing ‘Fallen World ill behavior & ill conditions?’ Social Scientist researchers- for God’s sake! FACE OFF our ‘Health & Happiness Scenarios’ if we changed our behavior & spending from hate, war… to peace, love, compassion, health… ‘The GOLDEN RULE!’  In 2020, is The Universe CELEBRATING our COMING OF AGE, MATURITY & VICTORY?” Is our Thunder Bird pointing to the Ice Berg ahead saying: ‘Turn our Earth ship Titanic from crashing into that  Ice Berg- Climate Change disaster!’ The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse still riding our way? Their ‘Rear End Admirals- Political Asses’  Propaganda Politicians- saying ‘Stay the course- Full steam ahead!’ IN A BREWING APOCALYPSE? ‘Unleash the dogs of economic & military industrial complex unending build ups & warfare- free impaling & predatory global corps.! Unchain greed for power & total control!’   Pooh pooh ‘Prophets of Doom’ conjuring up Climate Change Catastrophe-  Trump-A Goliath, like ‘A List’ Political World Leaders- ‘Achieves American Greatness by ‘Dark Arts & Deception,’ Mocks Greta- a slight & small girl David, ‘She’s Challenged- Poor Thing’  herding her defenseless sheep- Cherubim so innocent & hopeful- 17 years young Celestial Messenger- ‘save our Garden in Eden!’  We appreciate Trump is Destiny’s exceptionally talented American Trumpeter awakening our Whole World from  sleepwalking through Life- We no longer passively accept misery as deserved, justifiable nor inevitable! Thank you Pres. Trump! But is he seeing our Destiny is to inexorably uplift our World  into Beauty, Light, Health, Creativity  & Compassion! Free our World from experiences below & beneath our greatness- fear, hate & war, from Conjurers of evil, Masters of Dark Arts. Free America from unlawful, immoral & scandalous misbehavior in THE EYES of THE FREE WORLD! ‘Cousin’ Jeff Lane Flake- former Senator, is alarmed at the fallen state in American politics, a ‘CIVIL WAR’ DEEP DIVIDE? Jeff now cast out as a snowflake from Snowflake- daring to ‘dis’ America’s ICE MAN! Many Americans primary concern is their financial situation- The Apocalypse is bigger!  Jan. 23, 2020  by Brianca Lane     P.S. World Society News- BELOVED Former Dirty Harry, Cleaned Up & Renewed makes a MESSY ROYAL WINDSOR BREAK UP- But Marries another WINDSOR (Hills) LASS & HEEDS THE CALL- ‘GO WEST YOUNG MAN!’ to B.C.’s Golden Coast & on to CITY OF ANGELS- TAKING HIS ‘WOODY!!!’

Woody Update- Beautiful to see Prince Harry & Meghan CHOOSE CANADA- initially TO BEGIN THEIR LIFE ADVENTURE TOGETHER- Best West Wishes should they stay on Vancouver Island or near Vancouver but Meghan grew up in Windsor Hills, L.A. area, married into the Royal Windsor family- but her heart home base is L.A. ; Best East wishes if Toronto is some day a second base- Meghan lived & worked in Toronto for 7 years? shooting SUITS!  (Have lived in both areas- WONDERFUL PEOPLE- polite, kind, respectful, friendly, fun…) No staged auto accident…in leaving Her Majesty’s Royal Firm! Princess Diana- Queen of Our HEARTS! fancied moving to Malibu area before the fateful staged ‘accident’ in ’97. Meghan fancies attempting to be a Diana, 2nd Class- A Princess in PEOPLE’S HEARTS! Prince Harry CLEARLY EXPRESSED HIS UNDYING LOYALTY TO THE MONARCHY- O.M.G.- hope he’s not feeling SPLIT APART by forfeiting his close Family Windsor ties & titles… choosing his new family man role so FAR AWAY in spirit & kms from Britain & Family! SURF’S UP- YOU ROYAL BEACH BOY BUM! Grab your WOODY & SURF BOARD! Your WOODY STATION WAGON, you Royal A__!! Bring all the Royal Windsor’s over for a Bitchin’ Beach Bash! Little Queenie Lizzie too! (Whoa- stripped of ‘Royal’ title designations including Hon. Military Titles! Forbidden from representing the Monarchy! Made to pay for all recent repairs- $ millions for their English ‘Cottage.’ Cut off from Royal & Public Funds- but doting Dad, Charles promises to help them- THANKS $$$DAD! Please media vultures- give Harry & Meghan SPACE TO NEST & BLOSSOM!!! (Her Majesty recently corresponded to my Relative- Thanks Queen Elizabeth! My family’s COAT of ARMS was blessed by Royalty many generations back- Heartfelt thanks from Britain’s earlier Royal Family- my ANCESTOR ESCORTING THE KING SAFELY THROUGH ENGLAND ESCAPING ASSASSINATION- on to FRANCE to arrange HELP & RETURN- MY BRAVE & CLEVER ANCESTOR might have saved Princess Diana, I imagine!!!!!

Trickster Trump update- The Wall Street Journal (Jan. 10- 2020) supports our view why Pres. Trump tricked Iran’s #2 into believing he was on an OFFICIAL PEACE DIPLOMATIC MISSION between Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq (& with respect to U.S. concerns) but then assassinated him including several Iraqi Officials upon landing in Baghdad, Pres. Trump ‘told associates his motivation was for Domestic Political Gain, and in particular with respect to his upcoming Impeachment Trial…‘ (Rally round The Flag & Your President Senators in this time of danger & war- Help your brave fearless President be strongly supported!’) Does Pres. Trump use people to his advantage like tissue paper to blow his nose & toss away as collateral waste? Narcissistic- but Pres. Trump believes ‘the end justifies the means’ -morality of the means is besides the point including civilian killings to advance his interests- and ‘thus America’s interests?’  Innocent civilians always suffer the most in Middle East Warfare!  P.M. Trudeau is furious innocents were killed because Pres. Trump devised a treacherous scheme hoping to GET DOMESTIC POLITICAL GAIN. Trump’s second message is ‘Do what America & Pres. Trump wants because anybody anywhere is a potential target for The president’s ‘benefit!”

Economic Inequality Class Struggle- Pres. Trump’s plans against poorer, vulnerable Americans- … cut the safety net programs like Medicaid & Medicare by $$$1.9 trillion, $26 billion less for seniors social security programs, weaken disability programs… But Amazon makes $10+ billion in profits & escapes paying any federal income tax? Mother Nature Reaching Out- Bezos’ Change of Heart! Hears call- offers $10 Billion for Climate Change initiatives $100 million for a food bank!

Shiver My Timbers- Doctor! Psychologists including A.P.A. top officials tangled up & profiting in devising Torture Techniques- Enhanced Interrogation– $81 million? alone paid to set up program, applied against Guantanamo Bay detainees- applying torture techniques leaned by animal studies like inducing learned helplessness.  (1930’s German Psychiatrists created the first versions of methodically killing targeted groups- ‘mental patients…’ ‘defectives’ who were rounded up, brought into hospitals & killed…  Hitler said ‘I have nothing to do with creating this’ but recognized the system’s efficiency-Had his SS learn approaches from the Psychiatrists/Doctors for use on his ‘targeted groups…’ Up until the 1970’s, targeted ‘undesirable’  women were still being forcibly sterilized in North America, for example, under modern Eugenics programs to ‘clean’ races…. Pres. Trump  uses discriminatory language according to racial blood lines… ‘America needs to be cleaned up of ‘shi_hole stock’ Eugenics Ideology-‘ inspiring other countries to come out with severe racist, almost genocidal plans… activities by Israel expanding & forcing out all non Jews including Christians… 86% African Americans want Pres. Trump impeached & tossed; 65% Latinos… Democrats, women, visible minorities want Trump gone as racist, sexist… now up at 51% of Americans according to CNN/SSRS Poll if we can trust polls! 

The International Court of Justice orders Myanmar to protect it’s Rohingya Muslims- being subjected to genocide & expulsion. Way too late but better late than never! 

China’s brutality against Muslim minority- RE-EDUCATION Concentration Camps, SLAVE LABOR? FORCED TRANSPLANT TOURISM INDUSTRY? ! China is using it’s 600 million AI- powered CCTV cameras equipped with facial recognition & able to match names with faces to track Uighur Muslims (11 million)* but also for trivial public ‘moral offences’ like wearing pajamas, playing cards, lying down outside.  Offenders displaying ‘uncivilized behavior, violating public order, showing a lack of public morals’ are posted by the City Management Bureau on appropriate websites to shame offenders! (What about pants falling down exposing 90% butt topography- we need to crack down?) American Universities are beginning to envy China for enabling eventual SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE KEEPING of  ‘Animal House’ inclined incorrigible students!!!  In my teen years, a number of girl friends decided to intentionally wear only pajamas while out & about  in the community- Joined the fad but ALMOST IMMEDIATELY police officer took me aside ‘very concerned about my mental health & safety-‘ “Are you aware, you are out in the community but still in your pajamas? Are you hurt? Do you know where you are? How did this happen to you? Can you make it home by yourself? Should I assist you? Wow- OLD SCHOOL APPROACH- Overly concerned & attentive Police Officer effective low tech. approach vs. China’s elaborate high tech. camera system for cracking down on public wild behavior? * Muslim Uyghurs being re-educated in ‘concentration camps’ & re-purposed- ‘slave labor’ for Western Market Manufactured Goods? ‘FORCED Organ Transplant (Tourist) Industry?’ 25,000++ being HARVESTED ANNUALLY!!! ALL NATIONS NEED TO BAN FORCED HUMAN Organ TRANSPLANT TOURISM!

British Colonialism still ALIVE? Meghan faced discrimination in England- Felt Forced OUT like Princess Diana to seek SUNNIER SKIES??? P.M. Boris Johnson called Africa A BLOT on the World map and added ‘The problems in Africa are not because of British Colonialism but rather because Africa ceased to be governed under British Colonialism.’ 

Thankfully we can rely on Brad Pitt to help us escape from Burgeoning Apocalyptic Fears!  Brad quips he can improve his ‘Tinder Profile’ by including his SAG (Screen Actors’ Guild) Awards! We certainly appreciate how naughty – a real handful Brad could be as a husband to Jennifer & later to our FAB Angelina- Referring to his failed marriage to Jennifer, Brad says, “IT WAS A DIFFICULT PART- A GUY WHO GETS HIGH- TAKES HIS SHIRT OFF BUT DOESN’T GET IT O_ WITH HIS WIFE! Funny Brad- Please keep it up- Your warm & wonderful humor- we see how hard you make it for your partners! (Is my hearing gone from listening to loud music & riding- Swear I heard Brad say it?)    Jan. 23, 2020  by Brianca Lane

SURFERS R US in APOCALYPTIC TIMES! Welcome to Our Apocalypse- OUR DECISION HOW SEVERE, HOW LONG WE ALL SUFFER by plagues, climate disasters, etc. FOR HARDENING OUR HEARTS as in ANCIENT EGYPT: Disappearing coral reefs & AMAZON BASIN… LUNGS of OUR PLANET- 20% of our OXYGEN- A self contained CLIMATE SYSTEM & TERRESTRIAL ECOSYSTEM containing 30% of ALL OUR EARTH PLANT & ANIMAL SPECIES!!! INDIA LOSING the 2525 km Himalayas to GANGES RIVER SYSTEM- INDIA, AUSTRALIA, WESTERN U.S., etc. BECOMING BARREN DESERTS in our future Apocalyptic Times?!! Plagues a Plenty, Buzzing, Hungry Locusts & Infestations, Corona ‘sharks/vampires’ after our CROWN!!! Fire Tornadoes… YES-it’s 2020 Everybody- But We’re Ready- or MAYBE NOT  READY TO CHANGE OUR BAD HABITS!!!

MOTHER NATURE SAYS “SHOW ME”- “SHOW ME!” She Speaks but Politicians Never Listen! Back in January, introduced our bursting Apocalyptic Times– 4 horsemen sweeping our Earth, … our World in opaque Santa Monica style FOGGY THINKING- ‘People Kind’ disoriented, beginning to crash land! Mother Nature- Beautiful, Perfect & Powerful- having already given us the heads up about Super Storms & Super Swarms, … a Plagues in Ancient Egypt scenario … (Kenya was plagued by a 2400 square km wide SUPER SWARM– locusts devouring our ‘People Kind’ food, consuming their locust body weight daily! Moving up North East African onto the Arabian Peninsula to Iran,, … as if the GOOD  Iranian people haven’t suffered enough under their autocratic, human rights violating government & U.S. sanctions denying basic life sustaining needs including health care!) Gently M. N. saying CHERISH YOUR LIVING GARDEN! Cautioning ‘Heat Is Ramping Up on Pharaoh & Egypt!’ Our Leaders forgot our 2020 Paradise Vision Quest-  Environmental Harmonious Sustainability- SHOW TIME by our OFTEN PROMISED BUT NEVER DELIVERED 2020 VISION! Today she says in her words “SHOW ME!!!” “SHOW ME!”  Politicians ignore HER advice at OUR peril- Facts & Evidence by our Environmental Scientists & Climatologists- KARMA/CONSEQUENCES!  Our Leaders Chose NOT to CHANGE but INSTEAD TO HARDEN THEIR HEARTS- STAY the hell bent Apocalyptic Course! What we face today & wprse into our Future unless WE ACCEPT CHANGE! But some Health Economists are speaking our language- finally! 

Apocalypse PLAGUE Made In China Just for You!  WILD ANIMAL/REPTILE/BIRDS, … snakes, bats, … WET MARKETS for FOOD, MEDICINE, … by unregulated ‘SNAKE OIL SALES PEOPLE’ in Wuhan China!  Add 2 Poorly Secured local BIO-VIRAL HAZARD STUDY CENTERS WITH Substandard Safety Practices HANDLING DEADLY PATHOGENS- blood spills, cuts, leakages, poorly trained & protected lab assistants, .. Not surprising as HUMAN GENETICS BECOMES MIXED WITH VIRUSES & BACTERIA, EVENTUALLY A VIRAL MUTATION IS ABLE TO ATTACH & INFECT ONE HUMAN circa Oct. – Nov., 2019. By early Dec., U.S. INTELLIGENCE IS WARNING about an emerging catastrophic MADE IN CHINA PANDEMIC on the World Horizon. By early January, Pres. Trump is briefed but tells America- ‘China’s dealing with it- What could possibly happen to Americans?  No worry, America! China’s got it!’ But begins restricting travel from China-criticized as being xenophobic! By mid March, China apparently fumbled- America’s GOLDEN GOOSE IS ALREADY COOKED by the time Pres. Trump declares an Emergency in mid March! Social distancing, hand washing & cleaning contaminated surfaces, wearing facial masks, avoiding aerosol in air plague concentrations, TESTING TESTING TESTING with needed QUICK TURNAROUND TIMES!, tracking infected & possible contacts, staying at home orders, quarantining for 2 weeks, restricting travel, locking down the Country… IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY ACTION NEEDED BACK IN JANUARY AS ADOPTED IN China, South Korea, Singapore! But Corona Virus enjoyed months establishing hot spots across America & World Wide! Billions of gigantic food & energy rich humans to feed on, attaching, commandeering human cell machinery- using human hosts’ own cells to spit out billions of copies, easily infecting & feeding on more humans! Viruses make the jump directly to humans or by a chain/stepping stones linking species to species. Bats enjoy a more robust immune system unlike humans! DID WE GO BATTY or DID CHINA’S BIOLOGICAL LABS DO U.S.A.LL & WORLDWIDE IN INTENTIONALLY OR UNINTENTIONALLY??? 

Biological Warfare Science may assist or create viral, bacterial, … unstoppable weapons of human mass destruction. Labs all over our World study biological weapons- what if microscopic viruses are mishandled or somehow leak. We may have NO IMMUNITY to all new viruses just like Europeans introduced small pox… to Indigenous People in The America’s killing 90%- NO IMMUNITY!!! Eventually, this new corona virus will induce antibodies, … in growing numbers of survivors effectively stopping its ability to infest & spread- HERD IMMUNITY when about 70% have already been infected & have antibodies preventing future infection. .’ China brings us  material goods at incredible prices- too often by abused almost slave labor practices!!! China’s people are very hard working in trying circumstances & conditions! Human Rights must not be optional at the Government’s discretion  & like India’s criminal pollution levels, LIFE appears barely livable for humans in populated areas! Invited to a FABULOUS HOME WITH GORGEOUS VIEWS back up in California’s L.A. Hills & Canyons- L.A.’s Rich & Famous enjoying FAB LIVES! Excitedly dove into their swimming pool splendor, thrashed about energetically- but almost COLLAPSED & DROWNEDCOULD NOT BREATHE- AIR SO POLLUTED, BACKED UP INTO THE CANYON HILLSIDES. So Back to Santa Monica’s ocean swept cleaner Beach Bum SURFING AIR & FOG w/o smog for Bri- BREATHING Life Giving CLEAN AIR- INCREASINGLY A BASIC NEED NOT BEING MET IN CHINA< INDIA, etc. 

As intended under Darwinian Biosystems Survival ‘Strategies,’ our Novel Corona virus plague is- for now DRAMATICALLY SHUTTING DOWN OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT. Cities like Beijing in China, Delhi in India, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Bogota in Columbia… are experiencing safe, fresh SWEET SMELLING AIR SUDDENLY!  In Delhi, air quality fell from a deadly reading over 900 to 7- a reading under 25 is SAFE to BREATHE! Why were we unwilling to heed our best Environmental & Earth Climate Change Scientists- all their computer modelling BACKED UP BY SCIENTIFIC TESTING & STUDY, to SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE our CARBON FOOTPRINT? Billions rarely experiencing clean air, water, earth, food?  But LIFE ALWAYS FINDS A WAY to ACHIEVE AN ENVIRONMENTAL BALANCE, REDUCE RUNAWAY HUMAN  IMPACTS- Apocalyptic Karma! China’s COAL FIRE BUILDING BOOM INSANITY IS BEING EXPORTED ACROSS THE GLOBE, for example, inducing catastrophic pollution & Climate Change! Overusing dirty technology instead of creating new wind, solar, … sustainable technologies gentler on our Natural World. Under COVID LOCKDOWN, CO-2 steel & coal industrial source waste is lower by about 15- 40% in China’s corona affected areas. From one extreme of reckless emissions to FORCED LOCKDOWN! A researcher determined U.S. consumption of cheeseburgers involves more unwanted annual carbon based emissions- CO2, Methane, etc. than all U.S. S.U.V. Emissions!  Dr. Good becomes Dr. DISASTER on weekends? A greater Toronto, Canada area Oncologist flies to Hawaii for a week end- AN OUTRAGEOUS CARBON FOOTPRINT, ingests corona virus, flies home exposing her fellow Health Care Staff & Gravely Ill Cancer Patients to COVID Contagion! POSTER WOMAN WHY WE HUMANS ARE THE BIGGEST< BADDEST BRATS ON PLANET EARTH! “If you go to San Francisco- be sure to wear a FLOWER in your hair, …” But heavy fines- even jail time  for entering closed Parks, Green Spaces! Land of THE FREE becomes ALCATRAZ UNDER LOCK DOWN FROM SEA TO SHINING PLASTIC BAG POLLUTED SEA!!! Crowded Prisons like Senior’s Care Homes becoming petri dishes for corona virus & bacterial infections! Convicts released back into the community, … APPARENTLY FOR THEIR SAFETY- NOT OURS!! Huh??? 

The JAILED BECOME FREE, THE FREE BECOME JAILED! OUR VULNERABLE NEGLECTED< PASSIVELY or ACTIVELY CULLED! A Westerner we know teaching English in China near Wuhan was confined to his small  2 room apartment for 6 weeks- like living in a jail cell under SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. Italy & France… apply fines for leaving home unless absolutely necessary!!! But seniors over 60/70/80 are disallowed care, abandoned by Health Care World Wide. Care Homes ARE CLOSED, BY ARCHITECTUAL DESIGN… CROWDED VIRAL TRANSMITTERS & INCUBATORS FOR DISEASES ACTING AGAINST OUR MOST VULNERABLE. Governments enable NO ANNUAL INSPECTION & HOMES ARE UNDERSTAFFED, OFFER VERY INADEQUATE WAGES- PART TIME, FEW BENEFITS< TERRIBLE CONDITIONS, NECESSITATING STAFF WORK AT MULTIPLE HOMES…  DR. Alex Ramos says on behalf of all Seniors & his specific Medical Union of Catalonia, “It seems to us AGE is NOT a SUFFICIENT CRITERION to DENY ASSISTANCE!” ( The cut off is age 60- very young!)  ! THIS WORLDWIDE AGE-ISM HOLOCAUST by our Governments  & HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS is watched daily on our news! PROFITS ALWAYS AT THE EXPENSE OF PEOPLE? Takes us back to 1930’s+ Nazi Germany & Eugenics- WHO IS HELPED TO LIVE & WHO WILL BE SHOT WITH MORPHINE TO DIE QUICKLY! 

Can’t we achieve a SUSTAINABLE BALANCE IN OUR BIOSPHERE- LIVING SYSTEMS within Living Systems? Not being reclusive murmuring CAVE DWELLERS but not selfishly trashing our young folks PLANET & FUTURE HAPPINESS?! Enjoying Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness but CHERISHING OUR ENVIRONMENT, FLORA & FAUNA! Our Health being Intimately connected to our BIOSPERE’S HEALTH! Enjoying clean air to breathe, pure water to drink and bath in, food from uncontaminated, healthy soil, … a cherished NATURAL WORLD/ENVIRONMENT to experience BLESSED LIFE, BEAUTY & PEACE. HEALTHY BIOSPHERE =HEALTHY U.S.! Many MENTAL & PHYSICAL ILLNESSES WASHING AWAY! Our RESTORED IMMUNE SYSTEMS ABLE TO TAKE ON ALL CHALLENGERS! What do we WISH FOR? Our Beloved Earth Cherished, Restored, Vibrant, Healthy, BLESSING US BY OUR EVERY BREATH!  But just to HEAR MOTHER NATURE SPEAK“YOU ARE SHOWING ME!” How did we become so dumb hardly anyone actually HEARS Mother Nature Speak except by subconscious channels or in OUR DREAMS? SHE is BEAUTIFUL & WONDERFULher voice & presence! We are so LUCKY- BLESSED! “Don’t it only go to show- You don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone- They paved paradise, Put in a parking lot!” (Joni Anderson/Mitchell)  

P.S. Doctor Cyrus McVirus says Be a Social Distance Darling– All together now SHOUT“Don’t Stand Close to Me!!!!!!” At least 6 feet+ away/2 meters! 13 feet necessary for better safety!  CROWDED & INDOOR NON MICRO FILTERED AIR CARRIES HIGHER DANGEROUS CONCENTRATIONS OF VIRUS! DON’T BREATHE INTO MY FACE- MY AIR SPACE ENVELOPE RESERVED FOR MY BREATHING- Thank You!’ ‘DON’T TOUCH ME or COME CLOSE- The Farther you stay away, the more you show your LOVE!’ ‘Oh- better stand far away to speak loudly- our breath may carry into another’s air space envelope!’ Dr. Cyrus McVirus’s Orders!  PLEASE AVOID TOUCHING YOUR HAIR or FACE WITH VIRUS INFESTED HANDS! Dr. Emma Watson, witch conjuror- says Try SELF PARTNERING- WAVES HER MAGIC WAND!! Everyone KEEP YOUR BODY EMISSIONS & PARTS SAFE!  Viruses can survive for a time on surfaces- CLEAN SURFACES PEOPLE TOUCH! WASH YOUR HANDS- Have one hand SLAP the other for starting to touch hair, face, nose, mouth, eyes, …. Avoid Big Gatherings- over 2 people in witch’s covens or over 10 sorcerers, Emma says! Discretionary travel doesn’t exist  anymore!  Home ON LINE SCHOOLED R U.S.? Our young children can learn us the edujucation we never had? Children are good at teaching animals- PARENTS shouldn’t be too much SLOWER than animals! No hoarding food, sanitizers & toilet rolls from your local grocery store! Protect seniors & anyone with existing health issues- over age 70 face about a 10% fatality rate & among survivors- 10% suffer longer term health issues- Virus may damage heart & blood circulation system & any organs! STAY AT HOME- SHELTER IN PLACE like in China, Italy, France, … Our HEARTS OF  MODERN FREEDOM & LIBERTY INTERRUPTED! Italy, for ex. shuts the Pizza Palace Country down! ‘Louie- Hold the pepperoni, indefinitely!’  Borders closed- Pres. Trump’s PREMONITION WARNING DREAMS? Canadians & Mexicans kept safe from a runaway Corona plague within the U.S. & Americans escaping into Mexico & Canada! After a first wave slowly open up the Country gently but watch for an inevitable worse second wave- especially by citizens going STIR CRAZY FROM ISOLATING IN THE FIRST WAVE & REFUSING TO OBSERVE ENDLESS ARBITRARY CHANGING POLITICAL EDICTS BY OUR POWER CRAZED INCOMPETENT LEADERS BEING EXPOSED FOR THE BUFFOONS THEY ARE!!! 

OUR HARD WON INALIENABLE RIGHTS & FREEDOMS BEING ARBITRATILY OUTLAWED AS POLITICIANS ACT AGAINST CONSTITUTIONS a la 1984 Big Brother, China Style Enslavement softening U.S. for THE MARK OF THE BEAST- 24/7 A.I. Surveillance & Judgement!!! Our BODIES, OUR CHOICES- BUT PLAY SAFE ‘CAUSE COVID’S PRIME DIRECTIVE IS TO CULL & INJURE HUMANS!!! Plague math:: If 1 household member gets sick, everyone in your house is in quarantine! QURAN- TIME TO STUDY in Muslim Countries! Plague physics:– Everyone stay apart to FLATTEN the INFECTION NUMBERS CURVE! Big Brother’s Plague Piggybacking on COVID CATCH -22- Style to STEAL ALL OUR INALIENABLE Constitutional RIGHTS & FREEDOMS & by Economic Strangulation… BUT CLAIMING THEY ARE ACTUALLY SAVING US! Like the traditional Big Pharma Serpent Snake Oil Salesperson Rescuer saying to Family Physicians ‘Tell all your trusting Patients you are c/o Big Pharma RESCUERS OF Floundering Swimmers- Hold out these anchors- OPIOIDS- They have no serious side effects, nor are they addictive!’ Frustrating & Bankrupting Small & Medium Independent Size Businesses…  Politicians outlawing all normal social connecting behavior, a BRAINWASHING CULT STYLE TACTIC EMPLOYED TO DIVIDE & CONQUER ex. cultural genocide of Indigenous Peoples… Barring Bars, Church Gatherings, public Sports Events, Restaurants- take out & delivery only,  Recreation Centers, Public Events, Parades, Theaters, Protest Gathering/ all Public Gatherings, … outside the small Family unit! Being Played for APRIL FOOLS-  LOVE YOU- ALWAYS PLAY SAFE in our upcoming weeks & months- HELP EACH OTHER BUT BE SAFE- LOVE YOU- KEEP STRONG- Don’t Be Afraid! Our whole World is enfolding us all- WE’RE ALL IN LOVE TOGETHER IN OUR COLLECTIVE STRUGGLE Together MeUSCan-Do!   March 18 , 2020                  Brianca   Lane                      STAY HEART & MIND STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BE STRONG- BE SAFE- BE HEALTHY AS YOU ARE ABLE-LOVE IS GUIDING US ALL THROUGH  OUR APOCALYPTIC CHALLENGES TOGETHER- MeUsCan-Do!!!!! TOGETHER WE STAND- TOGETHER WE RISE- TOGETHER WE DREAM & CREATE OUR NEW WORLD!!!!! Our World is ready for SOMETHING NEW- our familiar OLD SCHOOL WORLD is cracking, not built on bedrock after all but on SHIFTING SANDS. SHAKES & SHIFTS- not as solid or REAL as we had imagined! But OUR SOMETHING BRAND NEW WORLD hasn’t arrived yet- where is it- Together can we IMAGINE IT? Of course- we don’t see it because WE HAVEN’T BUILT IT TOGETHER YET! So we’re transitioning between our OLD SCHOOL familiar World we believed was solid but wasn’t-  to our SOMETHING BRAND NEW WORLD we haven’t built yet! If anyone is feeling a bit anxious, depressed, helpless, perfectly normal- to be expected. We must PULL TOGETHER, display our BEST CHARACTER as experienced swimmers working TOGETHER in STORMY CHANGING TIMES & ROLLING SEAS! Bob Dylan sang “The Times- They Are A Changing!”* BUT TODAY- THEY’VE CHANGED! We become domesticated- FAMILY FRIENDLY within our Earth’s Home Life Biosphere! MOTHER NATURE SPEAKS- WE LISTEN! Not ALWAYS APART- BUT A HARMONIOUS PART MAKING JOYFUL NOISE IN MOTHER NATURE’S LIVING CHOIR!

Our World isn’t going BACKWARDS AGAIN to create the same disasters, repeat the same mistakes- we HOPE & PREY!!!  If our younger Generation isn’t FREAKING OUT like Greta Thunder Bird over Climate Change & Environmental Failures being passed down to them, they need counselling!!! We humans have been slapped down HARD! NOT A COINCIDENCE! Like Ancient Egyptians, how many plagues, … will it take before everyone says- ‘That’s Enough- We Get IT!!! We’re LISTENING!!!’  Scientists have been warning us but our Political Leaders ALWAYS ATTEMPT TO SPIN WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING TO FOOL US A GAIN- AND AGAIN! Pres. Trump says he’ll allow a two week window before RAMPING UP THE U.S. ECONOMY! (*P.S. Didn’t Zimmerman simply ‘borrow’ the tune, slap on new lyrics?) “WE CAN WORK IT OUT” Beatle Paul reminds us- “Life is much too short for fussing & fighting my Friend!” Our OLD SCHOOL WORLD we understand isn’t SUSTAINABLE any longer as Scientists inform us. Suddenly it appears we are FORCED to WAKE UP, create a NEW WORLD- like it or not! BECOME FAMILY FRIENDLY to our BIOSPHERE! We BETTER LIKE IT BECAUSE IT’S HAPPENING!  We might  aspire to be back in the 1950’s when ‘FATHER KNOWS BEST!’- But 2020 HAPPENED!!! ELVIS has left THE STADIUM- NOT COMING BACK- Thank You- Thank You Very Much! (Yes- his spirit is always with us!) WE’RE KNOCKED US OFF OUR PRIMPING PEDESTAL- Everything is Forever Changed!  U.S. spends another $738 billion on endless warfare- now withdrawing from Afghanistan after 19 years of suffering & horrible losses all around- “Life is MUCH TOO SHORT …” for stupidity! Do you believe we could use $738 billion annually for better purposes? Life finds a way to encourage us along- occasionally slapping us silly to get our attention! But  our Political Leaders are always hoping to use a good crisis to concentrate power & control! MAKE BELIEVE THEY KNOW BETTER THAN WE- THE PEOPLE! Canada’s minority Liberal Party, using a COVID cover story, the need to get help to citizens in crisis, attempted to slip in a provision giving their Finance Minister ABSOLUTE DICTATORIAL FINANCIAL CONTROL UNTIL DEC, 2021! Political Leaders in many modern Countries- Italy, Spain, Britain, U.S., Sweden … dismissed Scientific Common Sense- A HEAD BURIED IN THE SAND HOPE?  ‘We’ll just WHISTLE DIXIE & allow this plague to blow over in a few months-‘ FIDDLING WHILE COVID BURNS DOWN THE EMPIRE!!!

Satellite photos from SPACE show SUBSTANTIAL DECREASES IN POLLUTION WORLD WIDE, our environment- especially air becoming healthier! What human Carbon footprint? From one extreme to the other?  1/3 to 1/2 Human Kind in TOTAL LOCK DOWN- frozen by SHELTER AT HOME Big Brother Emergency Declarations & Orders. But In our FORCED TRANSITION DOWN TIME, COME FLY MY LOVE- DREAM OUR NEW WORLD TOGETHER!  Old School World Business wasted travelling time meetings  vs. 5G virtual multi dimensional reality meetings WITH ANYONE ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME FOR ANY LENGTH- enjoying our home comforts, involving no costs or lost time, no negative impacts on Mr. Flora & Ms. Fauna/Other!! VIRTUAL REALITY = GETTING TOGETHER ANYWHERE ANY TIME!  At a café in gay Paris or on Californian or Australian MUSCLE Beaches- ‘PUMP ME UP?’ No fear in VIRTUAL REALITY of  becoming shark bait or a Jellyfish sting target!  Unlocking our senses- sight, sound, smell, touch, taste… but with zero environmental impact or cost. With School being Cancelled, on line & future virtual reality education is being established World Wide.  Dreams we imagine in a new World we CHOOSE to CREATE? COAL… MINER’S DAUGHTER  FREE AT LAST BY solar, hydro, wind energy, …  sources with minimal or zero environmental impacts. Loretta Lynn’s a stomping in joy-wiping the coal dust from her feet! (No increasing monsoons/super storms, hell fires, lush ecosystems becoming deserts, collapsing Biological & Eco Systems, breathing dirty air, drinking & bathing in chemically diseased water…) Time’s Up on Developing Nations being used as our Western World’s trash bins! Becoming FAMLY FRIENDLY–  LOVING MOTHER NATURE BACK TO FLOURISHING BEAUTY & LIFE! BEAUTIFUL BUT STRESSED-O.M.G.!!! I’ve never told you about that!!!!!!!! BE STRONG FOR YOURSELF & EVERYONE LOOKING TO YOU FOR COMFORT! WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER- LOOVE YOU!!! March 25, 2020 Brianca Lane  P.S. But walking TOGETHER- 2 meters+/6 feet+ apart or greater!    

WOW- GIVING UP OUR RIGHTS WORKS TO INCREASE EFFICIENCY & SHORTEN THE PLAGUE’S FIRST WAVE- BUT AT WHAT COST?- WE CAN’T ALLOW THE CURE TO BE WORSE THAN THE DISEASE Pres. Trump complains!!!  We’re Between A ROCK & A HARD PLACE!!!!!!!!!! SURFING COVID’S FIRST GIANT WAVE- WHAT DO WE DO? Because up to 1/2 infected may show little or no symptoms but can spread the virus, … Due to stealthy virus’s long gestation period & infecting ability after victim’s recovery from symptoms… we quarantine our infected, use phone, credit cards, cameras to geolocate victim’s past 2 weeks movements, track down possible others infected, … Wuhan China employed 18,000 trackers, … pays informants $1400 for turning in infected & rewards infected for coming in  & testing, …  S. Korea has police, … go to people’s homes to test & check, … infected fined $8,000 for unauthorized outings from quarantine.  Politicians seek greater control/autocratic powers- … increase surveillance of citizens but refuse to relinquish powers, after crisis- for ex. our U.S. Patriot Act from 911.  Wuhan was assisted by 40,000 medical workers redeployed from other regions, … everyone wearing protective garb, safety masks, … hand washing in chlorine,, … before entering stores, subways, in the streets, … undergoing temperature checks by volunteers,… disinfecting hard surfaces, phones, door handles, food areas, everyone avoiding touching facial area, … incredible tight lock down rules, … only allowed outside for absolute essentials upon approval, … using special volunteers for deliveries, … store staff using long poles to stay away from persons picking up food secured in sealed bags, … Britain allowing  1 outing per day for exercise, … maximum ‘group’ of 2 people, … borders closed … quarantining for 2 weeks for all travelers, … no outings allowed for anyone in quarantine, … fancy Emma’s self partnering magic wand ways!, …medical equipment: Gov. Cuomo, N.Y., U.S. says needs 30,000,+ ventilators; Need to flatten the infection curve to avoid surging patient number hospital bottle necks, … Wuhan template: If everyone avoids transmission, within two months the virus is stopped- China is now ramping business, social activities back up, Wuhan circa April 8! But allowing foreign travelers in may spark a second viral wave!  In U.S. contagion could peak about 3rd week in April and follow the 2 month China experience with tighter lock down policies! 1/3 or more World/s population in lock down- essential services & businesses only allowed open (including ARBITRARILY FAVORING BIG BOX STORES, beer, liquor & pot distributors in Ontario Canada for addicts & self medication users, …)  

POLITICIANS & HEALTH CARE EMPLOY 1930’s German EUGENICS PRACTICES- DECIDE WHO LIVES , WHO DIES!!! Italy & Spain disasters for seniors- being CULLED by Policies denying care based on AGEISM, DENYING over 60 Health Care for Recovery, morphine, etc.  usually offered Worldwide for a quick death!! Italy fatalities report 86% are over 70, 10% over 60- …   World Wide 5% over 60 infected die & about 10% over 70 but 10%+ survivors suffer longer disabilities… Visible minorities & marginal people ALWAYS SUFFER DISPROPORTIONATELY IN ANY CRISIS!  ‘MENTALLY ILL’ CHALLENGED BY THE TRIPLE CROSS- SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS, POVERTY & STIGMA/DISCRIMINATION REQUIRE  COMPASSIONATE HELP AS REQUESTED OR OFFERED UNDER NORMAL TIMES! Under COVID Apocalyptic Times, Substance Abusers/Addicted receive inadequate help & DIE AT HIGHER LEVELS THAN COVID’S RATE of FATALITIES! We find out how Politicians & Health Care Providers actually rate different groups- DECIDE WHO LIVES< WHO DIES BASED ON AGE< SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS< SKIN COLOR & ETHNICITY, DISABILITY, etc. Marriages break down & violence increases, businesses fail, kid’s miss basic daily necessities, adequate care & schooling, ill people’s moderately pressing needs are GENERALLY IGNORED- moderate diseases become FATAL, mild illnesses become severe, etc.  Homelessness & poverty skyrocket as Economies & Busineses are SHUT DOWN… Q. Is the cure worse than the virus? Destroying families, small & medium size businesses, ruining people’s HOPES & DREAMS?  Need for special assistance, for activities of daily living… Elderly, Vulnerable Groups, People with underlying Health Issues, regular Home Care, … Deliveries… Indigenous groups…   Financial Emergency Assistance … $$$ needs… Stopping Evictions, Foreclosures… Equity & Fairness? Ongoing Viral Outbreaks- Congo’s measles epidemic- 18 million vaccinated but 310,000 cases & 7,000 deaths in 1 year! Will further outbreaks emerge of similar or new strains? Identifying the source- by a Zoonosis transmission- other ‘animal’ species to human? Or accidentally from a bio warfare lab at Wuhan? What’s to stop future outbreaks or reoccurring outbreaks? Live Wet & Wild Animal, Reptile Markets in China, …  bats, snakes… for food & medicine- intimate  wild animal/ human contact enabling viruses to create new strains & develop ways to attach to human biology, March 25, 2020 by Brianca Lane BE STRONG   BE INFORMED

breaking news- TOGETHER IN STRENGTH BUT ALWAYS WITH LOVE!!!  HEAR WHAT OUR Governments & Health Care R WITHHOLDING FROM YOU! (ex.  Not Testing = Feeding Corona Virus ‘STEALTH’ INFECTION ‘STRATEGY!’ Up to 50% infected showing minimal symptoms but spreading disease like Trojan Horses! Seniors secretly being cut off from Help by HEARTLESS Gov’ts. & DO NO HELP!!! age 60/80 cut offs-  LOW AGE 60 Cut-Off in Italy, Spain?- World Wide Holocaust against Seniors under way- Care Homes acting as INCUBATORS for ‘wildfire’ viruses & bacterial infections spreading inexorably passed from ‘sardine can’ crowded resident to resident, on surfaces everywhere, by staff to staf to residents, care home to care home- residents & staff too often untested, w/o quarantine or adequate preventative strategies… Seniors & vulnerable citizens typically are helpless- weaker immune systems & underlying health issues- BUT WHO ESCAPES THIS PETRI DISH OF PLAGUES, HEALTHY OR NOT? Please ALWAYS LOVE- LOVE ALL WAYS!!! 

breaking news- breaking news Since Corona Virus’s first attack in 2019, our Governments World Wide have been holding back true information! WHAT & WHY we should ask! For example the TRUTH ABOUT THE REAL TRANSMISSION STORY- A STEALTH PANDEMIC ‘INVASION?’ Are up to 50% COVID- 19 DISEASE CARRIERS ALMOST ASYMPTOMATIC & NOT BEING RECOGNIZED AS  ‘STEALTH KILLERS?’ WHAT? Based on ‘TEST- TEST- TEST EVERYONE THINKING,’ Iceland Study finds 50% showing virtually NO SYMPTOMS- BUT ARE STILL ABLE TO INFECT OTHERS- you & me! Unaware ‘Trojan Horse’ Human ‘WALKING ASSASSINS’ IN OUR MIDST? They don’t know, we don’t suspect they can infect & kill, Health Services & our Governments AREN’T TESTING- Everyone’s blind???   Sufferers may experience virtually no symptoms or slight cold like symptoms, for example-  Additionally, gestation period before shedding the virus may be 5 days or more so repeated testing is called for! Shedding also occurs AFTER SYMPTOMS?  OUTCOME: A RECIPE FOR EXPONENTIAL DISEASE SPREADING WE ARE NOW WITNESSING? Unknowing Stealth Carriers infecting dozens by close proximity in buses, metro, trains, private vehicles, shopping, at work & INFECTING OUR LOVED ONES AT HOME!  By our BREATHING IN ‘DISEASE CARRYING AIR’ JUST RELEASED or TOUCHING SURFACES recently handled by INFECTED CARRIERS, then touching our face or a Friend or Family… The invisibly tiny virus also is in feces- via washrooms, on cell phones, door handles, on railings…   How many Countries decline ‘Test- Test- Test EVERYONE’ Policies & Practices? U.S. has tested less than 1 %-  RESERVE TESTING ONLY FOR OBVIOUS COVID-19 SUFFERERS & their known close contacts? Been months too late in enacting TEST- TEST TEST! Arbitrary ever changing edicts about quarantine measures, shutting down borders, social distancing, wearing masks, social gathering, approved vs. non approved businesses, Religious Services, …  Millions returning to their Motherland but often ignoring requests to strictly quarantine themselves- One attendee at a Newfoundland, Canada funeral visitation ironically reportedly infected 44 who then infected-A Choir COVID carrier infects dozens of fellow singers within a few hours SINGING LOUDLY INDOORS regardless they social distanced…

What populations are being exponentially infected under INEFFECTIVE CURRENT BAD PRACTICES? 40% of the first 150+/- afflicted at one Wuhan China hospital caught the disease at the same ‘Corona Virus Incubator!’ Our completely unprepared health care systems CRASH BUT WE BURN!? What they’re HIDING FROM US: In Italy, Spain… for ex. You’re 60 or older needing a Ventilator, SORRY- You’re GIVEN SEDATIVES TO QUIET YOUR DECLINE!   You’re 30- ‘Bring this Patient a Ventilator, Pronto!’ Just like Nazi Germany? Are our Gov’ts. & Health Care Officials Telling Us About Their SECRET DISCUSSIONS- WHO LIVES, WHO DIES- THEY DECIDE!   Doc- believe me- I may look 65 but I’m 35, active & a tax paying industrious worker bee, please help me live! Si-But of Course! Thanks- Doc! What about our refugee camp victims, poverty stricken crowded marginalized peoples & places, war torn ravaged areas, homeless experiencing inadequate nutrition, sanitation, lining up for hours to obtain water & food with minimal health care, social & income supports during our PANDEMIC? Secret Discussions behind our backs about ‘these people?’ WHO LIVES, WHO DIES- THEY DECIDE! Lacking basic necessities, safety, comforts, education, employment opportunities, resources & options, living  in OVER CROWDED polluted, disease infested conditions.   Social distancing, hand washing, hygiene almost impossible! 

Second  COVID WAVE vs. Fall Vaccine HOPES? Pres. Trump hopes by Easter Sunday- packed Churches praying to God/Allah, maybe we can begin getting back to more normal living! Officials NOT TELLING US about Corona Virus WAVES Crashing into the Fall? About America’s infections peaking about 3rd week in April? Not telling us- playing it cautious still invites a SECOND WAVE of Infections in the fall but Trump is calling for vaccine successes by the Nov. Election- late Fall Vaccine inoculation begins?  China is opening up again AFTER 2+ MONTHS STRICT LOCK DOWN & SUSPENSION OF HUMAN RIGHTS!  LIMITING FOREIGN DISEASE CARRYING ‘INVADERS’ FROM STARTING A SECOND WAVE OF COVID-19!  Will WAVE AFTER WAVE of CONTAGION SPREAD AS NATIONS TIGHTEN & LOOSEN LOCK DOWNS throughout 2020+?  Seniors, poor, refugees, visible minorities, challenged by illness or disabilities IN WRONG SITUATIONS, CONDITIONS, PLACES or TIMES- ‘WE TRIED OUR BEST TO HELP ‘ but THEY ARE  OUR SACRIFICIAL LAMBS???’ 

Better we be informed about secret discussions behind our back! U.S. Pres. Reagan said (in the 1980’s) about working with the stealthy U.S.S.R- ‘Trust But Verify!’ Wonder why we are bombarded with Mainstream Media Admonishments to ‘REMEMBER- ONLY LOOK AT OFFICIAL VETTED, Gov’t. APPROVED SITES & COMMUNICATIONS?’ BUT YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON BEHIND YOUR BACK!!!  WE CHOOSE TO FIND OUT- EXPOSE THE TRUTH, GIVE YOU A HEAD’S UP! VERIFY TO HELP YOU BE SAFE, To “TAKE UP OUR BEDS & WALK” a wise man said 2,000 years ago! ACCEPT OUR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY- LOVE ONE ANOTHER with respect & compassion! Our Governments & Health Care Systems hold the truth back, play out Campaigns of half truths or lies at our expense! Pres. Trump CHOOSES TO HELP directing G.M. ‘Tool up to make VENTILATORS for COVID-19 sufferers!’- Thanks!!! Are you listening ITALY, Spain…  We know- Together MeUsCan-do! Strengthen your HEART & RESOLVE!  WE SHALL OVERCOME THIS CHALLENGE as WE HAVE RISEN TO FACE OUR MENTAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, (SPIRITUAL,) CHALLENGES! We can do this- Together in Strength but ALWAYS WITH LOVE! Will our Governments & Health Care Systems Engage HONESTLY to HELP? March 27, 2020  Brianca Lane  Always LOVE-  LOVE ALL WAYS! 


We saw the pandemic storm growing, waves building when the oceans appeared calm. We saw our BELOVED VULNERABLE PEOPLES SO AT RISK! WARNED OUR POLITICIANS & GOVERNMENTS- UNPREPARED HEALTH CARE & EMERGENCY SYSTEMS, …. SAME STORY ABOUT OUR BROKEN NATURAL RELATIONSHIPS with OUR BELOVED BIOSPHERE!  Do GOODER $BILLionaire  Gates, attempting to address bacterial & viral contagions among children in very challenging situations, assembled a scientific team to track diseases using computer simulations- immediately discovered the computer simulations pointed to our CURRENT COVID PANDEMC!  $BILLionaire Gates sounded The ALARM–  Big Brother Politicians snooze fest Party in Progress! In future we should CHOOSE Governments who go beyond being sleazy vacuum sales Folks sucking us into their DIRT BAG WAYS, CLEANING OUR CLOCKS THE WORLD OVER!  HEARKEN OUR HEARTS TO HEROES, NOT ZEROS! Thanks Bill Gates for TRYING! We All Wear Our Hearts On Our Sleeves for everyone consequently SUFFERING, for every LIVING EXPRESSION, for our Beloved Garden Planet, Our Ever Enduring Blessed Mother Nature. We Apologize and if Believers, apologize to our Angels & our God, Allah, Creator, … having to witness helplessly People Kinds Freedom to Do BAD THINGS, Wrong Things instead doing The Right Thing RIGHT! Seniors CULLED BY DESIGN, whispers behind their & our backs- over 60 age CUT OFF, …. How SAD OUR BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS WITH NATURE BRINGING ABOUT THIS KARMIC Climate Change & COVID APOCALYPSE ON People Kind, in HOPE for our rejoining as a RESPONSIBLE LIVING EXPRESSION of LIFE on our BELOVED PLANET! 

But Our HEARTS ON OUR SLEEVES- TOGETHER MEUSCAN-Do, Will-Do MUST-Do! We all share basic life sustaining needs and across our World, WITH SPEED bring AID to NEEDY EVERYWHERE, ACHIEVING FOR OTHERS, STABILIZING,  RE-PURPOSING OUR ENERGIES, BUILDING A NEW WORLD  AND NEW LIFE SUSTAINING WAYS- LIBERTY, CREATIVITY, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  ALWAYS OUR OWN HAPPINESS BEING CONNECTED TO THE HEALTH OF OUR BIOSPHERE! A new Spring into  SUNNY WAYS AHEAD! Looking forward, our being ALERT to the Health & Happiness of our Biosphere, Mother Nature- Habitats, Flora & Fauna CLEAN air, water, earth, ecological  systems. Our Achilles Heel Garden in Eden story of Self Centered Arrogance, wanting to be our own gods unto our selfish aspirations- never mind the biosphere & climate systems! People Kind subjecting our Beloved Earth to unearthly calamity- But SHE still speaks to US, instead of DIVORCING US OFF THE PLANET! INTO ETERNITY! WE GET IT- HARD WAY TO LEARN OUR LESSONS!  How many women hear that plea- I can CHANGE- Just Give Me ONE LAST CHANCE!  

We plead Scientific Researchers sweeten our new journey into Enlightenment- Space satellite views show our ENVIRONMENT is BETTER- CLEANER, beginning to breathe air like we never experienced before! Standing in the woods at dusk in awe breathing in sweet smelling & tasting LIFE GIVING AIR-  TO BE SO ALIVE- AIR, WATER, EARTH, CLEANSING & INSPIRING OUR HEARTS & BODIES! HAVE WE BEEN DEPRIVING OURSELVES OF OUR OWN HEALTH- SUFFERING ALL THESE DEBILITATING ILLNESSES for $$$, our Planet becoming toxic to LIVING!  Rushing about trying to get OUR SENSES HIGH BECAUSE OUR ENVIRONMENT IS SO LOW!  Asked my Dad- Would you give up $100,000 to have 10 years added back- OF COURSE- R U CRAZY- IN A HEARTBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2019 protests marches World Wide all prohibited in 2020 with threats to increase fines & stricter stay at home orders. Create a family from 6+ feet apart- Our husbands  magic wands breaching that GREAT DIVIDE!  Female Rights barely 100+ years TODAY- Trounced on by Big  Brother’s COVID LOCK DOWNS!  Millions of Women leaving the Work Force! Backsliding Women into APRONS. Do NOT Go Out Without B.B. Permission- Buy groceries, toilet paper  & pharmaceuticals, beer & liquor for Dad, Come right back home- Apron back on to entertain kids & husband, ….  Only beginning 1900- 2019, were women were ALLOWED out!!! Saudi Women are only enjoying their FIRST YEAR of REAL FREEDOM outside the Home! Please give all Women A BREAK FROM STAY AT HOME ORDERS- 5,000 years beyond cruel oppressive Ancient Greece days!!!

Be shot for breaking quarantine in Duterte Philippines police state,  … In Toronto Canada- TRUE NORTH STRONG  & FREE, $800- $5000 conviction charge for standing in groups over 5, entering closed or congested parks & green spaces, walking or standing within 5 feet of another ordered about, NO RIGHTS? citizen … A non relative in your car or in your house- R U asking for a not so Friendly Flat Foot? But once jailed, they have to release you to avoid closed quarters jail contagion outbreaks!  Ontario’s Premier & Canada’s P.M.- like all other Politicians, admonishing & threatening! Hear clippety-clop outside your door- That’d be R.C.M.P. Officers on horseback ensuring you are sheltered at home in quarantine, no non Family visitors allowed! Flattening the illness spread curve by locking down non essential businesses for months, … flattening your businesses, wallets, incomes, ability to buy food, pay bills, … half of everyone already only surviving pay check to pay check! Check your kids’ PIGGY BANKS for a loan! BUT 25% less air pollution In China! Scientists beginning to assert  cleaner air- never mind men giving up smoking in China, SAVES MORE LIVES than Corona Virus CLAIMS! OUR CLEANER MOTHER EARTH SAVES MORE LIVES THAN THIS VIRAL PLAGUE CONSUMES Scientists speculate! CLEAN UP OUR ENVIRONMENTS = HAPPIER, HEALTHIER LIVES!!!  BETTER SHOW OUR WORLD REAL LOVELIKE WE CAN’T IMAGINE BEING ANY OTHER WAY! ALWAYS LOVE! LOVE ALL WAYS!  April 3, 2020    by Brianca Lane     In Your Hearts- You Are Always In Mine!

P.S. Be safe- 6+feet apart, avoid breathing in another’s air/aerosol droplets suspend in standing air- outside breezes disperse viral cloud concentration; wear a face mask in public, gloves, …; avoid being in closed environments among crowds like the plague!;   never touch your face, hair, eyes, mouth before thoroughly washing your hands with clean water & soap; surfaces- railings, door handles, money, counters, covered by virus- may live 24 hours on cardboard & days on hard plastics,…; up to half infected show minimal symptoms- will be  contagious for days before & after infection;  avoid human to human touching or any close proximity;  virus lives in feces- sanitation & hygiene critical;  Your Personal Health Critical- exercise daily, take care of your health  to be best able to fight the virus, I take a multi vitamin almost daily & a glass of orange juice for vitamin C, vitamin D from sunshine or foods IS NECESSARY;   always be alert & careful in or away from home but not paranoid nor allow yourself to be too stressed- harms your immunity to fight disease!,  South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, … LOCKED DOWN COMPLETELY FOR ABOUT A MONTH- TRACKING DOWN ALL POSSIBLY INFECTED for STRICT QUARANTINE’ to BEAT VIRUS- virus dies without a host, … No transmission, virus dies;  1 in 3 Americans have high blood pressure, 1 in 3  are obese, 10%+suffer diabetes, underlying health conditions -heart, lung, auto immune diseases weaken infected victims;  disease may be invisible with few symptoms so self partner & use a strict quarantine area for an infected family member;  avoid petri-dish, incubator closed environments crowding people together- opportunities for transmission; Governments & Health Care systems basically set seniors & vulnerable Citizens up- R Withholding HELP based on AGEISM! with morphine needles to hasten passing in place of HELP, treatment, ventilators;   Spread out- social distancing is our best defense;  Exponential increase in disease spread in next weeks; Spanish flu= A WORSE PLAGUE!!! beginning in 1918, spread in waves as probably this virus will, infecting 500 million & killing 50- 100 million- targeted healthy people in their prime; estimated  90 per cent of First Nations Indigenous killed by European diseases- no immunity;  if we do not take any precautions- depend on herd immunity, about 50- 60 million will die versus estimated 3 million but poverty stricken or disaster prone regions face feared contagious spread, refugee camps, seniors care homes in advanced nations- dozens passing in individual senior care homes as we predicted, crowded prisons also at risk & any crowded situation with poor sanitation &hygiene, petri-dish situations on cruise ships;  about a 2 1/2 % kill rate- skewed to our over 60 age group- 20- 25 times flu .1 kill rate; Bubonic viral plagues over the centuries sometimes killed about 1/4 of the world, about 500 – 700 AD about 40% while Ebola spreads LESS- by physical contact & body fluids but is up to 85% lethal, …; if everyone stayed inside for one month- no contact with anyone, the virus dies because it is a vampire & cannot live without a host- ‘US’ to feed on! Apr. 3. 2020 by Brianca Lane LOVE YOU!!!

GOING HIGH WITH MICHELLE- BABY,  IT’S STILL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YOU!!!    Aug. 19-20, 20/20 visioning

WHAT/WHO>>>>> Our Beloved Former Prince Harry goes mental! Hooks up with OPRAH in 2019 to produce t.v. series? on Mental Health to air later this fall? Good Principles fair Prince!   Beloved Britney Spears- singing “You Drive Me Crazy” “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart” has her “BABY ONE MORE TIME!” Conservator Hearing Aug. 19? Her Dad Jamie wants to carry on but Britney wants to Dance to a Different Drummer, have a changed Musical $$$ Arrangement in her life! (Britney SINGING- MY CONSERVATORS Drive Me Crazy! From The Bottom of My BROKEN BANK ACCOUNT & PITTANCE Wall Mart Low ALLOWANCE! Baby- I’VE BEEN OPPRESSED FOR TOO LONG A TIME!!!!!!!!!!!) Speaking of all you OPPRESSED or UNAPPRECIATED GORGEOUS WOMEN, you’re bringing everyone back to 295 B.C.- The First Temple to VENUS- Roman GODDESS OF LOVE, BEAUTY & FERTILITY is dedicated- dedicated to your inner & outer beautiful character, regardless how closely you conform to the 5% of women achieving ‘LOOKISM’s’ almost impossible standards! Every starlet’s dream to be VENUS? A very sensitive issue- mental health & capacity- everyone’s moods swing up & down somewhat, we’re off our game or got our ____ together depending on our external & internal situations;  The more severe our mental/emotional challenges & situations, the better or worse we may feel able & free to make our best decisions;  Decision making is usually not ‘black or white’/simple but very complex & variable like in Family Divorce Courts! Wonderful actors, GOOD folks! Angelina Happy/Jolie & Brad Prune/Peach/Pear Pitt still struggling after years in private Court about custody, visitation, etc.- Why not go crazy one Court visit- take the plunge listening to Britney’s song ‘BABY, ONE MORE TIME!’ ‘Your Honor- all these years facing off against each other have finally broken us down to where WE’RE ‘Smith vs. Smith’ BEGGING YOU TO REMARRY US/RECERTIFY OUR UNION- We can’t take 5 more years torturing each other spending $$$ on sharky lawyers like Britney’s Court CURSE! When we could happily married and pleasantly ignoring each other like good partners do!  PLEASE YOUR HONOR BEFORE OUR CHILDREN BECOME ADULTS, MOVE AWAY & HAVE NORMAL MARRIAGES- LEAVING US STANDING HERE BEFORE YOU SHARKS KNAWING ON OUR BANK ACCOUNTS 24/7!!!!!!’ (At we try anything to mend divisions between good people struggling over & over about the same issues! STOP FEEDING THE SHARKS!!!) Yes- Angelina- very charged & critical decisions as children are involved! Our story plot raises anxiety as Angelina wonders if their Judge is allegedly connected to Brad’s lawyers in some way??? So, Brad responds back emotionally accusing Angelina of stalling? Brad why not respond back saying ‘I LOVE YOU ALWAYS ANGELINA- YOU’RE THE MOST WONDERFUL WOMEN- EXCEPT FOR MY MOM!!!’ Stay tuned! It is what it IS in Divorce Courts- Cheaper & better to STAY MARRIED even if it becomes almost ‘Smith vs. Smith’ so to speak??? Emma Watson says everyone should realize ‘Acting Stars’ may face challenging personal relationships in spite of fame & fortune! Decides to SELF PARTNER- But EMMA- We’re CRAZY FOR YOU! here, no need to self partner any longer! We can fix this! Turning from shark bait Star Power,

With the growing tragedy of COVID-19 causing unemployment & homelessness in America… critical life & death crises! governments should address these issues instead of engaging in ‘Smith vs. Smith’ power struggles! Power! Power! Power! SELF SERVING thirsting psychopath Politicians not SERVING THE PEOPLE in our Apocalyptic Times! In Canada P.M. Trudeau is caught for serious ethic breaches- 3+ times? 3 strikes and your shocked rocked ashen faced FINANCE MINISTER Bill Morneau WALKS THE PLANK IN YOUR STEAD JUSTIN! Bloody Block Head in Quebec gets guillotine goods he deserves- Still searching for Marie Antoinette’s descendants? Justin pro ROGUES Canada’s Parliament because Opposition sharks were tearing pieces off his hide in their thirst to destroy Justin’s credibility, force an election, get more POWER & ACT WAY WORSE?  But dancing Justin ‘VIRTUE SIGNALS’ like U.S.’s Joe Biden- Justin selects FIRST FEMALE, FREE SPIRITED, Effervescent tiny ‘Energizer Charged Bunny’ Fireball Chyrstia FREELAND to helm Canada’s Finances- like Virtue Signaling Joe Biden selecting First Black & First Indian Descent American Born beloved Kamala Harris as his V.P. Presidential Team Candidate! 2020 is GIRLS’ NIGHT in Power Politics- A quick WEDGIE on Justin by Fireball Chyrstia, a forced COGNITIVE TEST SERIES until Joe FLUNKS or FLAKES OUT, & our 2 Wonder Women RUN AMERICA TOGETHER APART!!!  Suggest Chyrstia & Kamala invite MICHELLE, Britney, Angelina, Emma… for afternoon strategy planning sessions- ‘WHAT DO WOMEN TODAY WANT & NEED? More BREAST MEAT & FEWER MEATBALLS???(Brad, Mike Pence, Vampire like? Mick Jagger… trying to listen in??? Brad- just say ‘I LOVE YOU ANGELINA- ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL!’) 

Will we throw out the current Male AUTOCRATS to welcome the NEW Female AUTOCRATS- ‘We Get Fooled Again!??’ (The Who) Michelle Obama you are so AMAZING! So down to earth speaking ABOUT REAL ISSUES & CRISES AMERICANS WANT ADDRESSED NOW!!! Your speech knocks our hearts TOGETHER!!! A Fireball- Oops! ‘I Did It Again!’ Britney- Over 360 Wild Fires raging in California- Should avoid themes like ‘Fireball Women!’ About 80% of COVID-19 deaths were among seniors in Care homes (in Ontario, Quebec… Canada for example. Premier Ford constantly describing out of control COVID-19 Wildfires- Oops! ‘I did it again’ Britney! Now we face sending our children back to school- SINGING OUT the old Black Plague song- “RING AROUND THE ROSIE- A POCKET FULL OF POSIES- HUSH-AH! HUSH-AH!!! (Coughing, choking, breathing failing- struggling desperately!!!) WE ALL FALL DOWN!” Is every conceivable SAFETY MEASURE & PRACTICE BEING PUT IN PLACE to protect our children- so they don’t bring COVID back home orphaning themselves! 

On the ‘mental health care front,’ COVID-19 related situations will begin tearing our society apart should we fail to work TOGETHER APART TO SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER- everyone INCLUDED FROM SEA TO SEA TO SHINING SEA!!! CONTROLLING U.S. FORCING DRUGS/INJECTIONS, SAFETY & TREATMENT ORDERS ON US &  INTO THE COMMUNITY! ANCHORS AWAY Mates!  Civil Liberty Advocates should understand a simple improper psych. meds. drug injection can reduce ANYONE TO APPEARING LIKE A ZOMBIE, BARELY ABLE TO FUNCTION! The Perfect Crime for an evil government to neutralize opposition! My tale of desperation & survival: Escaping from hospitalization- throwing off a Psychiatrist who DOVE ON ME, Psychiatrists called Police to ‘bring (me) in or take me out’ FOR A SUBMARINE TRIP EXPERIENCE in the local pond or river? Ask Britney  if her conservatorship inquisition trials were not straight out of Salem witch hunt trials- the DARK AGES of 1690’s Americana? We can test ‘Charmed’ 3 Witch Sisters beloved Alyssa Milano about Witch persecution history to see if she’s still game-ready: O.k. Alyssa, have you recovered from months of horrible COVID-19 symptoms to answer a few witchy questions: On Aug. 19, 1692 at the Salem Witch Trials, were 1 woman & 3 men executed after being convicted of ‘witchcraft?’ ‘YES?!’  You are CORRECT Alyssa- O.k. As to your 3 sister Charmed Experience: On or about Aug. 19, 1612 at Samlesbury in England- “3 sisters were put on trial accused of practicing witchcraft!!!” GOOD WITCHING Alyssa- As a GOOD WITCH, can you put a spell on California’s Inquisition Courts to #FREE BRITNEY BIRD to fly to Hawaii with $$$? Also Alyssa= please CHARM our T cells to be able to recognize & attack COVID- 19 in our body? Thanks- we’ll also ask sorceress Emma Watson to help us! EMMA- WE NEED YOUR Body WAND! Yes- scientists are finding some people are lucky to have smart T cells able to recognize COVID-19 as a foreign invader based on their recognition of other viruses they’ve already encountered! Scientists are also projecting T cells will REMEMBER & RECOGNIZE COVID-19 for a year and beyond- GO T CELLS GO!!! CHARMING & beautiful no matter COVID-19 ravaging your brain Alyssa! Informing us COVID-19 SYMPTOMS & HARM CAN LINGER- Tests were inaccurate & results slow as Alyssa says- too little testing & too late, little or no chasing down likely contaminated contacts.

State of Mass. REQUIRING school age children to receive flu shots to prevent the combo affliction of flu & COVID-19 ( with Religious exemptions…) What think YOU? Should Big Brother Governments exercise sweeping powers to REQUIRE social distancing, wearing masks, limiting homes only to household members, shutting down businesses unfairly, arbitrarily, enforcing stay at home orders, violating all Constitutional Inalienable Rights & Freedoms, A.I. Smart Surveillance of citizens 24/7 for compliance? Kamala spoke OUR theme WORDS- ‘Baby, IT’S YOU!!’ repeatedly during her acceptance speech. The Presidency is ‘ABOUT YOU- The People- By & For YOU!!!’ Our Government & Constitutions!’ Pres. Trump’s Achilles Heel is dividing peoples against each other, classifying citizens as either friends or foes when It’s ALWAYS ABOUT YOU- THE PEOPLE- a RAINBOW DIVERSITY in every Nation- ALL TOGETHER APART!  LIFE, LIBERTY, JUSTICE, PEACE, EQUITY, OPPORTUNITY, PURSUIT OF INDIVIDUAL & COLLECTIVE HAPPINESS! Pres. Trump is MALE, WHITE, STRAIGHT- Born that way. We CELEBRATE everyone inclusively- including Pres. Trump- author of Operation Warp Speed, hopefully bringing us vaccines with lightening speed! But we challenge BREACHES IN CHARACTER & DECISION MAKING, NOT by socioeconomic status, color, race, Religion, creed, lookism, disability, gender & orientation. Martin Luther King Jr. saying the same BUT WE MUST ACCOUNT FOR 400 years of stigma & discrimination, especially lifting our INDIGENOUS, previously ENSLAVED minorities, & citizens facing mental /emotional crises or illnesses… WE are all individually GOLDEN CREATIVITY, CHERISHED BLESSINGS & LIGHT! ‘Post partum/after birth depression may stress a new Mother when she most hopes to be in a BLISSFUL STATE of MOTHERHOOD! Birth Pains R US today but BLISS AWAITS as we GIVE OUR BEST! A SPELL CASTING PERFORMANCE TO BRIGHTEN OUR HOPES & DREAMS TOWARD A BEAUTIFUL WORLD AHEAD!!!  LOVE YOU TOO!!! Brianca Lane

P.S. Capacity to handle one’s own life & affairs is a sacred right not be given up easily- especially because ‘power corrupts’- Appointed guardians & conservators may have a hidden personal agenda, act selfishly, emotionally & contrary to the best interests of vulnerable adult citizens.  Our beloved Britney at38 wants a different arrangement! Oh- For political leaders & governments IMMUNE TO CORRUPTION BY POWER- WE NEED A VACCINE NOW! And more dog walks! Germany decrees Dog Owners of Human Pets must walk or exercise their human pets at least twice a day totaling an hour! And don’t muzzle humans, right??? Brad you know you ADORE HER- JUST TELL ANGELINA before you’re both 78 looking like Keith bantering with Mick, two senior ladies off to BINGO!!! Aug. 19/20, 20/20 Visioning TOGETHER APART Always & All Ways deep in your HEART! Love you- STAY SAFE-  Brianca Lane

SPRING IS SPRUNG- HAPPY EASTER, RAMADAN, PASSOVER, … So Lets GET IT- YER SUNNY, SMILING HAPPY FACE, ON-   TOGETHER  BUT EXCITEDLY APART!!! (Sorry- corona virus invisibly tiny evil vampires-Our Human Body Is A No Entry Zone! Back to your Bats in the Belfry!!!)

YES!!! SPRING IS SPRUNG in our Northern Hemisphere- Mother Nature & Our Biosphere-FEELING BETTER- Environment, Climate, Flora & Fauna Feeling Better!  A Silver Outcome- Resetting & Rebooting our World Wide Cultures & Activities with SMARTER UPDATES- Seeing OUR HEALTH & PROSPERITY INEXORABLY TIED TO Mother Nature & Our Biosphere. Because it only takes ONE ZOONOTICALLY TRANSMITTED Corona Virus by an infected, contaminated animal or surface at a Chinese sloppy Biolab or Wild Life Food Wet Market in Wuhan, China- snakes, bats- Just ONE infected human clown victim circa Oct-  November, 2019 multiplying into millions of victims today! U.S.A. begging for HELP from ‘SEA to SHINING SEA!’ Britain’s reckless P.M. Bombastic Brain Wrecked Boris Gone Viral suddenly stewing in his Intensive Care Hospital Bed Karma! Badly Beaten COVID Boris called for herd immunity so COVID served him for lunch!!!  Bad Viral Besieged Bedeviled Bedded Boris suggested Britain enable COVID go on a Limy FEASTING FRENZY bringing about immunity among scrawny screw balled Brit survivors!  How does that work for you now Boris Gone Viral!!  Governing Politicians World Wide ignored STRICT lessons learned & implemented in China, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan.  U.S. intelligence Services began briefing Government Agencies in early December about a burgeoning Global Pandemic, Pres. Trump in early January- who wisely cut air service from China a few weeks later but confidently held his head buried under the bursting U.S. body count until mid March- declaring an Emergency- TOO LATE! 100,000 die because Pres. Trump CHOKED on Americans leaving them gasping for air? Cries for Impeachment Round 2?  Corona Viruses finned up in shark attack formation- riding waves of easy conquest across America! Window for a Swimmer & Rescuer scenario passe- Corona Virus Shark attacks eating Americans alive- A lowly invisible vampire virus without an ability to replicate sans a host victims’  bio machinery, beaten back BY ANY ORDINARY BAT’S IMMUNE SYSTEM, but today outsmarting almost every Political Governing Body! Film in IMAX, an invisibly tiny virus?

At we sounded the alarm for well over a year about senior care homes being death traps- incubators, petri dishes for the growth & transmission of viruses & bacterial secondary infections. Sitting senior ducks in the line of fire 24-7! A perfect storm for a darkening genocidal holocaust. No need to be a  conspiracy theorist- viewed as being unproductive,  draining social resources, tying up wealth, beyond best before worker bee date, Seniors are being deliberately eliminated under Government & Health Care Practice in 2020 using the COVID cover story! Public not informed because not politically correct to kill our friendly seniors. Insiders see what is actually going on- decisions solely or almost solely on AGE BASED CRITERIA.  Emerging Psychiatric Survivor movements in the 1980s & 1990s+ questioned patients being viewed as disposable by Governments. Health Care DISCRIMINATION EUGENICS slipped below the radar after 1930s+ German Doctors murdered patients- undesirables attracting Hitler’s evil interest in  schooling his S.S. on Medical Psychiatric mass killing perspectives! But the VIRAL EUGENICS EVIL malingered among health care systems into the 1970s in our Western Enlightened World!  Hastening death & withholding actual life saving help simply based on discrimination! Canadas P.M. Trudeau says on 2 levels, (HUMAN) “SACRIFICES HAVE TO BE MADE!”

We asked P.M. Trudeau to help seniors & citizens with underlying substantial health issues- He offered about $9 million for the United Way to help Seniors BUT in contrast he offers $2000 every 4 weeks for Corona Virus laid off worker bees, $847 per week for businesses to pay their worker bees rather than lay them off,  $40,000 interest free partially refundable loans for small businesses.  A Holocaust camp scenario for seniors & vulnerable citizens- Is Justin JUST or DISGUSTIN’ JUSTIN! Sunny Smile BUT NOT SO SUNNY WAYS FOR SENIORS, MY FRIEND!!! Canadian Airlines, … say they will bring back 16,500 airline employees- Government pays 75% of employee bees wages FOR ALL PRIVATE BUSINESSES down 15%+ Other airlines, pipelines, eager to accept free $$$$ WINDFALL!   Airlines- the initial source spreading Corona Virus Pandemic, funded by Government to bring back laid off staff- and spread the virus!  U.S. passes another $$$$2.3 trillion today for local governments & businesses adding to the C.A.R..E.S. $$$$2.2 trillion program- $$$500 billion for corporations, $$$377 billion for small businesses…   BUT BIG BROTHER SELECTIVELY TARGETING WHO WINS$$$ vs. being SHOT UP ON BOTH SIDES with MORPHINE by Dr. Death! Plagues creeping bedside, Seniors locked in- Relatives & Friends locked out, Nurse coming soon Needles in Hand! Imagine being a Senior in a Care Home of 240- watching mainstream media repeatedly report daily on all regional homes increasing infection numbers- now widely approaching 50% …. Awaiting your turn day by day- Nurse coming not to help or comfort but to inject you on both sides of your body!  Mainstream media deliberately avoiding assigning responsibility, Doctors saying on live t.v.- ‘Sadly we inject them for a comfortable quick passing!’ BEING YOUNG  DEFINITELY HAS ITS BENEFITS IN 2020!!! ‘Hey Doc when do they start shaping ventilators the size of needle injectors- The day after your 60th Birthday!’ A practice spreading to most countries but Medical Staff careful not to write it down- at we have our INSIDER SOURCES verifying medical practices but anyone can see the unfolding holocaust- Back to Happier News!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By early June+, we follow China- carefully begin opening up our economies, retaining adaptive approaches to minimize  the inevitable SECOND WAVE! China is worried about foreign visitors BRINGING Corona back in. In our 1918 Spanish flu- much more deadly, especially targeting young healthy adults whereas COVID-19 hits seniors hard, people hoped all was well after the FIRST WAVE but by dropping protective approaches, became easy shark bait in a terrifying new SECOND WAVE of worse calamity! Between September & December, we achieve a viable inoculation/vaccine but until the SECOND WAVE LIVE ACTIVELY, CREATIVELY HAPPILY TOGETHER APART! Children excited by The Easter Bunny, Egg Decorating, Hunts, Chocolates. But as Alyssa Milano says about our Health Care System’s Absence of Testing- How may we know who is SAFE, Who is INFECTED? Few have been recently tested if ever- up to 50% show minimal symptoms like a mild cold; the latency period may stretch well beyond 5 days, during times when Corona is shedding. Anyone may be a carrier- All the SAFETY PRECAUTIONS APPLY MORE THAN EVER-  Cover your face- nose & mouth by a mask when out & about people; sneeze into your arm or elbow away from people; Isolate if possibly infected for 2 weeks- have a separated area in your house for quarantine; Care for our individual & collective health & happiness & work together easily, agreeably.  If people begin to lose it because of personal difficult circumstances, Be the PEACE MAKER, A KIND WORD & ACT, A GENEROUS SMILE! BE EASY ON YOURSELF & OTHERS- HELPFUL! WE DO THIS SUCCESSFULLY TOGETHER APART< CREATE & REBUILD OURSELVES & OUR WORLD ANEW!!! A NEW ME & YOU!! ALWAYS LOVE LOVE ALL WAYS!! April 9, 2020  Love You, Hope We Build A Better World Together Apart Proudly Showing Our World The True SPIRIT of EASTER Resurrection!  Generosity & Community Building by Ramadan, &  Freedom From Slavery & Self Created Bondage by Passing Over our Self Centered War Weary World!                Love You, Brianca Lane     Clean Bio- Machine!                   

P.S. Beyond CLEAN HANDS & A PURE HEART!!!– Virus may survive for a few days on hard surfaces at colder temperatures; If you become INFECTED, concentrate 100 % building your health- especially your oxygen uptake & ensuring your breathing is deep & adequate- ex. breathe in deeply and hold for 5 seconds; repeat 4 times! Another exercise is  breathe in deeply & cough once- repeat once! (Concerned about a crowded store, went outside in open green space & EXHALED STRONGLY hoping my lungs would free any COVID?) Another suggestion: do NOT lie on your back in bed too much letting fluids gather in your lungs but instead for 10 minutes of exercise at a time, lie on your stomach with a pillow at your chest- breathing deeper than you normally do clearing your lungs!     We all have varying responses- generally older people will have weaker immune systems and may have more difficulty- Over age 70= about 10% mortality & another 10% suffering longer term disability among survivors!!!  May be Hard for ‘invincible’ healthy young people to appreciate they may be killing older adults by socializing! Why risk life, happiness & safety for a few minutes  of recklessness- All corona virus wants is to access your body- FEED ON YOU LIKE A VAMPIRE & HAVE YOU INFECT OTHERS!!  If everyone denies this invisible VAMPIRE access to getting inside our body, it dies away. We WIN! Please Please Please Everyone ENJOY EASTER, Ramadan, Passover, … BUT NOTHING THIS HOLIDAY CELEBRATION IS LIKE PREVIOUS YEARS-  COVID-19 infected conscripts shedding the virus ARE WEAPONIZED TO INFECT EVERYONE ELSE-  But up to half don’t realize they ARE WEAPONIZED & BIO INFECTING!  April 9, 2020 Brianca- Love You- Be Safe BE HEALTHY Best- BE YOURSELF & HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATS EVERYONE- TOGETHER We Blew Open HOLOCAUST Story Against Seniors & Our Vulnerable!!! 2020 Vision Is U.S.? Thankfully enlisting Mainstream Media- GREAT WORK!!! & Naked, Ashamed, Feeling Caught RED HANDED R OUR Politicians, Bureaucrats, Health Care Systems- GOTCHA!!!

Fantastic Successful Expose- Terrible tragedy against Seniors & Vulnerable Citizens exposed to COVID! Asked a Senior Therapist ‘How can this possibly happen today?’ Blunt Answer: ‘Seniors & Vulnerable Persons viewed as only as ‘partial humans,’ deserving 1/3 to 1/2 everyone else’s human rights!’ Endless appreciation for Mainstream Media picking up on S. & V.P.s being viewed as ‘disposable, costly & unproductive’ by Governments. AGEISM & ABLEISM- discrimination in favor of YOUNGER ‘ABLE BODIED;’ Stigma based on perceptions of brain/mind/emotions/spirit disparities & disorders; ‘MENTALHEALTHISM?’ Darwinism twisted- ‘survival ONLY for the fittest?’ 1930’s+ Eugenics.

‘Justice- Just US!’ & compassion only for younger Worker Bees?  Senior Canadian Political Leaders strung out naked under blazing hot media questioning- bringing forth catastrophic infection contagion  rates & stories too horrible to retell within dozens of Senior Care Facilities & Supportive Housing for Vulnerable Challenged Citizens! CBC reporting ONLY 9 of about 626 Senior Care Homes benefited via a Resident Quality Inspection in 2019. Ontario Premier Ford comparing out of control COVID- 19 & secondary bacterial infections sweeping Care Homes to recent WILDFIRES in Australia, California- Paradise- P. G. & E. in California DECLARING BANKRUPTCY for incurring Liability for wild fire deaths in Paradise. Admitted Families barred from visiting Loved Ones inside Care Homes but if they somehow remove their Family member, may not bring them back again! Talk Show Callers to radio saying Care Homes declined any health updates but suddenly phoned- “Pick up your Father’s body’ followed by another call 3 hours later to ‘Get your body moved please!’ Uncared for COVID-19 infected Residents dying ALONE, Family unaware but if aware- BARRED from attending! Criminal investigations being called for in Quebec- staff simply abandoning patients as in Spain., Italy- Italy initiating criminal investigations into a dozen Care Facilities. One often cited Toronto area Supportive Housing Center discovering 38 of 43 Residents suddenly with COVID- 19- beginning dying- simply abandoned by most staff! Video showing former Senior Cabinet Minister- Head of the Treasury Board, Jane Philpott, going in to HELP- PROVIDING MEDICAL CARE in a desperate situation! Our Lady with the Lamp ANGEL  ousted by Trudeau from the ruling Liberal Party along with Canada’s female Indigenous Attorney General & Justice Minister for obeying THE RULE OF LAW as opposed to P.M. Justin Trudeau’s personal autocratic RULE by IRON FIST- Trudeau improperly intervened in the criminal case against SNC Lavalin pressuring the Independence & Rule of Law by Canada’s Attorney General & Justice Minister.  BAD ACTOR Trudeau stays but ousts the Rule of Law LOYAL Canadian Senior Female Cabinet Ministers? Huh? Since when does ‘BAD ACTOR WIN OVER  HEROIC ANGELS?’ In the end,  GOOD GALS ALWAYS WIN, DON’T SHE?

Entire antiquated BROKEN Seniors & Vulnerable Persons Care System – HOPEFULLY ABOUT TO BE EXAMINED- & beautifully recreated-LIFTED UP in the Spirit of Jesus Rising- A JOYFUL Easter Resurrection!  BY OUR OUTING our World Wide Care Home Care & Supportive Housing catastrophe! Forcing naked & caught bloody handed Politicians to face truths- P.S.W.s, for example,  are short staffed, given minimal time to get each Resident up & dressed, readied for breakfast- 6 minutes?; are poorly paid, part time- with few or no benefits, shuffling between care homes to make ends meet transporting diseases; have minimal safety protections, working in unsafe inadequately cleaned, crowded, accident & infection prone environments- petri dishes for contagions! Performing unheralded gritty work caring for Citizens our Governments almost treat as disposable, unworthy of expenditures, compassion & dignity! Animals enjoying equal or better care? Boy- sometimes we ask-  Know we’re supposed to LOVE ONE ANOTHER & EVERYBODY- but that HAS to include Autocrats & their Bureaucrats??? Boring minimalist meals & activities;  ‘For Profit Homes’ bottom line- ‘Profits over Patients’ Health & Happiness? ‘Catalonia’s Government decides to let die corona virus patients who have LESS YEARS TO LIVE! Elders and those with preexisting conditions will be given morphine to lessen pain’ (and hasten death.) So- Up With SUPPORTING P.S.W.s & OUR BELOVED SENIORS- God/Allah/ History have Mercy On Us for passively or actively enabling ‘There but for the Grace of God go’ our fellow valued citizens facing TRIPLE CROSSES- 1. extreme poverty of personal needs, compassion & care; 2. discrimination & 3. heavy mental , physical & emotional health challenges- In their time of greatest need, were we there for them? But NEVER AGAIN! Right?

Heads Up We Buttercups- Spring Is Sprung! Mother Nature is Blossoming- suddenly her air is CLEAN, DELIGHTFULLY SWEET AROMA & RESTORING, HER CARESSING TOUCH soothing our Physical, Mental & Emotional Anxieties & Injuries- Bringing Back Our Dream- our Complete Health! Earthly land, air & ocean/water Biospheres all HEALING! Our time to SHINE A NEW LIGHT ON OUR LIFESTYLES- create a NEW NORMAL in A BRAVE HEALTHIER WORLD. Welcoming & incorporating environmentally sustainable Lifestyle Changes- Limiting our non essential high carbon footprint, wasted weeks annually of commuting time, travel & expensive lifestyles; AVOIDING PUTTING AN UNDUE STRESS ON OUR Environments, Biosphere, Integrated Living & Climate Systems! Working from home, on the internet, using A.I., virtual meetings to travel  & parties Worldwide anytime without  carbon footprint! Asking each other how we fill our lives with fun, creativity & purpose but avoiding putting an undue stress on Mother Nature! We CAN HAVE IT ALL BUT ONLY IF OUR LIFE STYLES TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE HEALTH OF ALL, OUR INTEGRATED LIVING PLANETARY BIO SYSTEMS! IF It’s ONLY ABOUT US, WE LOSE OUR INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENT!  A NEW NORMAL, A NEW INTEGRATION IN OUR JOYFUL LIVING, HEALTHIER AGAIN PLANET! (Our SUDDEN JOY in BREATHING CLEANER AIR, SEEING VISTAS, STARS, MOUNTAINS, GREEN SPACES BEFORE HIDDEN BY DENSE SMOG! DRINKING  & BATHING IN LIFE GIVING SAFER WATERS. RESTORING OUR SOILS TO ACTUALLY GIVE US NUTRIENTS WITHOUT HAVING TO BLINDLY BUY SUPPLEMENTS! ENJOY RELEASING OURSELVES FROM AN EASTER TOMB- RISE UP MY LOVE     We experience the beginning dark downside of an Apocalypse but follow the RAINBOW BACK UP SHINING BEFORE US!!! Yes- we MUST CHANGE-  Always Love- LOVE ALL WAYS!  Please Be Safe & Careful- But Playful Too! Enjoying Change- even stressful! Changes- HEALING Apart Together MeUsCan-Do CHANGES- Love You    Brianca Lane April 16, 2020 VISION!!!!!


Celebrating our 50th EARTH DAY April, 1970- OUR April, 22 2020 VISION!  By darkness’ dim light, SNEAK into nearby forests & streams to celebrate Mother Nature’s sudden beautifully CLEAN & RESTORATIVE EARTH DAY, ESCAPE our Plagues of Egypt style Pandemic; our collective CARBON FOOTPRINT MINIMIZED- oil barrel pricing actually falling below $0…  BUCKY the BEAVER or another Furry Wild Friend SLAPPED THE WATER HARD! ***All Parks & E.S.A. Protected Natural Areas CLOSED by Pandemic Orders! Our Wild Furry Friends roaming fearlessly w/o  ‘STRANGER HUMAN DANGER’ allowed anymore!***  ‘Bucky sees a dark figure- ME stealthily SNEAKING  into the Forests just like a FOXY HUNTER- WHAT’S BUCKY TO THINK?!!’ After Bucky & I BOTH JUMPED in SURPRISE, we settled back to enjoy FRESH, CLEAN evening air skies & Dream Land, beneath twinkling stars. Cherishing our Environment/Biosphere/Mother Nature to BUILD STRONG, CREATIVE, INVIOLABLE RELATIONSHIPS AGAIN?  Burgeoning Climate Changes disasters, infestations & plagues, because OUR HUMAN HEALTH IS INTERTWINED WITH OUR EARTH’S BIOSPHERE’S HEALTH! When we COLLECTIVELY HURT MOTHER NATURE- WE HURT OURSELVES! Our World Health Organization says ‘WE ARE GOING FORWARD***BUILDING A NEW WORLD, A NEW NORMAL! Our old World unhealthy OBSESSIONS & ADDICTIONS, ‘Cultural Clothing Discarded!’*** WE CAN CHANGE, ADAPT- WE R RESILIENT!!! Again, we beg Science Researchers to study interconnections between our human health & a healthy Biosphere- our INVIOLABLE CONNECTION with Mother Nature!!! 

Psychopath Murder in the First Degree***  But sunset April 20- nightfall April 21 is HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY. A Holocaust is a Slaughter on a Mass Scale- for example by metaphoric ‘Wild Fires-‘ ‘Burnt Sacrifices!’ “Sacrifices HAVE to be made!” says Canada’s P. M. Trudeau’s voicing ominous double word play? How can avoid admitting our Politicians are killing our vulnerable Seniors both by neglect but also INTENTIONALLY!?? Ontario, Canada’s Premier repeatedly played up the Holocaust ANALOGY- Australia’s & California’s/U.S. West Coast’s out of control ‘WILD FIRES,’ Australia losing 1/4 of Native Forests including almost all Life within!  World Wide viral & bacterial ‘Wild Fires’ sweeping away Care Home Seniors! & Ontario’s Premier stating Government is 100% ACCOUNTABLE & RESPONSIBLE for this ongoing Seniors’ SLAUGHTER! Says P.S.W.’s should get $170.00 hourly instead of $17.- worth every penny!” Political translation is ***’Hoodwink the public- offer a few $bucks for a few months followed by actually CUTTING WAGES- STOPPING P.S.W.s working at more than one care home part time… AS P.S.W.’s QUIT under unsafe working conditions, inadequate wages & minimal benefits, are intentionally understaffed so seniors also die from neglect! Government enables hiring temporary untrained low pay attendants as replacements & DECREES & LEGISLATES TO SUBSTANTIALLY STOP the public’s ACCESS & RIGHT TO INTERVENE FOR THEIR SENIOR LOVED ONES & REMOVE CARE HOME OWNERS’ LIABILITY!!! In Canada, soldiers arrived in care homes to assist- NOW SUFFER P.T.S.D. like experiencing horrors on BATTLEGROUNDS IN OUR SENIOR’SCARE HOMES!!!!!!!!!!!*** Many Politicians act like HIGH FUNCTIONING SMOOTH TALKING PSYCHOPATHS- WATCH WHAT THEY DO, NOT WHAT THEY SAY TO HOODWINK U.S. A.LL- THE PUBLIC!!!   In California P. G. & E. is being held  ACCOUNTABLE & LIABLE,  IS ORDERED & AGREES TO PAY $$$BILLIONS IN FINES & DAMAGES to Survivors’ Families, Regulators…  Canada’s Governments- as in every Country,  BEAR LIABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY like P. G. & E. for negligence in enabling CONDITIONS FOR OUT of CONTROL VIRAL & BACTERIAL ‘WILD FIRES’ sweeping through Individual Care Homes- killing & disabling hundreds over weeks & months Right? Everyone of GOOD Conscience & Accepting Legal Principles expects our RESPONSIBLE & ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNMENTS TO FACE & PAY DAMAGES- Right? CRIMINAL CHARGES TOO? FOR EVERY WRONGFUL SENIOR’S DEATH,  enabling ‘Wild Fire” Conditions to CONTINUE exponentially over weeks, months & years – IN SPITE OF DIRECT REPEATED PUBLIC ENQUIRIES & now DAILY Media QUESTIONING!  About 75%+ of viral deaths are helpless Seniors in Care Facilities!  Missouri is fed up- going to the Source of hellfire, ‘SHOW ME!’ The $$$,’ suing China for causing the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Quebec, Canada is conducting criminal investigations into Care Homes. Class Actions are beginning for example, P.S.W.s being ORDERED TO WORK in spite of their COVID-19 symptoms- allegedly infecting about 75 Residents at one Quebec Care Facility! Ontario legislated to STOP LIABILTY by SETTING A MUCH HIGHER STANDARD OF GROSS/EXCESSIVE NEGLIGENCE instead of substantially raising care standards! Murder in the First Degree- Book ’em Dano!!!

Governments Attempting to ESCAPE ACCOUNTABILITY & LIABILITY! +*** ‘It’s Nothing- China’s Handling IT!’*** Frightening to see major U.S. business Lobby Groups asking Congress to pass measures (laws) protecting large & small companies from Pandemic related lawsuits when States lift restrictions & businesses open! We are reminded about America’s drug makers receiving Court Protections. (Please see heading ‘Mental Health Pharmaceutical Nightmares’ for drug maker’s protection. But recent lawsuits over deliberate misrepresentation of OPIOIDS Deadly Addictive Harm involve multi $billion dollar settlements!) Also worrisome is Trump administration’s plan to invest Federal Employee Retirement Funds in Chinese Companies shrouded in allegations of Human Rights abuses & U.S. security threats! Pres. Trump’s political interests versus Health Care Disease Specialists’ scientific expertise like Dr. Fauci creating NO WIN  Political gamesmanship! Like President Reagan in his first term back in the 1980’s down playing the CURSE of A.I.D.S.- “obstructing, resisting, interfering with A.I.D.S. prevention policies & programs’ (Don Francis testifying before Congress,) President Trump is accused as a ‘denier’ burying his head in the sand claiming- ***’It’s nothing- China’s handling it- will go away!’*** But Pres. Trump’s stubborn- critics say self centered hot headed personality begs our sympathies? ***TESTING, SOCIAL DISTANCING, MASKS? & CONTACT TRACING…*** Some States are readying opening up again but California, Oregon & Washington Governors have specific requirements- expanded testing, testing, testing, isolating infected, vigilance in protecting seniors & vulnerable,  hospitals readied with full protections & necessary equipment available, therapies & treatments carefully reviewed, all safety practices like social distancing, hand washing being adhered to, States able to enforce orders to tighten or loosen restrictions as needed, contact tracing, good hygiene, masks, taking temperatures…

China reacted in force based on their esteemed Dr. Zhong’s attending Wuhan & immediately realizing a Public Emergency was unfolding- BUT WHISTLE BLOWERS ALERTING THE PUBLIC TO THE PLAGUE’S SERIOUS INFECTIOUS SPREAD & HARM ARE ARRESTED & PUNISHED!!! Soldiers were brought in, 10’s of thousands of additional health care workers, strict multi week lock downs…   Needed World Response: If we all restrict ‘ALL UNNECESSARY TRAVEL’  by using our computers for meetings, shopping, visits, we may keep COVID-19 from breaking out in secondary waves. But the Mayor of Los Vegas wants all the casinos & Vegas hot spots wide open essentially inviting COVID-19 to be spread about the Planet again! People travelling across the World is what spread the Pandemic!  A Doctor flying from Canada to Hawaii for the week end, picking up COVID-19, spreading the plague everywhere she travels,  including back home at her cancer hospital? Unnecessary travel frustrates every effort at controlling the disease! But staying at home may be a challenge! Our Dr. Emma Watson, 10 years+ student of sorcery- You saw the Movies!, says RELATIONSHIPS MAY BE A CURSE? “The idea that relationships are supposed to be EASY-  IMPLICITLY UNDERSTOOD! You’re just meant to GET EACH OTHER! It’s Bull Frog! (Yes- Dr. Emma, a Good Witch/Sorcerer never says BAD WORDS, at least in Magic Land!)  Pandemic orders say STAY AT HOME with our Dearest Family Loves- 24/7 BLISS, Right? Or maybe not. PLEASE DON’T BE THAT GUY or GAL/Other who becomes angry, aggressive, violent, difficult to live with, A CONTROL FREAK!!!  STAY AT HOME except for exercise, shopping, helping others… Practice Being an ANGEL INCARNATE- Getting OUR ACT TOGETHER, being Patient & Resilient- HELPFUL to All & Mother Nature Showing our Better Self- not  self medicating to ‘trip ourselves’ in a happier new better experience! The Prophet Jesus says Heaven is at Hand.  One minute of stupidity may break down everything we created lovingly over years in our World! We feel strong emotions during a Pandemic but we rise to the challenge together- ONLY physically apart!  6+ feet social distancing plus our own 13 foot air breathing envelope… GOOD VIBRATIONS R US 24/7, Right?!! STAY AT HOME & BE YOUR BEST ANGELIC SELF- Blow off steam by working, exercising, helping out, especially spreading your GOOD VIBES- OUR WORLD NEEDS YOUR VERY BEST!!!

RESEARCH CALVERY RIDING TO OUR RESCUE- Fortunately 70 Big Companies & countless smaller labs World Wide are blazing trails to find a vaccine by this fall/winter! (Used to involve 3+ years!) Dr. Kathleen MulLANE, at University of Chicago Medicine, with her infectious disease Specialists Team, gave daily injections of anti viral drug remdesivir to 125 Patient- 113 with severe COVID-19 symptoms and beams “Overall, our Patients have done well!” O.k. 2 NOT SO WELL! Infectious disease Specialists are attempting to find a MAGIC BULLET or CURE! Control group studies, double & triple blind approaches, peer reviews… are needed because powerful drugs injected into very sick Patients is dangerous! EXPOSED BREAKING NEWS over months- THANKFULLY mainstream mass media is JUMPING ABOUT HARD for our Beloved Seniors- CONSUMED EVERY DAY by the 1000’s Worldwide in ‘ so-called CARE HOMES!’  Who among us could survive  petri incubator dish Care Facility conditions breeding inescapable viral & bacterial infections, DROWNING OUR BELOVED, DEFENSELESS & HELPLESS WONDERFUL SENIORS!  Minimal unacceptable response to a maximum modern Holocaust? Consulted with a Counselor who agreed- ‘Just imagine if CHILDREN BEGAN DYING- HOW IMMEDIATELY & DECISIVELY GOVERNMENTS WOULD ACT TO STOP DISEASE INFECTION SPREAD! 

 EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION ALERT! PLEASE ADVANCE JUSTICE & EQUITY!  RELATIVE VALUES OF A HUMAN BEING’S LIFE TODAY- What value would be assigned according to Actual Western Health Care & Concern for citizens ‘in differently EQUITY appraised  groups’ in society? A wealthy mainstream teen versus ‘a minority’ from a poor neighborhood- Valued differently? Treated differently? By ALL social institutions? Stigma & closed doors versus entitlements?  Italy’s written- most countries SPOKEN/ACTED ON AGE CUT OFF RULE OF CARE! ‘More years to live’ so BETTER CARE for younger adults!  $$$ Billions for worker bees and young adults versus empty rhetoric for Seniors- GOVERNMENTS WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE enabling ideal conditions for incubating & transmitting viral & bacterial infections to burn like wild fires in Senior Care Facilities- Seniors valued as ‘disposable burdens on society’ at 1/3 a human life in many Western Nations? Children valued at 2+ times a human life?  But children in Africa, the Middle East, in refugee camps, climate & war torn areas declined aid, safety, assistance against infections, allowed to starve? Immigrant children torn from parents… KIDS IN CAGES at the Mexican/U.S. Border treated awfully instead as per U.S. Child Care Standards?  $$$Billionaire Gates flipping over INEQUITY IN VALUING LIFE FOR  AFRICA’S CHILDREN- Needed:  GENEROUS WEALTHY HEARTS AS BIG AS STOCK VALUATIONS to unleash the $$$ GATES of COMPASSION!!!

 Pst- Media Q.s to ask at every precocious GALA for STARS- ‘NICE LEGS, DRESS & FACE- BUT WHAT HAVE YOU GIVEN TO SHOW ‘YOUR COMPASSIONATE HEART???’ ‘Good Performance- But an even BETTER PERFORMANCE IS ACTING OUT TO HELP OUR BROTHERS, SISTERS & CHILDREN IN VIRAL STRAIGHTS! HELPING The Less Fortunate in Viral Straights!’  For decades media visibility has been almost non existent for viral outbreaks among 10’s of thousands of children in the Congo, at Refugee Camps World Wide- Tables turning by our Pandemic- Our turn to cry for HELP! ‘Now we don’t talk so loud, feel so proud’ (Bob Zimmerman) Many hospitalized COVID sufferers  experiencing Brain Fog/Delirium/ Physical Disabilities (as suggested by Alyssa Milano’s experience.) Abandoning our ‘GREATEST GENERATION’ NATION BUILDERS Endearing Seniors- Neglected, Supports Withdrawn, Injected LIBERALLY on both sides with Molly Morphine!   For Winners- worker bee & young voters, recreational drugs, booze, $$$unlimited free Justin Juice COOL $$$AID.   In America, MIXED MESSAGING opening & closing everything: Segregating & quarantining under Stay at Home Orders, ENFORCING Big Fines for being At Large swimming/surfing, sitting in a Public Park, walking in Closed Green Spaces & FORBIDDEN Forests, … Banning gatherings in  public places beyond 2 or 5 people, allowing only 1 Family Unit within or outside home, Banning or Limiting Religious Services, Replacing Life, Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness by Curtailing, Controlling, Withholding THE KETCHUP & MUSTARD on Individual Human Rights, Homeland Security Issues…!  Americans want to be out working again, paying overdue Bills including Uncle Sam’s 738 $$$Billion DEFENSE rusty flintlocks! AMERICANS R BECOMING ‘Like Immigrants’ AT THE MEXICAN BORDER-  No RIGHTS, CELL PHONES TRACKED- KEPT IN VIRTUAL CAGES!!!   2019- THE YEAR FOR ‘IN NATION’ PROTESTS- ENVIRONMENTAL & CLIMATE  ISSUES, EQUITY, JUSTICE, INCOME EQUALITY… Followed by 2020 hearkening back to HAPPIER ROSIE THE RIVETER Worker Bee DAZE:  FRIGHTENED, OBEDIENT, SUBSERVIENT WORKER BEES vs. A STRONG PRIVILEGED ELITE, bureaucratic Corporate & Political Class Steering SHIP ‘LIBERTY-‘  Queen Bee Don ‘Wuhan infection is over very soon’ Trump or Touchy Heavy Breathing, Creepy Uncle Joe Biden, his son addict Hunter involved in an alleged SECRET China $billion business investment, ‘THE BIG GUY-  Joe Biden? TO RECEIVE 10% of PROFITS!’  Story so delicious but the mainstream media covering up for Uncle Joe???  Who to choose in Nov.???  Love You  Be Safe  BE YOURSELF-  BE RESILIENT- Always Be Loving!!! Times R A Changing!  COVID-19 You may bend U.S. BUT NEVER BREAK U.S. nor LIBERTY’s FLAME nor Her GOLDEN OPEN DOOR!!!!   April 23, 2020  by Brianca YOU’RE STILL THE BEST- BELIEVE IN YOURSELF LIKE I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!


Don’t Look Back & become a Pillar of Salt- Enjoy 20/20 VISION, 360 degree hyper vigilance, JOYFULLY APART- TOGETHER MeUsCan-Do our ‘NEW NORMAL’ WORLD! Social distancing, Clean Hands & Pure LOVING Hearts, Always vigilant about our health & safety-  avoiding touching possible contaminated surfaces, followed by touching our face, hair, experiencing a desirable 13 foot personal air envelope space for breathing…  our ‘NEW NORMAL’ for living safely & happily! Shaking hands, embracing & kissing cheeks, … RISKY BEHAVIORS in ‘NEW NORMAL!  Protecting against Bullying & Women from DROOLING BOSS GROPING!!! SOCIAL ILLS LIKE ‘Misogyny’- sexual harassment & violence by everyone enjoying a defined 6’/2 m. PERSONAL SPACE- entering ONLY BY INVITE!  Baby Boomers ’60’s Hippie/Flower Generation Spontaneous Intimate (Stranger) Affection like Creepy Uncle Joe’s- alleged wife stealer & adulterer, IS OUT!!! Any passerby will now observe if an individual’s personal space is being breached intentionally! Bullying is always BAD but much safer from a distance instead of ‘IN OUR FACE!’  Jesus brought our New Normal Personal Space Envelope to everyone’s attention 2,000 years ago by mentioning a woman simply touching the hem of His garment was touching ‘intimately,’ taking from Him. Jesus brought to our attention we OWN A 6 FOOT PERSONAL SPACE! Women always suffered BADLY at a Boss breaking into her Personal 6 foot Safety Envelope= touching her arm, waist, holding & rubbing her hand in foreplay, breathing in, commenting on her perfume, stroking her back, standing so close as if to touch lips causing her to blush in fear & anxiety… instead of remaining outside her Personal Safety Envelope and simply appropriately asking ‘Sarah have you updated the Jones file for review?      

Our ‘NEW NORMAL’ includes everything our World gained ENVIRONMENTALLY! Our NEW NORMAL enshrines being enabled to work from home, using virtual meetings, phone & email efficiencies, STOPPING endlessly tattooing BIG BAD CARBON FOOTPRINTS on our Biosphere! Is our MOTHER NATURE IMPLORING US TO WAKE UP & CHANGE OUR LIFE STYLE EXCESSES?  Super Storms, Wild Fires, ‘Infestations & Plagues of Egypt’ Collapsing Habitats, Flora & Fauna, WAVE AFTER WAVE CRASHING HARD UPON OUR HARDENED HEADS & HEARTS! Our way BACK to MOTHER NATURE’s HOME SWEET HOME like Dorothy & Friends back to KANSAS! (Wizard of Oz, 1939) MAY MOTHER NATURE SPRING & LIFE GO VIRAL! April Showers of LOVE & SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLES BRING US BACK TO RAINBOWS & FLOWERING BIODIVERSITY!  As we LOVE ONE ANOTHER & OUR RAINBOW COLORS- PURSUIT of HAPPINESS, we CHERISH our Biosphere with the same Reverence & Generosity of Spirit! No Going Back to What Created Our Current Catastrophes- We Embrace our NEW NORMAL, RISING UP & BLESS OUR BIOSPHERE! SHINING BRIGHTER EVERY DAY!!!  P.S. Spring is Sprung, Grass is RiZ, Birds Strutting & Tweeting- But wondering where People Kind Spring LOVE Is???

Toronto Canada’s Johnny on the Spot PARTY POOP Mayor says he’s BARING Toronto’s BEST & BIGGEST PARK! Naked Attractions normally include “many hiking trails, sports facilities, diverse vegetation (for Vegetarian browsers??) Beautiful lakefront, ‘EASY’ public transit- wear protection! Playgrounds & picnic areas! ZOO! (Kami kazi flying squirrels seeking nuts to feed them!) Adventure park for children!” One or two LIVING SENIORS- saved a couple from OUR SHORT TERM LIFE EXPECTANCY VIRAL OUTBREAK FACILITIES/S.T.L.E.V. O.F!!!  Up to $5,000 FINE for entry per person- Debit & Credit Cards Accepted!!! In California a Police Association Memo reports CALIFORNIA OFFICIALS WEIGHING A PLAN TO SHUT DOWN ALL BEACHES DURING THE HEAT WAVE!!!!! Bringing On a SPIRIT OF ’76 Revolution- SELF DETERMINATION & INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY??? One radio talk show caller phoned to complain his Relative contracted with a Care Home to provide EXCELLENT HELP IN AN ENRICHING ENVIRONMENT at $10,000 per month BUT TODAY IS FORCIBLY CONFINED TO HIS TINY ROOM WITH NO ‘ENRICHMENT,’ HIS FAMILY FORBIDDEN FROM ENTERING THE FACILITY TO HELP HIM ESCAPE TO HIS AWAITING HOME & LOVING CARE OUTSIDE!!! (Care Home SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF ENRICHING OWNER & INVESTOR VAMPIRES AT RESIDENTS’ EXPENSE- Drop in anytime you’re in our NECK of the woods- We’ll ALL DRINK TOGETHER to CELEBRATE your UPCOMING UNTIMELY PASSING Yours Truly,  Fuller, FANGS & Fiends!) April 30, 2020 by Brianca Lane  Hey- you’re banned from having FUN IN America’s NATURE AREAS BY BIG BROTHER but Toronto’s Johnny on the Spot Mayor says will post a video of Hyde Park CHERRY BLOSSOMS in full color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.M.G!!!  Love You, Brianca

Updates: 1.We reviewed Remdesivir as a promising medical treating injectable against COVID-19 and today we welcome America’s infectious disease champion Dr. Fauci & mainstream news outlets like CNN aboard the Cheer Leaders Squad! We enjoy 12,000++ tested & approved treatment drugs for humans which Medical Researchers are feverishly studying as possible stepping stones to effective corona virus treatment! Remdesivir, developed beginning in 2012,  was tested on 1000? patients by daily injections versus an accompanying placebo/ inert inactive ingredients injected control group & appears to shorten COVID-19 illness by 4 days- from about 15 to 11, helping recovery. Anti viral drugs generally stop virus replication from attaching, invading & taking over our cells’ machinery! More study & close peer review is needed. Perhaps 30 approved drugs are right now undergoing similar possibly promising study to determine which are most effective. Each small breakthrough may lead us forward to better efficacy! The ownership company hopes to make 1 to 2 million doses for use by the end of May. Among 70++ major Drug Companies- and smaller labs everywhere, the RACE IS ON FOR AN EFFECTIVE VACCINE PREVENTING COVID-19 before the Nov. 3 Election! $$$Billionaire Gates says a vaccine is probably over a year away.  Safety by Herd Immunity- infection rate above 60%- 80 % is being tried in Sweden… as failed in Britain! United States tragically suffers daily massive infection & death rates- now beyond 60,000 rising almost endlessly ahead in a second wave like the 1918 Spanish Flu? Way worse than the multi decade Vietnam War catastrophe President Trump carefully side stepped/dodged 4 times- finally by a medical excuse!  If NO ONE SHOWED UP, THE WAR COULD HAVE ENDED VERY QUICKLY, RIGHT Pres. Trump? Thankfully, he sees the Middle East 18 year war in Afghanistan appears to be a colossal waste & failure- like Russia & previous invaders discovered… 

2. Discrimination/Stigmatized Targeted ‘Scapegoats,’ ‘SCAPEGOATING DISEASE!’ We previously examined how STIGMATIZED GROUPS have different roles & status assigned under our WOLVES in Sheep’s Clothing POLITICIANS WHO PLAY ‘the masked evil clown.’  (P.M. Trudeau dressed up in his black or brown face characters decades beyond ‘best before’ date for racists?) Politicians R HEROES OR  ZEROS? along with Police, Health Care Providers… playing their ASSIGNED roles according to Political Directives, Politician’s puppets on a string?  Choosing ‘Who lives & Who dies- According to age- over 60, 70 , 80’ & residency in Long Term Care Facilities, embodying the lions share of human viral sacrifice! Trapped inside- reported daily on radio & t.v. – residents await the infection! Family R forbidden entry-Await the phone call- ‘Pick up your body within 3 hours!’ 75%+ viral deaths are in Long Term Care Facilities’ every day month after month…

3. Lawsuit LAWYERS  Solicitors at Your Service- “Have Gun- Will Travel” (’50’s t.v. Show) Legal Services beginning to ask HOW DEEP IS THE PIT OF INIQUITY/EVIL???- Do we sue Gov’ts. & Care Home Facilities? Enabling Care Homes to act as INCUBATORS & TRANSMITTERS for CONTAGIONS? Complicit Medical Staff simply doing their best in hopeless conditions? ‘Compassionate’ morphine injections for a quick end?  Discrimination significantly determines or influences our socioeconomic status, life expectancy, quality of life… In Canada, $$$hundreds of billions of debt is being added targeting preferred ‘worker bee’ groups & voting blocks, many choosing not to work given the size of $$$ subsidies, risks & inconveniences of the Pandemic while Long Term Care Homes become SHORT TERM VIRAL & BACTERIAL INFECTION FACILITIES!  African Americans continue to bear the burden in U.S. virus mortality statistics just as they have carried the burden of discrimination for hundreds of years. *** A brilliant Psychiatric Study about serious mental illness infliction PLUS CHOKING STIGMA & POVERTY did the MATH- SUBTRACT 20 years+ off Average Life Expectancy for serious diagnoses- as if Patients lived in 3rd world catastrophic situations! *** Thankfully,  ANGELS & GOOD HUMAN BEINGS LOVE HEALTH  RESURRECTION MIRACLES- SAVOR THE CHALLENGE to HELP US FIND OUR WAY BACK TO HEALTH!!! About 50%+ of our HOMELESS have mental illness or addiction issues & landlords screen out for Disabilities, Poverty, L.G.B.T.Q.?, etc. Homelessness involves danger & injury-  poor health compounding viral impacts & brutality. Any groups targeted for psycho/social & economic discrimination do poorly under VIRAL, BACTERIAL & SOCIAL STIGMA OUTBREAKS, their health & resilience is  compromised!!!’

4. Search for a SILVER BULLET to kill COVID Vampires! – University of California & Stanford Professors (Neeraj Sood & John Ioannidis suggest at least 40X more people have experienced the corona virus than reported ‘confirmed cases’ indicate. Up to half suffering minimally? Are tests giving accurate readings? Will anti bodies protect individuals from further infection, if at all? For how long? How long will treatments & vaccines protect us? Aside from age and underlying health vulnerabilities, do our genetics play a role in how bad COVID-19 becomes? (Why do some apparently young healthy individuals suffer so badly- by overacting immune response…) Treatment goals include restoring the patient’s immune system & decreasing the viral build up- companies World Wide are working to find the SILVER BULLET to kill the vampires! For example, Dr. Bruce Patterson’s Company’s ‘Baby’ includes Leronlimab, to head off a ‘cytokine release storm.’ Great numbers of white blood cells are activated & release harmful, inflammatory cytokines. Drug was developed as a possible treatment for HIV infection, interfering with HIV’s ability to breach into human cells.           April 30, 2020 VISION *** TOGETHER WE SEE THE FUTURE- Love You- PLAY SAFE  Brianca Lane  ***TOGETHER- WE CREATE THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHERRY BLOSSOMS CHEER LEADING YOU- GUTS & GLORY R US! Our ‘YOU TOO! Movement’  Let’s Get Physical TOGETHER- APART Everyone! Moving Our Physical Bodies to Improve Our Mental/Emotional Health! Our Health simply UNFOLDING Naturally like Cherry Blossom petals opening up in the Sunshine- effortless, wonderful, BEAUTIFUL YOU!!!

My FAV Cherry Tree BEAUTIFULLY BLOSSOMING, white petals soon Showering admirers below- Wedding Style!! Unlike ‘Bad boy’ George Washington doing the unthinkable to a PRECIOUS CHERRY TREE, happily PROUDLY BEAMING SEEING the tiny ‘sprig’ I planted becoming ‘8th Wonder of the World!’ Spring Lily of the Valley plants flowering- symbols of HUMILITY, CHASTITY, SWEETNESS!!! Mother Nature giving us Visual Cues to RESURRECT our Hopes & Health! Together we’ll help our Health Bounce– Spring into Spring! Something New– Starting to take a relaxing Nature Walk Every Day– Please Don’t Tattle Tale- Actually At Night- All Forests & Nature Parks still closed down by ‘BIG BROTHER.’ Beavers, deer, turtles… are o.k. with GENTLE HUMAN Nocturnal Nature walks! Incredibly- California ‘Surf City’ Huntington Beach… shut down- My Californian almost half ‘MERMAID’ Freedom Loving Relatives “Live Free!!!” BANNING Beautiful Californian (or Floridian?) Sunshine’s States Sandy Beaches is against U.S.A.’s Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness!  Swimming, Surfing & Stripped Bare Beach Bum Bodies- ‘As American  as Apple Pie!’  *** Together we’ll create our ‘YOU TOO! Movement’  Let’s Get Physical TOGETHER- APART Everyone! Moving Our Physical Bodies to Improve Our Mental/Emotional Health! !!!!!!*** Very GENTLY at your own GENTLE MOVEMENTS PACE at first to avoid discomfort or injuries! Doesn’t matter you’re starting point- NO BODY SHAMING in our ‘YOU TOO! Movement!’ In only a week, like a pet dog wagging his/her/other tail, our physical body is like- ‘YEH! Time For A Gentle FUN! Walk- Being Calm- AT PEACE! Light  Snack- BEDTIME & SLEEPING LIKE A BABY!’  Our ‘YOU TOO! Movement’- Gently beginning rebuilding your Mental/Emotional & Physical Health-    ***FUN! NO Pain = YOUR HEALTHY Mental/Emotional GAIN!!! *** Our MAGIC TRIP is TRIGGERING OUR PLEASURE CHEMICALS IN OUR BRAIN & EMOTIONS! Creating Healthy Recreational HabitsNo Arbitrary Expectations- Our Health simply UNFOLDING Naturally like Cherry Blossom petals opening up in the SUNSHINE – Effortless, Wonderful, BEAUTIFUL YOU!!! (Began taking 1 vitamins + minerals pill with dinner boosting my energy + a ‘placebo effect’ believing becoming health & nutritionally aware.)

P.S. Who walks in your shoes- understands challenges you face in your living & health especially with job losses, economic uncertainty, our too ‘selfish tolerant,’ money centered societies? We MUST ENJOY DAILY TIME OUTS- BOUNCING OUR CONFIDENCE & HEALTH UP AGAIN! 1 in 5 children also experience mental illness- everyone needs a break from mental health challenges at any age!  HELP YOUR HEALTH FOR YOURSELF, Your LOVED ONES, especially be an INSPIRATION TO OTHERS EXPERIENCING SIMILAR CHALLENGES & CIRCUMSTANCES! Jesus inspires us by His Living Brilliance! Giving unselfishly LOVE & LIFE beyond anyone’s ability or comprehension! As you FACE or OVERCOME YOUR SPECIFIC CHALLENGES, YOU ARE PARTING THE SEAS FOR EVERYONE FOLLOWING AFTER YOU! GO AHEAD- Part seas of churning human troubles for others- Beginning one gentle step forward NOW! ***Before I became known by Psychiatrists as ‘Bri- Who will cause a riot if ALLOWED ON A PSYCHIATRIC WARD, PRESENTLY QUIET!’- BANNED!’    Ward Patients, meeting me said, ‘What am I doing locked on a nuthouse ward when Bri- an equally bad or ‘worser’ diagnosis & prognosis, is healing, enjoying living creatively- not accepting sh__ from anyone like ‘we naive’ on psych. wards??!’***   Pandemic is especially dangerous to people with Underlying Health Challenges, in Poverty, in Vulnerable Situations & Environments, Facing Violence & Discrimination- Seniors, Visible Minorities, People with Disabilities + Mental Illness, L.G.B.T.Q.+?, Religious, Cultural Bullying- Targeted by ‘Dark Magic Arts.’  Always LOVE- LOVE ALL WAYS! May 7, 20/20 Vision     by   Brianca Lane      May 7 is our Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day! National Day of Prayer for Religious, Day of Mental Reasoning for non Religious/Humanists? We are RIGHT about our PERSONAL 13 foot SAFETY AIR SPACE BREATHING BUBBLE- recent Scientific testing shows sneezing & coughing travels 12 feet and lingers over a few minutes, concentration of the virus droplets & aerosol dispersing with distance!  Practice SOCIAL DISTANCING -Brianca BE SAFE!!

‘YOU TOO!’ We R SUPER HEROES ALL! Together Apart- Our REAL 20/20 Adversarial Contest Pits Outdated BEST BEFORE Behavior & Crafty Corona Pandemic versus Our Enlightening NEW NORMAL SUPER HEROES R US YOU TOO! MOVEMENT!!!

SPORTS CONTESTS LOVED BY EVERYONE R WARM UP PLAYS for Our Real 20/20+ Adversarial Contest- Everyone STEP UP- be SUPER HEROES creating our New Normal in our Brand New World! No 3 hour entertaining ‘Sports Performance’- This Adversarial Contest is REAL LIFE embodying REAL CONSEQUENCES, ‘Winners & Losers!’  1918+ so named ‘Spanish Flu’s Second Infection Wave’ was worse than the initial wave- ‘RUSHED APPROVAL’ viral test adopted by the Presidency/White House has a 50% accuracy rate- same as a simple coin flip- heads or tails as to anyone’s infection status! Up to 50% infected showing no or minimal symptoms- Iceland’s brilliant studies first inform us. A new United Nations policy brief reports on Pandemic mental health impacts: 50% Canadian Health Care Workers need therapy/ psych. support! Nothing New Here- ‘Can’t tell Doctors from Patients’ is a long held mental health institutions’ quip! 50% China’s Health Care Workers R suffering depression. Two thirds of Pakistani Health Care Workers report they experience moderate to severe psych. distress in our contest with corona virus. In Italy & Spain, about 4 in 5 children experience loss of concentration, nervousness, irritability, loneliness…  About one in three U.K. young people already challenged by mental health issues blame the corona Pandemic adversary making their mental health ‘much worse!’ Almost 50% of Americans…  BABY BOOMERS are showing distress- “BAD TRIP! BUMMER! EVERYTHING not so GROOVY-” Simon & Garfunkel! BEACH BOYS MUSIC SCENE ALWAYS IS “GOOOOOD. GOOOOD VIBRATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

W.H.O. Director- general T. Ghebreyesus is alarmed: ***’Loss of income, Employment- well over 36 million U.S. jobless claims in 7 weeks, Loss of Life-Family Members (& Friends), Social Isolation, Fear of Contagion, Pandemic’s impacts on People’s mental health is extremely concerning! It’s CRYSTAL CLEAR MENTAL HEALTH NEEDS must be treated as a core element of our response to RECOVERY- A collective responsibility of both Government & Civil Society. A failure to take people’s EMOTIONAL well being seriously will lead to long term SOCIAL & ECONOMIC COSTS!’***  Pres. Trump pins his November Re-election hopes on a strong American economy, relatively high employment, quick vaccine approvals by Nov. 3! But this VAMPIRE virus attaches & penetrates other organs besides our Lungs- Heart, Kidneys, Brain, other organs, Blood Vessels & Circulation System…  Without COVID safety protocols & without high employment, income & adequate health insurance coverage, treatment & care is also under attack, existing medical needs set aside by killer COVID overwhelming tsunami waves! MeUsCan-do! Together Apart! Our YOU TOO! MOVEMENT… & by adopting SAFETY PROTOCOLS- We HIT BACK!  with our 6 foot+/2 meter+ Social Distancing; our ideal 13 foot personal breathing safety envelope- corona virus dissipates over time & distance & within 2 or 3 minutes but HANGS in still air in aerosol tiny droplets & is viable for up to 24 hours on clothes, 4 days on glass, 3 days on hard metal & plastics, 24 hours on cardboard; absorbent fibers, heat & sun dry it up! We hope not to bring it into our homes in any viable concentrations, especially among vulnerable people! Our IMMUNE SYSTEM MAY BE TRIGGERED TO ATTACK OUR OWN HEALTHY CELLS (& ORGANS!) Chemical cytokines GUIDE OUR IMMUNE RESPONSE. But a ‘cytokine storm’ caused by our immune system over reacting, sees our immune cells attacking healthy tissues-‘THE FOG of WAR,’ damaging our lungs, blood vessels… Scientists see adequate vitamin D levels as helping prevent ‘cytokine storms.’  

Thankfully, we get to RESET REALITY- OUR WORLD- OUR LIVES… Daily hours of polluted, stifling gridlocked traffic- behind us! Coal energy… replaced by renewable sustainable energy- China falling backwards in increasing coal plants- Bryan Adams’ cue to rant! Everyone AMAZED- a young city living generation actually breathing sweet smelling, pure, life giving air! Able to see distant vistas in every direction, smog fog blocked from view for decades! In our future girls & women asking, ‘What’s ‘Me TOO?’ Oh- before in ‘Old Normal’- before we each enjoyed our 6′ safety space- viral & bacterial transmission was rampant along with in your face bullying, harassment, touching & groping buy Uncle Joe’s not respecting our individual personal safety space- RIGHT TO BE FREE FROM FEAR!   ‘No 6’ personal SAFETY SPACE? In ‘Old Normal Days’ did they live like in a bee hive, crashing & crunching against each other?’  They crahed against our Mother Earth’s Biosphere & Climate, suffered greatly & incurred The Apocalypse until they balanced & reset to a Happier, Healthy Reality. BECAME HEROES- An Apocalypse squeezes us to break free from self created limitations, go back to the drawing board, establish healthy relationships with Mother Nature & our Environment.  ‘They didn’t have a relationship with Mother Nature?’   Humans were like assorted nuts, blind & packaged in a twilight zone Created Reality with little awareness outside their self centered gaze until an Apocalypse suddenly overwhelmed them- WOKE THEM UP LIKE A TRUMPETER!  Pres. Trump also SHOOK ‘EM UP FOR 4 YEARS NON STOP FROM ZOMBIE SLUMBER! A ‘You Too!’ Movement…   Social, cultural & legal changes swinging wildly! (P.S. Wisconsin’s (U.S.A.) Supreme Court voted 4 to 3 against Governor Tony Ellis continuing his March ‘STAY AT HOME’ Order. “If a Forest Fire breaks out, ACTION IS NEEDED. The Governor could declare AN EMERGENCY & Respond! But in a Pandemic, which lasts month after month, the Governor cannot rely on Emergency Powers indefinitely!!! ‘unlawful, invalid & unenforceable!’ Ellis says ‘Nothing is compelling anyone to do anything!’ But Ellis believes ‘citizens are not ‘complete idiots!” ALTHOUGH TREATS THEM AS SUCH!!! U.S. Supreme Court struck down arbitrary ruthless decrees like limiting Church Services to 10- effectively attempting to stop Religious Activity & destroy the U.S, Constitution & Rule by Law- in favor of China’s Governing style- AGAINST the PEOPLE not BY & FOR THE PEOPLE!! ! Thankfully, Together Apart we rise to become the HEROES we were created to be- REAL HEROES RISING- each of us in our own ways because our bats in their belfry Politicians R bamboozled by a not really even alive dumb virus!!! 

Asked my WARM, WONDERFUL go-to friend Mars (of Chinese heritage) in Vancouver, Canada- What about STAR POP ROCK Entertainer vegetarian Bryan Adam’s strong outburst about China spreading COVID disaster? Mars says Asian/Chinese are emerging economies with ‘wet markets’- now becoming illegal?, selling wild live & freshly killed fish & animals carrying diseases, reflecting unscientific magical ‘cultural beliefs & practices.’ BUT ALSO indicating severe POVERTY- if Asians enjoyed a universal ‘higher standard of living,’ wet markets’ would lose their pricing ‘attractiveness.’ Also embarrassing & dangerous, Mars concedes Chinese biological test centers’ safety standards are a ‘miss’ for our World. (Food, pharmaceutical… purity standards are questionable, cancer causing poisons commonly identified in goods- ‘side effects’ from China’s emerging wet & wild unregulated manufacturing power! Our World has depended on China for our manufacturing SUPPLY CHAIN based on LOWER $$$COSTS, slave labor wages & REAL SLAVERY? Uyghur Muslim & other unjustly imprisoned persecuted minorities…  are enslaved in substandard working environments! As Pres. Trump alleges, China steals Western Intellectual Property, creates ‘knock offs’ of expensive American products Westerners buy at a fraction of the ORIGINALS!  GUITAR ‘KNOCK OFFS’ reduced up to 90%+  hammering traditional U.S. companies like Gibson, using poisonous solvents in most products causing cancers & reproductive harm among Western users of Chinese clone products…) China covered up how dangerous & out of control the corona virus outbreak is- 4 year sentences… for Chinese whistle Blowers disclosing the truth on line!, Pres. Trump, U.K.’s Boris Gone Viral!, Sweden… SWALLOWING the Chinese Cooly- Aid, HOPING IN VAIN FOR A EASTER MIRACLE, that corona VAMPIRE is actually a ‘Sesame Street’ Grumpy Grouch Pretender- to no avail!  This blood sucking VAMPIRE just won’t be confined to a ‘Sesame Street’ Cartoon Trash Can! Our OLD NORMAL BAD HABITS DISCARDED- just like Neanderthals thousands of years ago, or are absorbed in creating AN EXCITING NEW NORMAL.  ‘It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over!!!’ (Yoga Berra) WHEN ALL SEEMS ABOUT TO BE LOST!, OUR BELOVED SUPER HEROES RISE TO SAVE OUR WORLD!!! Your World may be in a crisis- everything darkest before the DAWN of a NEW NORMAL CREATED BY REAL LIFE HEROES,  INSPIRNG U.S. A.LL!!!  May 14, 20/20 Vision   by Brianca Lane ‘YOU TOO!’ MOVEMENT- HEROES LIKE YOU IS WHAT OUR WORLD NEEDS NOW & EVERY DAY! 

We’re ALL EXPOSED TOGETHER- STRUGGLE & LOVE TOGETHER APART!!!                    May 21, 20/20 psychic vision R U.S.!!!

Beautiful Days to Celebrate Family, Friends, Fun, we took for granted until 2020? As our beloved Singer Songwriter Joni Mitchell reminds us, “Don’t it only go to show- We don’t know what we got ’till it’s gone-”  We are all TOTALLY EXPOSED in this TOGETHER so let’s WORK TOGETHER among our Christian, Muslim, Hindu… Friends CREATING BEAUTIFUL BRIDGES- NOT FEAR BASED, UNHELPFUL BARRIERS. Muslims practicing their Islamic month of Ramadan Together Apart as Saudi Arabia shuts down  Holy Cities, Mecca, Medina… usually visited by Faith filled millions! Ramadan is based on Faithfulness & CHARITABLE GIVING… During the month- do our NEEDY Mentally Ill receive CHARITABLE GIVINGS ? If not, CALLING ALL Muslims to EXTEND Ramadan’s CHARITABLE GIVING SPIRIT FORWARD!  Brothers & Sisters- Others face severe hardship, stigma & poverty due to Mental Illness even with Allah’s LOVE.  In COVID-19 ‘WORST of TIMES,’ SHOW YOUR FAITH by helping & giving to our diverse ‘People Kind Family’ facing Mental Illness CHALLENGES! Eid al-Fitr weekend holiday Celebrations waylaid- crowded Mosque public prayers, Big Family & Communal meals a’ no- no’ like Christian Easter & Jewish Passover Rites! Anyone recalling the U. S. Civil War era will happily remember nurse Clara Barton- an ‘Angel of the Battlefield,’ helping establish our wonderful RED CROSS, May 21, 1881! Thanks Clara- in 2020+ & future Apocalyptic Times, we need ANGELS on our COVID-19 Battlefield!!!  ROCK AN’ ROLLERS recall CHUCK BERRY recorded his First Heartbroken Love Aid Song Maybellene (Why Can’t You Be True?!) adapted from IDA RED on May 21, 1955! Signature song to our Forever Lying Politicians World Wide- Q. Our Lying Politicians STILL ABLE to hood wink most of us some or  most of us ALL the time? ‘Lying Politicians’ Sports-‘ Who is the BEST- WINNERS or LOSERS at lying & hood winking us in 2020? Nov. 3 Presidential Election Winner the Best Convincing LIAR??? Most Credible at SPINNING TALL TALES??? Best Plays, Fakes, Con Runs over U.S. & Opposition Teams/Players?  IMPACTS THEIR GAMES & CON JOBS HAVING ON US LOCALLY & WORLD WIDE?  EXPOSED- BREAK DOWN THEIR ‘BEST GAME DAY SCHEMES’ for us to NOT ingest, hook, line & sinker!  PLAYING FOR THE SAME BOSSES, OWNERS, ELITES, CONTROLLERS OF MEDIA, WEALTH, GOVERNMENT ‘INFLUENCERS,’ SERVING PUPPET MASTERS? PRO SPORTS is FANTASY ENTERTAINMENT but COVID-19 Pandemic & Apocalyptic Political Decrees can be anti- Constitutional, AGAINST our HARD FOUGHT FOR RIGHTS & LIBERTIES UNDER COVER OF COVID-19??

In World, Chuck’s reworked Song Title ‘Maybellene’ becomes ‘MAY BELIEVE-‘ We ‘MAY BELIEVE?  WHY CAN’T YOU lying Politicians & Governments BE TRUE?? !’ ‘We May Believe’ Presidential Candidates Trump or Biden- Why Can’t they BE TRUE??!’ ‘Tweeting Trumpeter’ vs. ‘JOE BLOWS-‘ Bye Bye DIN Good Times?’ Massaging The TRUTH & GROPING U.S.A.ll  one way or another! if  Pres. Trump loses his HARSH ALARM BELL WAKE UP CALLS NO MORE!- TAKE A STAND ON ISSUES!  Who’s Trump to believe among World Governments- Canada’s sometimes ‘Brown Faced, Black Faced- Always Two Faced Trudeau’ bankrupting Canada’s future generations with DEBTS no Financial Accountability Office nor Finance Minister can imagine or estimate! Britain’s Boris Gone Viral? ‘Blondie Bomb Shell-‘ but ‘Curves in Wrong Places’ Exploded COVID-19 onto Britain like a German Blitzkrieg!  Boris’s RALLY CRY- ‘We shall NOT FIGHT’ unlike Winston Churchill but rather ‘SURRENDER OUR BEACHES… to ADVANCING COVID until ‘herd immunity’ kicks in! Almost died naturally due to his idiotic beliefs!  SWEDEN- Home Base for Wonderfully Fit, TRUE BLUE BLONDIE BOMB SHELLS- CURVES ALL IN THE RIGHT PLACES! & Trump’s FAB Race! adopted the ‘infect the herd approach.’ Physically fit but COVIDLY COMPROMIZED CONSEQUENCES! Devouring Sweden’s size PERFECT defenseless citizens!   Zombie Apocalypse among cute bodies? Pres. Trump praises China lavishly- ‘saving America & our World against COVID-19’ (to  gain a good trade deal?)  LOSES the China deal, OPENS UP America to COVID-19 CATASTROPHE, is now HOPELESSLY FLAILING- PEDDLING MIRACLE CURES, fearful voters will kill him in November for making America COVID-19’s MOST SUCCESSFUL INFECTION & KILL ZONE!!!  Very shortly 100 million killed- approaching double Vietnam War deaths! Outrageously outplayed at economic & political PING PONG by China’s SUPREME COMMANDER? ‘So Sorry America! You lose again!’ Did President Trump ‘con himself from certain victory,’ conceding to COVID-19 on the  SPORTS PLAYING FIELD??! 

 Pres. Obama actually is filmed circa 2014/15 predicting a Pandemic a la ‘Spanish flu’ (but Covid-19 is much less deadly so far!) to emerge in 2019- circa 2020 (Vision 20/20), a target date ‘People Kind’ established decades ago- leaving our OLD NORMAL, accepting a NEW NORMAL on Climate Change, Sustainability, Environmental Initiatives…   For Darwinian Evolution processes, time to FORCE CHANGE, ELEVATE OUR Human GAME!!! DESIRABLE- but UNCOMFORTABLE IF WE RESIST!? Life finds a way forward, dropping or elevating life forms & behavior. (Our human centered self absorbed preoccupation is unhealthy, not sustainable, and has to pass obviously!) Could have- should have changed decades ago but kept putting it off- Joni Mitchell’s brilliant 1960’s+  songs still calling us “We are GOLDEN STARDUST- AND WE GOT TO GET OURSELVES BACK TO THE GARDEN!” *****’CALLED’ in 2017 to begin Created, Named &  established Mental Health Rights!- Advocating for ‘psychiatric survivors’ years ago, … Presented with  ‘psychic pictures of our Future’ ‘CAUTION- ROAD to APOCALYPSE AHEAD’- SET EMERGENCY SUSTAINABILITY BRAKE-  OBEY ALL SIGNS/SCIENTIFIC & M.N. INFO. & DIRECTIONS!’ Next Stop- Plagues of Egypt!!!  M. N.’s Pleas & Protective Responses, Global Climate Change Impacts HEATING UP…  Her Final SHORT & SWEET WARNING- “SHOW ME!” “SHOW ME!” ‘Sure, LOVE to be HELPFUL!’  LIFE is finding a WAY STRONGLY ‘inviting us to join in kicking & screaming?!’  Together, by being honest, truthful, caring, compassionate & sharing We’ll FIND OUR WAY FORWARD- Humanity brought this upon our heads over decades when WE KNEW BETTER!   Blame games aside, WE NEED TO STEP UP- SHOW UP- ACCEPT CHANGE- FACE UP TO REALITY, PLAY OUR BEST SELVES- OUR BEST GAME FACE, ACCOMPLISH WHAT NEEDS TO BE CREATED INDIVIDUALLY & TOGETHER!!! YOU’RE HERE- THE BEST TEAM MATES FOR OUR EARTH, HUMANITY & BIOSPHERE TO ADOPT NEEDED CHANGES & WIN THE GAME OF LOVING & LIVING M.N. Back to Our Healthy Biosphere! You’re ALL STAR- Mother Nature asks you & me like any GREAT COACH, “SHOW ME YOUR BEST STUFF ON THE COURT OF LIVING!   May 21, 2020   by Brianca Lane    P>S> You’re THE BEST to BRING ABOUT NEEDED CHANGES- mental illness or not hitting humanity hard in our ‘Apocalyptic Times!’ 

SUN RISING IN OUR HEARTS & EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FREEDOM & HEALTH STRUGGLES- African Americans- 400 years patiently hoping Lady Liberty opens her GOLDEN DOOR & SHINES HER LAMP ON EVERY VISIBLE MINORITY but White Police Authorities STILL KNEELING ON BLACK FOLKS NECKS! Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, Equal Justice for All in Minneapolis or anywhere in America? DON’T LOOK BACK- Let Old Normal RACISM DIE!  How do we inform ourselves, WALK IN ‘THOSE PEOPLE’S’ SHOES? Our education system aspires to achieve ZERO RACISM & DISCRIMINATION? But HOW? EMPLOY PRACTICAL EXERCISES EXPOSING EVERY STUDENT TO WHAT ‘THOSE OTHER FOLKS’ FACE in daily living?  Does any Group or Culture have the RIGHT to KNEEL HARD on another’s NECKS!  ARBITRARY Discrimination is Blasphemy against The Creator & Darwinian Socially Diverse Evolutionary Processes!  Besides what modern White Western Popular Musician can be proficient without A GROUNDING in African American Music? BRITISH INVASION Musicians couldn’t believe American news media didn’t CELEBRATE African American MUSICAL GIANTS like ‘Muddy Waters’- McKinley Morganfield, Chuck Berry, Little Richard… ‘Mannish Boy, ‘Back Door Man,’ ‘I’m A Rolling Stone,’ WILLIE DIXON, HOWLING WOLF… American Reporters  wondered if ‘Muddy Waters’ is a PLACE, a Town/Location! ‘Rolling Stones’ CREATED THEMSELVES BY APPROPRIATING EVERYTHING FROM AFRICAN AMERICAN PERFORMERS! Video Footage of Mick mimicking mentor Muddy Waters… BELOVED ELVIS  ATTENDED AFRICAN AMERICAN CHURCH SERVICES TO STUDY METICULOUSLY & DEVELOP HIS SOULFUL SINGING STYLE, STAGE DANCING, WE ADORE FOREVER! Compare James Brown & The Flames blowing away Mick Jagger & The Stones performing in a 1964 video show in Santa Monica/L.A., M.C. by Jan & Dean! L.A.’s Light My Fire, The Doors circa 1967 are White musicians playing Black Roots Rock & Soul like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, S.R.V…. JEFF BECK BLACK STYLE BLUES STAR TOO- BUT JEFF- YOU’RE SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!! TOO MUCH- LOVEIT!!!

So discrimination by Americans against African Americans is actually anti American in the eyes of our World- musical legacy, sports heroes, movies & humor, culture… Educated citizens are often INCLUSIVE & CURIOUS ABOUT DIVERSE CULTURES & PEOPLES! Seeing my Fathers’ World Wide Social Contacts & Friendships, believed everyone experiences a Wonderful Rainbow of Characters & Cultures, compatible & co-operating, Friendly & Inclusive- working seriously- SMILING, ALWAYS ENJOYING FUN TIMES AMONG DIVERSE CULTURES & CHARACTERS! WE children would ask, “Dad- why is ‘Uncle Fritz’ such a strange person unlike anyone else?’ We saw ‘Uncle Fritz’ fix an ant colony mound in the grassy field after someone kicked it. Is there something wrong with him?” Your ‘Uncle Fritz’ survived a terribly cruel War in Europe so now he is ESPECIALLY KIND to every LIVING CREATURE BIG or SMALL, important or not!’ “Uncle Fritz is kind even to stupid ants?” ‘Yes- even to stupid ants!’ “But especially to smart children!” He was 100% HUMAN KINDNESS after the Holocaust Experience! Everyone in my Dad’s World, ALL WONDERFULLY TOGETHER BUT OFTEN A WORLD APART GEOGRAPHICALLY & CULTURALLY!  Discrimination is perhaps a form of Mental Illness. A SOCIAL ‘VIRAL’ DISEASE  with serious health impacts like COVID-19.  With ‘Stay at home orders;’ Increasing surveillance Societies, Politicians & Governments becoming so dictatorial & bossy-  Take Pres. Trump- Please!  Donald Trump Junior claims Candidate ‘Joe Blow alleged Adulterer & $Billion China kick back influence peddling schemer Biden’ has difficulty eating with a mask on but I say just SUCK REAL HARD Joe!!! Politicians are experts at SUCKING & BLOWING at the same time! 

To CLARIFY- Our WONDERFUL PRESIDENT I LOVE- a.k.a. ‘Angel Eyes’ Trump, (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly) fastest, most prolific HONEST EXAGGERATOR in the Political WILD WEST, a STEADY RIGHT HAND on his grave digger’s shovel- officially 102,000+ fallen, 13/4 million  infected- add 100’s of thousands infected but never tested, is RIGHTFULLY OFFENDED because for the first time Twitter flagged his post for fact checking- ‘Mail in ballots throwing the U.S. election!’ Honestly, mail in balloting bypasses presenting oneself & matching photo I.D. for voting once- millions of mail in ballots may EASILY be FALSE as Pres. Trump suspects!!! Mail in ballots allows for anyone among many with access to change ballots & count results at several steps…  Maybe Russia (a.k.a. Vlad the Impaler) can ride in & save the election- as alleged by the Dems. in 2016.  President is pursuing an inquiry to censure internet players like Twitter for alleged bias & censorship? Markie Z.’s F.B. says digital platforms must not be “ARBITERS of TRUTH!” Twitter’s C.E.O. Dorsey J. responds Twitter will continue to flag “incorrect or disputed information” as arbiter of ‘common sense?’  New Normal social/cultural, educational, business practices & etiquette already are far removed from OLD NORMAL 1950’s Americana! “Leave It To Beaver’s” Eddie Haskell -“Lost in Space’s” equivalent to Dr. ever scheming Smith- “Oh Penny?” just passed away leaving Pres. Trump with no role model besides alleged mentor Vladdy from RUSSIA WITH LOVE! OLD 1950’s NORMAL GONE like Neanderthals except for Paranoid Governments!  But 2020’s RESET sees 30 something Grad. Student Virgins still living at home indefinitely- 40 million workers filed for U.S. jobless claims since mid March- “Try to be home before 12 midnight Dear- You know how I worry about you!” ‘Ah- Gee- Mom?’ “BEAVER! Don’t talk back to your Mother!”  ‘Yes- Sorry Mom- I’ll be home before midnight.’ “And don’t let some hussy take you parking- it’s not safe with all the viruses! Thanks Ward- I so worry- The Beaver is only 30 something & has hardly dated yet with on line learning, video games… But with all the viruses out there!!! What we happen to him after we are gone?” ‘You mean if Eddie Haskell becomes his mentor- scary thought!’

‘SMILE- SMILE- SMILE  EVERYONE! LAUGH!  SAY FUNNY JOKES!  PLEASE KEEP HAPPINESS & FUN ALIVE IN YOUR HEART!  OUR CHALLENGING LIVES & TIMES!  2020 is resetting OUR NEW NORMAL TOGETHER APART!  BE SAFE BUT ENJOY LAUGHING, CREATING FUN AS BEST WE ARE ABLE!  Physical Body R. & R.- Gentle, Fun, No Pain Daily Exercise.  Your Prescription for COVID-19 Tough Times- LAUGHING & HAVING FUN- GET YOUR HAPPY FACE ON!  New Normal INCLUDES TIME FOR YOU- YOUR HAPPINESS = OUR CHALLENGING TIMES R BETTER FOR EVERYONE!!! Yes- Go VIRAL! Please DO INFECT EVERYONE WITH HAPPINESS!!!  Thankfully, ‘Me Too!’ is giving victims of bullying, sexual harassment & abuse A Time to SHINE- be BELIEVED, SUPPORTED, HEALED,  SEEK  JUSTICE…  But OUR  NEW NORMAL protects against unwanted sexual harassment BEFORE it BEGINS & ALERTS anyone nearby help is needed! Our RIGHT to ENJOY A 6 FOOT/2 Meter SAFE PROTECTION  ZONE where feasible- if we CHOOSE to exercise our RIGHT. In OLD NORMAL we had NO PROTECTIVE DISTANCING WHATSOEVER! Groping & touching was an EVER PRESENT THREAT vs. a 6′ ‘safety bubble’ visible to passersby for your protection today! FREEDOM FROM CONSTANT FEAR!!

A brilliant Psychiatrist scientifically studied DISCRIMINATION  & Other Serious Mental Illness co-factors like POVERTY reducing our LIFESPAN BY UP TO 20 YEARS! OUR ENEMY MORE than Mental Illness? Given almost zero expectation of survival due to diagnosis… – NURSES CHATTED HEARTLESSLY ABOUT IMMINENT ‘SELF HARM’ & ‘DOES Bri HAVE ‘THE GUTS?’ THANKFULLY for YOU & ME, we do have the ‘GUTS’ to CHOOSE LIFE- ALWAYS & ALL WAYS WE CHOOSE LIFE!  We have BRAINS to see demons dressed in Nurses’/Health Care Uniforms with HEARTS OF STONE!!  Yes we can’t tell what’s going on inside an evil person wearing a Uniform, by the person’s Outer Appearance! President Trump’s genuine enthusiasm for America’s economy- tied to his Election hopes? understandably is blinding his compassion while over 100,000 fall to COVID! A KARMIC COMPASSION MISS? Vampire COVID feeds on us exactly as we lusted after Mother Nature’s bounty. ‘SHOW TIME’ for People Kind’s New Normal- Heroic Challenges to Create our New Sustainable Normal- You’re alive on Earth NOW to be HEROES, SAVE OUR PLANET, OUR BIOSPHERE- no Hollywood fantasy- the REAL DEAL!!! BREATHE CLEAN AIR, DRINK PURE WATER, EAT REAL FOOD- enjoy clear distant picturesque vistas in a sustainable World fit for a TRULY BELOVED MOTHER NATURE!!!

Like Pres. Trump, Ontario, Canada’s Premier Ford drastically cut red SAFETY tape- Ford stopped evaluating Care Homes for Seniors, enabled heads up warnings & fake evaluations by a phone call… enabling owners to put PROFITS AHEAD OF PEOPLE- conditions for abuses & deadly outbreaks we hear daily throughout 2020! Greed & Profits over People’s Safety, Health & Life Expectations. You’d imagine we’d time traveled back to 1930’s Germany, witnessing Holocaust & EUGENICS ‘culling the herd of undesirables!’  A  World Wide Holocaust  set up for the COVID-19 SPARK to ‘burn’ away seniors & anyone with underlying costly health issues. Frightened & infected staff  stayed away- Premier Ford finally presented a pay rise promising 10 times their $17.00+/- per hour pay but implementing a $2.00 pay raise temporarily. Cut their part time hours  in overwhelming challenging staff shortage situations! HEROIC Canadian Armed Forces came to help & rescue neglected, dying Seniors- IMMEDIATELY CREATED A  WHISTLE BLOWER’S REPORT – hopefully similar WHISTLE BLOWER’S REPORTS emerge World Wide!! By that time, the fire will already have consumed most vulnerable citizens over the next year…!  ‘Sacrifices have to be made’ said P.M. Trudeau. Australia questioning China’s role in the emerging Pandemic- Charging & imprisoning Chinese Whistle Blowers… China threatening fierce economic sanctions on any Nation speaking about an INQUIRY! Conspiracy theorists can ask- So China starts a catastrophic Pandemic but now sees itself the only World Leader able to manage the disaster & seeks World Domination!  Over 40 million filing for unemployment since mid March in the U.S., World Economies hopelessly in debt. China is firing up- especially Global Climate Changes C0-2 emissions with dirty coal!!!!  Imagine Trump & Biden decide whoever wins, the loser becomes the Vice President and America FINALLY UNITES in common purpose BY & FOR THE PEOPLE- not 4 years of POWER POLITICS between rivals?’  One MASKED- the other UNMASKED- Uncle Joe trying to suck & blow food through his mask, Trump praising him for his tenacity while declaring ‘I beat COVID- I AM IMMUNITY- WILL UNMASK AMERICA’S GREATNESS!!!     May 28, 2020   by Brianca Lane       

P.S. Play Safe- Social Distance, Wear A Facial Mask/ Scarf… protect your 13 foot personal breathing space; A 2 1/2 hour Church Choir practice with an infected person- in spite of abiding by social distancing protocols, spread an unholy COVID-19 infection to about 90%? Let SUNSHINE & CLEAN AIR IN, BUT KEEP CORONA VIRUS VAMPIRES OUT!!!  Shocking stats.- America’s participation in the Korean War, 1950- 1953, and in the Vietnam War 1955- 1975 Pres. Trump side stepped,  meant about 38,500+ + 58, 500+ Americans perished= 97,000 but in mere months COVID has already taken 102,000 with 1. 75 million infections- Who knows how many hundreds of thousands were ill or succumbed but were not tested? Surpassing 300,000 deaths this year?  Italy about doubled its corrected victim count! But a NEW SUN IS RISING IN OUR HEARTS & EYES!!! YOU ARE THE HEROES- ‘SHOWTIME ON PLANET EARTH!!!    What if we were all ‘accidentally’ switched at birth- Muslim baby raised in a Conservative Jewish community, Jewish baby in strict Muslim culture…being instilled with fears & biases against ‘THOSE PEOPLE!’ BUT one day- Allah be Praised!!! Knock knock- “Hey- How Y’all doing- Our University Psychology Research Team’ s been switching Babies at birth to show our World that biases & stigma ARE LEARNED BEHAVIORS IMPOSED ON OUR CHILDREN creating ills for everyone! Hope you’re not too upset & appreciate participating in our scientific efforts to better our World! BUT if you are upset, we’d like to enroll you in our new study of mistreated research involuntary subjects and long term implications on mental health!!! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EXCHANGE YOUR CHILDREN- OR NOT AT YOUR PLEASURE & BE SURE TO PICK UP A COPY OF OUR PUBLISHED STUDY FOR YOUR READING ENJOYMENT! Any Relatives you’d recommend for lending out to our FULLY QUALIFIED ETHICALLY MOTIVATED RESEARCH TEAM??? Hope you’re not too upset- As P.M. Trudeau says, “Sacrifices have to be made!!!” for scientific progress… May 28, 20/20 visioning    by Brianca Lane 


Wonderful to see our website up again- COVID-19 effects ‘zombie frying’ people’s brains blamed for messing up electrical system in Vancouver, Canada’s old Hydro Building taking down our website! Have you observed people’s anxiety, sadness, outbursts… sometimes bizarre behavior brought on by our Apocalyptic Times, Global Climate Change, Plagues & Infestations like vampiric COVID-19, Endless Warfare/Threats, Economic Uncertainty? Overall, Zombie Frying People’s Brains– causing them to Erupt Emotionally, neglect Social Rules & Graces, Feel & Act Confused & Lost- Stay At Home Orders for weeks or months, Our Lives CHANGING FROM OLD NORMAL to NEW NORMALTogether- APART we Are Creating OUR NEW REALITY!! Thankfully, Mother Nature is a CALMING HOME BASE for our Emotional Balance- SHE Still LOVES US.A.LL!  

We TURN OUR BEHAVIOR TO HELP NOT HURT our Furry, Fishy, Feathery, Buzzing, Crawling, Hopping, Jumping, Flying… FRIENDS & PLANT LIFE- our Furry, Fishy, Feathery, Buzzing, Crawling, Hopping, Jumping, Flying… Friends & Plant Life Living in our Waters, Air or on solid Earth- Flora & fauna in Our Shared BIOSPHEREWe SHARE BECAUSE WE CARE!  ALL LIVES MATTER! ALL People Facing Discrimination & Intolerance! Every Life Form- except mosquitoes, deserve better than a slap down! Together Apart- + Social Distancing, Facial Masks, Personal Safe Breathing Space, … We Turn Our Behavior to Show Black Lives Do MATTER!!!  Birthday Girl Angelina- Laura Croft, UNLIKE our famous ‘PEACEMAKER COLT .45’- metal jacket & black powder behind a 230 grain bullet, IS A HUMAN PEACE MAKER TURNED 45 June 4th to RECKON WITH! She donates $200,000 to the N.A.A.C.P. Legal Defense Fund to celebrate for “RACIAL EQUALITY, SOCIAL JUSTICE, LEGISLATIVE REFORM.” Angelina is,  after all tres INTOLERANT!  “Discrimination and impunity cannot be tolerated, explained away or justified!  Come Together to address deep structural wrongs in Society.” (Pres. Trump not so intolerant of intolerance?) Hopefully, our privileged, wealthy class will likewise DONATE to help people also BURDENED by Mental Illness, Economic Uncertainty or Certain Poverty.  STOP Discrimination TODAY! Against People Challenged by Mental Illness in ADDITION to other Challenges like Racism! COVID-19 uncovered a PLAGUE of INTOLERANT AGEISM AGAINST SENIORS- A GENOCIDE UNDER  COVID-19 COVER! Our Abandoned Seniors ALL EXPERIENCING ‘I CAN’T BREATHE’ FOR DAYS BEYOND  8 minutes & 46 seconds of torturous asphyxiation. ALONE- LOVED ONES BANNED from Care Homes! ‘THROW AWAY, DISPOSABLE, 3rd Class Citizens?!’ “Black Lives Matter’ is but ONE AMONG MANY Important Causes Against Stifling Discrimination- ‘Dying by a Thousand Cuts!’  ALL LIVES MATTER- People Facing Discrimination, Torture & Intolerance!  ALL LIFE MATTERS in our Mother Nature’s Biosphere- What good is it for us to achieve  human civil rights, equality & opportunity for humans alone but ‘TRASH’ OUR CHILDREN’S PLANET & FUTURES???  Mother Nature SAYS “SHOW ME!” All Life on our Planet Matters!  Our BIG PICTURE- MARCH & RALLY for ALL HUMAN LIVES & ALL LIFE on THE BEST PLANET IN OUR UNIVERSE!!! Back to the N.A.A.C.P.  & Civil Rights-

Arguably, M.L.K. led the African American/Negro Civil Rights Movement from the mid 1950’s until his assassination at age 39 in 1968 in Memphis Tennessee. (My experience with Tennessee Folks is BEST FRIENDLIEST FOLKS YOU EVER MET!!! SO tragic if racism continues today among such WONDERFUL AMERICANS!) Angelina’s donation to the N.A.A.C.P. brings us back to 1960- M.L.K. began his VISION JOURNEY in 1960 addressing the N.A.A.C.P.- “The Negro & The American Dream!”  Today, World Wide Wonderful Black Lives Matter! Marches involve everyone everywhere- Freedom From Discrimination, Oppression, Violence…Lynchings – a rope or knee asphyxiating! The alleged Floyd Murder suggests a classic lynching- “Is a premeditated extrajudicial killing by a group to punish an alleged transgressor OR TO INTIMIDATE A GROUP, AN EXTREME FORM OF INFORMAL SOCIAL CONTROL and it is often conducted WITH THE DISPLAY AS A PUBLIC SPECTACLE FOR MAXIMUM INTIMIDATION!” (of the group targeted for intimidation!) (Wikipedia) Clearly, this lynching INTIMIDATES EVERY AFRICAN AMERICAN causing World Wide Protest Solidarity Marches- Feeling Intimidated by the Floyd lynching! Together we must drown out the burning discrimination & hate filled violence fires wherever & whenever we see it, hear it, sense it, feel it!  But 1000’s of singing, slogan shouting protesters & solidarity marchers World Wide crowded together like sardines for hours SPREADING COVID-19- ‘I CAN’T BREATHE,’ what COVID-19 DOES to U.S.A.ll!  Good INTENTIONED MARCHES shouldn’t be OPPORTUNISTIC  INFECTION PARTIES for COVID-19 asphyxiation scenarios! TOGETHER- BUT APART PLEASE!!!

But let’s assemble ourselves among 250,000 civil rights supporters back on August 28, 1963 standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ ( as former Pres. Obama encourages us today) at the steps of our Lincoln Memorial.   M.L.K. pauses his speech- searching for Divine Inspiration & Direction… Mahalia Jackson becomes M.L.K.’s Divine Inspiration & Direction: “TELL THEM ABOUT YOUR DREAM, Martin!” (VISION QUEST he Began in 1960 addressing the N.A.A.C.P- Angelina donating to their ‘DEFENSE FUND!)  “I have been to the mountaintop! I HAVE A DREAM!” (Among the most profound & defining WONDERS of the Civil Rights Movement!) The 100 years earlier circa 1863 Civil Rights Movement SUCCESSES INCLUDED eventually ‘WINNING’ THE CIVIL WAR & THE EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION  of 1863- declaring millions of SLAVES FREE! FREE!!! FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But without FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION & VIOLENCE, WE  ALL FEEL ENSLAVED TOGETHER GOING ROUND & ROUND IN A RECURRING NIGHTMARE!  M.L.K. SHOUTS- “One hundred years later, the Negro is still NOT FREE!” “NOW IS THE TIME!” Aug. 28, 1963 We’ll skip ahead to 1964- M.L.K. writing “WHY WE CAN’T WAIT!” At the end of his journey on Earth, M.L.K. pens “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?” (On to Heavenly Afterlife for you, Martin!)  SURVIVORS today in our 20/20 Vision QUEST remember THE VISION- “NOW IS THE TIME!” we SHOUT echoing 1963! Hopeful, Confident, Determined, Cheerful- Being ANGELinaS- like Laura Croft, we turn & remember the N.A.A.C.P. & our DREAMS in the 1950’s & 1960’s Civil Rights Movement!  PLEASE! Say we are NOT GOING ROUND & ROUND since 1863-  on a Civil Rights & Black Lives Matter Ferris Wheel- “Let FREEDOM RING! One day we’ll all live in Nations where we will not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character!” A joyous break to end “our long night of captivity!” EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW (U.S. Supreme Court) STRENGTH BY UNITY! But let us not Totter-

An American Invasion of America? Pres. Trump’s foils pointing out “The Emperor has no clothes!” as he addresses America’s National Unity CRISIS. GUILTY OF TWITTER TOTTER, critics whisper- afraid he’ll unleash the U.S. Army against Americans?   To TOTTER is to cause something to separate into jagged pieces by violently pulling at it- TWIT WIT TWITTER TOTTERERS! Unraveling American National Unity & Global Co-operation! Dividing Nations & Peoples? “Dam-0-critics conspiring against me in bed with Fake News Mass Media Broads/Broadcasters, Pres. Trump cries!” Vocal, vivacious Washington Protesters & Marchers inspiring Pres. Trump to suddenly SWOON, with a bad case of “I need to INSPECT my bunker!” as Protesters clash nearby. All Archie Bunkered Up again, Choir Boy Trump grasps a Bible, has Protesters tear gassed to clear his divine path to a photo shoot- Trump/Bible/Church- A HOLY TRINITY VISION? Regaining his irresistible machismo driving American Women out of their minds with DESIRE! (OR WITH DISGUST- thou doth protest?) ‘I can do whatever I want-Anything!’ -says His Trumped Up Holiness bragging about His Charm over young Women!   If protesters, looters, arsonists, anarchists, assorted nuts- i.e. non Trump supporters “DON’T GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER, I’LL SOLVE IT!” Bring on the U.S. Army to invade America? Holy Donald fatwa?

Meanwhile Angelina is stirring- her eyes beginning to SPARKLE like the eyes of Meghan Markle- Is LAURA CROFT THE Raider FOR HONG KONG’s FRUITLESS  SEARCH FOR   The Sacred Keys!!!!!!!!!! (Chinese cymbal crash!!!)  Open the Doors to DEMOCRACY, SELF DETERMINATION & FREEDOM from EVIL CHINA & her ANCIENT ARTS- CUNNING WARFARE!   ‘Father- Laura Croft needs your Inspiration, Divine Guidance’   ‘Yes- Laura  I knew long ago this day would come! Hong Patriots & Freedom Fighters seeking a mystery woman from Babylon- America!    You are She- Hong Kong’s Mystery Woman, Laura! Your eyes will see The Sacred Way to Find The KEYS!  Your final LIFE challenge-  Seek    THE SACRED KEYS!!!!!!!!      to SAVE HONG KONG’S PATRIOTS-  BUT TIME IS SHORT, Laura- China’s dark moon is descending hard towards choking Hong Kong’s FREEDOM  Beating Heart!  Democracy & Freedom, Laura  You must bring Hong Kong   THE SACRED KEYS!!!!!!!!  A BRIDGE SO CLOSE- A BRIDGE TOO FAR Laura A BRIDGE SO CLOSE –  A BRIDGE TOO FAR Remember your teachings- Win THE SACRED KEYS for Hong Kong & SAVE OUR WORLD!!!  June 4, 2020   by Brianca Lane be your ELECTRIFYING SELF to LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD- find your sacred KEYS!!! No Brainer- Evil China wants to round up ALL DISSIDENTS in Hong Kong OR ANYWHERE by any means in the future!!!

                   “TIME to ACT!” June 11, 1776- JFK- June 11, 1963- June 11, 20/20 Hindsight! Violating What Should Be INVIOLABLE!  But why HURRY- Only Been 244 years? ‘IN GOD WE TRUST?’ or maybe NOT!!!

Twin tornadoes last evening symbolizing OLD NORMAL being caught up in The Apocalyptic Whirlwind. Look around-  1963-  We can still DREAM to our Hearts’ Content! President Kennedy is proposing a Civil Rights Act for passage next year, 1964- Yeh! Yeh! Yeh! YEH!!!!!!  ‘Beatle-maniacs’ sing! Paul says in 1964, when The 4 MOP TOPS INVADE AMERICA in a BRITISH MUSIC Friendly Takeover of America’s HEARTS, confronting Racial Segregation– stipulates right in the Contracts, Beatles will never play to segregated audiences- “ONLY COMMOM SENSE!” says Paul! JFK will GUARANTEE by the Civil Rights Act-EQUAL ACCESS to Public Facilities, ENDING EDUCATION SEGREGATION, Federal Protection for VOTING RIGHTS- an ongoing issue still in 2020! Governor George Wallace- devil hearted Segregation Jim Crow Laws Supporter, is standing at the DOORWAY into University of Alabama blocking 2 African American prospective students- Vivian Malone & James from his ‘HOOD!’ National Guards troops being called to escort students in & REGISTER for classes! Sadly, very young children ages 2- 4 may be BRAINWASHED to become Hate Filled RACIST ROBOTS before they can possibly remember being BRAINWASHED- LOCKED & LOADED as ‘Manchurian  Candidates’ (‘R. Condom,’ 1959) Spend their lives hating but not knowing they suffered their hard drive being turned away from God to perform the devil’s work!-  Our World’s Racism Pandemic!

Time travelling back- LOOK June 11, 1776- Continental Congress appoints Jefferson, Adams, Ben Franklin, Sherman & Livingston to draft a declaration of independence from Britain!  Ben Franklin is our BEST Bob HOPE to introduce anti slavery & segregation/civil & human rights Spring Buds to Produce Tasty Ripe Fruit for African Americans BITING into America’s FOUNDING PROCLAMATION: Advocate slips wording for an AMENDMENT into Ben’s pocket but Ben FAILS- REMAINS SILENT! Is being SILENT still NOT OKAY TODAY- ACCEPTING hateful RACISM? Imagine in 20/20 Hindsight if Ben GOT IT DONE in 1776, Ben reaching into his pocket- ‘Is that a FREEDOM SCROLL in my pocket or is it HAPPY TIME?INSPIRED by God & Destiny… 

‘My fellow Americans- Fighters & Believers in FREEDOM, LIFE, LIBERTY, EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL, PURSUIT of HAPPINESS- We stand at the CROSSROADS- We can turn away from enslaving our fellows tomorrow- BUT TOMORROW IS ALWAYS A DAY HENCE YET WE ALL BELIEVE GOD GRANTS U.S.A.LL INALIENABLE RIGHTS TODAY. SO TODAY- not tomorrow we rise up and stand together to end the enslavement of our fellows- TODAY ALL MEN SHARE FREEDOM & GOD’S INALIENABLE RIGHTS!!! (Ben- How could you not hear God SPEAKING TO YOU LOUD & CLEAR!!!)

Future Generations Are WATCHING, JUDGING U.S.- Today we TURN AWAY from YESTERDAY’S Despicable Old British Rule, Slavery & Wrong Thinking- No longer SLAVES to Britain nor holding anyone in slavery to U.S.! All men on American soil being FREE MEN- SLAVES to neither Britain nor to U.S.! ALL FREE & JUSTICE FOR ALL! Future Generations Are Watching, Judging Us- BOLDLY GOING WHERE NO MEN GO BEFORE U.S.- Embracing Freedom, Justice, Liberty, Happiness for All ALL Men on American soil- ALL being equal Americans- SLAVES to no one- save IN GOD WE TRUST! ALL BEING AMERICANS ON AMERICAN SOIL, We bury yesterday’s OLD WAYS, We Create a NEW SOCIAL JUSTICE SOCIETY!  WE STAND HERE TOGETHER- APART FROM OUR BROKEN WORLD, VISIONING FROM AMERICA’S MOUNTAIN TOPS! Ahem- My American Brothers- Will YE SUFFER PAST BRITISH ENSLAVEMENT WAYS OR EMBRACE OUR NEW AMERICA STANDING FOR FREEDOM & JUSTICE FOR ALL! Freedom & Justice For All! Freedom & Justice For All Shall We Cry! ALL SAY IT & WITNESS BEFORE & TO ALL AMERICANS!

Sadly not a HAPPY TIME suffering a Racial Pandemic- June 11, 1776- June 11, 20/20 Ben HESITATED ABOUT REACHING INTO HIS POCKET- lifting out the Parchment- Enabling DIVINE INSPIRATION  to ‘GOD BLESS AMERICA!’ Divine Opportunity at Hand-  PICK UP & BEGIN READING THE PARCHMENT Ben- PLEASE LET ‘GOD BLESS AMERICA!’ 1776- 2020!  But if we had let GOD BLESS AMERICA before the 1860’s Civil War… If we had let GOD BLESS AMERICA by the 1950’s- If we had let ‘GOD BLESS AMERICA’ before 2020 Racial Struggles… If we had allowed ‘GOD BLESS AMERICA’ from June 11, 1776- TODAY, our World TRULY SINGS America The Beautiful! SHINING BEACON FOR OUR WORLD! 1776 to our  PRESENT!!!  1963- God trying to BLESS AMERICA by the British Music Invasion & conquering American Hearts- REDEMPTION for America after almost 250 years!  “WE CAN WORK IT OUT- Life is much too short America for fussing & fighting- Always thought that it’s a CRIME so I will ask you once AGAIN …” FREEDOM, JUSTICE, EQUALITY, Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness by & for All Americans. Beatle John adding to Paul’s call wearing his hair & robing himself like Jesus, preaching LOVE ONE ANOTHER; Ringo’s ENDLESS  PEACE & LOVE MANTRA; John comparing the Beatles to Jesus as a greater (spiritual) FORCE for America’s young people!!! George turning to Indian Meditation teachings now GONE MAINSTREAM- MINDFULNESS as a CORE Psychologist Scientifically Proven Practice! 1950’s Elvis ‘THE KING’ creating himself by absorbing African American culture, dance & music- Impossible to LOVE ELVIS without LOVING HIS AFRICAN AMERICAN Mentoring EXPERIENCES!  IN GOD WE TRUST- HOW MANY OPPORTUNITIES DO WE NEED TO SET AMERICA RIGHT??? Get our AMERICAN MUSIC & STAGE ACT TOGETHER!!!  THANK GOD for GOD’S PATIENCE!!! 

Racist relics being challenged- Confederate Flag banned at NASCAR Events… President saying, echoing JFK, “THE TIME (TO ACT) IS NOW! TO LISTEN, TO UNDERSTAND- and TO STAND AGAINST RACISM & RACIAL INJUSTICE!  We ask our Drivers & All Our Fans to join us in this MISSION” Across America’s former ‘confederate states,’ statues of political leaders & slave activist war heroes being challenged & taken down- ‘Politically Correct’ White Man speaking from both sides of his/her/their mouth by celebrating slave owners & white supremacists with statues, plaques, relics.  Montreal, Quebec in Canada being asked to remove statue of Canada’s Founding P.M. Sir John A. McDonald- An oddball ‘slave owner,’ pushing acts & policies of genocide, forced starvation, removing Indigenous children to ABUSIVE, CULTURAL & SOUL DESTROYING, UNJUST RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS, cut off from Family, Language  & Culture- crushing their Indigenous Identity!  Even my CUTE AS ALL GET OUT PICTURE PEFECT Town is named after a PROGRESSIVE ‘POLITICALLY CORRECT’ MAN of his era proposing GRADUAL SLAVERY ENDING to win enough political support among hardliners…  How many named streets, population centers, Public Historical Buildings, Statues… celebrate slave bound past practitioners?!  TODAY’S POLICIES & PRACTICES STILL CRIMINALIZE based on culture, skin color, racial background, MENTAL ILLNESS, etc. Living while BLACK/INDIGENOUS/MENTALLY ILL STILL treated as a CRIME!  Subjected to INDIGNITIES, Police HARASSMENT, CLOSED DOORS in place of OPPORTUNITIES, ARRESTED & IMPRISONED! Why do almost 10 times fewer Black Americans graduate from high school? BEATEN DOWN ‘RACIALIZED’ PEOPLES SIMPLY GIVING UP to POVERTY & ILLNESS- Verbal & other discriminatory policies & practices ARE WEAPONIZED NO DIFFERENT THAN using KNIVES & GUNS-  A THOUSAND WHIPS! America’s founding Fathers could have/should have INOCULATED AMERICA AGAINST a Racism Pandemic beginning June 11, 1776- Infecting our WHOLE WORLD! GOD BLESS AMERICA- Lord Knows God’s BEEN WORKING DAY & NIGHT TO BLESS AMERICA since 1776- ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES TO BE BLESSED! 

Arrested Developments- ‘Defund’ & Divert? STOP goon squads… “IF YOU HAVE THIS MENTAL ILLNESS DIAGNOSIS, YOU SHOULD EXPECT TO GET BEATEN UP!”  an esteemed by Police Services Officer said to me! FEARED, SHUNNED, SHUT OUT,  GIVEN NO VOICE BY GOVERNMENT & MAINSTREAM MASS MEDIA…  Facing ‘SERVE & PROTECT’ but disheartening ‘SHOOT in SECONDS’ disrespecting Officers? Police Calls for Mental Health Assist may ‘assist by berating, deploying a taser, gun, police beating, seeing a suspect somehow ‘fall off’ a balcony, or succumbing by other Police Interaction misadventure!’ Sparking BLM- BLACK LIVES MATTER & Mental Health Advocates calling for ‘defunding’ & diverting  Police spending to non violent APPROPRIATE ACTUAL HELPFUL HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICE PROVISIONS- addressing REAL WORLD NEEDS! Diverting $$$ from indignity, torture, abuse, suffering… News Flash- OKLAHOMA MAN says to Police- “I CAN’T BREATHE!” Officer responds- “I DON’T CARE”- POLICE R TRAINED TO BE INSANE??!

Butterfly Effect- – After the formal mental health system repeatedly failed to help, a young woman jumped- many people are SURVIVORS of the formal mental health system, not only their mental illness; highway traffic was diverted onto Residential Neighborhoods; a careless, impatient driver hit a young cyclist not used to sudden heavy traffic; News media descended like Vultures on the SECOND TRAGIC ACCIDENT SCENE to Video Broadcast the carnage: Mainstream mass media says ‘If IT BLEEDS- IT LEADS!’  WONDERFUL, CARING Police Officer chased the Vultures back, finally arresting a Vulture but soon FACED SERIOUS PUNISHMENT FOR ‘interfering with the media.’ Attempting to Preserve the Privacy & Dignity of the young Tragic Victim & her Family & Neighbors… by keeping the VULTURES BACK! Wrote the Government to support the WONDERFUL OFFICER but my letter was suddenly LOST so wasn’t allowed to intervene for the Police Officer scheduled to be roasted by the POLICE encouraged by devil hearted Mass Media!  PUNISHMENT for doing THE RIGHT THING- his supporters SUPPRESSED! EXPLAINS HOW WONDERFUL DECENT CARING POLICE OFFICERS ARE TURNED INTO ROBOTS & MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES- GOOD POLICE MAY BE VICTIMS TOO, PUBLICLY HUMILIATED & experience high levels of mental illness in a system punishing GOOD CARING BEHAVIORS!  Calls to ‘DEFUND’  & Divert $$$ TURNED against us by training, practices, policies, punishments & rewards!!! Floyd was asphyxiated by a Training Officer- a Trainee asked “Should we turn him over… ” “OURS IS NOT TO QUESTION/WONDER WHY- OURS IS BUT TO DO (AS INSTRUCTED) OR DIE!” A CODE OF SILENCE protecting BAD APPLES from being BROUGHT TO JUSTICE?  No ABUSE REGISTRY preventing  ROGUE COPS FROM SIGNING UP ELSEWHERE? No credible outside whistle blowers or accountability? RCMP in Canada hides systemic unending sexual harassment of Women Officers. The Catholic Church tragedy- centuries of abuse by wielding power without accountability!  Cops & Friendly Agencies investigating their own like wolves policing the hen house? Police sheltered in Courts, consequences excused away?

In a famous psychology experiment, subjects were enabled or encouraged to inflict punishment on other subjects & willingly inflicted apparent severe PAIN & SUFFERING!!! Hoods & Gangs inflict Black on Black crime in povety stricken neighborhoods- taking out anger, frustration on peers = poor health access & stats- poverty, low wage precarious jobs, family break downs- 75% babies born in out of wedlock situations… Blacks are targeted & imprisoned disproportionately, children & young Blacks are viewed by Whites as aggressive/violent- guilty until proven otherwise- sent for harsher punishment… In school Black chldren are  viewed as being aggressive, violent & poor students vs. whites; Unequal funding for Black neighborhoods, schools & health services, … vs. White;  Insanity- carrying about enabling evil to flourish  but hoping for good outcomes! Adulterer & two timer Joe Biden Blows Away Blacks & Minorities with his 1994, LOVE ‘EM BY LOCKIN’ ‘EM UP GET TOUGH ON CRIME BILL TARGETING MINORITIES- ESPECIALLY BLACKS- ACCELERATING MASS INCARCERATION- 1 in 3 or 4 young male Blacks! Joe quips Blacks who vote for Pres. Trump are not truly Black. My GOOD WHITE relative began attending BLACK AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHTS PROTEST MARCHES to VOICE SUPPORT circa early 1980’s- He & other White Supporters began falling away because White Supremacists issued Death Threats to so-called WHITE TRAITORS!’ Create a TIME MACHINE so Big Ben & the FAB 4 BEATLES Pilgrims draw up the Declaration of Independence for ALL AMERICANS!!! ESCAPE RULE BRITANNIA BUT EXCEL BY BRITISH MOP TOP MUSIC INVADERS!!! Or by our 2020 primped, seasoned young Colt 45 Peacemakers to MAKE AMERICA GREAT & SAVE OUR WORLD!  Locked & loaded- Get your posse together Angie/Laura Croft- How could you lose against the ‘Cheech & Chong’ Trump & Biden of Americana! We are fascinated by both high quality museum grade pieces but c’mon America- Smithsonian Jefferson Drive circa ’76 ‘Specials’ occupying The White House into our Apocalyptic Times??? Brains & Heart- Guts & Glory R U participating in HUMAN & NON HUMAN RIGHTS MARCHES & PROTESTS But Please STAY SAFE! Good masks, Social Distancing, Shout QUIET AS A MOUSE in close quarters! Heart, Hands, Face, LUNGS CLEAN from COVID-19! Spaced out- separated Outdoors is MUCH SAFER than crowded INDOORS Protesting but PLEASE get tested within a week- again in another week; self quarantine if infected- BE COURAGEOUS  BUT DON’T PAY WITH YOUR HEALTH FOR DOING WHAT’S RIGHT IN OUR Apocalyptic Times!    June 10/11, 2020 Brianca Lane      Heart, Hands, Face, Clothing, LUNGS CLEAN FROM COVID-19!!!                     

RACISM by DESIGN- The ROSE- HOPE! A Bridge So Close but A Bridge Too Far- 

GLORY BE- June 19, 1865 is FREEDOM DAY- Juneteenth! Jubilee Day- Texas, our last holdup & holdout on Emancipation falls in the Civil War- SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!  SLAVES DECLARED FREE- ‘that all previously enslaved people in Texas be free!’ Now for today’s bad news? ‘More Black men today in prison, jail, on probation or parole than ENSLAVED in 1850.’  (Michelle Alexander, Ohio State Law Prof.) ‘disenfranchised from hiring, voting, accessing many public services like housing, educational opportunities…’  But 60% of African Americans without a High School Diploma do hold a Prison Diploma!  Scary!  1 in 3 sweet, innocent A.A. male babies expected to try out ‘jail living’ in their lifetime- Alexander cites repeat ‘jail visit’ stats…. The Washington based ‘SENTENCING PROJECT’ Study shows us RACISM by DESIGN- 1 in 3 Blacks, 1 in 6 Latinos, but only 1 in 17  White Americans get Schooling by the PRISON YARD PROGRAM! Racism by Design is Americana as Apple Pie but unlike Apple pie, makes us ‘bring up’ worse outcomes!  Choking RACIAL DISPARITY PERVADES ” every stage of the U.S. criminal justice system from arrest to trial to sentencing.”  ‘…Racial Minorities are more likely than White Americans to be arrested, convicted, face stiff sentences…’ (America is in severe VIOLATION of it’s signing the International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights in 1992)  Pres. Nixon covertly established the War on Drugs circa 1970 specifically to CREATE A RACE WAR AGAINST AFRICAN AMERICANS- Nearly 2 million A.A.’s in jail? White Supremacist Sympathizers are continually attempting to suppress the 1965 Voting Rights Act to stop A.A.’s from registering & voting! (Peace Activist- ‘You Can End War Now if You Want It!’ John Lennon was Nixon’s greatest threat because he was young people’s greatest INFLUENCER! Princess Diana killed because her INFLUENCE BECAME UNSTOPPABLE!) IMPLICIT RACIAL BIAS means Police STOP BLACKS WHILE DRIVING- Police practice extrajudicial police inter racial therapy- EPIRT! By EPIRT, patients suffer badly or succumb! Charge is ‘driving while black,’ ‘walking while black…’  Extrajudicial Police Mental Illness Therapy- EPMIT quiets patients in mental health distress! (Police are Good Trackers too! But fearful of personal deep woods tracking among snakes, poison ivy, etc. so escaping EPMIT is possible but how would I know about Police giving up afraid to enter ‘snake territory’ to bring in ot take out a mental patient?) Police ARREST A.A.’s MORE on drug charges regardless that Whites equally use drugs; Like school officials, teachers, who IMPLICITLY see Blacks as more violent, aggressive & dangerous, their activity is presumed to be abnormal & CRIMINAL- A.A.’s imprisonment rate 6 times White’s; Funding for A.A. schools lower helping produce a 50% inner city high school drop out rate!; inner city crime & violence rate an every day tragedy; poverty, health care, housing deficits;  Court Appointed public defenders hopelessly inadequate for providing viable help; School, Law & other Services  derogatory down talk to A.A..  But what responsibilities do A.A.’s have for family breakdowns, gang involvement, Black on Black crime & violence, poverty, poor educational achievement, giving into bad life styles or environments, critics ask? Clearly, the incessant pandemic of racism creates an almost overwhelming bad case outcomes scenario but part of any solution includes victims fighting to regain their God given power to ‘take up their afflictions & bed – and WALK!’ A HEALING ENVIRONMENT IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL!     

The ‘System’ STARTS WITH A CORNERSTONE OF IMPLICIT BIAS & BUILDS THE INSTITUTIONS ON TOP!  Psychiatrists & Nurses expressing an IMPLICIT BIAS may ATTEMPT to paint a completely false patient picture, disallowing information for the record which goes against their IMPLICIT BIAS as judge, jury, executioner. ‘Bri- did you torture animals often, set off arson fires for fun, become a street dope dealer?  ‘But Doctor- aren’t you referring to yourself’ says we Survivors!  IMPLICIT BIAS! Any reasonable citizen expressing strong hostility to the obvious HATEFUL IMPLICIT BIAS- ‘Oh- losing control, are we? Better Bring Police in to help with questioning!’ LOVED to CONSULT with long term patients- ‘Am I hopelessly forgone as Dr. ‘Deadman’ attests or ‘Is this Mental Hell Care System NOT FOR REAL?’ SO KIND & CARING were Long Term Patient Survivors pouring out their BROKEN HEARTS & WASTED LIVES STORIES TO WARN & INSPIRE- ‘You get It- Bri! We waited too long to save ourselves & cannot escape- But you STILL CAN – Escape Bri!!! SAVE YOUR LIFE WHILE YOU ARE ABLE! Felt sad- wanted to FREE ALL Beaten Down SURVIVORS from Zombie Mental Facilities but escaped ALONE from the Facility & Police EPMIT – ‘CRAZY’ brandishing a dandelion in one hand but a bright red rose with big thistles in the other evading Police fatal Split second decision making scenarios- Police HARD PHYSICAL TAKE DOWN or BULLET TAKE ‘EM OUT EPMIT therapy applied!   Any system in an IMPLICIT BIAS FEEDING FRENZY warrants REDIRECTING FUNDING TO HELPFUL SERVICES & AWAY FROM HURTING SERVICES!!! But hundreds of thousands of jobs are built upon IMPLICIT BIAS SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS just like slavery?  

Bread & Circuses- Entertainment to distract, placate & sedate Citizens? Colin Kaepernick handcuffed, body slammed to the ground & choked,  after by the  N.F.L.  & advertisers for disrespecting the National Anthem- taking a  knee- protesting against police brutality- B.L.M.!  Justice loving Citizens are protesting in Solidarity & against Authoritarian brutality, maiming & ‘lynching’- ritual torture  & intimidation techniques! Blinding protesters, aiming for the groin, ‘kettling’ them- not allowing exit/escape but charging at them mercilessly, applying low flying helicopters, war ready military field platoons…  ACTING TOGETHER  -APART!  JFK or M.L.K. Jr.- were easy Cornerstone Targets-  New Normal is EYES WIDE OPEN EVERYONE TOGETHER  APART- internet sizzling with INFO., Protesters out in the Streets but Practicing NEW NORMAL PUBLIC PROTESTING.  Pres. Trump’s Executive Order calls for certification of standards on use of force, a national data base on excessive force complaints, encouraging involvement of mental health professionals for addiction, homelessness & mental illness rather than relying on police- too often unhelpful or violent! BLANKET IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION SPURS ROGUE POLICE BRUTALITY- Supreme Court has acted as a co-conspirator shielding police brutality from civil lawsuits, for example- setting the bar too high against Plaintiffs! Justice Sonia Sotomayer said in 2015: ‘Supreme Court’s ONE SIDED approach to ‘QUALIFIED IMMUNITY’ transforms the doctrine into an absolute shield for law enforcement officials!’  Demand daily OPPRESSION STOPS & VICTIMS ACHIEVE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION & RESTITUTION!

Protesters attract news media like bees to honey but as to our  ‘ACTION PLANS?’ What do we ACHIEVE with newly discovered Political Capitol & Power? Who is Writing Up Our NEW NORMAL? Affirmative Action, Education, Health Care, Employment Next Steps? Listening to all views & suggestions? BUILDING A CONSENSUS-  TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT- STEP BY STEP? HOW? BY WHOM? Applying what tools? TURNING NEBULOUS CROWD POWER INTO PRACTICAL REALITY POWER & PROGRAMS TO LIFT UP ALL OPPRESSED PEOPLE World Wide! SOURCES OF $$$, ACCOUNTABILITY & TRANSPARENCY! Oppressors look back to 1950’s & early 1960’s Americana as a GOLDEN AGE before Civil Rights Activism upended Societies’ apple carts! America’s Supreme Court just upheld the Civil Rights Act (1964) – ‘illegal for employers to discriminate because of a person’s SEX-” NOW ALSO DEEMED TO INCLUDE A PERSON’S SEXUAL ORIENTATION- Big Victory for L.G.B.T.Q.+? Pres. Trump’s Justice Department wanted SEXUAL ORIENTATION EXCLUDED! What about our discredited past racial tragedies- cities, museums, streets, statues ‘honoring’ oppressors- ‘Aunt Jemima- yum- SO GOOD!’ was born into slavery in 1834 & became an adored spokesperson for a pancake mix company at the 1893 Columbian World’s Exposition- Her look with bandanna & apron, bubbling warm personality brought in 50,000 orders & required Police to provide crowd control for all her admirers! She was given a lifetime contract to act as spokesperson for the company- became a living legend! But today, her image is no longer ‘politically correct!’ Do we erase our past- Who could not lie about cutting down a cherry tree but was a horribly demanding slave owner? Had his overseers watch his slaves 24/7 to ensure they perform all required duties? We’ll pass on Abe Lincoln because he was helplessly in a state of depression- a walking cloud of doom! But who wouldn’t be as President during the bloody brother against brother, son against Father, U.S. Civil War- subconsciously aware of his personal fate?

But getting Ben to reach into his pocket- speak of America rising above slavery- On our Divinely Inspired Declaration of Independence Bridge BUT STOPPING  SHORT! ONE MAN FROZEN BY FEAR ON OUR GOLDEN RAINBOW BRIDGE TO BLESSING AMERICA- HIS POCKET HOLDING THE KEY but afraid to FREE THE SWORD OF TRUTH EMBEDDED IN A ROCK OF BLASPHEMY & SLAVERY;  WAVE THE SWORD FORCEFULLY & SPEAK of EVERY MAN’S RIGHT to be FREE on American soil.  P.S.  Joe- who is your V.P. for your Presidency? A smart black younger female to be BOTH HEART & BRAINS of your Presidency. Or a pale horse long shot Laura Croft- darker than she looks in dim lighting- harder than she looks facing off against evil & treachery-  only 45 but an intensely thoughtful young spirited COLT LOCKED & LOADED- a 45 ‘Peacemaker!!!’ Joe, you can nap every afternoon & offer Fatherly fireside chats while our Peacemaker attends to cleaning up Tombstone, Americana!!!!  Also, could Donald dress Mike Pence in a traditional Scottish Kilt- add some lip stick, ear rigs and a hair piece to balance the two sides for pre-election photo shoots?    LOVE YOU- PLEASE PROTEST SAFELY-  BE HEALTHY FOR EVERYONE’S SAKE- BE HOPEFUL- OUR YOU TOO MOVEMENT is OUR ‘TIME TO ACT!!!’  July 17, 20/20 Vision  by Brianca Lane    P.S.  OMG! COVID-19 First Wave Still Rolling- 2.2 million cases 120,000 lost in America! 9 States at record highs! Brazil at 1 million infections! On May 24, an Oregon Church, Lighthouse United Pentecostal, saw Parishioners singing close together- over 200 became infected with COVID-19!  


Timing is Everything in U.S. Schizophrenic Politics? In our critical months leading up to U.S. 2020 Presidential Election, The ‘Spoiler?’ ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’ surfaces from THE DEPTHS or from ON HIGH? Our President’s ‘truthful’ or not nice niece? Mary Trump studied schizophrenia & stalking- went on in her psychology studies to graduate as a clinical Psychologist- now ‘stalking’ U.S. Schizophrenic Politics- President Trump’s election aspirations? Says her family ‘created the World’s Most Dangerous Man!’ Who- Hitler you ask? Mary says it’s UNCLE (U.S. President) ‘Donald,’ her accusations TIMED not for $$$ she will say? but to drop the trap floor on her Uncle’s reelection hopes! Is Mary SCARY like ‘Bloody Mary seen in the Halloween mirror,’ $$$cashing in? or a straight shooter doing good attempting to kill her Uncle’s reelection? Is Mary Believable? In our 20/20 VISION looking back to 2016, Hillary had the trap door dropped from under her immediately before the election- she easily won the Popular Vote but lost her Presidential bid! Disconcerting ALARMING QUESTIONS about Candidates suddenly surfacing-  swaying election results?  In Apocalyptic Times we can SURRENDER our thinking, feeling & emotions, behavior & actions TO ANXIETY or SURRENDER SWEETLY to LOVE!!! YES!!!

“In God We Trust’- God Knows Your Burden- Crazy or Genius R US?  Dare we admit American Politics are schizophrenic because Beloved America is given to schizophrenia? But also sadly WORSE- to STEREOTYPING by health status, skin color, age, culture, religion, sex orientation, gender identity… As the perfectly ‘stereotypical’ Police Officer says: “IF YOU HAVE THIS (mental Illness) DIAGNOSIS, YOU SHOULD EXPECT TO GET BEATEN UP! Is she- ‘your discriminator’ telling me the truth- Do you have this (mental illness) diagnosis or is she just ‘MAKING THINGS UP???” Police assign us according to stereotypes- Home owner? $$$? “Can show you my Driver’s License.” Officer choking in shock- “YOU! HAVE A DRIVER’S LICENCE???” In Police Stereotyping, ‘Mental Patients’- don’t possess a Driver’s License- What Doctor allows this!?’  Some Doctors also Stereotype Patients- A Patient complains of suffering mental illness Depression & the Doctor immediately pulls her Driver’s License! Every Doctor stereotypes citizens diagnosed with a mental illness to some extent! A SHOCK for new Patients to suddenly be ASSIGNED A FALSE Stereotype on the spot simply by reason of a mental diagnosis- No longer viewed as you were BEFORE DIAGNOSIS!  You’re still the same person but prejudiced people treat you poorly, for example. How about for years testing your patience to take abuse without lashing back! THEY ARE THE PROBLEM- NOT YOU BUT YOU’RE OUTNUMBERED! They have Support, you have a NEGATIVE STEREOTYPE BURDEN, a cross to carry! NOT FAIR- God Knows your Burden!!!

Every Education Program, in Public or Private School & especially in Health Care & Policing Professions should FORCE APPLICANTS IN TRAINING to directly experience INTENSE Negative STEREOTYPING faced, for example by (poorer) Black Americans or Citizens challenged by a substantial Mental Illness. Without direct REAL LIFE experience, what competence do trainees have to perform their roles- except especially genuinely good & Angelic souls!!! Secondly, every Education Program should force Applicants in training to directly experience INTENSE NEGATIVE STEREOTYPING – you GET IT! People in positions of power, authority & trust actually have to walk many miles in victim’s (of discrimination) shoes;  targeted groups must be asked where they want resources better spent!!! ‘Crazy’ is ever militarizing and weaponizing war uniformed, armed to the teeth Police to perform ‘health checks’  as invading violent, ‘brutalizers!’ Enlisting squads of foxes to perform ‘health checks’ on hen houses- a BLOODY Massacre- SAD AFFAIR!!! Everyone facing mental health challenges really needs to ask themselves the question- If I don’t seek a diagnosis, can I still perceive what is likely wrong? Secondly how do I educate myself, learn about helpful techniques to recover my mental health or adapt successfully to living with illness pending eventual recovery by personal learning experiences? If I do seek a psychiatric consult, receive a diagnosis, will I be stereotyped & be exposed to harmful mistreatment & discrimination for the rest of my life? Obviously, with 20%+ suffering a mental illness at some time, many Practitioners & citizens at large will be supportive & helpful- understanding & wishing you the best at adapting or recovering! But ‘mental illness’ stereotyping is not all that far removed from the days of Salem witch hunts hysteria- If you need a helpful mental help environment,  just imagine experiencing hysteria from citizens in the Community who are irrationally fearful & hateful! As Police Stereotyping demonstrates, they can be THE PROBLEM- NOT ANY SOLUTION! If The Police are BROKEN- can we ask citizens how better to target resources to benefit Black Communities or Persons challenged by mental illness for example, put people in positions of authority & decision making personally having experienced  the challenges of targeted communities. If we haven’t fixed STUPID & THEIR NEGATIVE STEREOTYPES, why commit a penny more to MORONS acting like bulls in china shops? ASK the people & communities served & targeted, how can we help you with resources better allocated? (Yes- many Police Officers PERFORM A GREAT SERVICE in spite of the stupidity & pressure to function like zombies out for blood- no doubt they are seen as ‘weak’ for conducting themselves like PATIENT, COMPASSIONATE HUMAN BEINGS CARING FOR SOMEONE’S BELOVED DAUGHTER< GRANDPA< MOTHER<BROTHER- To these Officers we Salute You- No Good Deed Goes Unpunished among demons but in God’s View- Keep Your Faith- Rewards in Heaven!!!)

Parallels Black Citizens having to deal with Community & Police stereotyping 24/7- never knowing when it will happen & the best way to handle it in the specific situation- how to deescalate hate & fear!!! When a retired teacher was brutally stabbed repeatedly many miles away, Police responded by going after citizens they or someone thought might be ‘Mental Patients’ with a Diagnosis. (Similar to racial stereotyping practiced by Police in America- If there’s a crime, Police may assume ‘a Black man committed the Offence and seek Black suspects!’ Stop & Frisk- ‘Offence Walking While Black…’ A homicide Detective began investigating me as the 2nd leading suspect based on no evidence- a professional white citizen with high Community Status phoned Police identifying me as having a possible ‘Mental Diagnosis.’ I said, “TALK TO ME!” Homicide Detective left shortly saying- “YOU COULDN’T POSSIBLY BE INVOLVED IN THIS!!!” The first suspect was locked up for months without charges before a Court review including being subjected to illegal solitary confinement… Finally released- Judge says to Police- ‘So You have no evidence & no basis to hold this citizen indefinitely you say is a ‘mental patient,’ not pursuing a charge & no hope of conviction… citizen is hereby released!’ The Police dep’t. in complete disarray! Next CRIME BEAT STORY- A short- no ‘Mr. six pack chest’ White Family friend was ‘caught’ by a Police Officer stopped in his Mercedes with a taller, extremely attractive, well dressed Black Woman. By Police stereotypes, either a ‘pimp’ or ‘John’ with a ‘working girl!’ Police Officer almost collapsed to the ground when Family Friend gently challenged the Officer’s UPCOMING CHARGES & CALL FOR BACK UP HELP with a grin- “I am Prof. ___________ at the local University- She is my WIFE, A MEDICAL DOCTOR at __________________!” If we haven’t fixed ‘STUPID’ or ‘Police Stereotyping Citizens’ in 400 years, we can’t wait another 400 before ‘defunding’ & redirecting resources to PROTECT & SERVE all Citizens rather than enable & reward Police for criminalizing innocents!!!  Back to America’s schizophrenia-

Everyone take a DEEP BREATH & RELAX- We finally look HONESTLY into the Windows to OUR SOUL America- Our Nation’s diagnosis- ‘Affective’ or Borderline’ Schizophrenia! Look no further than American politics! But look on the BRIGHT SIDE-  GENIUS & ‘CRAZY’ are only a hair width apart! ‘In God We Trust- Crazy or Genius R US!’ AMERICA- LOVE IT OR LOSE IT!!! Apparently- too many are LOSING IT! Doesn’t sound so bad! As my dear loving Relative said about me- “Psychiatrists say Bri may be crazy- but Bri is OUR FAMILY PRECIOUS, UNIQUE GEM TO LOVE!!!” America- SURRENDER to SWEET LOVE- ‘LOSE IT to LOVE in OUR HEARTS!!! OUR THINKING & BEHAVIOR WILL FOLLOW!   Our Crazy American Society & Politics- As schizophrenic as ever! BUT LOVE IT & LIFT IT!’ ‘YES- LOVE IT & LIFT AMERICA & OUR WORLD HIGHER!   BLM! All Lives Matter! All Life Forms Matter! Where’s Our Mother (Nature) AT?’ Oh- Y’all know Mother- She’s still sayin’ SHOW ME!!!’ Someday her children will be all growed up- Act like ADULTS- ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITIES! And we ALL WILL!

Everything we’s doin’- schizophrenia. Erecting Statues at Central Meeting Spots & Government Centers honoring ABUSERS & SLAVE OWNERS- naming streets, buildings, towns, parks… ‘in their Memory & Honor’ justifying & celebrating horrendous inequality & injustice, suffering, brutality, oppression… Rewarding institutional brutality, ‘winning at all costs, by any means’ practices! Militarizing our police in FULL BODY UNIFORMS, Creating Special Tactical (‘HIT’) Squads & Applying DEADLY WAR EQUIPMENT- NOT Government BY  & FOR THE PEOPLE but to HARASS & INVADE by OVERWHELMING BLIND BRUTALITY! INTIMIDATE  Visible Minorities to Discourage Uprisings- just like in ‘good old days of SLAVERY’ where White Supremacist Slave Owners feared & stifled uprisings! ‘Kettling’ & Swarming Trapped Protesters- Flying Helicopters just above Protesters to terrorize by noise, winds, danger, injury… Tear Gas, Stun Grenades, Rubber Bullets in the stomach, face, groin…  Mental crisis health ‘CHECKS to ASSIST CITIZENS’ by breaking down doors,  tasering & shooting within seconds or minutes, lynching by asphyxiation… ‘KILL & COVER UP’ SHIELDED by Government &  Police Policies & Practices!  Citizens in Crisis flying off balconies upon Police Entry, shot in the back attempting to escape police brutality, dying tasered & handcuffed… healthy citizens succumbing by ‘natural causes’ in Police ‘INTERACTIONS,’ Officers ‘serving their health check needs,’ CLOSING RANKS about UNLAWFUL CONDUCT, LYING, DENYING & HIDING FROM ACCOUNTABILITY- ‘The ends- OPPRESSION,  justifies the means- BRUTALITY?’  VIOLATING ‘In GOD We Trust’  &    Jesus’s GOLDEN RULE- “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU!”

Protest Marches World Wide are critical- People Protest Power- Power to The People! needs to be channeled constructively to begin taking back our Rightful Authority over $$$, laws & regulations, policies & practices affecting us- ‘designed for our benefit’ as oppressed minorities or citizens challenged by mental illness, for example! Without taking back the legal & governing reigns of power & $$$ affecting us, without seeking wide, full & open input to build a transparent consensus among oppressed peoples, what do our Protest Marches accomplish?  A Bridge Appearing So Close, but A Bridge Always Too Far? (Laura- has your Father come to you in a vision- showing you THE DREAM, INSPIRING YOU TO GREATNESS, helping you FIND the KEY & OPEN the HIDDEN TOMB- FREE AMERICA’S OPPRESSED- Time to ACT is NOW!!!) Our Protest Marches necessarily FEED OUR CONSENSUS BUILDING BUT PEACEFULLY, WE ACCESS OUR RIGHT TO OWN & MANAGE WHAT IS OURS FOR OUR BENEFIT- OUR SHARE OF THE AMERICAN DREAM & APPLE PIE- CIVIL, HUMAN & ECONOMIC EQUITY & OPPORTUNITIES INCLUDING BY AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, JUSTICE, RIGHTS & FREEDOMS- PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. (LIKEWISE IN EVERY WONDERFUL NATION WORLD WIDE! If your Government creates or Governs by OPPRESSION, YOUR GOVERNMENT IS AGAINST GOD/ALLAH/Darwinian Evolution- LIFE WILL FIND A WAY FORWARD- UP & AWAY, increasingly complex & colorful,  CREATING ANEW!!!) Our ancestors struggled  over unresolved conflicting emotions, feelings, beliefs, values, behavior & actions- governing policies, practices & laws… creating America’s schizophrenia today in unresolved catch 22 expectations- ‘we are now free men- no longer slaves to Britain but taking slaves for ourselves who are no longer free men?’ ‘we practice slavery amidst joyful freedom & equal protection for all?’ ‘all men are equal except ‘those people’ are not?’  ‘women are partners but man’s property?’  ‘targeted groups are welcome to enjoy unequal standing in all facets of living- civil & legal human rights, equity, education, employment & business, pursuit of happiness…’  

Joe Biden is a Beaver Cleaver kid in a Senior’s skin??? One psychosis struggle is also about time travelling America’s FUTURE BACK INTO 1950’s Americana- before civil rights, women’s liberation, Black Power! LGBTQ+?… everyone assigned into boxes based on inequity, injustice, intolerance, brutality, skin color, ethnic background, race, religion, sex orientation, gender identity, physical appearance, mental & physical health… ‘Hell-o! Wally, The Beaver & Eddie Haskell’s White Washed World Supremacy shaping Joe Joe Biden- who became The Adult BEAVER-

‘Wally?’ I was kinda wondering?’ ‘Don’t do that Beav/Joe Biden- you might fry your brain!’ ‘Well Eddie was joking African Americans who don’t vote for the Demon Critics Party are not really Negros?’ ‘Get with it Beav- African Americans figured out long ago both Political Parties have shafted them- any White President who fairly backs Equal Voting & Civil Rights for African Americans will probably get his brains blown out!’ ‘Yeh- you’re probably right Wally- Eddie says when he becomes President, he’ll build a big hotel but African Americans will write BLM on the street below!’ ‘BLM- what that supposed to mean?’ Eddie says he’s worried it might mean ‘BEAVER LOVES ME!’ and they’ll vote for me (Joe Biden) as President!’ ‘If they do, it’ll be Apocalyptic Times for sure Beav!’ ‘Til then I’ll be Biden my time!’ ‘Wally would you vote for me or Eddie Haskell?’ If that was the choice for America’s President, our whole World would be in  Apocalyptic Times & people being eaten by plagues from China by the millions!’ ‘Yeh- I guess so- Wally do you think I’d be a handsome President?’ ‘As a hairy Beaver with buck teeth, you could pass a law against LOOKISM!’  ‘What’s LOOKISM? ‘LOOKISM’ involves arbitrary unrealistic & artificial standards of ‘GLAMOUR,’ ‘BEAUTY’ & ‘ATTRACTIVENESS’- judging people based on how closely they conform to artificial standards = You know girls suffer eating disorders, self doubt & harm, anxiety, depression, social withdrawal, spend fortunes on masking & make up… recreating their beautiful natural physical appearance into something unnatural…   ‘Glamour’ marketing creating intense insecurity about girls’ appearance bleeding women dry financially & emotionally… As a hairy Beaver with buck teeth, anti LOOKISM Laws should be your First Amendment to the Constitution!’ ‘Wally will I know a lot about stuff like you do?’ ‘Well if you stay stupid Beav & run for President, people will FEEL REAL SORRRY FOR YOU & think you won’t be able to pull a FAST ONE on them- so don’t sweat your brain about it!’       ‘Thanks Wally- you always know how to make a Joe Biden kind of kid feel GOOD about himself no matter how often he messes everything up!’        P.S. Parents helped me to hospital upon trying a prescribed, ‘forced’ anti depressant causing a LIFE THREATENING ALLERGIC REACTION- Nurse turns to my Family dumb struck asking- “WAS (IT) BORN THIS WAY???” Family should have said- ‘No- Thank God we gave IT TOTAL PLASTIC SURGERY TREATMENT!!!’ AGEISM, MENTAL HEALTHISM… vs.  EMBRACING A RAINBOW OF VARIATIONS, CELEBRATING OUR UNIQUE INDIVIDUALITY!!!  June 26, 20/20 VISION-    Am I STILL ‘IT?’ by Hollywood’s Standards without the ALLERGIC REACTION! giving a ‘Batman’s’ Best Joker Villain Look- Brianca-                                    YES- WAS BORN THIS WAY!    Lane                      to be cont’d. …

P.S. You Know- 6 feet social distancing, 13 foot personal breathing envelope, clean hands & heart, avoid touching your face, hair, nose, mouth… Face masks out & about in public… YOUR DECISION of course- not up to Big Brother to order us about- one Daughter handed her Mother money for grocery shopping & was fined $880.? for not social distancing! COVID-19 sweeping the World, especially U.S., Brazil, India… worse than ever! 10 million & 250,000 infected daily World Wide… U.S. 2.5 million+ & 35,000+ daily- skies the limit?, 125,000+ dearly departed- one Agency says the U.S. total is probably 25 million infected? (Up to 50% have symptoms going unnoticed even as they unknowingly spread COVID-19. BE SAFE- depends on concentration of COVID-19 you breathe in for example + for how long + your immune system & overall health… indoor stagnant & recycled air is more an issue than outdoors but densely packed people= quicker & increased spread!!! Masks help limit INFECTED PERSON SPREADING COVID-19 any significant distance by heavy breathing coughing, etc. but do not stop spread of COVID-19 infection- just lessen likelihood!  Viruses can adapt/change with more infectious strains spreading like wildfires given opportunity!!! Darwininan Evolution =  Survival & Replication of the MOST SUCCESSFUL/INFECTIOUS VARIATIONS TO FLOURISH!      PROTEST YES! BUT PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING… NOT YELLING SO AS TO SPREAD COVID-19 to nearby PROTESTERS… USE SIGNS, PEOPLE WHO YELL SHOULD BE DISTANCING THEMSELVES FROM EVERYONE…  MASKS AVAILABLE? SANITIZERS…? We are in NEW NORMAL -old practices have to left behind to BE SAFE!!!                      LOVE YOU ALWAYS! Brianca Lane


Emma Watson why won’t you wave your MAGIC WAND and ALL our YOUNG LADIES BRUTALIZED BY Frankenstein Monsters- Weinstein & Epstein & Fellow Fallen Devils., will be RESTORED- ‘IT’ Never HAPPENED AFTER ALL!  In every HAPPY ENDING FAIRY TALE,  INNOCENT CHILDREN all live HAPPILY EVER AFTER! These terrible things could be simply stories to warn us like ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ visiting her Grandma- a wolf dressed up to trick Little “Red Riding Hood.”. Or maybe not just ‘STORIES?’ America’s F.B.I.- as you know ALWAYS ‘GET THEIR MAN!’ But what about the woman sleeping with & feeding devils the F.B.I. will bring to justice? Ghislaine and her ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’, as The Beatle’s predicted in the ’60’s,  fell down upon many young girls! A victim’s lawyer alleges “She was a monster, was the RING MASTER- the ARCHITECT of the ‘SEX RING.’ She HID IT- She MAINTAINED IT!  If not for her, the Ring wouldn’t have persisted as long as it did and not have victimized as many young girls…” What will happen to her? ‘Fixers’ appear to have disposed of Epstein as a threat? Our NEW NORMAL SHOULD BE A SAFER PLACE FOR CHILDREN once we hopefully come out from our Apocalypse. But in it we are-

Yesterday America was above 40,000 daily infections! World stats.- 10.7 million, 520,000 deaths! America’s Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. A. Fauci, 79 warns COVID-19 daily infections could approach 100,000. Sweden & Britain first tried the ‘HERD APPROACH’ to achieving immunity. Once 60% become infected, “HERD PROTECTION’ is  effective against (rapid) viral spread, the theory goes. But MORE INFECTIOUS STRAINS & VARATIONS REQUIRE A MUCH HIGHER HERD IMMUNITY! By Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory, COVID is likely to achieve variations in time- the longer the infections continue & the more people become infected, the greater opportunity for variations to appear! But what if society is ravaged to almost total destruction? A ZOMBIE Apocalypse? Boris went viral and as P. M., received Royal spare no expense treatment- and a kick in the Royal butt for being such a FOOL on The Hill ( according to Beatles musicology?) Probably his upcoming Baby, helped save his stupid butt- not yet born & having to assume saving Britain’s P.M. responsibilities! America’s hurried back to work, sizzling bare bodies crowding together on beaches, restaurants… necessary PROTEST MARCHES- but too many Americans slacking off about Covid-19 safety prevention?  pushing stats. ever skyward- 2.75 million Americans confirmed infected with over 130,000 deaths. IMAGINE tiny Covid-19 Vampires FEASTING at the devil’s pleasure! As dear Friend & Prophet, Muhammad says, ‘SHELTER AT HOME!’ ‘If you hear of a plague in the land, do not enter it… and if it breaks out where you stay, DO NOT LEAVE!’  If evil China had  listened to The Prophet instead of SENDING COVID ACROSS THE WORLD BY ENABLING OPEN FLYING EVERYWHERE OUTSIDE CHINA BY INFECTED CARRIERS- BUT STOPPING TRAVEL WITHIN CHINA TO ONLY PROTECT CHINA, China could easily have SAVED OUR WORLD from an unstoppable Pandemic!!! But who listened to Muhammad’s words- apparently even many Muslim’s were asleep to The Prophet- 10’s of thousands of air flights spread COVID-19 across our World! Air travel has been COVID-19’s Best Friend aside from failing to take this Apocalypse & Pandemic seriously! So how Y’All doing any who?

Better deliver you GOOD NEWS before you hurl yourself bare bummed out onto beaches like washed up whales to END IT ALL!!! 17 drug companies/ partnerships are now into Phase 3 tests. Hopefully 1 in 3 proceed successfully to the next stage-finding 30,000 healthy subjects to be guinea pigs! If all goes safely producing a strong immune response- antibodies fighting off Covid-19, vaccines under Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” ready for approval by Nov. 2020 & by around Christmas, Santa Claus & his Elves deliver/inject 1 million++ vaccines under Christmas trees & billions thereafter- Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas Everyone & Happy Vaccination Vacations!!! So keep your pants on- there’s hope for us yet! Warning- Caution- CONSPIRACY THEORIST ALERT AHEAD: Viruses go back to the vampire school  drawing board to be re educated on infecting humans & the Communist Chinese Autocracy- Oops! Slips out New & Improved diseases to ‘MAKE AMERICA, Brazil, India… & The West ‘WEAKER AGAIN!’ Help China take over the World! ‘Oops- COVID-20/21… & variations Unintentional- So Sorry! BIG MISTAKE- We FIX RIGHT AWAY for YOU America, Special Vaccine- You’ll See!’ ‘  As China SHOWED our World, Good Chinese Citizens are completely controllable, hard working & trusting,  observe guidelines 24/7, stay locked up in ‘SHELTER AT HOME’ at the Autocracy’s pleasures. See their ‘god’ as the ‘Chinese Gov’t.,’ achieving their heaven by vying for higher China Gov’t. Approved SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE LIVING! Not like Americans who Believe In- ‘LIVE FREE or DIE!’ Absolute Freedom, Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness…  Freak Out in loneliness & boredom, cluster happily together instinctively- Americans are just too damn FRIENDLY for their own GOOD- and SO LOVABLE & CHARMING TOGETHER no matter how hard Pres. Trump tries to upend the American apple cart!  Becoming Perfect Hosts for COVID-19 Vampires! China’s pleasure is to WEAKEN AMERICA or to cause America to become run more like a Chinese Government Run Autocracy- Mean old Uncle Sam suppressing Lady Liberty? West hopes China’s SUDDEN economic leaps bring Democracy to China- China’s actually exporting evil Control- Rule by Power, Might, Force- $$$$, Deception, Trojan Horse GIFTS… BIOLOGICAL/VIRAL WARFARE produced or introduced in Wuhan & deliberately EXPORTED BY AIR TRAVEL OUTSIDE CHINA while China locks down travel INSIDE CHINA! 

China is ‘celebrating’ 31 years suppressing the democratic protest push for Democracy. TANKS a lot- you remember a solitary student facing off against a tank. Thousands died bravely. Today, China is moving ahead BACK TRACKING on its promise to maintain two separately governed systems in one Country, mainland China  & Hong Kong, China’s freewheeling GOLDEN GOOSE! China’s FREE SPIRITED, FREE RANGE GOLDEN GOOSE is FATTENED, about to be COOKED by stepping out of line-  lists of named protesters/subversives to be rounded up, tried secretly at the pleasure of the Chinese Autocracy! Not Rule by Law but by brute Force! America is down on the mat taking a nine count by k.o. punches from COVID-19, helplessly unable to rescue- only withdraw from Hong Kong. Our World shuts Americans out like lepers from international World travel. Pres. Trump’s trusted ‘Friend,’ Impaler Vlad is also showing democracy the back door! Vlad wrote up  new Russian Constitution Amendments which have achieved Vlad’s personal necessary approvals-Vlad has his CAKE & gets to EAT IT TOO! Rubber stamped by Russian Rubber Soul (Beatles) Parliament, hoodwinked masses thirsty for Russian heroes like  Smirnoff & Vodka? Vlad will have to consult with himself now that has restarted a Presidential two term limit clock ticking through to 2036- should he stay or should he go- Please! Will the screaming hoodwinked adoring masses & Russian Parliament quiet their praises for one minute to give Vlad a rest from all the LOVE?!! As a gift to his adoring masses, Vlad proposes a referendum on same sex marriage. His birthstone is OPAL- OPAL SPARKLES WITH ‘RAINBOW COLORS’ WHEN SUBJECTED TO LIGHT- We pray LIGHT shines down on the Impaler to turn his heart of stone! Obviously, someone needs to tell Pres. Trump, what Vlad the Impaler does in Russia stays in Russia- quit playing Vlad & Vlad’s hand of cards- What happens in America is about as divorced from Russian society  as from North Korea’s! Pres. Trump could sponsor Russia’s ‘Pussy Riot’- among Russia’s most endearing, controversial  political & cultural treasures! L.G.T.B.Q.+? ‘normally’ holds it’s BIGGEST, BEST North American BASH in Toronto, Canada but COVID-19 said Nooooooo WAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Not same vibe watching an underwhelming gala frenzy Celebration on a 23 inch laptop screen! In our FUTURE replaying YESTERDAY’S Galas, Parades, Sports Events… Well ‘Other Mother’- what was it like to see live Galas, Parades, Sports Events, Concerts… in REAL LIFE instead of on my laptop?’ ‘VERY SCARY Child- Invisible viruses in the air, on every surface, infected & afflicted breathing heavily like Zombies down your neck mercilessly for hours!!!’ Speaking of GAY & REPLAY-

So much today is really a REPLAY. Marvin Gaye created music based on 1960’s & ’70’s issues being REPLAYED TODAY- police brutality, drug addiction, BLACK POWER, antiwar protests… Kent State Shootings, 1967 Detroit Race Riots, environmental issues… His hit music ‘What’s Going On’ (Gaye, Benson, Cleveland) was inspired by witnessing POLICE BRUTALITY at an anti war Rally at Berkeley! James Brown put FUN & FUNK into music singing “I FEEL GOOD!” By circa 1968, James Brown was way ahead of today’s sorry A.A. lamenting sadness- singing & shouting- “SAY IT LOUD- I’M BLACK & I’M PROUD!!!’ “Get Up! Get On Up! Bobby, Should I take ’em to the bridge?” (Go ahead) “Take ’em to the bridge”… ‘Hit me now- Come On!” Fellas- I’m ready to GET UP and do my thing!” Rises from extreme poverty, abuse & jail to become the ‘Godfather of Soul!’ C’mon Everybody Get On Up- Let’s take it to the bridge!!! You’all Feel GOOD? C’mon- Say it! Y’all FEEL GOOD! Let’s take it to the bridge! If you’re A.A. C’mon say it LOUD! A visible Minority in any Country- C’mon say it LOUD! ‘I’m ____________________________AND I’M PROUD! C’mon sing it NOW- Get UP! Get On UP!       July 2, 2020       by Brianca Lane      Hey- YOU CAN DANCE & MOVE!!! 

Apocalyptic Times-     WORLD’S FUTURE IN YOUR HANDS Brothers & Sisters !!!

Where should we begin- Just like you & I today ANYWHERE- America, Hong Kong, Africa, Yemen… feeling the Weight of Future Generations praying we CHOOSE HONESTLY, CAREFULLY, CORRECTLY!  to set their World’s Foundation Right! Our 1776 Revolutionary predecessors felt anxious generations looking over their shoulders, breathing down their necks- GET It RIGHT- For GOD’S Sake! GET IT RIGHT! and for all Future Generations Worldwide! We wish Ben Franklin took the plunge into his pocket, began reading the script- letting God, Glory & Destiny lead his words about the EVIL SIN of SLAVERY, an unconscionable assault on LADY LIBERTY! Just as American Revolutionaries cast away enslavement by ‘Rule Britannia!’ Remember earlier that fateful year, on January 24, 1776, Continental Congress wrote their third & final letter to ‘Canadians’  urging Quebecois to join their Revolution. (Typically 1/2 million+ Canadians overwinter in Florida ‘today- fine weather Friends!!!’) On July 8, 1776 LIBERTY BELL RINGS for the first Public Reading of the Declaration of Independence! LIBERTY BELL still ringing to this very day in Hong Kong (and World Wide) against CRUEL OPPRESSION & SUBJUGATION of Freedom Loving Peoples!  China’s cruel DICKtator & suppressor of Religious Freedom,  ‘Ping Pong’ & his Elite Ding Dongs!, are dialing the WONG NUMBER  by enacting Beijing’s new Security Laws in VILE NATION of the Two Systems One Country Agreement enabling Britain’s handover of H. K. in 1997. Rounding up & charging Democracy Advocates like Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow & indirectly millions of H.K.’s Freedom Lovers- in Demosisto… Movements!  China’s people are pleasant & polite, skilled, hard working, simply trying to put food on their Family tables, enjoying Friends & Family, educational & career development, a social life as best they can under an elite autocracy observing, studying & challenging their every wayward inclination!   China’s political leaders are a closed reptilian force poised to strike & poison all challengers to their power & privilege- intentionally misleading our World, inflicting brute force economic threats & oppression, a COVID-19 plague! America is breaking under COVID-19 siege- Canada is drowning in debt- a small  citizen population less than California’s but  amassing 343 billion+ in 2020 debt, primarily as free money to enable Canadians & companies to stop working! If economies stop work for too long, you know what happens! Pres. Trump fruitlessly pushing to keep America’s economy as active as before appearing to BURY HIS HEAD IN THE SAND ABOUT COVID!  Yesterday daily reported infections again above 60,000! (Over 3.1 million infected confirmed; 135,000 passed; Soon 1 in 100 infected- The Sky IS THE LIMIT!)  China knows by absolute autocratic control of her citizens, she can easily ride out corona virus plagues but America’s “LIVE FREE or DIE!” sentiments are America’s Achilles Heel.’ Big Brother ALWAYS knows best in China but NOT IN AMERICA!’  China’s psycho Political Leaders routinely torture & kill their own citizens, hiss & spit poison on the ‘Rule of Law,’ inflict brute economic force… You do the body count & decide if China’s leaders suppressed COVID info. & intentionally enabled air travel to create a world Wide Pandemic while locking down China  STOPPING COVID ONLY WITHIN CHINA! Played the World for Fools- President Trump praised China’s ‘new Chairman Mao Zedong’ as disaster engulfed America…

Signs of the Times:: ‘WEAR A BIG FACIAL MASK WHEN YOU ENTER THIS STORE- BUT DON’T ROB US & FELLOW CUSTOMERS OF THEIR HEALTH by spreading COVID-19!!!’ ‘An’ don’t get any ideas just because you’re wearing a mask!’              B.L.M.: ‘You can’t hear me but imagine James Brown, King Of Soul & Funk singing something like- GET ON UP!  BACK LIVES MATTER! AIN’T NO BADDER- DANCING FUNKY MACHINE MY WHITE BROTHERS DREAM!!!’     ‘SO SIGN IT LOUD- I’M BLACK- I’M HERE & I’M PROUD!’    ‘AS VISIBLE MINORITIES, WE CAN SPEAK, WE CAN HEAR     SO SHOVE WHITE DISCRIMINATION IN YOUR EAR!’  IMAGINE SHOUTING LOUDLY & PROUDLY!!!’                  L.G.B.T.Q.+? ‘NOTHING TOO GAY OR FANCY- Please Just CHEER UP & QUEER UP!’ ‘HAVE NO FEAR BECAUSE WE’RE QUEER- YOU KNOW WE’VE ALWAYS BEEN HERE!!!’              Environmentalists marching- “TREET THEM RIGHT- PLANT LIVES MATTER- ROOT FOR THEM, PLEASE!!!”    “Trees ARE BARKING- ‘STOP HUMANS FROM BITING!’ Or humans be ‘WALKING OUR PLANKS!'” “HEY HEY HO HO! HUMANS CHOPPING TREES HAS GOT TO GO!                   (Hong Kongers can adopt a variation-  “Hey Hey Ho Ho- China’s new Chairman Mao- Ping A Ling Ding Dong, HAS GOT TO GO!”   P.S. Our man Josh reporting from Asia- In Hong Kong checking on protesters under threat about their Democratic views & activities, was scooped up for 2 weeks quarantine in one room in Hong Kong along with 25 other strangers- fed apple sauce for dinner… Joshua caught a terrible disease after release but is finally recovered! Has businesses in Asia- Singapore  BUT enjoys annual visits to The Great Canadian Wilderness!  Many pregnant women come to Canada to give birth hoping their children gain dual citizenship in case their Mother Country falls into darkness!  Canada is a Great True North Strong & Free Dream Land for Oppressed People! 

 “Animal Rights- “JUST BECAUSE I’M A FISH- DOESN’T MAKE ME YOUR SUPPER DISH!” Speaking about Fishy Politicians, slogan for Nation’s President being past Best Before Date? “AMERICA’S STREET LIGHTS ARE ON- TIME FOR SENIOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES TO GO HOME, RETIRE & THANKFULLY BE GONE!!?”   Harassment by Hollywood ‘Powerful’ mysogyny, Female Models & Actors sing  ‘Don’t you dare bother me you crooked Franken-Weinstein unless you is bent on catching COVID-19Stein!!!’ Soft spoken Laura Croft, after cleaning up Tombstone, comes to Washington as a disguised Angel Senator? But wouldn’t stay hidden among all the Washington demons very long! OUR ANGEL walking SOFTLY, a PEACE MAKER 45 LOCKED & LOADED- On Both Wings!                      COVID-19 Safety:  Sneezing & coughing can travel 12 feet in larger aerosol droplets BUT tiny indoor aerosol concentrations can travel a great distance- 100’s of feet indoors about 5 feet above the floor before settling! Indoor air circulation simply stirs up COVID-19 aerosol cloud traveling. In Hong Kong we can all SCREAM OUR HEADS OFF PROTESTING- SILENTLY- How can China’s new Chairman Mao- Ping A Ling Ding be upset? Gandhi used non violent techniques but China’s Chairman Mao may be an ‘Iron Fist.’ Chairman Mao ZEDONG’s- China’s original Ping A Ling Ding Dong by his Cultural Revolution, Great Leap Forward, Land Reform… killed between 40 & 80 million! Westerners must question China’s Government ABOUT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!- A Country willing to purge 80 million citizens is a country to be careful about! For now, have no fear-  Sing A new nursery song-

Ping a Ling Ding is A Ding a Ling Ping DONG! Because Ping A Ling Ding Doesn’t CHERISH LIBERTY in Hong Kong!   If Ping A Ling Ding Was A Good Old Ding Dong He’d SING A Happy Freedom Song- DEMOCRACY RULES in OUR BELOVED HONG KONG!!!  Cheers to more HONG KONG FAB FREEDOM SONGS!!! Paul McCartney- get your SONGWRITING ON! Senator Angel Croft- You go get yourself elected Girl! With Hollywood’s & God’s backing  you’re one Heaven of an Angel- a colt 45 locked & loaded- Go Get ‘Em! (Hello- oh Hi Emma- Sorry I disturbed your ‘self partnering,’)       Everyone LOVES YOU- SO HONEST- Y’ALL BE HEALTHY & SAFE- You’re LIFTING YOUR WORLD- Everyone can FEEL & SEE you’re HELPING YOUR WORLD AS BEST YOU CAN! As McCartney sang- “BABY I’M AMAZED!!!” July 9, 20/20 VISION LOVE YOU!  Brianca Lane 


THANK YOU- Everyone attempting to LIFT UP OUR WORLD, we rise up to our BEST & HIGHEST CHARACTER- TOGETHER- Apart  MeUsCan-Do!!! Yes- our Politicians are  straight as crooked pretzels!!!  Free & Democratic Hong Kong LONG GONE c/o Mainland political DING DONGS is so WRONG! China’s COMMIE Political aspirations to CHOP CHOP & CHOW DOWN on Taiwan into Tai GONE!  Expand into South ‘China’/Asian seas, enslave by indoctrination. Spread viruses & cover up until Nations like America begin gasping economically. China’s silk roads ALL LEADING TO  barbed wire World domination. Embed spying & reporting by 5G networks… SLAM objecting Countries! What’s up with evil having an upper hand over good in our pre Apocalyptic World?  Princess Diana- Queen of the People’s Hearts-A HEART OF GOLD! identified her upcoming assassination by ‘auto accident’ & likely suspects! Why should evil LIVE but GOOD not- except forever in our hearts! Canada’s darling P.M. Trudeau is unable to resist evil temptation- he keeps being caught in awkward ‘blackface,’ ‘brown face,’ two faced’ like 1960’s LOST IN SPACE red faced Dr. Smith “Oh, (innocent) Penny, can you help me? ‘ quasi criminal shenanigans! Today’s  scandal involving $900 million for student volunteer paid jobs to be managed not by the Gov’t. Agency who manages student summer jobs but instead by Trudeau’s family friends- an alleged so called ‘charity’ endorsed by ‘rich & famous’ apparently dumb patrons- $43+ million prime real estate holdings & plans on ‘Bay Street’ in Toronto! CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME eh Justin- like charities in sheep’s clothing delivering all HONORABLE charities an undeserved knock down punch!  

Captain America Crunch Trump Fears Election polling numbers falling with America’s disaster COVID-19 stats sky rocketing up in record territory- attempting to SHUT OUT the C.D.C. from hospital… data collection & informing AMERICANS… China suppressed COVID-19 public information by arresting, humiliating, fining, imprisoning… whistle blowers giving truthful accounts! Why is SOCIAL CHANGE SO HARD- TAKES SO LONG- A BRIDGE VISIBLY SO CLOSE BUT SO FAR AWAY!?? We look at the INCREDIBLY HARD STRUGGLE AMERICAN WOMAN ENDURED FOR SUFFRAGE RIGHTS- Over 80+ years- 1840’s to 1876 presenting the Suffrage Act to Government, to circa 1920+ before ACTUALLY ADOPTING THE ACT by a BARE 1 or 2 (surprise) votes through required Senate & State votes! The final STATE TENNESSEE VOTE PASSED by 1 deciding vote because a Mother happened to add in a letter, she was disappointed in him as her son for not being supportive of the Women’s Suffrage- Right to Vote!!! So he voted as his Mother wished- A WONDERFUL MOMMA’S BOY SAVING AMERICA- LOVED HIS MOTHER SO!!!  Somebody catch us while we all SWOON with EMOTION- My elderly Relative used to announce she was about to SWOON/FAINT WITH EMOTION- HER GALLANT GENTLEMAN HUSBAND WOULD RUSH TO SIDE TO SUPPORT HER- “WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIE DOWN FOR A FEW MINUTES MOTHER?” TODAY – NOT SO GENTLEMANLY & GALLANT  ‘As long as your lying on the floor, would you hand me my slippers under the chair???’  Police & politicians attacked women, fined &  jailed them in filthy prisons- fed them worm infested food- YUCK!,  causing them to resort to self starvation as a last show of sacrifice for the cause of Women’s voting RIGHTS!!!  BASIC JUSTICE- HUMAN RIGHTS & EQUAL CITIZENSHIP, EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT… IN AMERICA- LAND OF THE FREE!!! For American Women- LAND OF THE BRAVE- ONLY WANTING TO ‘LIVE FREE OR DIE!’


Our experts point to IMPLICIT BIASES PEOPLE HOLD- ‘Ours is not to question why- ours is but to do or die!’ The Canadian Forces were called in to ASSIST at Senior’s horrible ‘care’ homes, Soldiers immediately documented abuses & neglect of seniors akin to battlefield atrocities causing soldiers P.T.S.D. symptoms! Thankfully voiced atrocities clearly & loudly so both Government & Public were HONESTLY INFORMED! Ontario & Quebec provincial Gov’ts., bedded with the Federal Gov’t. for decades in neglecting Seniors to death & refusing staffing & health care necessities for sustaining life! About 80%+ of COVID-19 overall deaths stats. in many countries were & are among Seniors- seen as disposable and undeserving of human rights or even visits allowed by loved ones… Most Seniors now say they will stay at home (but Governments provide minimal help); see Senior Care Homes are petrie dish disease incubators designed to neglect & shorten life- months of media reporting is having negligible effect- our Politicians unrelenting in purposefully killing seniors, raising the bar against lawsuits, continue being abusive towards staffing… A disconnected reality = under performance = defunding & redirecting resources to models evaluated & proven to work BUT ONLY UPON VOTERS KICKING OUT OUR POLITICAL DISASTER BUMS!!! Current politicians see eliminating Seniors’ problems by eliminating our Seniors. Health Care Heart of Stone staff advise complaining Seniors & citizens with disabilities seeking assistance for better living to instead seek to ‘check out’- can’t become much worse than 1930’s eugenics thinking which lead to Psychiatrists killing their patients & then Hitler taking an interest in their approaches to further mass murder undesirables… Police too often also see eliminating problems by being judge, jury & instant executioners of citizens they believe are undeserving of inalienable human rights & compassion!  By Studying Effective righteous models around the World bringing about much better success rates, we DEFUND & REDIRECT to achieve success! But necessarily voting out evil & incompetent devil Politicians & their Enforcers! Best approaches in mental health crisis REQUIRE A REQUEST FOR POLICE BACK UP IN LESS THAN 1% because quality experienced Nurses, Social Workers, etc. are selected based on character, compassion/empathy, training & education, personal direct experience… PLEASE BE FREE of COVID-19, EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS to BE INFORMED, SMART & SAFE- Our Apocalypse is FOR OUR CHANGE, OUR RISING UP, OUR CREATING A NEW BETTER LIVING EXPERIENCE BLESSING ALL LIFE, FLORA & FAUNA- Speaking of healthy fauna- Frisky Baby Bambies prancing about outside my house & in side yard- Always forget =-RUSH OUT MY DOOR SEEING DEER SUDDENLY JUMP IN FRONT OF ME!-‘It’s O.k. I keep forgetting you’re coming by visiting- So SORRY for pushing out so quickly! I feel bad for scaring you-” “Oh-o.k.!” “Yeh- We’re ALL GOOD AGAIN!” Wild DEER ARE SOOOO SWEETIE PIES!!!!! Last night on my knees face down pulling weeds- Deer steps up behind me- “Humans eating weeds- huh?” “No- just pulling weeds…” Wild animals like to know what they’re friendly NO FUR BALL FRIENDS ARE UP TO- Curious R US!!! PLAY SAFE- LOVE YOU!!! July 16, 2020  by  Brianca Lane         Everyone Deserves to Experience living in a Garden in Eden!   


Our World is consumed in a SOCIAL SCHOZOPHRENIA- Consciously we are FORWARD LOOKING, Politically Sensitive to All Colors, Cultures, seeking LIFE, LIBERTY, EQUITY, OPPORTUNITY, PURSUIT of HAPPINESS for Everyone!!! But too often conflicting our True Colors- our Feeling, Thinking, Beliefs, Attitudes, Hopes & Dreams! Social-Psychology researchers should study what we want to FEEL & THINK- our best intentions versus what our World displays & verbalizes to us 100’s of times in so many ways. Street, town, city, sports, parks, monuments, heroes, buildings, historical stories, naming rights…  reflecting a great CULTURAL DIVIDE, OPPRESSION & SLAVERY PRESENCE festering from past decades & centuries!? My 1848 house sold for debts owed- not economical to charitably allow poverty stricken tenants, drunks, drug addicts & OUTCASTS to stay & pay at their pleasure? (Charity begins at home but I’m happy I helped society’s outcasts.) My home sweet home was built based on a War of 1812 hero’s plans- street name ringing proudly in the town center today! Was presented with a special gift by a famous heroic Indigenous Chief- a SLAVE! Every bright & bold relic from that challenging period SINKING DEEPLY INTO OUR SUBCONSCIOUS FEELING & THINKING MENTAL ‘SOFTWARE PROGRAMS-‘ ‘oppression, slavers, humans divided by rights & status- superior vs. inferior, winners- ‘heroes’ vs. ‘the vanquished’ facing deliberate cultural & population genocide…’ Past century IMMORAL PRACTICES ARE being forced on our senses reminding us everywhere everyday! America- like so many Nations is in SOCIAL SCHIZOPHRENIA FLUX- divided from within & without! Do we want our PRESENT WORLD to REFLECT WHO WE ARE NOW- OUR HIGHEST DREAMS about our future?  We’re supposed to be proud of our community & our Country- But our senses, feelings, thinking bombarded with conflicting old vexing reminders & messaging all wrong for us today! Causing unending civil strife? Gripping America by the throat- who can breathe freely in a state of social schizophrenia??? Life FREE TODAY FROM CONSTANT PAST HORRIFIC REMINDERS & MESSAGING & LIVE HAPPILY W/O endless internal strive & SOCIAL SCHIZOPHRENIA TOMORROW??! We can have PEACE NOW IF WE REALLY WANT IT! Alright all you beautiful Angelic Beings- swoop on down into our World Together Apart to see where our World’s at- But give some promising GOOD NEWS, ESPECIALLY VACCINE GOOD NEWS FIRST PLEASE!  July 23, 2020 by Brianca Lane   

GOOD NEWS- Promising vaccine(s) in trials producing immune system ANTI BODIES & T CELLS conquering COVID-19  IF- IF vaccines don’t produce too significant BAD SIDE EFFECTS when 1000’s of test subjects are given the vaccine, manufacturers will be granted a green light to ‘LIGHT UP OUR  WORLD’S HOPES circa Nov./Dec., 2020!’ Past experience says vaccines are a year away but TODAY we are achieving great results!! No flying off into outer space when a vaccine approval may be within months? Good News- Sports teams shedding discriminatory team names! REDS____ is out-  REDNECKS IN? Insulting to our beloved Agricultural providers? RED RIDING ‘HOODS?’ Too Edgy?  ‘Edmonton Eskimos’ is OUT as Alberta Canada’s football team- Inuit- Aleut Family Indigenous Peoples RIGHTLY name themselves, not British & European Canadian settlers. EDMONTON (Polar) EXPRESS? EDMONTON EXCITERS? EDMONTON EX-ACTORS?  EX-PATS? EXPOS? EAGER BEAVERS?  In Toronto B.L.M. sympathizers threw pink paint on Canada’s Father of Confederation, J. A. McDonald & on E. Ryerson- both helped create the cultural genocidal Residential School System beginning circa 1870’s- forcibly stripping away Indigenous children from families & a cruelly described ‘savage’ culture to ‘make them whiter’- more British/European. Police delayed releasing suspects & consultation with legal counsel- outgoing African Canadian police Chief defending police delayed action? But Gentle- Eh? compared to President Trump GOING POSTAL!!!- Polling behind Joe for President, Pres. Trump launches ‘AMERICANA INVASION FORCE 1′ by unnamed soldiers in unmarked vehicles kidnapping protesters/’HOODLUMS’ from the streets of Portland, Oregon,  in Chicago…? Portland’s Guns and Roses Mayor & Police Commissioner? wades among protesters to their BOOS- or is it the BOOZE TALKING? ‘Hey- I’m one of You!’ the Mayor claims so is TEAR GASSED by LOCA LPOLICE or Trump’s Secret State Militants? Visions of Beijing China Autocrats harassing Hong Kong’s human rights protesters or Vlad reverting to his Vlad the Impaler ways?? What’s next Mr. President? (Back to 1930’s Germany turmoil?) Signs for our times- ‘Schizophrenia R U.S.!’ Everything being video recorded for Future Generations to judge us like we judge our immoral Ancestors? ‘Where was your head at when your neighborhood was invaded by STORMY TRUMP TROOPER BLOOPERS children will ask? If we  fall backwards INFIGHTING within Nations, will China & Russia exert more evil World influence? What’s our ESCAPE PLAN- Beloved Britney Spears is selling her Californian Family Home- a few hundred could throw in together- $$$, ESCAPE & PARTY with BRITNEY behind a safe gated community! ‘What Apocalypse? WE’RE PARTYING WITH BRITNEY SPEARS!!! ‘Britney please teach us another DANCE!’ ‘Please don’t abandon us in our time of need to finally DANCE with the STARS!!!  STORMY TRUMP TROOPER BLOOPERS invading  Democrat leaning Communities to MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN FROM DEMOCRATS – AND FROM BARACK OBAMA & LIBERAL undermining everything America was built on= WHITE POWER & PRIVILEGE- Oops! OPPRESSION & SLAVERY!! But President Trump says “No President has done more for African Americans than Donald Trump – aside from Lincoln!”  Britney- Our World’s Looking Scary- Help U.S.A.LL JUMP ON LIFE’S DANCE FLOOR- Britney, You’ve been Up & DOWN So Many Times You Can Teach U.S. Everything We Need To Know to BE HAPPY SAFE in LOVE’S EMBRACE!!!

You’re laughing or crying your worried guts out- Almost? O.k. I’ll get you SMILING- Canada’s Finance Minister- about to be dragged out to testify before a Federal Committee of his angry peers,  just put a check in the mail only hours before-  $41,000+ to pay for 2017  FREE EXOTIC Family VACATION- or Volunteer Junta? c/o of a Charity he & P.M. Justin’s families/Gov’t. benefit from & give $$$ to- a sudden spur of the moment $900 million project with a profit of at least 43.5 million for the Charity Arm set up last year, stated purpose to amass real estate holdings?? (On Bay St.???) P.M. Justin says he aims to show Canadians, our World! a SUNNY SIDE to LIVING LIFE!!! LIVING THE DREAM- ABOVE THE LAW- & NOT GETTING CAUGHT-  NEVER PUNISHED! Only 3rd, 4th time, 5th time- Canadians believe in forgiving & forgetting, CELEBRATING WITH SELFIES & EXPERIENCING THE SUNNY SIDE of Life with Justin???’ But on to less cheery statistics- on July 17 new infections- 76,000! GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN! Over 4 million in total reported infected with almost 150,000 deaths- YIKES! SKY’s THE LIMIT ON INFECTION INCREASES! World wide about 4.2% confirmed cases are fatal- Seniors bearing the heavy burden but survivors may experience damage like scarring in the lungs, brain fog- neurological damage in organs, tissues & blood system… (‘LONG HAULERS’) Previous infections like SARS, MERS (Middle East), EBOLA had higher 10- 50%+ death rates but COVID-19 is so infectious- Spreads easily, up to half infected may show few symptoms, and generally spreading occurs before, during & after symptoms appear! Test results need to be quick so citizens do not spread infection waiting days for results! In South East Asia, potential victims of contagion are contacted by reviewing infected people’s movements! In South America, Brazil suffers terribly from  COVID-19 Presidente in DENIAL while elsewhere Seniors are forbidden from leaving their home for MONTHS for self protection! Every imaginable response under the sun  among our Political Leaders! 

A fatal flaw in human character-  Bible story Adam & Eve desiring to be ‘like gods!,’ P.S. Always wondered based on ‘Sympathy for the devil- ’60’s song  IS Mick a ‘gentle’ VAMPIRE- not a Story Book or Hollywood Star Vamp god. Mick- Don’t bite me for asking about your secret? Jagger sounds like jagged & dagger- a likely Vampire’s name? Today  Mick is ‘PICK!’ ICE PICK FANG JAGGER, Vampire at large! His Fans are known as FANGS! Protect your young daughters!!! Back to our plague- Do you imagine ANXIETY & DEPRESSION rates have easily tripled since COVID-19 vampire plague began consuming America? Over the past 20 years suicide rates are already up about 40% before COVID-19, 75% higher for Black high school teens!   Is Britney’s house still available- Britney don’t sell to anyone else? But it gets Worse America-Borders are shut down to American travelers! Most Countries fearing warm blooded, loving & generous Americans taking a bite of healthy kissing cousin Canadians, for example! Taiwan is happily back to spectator attended Baseball Games in stadiums- only reporting 1,000 plague deaths! LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM BUT ONLY IN Taiwan- AMERICANS FORBIDDEN “Take Me Out to The BALL GAME’ BY THIS VAMPIRE PLAGUE! Taiwan’s Finest WOLFING DOWN AMERICAN HOT DOGS because no Sports stadiums are open in Good Ol’ U.S.A.! IT’S UN-AMERICAN! Florida says COVID-19 takes a state resident ever 10 minutes- but Florida attracts Seniors- A Geneva, Swiss study estimates Seniors over 65 have a 40X higher death rate than being infected in your ’50’s! Obvious advice- Seniors- THINK YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG! Back to your ’50’s fooling COVID-19 & AVOID 1930’s Style German Eugenics Protocol Health Care Professionals- ‘Nurse- morphine injections on both sides of Seniors to save U.S.A.LL $$$!’

Climate change prevention plans often cite exponential human population increases as a significant cause propelling global climate change. Health care is also expensive & disease prevention is undervalued. CONSPIRACY THEORY ALERT! Q. How to cull the herd without bringing on the appearance of genocide? IS COVID-19 being used as cover to CULL down the human population as an updated version of Darwinian Eugenics? Climate change prevention advocates demand drastic population reduction, governments want health costs reduced, more healthy worker bees, fewer ‘burdening’ Society. Scientists report people with underlying health conditions are most likely to face severe illness & death upon COVID-19 Infection. Under Germany’s 1930’s eugenics objectives- ‘defectives,’ sickly, undesirables were culled or sterilized to ‘clean’ human populations & genetics…  create an efficient & productive Society under autocratic controls. What COVID-19 accomplishes? President Nixon created a War on Drugs as a cover for a War on African Americans!  COVID-19 attacks oppressed communities suffering accumulating injury by slavery, oppression, discrimination, racism, poverty, inequity in public health investments, injustices… & long living Seniors. In Ontario Canada, GOVERNMENT INSPECTIONS WERE STOPPED- Government  jumped in bed with owners putting PROFITS ABOVE HUMAN CARE & LIVES! Care Homes became PERFECT PETRIE DISH INCUBATORS for bacterial & viral infections. Minimal pay, low quality working environment & benefits, minimal safety protection, scrambling part timers  jumping between homes spreading disease, no quarantine areas for infectious residents…  COVID spreading like wild fires as Ontario’s Premier says!  Family support  pulled & denied, Care Homes locked down, Residents essentially imprisoned. Staffing minimal, many understaffed care facilities becoming almost abandoned in Italy, Spain, U.S. Canada- Patients given morphine, not medical care!  Government standards don’t really exist because inspections pulled- Families excluded for weeks or months from visiting- Plagues burning out of control down crowded corridors- Canada’s federal armed forces finally sent in to several homes documenting atrocities, lack of compassion & care! Premier wants care homes owners protected from claims of abuse & neglect.. Smells like a population reduction conspiracy against African Americans, people with costly, underlying, health vulnerabilities, seniors & anyone deemed a scapegoat or burden on society. 1930’s German eugenics- Wie geht es Ihnen heute? If your country’s federal named/unnamed troops in marked/unmarked vehicles begin scooping you up for protesting for your inalienable rights & freedoms, including your freedom of speech, thought & expression, your sole ownership of your body & appropriate personal choice of your attire, your need for recreation & outdoor activities, your pursuit of individual happiness, your right to assemble peacefully with appropriate safety COVID-19 precautions, your unfettered involvement in democratic processes, your choice as to who you love, how you identify yourself, express yourself…  ALWAYS CHEERING FOR YOU! You’re A WINNER on the WINNING TEAM, & BORN TO BE HAPPY! Auf Viedersehn    July 23, 20/20 visioning                  LOVING YOU! ALWAYS! BE SAFE!     Brianca Lane   

new beginnings JUSTICE an PEACE- EXPOSING & RIGHTING Current or Historical WRONGS! Social Therapy for Apocalyptic Times!

Ding Dong- why is China acting against Democratic freedom lover CHAMPION Wong? China/Beijing promised to maintain Hong Kong’s degree of autonomy- 1 Country BUT 2 SYSTEMS until 2047!  Hong Kong is being STRIPPED- must be 2047 already? (Now we know how Ringo feels- never apparently aging- HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEATLES DRUMMER BOY- 80 years young & still ACTING NATURALLY!!!) Pres. Trump is backing off Special Status for Hong Kong as Beijing Brats blast a dozen Beloved Activists from candidate lists, arresting 4 for sharing blog posts: Confucius say time to put Ding Dong’s Ding Dings in prison/Sing Sing!- All Together Now- Yeh! Yeh! Yeh!!!!!!!!!! Beijing genocidal chauvinists are targeting 80% of Muslim Female Uyghurs for birth control/sterilization, fining women $2600 for having an unwanted child- UNWANTED by Beijing chauvinist pigs!  Back in America, COVID Wildfires burn- 186,000+ actual deaths? Yes-American Politicians played Political football over COVID-19, beloved Americans paid  a terrible price! The U.S. economy just suffered it’s biggest quarterly contraction- annualized at 33%!  But after painful contractions, a birth of NEW LIFE emerges or like in 1918 Spanish Flu- a SECOND WORSE WAVE!(Barring another wave in the fall or winter.) Wonderful to hear treatment drugs are being approved & applied! China created & released the virus accidentally by Wuhan’s wet market or by sloppy Biolab viral creation weaponized to kill human beings- probably the Biolab weaponized scenario!!! China SUPPRESSED WHISTLEBLOWERS from warning our Countries how infectious & disabling COVID is & indeed, enabled travel OUTSIDE CHINA TO SPREAD COVID everywhere while pretending they had it contained! By violating International Law, China has “an obligation to make full reparation for the injury caused” excluding injury caused by Politicians infighting & bungling a proper response to the Pandemic. Reparations for theft of intellectual property, manufacturing & selling clone style goods, exporting deadly opioids causing a humanitarian crisis… China’s Oppression, willful violation of Human Rights & genocidal policies & programs are not ‘internal matters’ but everyone’s concern.

Reparations to people subjected to oppression, mistreatment & slavery:  ALL enslaved or oppressed Peoples deserve to see a wonderful day of atonement when oppressors or generations removed own up to ALL the WRONGS by Ancestors, apologize for ALL the SPECIFIC WRONGDOINGS by “an obligation to make reparations for injury caused!” ‘No justice, no peace!’ When ‘ME TOO! Movement’ victims speak up about sexual assault inflicted on them, we often hear very specific details- Modern Justice procedures typically involve crime details revealed, sentencing accounting for all the specific damages suffered by victims. Justice & Reparations for crimes like slavery is a serious matter! Damage to African Americans or Indigenous Peoples is still ongoing generation after generation. Similar to ongoing oppression of minorities World Wide. Our culture is still steeped in oppressor/slaver artifacts- everywhere we turn in America: for example we are reminded by historical naming streets, buildings, parks, cultural artifacts after a White Supremacy Slaver Society- a ‘just us’ society but today we consciously reject the very idea of a Supremacy slaver society as best we can! About Mental Health Rights!, an ongoing vexing issue is harassing or forcing citizens to take meds. often causing poisonous side effects under a catch-22: enjoy everyday Human Rights & Freedoms by accepting possible Zombie Brain Frying Meds. as prescribed or be FORCIBLY SEIZED, BROUGHT INTO A LOCKED WARD to be DRUGGED as psychiatric practice sees fit!!! Thankfully many therapists are recognizing NATURAL HUMAN ACTIVITY like physical exercise- walking… is now deemed at least as effective as anti depressant meds. for example! Natural therapies do not have brain destroying side effects, don’t cost $$$- Big Pharma hopes we all succumb to being addicted to their potions life long- EXCESSIVE PROFITS ABOVE PEOPLE!

O.k. About Community Treatment Orders- Catch 22 to living in the community- not locked up if accepting regular injections: Some people suffering severe mental illness say they benefit after (finally) finding the right meds. and hopefully get on with their lives. Exercise, placebos, light therapy with cognitive behavioral therapy, meditating/mindfulness, forming strong positive social relationships/supports TOGETHER or APART, creative arts… many approaches we describe in are shown to be perfectly helpful- Anti depressants, … less & less helpful or even acceptable leading to newsworthy tragedies!  Strong meds. like anti psychotics often involve harmful mind, emotions & body destroying side effects requiring years to heal from! Some Psychiatrists experiment on patients like lab rats over dosing them, …. combining drug cocktails- One dear trusting YOUNG friend ended up on about 10 psych. meds. and was tragically severely physically & mentally impaired- so sad to watch her attempt to move around, functioning like an afflicted 90’s something senior when before her prescribed meds. she was brilliant & physically active, emotionally expressive!!! Average citizens have no idea injecting or consuming strong meds. may cause temporary or longer term brain damage. Dropping strong psych. meds. may be akin to incurring a serious back injury but playing aggressive full contact football as a therapy- dangerous! In mental illness, your brain, emotions & body are already quite challenged, you don’t want to incur ANY MENTAL HEALTH DAMAGES especially causing brain impairment by drug side effects!  Having to heal from meds. inflicted brain , emotions & body damage while attempting to heal from serious mental illness is  double cross to bear! Healing from serious mental illness is an Olympic level effort requiring 100%- body, mind & soul to your best achievements!

CRITICAL RECOVERY EVENTS!!! Eventually all systems begin to sort issues out & come on line again, one by one- functioning more & more normally with fewer breakdowns or back slipping, boosting your confidence- I’m DOING IT- SOMETHING’S HAPPENING- SYSTEMS, BRAIN POWER, EMOTIONS, MEMORIES COMING BACK ON LINE, ELECTRICAL CHEMICAL PROCESSES RAMPING UP, SMOOTHING OUT, PROGRAMS KICKING IN AGAIN, …Forward- but slipping back, forward again but slipping back but eventually one sunny day- wow WHAT JUST HAPPENED- a stronger recovery event! Because YOU HELPED BRING ABOUT & EMBRACE YOUR HARD WON RECOVERY EFFORTS & SUCCESSES, NO TURNING YOU BACK!!! YOU’RE ON FIRE- HEALERS R U.S.A.LL!!! Every mental illness experience fading from memory banks, all helpful memories coming back on line again like YOU emerging from a LONG nightmare- Thankfully fully AWAKE & RESTORED- REFRESHED BUG EYED & BUSHY TAILED WELCOMING YOUR NEW LIFE & DESTINY!!! YES- YOU’RE BACK- JUMPING ON LIFE’S DANCE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!

In Mental Health Rights! issues we are only somewhat moving away from Salem Witch hunt days- Mass media has traditionally fed readers a frenzy of misinformation about Mental Illness. Scapegoats are sought to pin crimes on- ‘Person with a mental illness diagnosis did it?’  So a mental phobic health care professional calls police to identify people imagined to have a serious diagnosis? YOU IMAGINE YOUR PERSONAL MENTAL HEALTH INFO> IS KEPT PRIVATE???? DREAM ON!!! To get police to investigate, gather evidence & create a case? (Salem Witch Hunt revised!) Well, Bri does- Med. Charts say so- so presses police buttons- ‘Must have done it!’  ‘Good- Bri’s our #2 SUSPECT in this Salem style Witch Hunt- We’ve jailed on #1 mental patient suspect… We’ll look for some evidence, conduct  secret searches- THANKFULLY Homicide Investigator was a 100% Straight Shooter-HONEST, FORTHRIGHT & TRUSTWORTHY! ‘Well Bri – a Professional with high standing in the Community said you probably did it with your prior mental diagnosis- so you’re prime suspect #2! We’ve taken our prime suspect- mental patient #1 into custody and we’re searching for evidence- No evidence whatsoever connecting you to such a crime, …’  #1 suspect imprisoned for about 5 months including  solitary confinement?- until Judge says  Are you prosecuting #1 or #2? CAUSE IF YOU’S NOT DOING #1 OR #2 IN MY COURT, GET OFF THE POT!!! – Does homicide have evidence & a case to present or shall I release your suspect?’ A local Newspaper pushed the whole almost 10 year old story after we discussed it- relying on the same stereotypes.  You can’t change a rock into a sweet rose! Is homicide falling for the same Witch Hunt stereotypes? (P.S. Often seen riding a bicycle, Police attempted to enlist me to inform them about any cyclists in the area they should check out-  Interesting Police Investigation theory…

P.S. INDIGENOUS ‘SLAVERS/OPPRESSORS:’ Indigenous Leader points out a traditional Indigenous Consensus Building decision making approach encouraging everyone to first speak their peace openly & honestly! But White Supremacy practices forced First Nations onto Reserves A Residential School System was created by Canada’s first political & educational ‘visionaries’ to kidnap Indigenous children viewed as ‘savages’ & cruelly break their wills/spirit.  Oppressed & too often broken to this very day, First Nations are scarred to this day!  In Montreal Canada, KAMALA HARRIS– you probably know of her, attended high school during her critical teen years- enjoyed considerable popularity unlike her younger life visiting her Father on week ends in Palo Alto, Cal. Neighborhood children were forbidden from playing with her in Cal. due to her (Indian) African heritage darker skin color. Historical Montreal McGill University was named & a beautiful statue installed to honor a SLAVER who donated the land for the University. SLAVER ‘Killer’ ‘McGiller’ owned 7 slaves, 2 First Nations children who died at age 10 under his ‘care’- raising suspicions, 5 Blacks of African descent. McGill, Montreal & Graduates appear to be a state of social & moral schizophrenia still honoring a SLAVER! Adding to White Supremacy, a BLOCK HEADED SHAMEFUL comedian was welcomed by Canada’s Supreme Court (Jokers & Jesters?) to present his defense against a ‘conviction’ ordering him to cough up $35,000 for his comedy routine abusing a young boy challenged by a disability. About drowning him, calling the young boy ‘ugly but unkillable…’ ‘People only nice to the boy thinking he is passing soon.’ Degrading & dividing Quebecers in the eyes of the World,  Joker justified his cruelty to the Supreme jesters arguing listeners laughed along to his remarks, however repugnant- so if they laugh, it must be good? The problem he argues is politically correct times infringing upon his free speech to target this specific boy year after year.  The comedian claims to be the ‘victim’ while making incredibly cruel, sadistic jokes.  God help us all?Quebec’s Political Leaders attacked Muslim women, banning them from government/teaching/ civil servant employment if they wear facial coverings! But now demand everyone wear facial coverings! Is our OLD NORMAL SOCIETY COMPLETELY CRAZY? Fit in too snugly- is there’s something very wrong with U.S.A.ll?  Love You Dearly! Always in my Heart!!! Stay SAFE- AMERICA & WHOLE WORLD! Stand Up for FREEDOM but Right to BE HEALTHY & HAPPY!!! July 30, 2020 Visioning                                                   Brianca Lane  Kamala moved back to…

                       Leading A CHARMED LIFE in APOCALYPTIC T-T-TIMES!!!

Race for America’s Presidency- You don’t have to experience early stage Dementia to want to run for The U.S. Presidency in 2020 Apocalyptic T-T-Times! BUT IT HELPS!!! Foxy Ladies News Anchor ‘Hannity’ argues Democratic Candidate Joe B., 77 years young, should undergo a cognitive test & physical because “the American people deserve an answer!” (Drum Roll please!) Joe promised he’d name his Black Female Candidate Aug. 1 but no one wanted to be named August 1st!  (Cymbal Crash!) Try for ‘August 10th?’ We may speculate ‘Hannity’ style why Joe B. is holding back:  1. Like our beloved sorceress Emma W., Joe B. is SELF PARTNERING to bring a whole discombobulated person into the Presidency should Americans choose him!  2. Joe’s praying for a Hail Mary Game Winning Touchdown catch by Michelle Obama accepting the Vice Presidency: He can simply stay home & enjoy certain VICTORY!  3. Joe’s searching for an African American Laura Croft to appear like a white Elvis  bringing Race Music to white America audiences & take on China, Russia & North Korea!  4. Joe’s hoping Pres. Trump will be censored on more sites (like he was on F.B.) before the President can attack his newly anointed female 4 year running mate!   5. Joe’s hoping Americans will not criticize his choice- ‘… Hurry up Joe- it’s getting so late!  Just pick someone- we won’t complain!’ 6. Joe’s hoping Canada’s P.M. Justin Trudeau will resign- 3+ ethic breaches. Opposition calling for his resignation! Justin has that SEX APPEAL & LOOKISM dirty quid pro quo Joe lacks. 7. Or, like for Pres. Trump’s election, his election is ‘pre-broadcast’ by Destiny- any clairvoyant might have witnessed Trump’s election in advance in good detail- Just show up Joe & voters will un-elect Pres. Trump! Kamala’s calling you Joe- visible minority- highly educated professional Indian Mom & Islands’ Black Father- Black Baptiste Church & Hindu Temple attendance- Legal Expert/Prosecutor/Administrator- Elected Government & Legislative Experience- Way Tough on Criminals- even for Ganja possession? but supports diversion programs for young, mentally ill? California- heavy weight happening State! B.L.M.- Several years calling out police about brutality against Blacks… Yes- you’re choice Joe- Kamala has competition- You’re not intimidated by a confident Black/Indian ethnic women not to be touched, kissed, patted about… O.k. You are- but just a little bit- You can handle it Joe- she’s your running Mate- Just SHOW UP, Joe!

Hollywood vs. Reality is revisiting our Charmed ones! First wonderful actress Rose McGowan, is fighting Hollywood sharks & demons courageously on & off set! Leaving her scarred & vulnerable!  Survivor Alyssa, a CHARMED PROTECTED GOOD television WITCH is severely challenged by COVID-19 in REAL LIFE! Alyssa felt ill so had herself tested 3 times like a spell by 3 Health Care Testing Sites including a finger prick- frightening for Witches & ordinary humans alike! Results came back- negative for COVID-19. Finally she submitted to full blood work confirming she indeed has the vampire like plague! Dispirited, Alyssa says “Our testing system is flawed- we don’t know the REAL NUMBERS!” She wants EVERYONE TO SOCIAL DISTANCE & WEAR A MASK- LOVES ALL THE KIND PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. “Covid-19 is NOT A HOAX! Felt like an elephant on my chest- Couldn’t breathe! (She needed a ventilator!) Fever, horrible headaches, Everything hurt, loss of smell, couldn’t keep food in me, 4 months of lingering symptoms- vertigo, stomach issues, short term memory loss, shortness of breath, heart palpitations…”  Many countries completely avoided America’s tragedy- a death every 80 seconds, almost 200,000 unnecessary deaths because Politicians DELAYED, MINIMIZED, CONFLICTED, GAVE COMPLETELY FALSE ADVICE.  Several Asian Countries experienced minimal cases- immediately upon seeing China’s Wuhan Plague about to consume our World, went in TOTAL WAR TIME STYLE CRISIS MODE! Social distancing, shut down the country, enforced stay at home orders, strict quarantine, facial masks, hand washing,  SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, TESTING, TESTING< TESTING, full CONTACT TRACING… Conspiracy theorists say all our RIGHTS & FREEDOMS hard won over 1000’s of years are being suspended by BIG BROTHER- A Perfect Storm to steal our RIGHTS! Passing arbitrary excessively autocratic dictator like edicts extending into the future with no oversight, draconian surveillance & punishment- $880. fines for gatherings above 5 or 6… abolishing negotiated contracts with unions. But healthy people face over reacting immune response storms, havoc if the plague gets into our blood stream affecting function of vital systems & organs! So easily spread, one afflicted attending an indoor Church service can easily infect a hundred in close proximity over an hour or two! Inalienable RIGHTS- LIFE! LIBERTY, EQUALITY of OPPORTUNITY, PURSUIT of HAPPINESS follow from HEALTH RIGHTS including MENTAL HEALTH RIGHTS! But in an Apocalypse, our backs against the wall- OLD NORMAL is GONE replaced by NEW NORMAL– creating a wonderful new healthier, sustainable World, a BETTER World in every way! We toss the yucky bath water old normal, keep the squeaky clean smiling New Bubbling Normal Baby to create a Better World! We encounter walls to climb or dissolve- enabling our free expression AT LAST! The Beatles sang Your World is BEFORE YOU “AT YOUR COMMAND!” Ringo adored for BRINGING MUSICAL JOY & HUMOR TO PEOPLE CREATIVELY ALL THE WHILE ACTING NATURALLY!

Saul Griffith is a poster boy for sweeping Climate Change to reverse our carbon footprint- Sudden crash of Old Normal & furious creating our New Normal by an all hands on deck wartime style mobilization fervor! Reversing global greenhouse gas emissions= reversing Climate Change Environmental disasters! Target is reducing emissions by 70- 80% in 15 years! ZERO EMISSION BY 2050! ELECTRIFICATION by wind & solar power, especially rooftop solar, electric vehicles & motors, heat pumps & batteries. Replace all old normal bad emission technologies by clean renewable! Skipping slowly evolving market forces, gov’ts. actively mandating, offering incentives & penalties, mobilizing business & society to create & win a New GREEN America, World! ( Saul all is for naught if we forget to harden the electrical grid against sun electrical emission storms or bombs designed to fry our electrical grids & components!) Our Backs against the Climate Change wall, so much to do in so little time but in racing to beat the Russian Commies to the moon, we did win with 1960’s tech simply because when America’s heart & brainpower unites, anything becomes achievable! This Apocalypse is what we choose to make of it! Our YOU TOO-MOVEMENT TOGETHER APART! Our Time to Act- recreate our World, our life styles, our Destiny for creatively expressing our inclusive, equitable love, our happier healthier better sustainable World! 

But Health Experts complain we are oversize double McBurgers! Centers for Disease Control target American obesity as demon # 1! Our stomachs against one wall, our backs against the wall behind our big, awesome double McBooties!  Their skinny on our fat Report says 40- 50% of Americans are cute but OBESE! Our Body is our Temple butt our TOXIC FOOD ENVIRONMENT is not kosher! WE need clear nutritional labeling- “You eat all this poison crap, you die Girl! This is pure 100% AGENT ORANGE- gonna defoliate your sexy healthy, body, brain & energy. “How do we effectively change our eating behaviors when (high) calorie, fat & sugar foods are readily available, often less expensive than healthier choices?” asks researcher David Sarwer, PhD.. OVERWEIGHT stigma challenges our mental health as we attempt to re- balance!  95% of women are supposed to jam their body into an ideal mold enjoyed by 5% of lucky women! Why not just shoot the 5%- OOPS- SORRY WRONG ATTITUDE- strike that comment! All the emotional turmoil, body shaming, eating disorders… irrational control issues- Wonderful to leave THAT old Normal Behind! Today my body never changes weight- But stays at 800 pounds- HA! HA!

Birds, deer… enjoy living among us warm hearted humans. No ‘lookism’ trips & hang ups to lay on us whether we be  ‘purdy or purdy ugly,’ they accept us as we are! They assess us by our actions, character, FRIENDLINESS, emotions & happy neighborliness. We hear about a dolphin tangled in fishing line and ‘asking’ human divers to please untangle & REMOVE THE BARBS. (But don’t fall for a shark trying this on you!) Over in Niger, 30+ giraffes floundered in downpours & heavy mud . One senior giraffe fell over & couldn’t breathe. Classic swimmer & rescuer story for the surviving floundering giraffes stuck in old muddy ways! Wonderful human rescuers pushed & shouted encouragement, helped free & lead them to higher ground. Giraffes offered appreciating voices & lip smacking- “I Get High With A Little Help From My Little Human Friends!” But didn’t sound as pleasant as Ringo singing the song!  Uganda’s Wild Animals’ Lives Matter Movement sadly dealt with Rafiki- Swahili for ‘Friend!’ but you already knew that right? Justice & Peace for Rafiki’s Family & Friends: Alpha male Rafiki lived happily with his 17 member group until one sad day poachers approached. Rafiki’s duty was to defend his loved ones, charged & got speared. Human killer received 11 years in prison, 11 years longer than police killing African Americans or alleged mentally ill needing a health check by ‘lynching’- stopping breathing in public display to intimidate minorities- ‘We can torture & kill anytime we want so be very afraid and mind yourselves & your place!’ “If one human kills wildlife, we all lose- we request every person to support our efforts to conserve wild life for present & future generations.” Sam Muhwandha.   In Pakistan, we hear of citizens being charged with alleged blasphemy against The Prophet or State Religion, trumped up falsehoods! If the Courts refuse to sentence, mobs may attempt to kill falsely accused or family! Freeing citizens may incur mob torture. Thankfully a lawyer takes on these horrendous Old Normal catch 22 cases but could not get approval for an accused Christian? women to bring her family to America.  They could be attacked in her place. Justin Trudeau said he was personally bringing them over!  Entitled & Spoiled Brat- yes but a Good Heart obviously!  P.S. If Joe can’t commit by Monday, ring him up- ‘You want African American, Black, Beautiful, Bring Back Life & Enthusiasm during Covid-19 trials & tribulations, I’m RINGING YOUR WHITE PRIVILEGE BELL BUT NOT AS YOUR AUNT JEMIMA! (or if you’re white- ‘Joe- you need HELP!!! Touching women’s hair, necks, & kissing young girls is out of style since ‘Leave It to Beaver!’ in the ’50’s- Need someone to set up your MAN CAVE in the White House?) Love You- Be True to Your New Self but Don’t Force Change Too Much- Already LOVE YOU JUST AS YOU ARE!!!   Aug. 6, 2020                                       by Brianca Lane 

GREAT EXPECTATIONS but  GREATER ANXIETY- May We All Breathe Again??? 20/20 visioning

So U.S. Presidential Candidate Joe Biden accepted our advice- “Baby- It’s YOU!” Kamala is become GLAM- MULAH$$$! Ask yourself how rich Presidential/Senators/elected reps. are BEFORE entering office vs. AFTER leaving office? Rags to Riches Everyone– just ask Wild Willy Clinton or any hot blooded scoundrel $$$ elected Politician- SELF SERVING & SELF PARTNERED! Ha! Ha! After 4 years dutifully honoring Destiny’s Trumpeter, may we finally BREATHE AGAIN, break into SONG:  ‘It’s not the way you SMILE’ (Together but Apart) ‘that touched my heart, What can I do? Can’t help myself- ‘CAUSE BABY IT’S YOU!!!’ (The Shirelles, 1961- African American)  Back to Kamala & her anticipated GLAM-MULAH! FEELS SO WONDERFUL to FINALLY SEE A BLACK FEMALE breaking through GLASS CEILINGS- RIGHT ON SISTER! to become a challenger for the Presidency- 400 years waiting for this MAGIC HAPPY MOMENT! A Bridge so Close but a Bridge too far for 400 BLOODY YEARS of RACIAL FEARS & TEARS! Joe Biden- Thank You!!! You exceeded all our expectations- Mr. Wonderful! You’re giving us all Good Vibrations thanks to California Dreaming with your La-La Land sidekick hoping to ride the voting waves vs. Surf King Dandy Donald & Magic Mike! Losers fed to the hungry sharks?

He’s shameless/blameless Joe come to Pasadena- go Grampa go- Go Grampa Go!  He’s invited Kamala ’cause they’s a perfect teama- go Grampa go- Go Grampa Go!   His woody & his surfin’ feet are still alive, Kamala’s taking America on a Magic ALL R WELCOME RIDE- Ooh- ooh ooh-ooh WAHHH!- He’s shameless, blameless Joe come to Pasadena.. Paul McCartney’s in his recording studio right now creating a masterpiece! May we all ENJOY THIS MAGIC MOMENT in HERSTORY? And may the BEST Man/Woman/Other Win in November! (‘Other’ just in case any candidate has been keeping a secret sexual orientation or gender identity in the closet based on fear & shame- it’s 2020 Apocalyptic Times in a vampire COVID plague, who cares anymore?) We hold GREAT EXPECTATIONS in WE- THE PEOPLE to create the World we individually & collectively desire! Our hearts go out to innocent civilian victims in Lebanon, Yemen… in poverty w/o medical care, basic necessities for living & health! OUR LOVE INSTANTLY TOUCHES EVERYONE IN NEED!  BABY IT’S YOU- It’s Always All About U.S. Ordinary Folks Miracle Workers BUILDING A BETTER WORLD TOGETHER APART every day! Before getting in America’s newest Dream Team, may we speak more about Body Image?

“…went to (gay) Paris- Agency told me response to my day of castings for shows was: ‘You have gained too much weight & are UNUSABLE!” ‘Sent home’ the next day & later see a headline on the first page in the Fashion Section of the Wall Street Journal- Ali Michael sent home for BEING TOO FAT!’ ‘Felt exposed &mortified! Wanted to hide. They tell you a month ahead of time so you can get ready.’ (STARVE YOURSELF to be ‘USABLE!’) ‘Felt for many years, my body was NOT RIGHT!’   USABLE TYPE QUOTAS- An ‘African American’ model says: ‘They told me I was not needed in Paris, they had already found a girl of MY KIND!’ (BLACK)  ‘There are about 2 spots for BLACK women out of maybe 50.’  A ‘larger’ model says “was signed as a PLUS SIZE MODEL- you can’t be fat & COOL- stereotyped to be lazy or glam…’      Jillian Mercado in a wheelchair? says ‘there isn’t a category for people who have disabilities.’     Renee Peters says? ‘He wanted my nipples to show through, look hard for the shoot- he just grabbed my nipples!’ ‘You get sick of people touching you!’  OBJECTIFYING YOUNG WOMEN-  Sara Ziff from Modelling Alliance says ‘fashion designers favor young girls with pre-pubescent ‘psychics,’ ‘have an obsession with extreme youth!’     Ebonee Davis says “everything starts with SELF LOVE. Being a role model is about using your freedom to show other people it’s safe to be themselves.’ Models say their career lasts about 5 years- if the complain about treatment or anything, they are told, ‘YOU’ (ARE DISPOSABLE) ‘CAN BE REPLACED!’ So our question is should we accept the modelling industry attitudes & objectification of women, having a 5 year (very young) beauty appeal before being tossed as DISPOSABLE throwaways? This is the standard for judging women’s beauty- These are the attitudes we accept??? Maybe the existing fashion industry is DISPOSABLE< UNUSABLE< 5 YEARS BEYOND BEST BEFORE DATE!!! Why do we swallow this OBJECTIFICATION & STANDARDS for WOMEN BEING USABLE?

Eating disorders- so uncomfortable 24/7 & all about control issues in body & emotions affecting ourselves & others. Initially we may find it difficult to identify issues & bring about helpful solutions. Attending higher education or learning to play a musical instrument, we experience a similar challenging learning curve- both joys & setbacks?  How DO WE improve our emotional health- by ‘self partnering’ or with a coach therapist? Can our body & emotions automatically self regulate for healthy needs?  Yesterday cleaning the fridge- found leftover pizza- ‘Yes- I want to eat this!’ but my BODY SAID ‘NO! I’m not eating THAT- It’s probably bad/spoiled!’ How assertive & self protecting our body can be! About to speak or THINK a RUDE put down- OUR CONSCIENCE says ‘No! You’re not even thinking that!’ How come Pres. Trump gets to be so insulting, immature & divisive! What about our RIGHTS to be wrong?  Scientists argue we may experience an evolutionary drive to not lose weight- protecting our Ancestors from starvation. So if we diet/cut down on calories, this drive supposedly kicks in to make sure we fully replace all the weight loss & lower calorie intake- ‘and then some’ to be ready for future ‘times of starvation?!’ How long will it take to develop healthy eating habits if little by little we adapt to our new direction?  Some people make seeming sudden Big Bang changes but drug addiction reduction is normally done gradually or by substituting less harmful & potent substances because our body & brain have made ACTUALLY Physical & Chemical CHANGES!  Dangerous to go from ‘100% consumed/injected chemicals to almost 0% body/brain chemicals suddenly!’   If our Brain ‘hard drives or programs & mechanisms  malfunction or go off line’ under ADVERSE conditions, they will recover & go back ‘on line’ under Healing Good Conditions- WE HOPE!!!  We can be confident generations before us experienced similar issues as our own-  ’60’s California surfing culture teens/young men going from ABSOLUTE PARADISE & SUMMERS OF LOVE- Beach Boys harmonies, Motown, hits c/o studio musicians- THE WRECKING CREW to horrific Jungles in South East Asia, firebombing Villages & families…  (Pres. Trump actively arranged to sidestep his cadet military training commitments to fight for America- finally securing a Doctor’s note after 3? orchestrated delays.) We are created to lift our World up- a healing rescuing Angel but our World can be a crash car demolition derby by demons & vampires- Bumping against your divinity, integrity, character, health, creativity-  Your gifts to your World! Look to our political leaders watching out for us and we’ll see deserted guard posts?  But Joe & Kamala- America’s sweethearts Californian Spirited Dream Team will make us BELIEVERS! A REAL LOVE CONNECTION SWEEPING AMERICA- Ha! Ha!    A Believer-   It’s Always Been YOU!!! Be in LOVE All WAYS ALWAYS-        Aug.13, 2020 visioning                  Brianca Lane All our  LOVE to LA LA LAND!!! 

GREAT EXPECTATIONS but GREATER ANXIETY- May WE ALL BREATHE AGAIN??? Part 2-   20/20 Visioning Back to our 1960’s +/-

John! Back in our Swinging ’60’s, FAB 4 Mop Tops began to split but endearing Paul- ‘The Cute One!’ always opening our Hearts- I LOVE YOU STILL! (Brianca) John’s “YEH! YEH! YEH!” World View shattered by a ‘slight!’ ‘John R U being played’ by our Elite 1% as a “USEFUL FOOL” entertaining & cooing society to go ‘sleepy bye’ for fleecing like sacrificial lambs? 2020 update- Black N.B.A. B. Ball players asking themselves “R WE ‘USEFUL FOOLS- BREAD & CIRCUSES?” Yes- you overpaid Sell Outs, Bought & Paid For Dribbling Court Clowns- OUCH!  LOVE SPORTS- Participating/Watching- BUT NOT SO MUCH FEELING Sports & Motorcycle Injuries!)  THE GAME BEHIND THE GAME? Lakers & Clippers wanting to SHOUT OUT  B.L.M.? End the Season- Dribbling  & Courting fans no more? Play Offs postponed- All Pro Sports weighing their EMPATHY & CONSCIENCE vs. ENTERTAINING THEIR FAB FANS… Tennis star Osaka pulling out from New York’s Western & Southern Open like Soccer, Baseball, Football, Hockey… All like John Lennon in the ’60’s, asking ‘What is our role as (SPORTS) STARS & PUBLICITY STUDDED ‘INFLUENCERS!??’ In  America- top 20% earners receive over 50% wages/income; bottom 20% get 3.1%! Pres. Trump’s tax breaks primarily go to ‘Filthy Wealthy’ class! For every White households’ $1 dollar, Black households average is 5 cents, Hispanics is 4 cents! 40 million unemployed on benefits to survive? Homelessness epidemic but Ebanezer Scrooge  laws ban homelessness, sleeping in cars, standing/sitting in one spot.  Average Black socioeconomic status, health care & education, spending,  quality of life indicators ‘in the toilet’ vs. White America! COVID-19 vampire plague savaging America’s visible minorities- Blacks & Latinos! Not fair? Unfortunately, Pres. Trump politicized the plague, first PRAISING CHINA & comforting Americans- ‘EVERYTHING’S UNDER CONTROL.’ Presidency is SUPPRESSING TESTING for anyone showing no symptoms- GAS LIGHTING Americans- Over 200,000 COVID dead proves Presidential incompetency?! Becoming difficult to distinguish Russia & China GAS LIGHTING vs. AMERICAN! In late 1960’s, Pres. Nixon declared a WAR ON DRUGS & as a cover to continue a Civil War against Blacks. Tennis star Osaka sees a “CONTINUED GENOCIDE of BLACK PEOPLE!” “Much more important ISSUES than (being entertained) WATCHING tennis,….” In Roman Coliseum Days, Christians were fed to the lions, bread & circuses entertaining & distracting the masses!  Asked a Psychologist for a comment on B.L.M. in America- “Is it 1 in 3 Black males are or will be locked up  in their lifetimes? “Everywhere Politicians are BOUGHT & PAID FOR- Demonic Golden Rule is ‘They who hold the gold, RULE!’

Enjoyed the Republicans Spectacular Settings & Upbeat Presentations & Propaganda- what America SHOULD BE BUT ISN’T? You may remember Madeleine, America’s First Female Secretary of State- media commenting always about her age, weight, hairstyles, choice of dresses, Albright’s APPEARANCE-‘ LOOKISM’ but not really scrutinizing her Policy Positions…  Our Beloved Bipolar? Family Star Britney Spears-  greatly benefiting from LOOKISM & Blond/White privilege, pop feminine stereotyping- TRIPLE THREAT TALENTED- singing, dancing, choreography & entertaining… is cherished but oppressed according to her ‘FREE BRITNEY’ supporters. At 38, deemed by Court Jesters/Judges to be a Conservatee under Dad as Conservator & unable to manage her person or affairs… Britney has her EVERY MUNDANE PURCHASE- ‘cup of coffee’ monitored. Who wants, at age 38, to ALWAYS HEAR Dad say- “Britney, this is your Father speaking-  DO THIS- BUT YOU SHOULDN’T DO THAT, Britney”- “Monitoring  your mail & phone calls for your safety Dear…” “Britney- you’re doing better! Raising your $1500. spending allowance… Could you use $10,000 for new clothes?” “IN YOUR DREAMS- BRITNEY?” WHO WANTS THAT?? “Britney, take this meds. or we’ll press for hospitalization or ask your Doctor to prescribe other meds.!”  Britney feels happy, lucky but frustrated at 38, able to voice her wishes but wants Dad to retire from his conservatorship “I’M THE BOSS OF YOU BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!”  She also trusts her younger sister- but advises her ‘DON’T DO WHAT YOUR BIG SISTER DONE!’ (Loved Elvis singing that!) But imagine how many Seniors assigned their health care & finances to Relatives only to be TOTALLY BETRAYED-  horrible minimal ‘care’ & disgusting neglect HASTENING DEATH because beneficiaries can’t wait to grab their assets?!! Conservators/Trustees suddenly behaving like possessed demons- “We have you where we want you now my Pretty!!!”

GOOD, HONORABLE & TRUSTWORTHY R WE- WE KNOW IT’S TRUE or we’d be filthy rich like Politicians & their Bureau RATS!!! TRYING OUR BEST- ALWAYS TO DO RIGHT!!!  Unbelievers & Agnostics may have strong humanistic, ‘morals.’ In America., 31% identify as Christian, 24% as Muslim, 15% Hindu, 7% Buddhist, Politicians believe in general LOOTING & ROBBERY! Check their worth before vs. after they leave Office! Pres. Trump  obviously UNDERSTANDS AUTOCRATS & DICTATORS, pressing hard against China. China is constructing a World Wide Economic Empire with Military build ups- in the South China Sea, for example. The Presidency is using sanctions & sticks & carrots to encourage America’s interests among Beastly Countries! Question is will we rise above the Apocalyptic Challenge of endless warfare-  the 1928 Kelly- Briand Pact, 60 Nations condemn “RECOURSE TO WAR FOR THE SOLUTION OF INTERNATIONAL CONTROVERSIES!” B.L. Don’t Seem to Matter in America with 1 in 3 Black males being sent to jail while Whites are treated entirely BETTER? Justice is decided by SKIN COLOR, RACE, Socioeconomic Standing, Mental Health… Like Michelle says, WE ALWAYS GO HIGH! If they go lower, WE GO HIGHER! SOMEBODY HAS TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE, turn the other cheek- not only our beautiful butts but our faces too! OPPRESSED PEOPLES FINDING FREEDOM-  if not by U.S.A.ll, by who??

10+ years ago, pursued Human Rights Complaint against Police, Brutality.’ Tribunal SUPPRESSED PUBLISHING or even RECORDING MY damning EVIDENCE & NOTES, because not to do so would have demanded BIG CHANGES in the System- Pointed out did not want the Officer punished but the SYSTEM to Change- Police Officer clearly was highly regarded by The System- ‘The System’ protects & advances an agenda of OPPRESSION- rewarding oppression & oppressors! Cop’s lawyer said to Hearing ‘Judge,’ only the Officer would suffer 100% blame if my recorded evidence was accepted. So all critical evidence was OMITTED to PROTECT OPPRESSION & OPPRESSORS- THE SYSTEM FROM CHANGING! Government Bureaucrats were harassing relentlessly saying I was wasting my valuable time in a fruitless quest to change the Policing Environment, attempting to bribe me with personal favors, apparently rewarded for getting complainants to withdraw quickly;  FUTURE DECISIONS can also use blatantly corrupt judicial procedures & rulings to stop future calls for change- decreasing human rights in HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS! For decades, MENTAL HEALTH RIGHTS Activists have been pursuing Mental Health Rights against torture- cruel & unusual punishment/ FORCED treatment applied against citizens deemed mentally ill including lengthy or indefinite SOLITARY CONFINEMENT- incredibly debilitating! Seniors are often given psych. CHEMICAL RESTRAINT MEDS> TO TURN THEM INTO ZOMBIES, EASIER TO manage, abuse or neglect!  Gradually Judges & Courts have began asking for changes to Inquisition style practices against citizens with Mental Illness but Governments, both Liberal & Conservative HAVE DONE EVERYTHING to delay & avoid changes! Is our ongoing Witch Hunt World a duality of LIGHT BEARING ANGELS vs. demons & evil! Like Pres. Kennedy said in 1963 & Martin Luther King Jr.- TIME TO ACT! WE HAVE A DREAM to Bring into Reality! Both were assassinated!! Apocalyptic Times are in some ways exposing us naked? back in 1624 our Friend John Dunne? “Any man’s death diminishes me- never send to know for whom the BELL TOLLS- It TOLLS FOR THEE!” Martin Luther King Jr. said “WE ARE TIED IN A SINGLE GARMENT OF DESTINY!” For 400 years White Lies Matter won the day. Today- in Apocalyptic Times, White Lies are being exposed! In Toronto, Canada Irene Davis points out “Who we choose to honor says a lot about our values as a Society” and plaques are showing up outing slavers honored by their Family names for Parks, streets…  “The ‘Baby Family’ enslaved at least 17 Black & Indigenous- were passed down through generations as ‘property!'” “William Jarvis “vehemently opposed abolition of slavery in Upper Canada in 1793 causing a gradual phasing out!” The genocide & oppression of  mentally ill parallels the White Lies Matter Slaver Movement against visible minorities- especially Indigenous & Blacks! Toronto area families organized a Community Barbecue to call for answers to police interactions resulting in deaths of teens & young adults in crisis- falling 24 floors, shot in the back of the head on mental health checks by police. World Wide new intervention models are employing Trained & Educated Nurses, etc. = success w/o almost ever asking for Police back up- less than 1% calls for Police assist for attending Nurse… Speaking with Psychologists about Policing, they referenced Jacob Blake’s Wisconsin style epitath  ONLY WHITE LIES MATTER!


A Wisconsin River Runs Rough   Through Blood Red Sand Stone Bluffs! 6 Children Can See America’s Freedoms, Promises & Justice are EMPTY!            LIBERTY’S BURNING LIGHT & KARMA SO NEAR- White Lies Matter Movement is SHIVERING IN FEAR!!!

The traditional British police model doesn’t/didn’t involve firearms vs. America’s ADVERSARIAL MILITARIZED INVASION/OVERWHELMING FORCE APPROACH.  KETTLE IN PROTESTERS? EVERYONE’S A SUSPECT! A POTENTIAL CRIMINAL- A THREAT! APPLY MAXIMUM FORCE! MORE FIRE POWER! HARSHER SENTENCES!  DIFFERENT allocation of POLICE, Laws,  Supports & Services, JUSTICE/PUNISHMENT SYSTEMS for Whites vs. Blacks! PRIVATE FOR PROFIT PRISONS. KAMALA prosecuted poor Minorities for simple possession- she had parents jailed for their children not attending school. CHANGE of HEARTS among all our Presidential & Political Candidates at election LOVE IN TIMES! Brad- Formerly Bradgelina update- flies off in private jet with ‘married’ 30 years younger German model to Yodel? Dresses Brad in itchy LEDERHOSEN shorts while Animal Right Activists Spray paint? Angelina is Feminine- what most men DEEPLY DESIRE! Brad’s children need a  settled loving Father Figure- fast approaching 60- doubling as a WISE, OLD GRANDFATHER FIGURE- you old bearded goat- Ha! HA! (Brad’s temper towards the children raised Angelina’s anxiety!)  P.S. Hollywood style cover up TALES: Is  it necessary to have female Republican proponents- or any t.v. personalities CAKED IN THICK MAKE UP MASKS like outer space creatures? Without make up, no one would recognize them! How do we even know they have a face under all that make up? Only 5% women enjoy a ‘PERFECT STEREOTYPE LOOKISM DEMANDS!!’ 95% SHAMED into HIDING BENEATH MAKE UP MASKS, PLASTIC SURGERY… Women should UNITE IN NATURAL BEAUTY, save their hard earned money? Tell LOVE PARTNERS ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS!- Don’t like it? GO SELF-PARTNER with Emma Watson’s LONESOME SELF therapy!!!’ You’ll be back- BEGGING for LOVE!!!    HEALING our BROKEN WORLD! LOVING YOU ALWAYS  – Bewitchin’ & Bitchin’ (Californian ’60’s slang for GROOVY- GOOD VIBRATIONS’) Brianca Lane You BETTER STAY SAFE, Beware fickle ‘BRAD CADS’ enchanting you with bedroom star crossed bewitching eyes!!! Aug. 27, 20/20


 L.A. Times reports the Centers for Disease Control issued orders to STOP EVICTIONS NATIONWIDE! We can’t stop COVID-19 spreading if people don’t have homes to quarantine, isolate & social distance! Easily met conditions include income no greater than $99,000.- $198,000. for a couple; suffered a significant loss of income; tried to make rental payments; State’s compatible laws like California’s also help- No evictions until after Jan. 31, 2021; as long as tenant pays 25% rent by that date; renters cannot be evicted for non payment of the 75%;  But at least 1 in 3 Americans is afraid to accept injected COVID vaccines tested, for release circa Nov., 2020- Big Pharma has a track record COVERING UP SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS, PAYING MEDICAL RESEARCHERS TO FAVOR THEIR PRODUCTS- MAKE $$$BILLIONS OVER 20+ YEARS BEFORE LAWSUITS- crocodile tears of regret while drooling over profits! ‘Oh- if we had only known?!’ Thankfully, TODAY WE HAVE A NEW & IMPROVED SAFER ‘ELIXIR!  Bean Counters may calculate how many $$$Billions in profits are anticipated vs. PAYOUTS FOR DAMAGES!  The I.F.P.M.A. hosted a briefing among Big Pharma Executives who proclaim they would abstain from bringing vaccine candidates to market before meeting tough trials- achieving high standards of safety & efficiency! (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association) Blacks are dying at twice the rate of Whites & Latino Americans; suffer three times the rate of sickness; American Public Health Association declares “SYSTEMIC RACISM IS A PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS”- yet senior Trump Admin. Officials suggest RACISM IS NOT A PROMINENT ISSUE IN AMERICA- claim Dems. are fabricating RACISM to sew divisions & foster anger, protests & crime… The Dems. plan to declare RACISM A KEY PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE Within the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, create a Center for Anti-Racism, Law Enforcement Violence & Prevention Programs, Study & Address HEALTH DISPARITIES between Blacks & Whites… 

We’ve survived 1,000’s of years of ‘CRAZY HORSE’ Political Chicanery! STARS & STRIPES – equivalent beloved Ol’ Glory Flags flying high in all countries whatever the BATTLES! You remember 1777, STARS & STRIPES approved in June,  proudly carried into battle for the first time this Sept. day?  under General Maxwell’s Silver Hammers by Beatlemania analysis! Only a short 6 years later, we happily witness the Signing of The Treaty of Paris between Great Britain & America- ending the REVOLUTION! ‘All men CREATED EQUAL’ but RACISM BATTLES RAGE FOR 400 YEARS??? Simultaneous Political Cruel Battles involving World Wide genocide of Indigenous Peoples-  symbolized by ‘America’s’/TURTLE ISLAND’S Great Warrior Lakota & Sioux Leader ‘Crazy Horse’- beginning his final year long crusade for Justice & Freedom Sept. 9, 1876- having made & eaten  Custard Pie earlier at Little Big Horn, is finally bayoneted in the back just over a year later while being harassed by Little Big Man! Neil Young & his Band CRAZY HORSE remind us how our Nations’  ‘Greatness’ is  built on SLAVERY, APPROPRIATION & GENOCIDE of Indigenous Peoples.

In Kangaroo Court Fashion, a pregnant young woman was arrested in her p. j’s. by PRE- CRIME/’MINORITY REPORT’ (Tom Cruise) AUSTRALIAN GOONIES POLICE! She (and her unborn child) were charged for inciting a future public anti- lockdown Public Protest GATHERING! She dared post this heresy against Kangaroo Land Down & Out ‘Unders’- “Please join us in our Fight for FREEDOM & HUMAN RIGHTS!” She offered to take down her post but COP GOONIES  seized her anyways saying it’s ‘PRE-CRIME- TOO LATE TO ESCAPE FOR YOU & YOUR PRE- CRIME ACCOMPLICE!!!!!!’ (Not BORN YET & ALREADY FACING STIGMA FROM PRE-CRIME CRIMINAL CHARGES!) GOONIE  COPS may also seize her computers, … even her partner’s phone video recording or live streaming! Psychological Analysis suggests KANGAROO COURT COUNTRY- Ass-tralia flushing human rights down the toilet? Diagnosis- ARRESTED FETAL DEVELOPMENT among Politicians & Kangaroo Courts! (Her BABY  SQUIRMING WITH DISAPPROVAL- LOOKING FORWARD TO CREATING A BIG STINK IN COURT- POOPING ON THEIR GOONIES SQUAD PRE-CRIME PARADE!)  ASS-TRALIAN Politicians & Coppers threatening $1652.00 fines & ARRESTS for any Citizens ASSEMBLING PUBLICLY whether PREGNANT & IN P.J.’s OR NOT! No EXEMPTIONS FOR UNBORN TWINS OR TRIPLETS- AUTOMATIC FINES INCREASE FOR ‘LARGER GATHERINGS!’ But what think YOU about PRE-EMPTIVE  ARRESTS? Authoritarian Regimes engage in PRE-EMPTIVE ARRESTS for social media posts, organizing peaceful protests, … Moms Protesting for Birthday Parties being ‘more than my kid,’ his estranged Father & the family cat!!! Big Brother wants to increasingly use FACIAL RECOGNITION CAMERAS, SEARCH ALL OUR INTERNET ACTIVITIES, PHONE CALLS, EMAILS, PURCHASES, … involvement in B.L.M., … protests, … to create PRE-CRIME FILES! Computer A.I. ‘Al Gore Rythms’ are being increasingly created & used to identify where, when, what & by whom FUTURE CRIME WILL HAPPEN!  Courts will increasingly give up power, rely on A.I. created predictive info. Search engines gather & assess all our personal data to sell, … no matter our non consent nor best interests. A way for ruling bureaucrats, corporate & Political Elites to justify taking away our basic human rights, social justice & equity, pursuit of happiness, …. How do you fight against A.I. programs? Courts giving up real human emotions & reasoning to mad max  machines & programs???

”So why decide to live on Planet Mars?’ Future crime profile identified my Grand Parents and therefore future generations as Stars & Stripes style 1770’s Revolutionaries? Mad max Algorithm pen placement assigned Martian atmosphere as best-

‘Yeh! Beats Californian Climate Change Desert Fires back on Earth & Black Lives Matter Party Running America AGAIN for ANOTHER 4 years! When does Whitey finally get a break with Visible Minorities slurping up all the CREAM?’  Sept. 3, 2020 Who Knows-Future Visioning  by Brianca Lane- We LOVE OUR WHIPPED ASS-STRALIAN FRIENDS!!! LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR FUTURE HEALTH & HAPPINESS!!! Ha! Ha! BEFORE BIG BROTHER A.I. CAN STEAL YOUR BRAINS & GOOD HEART, WE’LL PRE-SENTENCE Big Brother BASED ON THEIR FUTURE CRIMES! Ha! Ha! Watching our Watchers 24/7- We own more camera phones! Stay SAFE- Big Brother is watching you 24/7 but WE are watching Big Brother EVER MORE CLOSELY- And there’s way more of us waving our own ‘STARS & STRIPES’ Ol’ Glory style FREEDOM FLAGS!!!!!!!!!!! Free Belarus!!! God/Allah/Evolution Keep U.S.A.ll SAFE!!! LOVE YOU TOO!!!     


‘So why live on Mars?’ (Sept. 3, 2020) We fantasized about Future Life on Mars- Apparently the Future is NOW! Mainstream mass media raises headlines about an Apocalyptic Martian Experience on Earth! ‘U.S. West Coast looks like a scene from MARS!’ Orange Red Apocalyptic skies… Playing in the background, the 1970’s smash hit- sounds like ‘DIS GO INFERNO’- ‘BURN BABY BURN!’ Imitating burnt out Surf’s Up Desert Landscape Australia, Wildfires Galore sweeping across California, Oregon & Washington- clearly visible 20 miles offshore in the Pacific Ocean! Whales whistling among sea residents- ‘What the hell-o humans gone done to our Garden of Eden Paradise?’ Our past 5 years- the HOTTEST ON RECORD! Speeding up ice melting on glaciers the size of Britain- almost as icy cold as the British Royal Family was to Queen of The People’s Hearts Princess Diana!!! (‘They had their virgin- their SACRIFICIAL LAMB!’ Diana said.) Ancient Egyptian style Biblical class Apocalyptic Times, plagues, locusts, famine… But Together- MEUSCAN-do! Together Apart! Fail to ACT & we all know what happened to the Ancient Egyptians hardening their hearts! Do we need to experience increasing Climate Disasters to wake us up? Mother Nature says, “SHOW ME!” Mother Nature is PURE LOVE & LIFE BUT SHE’S ALSO PURE POWER!!! See what’s happening around the Earth? Handing out Darwin Dunce Caps to our Politicians short sighted thinking & behavior addressing one issue but creating longer term disaster for everyone! Like a Gender Reveal Party setting off a firework sparking a hellfire conflagration on the U.S. West Coast. Or a recent motorcycle rally in South Dakota bringing about over 260,000 China COVID-19 virus infections- motorcycle riding is truly an INFECTIOUS PASSION! 

BEING BRITNEY= Battling for CONTROL over our lives & resources targeted for “OUR BENEFIT!”!!!  Lost in Space on Mars or simply beloved Britney- ‘Baby One More Time!’ a still young sexy hot ARCHETYPE SYMBOL against mental illness stigma!  (B.L.M. represents the same struggle against enslavement, oppression, injustice & stigma! Everyone including highly educated professionals are gripped by stereotypes they absorbed as young children- Takes determined effort to throw off heavy anchors & chains of stigma! Higher education alone only accomplishes surface changes without real personal commitment!) Britney highlights for society so many issues in Beloved Britney, we call on you to toss SPEARS FOREVER!  against mental illness STIGMA by your public example! You have FOUGHT for well over a decade stigmatizing assumed & diagnosed? mental illness- Like Climate Change concerns, your biggest challenge is being WAY TOO (photogenic & seductively) HOT! possibly contributing to out of control success & being over stressed leading to BI POLAR MELTDOWNS like Planet Earth is experiencing!!!  “Having someone constantly telling you to do something has got be frustrating!” (Says her brother Bryan) Once labelled ‘mentally ill & warranting temporary  ‘conservatorship’  over her affairs & person, how does Britney or anyone get this monkey/heavy anchor/crazy ill causing burden off her back??? (People will say, Britney must be ROCK SOLID- gossip news media watching for the slightest trip up?  We may do ‘wild & crazy things’ & be called ‘eccentric’- MY EVERYDAY LIFE!!! but Britney slips from perfect sweet smelling Roses & Angels behavior & the press is gossiping- making up stories! Once someone is stigmatized as being a ‘WITCH’ or ‘MENTALLY ILL’ – especially a sexy HOT ICONIC MUSIC PERFORMER SETTING STAGES & AUDIENCES ON FIRE,  reporters see Britney Bi-Polar Ice Sheets Crashing Around her oceans of LOVE!  Been over 10 years of enslavement & stigma by the media frenzy & Court oppression challenging HER MENTAL HEALTH- In mental health care, the initial TEMPORARY ‘SOLUTION’ becomes wrongly imposed as a PREMANENT BURDEN Citizens challenged by mental illness may have residual symptoms upon substantial recovery, but shouldn’t be discriminate against endlessly! In fact PRAISED for THEIR GUTS & GLORY IN FIGHTING SO HARD FOR ONE’S CRITICAL BIRTH RIGHT- Mental Health! Britney’s loyal fans are correct- FREE BRITNEY! Scale Back HER OVER PROTECTIVE BOSSY DAD!!! Britney’s lawyer says,  “Britney is trying to regain some measure of personal autonomy”- America’s LIFE< LIBERTY & PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! PEOPLE GET BETTER- RECOVER FROM MENTAL ILLNESS! People’s Mental health IMPROVES!  Britney’s young, vibrant, physically in great looking shape- better than most of us! A sweet heart inspiring us! B.L.M. should  inform society & hit man ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Officers of the Law, people with mental illness challenges rightly become INSIGHTFUL, ADAPT & Recover if they survive Police Health Checks! INSIGHTFUL ABOUT THEIR HEALTH, PERSONAL STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES, ABOUT HOW BEST TO ADAPT & RECOVER, ACHIEVE GENERAL STABILITY, ADDRESS  NEEDS & SUPPORTS including WHEN, WHERE & HOW TO SEEK APPROPRIATE ASSISTANCE & ENCOURAGEMENT,  & FULFILL THEIR LIVES TO THE BENEFIT OF EVERYONE!  BRITNEY DESERVES A BREAK- O.k. Britney’s enjoyed better breaks than most Black People EVER DREAM- Blacks & Minorities get more than breaks- They get BROKEN by Police & discriminatory cops- stopped more, charged more, with heavier offences, mistreated more, sentenced more with longer terms by the Courts!

 B>L>M> Britney’s Life Matters as a HIGHLY visible ARCHETYPE-  World Wide affecting perceptions whether she- representing ‘people with serious mental illness,’ warrants FREEDOMS FROM COURT IMPOSED INDEFINITE OPPRESSION AS A ‘Patient under Psychiatric Care?  Britney’s lawyer adds- “Britney WELCOMES & APPRECIATES the informal support of her many fans!” (By the way, 93% of this summer’s Protests by B.L.M. were peaceful- without violence & destruction but over 54%  of Authorities/Police attending the events were not!) Britney’s SUCCESSFUL BATTLES- Personally & In Court can help STOP The Witch Hunts- Life Long Stigma- What message is the Court sending out about the Rights of Citizens challenged by mental or physical illnesses or disabilities? As a star in the spotlight, her Personal issues represent & impact larger communities World Wide. (Next court date Sept. 16?) We experience mental illnesses personally in our own ways, to lesser or more severe degrees! With GUTS & GLORY we battle our mental health challenges, voice our individual needs & care to be addressed, ..; seek the best/’correct’ diagnosis- there are a variety of ways of looking at how & why m.i. happens- to anybody!!! Substance abuse/self medicating also  plagues our Big Pharma $$$ addictive World, complicating diagnosis, recovery & health;  Like Britney, we are FIERCELY DETERMINED to regain our health, willing & able to LEARN BY EXPERIENCE & ADAPT OVER TIME!  SAFEGUARDING OURSELVES & OUR INTERESTS AS WE ADDRESS OUR CHALLENGES AS BEST WE ARE ABLE- Like landing on the Beaches of Normandy to take back our Destiny & defeat mental illness, Britney wants her interests protected but by gaining insight & expertise about her mental health challenges over a decade, she wants her guidance to mirror her competency… With hard work & GRACE SHINING down, our Mental & Physical Health begin to reboot, all our biochemical systems achieve normal operations- Mental Illness is essentially GONE like darkness when we flick our lights on, waking to SUNSHINE after dark nightmares- Victory Flags & Celebrations but not setting off fire works & turning California into a Mars Twilight Experience!!! Mental Illness cannot stand against our Sweet Roses Heartbeat. our blessing human spirit, right Britney?!!  Why  is she still being treated like a little child- ‘Do this Britney- Don’t do that Britney!’ Unnecessary OUTSIDE OPPRESSION  adding to INTERNAL OPPRESSION!!! Britney knows in  what ways & how often she faces episodes challenging her abilities and what to do, where she is at in her health, what triggers her…  Britney- anybody DEVELOPS INSIGHT & COMPETENCY about handling her challenges, when she needs assistance- Courts want to be assured people are competent & engaged enough to seek appropriate help should they need it from time to time!  Fine to live life Bi Polar with swings up or down while trying hard to achieve full recovery- simply being able to ask for and get help if & when needed. Mental illness Never Need Be Forever- WE become ill but we work hard- Recover! WE become ill- we become well! WE adapt- We stretch ourselves in a safe setting. We take real BABY ONE MORE TIME STEPS to independence- LIFE, LIBERTY, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! (Brain Software & Biochemistry rebooting/all systems returning to normal operations, coming back on line! Senses giving accurate information again, thinking becoming effortless, faster, easier, clearer, memories of wonderful, colorful experiences restored as if they happened yesterday…  ALWAYS A GOOD HUMAN BEING INSIDE & AT HEART- whether feeling very mentally ill or very recovered or very in between illness & recovery! CHALLENGING when our senses & brain are ill & incorrectly processing, under processing or over processing information blurring reality = feeding us a (semi) psychosis experience, or a too powerful cosmic reality,  or a too high mania or too low depression for example. Love Britney’s positivity, yearning for more control over her own life & affairs including her chosen ‘advocates’ assisting & managing, her loving heart writing about sweetness, roses, Angels,  keeping herself in great physical shape, her inherent wish to please! Avoiding  substance abuse/self medicating, triggers setting off episodes of illness, being happy & trying hard to keep recovering at our own pace in a safe environment with the right amount of stimulation & interests! We’re all in this Together- Apart wherever we live, rich like Britney or poorer, facing diverse but often similar challenges, circumstances & situations; Anyone can develop illnesses- physical, mental/emotional, spiritual- no shame whatsoever in being physically or mentally ill- No Shame ever in being physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually ill! Enable truth, love & life to help find our way back to perfect health! Never ever be afraid to carefully seek help if you need it for any illness & carefully determine if your HELPER is SAFE- HELPING or HURTING! AMAZING TRUTH ABOUT recovering mental health is if we haven’t damaged our brain too badly with self medications or harmful,  too strong & addictive bad side effects prescribed meds., our brain & emotions can BOUNCE BACK to COMPLETE NORMAL FUNCTION including our sense of physical energy/vitality, happiness & POSITIVITY as if we never ever- ever experienced mental illness- feels like a natural miracle from ‘Heaven’ experiencing complete recovery!!! (Great to see Paris Hilton’s gentle enfolding occasional visits with Britney- she could bounce back to better health easily as is the prayer for everyone!!!  (Life lesson- One day we’re riding high- a world star second to none with untold riches & fame like Princess Diana, but -Reminds us ALL to be caring & compassionate- LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL< PRECIOUS < BUT FRAGILE!!! Love One Another! Be A Good Samaritan! There but for the GRACE of GOD/ALLAH/ Darwinian Survival- Life Always Finds A Way!  Go I! Do unto others as you would have then do unto you!                                                LOVE YOU- Stay SAFE!   Brianca Lane   Sept. 10, 20/20 visioning                                   P.S.   Back to Baby -One More Time Discussion topics- Multiple mental health challenges may be involved- Beloved Britney, bipolar but also post-partum depression; Soldiers, Climate Change or War devastation victims may suffer P.T.S.D., etc. from situational events & circumstances…  Soldiers ordered to commit immoral acts of brutality against ‘Heaven’ violating morality, humanity & decency; War is inherently satanic- blood sacrificing to feed demonic forces- we should create a NEW NORMAL w/o war- Pres. Trump uses gov’t. economic sanctions LIBERALLY to replace traditional violence & war;  From repressed (childhood) trauma?  By abuse, harassment, being overly stressed? R Natural Therapies safer, more effective/better- Mother Nature, pet therapy, talk C.B.T., meditation, exercise, reducing stressors, regaining proper healthy eating, sleeping,  relaxation, rich Britney off to Hawaii… a healthy social life, hope, trust, meaningful activities & happiness/joy to the World!?  Biochemical factors as a consequence or cause of mental illness- triggered by stressors? Meds. helping or hurting?-prescribed  meds. side effects- including short or long term minor to very bad effects/DAMAGE;   Addictions causing body & brain to stop producing necessary chemicals- human chemistry experiments going  terribly WRONG??? For bipolar mental illness under the traditional medical care model  (including using ‘talk therapy’) addressing ‘big swings in mood,’ asked a therapist who says used to take about 7 years experimenting with different meds., dosage & up to about 3 or 4 meds. in combination, to find an acceptable combo- scary chemical experiments; says meds. would not work on some bi- polar patients;  DOCTORS/PSYCHIATRISTS VIEWING PATIENTS TOO SCIENTIFICALLY & DETACHED- LIKE ‘MAD CONTROLLING NAZI EXPERIMENTING DOCTORS ON LAB SPECIMENS/SUBJECTS!”-   Sept. 10 2020         by Brianca  Lane  


Our 1950’s ‘BLIND INNOCENCE’ is symbolized by 1950’s- ’60’s t.v. classic series ‘Leave It to Beaver!’ Our 1960’s – ’70’s unraveling NOT SO ‘BLIND INNOCENCE’ by The Fab 4 Mop Top BEATLES- & African American inspired British Invasion, 1967’s SUMMER of LOVE- youth counter culture SPREADING HER RAINBOW WINGS! Also by America’s SHOCKING REALITY STYLE t.v. like  “ALL IN THE FAMILY?” But our Darwinian dunce cap disaster prone Politicians  create Beirut, Lebanon like Apocalyptic scenarios seemingly almost daily- fires along the American Pacific Cost & Australia, expanding deserts & decreasing Amazon & Congo Rain Forests & Biodiversity. Super 100 & 500 year Storms annually, Arctic & Antarctic Glacier Fields collapsing raising sea levels 10+ feet if our BI POLAR INSPIRED ILLNESS & MELTDOWNS RAGE FORWARD! Pope Francis sees the connection between our Apocalyptic plagues & our tragic relations with (Mother) Nature/our Environment! Boob tube forecasters tells us COVID is soon spinning out of control in an almost unstoppable 2nd wave like the 1918 Spanish Flu!  “Land of the FREE” but not FREE from COVID & annual Climate Change Man Made increasing devastation! Pres. T. has a homecooked solution for California, Washington & Oregon, 3 badly barbeque States- more to follow? The SECRET SAUCE is ‘Forest Management’ & ‘Raking Properties’ of debris, Pres. T. admonishes! The cherry on top is deregulation- economic restoration, bringing America’s ingenuity home says Pres. T.- Way back home to 1950’s ‘Leave It to Beaver Americana,’ (‘Eddie Haskell’ open for Giving U.S.A.ll The Business!) Alyssa Milano’s 3 sisters Witchcraft Charmed Hollywood Dream Life & Wealth failing to save her blessed heart from being a ‘LONG HAULER’- millions suffering lingering COVID injury! Stealing her Physical & Mental Heath RIGHTS & FREEDOMS! ‘Long Haulers’ cry about anxiety, depression, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, sleeplessness/disorders, sadness, hair loss, losing employment, income & health benefits, STIGMA… “What- Alyssa- not better YET? We ask SPELLBOUND! Is she just playing sick for sympathy?” NO- COVID can travel in our blood system… 1/3 to 1/2 COVID infected have very minor symptoms but one Doctor says 1/3 to 1/2 COVID visibly infected also experience MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES! (Dr. Teodor Postolache, U. of Maryland- a Psychiatrist; Researcher Natalie Lambert, Indiana School of Medicine, surveyed more than 1500 ‘Long Haulers’ like Alyssa experiences. Neighbor says I’m COVID FREE on account of being the Apocalypse Siren & a key Voice for Mother Nature’s frustration with People Kind!)

Majority of new infections apparently surfacing among 25- 50 age group- ‘REBELS WITHOUT A CAUSE-‘ Today’s young Folks see ISOLATION to be ANNIHILATION! Holding wild & crazy parties, super spreader events!  Tombstones will show the epitaph- WHAT A FUN PARTY- You should have been there! You missed everything!!! But then again- YOU’RE STILL ALIVE!  IMAGINE if everyone co-operated for 3 – 4 weeks staying safely apart, wearing masks, isolating at home, etc.  COVID dies off completely- GONE!!!  Apparently we need to be CLOSE to ONE ANOTHER more than to be HEALTHY!!! Instead of Loving One Another we need 3- 4 weeks- LOVING TO BE APART FROM ONE ANOTHER!!! Yes- ONE BIG HAPPY QUARRELING FAMILY but in our Apocalyptic Times, we are CHALLENGED UNTIL CHANGE BECOMES US!!!  In GOOD TIMES, Family troubles may be suppressed but in our Chinese COVID plague, every weakness is exposed. ( A Hong Kong born wonderful friend explained how poverty stricken many Chinese still are- depending on wild life wet markets, for example to adequately & affordably feed their Families- enabling viral plagues to jump into humans & possess us like vampires! But microbiologists suspect China’s military virologists purposefully CREATED THIS PANDEMIC VIRUS! Poverty/economic inequality- inability to meet the necessaries of life, is at least as bad a plague as COVID! Our World must achieve greater socioeconomic equality- faces a great divide of a privileged ruling bureaucratic & corporate elite class, an impoverished poor oppressed class with a future possible thinning middle class? Psychologists know that wealth improves our happiness until our needs are met but beyond that reasonable level, happiness does not improve- worse, we may become narcissistic. Just look at Justin in Canada or America’s on the take Political Class-  ‘Oops! I did it again’ Britney! A narcissistic Elite Class shares a bottomless hunger for power & wealth, ‘deserving’  above everyone else’s needs & interests- ‘Those people deserve to be impoverished & abused!’  (Speaking of eyes, Angelina- ‘Bright Eyes’ wants Brad’s generous alimony & child support payments- Brad’s BIG cash bulge in his pants pocket but Brad! Brad! Brad! Stifle yer anger & frustration into physical exercise- not against your beloved Family!! Angelina is a U.N. Goodwill Angel Ambassador for many countries- so important to be Charitable, not be Elitist & Ebanezer Scrooge like- ‘not useful bread & circus fools!’

And CRAZY LIKE A FOX IS GOOD TOO! Kanye West- o,k, but we don’t want to see Taylor peeing on her Grammy!!! The entire previous century saw African Americans being ripped off, their entire cultural brilliance, creativity, wonderful soul & spirit appropriated, taken advantage of by White America! Like Taylor, Kanye wants his Master Recordings & his SOUL BACK! Kanye’s contract forbids him from retiring, as a song writer, recording artist, producer, or taking an active hiatus during which ‘you are not actively pursuing your musical career’  Kanye calls our music industry & N.B.A. modern day SLAVE SHIPS! Is Kanye becoming Moses for oppressed Minorities or falling off the Mother Ship? Our beloved Britney’s innate personality to PLEASE EVERYONE is characteristic of music artists’ sparkling personalities! Beyonce was afraid she wouldn’t be loved, make friends! Katy Perry collapses in ‘heartbreak hotel’ feelings if relationships go south.  Britney was just under the ’27 CLUB’ age when she suffered her nervous breakdown. We wonder how can they fall so hard so young! Wonderful admirers/fans/supporters, $$$ like KURT Cobain? ‘Smells like rebels without a cause, losing their sacred teen spirit?’ If we roll over Beethoven, we see Bi Polar Emotional Climate Change, Brian Wilson- Beachboys GREAT GUY & WONDERFUL MUSICAL GENIUS- Schizoaffective Illness! So many young artists by self medicating- KING ELVIS, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin…  1 in 2 in a Record Union Survey experienced mental illness, 3 in 4 independent music makers. (Joe Barnby)  Pressure to PLEASE EVERYONE, Feelings of Inadequacy & Instability always on the road, a rolling stone, financial challenges- starving artists? Afraid- feeling responsible for everyone getting high from a transcendent magical show night after night?  We all face challenges to adapt, change, accept new responsibilities, show our Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu… humanistic charity- never so needed as today! Being kinder to one another, stretching our GOODNESS WAY BEYOND OUR COMFORT ZONE, We are THE STRONG, RESILIENT, SHOWING COMPASSION, GRACE, UNSHAKABLE & INVIOLABLE LOVE & LEADERSHIP? We who face serious mental health illness or in our Family, Friends & Community know first hand what character it takes to RISE UP TO CHALLENGES WE NEVER IMAGINED WE WOULD FACE!!! An Apocalypse- created by People Kind means We Are Challenged Until Change Becomes U.S.!!! ‘REBELLING AGAINST CRAZY BEHAVIOR on Earth until COMMON SENSE becomes U.S.!’

Pres. Trump needs a miracle to deliver him victory- ‘M.A.G.Again!’ A vaccine only weeks away, he claims? He ‘knew’ COVID was unprecedented as a modern plague- deadly, airborne, incredibly infectious, but wanted to show ‘confidence & strength, didn’t want to create a panic frenzy!’  (Biden says will put health & safety first, no matter the political cost!) Pres. T. says he IS THE GREAT WHITE HOPE FOR OPPRESSED MINORITIES! ‘Only Pres. Lincoln has done more for Blacks! Prior to COVID, Minorities had never experienced higher gainful employment, home ownership. But Blacks 65- 75 still die 5 times more than whites from COVID, 75- 85 3 1/2 times higher.  C.D.C. Director (Disease Control & Prevention) hopes for Nov.- Dec., 2020 for initial vaccinated  targeted groups like Health Care; general population vaccinated by end of June to Sept., 2021; W.H.O. says 60- 70% of our World’s population targeted for vaccination by 2022- achieving herd immunity. Over half Americans are afraid to ‘GO FIRST’- be guinea pigs- worried side effects could show up months or years later?  Pres. Trump is THE GREAT WHITE PILL TO CURE U.S. ILLS by attempting to stifle Big Pharma’s endless greed $$$$- SHAFTING Americans for decades by inflating meds. prices! Citizens routinely visit Canada- BORDER CLOSED DUE TO COVID, for meds. buying excursions. Trump’s Sept. 12? Bill links U.S. drug prices to Canadian prices, Great White Socialist Trump, less than 2 months to Nov. election- promises free vaccine against COVID for all citizens; asked if pre-existing disabilities & illness covered by his Medical Plan- ‘Yes Cover Up All!!!’  But where is Pres. T.’s Nobel Peace Prize? “IT ISN’T FAIR!  They gave it to Obama-didn’t even know what he got it for- He was (President) for about 15 seconds and he got it!” Both U.S. Parties are ‘LAWYERING UP’ to fight Nov. 3rd election results. Attorney General Barr’s Big  burr is “Elections that have been held by U.S. mail have found SUBSTANTIAL fraud & coercion!” ‘Future Crime’ is at hand- Pres. Trump seeks JUSTICE NOW from Joe- STOP IT Joe! In Trump’s view, how can America be Great Again, if Joe STEALS Justice?  We feel secure knowing our Supreme Court Justices include ‘“We should warn the neighbors about ‘loud, obnoxious, puking drinkers next door!’ 

MISSING IN ACTION- Our Global Biodiversity & Outlook Report back in May, 2010- signed onto by 196 Countries World Wide, informs us farm & other species ARE DISAPPEARING AT UP TO 1,000 TIMES THEIR EXPECTED NATURAL RATE! Scientists alerted our Leaders & Politicians about being at a precipice, cliff edge- a ‘Crossroads for Humanity!’ As you know our LEADERS ARE OUR DEFEATERS- leading us into our Apocalypse like Pharaoh vs. Moses, wrecking our Worlds- MOTHER Nature watching desperately as her biodiversity, ecosystems are being trashed- NOW SHOWING People Kind her fury! Great Expectations in 2010 but here we are, ’10 YEARS AFTER’- Here comes ‘Our 19th Nervous Breakdown!’ (Stones)- ‘M.I.A.’, our Leaders achieved perfection as usual- MISSING EVERY 2010 Target they agreed on!!! “… unsustainable patterns of production & consumption; population growth & tech. developments continue to threaten biodiversity, impact land & sea use change…  Our gov’ts. to increase BIODIVERSITY, CONSERVATION efforts, decrease Global Warming to pre- industrial levels, cut pollution, limit supply & consumption of goods & services hindering biodiversity, improve agricultural methods, especially addressing impacts on our World’s Indigenous, poor & vulnerable….” We all need to address underlying causes & solutions instead of seeing our collective psychosis as NORMAL-  OLD NORMAL is CRAZY- WE JUST HIT AN APOCALYPTIC WALL CALLED REALITY! DARWINIAN  LAWS of NATURE & SCIENCE take effect- Life moves forward happily with us or without us enjoying the RIDE! Our mass media acting as apologists, afraid to out our Politician’s impotence, address underlying important issues like why Darwinian survival activities are specifically taking out humans & our Towers of Babel Lifestyles by conflagrations & wildfires- plagues of locusts, expanding deserts, crashing biodiversity, eco-systems & flora & fauna, COVID-19, Super Storms, BI POLAR Ice Shelf Failures, rising, hotter oceans & even consuming Hollywood Special Effects like FIRE TORNADOES- sharknadoes coming soon to a conflagration near your town or city?

Always LOVING but Mother Nature is exasperated- our leaders behave like Pharaoh in ancient Egypt – hardening their hearts as plagues & calamity strike & destroy! Our politicians view themselves as ‘demi-gods’- they Play our World like a Board Game but we PAY the Piper WITH OUR LIVES & by Sacrificing our Precious Environments!  Pres. T. & magic Mike Pence escaping us back into 1950s’ ‘Leave It to Beaver’ Americana or early ’60’ Beatlemania or daringly ‘politically incorrect’ comedy ‘Reality Show’ “All in the Family’ won’t in itself make America Great again. Neither will Kanye allegedly peeing on his Grammy or Taylor doing something equally dramatic- becoming Mr. & Ms. Moses leading people from oppression to the promised land of B.L.M. but while White Privilege still Reigns? Touchy feely Joe Biden may lift our hopes & relieve our angst over finally getting our just desert karma- the full Apocalyptic experience! But Angelina is already the U.N.’s Goodwill Ambassador with many children to care for- and a bratty Brad to BOOT! (Apologies Brad! Ha!) What’s a few billion more wayward people with angst to care for, Angelina? We can fix Britney- how hard can repairing a beloved Angel Rose Heart with Bi-polar Emotional Climate Change Meltdowns be for people who love her innate spirit & have experienced crazy inside out? Many of us have been there & are successfully rising wonderfully! And Michelle will help us to GO HIGH- when our World goes low, boy oh boy- is it going low! WE GO HIGHER with Michelle, among each other TOGETHER- APART!!!  WE THE PEOPLE- POWER to the PEOPLE! Government by & for THE PEOPLE!!! We are only CHALLENGED until CHANGE BECOMES U.S> & OUR WORLD!!!!! Love you- Mother Nature ADORES her helping Spirits! Everyone!!! You are the Change our World NEEDS to face our Apocalyptic Challenges!     Sept. 17, 20/20 visioning with YOU- Beloved   by Brianca Lane


Ask not for whom THE BELL TOLLS- It TOLLS for BELARUS- Dictator conducts ‘Election’ & Surprise! WINS 6th Consecutive ‘Mandate!’ Police spray water cannons on Protesters hoping to WASH AWAY the TRUTH from RIGHTEOUS ENSLAVED CITIZENS! It TOLLS for Ethnic & Religious Minorities in China- UIGHUR MUSLIMS in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China are confronted by 380 Detention Facilities- ‘TRAINEES’ are ‘RE-EDUCATED’ & ‘GRADUATES’ R “NOW LIVING A HAPPY LIFE!” according to unreliable Chinese Reports. One newly built 2020 vision center features 33-foot-high WATCH TOWERS and a 45-foot-high PERIMETER WALL for 10,000 ‘TRAINEES!’ (Did China steal the plans by seeing 1 in 3 or 4 young African American males repeatedly challenged, arrested, locked up under alleged 400 years of systemic knee on neck racism- Apologies for offending white supremacy, manifest destiny ideology- simply reporting the true U.S. statistics!) It TOLLS for our World approaching a SECOND WAVE of COVID- 19 this fall as Canada’s P.M. Trudeau says- Germany fears the second wave will be more challenging to surf? WWI U.S. Combat deaths- 53,000+; Civil War- 215,000; WWII- 292,000; COVID-19 looking to easily exceed these totals! So far, we’re well BELOW the 1918- 1920, .. SPANISH FLU- 675,000 Americans, infecting 500 million World Wide- 1 in 3 with a much higher casualty rate- 10%!!!

The BELL TOOLS for U.S. Politics- an un-Civil War? With a TIGHTENING PRESIDENTIAL RACE, will we experience another COMPROMISED ELECTION RESULT? Pres. Trump sees ‘FUTURE CRIME’ by Mail In BALLOTING, political bribery? & interference with voters? Wants the U.S. Supreme Court to hear his claims & decide the winner? Stacking the Courts including America’s Supreme Court with qualified independent Judges but who he believes will in return, favor his preferences despite their ‘complete independence from Political pressures!!!’ Could be a long- SCARY Nov. 3 ‘extending for days or weeks’ Political Observers fear? The BELL TOLLS for ALL OUR DISENFRANCHISED VOTERS & OUR – as Pres. Trump says, RIGGED ELECTIONS!  A non profit ‘Lighthouse for the Blind’ fears  America’s visually ‘impaired’- NO- NOT FROM DRINKING!,  millions of so-called “DISABLED VOTERS” (as identified in a Business Insider article, Y. Dzhanova, Sept. 24) will be disenfranchised! Our Americans With Disabilities Act FAILS in requiring Gov’t. websites to be ACCESSIBLE & according to guidelines by the ‘World Wide Consortium.’ (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minn., Nevada, New H., N. C., Ohio, Penn., Virginia & WisconSIN ARE ALL SINNERS IN DENYING AMERICANS’ EQUAL VOTING RIGHTS & ACCESS, INFORMATION!)  Persons Challenged by Disabilities, Poor, Vulnerable, Racialized, etc. are disenfranchised by systemic policies & practices making America elections UNCONSTITUTIONAL- NOT BY & FOR THE PEOPLE!!! Whoever is victorious, ALL AMERICANS ARE LOSERS IF THE ELECTIONS ARE NOT FAIR & INCLUSIVE FOR ALL AMERICAN VOTERS!!!  The Bell also Tolls for Seniors viewed as DISPOSABLE.

See a DEEREST Friend stopping by my house everyday- holding one hoof up, limping/bouncing/carefully on 3 legs- Should we be educated at school in caring for our Wildlife Neighbors, flora & fauna? Heartwarming story is former Ringling Brother & Barnum & Bailey Circus Elephants retiring to a magnificent Florida Conservation Gardens  featuring grasslands, woodlands, wetlands, a dozen water holes! National Geographic (O. Whang- A Tang?) says only 15% of South & South East Habitat Survives for Asian Elephants, only 20- 40,000 survive in the Wild. 1 in 3 are used as BEASTS of BURDON, entertaining tourists, etc. displaying our OLD NORMAL FAILURE TO LIVE Sustainably WITH OUR NATURAL ENVIRONMENT & OTHER INTELLIGENT LIFE FORMS! The faster we BEGINTO LIVE IN HARMONY WITH NATURE, THE SWEETER OUR SONGS OF HAPPINESS!!! One Nature lover writes ‘Takes about 100 years for Nature to create an inch of rich, nutrient top soil,.’ But we can create top soil & mulch easily, quickly within weeks or months by composting- worms & bacteria eat their hearts out delightfully! We may learn how to plant & care for trees to hold the soil, protect against storms, create a beautiful micro climate & Garden in Eden! The Amazon Rain Forest, The Lungs of our Planet,  has it’s own complete Climate System perfect for supporting a complexity of LIFE! Cut & burn it’s forests- our entire World’s Climate is threatened by catastrophic weather! Our every seemingly small act of assisting Mother Nature has unimaginable impacts BETTERING our World! You may be unaware how significant your every thought, word & act actually are- Everything impacts everything else in our BIOSPHERE! When Plagues overcame Ancient Egypt in Apocalyptic Times, Pharaoh & Associate Rulers HARDENED THEIR HEARTS instead of enabling NEEDED CHANGES & DELIVERANCE FROM ENSLAVEMENT! So the Apocalypse became worse- pressures increased no matter how terribly everybody suffered! Same old Biblical Story today- should we harden our hearts against NEW NORMAL CHANGES!!!

Your Precious HELPFUL THOUGHTS, PRAYERS, KIND, INSPIRING WORDS & ACTS: Met a troubled young, attractive, privileged white woman-‘HOW DOES IT FEEL? NOW YOU DON’T TALK SO LOUD- NOW YOU DON’T FEEL SO PROUD!’ (Bob Dylan)  But I am who I am- carefully listening & helping her deal with critical issues- An obvious struggling swimmer but who needs to rescue our ‘privileged elites!’  ‘Very hard work for me I thought & I don’t know her-  She seemed so much BETTER-  I felt exhausted dealing with her demons- but one day years later, she- still very privileged, happened to see me- “Bri- do you remember me? YOU SAVED MY LIFE & CHANGED EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER!” Mainstream media hysterically & historically features, ‘If it bleeds, it leads!’ If she Cut Herself Up, Deliberately Crashed her White Privilege Mercedes or Jumped, etc. mainstream press would give her big headlines- If I hadn’t been 100% helpful- “We have video- ‘Bri she’s speaking with you- next she  jumps!’   A teacher is found all cut up a significant distance away from my home- mainstream media clamor for investigation- arresting ‘suspects.’ Police pushed to pick up ‘suspects’  with an alleged mental diagnosis- just grab a few ‘suspects-‘ Salem Witch Hunt style scapegoats! Health professional… phones homicide saying ‘Bri has a big diagnosis- must be the one you’re after!’ Like Salem witch hunts- nothing’s changed over the centuries- But no press coverage about someone quietly seeing a drowning swimmer & acting immediately saving her life? You know what you give, being genuinely caring & helpful & you’re wrong if you think THE UNIVERSE doesn’t strongly respond!

Mother Nature speaks to me- no Ph.D. million dollar ivory tower staffing 50 scientists working 24/7 on business & political grants projects! California’s Governor ‘GETS’ what this Apocalypse & Climate Changes are saying to People Kind! Pope Francis is pointing out COVID-19 indicates our broken relationships with God & Nature. As we discussed some time ago, BREAKING NEWS RESEARCHERS SEEK COMPLETE CLIMATE CHANGE RELATED SOCIETAL CHANGES within 15 years! Governor Newson mandates no OLD SCHOOL new gas engines vehicles will be sold in California in 15 years- 2035- the target date we spoke about in California leads, the World follows on such initiatives. California experienced hell fires of the Apocalyptic & is jumping- for 60 years, you could live in an exclusive L.A. neighborhood but ocean breezes driving air pollution against hillsides & becoming trapped in the valleys made breathing painful, exercise almost impossible! How long before Political Leaders ‘GET THE MESSAGE’ & Act to address our OLD NORMAL Apocalyptic Times?  China apparently created the virus specifically as a mass killer TARGETING HUMANS and accidentally or purposely released it!

Your helpful, kind words, thoughts & prayers, acts…   influence & bring changes in ways you can hardly imagine! In our COVID-19 days especially, should  be MORE UNDERSTANDING, GIVING & HELPFUL, ADDRESSING THE BASIC NEEDS OF EVERYONE- NO ONE GOING WITHOUT BECAUSE TOGETHER APART WE STEP UP EACH IN OUR OWN WAYS & TIMES! Taking care of Everyone & our Biosphere…  OLD NORMAL WAYS are not going to save us in Apocalyptic Times any better than Ancient Egyptians hardening their hearts against releasing Jews from captivity. If everyone truly respected every one’s needs- CARED & SHARED…  Rode my very modest bicycle in pretty but poor- o.k. pretty poor clothing to the local store- Young handsome guy- looks like Robert Redford in his Butch Cassidy- Sundance Kid Days, takes me aside in the store- Asks if he could help me with new clothes- VERY SINCERE- not a ‘COME ON!’ (Stop your snickering please!) Climbing on my bicycle, ‘gourmet food caterer’ across the street runs over- He cooked too much food- asks if I want free gourmet food all packaged up & if I could send over anyone needing free gourmet food? Waited a few minutes- who knows? A Mercedes pulls up beside me? ‘Hey you- Been riding that rust bucket bicycle long enough- Take my girl friend’s Mercedes- Found her cheating on me with this handsome guy- spitting image of Robert Redford in his Butch Cassidy Sundance Kids days!’  No Mercedes c/o DESTINY today? Destiny favoring Pres. Trump in 2016 doesn’t guarantee a 2020 victory especially given a fix by most mainstream media, Big Pharma, Big Tech & mail in rigged voting?

Dems. Rep. Illhan Omar- “SEND HER BACK” “I FLED CIVIL WAR when I was 8- An 8 tear old doesn’t run a country EVEN THOUGH YOU RUN OUR COUNTRY LIKE ONE!!! Always delightfully entertaining, a new Reality t.v. Show- Leave It to Alyssa should be created to comfort us with zany, bewitching, squirrely, nutty episodes taking over from black & white 1957- 1963 Leave It to Beaver antics, starring ALYSSA AS THE BEAVER- Alyssa encounters typical 2020 Americana mix ups! Fixed elections by phony mail in ballots- dead voters, millions who moved- ballots sent to old addresses… South American counting machines adjustable for fixing election results…  Race wars, marches, militarized police, go get scapegoats, stop shoot knee on neck/asphyxiate, cover up…  Grand Jury deliberates & charges shot up scapegoat victims for illegal possession of police bullets or police Officers for missing their intended Black targets- jeopardizing ‘L.T.M.’ ‘LIVES THAT MATTER!’ ! If 2020 Archie Bunker types complain, t.v. show switches to slap stick silly, stalker squirrels hunting Alyssa… 

Episode 1- Alyssa & ‘Molly’- 1950’s Wally updated- cross dressing- of course, their genders & orientations fluidly changing constantly, attend a B.L.M. Rally & March- Alyssa calls for defunding the police, organizes & delivers the petitions, speaks before Politicians to enact de-funding legislation! But later at home, in a lavish exclusive gated community, a neighborhood trickster Eddie Haskell III, decides to stir the Canadian bought pot & suffers 1950’s marijuana madness- modern high potency pot actually may cause severe anxiety, paranoia & PSYCHOSIS- BREAKING FROM REALITY-  Mental Illness REQUIRING Therapy!  Eddie III goes hunting for squirrels under marijuana madness- naked with his ‘bb gun.’ Alyssa spies his ‘bb gun’ naked body, frightfully calls about a naked stalker sporting a ‘gun’- Asks to be rescued by the same de-funded police but who are now on call- maybe? Alyssa emails the Legislature temporarily revoking all her petitions, Police are refunded, 7 Ventura County Sheriff Vehicles arrive, Officers well armed with tactical helmets, , a helicopter, K-9 German Shepherd unit and a Fire Truck., an incredibly expensive military operation trying to locate the alleged bb gun. Wind is cold- shrinkage! Night vision goggles & scopes useless as well! Shrinkage! Eddie returns home, tail still between his legs vowing to petition The Legislature to curb SQUIRRELS APPARENTLY ENJOYING THE FULL PROTECTION OF THE LAW!!! Squirrels organize a S.L.M. March for the following day, assemble on Eddie’s lawn- Neighbors drop by & Police are brought in to arrest Eddie for an unlawful COVID-19 Animal Show & 6 or more Party Attendee Neighbors! Squirrels CELEBRATE THEIR VICTORY- Police taking away Eddie in a Paddy Wagon!  Alyssa attempts to re-establish the defund the Police orders & Petitions before their adherents realize she acted as a double agent for & against the Police depending on which way the wind blows on her neighbor’s ‘b.b. gun!’ Well- You know our Alyssa- Always educating & entertaining us no matter what! Alyssa needs 7 Police Vehicles, 1 Helicopter, well armed military trained combat troops, K-9, a Fire Truck, a Protagonist,  everyday Americana 2020 Apocalyptic Settings and a good film crew! Writers not needed- being Alyssa is seeing’ YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!’ P.S. Hey- Britney shared Birthday visiting celebrations with her kids! Go Britney Go! We love you! Angelina patiently working with Brad ! Brad! Brad! A willy Eddie Haskell smoothie?

Lady Gaga’s incredibly honest about her mental illness struggles, people around her using our Floundering Swimmer & The Rescuer Analogy!!! Lady Gaga says, “The People around me, they lifted me up, and they said,’ YOU think you’re DROWNING, BUT YOU’RE NOT! You’re still Amazing’- but I said ‘I’m over!’ Oh yeah- EVERYDAY!” DAY AFTER DAY feeling at her wit’s end “in this house for a couple of years (being watched by her People/friends) to make sure I was safe! It’s not easy if you have mental health issues, to let other people see. I used to show- self harm. Look- I cut myself. See- I’m hurt, ’cause I didn’t think anyone could see, cause Mental Health (issues are) INVISIBLE!” She experiences being treated as an object sending her into a panic- stars create themselves as larger than life but they’re a REAL PERSON INSIDE! Emma Watson says it’s not easy no matter the wealth & fame- we’re still a human being with issues like anyone else!!! But being mentally ill bearing THE CROSS of DISCRIMINATION & BRUTAL POVERTY vs. BEING FILTHY WEALTHY & FANS SUPPORTING THEIR STARS, Give Everyone A Break- EXPERIENCING POVERTY & SOCIETY’S DISCRIMINATION IS A MILLION TIMES HARDER!!! Please everyone- Don’t ever- EVER let your Family Member, Friend, Neighborhood Poverty Stricken Unfortunate Soul- especially our Community Churches, Mosques, Sinagogues, Temples…  suffer the TRIPLE CROSS- severe Mental Illness, Brutal  Poverty & Discrimination including Police Brutality- almost like being ridiculed, whipped, tortured, a crown of thorns crushed into your skull & crucified like Jesus! No U.S. – or any Politician World Wide need claim the Holy Cloak of being a devout Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Jew, etc. but see such Poverty & Discrimination attached to serious Mental Illness- and do nothing! Give every human being facing severe mental illness a GOOD FIGHTING CHANCE!!!  Sept. 24, 2020   by Brianca Lane LOVE YOU ALWAYS in ALL WAYS!    GOOD STORIES ONLY of COMPASSION to PLEASE OUR VEXING HEARTS!!!!!! YOU BE SAFE- A 2nd WORSE COVID WAVE COMING TO SURF/RIDE OUT SUCCESSFULLY- Beware demon ‘Sharks’ trying to take advantage!  MeUsCan-Do! TOGETHER APART- IN LOVE EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

BELLICOSE & BEDLAM in ‘OLD NORMAL’ NUTTY AMERICANA- Pres. T. Goes ROGUE- Oscar Grouchy Cookie Monster?, Hair Brained STARS- Zany Alyssa Milano, Ga Ga, #FREE BRITNEY SPEARS, ESCAPING OUR ‘BEAVER FEVER!!!’

COOKIE MONSTER NEWS- Anti Democratic VIRAL TENTACLES: China’s autocratic Political Leadership is spreading it’s self proclaimed ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’ encroaching on Japan, The Philippines, Taiwan, South China Sea- 3rd largest shipping route, etc. Joshua Wong- a Hong Hong leading DEMOCRACY ADVOCATE says, “NO reason to GIVE UP ON HONG KONG DEMOCRACY!!!” (China BROKE IT’S WORD promising one nation but TWO SYSTEMS!)) Pres. Trump is employing ECONOMIC SANCTIONS INCLUDING TARRIFFS & Naval Patrols in the regions. The Philippines successfully used The World Court to defend her RIGHTS! China’s Press says China ‘rehearsed a possible invasion into Taiwan.’ China will not apparently accept World Court Decisions- continually encroaching on Sovereignty & FREEDOMS of OTHERS!!! New Zealand caving to China’s interests? Is our World able to deal with ECONOMIC .COVID. CHINA SPREADING VIRAL TENTACLES!!! But the ordinary people in China are generally modest, hard working, moral/ethical living under a Authoritarian Political Regime. Both Russia & China PURGED 10’s of millions of citizens in the past 100 years in establishing Autocratic Leadership! Are economic sanctions sufficient? How may we keep PEACE- Seems weapons manufacturers have made sure all sides are well equipped for endless profiteering from war suffering. Darwinian Evolution- moving upwards & away from the swamp of endless wars! Pres. Trump carefully evaded the Vietnam War & calls soldiers ‘suckers’!

The Beatles headed the rally cry against war- “But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao (China), you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow!” The Beatles enjoyed a gay old time with Brian Epstein until his self departure after hooking them up with Engineer & Co-Creator George Martin, without whom would how would they have achieved their success? Became engaged in a friendly music creating competition with America’s Beach Boys? More GAY NEWS- 20 years later Marvin (Gaye) released “Midnight Love” with a emphasis on health treatment- Wham Bam music treatment hit- “Sexual Healing”- Have we been going to the wrong Doctors? Where’s the Sexual Healing Department at the Hospital- How come we don’t know not every department is a bummer? California’s Governor NEWsomNORMAL is not enjoying the worst air on the Planet, Hollywood special effects looking Tornado Fire Storms, so is EMBRACING a NEW NORMAL. Did you know dry desert California style Wildfires can occur in WET, HUMID FOREST ENVIRONMENTS IF THE GLOBAL TEMPERATURES CONTINUE TO RISE? The West Coast’s SMOKE is creating RED ORANGE SUNSETS along the EAST COAST- Wild Fires & Burning Smelly Smokey Air becomes the norm if we fail to address Climate Change? (1%ers release 50% of our lifestyles pollution? according to Fartology Science News.) 

CRISIS CREATOR? Mental Health Meltdown? Pres. Trump’s WORST NIGHTMARE SCENARIO becomes AMERICA’S WORST NIGHTMARE???? If Trump loses, says he will CREATE A PRESIDENTIAL CRISIS-  PLEASE PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR NOV. 3- VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE for your Person & Party of YOUR CHOICE!!  CONDUCT THE 2020 ELECTION PERFECTLY!!! Our inner Apocalyptic sensors pinned if America becomes just a Mussolini Fascist History Replay! Oscar Grouch will review every vote searching for cookie crumb trails leading to Democratic MALARKY! Candidate Biden says ‘He may be of Irish descent, but he is not stupid!’ If Biden wins BIG, Trumptopian Forces will be unleashed to attempt to reverse victory!  Candidates Biden & Harris are actually almost aligned with opponent Trump on Law & Order, Buying & Building in America, giving people jobs & decent incomes, etc. but are progressive/left leaning centrists expanding public & private health care,  a greener economy, addressing man made Climate Change,  systemic racism.  Biden bats down the rich earning over $400,000 & slippery corporations making fortunes but avoiding taxes.

Trumptopian Dreams or Nightmares? Coincidentally, Mussolini employed slogans Making Italy Great Again- ‘M.I.G.A.’ like Ancient Rome with Caesar Salads & Monuments… Did Pres Trump study the Mussolini Play Book?  Crisis Creator Pres. Trump pretends COVID & CLIMATE CHANGE barely matter to reaching his objectives- America is being hammered harder than any Country- 4 to 5 times World’s death rate. (Like, Pope Francis ties COVID PLAGUES & CLIMATE DISASTERS to man’s self centered break from (Mother) Nature.)  Trumptopian social order is deferential to the Wealthy Entitled Class accessing a majority of tax cut benefits, cutting regulations & red tape, favoring the Status Quo- WHITE MIGHT IS RIGHT?,  WHITE HOUSE MIGHT IS RIGHTER?  Returning us to 1950’s & ’60’s “Leave It To Beaver!” “Norman Rockwell NORMAL American Life!” Blind reverence for America’s history, traditions, values, 2 genders & 1 orientation, The White Privilege Narrative, History & Culture- Flawless Destiny Chosen Heroes- “I Georgy Boy Washington cannot tell a lie-I cut down a healthy cherry tree’ due to inheriting an Aunty Social Personality Disorder?’ Like Pres. Trump,  BLAME HORRIBLY ABUSED SUBORDINANTS…  Pres. Trump sees everyone- African Americans & other minorities benefiting from economic prosperity, Freedom & Opportunity by applying themselves diligently, ignoring systemic injustices & inequities as ‘distractions!’ An oversimplified ordered view discounting complex realities while attempting to forcibly maintain the Status Quo- Sigmund Freud did you roll over & groan? If so, you’ll also like Sir Winston Churchill describing Russia in 1939- “A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery inside an Enigma!” 2 groans for sure!  Pres. T.  unconsciously PORTRAYS MUSSOLINI who quickly turned Italy into a Fascist Dictatorship!  Appearing at the first Presidential Debate, Trump sports the Spittin’ Image Facial Expression seen on Italian Fascist Dictator, Mussolini almost a 100 years ago. Pres. Trump tries his best, but Malanija is decidedly likable & photogenic, Pres. Trump like a disoriented fatal car crash survivor! A picture of FRUSTRATION- a Stephen King character trying his best to replay a gunslinger’s tragic dealt hand of cards! His classic Mussolini facial appearance, aggressive shouting down Biden & debate Moderator Wallace/Wally Cleaver-  you just know Wally’s gonna complain to Ward & June Cleaver! 1950’s Ward Cleaver will stuff our Trumpeting Bully in his own tea party pot!!!  Trump can explain his un-presidential shocking style- 1. He’s Under The Pressure Cooker Debate Atmosphere; 2. He’s Behind in Several Polls- Screaming is Becoming to Supporters- Showing Strength, Raw Animal Male Aggression, Shock and Awe; A Cock Fight between 2 Old Roosters! If so, America Needs to Get A Life? 3. China & China’s COVID-19 are crawling under his skin- LITERALLY? Is he ill? & China is challenging America’s economy, health & safety- Inducing Global Meltdown Moments- Malanija- Your frustrated Old Rooster needs your tender Marvin Gaye “Midnight Moments!” Playing “Sexual Healing”- Malanija- You know how to get the Old Rooster crowing again at dawn!!!; 4. PSYCHOTIC REACTIVE DISORDER- Reality is too unbearable to face! Trump tells Californian Governor NEWsomNORMAL- as California is being consumed by Wildfires & suffers the worst air on the Planet, ‘Our World will COOL DOWN SOON! The Psychiatrist in my head tells me!’ Ha! ‘COVID will be over by LAST SPRING! Just wait till the U.S. Enterprise goes back in time to fix our problems! The Psychiatrist in my head tells me things like Bleach-‘    5. $400 million in personally backed loans coming due in the next 4 years; many of his businesses losing $$$- bankruptcy issues; U.S. & foreign governments called on to help rent/carry his facilities; only paid $750 each year 2016- 2017 in Federal Income taxes, no taxes in 10 of 15 years- I.R.S. on his butt! Almost a bum on the street begging for change from the Psychiatrist in his head? Ripe candidate as World’s premier Democratic President, for wealthy influence peddlers to ask for favors- uphold his lavish life style, save his businesses, Court a ‘sitting Lame Duck President?’ one dollar away from the street;’ 5. Lawsuits by alleged sex abuse/assault victims eating into his Political Donations, etc. 6. Sees his daughter/son  carrying forward Family Dynasty- WHITE House becomes the WHITE Trump House like Clinton’s Calamity Clan, The Dead Kennedys, The Bushwhackers of Baghdad;  PERSONALLY & PROFESSIONALLY, Trump sees losing as a disaster and says he will not concede defeat! Sure- if he wins fair & square, Applaud his chutzpah! But not by replaying Mussolini PLEASE!!! You won’t ALLOW A MUSSOLINI STYLE Trump TAKEOVER if Biden/Harris win- right? Pres. Trump is PAYING for his bullying performances denying protections like wearing a mask- he (& Malanija?) now testing positive for COVID-19 as we suspected- Hope they are o.k.!

CRISIS CREATOR? Mental Health Meltdown? Upcoming post Election Violence by activists from the Lefr, Right, Anarchists…?  Pres. Trump believing the mass media has been UNFAIR TO HIM SINCE HIS 2016 ELECTION-  Pressured by Moderator Wally Cleaver, WILL NOT AGREE TO A PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF POWER SHOULD HE LOSE THE ELECTION in line with the advice of the Psychiatrist in his head!  Pres. Trump believes mail in votes supporting him are ‘being tossed aside,’ many voters receive ‘2 opportunities to vote,’ the ‘mail in balloting system is unfair,’ ‘ballots are being mailed to millions who have moved or died,’ ‘duplicates can brought in replacing valid ballots,’ ‘scrutineers can be sent away or kept back from close scrutiny,’ ‘counts by person or machines can be altered,’ ‘the whole mail in system is being manipulated by Democratic Party operatives…’ That without mail in votes, he would easily WIN! Pres. Trump has legally STACKED the Supreme Court Vacancies as is his RIGHT as President with a 7? person ‘Conservative’ leaning Majority & has LEGALLY appointed over 300 Judges- he anticipates they may be inclined to rule ‘Conservatively’ aligning with Conservative values- and his objectives, turning back the clock against ‘Radical Leftists’ (& towards 1950’s & ’60’s ‘Leave It to Beaver’ Family Life.)  Will NOT BE SUCCESSFUL challenging election results in the Courts should he appear to lose- Courts he shaped LEGALLY as President but who swear ALLEGIANCE to JUSTICE, THE RULE of LAW, The U.S. CONSITITION- NOT to any manipulative Politician!!!! Pres. Trump was also pressured to renounce White Supremacy & Supremacists as un-American, intolerable? Again he continues to push back against being PRESSURED by ‘a hostile media’ to disavow them… PROUD of America’s History & White Leaders-  Achievers & Achievements, their Sacrifices- Blood, Sweat & Tears to become the World’s foremost Democracy, Beacon of Liberty, Economic Powerhouse, enjoying FREE SPEECH…. Pres. Trump  wants EVERY GOOD LOYAL American to enjoy success, visible minority or otherwise! Called The Proud Boys to “STAND DOWN & STAND BY (for further orders from The President!” Recipe for Protests & some degree of Violence & Damage? Clearly, EVERY BALLOT should be scrutinized- No room for ‘hanky-panky’ or sloppiness in our 2020 U.S. Election. Paramilitary community units ready to GO at the President’s signal?  Will the Courts- arguably he STACKED legally in his favor, freeze the status quo? Who will Police & Federal Armed Forces OBEY? Armed insurrection? Rioting? If Pres. Trump clearly loses but refuses to STEP ASIDE- invokes EMERGENCY ACT POWERS, is actively supported by civilian militias…  Both Parties NEED TO ATTEND to  CRISIS CREATION SCENARIOS & Mental Health Mitigation NOW!  Pres. Trump says 2020 is America’s ‘most important election!’ But a recent t.v. show about Fascist Dictators seizing power explained how easily a super aggressive or violent fascist movement is able to push aside Democracy in a Country before they can be stopped- Historian Michael Beschloss came to same conclusion- “This is the way Dictators come to power., You want to go into history to look for something like this? Italian history- Mussolini!” Everyone be prepared for what could happen where you live!  Authorities & Political officials- Please work 24/7 to resolve all the issues before a crisis happens like in Italy- fascism EASILY & QUICKLY TAKING OVER!!!!!!!!!!! Failing to LEARN FROM HISTORY= REPEATING THE SAME MISTAKES!!!  Pres. Trump is shouting without permission from our late great Tom Petty, “I WON’T BACK DOWN!”

But we’re always BELIEVING IN THE BEST IS YET TO COME! # FREE BRITNEY WONDERFUL SUPPORTERS ask Can you help us tell Britney Spears how to get herself back on track to find her way home to Sesame Street? Everybody loves Britney so how can she be ill ‘enslaved’ under a Court Conservatorship? Britney reminds me of my beloved niece throwing her tiny gorgeous self & spirit into dancing, singing & acting at an early age- TRIPLE THREAT!!! As a blooming, bursting teen, she was always picked first or second if her beloved girl friend also tried out for a part! Girlfriend COMPLETELY DEVOTED to a TRIPLE THREAT CAREER- continuous lessons, a Manager/Agent, 100% IN!!!!!!!!!!!! My beloved niece just chose a SAFE HIGH PAYING SALARY CAREER while her Best Girl Friend DOVE INTO MAJOR STAGE THEATRE PRODUCTIONS STARRING ROLES- NOW COVID HITS!!! O>M>G>!!! Our young Britney Girls throw themselves into Triple Threat Lives PLEASING & PERFORMING FOR EVERYBODY-BRINGING SMILES OF DELIGHT TO OUR FACES- Fire Balls of SUNSHINE to our HEARTS!  Was Britney’s performing life stressful- working all the time, pleasing everybody,  media harassment 24/7?  We have pre existing vulnerabilities to physical or mental illness sparked by environmental stresses. Britney suffered a ‘nervous breakdown’ from overwork, stress, over stimulation, self medicating, especially a personal relationship break up with Justin Timberlake triggering depression, etc.? Her underlying vulnerability is a mental illness- BIPOLAR DISORDER. Doctors rely WRONGLY too much on  Big Pharma meds./’potions & ‘poisons,’  involve harmful dangerous, bad side effects & are hit & miss as to helping Britney? Longer term use of meds./’poisons’ causes compounding damage so are her Doctor ACTUALLY HARMING BRITNEY instead of helping Britney? 12 years treating Britney and how is Britney doing today tells us how competent they are? Psychologists & Medical Psychiatrists are approved & strongly PUSHED ON US by Governments as being legally allowed to diagnose mental illness & prescribe treatment whether they are helpful or hurtful! If we experience mental illness, why not seek an opinion from experts suggesting what the illness involves including a suggested diagnosis if any? Courts can be WRONGLY involved & easily manipulated by SHARK FEEDING FRENZY LAWYERS!! Family members issues can be problematic & emotional- control freaks, over protective, stealing money, etc.? Is Britney’s Dad collecting large annual fees or salary at her expense- or others taking advantage of her vulnerable situation or illness? Treating her like a piggy bank, keeping her enslaved- ‘VAMPIRES?’ Any legitimate capable Doctor/Therapist/Family Member would be doing everything to INCREASE HER INDEPENDENT LIVING & DECISION MAKING as long as her safety & interests are not put at abnormal risk- step by step increasing Britney’s independence & decision making, activities, according to her progress… Terrible to see Courts & litigation running her affairs treating Britney like a HELPLESS BABY!  Judge probably is clueless about mental illness & how to help Britney recover & lead a happy life! Good Doctors are like COACHES- O.k. Britney we’re working on a new dance routine & song- let’s try it from the top again! If Britney’s Doctors are hopeless at helping Britney- 12 years in or is Britney’s very ill or being damaged by their ‘poisons’/potions, her wonderful talented loving brain, while her Dad and others are grabbing her money? Her #FREE BRITNEY SUPPORTERS ARE WONDERFUL HELPING! Britney wants her OWN LAWYER, OWN DOCTOR(S),  OWN Professional FINANCIAL ADVISOR, etc. Britney’s like 38- why would a 38 year old loving talented smart woman be satisfied treated as a BABY?   Canada’s P.M. Justin Trudeau’s Mom was diagnosed with BIPOLAR DISORDER? & experienced great challenges fighting to regain her optimum mental health. She’s probably an expert authority on the mental illness- hung out in New York with Mick Jagger & Friends?  The medical model pushes the view the illness is about 80% biochemical changes & 20% environmental so drugs are pushed but C.B.T.- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is helpful to gain insight & strategies to lessen the illness, Britney’s underlying mental illness vulnerability was triggered by her stressful overstimulating environment, self medicating?  & especially by relationship break up- the break up with Justin Timberlake! (Patients are given Big Pharma POWERFUL DRUGS including NEUROLEPTICS/so called ANTI PSYCHOTICS to lessen emotional swings far too high or low causing a partial break from normal reality. 3 or 4 drugs might be given experimenting with dosage & combinations for 7+ years to find what helps best reducing symptoms. A hit & miss game with powerful DANGEROUS DRUGS. Lady Ga Ga shows us PHYSICALLY SHE IS SUFFERING BADLY by Mental Illness- Lady Ga Ga says she cut herself to show- ‘See I’m bleeding- VERY HURT! VERY INJURED/ILL!’ Clearly NOT ADVISED BEHAVIOR! Please don’t hurt yourself physically or mentally PLEASE! Britney shaved all her hair off- her trade mark look/persona, calling card, music star identity, dropping her life, etc. indicating her suffering, her breakdown-people suffering a breakdown badly may do things clearly not representing their best interests, safety, etc. or say or somehow communicate about depression, obsessions & compulsions, experiencing extreme anxiety, panic attacks, episodes of mania followed by depression, psychotic systems or breaking from our normal everyday reality, experience altered sensory information etc. (If our brain & bioelectrical chemistry is messing up in our systems, we experience mental illness until by healing all systems get back to normal operation- we’re BACK, OUR SYSTEMS ALL ON LINE< MEMORIES INTACT, mental illness a fading bad nightmare!  FAR BETTER THAN EVER because we necessarily become brainiacs involved in our own healing and understanding how our brain, mind & emotions work! We know from Big Pharma pushing OPIOIDS & having to pay out $$$billions in settlements for damages, they deliberate lie to Doctors about how addictive & dangerous opioids are killing 1000’s of vulnerable trusting patients! Anything to make a $$$buck! does not endorse any particular model- Many ‘psychiatric survivors’ call themselves SURVIVORS of Psychiatric ‘treatments’- Big Pharma drugs may cause brain, emotional, physical damage! A musician friend was given too much Electric Shock Therapy and completely lost his musical memory ending his career= his memory was almost wiped clean so he had to relearn basic skills!  But presumably some patients do find a helpful drug  and get on with their lives thanks to meds? Our BELOVED Angel Rose Heart Britney worked 24/7, one scheduled hour off per day. Her role to ENTERTAIN, PLEASE EVERYONE, GIVE EVERYONE A MEMORABLE HAPPY EXPERIENCE! Wonderful to see # FREE BRITNEY supporters standing by her in her hours needing a show of solidarity! Your absolutely RIGHT TO STAND BY HER RIGHTS! FIGHT ON BRITNEY – GET YOURSELF HEALING GIRL! Bipolar can be a tough illness to battle & overcome but really, everyone around you should put your healing above of their own selfish interests- and give you greater freedom, everything safe! Britney- so upset about what the drugs/meds do to people’s brains, I wonder if any so called Doctor helps you off drugs & tries alternative healing approaches which don’t involve side effects & brain harming meds. From my experience, we must be pretty willing to experience the stronger symptoms of illness while we learn ways to heal ourselves all the way back to normal health by more natural ways! Take your own time Angel Rose Heart!!! Don’t ever let anyone harm your brain or especially your HEART!  Love to everyone- Always in my Heart!!!  Brianca Lane  Oct.1, 2020 P.S. So generous for Lady Ga Ga to be open about her mental health experiences. Thanks to Alyssa Milano for being so out there & being vulnerable about all the bizarre experiences we try to avoid but dive into because we can’t help ourselves & our over stimulated imaginations!!!- All performers should work together to support one another through serious illnesses we’re sure you agree! You’re so many wonderful actors & performers experiencing similar challenges- Be great if everybody looked out for everyone suffering tragically challenging illnesses- Love actors & performers to be real like Britney & yourself for better mental, physical or emotional health!!  

STARS & Politicians’ SPELLBINDING PERFORMANCES!!!             20/20 Visioning

Headline News Stories- With a Sorceress’ Twinkle in her Mischievous Eyes, Witchy Itchy V.P. Candidate Kamala Harris Twitches her Nose– A Pesky Fly land’s on V.P. Magic Mike Pence’s head attempting to distract everyone from his serious, thoughtful remarks- instead make his LAUGHABLE! in typical hypocrisy, Pres. Candidate Joe Biden’s allies ADVOCATE SILLY VIOLENCE against V.P. Pence by ADVERTIZING FLY SWATTERS! Smart citizens see double standards in play by the Big Media Mob as Fox News calls them, painting Republicans as violent, Democrats as lilly pure from thoughts of violence!  BUT VIOLENCE IS NOT FUNNY- NEVER AMUSING NO MATTER HOLLYWOOD PORTRAYING IT SO- ENTERTAINING NOT! Have you experienced violence- being robbed or beaten… Being faced with evil or hatred is not funny- You feel incredibly sick with HORROR- what evil LOOKS & SOUNDS LIKE!  As victims of evil violence, we may suppress memories for years! Police may say ‘Thankfully you’re still alive- your property can easily be replaced…’ But victims of violence are NOT O.K.- personal property we are attached to by wonderful memories of joy & peace are not easily replaced! P.T.S.D., substance abuse, etc. keep on plaguing victims of crime including verbal abuse. Dems. Candidates project GENUINE FRIENDLINESS but is something else burning in their bellies once holding the Reigns of Power- a Reign of Terror? At we were given a clear &  strong preview of Pres. Trump’s victory in 2016- specifically he was called to be Destiny’s Trumpeter to WAKE U.S.A.LL UP- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! But please U.S. Citizens,  don’t vote twice in the same election or Pres. Trump will blow a valve in his TRUMPET! His better half,  Malanija is calming, likable believable vs. Donald ‘Dennis the Menace’ character, a scheming Eddie Haskell like most Democratic Opponents? LOVES TO DEAL THE CHAOS CARD?  Likewise is Michelle the BETTER HALF in the Obama team?  Both women so EASY to LIKE & LOVE!  Dems. wanting to impeach Malanija would be tarred & feathered. Healers & Nurturers before many women adopted a personality ANGRY & FIERCE- HEAR ME ROAR!!!‘ Or a lesser actress on the World Stage, Angelina/Lara Croft as President embodying 2 characters for the price of one!- A faithful woman nurturer to lead America through Plagues & Climate Change Disasters & an unstoppable fierce warrior & negotiator, Lara Croft.  America got it half right, but missed not choosing our BETTER HALF!  Oh- to see Donny Trump in APRON, WELCOMING DINNER GUESTS STANDING SUPPORTIVELY, FAITHFULLY BY HIS WOMAN of the HOUSE- Malanija!!!  B. Hussein saying, “you’ll have to ask my BETTER HALF about such important questions IN THIS AFRICAN AMERICAN WHITE HOUSE!!!’ Yes- America we only got it half right! Easy for us to to predict Kamala’s selection as Dems. V.P. Candidate in 2020- So very sweet at heart- we HOPE! 

Only viable solution to American Split Personality- put a four in the White House?  All Americans share an emotional attachment to one Party or the other! Can’t we all get along- Put all 4 happily living in the White House Together in a Reality Show!!! “Kamala- you’re idea is BEST!” “No Donald, you know Joe & I stayed up all night together in his room- No- NOT LIKE THAT! Discussing you’re GREAT IDEAS Donald! How you remind us about Abe Lincoln when he had too very difficult decisions to make…” “Psst. Are the CAMERAS STILL ROLLING or can we be ourselves?” (Still Rolling!) “Aw I was saying Donald, you’re just like Abe Lincoln…”  V.P. Pence gave beautiful words of wisdom about American’s fundamental family feuds- always FAMILY AMERICA TOGETHER but really SOCIAL DISTANCING in most ways!!! We are all INTERCONNECTED TO HELP ONE ANOTHER- ACHIEVE TOGETHER APART! Jesus says LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Be good to ‘Sam!’ A good Samaritan! And to EVERYONE regardless of color, creed, language… MICHELLE SAYS “IF THEY GO LOW, WE GO HIGH! We’re interconnected TO HELP ONE ANOTHER, TO ACHIEVE TOGETHER APART!!!  By Divine Design or Darwinian Survival We’re built to live in JOYOUS HARMONY CREATING A BEAUTIFUL WORLD TOGETHER APART, not to tear each & our World down! How LIFE WORKS to BEAUTIFY our BIOSPHERE INCUDING US!!! 

V.P. Pence reminds American voters, B.L.M. supporters especially, as California’s Attorney General Kamala ACTED FORCEFULLY AGAINST NON VIOLENT CRIME- POSSESSION OF POT… BY JAILING YOUNG BLACK MEN at 19 times the rate of whites? Poor Minorities were JAILED for truancy for their children skipping school… 

A Spellbinding Performance by always Excitable, Imaginative Actress Alyssa Milano- bypassing conjuring with her 2 Twitchy Witchy Sisters to banish demons, called on a small but complete militarized police force against a teen neighbor with a B.B. GUN after squirrels! We Scare Alyssa with a sudden behind her back ‘BOO!’ to our doom! The question is how to PREVENT CRIME & MINIMIZE IT’S terrible impacts? Both Parties have insufficient TRACK RECORDS on African American Poverty, Education, Health… Socioeconomic Justice & Equity but Pres. Trump & V.P. Pence claim to have substantially raised Minorities Employment & Standard of Living  by a claimed $2- $4,000. & also reduced taxes, red tape, ‘freeing economic recovery…’ relying on American INNOVATION to address ENVIRONMENTAL MAN MADE CATASTROPHES challenging Our BLESSED MOTHER EARTH, Precious GIVER OF LOVE & LIFE!!!  Candidate Kamala wants Government spending & mandates addressing man made GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE!  California is NEW NORMAL HELL FIRE STATE- no more SUN SUN SUN & SURF- OUR MOTHER NATURE TAKING OUT T-BIRD AWAY & GROUNDING US WORLDWIDE! The Dems. promise to be co-operative, consensus building, friendly & open minded! Bring BIG BROTHER Government Benefit Programs for average & poorer Americans but V.P. Pence claims they will  increase taxes!

Polls show in early Jan., 2020, Pres. Trump was cruising in DEMS. ROGUE ROUGH WATERS towards VICTORY but increasing Climate Change disasters, Apocalyptic Plagues like COVID-19 especially, have changed sentiments against Pres. Trump & V.P. Pence- their inadequate response, substantial unemployment,  upwards towards 300,000 consumed by COVID;  4 million+ acres destroyed in California alone by Super Storm wild fires including FIRE TORNADOS!!! Behind in polls, Pres. Trump’s temporary ‘POSSESSION/’FASCIST THREATENING ANTICS’ at his Presidential debate frightening everyone! Yogi Berra baseball great said “IT AIN’T OVER ‘TILL IT’S OVER!!! (But is it over???) Prophet of Doom, Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Fauci, warns without substantial better interventions, the winter U.S. death count could easily rise to 400,000+ in this second wave… India, Brazil, Russia, Europe… most countries being slaughtered in a growing second COVID wave! Everyone over on Sesame Street is showing fraying nerves & becoming Grouchy Cookie Monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul McCartney sang “There were birds in the sky but I never heard them singing- no I never heard them at all ’till there was you-”   Experiencing a Manic Supernova High Or LOW is hardly the BEST TIME to MAKE IMPORTANT DECISIONS!!! Our FIRST NEED is to re-establish stability & regain our mental health- impacting our physical health,  before we “CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW- IT’S GONNA BE A “BRIGHT SUN SHINY DAY!” Imagine being caught in a very challenging or blinding storm, you can’t possibly see which way to go! Your (health) situation requires your full attention- You seek shelter, protection, comfort, survival… We patiently wait it out or ACTIVELY SELF HEAL like Actress Emma Watson! We must regain stability & health FIRST to FEEL, THINK & EXPERIENCE ACCURATE SENSORY INPUT & DECISION MAKING ABILITY & avoid making blind stupid decisions!  Our Beloved Britney is allegedly not able to consent to a legal arrangement’ ‘is like a patient in a coma…’  (Her Dad wants her continually under his conservatorship… Britney posted beautiful tasteful recent photos & sentiments but also a concerning photo shows her in black lace… Yes- she’s beautiful but we pray for her mental health beauty FIRST!!! Her Dad says “It’s up to the Court of California to decide what is best for my daughter! No one else’s business…”  How did Courts, Doctors & Big Pharma put her in this shocking state of mind- “like a patient in a coma?’! Many moons ago, our Starlette’s Bratty Behavior Bunch included naughty Lindsay Lohan, pantiless Paris Hilton & fellow ‘Oops! We DID IT AGAIN- FORGOT OUR UNDERWEAR’ Partiers!!! Paris says “It breaks my heart that people have so much control over her. It’s not fair to a (38 year old) adult & be treated like a child. I can’t imagine my life living like that! After working her whole life so hard- no control over her life whatsoever!” ($$$$$ in other’s thirsting hands!) “She’s so sweet & innocent- such a nice girl! (Not wanting to upset her,) I’ve never talked about the Conservator with her…” Britney has said she’s ‘tired of being treated as a child & thanks her # FREE BRITNEY supporters, saying #Free Britney is not a conspiracy or joke!’ Every red blooded American & FREEDOM LOVING human being believing in LIFE, LIBERTY & PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS should be concerned about Big Brother deciding to OWN US, CONTROL EVERY DECISION IN OUR LIVES! She was FORCIBLY SEIZED, STRAPPED DOWN, INJECTED WITH POWERFUL PSYCH.  POTIONS especially beginning 12 years ago- STRIPPED OF EVERY BASIC HUMAN RIGHT! 

TRUE STORY- “Lured into the hospital by a young Psychiatrist acting as a SPELLBINDING SEDUCER & her seductive promises… Led to a dead end back room, brow beaten to submit “All my human rights & freedoms to whatever experimentations the Psychiatrists would decide upon at whatever personal cost…” An impatient Psychiatrist ACTUALLY DIVING ONTO ME!  In a fight for my life, threw him across the room & was able to break through employing my athletic training! Psychiatrists called Police to hunt me down- ‘Bring it in or TAKE IT OUT!!'” (We read routinely Police being called for a ‘Mental Health Check.’  Police break in- shoot Patient ‘ON A HEALTH CHECK INTERACTION‘ within seconds or minutes!  ‘I CAN’T BREATHE!’ ‘She fell hitting her head!’) But in our TRUE STORY, “‘Mother Nature’s LIVE SNAKES are SUROUNDING PROTECTIVELY- frightened police away” Patient vs. Police Hunt Showdown happens precisely at a ‘SNAKE  WOODSTOCK GATHERING EVENT!‘ Police Officer says to his fellow Officers- ‘Filled with LIVE SNAKES IN THERE- WE’RE GOING BACK!!!’ Police retreat, friendly snakes STAND DOWN BUT STAND BY- The rest is Mental Health Recovery HISSSSSSSSSSSSTORY!  Thank God for Being in the Protective Custody of SNAKE HEROES HISSING SSSSSSUCCCCCCCCESSSSSSSSSS!!! LIBERTY’S REPTILIAN CHAMPIONS! Psychiatrists notified all other Doctors in the Region, _____ IS OUR Patient- Inject powerful drugs at 4-5 times normal amounts & bring it in for ‘treatment!’ ALL IN A DAY’S SURVIVAL for Witch Hunted ‘Mental Patients?’ So, #FREE BRITNEY SUPPORTERS, send your best love & prayers to Britney & for us all!!!  EXPERIENCED LIFE SURFERS- STRONG, FIERCE & PROUD- WE ARE SURVIVORS THRIVING ON OR IN SPITE OF OUR SERIOUS HEALTH CHALLENGES, MOTHER NATURE’S WINDS AT OUR BACK PUSHING US FORWARD & UPWARDS!!! With Apocalyptic Climate Changes, hell fire Californian, Washington, Oregon, Australian, Amazon… fires & Plagues…  ‘CAN YOU  TELL US HOW TO FIND OUR WAY TO SESAME STREET< BIG BIRD< BERT & ERNIE > & COOKIE MONSTER??? Love You to Pieces Always!!!  Brianca Lane Oct.8, 2020 -Hey LOOK! Sesame Street Ahead!!!!!!!!!

OUTLAWS & HERETICS- CRY ME A RIVER???              Oct. 15, 1517- Oct.15, 2020

Back in 2010, with Warm, Sensitive, Understanding Michelle OUR BELLE Inspiring U.S. to “GO HIGH, Our CRAZY CANUCKS gave Americans almost an 80% Thumbs Up Approval Rating but today a BUMS DOWN under 30%! The Toronto Raptors choked- failed to repeat N.B.A. Championship because you know who bailed- unable to enjoy The GREAT SNOW WHITE COLD NORTH- Overpaid heretic? We’ll cry you a RIVER Canada!  V.P. Presidential candidate Kamala-now joining the Presidential Race COVID-19 CLUB,  jumped California Valley Girl Cruising to Iceberg Alert Canada!!! She finished her grade 8 & her WONDERFULLY HAPPY High School Years in Geler Votre Cul/Freeze Your Bum Off  Quebec, Canada- ARRIVING IN MID WINTER COLD!  NOW YOU KNOW WHY SHE’S SMILING ON THE OUTSIDE BUT TOUGH AS RAWHIDE ON THE INSIDE- Kamala’s Half CRAZY CANUCK, Half American, Sprinkle in Mahatma Gandhi & Tamil, Nadu India Mystical Knowledge & Powers from her Mom, African American/Jamaican Strength & Energy from her Dad- BRAINS from BOTH! Throw in a vibrant & delightful New Yorker Jew as her husband for Good Financial Fortune! Recovered from COVID CALAMITY & Energetic, Pres. Trump shouts ‘Here’s Johnny!’ PLEASE WON’T YOU LIKE ME & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?!! We’ll BURY THE HATCHET! Always understated, undervalued Mike V.P. Pence bringing calm stability & sanity to Trump’s Presidency- What kind of a Politician is that? Hoping to break through suburban doors wooing middle class women gripped by fear of a Trumptopian Dynasty vs. Dems. Hypocrisy!!!

Viable Two Party System: American Politicians Able & Willing to Work Together??? A definition of insanity is playing the same split decision Political vote game but expecting better results…  Kamala HAMMERED young black African American males and jailed parents for minors skipping schools… as California’s attorney general…   Senator Joe Biden drafted the 1994 Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement Act jailing generations of Black Fathers & Mothers- destroying Families, ruining children… 9 billion toward building new jails! 1.6 million were in prison in 2008! Pres. Trump brags about helping deliver Blacks from abject poverty by enabling The American Economy! Joe admits now African Americans suffer systemic racism (he aided & abetted!!!) Are our Political Leaders ALL VERY FLAWED, both Dems. & Repubs.?  Kamala says Pres. Lincoln, facing a Presidential election within a month back in the 1860’s, decided against naming his preferred Supreme Court Candidate. Kamala believes Pres. Trump must decline to bring his chosen Conservative leaning Supreme Court nominee forward ‘to let the voter’s decide’ But Pres. Lincoln- the most depressed  man on the Planet, was happy with his ‘polling popularity/election hopes’, the Senate was not sitting nor expected to return until December, and his chosen candidate was deemed A RADICAL REPUBLICAN- strongly against slavery & A THORN aggravating moderates & conservatives! Why rock the boat by calling up ‘TROUBLE’- seizing defeat from the jaws of an easy VICTORY?  Pres. Trump is crazy like a fox just like Abe Lincoln!

Kaiser poll shows 50% of Americans are feeling emotional & mental stress from COVID by April… (The other 50% don’t feel anything?) Anxiety & depression symptoms have tripled… Women, Blacks & Latinos are most vulnerable to COVID consequences… Distress & disaster help lines calls are up 50%… We are ALERT to Mental Illness Symptoms in ourselves- but especially affecting others? Our thinking, emotions & sensory input may be off or ill like being partially blinded in a bad storm. People are losing it in Troubled Times-Like back in Salem Witch trial days imagining innocent people are doing evil because they are different somehow from us! But we all share the same basic needs for safety, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE…  Good to see people appearing a bit different, but being accepted- Pink Hair & gainfully employed- GOOD NEWS for our Human Rights! Transgender Folks being welcomed instead of ridiculed!  How ACCEPTING ARE WE TOWARDS ADULTS EXPRESSING THEIR INALIENABLE RIGHTS & FREEDOMS, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS??? Our human world including Expressive Flower Gardens! If everyone’s the same, we’re probably drugged up Robotic Animatronic Programmed Zombies, Big Brother controlling our lives! Sometimes we’re Struggling Life Swimmers but other times we’re RESCUERS!!! Hang ON- I can help you! Fantastic to see 30%+ of Americans VOLUNTEERING! Applause & kisses for good  hearted GIVERS- Volunteering IMPROVES OUR HEALTH, ESPECIALLY SPONTANEOUSLY VOLUNTEERING!!! Our Universe LOVES GIVERS! ACTS of COMPASSION!  Knocking GOODNESS BALLS OUT OF THE PARK- A HOME RUN OF KINDNESS REALLY RALLIES THE CROWD! Our World responds to kindness, gentleness, unplanned acts of CARING! We may never know someone was in a bad place but our simple act of caring saved them! Britney Spears is so LOVED TODAY BECAUSE SHE ALWAYS BRINGS US SUNSHINE- a LOVING BALL OF SUNSHINE!!! Way too much sunshine on bare skin many parents said!!! Britney believes in the POWER of PRAYER- We all better BELIEVE IN SOMETHING BEYOND OURSELVES or our LIFESHIP IS FACING A SCARY FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bare It Briefs! Candidate Barrett says Courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong…  Neither are they to CREATE PROBLEMS OR WRONG EVERY HUMAN RIGHT.  Pres. Trump says he enjoys the ABSOLUTE POWER to ABSOLVE HIMSELF! Barrett says no one is above the law. Speaking of Absolution, guess what Martin Luther was completing on this day- Yes- His inspired 95 ‘theses’ writings! In 1517, our original White Martin Luther HAD A DREAM Fulfilled!  Martin Luther published his 95 ‘theses’ Inspiration blessed by GOD about Oct. 30 claiming the Pope was fallible! Luther believed PURCHASING INDULGENCES to reduce the amount of punishment for sin DISCOURAGED CHRISTIANS FROM GIVING TO THE POOR, AVOIDING TRUE REPENTANCE, SORROW FOR SIN & PERFORMING OTHER ACTS OF MERCY! Yes- back in 1517 just like today- Politicians & AUTOCRATS R ALL ABOUT $$$, POWER & CONTROL!!!  Exactly like today’s modern brutality- destroying publisher of whistle blower media Julian Assange, our original Martin Luther was tried for HERESY- writing & educating the public! What’s really changed in 500 years of CANCEL CULTURE!!! On Jan. 3, 1521 Pope Leo X or was it XXX – $$$ per Absolution/Indulgence- SPECIAL RATE for HEAVY SINNERS CARRYING SILVER PIECES$$$, excommunicated Luther but died Dec. 1, 1521-  rated a triple X sinner??? 6 Supreme Court Justices are Catholic today- less or more tolerant than Pope Leo? CANCEL CULTURE today prevalent as ever!!!

But turning from Dark Arts DAZE & CANCEL CULTURE 1521- 2020 to Britney’s Bare It Briefs, how’s a girl supposed to always remember to wear underwear? Or notice her clothes are full of gaps & spaces? Or her dress hems must have shrunk in the wash? Or her butt is too big for her stretchy yoga pants? My girl friend was challenged by Bi-Polar- she could move around incredibly fast performing countless tasks when manic. If you watched a video of her in motion, you’d say the video speed was tripled or more! But   who can tolerate powerful meds. & bad side effects? Apparently Britney’s drugs/meds  stopped helping… Just bad side effects! Besides, drugs/meds. enable our brain bioelectrical chemical systems to stop producing naturally healthy brain chemistry – If & when drugs stop working, our brain is accustomed to NOT PRODUCING ADEQUATE AMOUNTS OF HORMONES & NEUROTRANSMITTERS- suddenly faces a dried out desert environment!  Britney’s Wonderful- her Beloved Attitude, Prayers, Struggling Optimism, Cheering Everyone Up back to Sesame Street!!! Our fear is if treatments/meds. have damaged her BEAUTIFUL BRAIN! Her Lawyer is following her directions to expand her legal team but her lawyer is avoiding her  signing legal papers which raises concerns about her health/competency &  assuring her BELOVED SUPPORTERS Britney is expressing her own interests.  Conservatees may often not file verified declarations- they may be deemed to lack legal capacity. Britney is petitioning for her temporary conservator to become permanent & a qualified corporate fiduciary appointed replacing her Dad. People challenged by mental health illness or crisis as well as their Family & Friends may be pressured to VOLUNTARILY GIVE UP ALL BASIC CITIZENSHIP & HUMAN RIGHTS ON THE SPOT! Yes modern health care in Apocalyptic Times is NOT SESAME STREET COMMUNITY HAPPY LIVING! Many Psych. Survivors work by ‘guts & glory’ enduring pain & suffering but helping brain systems begin producing  correct bio chemical electrical balances naturally again, encouraging all systems to reboot, come back on line in normal function again... Loosen up/free unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling & behaving! We’re at the cutting edge of psychiatric research & brain science! Research scientists may develop research interests by reading, becoming aware of patients altering brain systems, thinking & feeling patterns… We use stimulation or withdrawing stimulation, exercise, free thinking & dreaming, creativity, social interaction, etc. to turn patterns & systems like software & hardware, rebooting freed brain areas… Researcher use machines to attempt the same outcomes like targeted  electrical stimulation which also confirms everything is at hand just needs resetting hopefully by natural non damaging approaches- software & hardware just need to become usable again- everything’s at hand but somewhat messed up to operate rightly! Inspiring peer success stories bounce up our belief in our deliverance!  Our many Hollywood actresses… like Angelina challenged by mental health struggles-her invincible Lara Croft INSPIRING OUR HEARTS! Britney’s down in Hawaii- near Santa Monica, L.A.- wherever!  Staying safe, expressing her wonderful positive attitude- Storms come & go but eventually we “can see see clearly now- the rain has gone- GONNA BE A BRIGHT SUNSHINY DAY!!!” Like Britney- HOPE FOR COMPLETE RECOVERY- Never do anything stupid to hurt yourself or anyone or any animal or bird- nor make life altering decisions when not in your best mind… Britney says OOPS! she left candles unattended burning down her gym! Everyone be careful in times when our brains & emotions are challenged! Be FREE TO ENJOY A WONDERFUL LIFE- YOU’RE DESTINY’S CHILD- A Better World waiting Patiently for you to RECOVER & BLOOM IN Like FLOWERS in THE SPRING!!! BRINGING INTO OUR WORLD WHAT ONLY YOU CAN BRING!

P.S. Psychiatrist’s tell us the sequence in facing ongoing Apocalyptic stress is: Our brain’s core memory processor- HIPPOCAMPUS sends appropriate signals to our AMYGDALATO which in turn causes HORMONES & NEUROTRANSMITTERS to be released… under prolonged stressors without adequate breaks, our physical, mental & emotional health suffers… If we are reduced to struggling to achieve basic survival needs like safety, food, shelter, clothing… our higher needs are neglected- we face a catch -22 spiral! A healthy routine, exercise, good sleep & diet, resilience, Together Apart Community Faith, INNER STRENGTH,  ADAPTABILITY, Enfold & LIFT US- WE ARE ALWAYS SUPPORTIVE & CONNECTING WITH ONE ANOTHER- Physical Space & Time is Almost Secondary & Irrelevant, YOU ARE NEVER ABANDONED, NEVER ALONE! from God/Allah/Darwinian Collective Soul/Mother Nature- Our Prayers, Love, Life, Freedom’s Reach & Burning LIGHT Seeks You- Go & Find Her Wherever you Are- She is near ready to HELP & GUIDE YOU Whatever your Situation… You are ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS COLLECTIVELY! ALWAYS!!! Never abandoned, never alone… LOVE YOU ALWAYS- Brianca Always Together Forever  but not finished yet Courting the Legals >>>>>>>>>>>

Our EYES WIDE OPEN- WE SEE OUR SUPREME COURTS ARE ELITIST, RACIST… Aspiring Candidates attend Harvard or Yale Law School. All Justices were WHITE, of European Heritage- The WHITE ARE RIGHT HERITAGE PARTY  so to speak!!! Until the Summer of Love- 1967, Blacks & Women were OUT of SIGHT! Pres. Lyndon Johnson saw the LIGHT- ‘It’s THE RIGHT THING TO DO! RIGHT TIME! RIGHT PLACE! RIGHT MAN- selected African American Thurgood Marshall!’ Replacing the ‘Black Position,’ Clarence Thomas was chosen in 1991. Latina Sonia Sotomayer brought some variation in 2009. BUT NO FEMALE UNTIL 1981? 110 of 114  Justices only MALE… WE hear about 140+? sexual orientations & gender identities today but ALL JUSTICES IDENTIFY AS HETEROSEXUAL> Our American Founding Fathers were Protestants. 91 Justices are self identified Protestants; 13 Catholics- 6? by Dec., 2020- Joking with my South American sister-in-law, saying Pope Francis rules The U.S. Supreme Court! Phones in commands: ‘You’ll all spend extra years in Purgatory- OR WORSE unless you adopt RIGHT TO LIFE- THE SANCTITY OF EVERY HUMAN LIFE BORN OR UNBORN! Attend Mass, give $$$ to receive Catholic forgiveness…’ like back in 1521???

P.S. Always have Enjoyed HAPPY, DELIGHTFUL close FRIENDSHIPS among Nuns & Priests- Not wishing to throw out the Baby/Catholic Church with the dirty Bath Water committed under Church Protections- The INQUISITIONS & WITCH TRIALS- torturing & murdering innocents; the suppression of women; shocking accounts of sexual… abuse of innocent children by so called Holy Priests… carefully protected & relocated…  oppression of human lives- ALL FOR SINFUL $$$$ WEALTH< & PROPERTY,  POWER, VIOATING THE INVIOLABLE- GOD’S LOVE FOR EVERY CHILD & RIGHTEOUSNESS FOR ALL BEARING  INJUSTICES… Many WONDERFUL Catholic devotees everywhere bring God’s BLESSING but no excuses for horrors willfully committed…  Pope Francis is attempting to face modern reality, calling for recognizing civil unions among L.G.B.T.Q TODAY, for example.- If we are created equal, shouldn’t L.B.G.T.Q.+? be CELEBRATED IN MARRIAGE LIKE ANY HETEROSEXUAL COUPLE WHO LOVE & COMMIT THEMSELVES TO ONE ANOTHER? Catholic Joe Biden does not support Catholic Doctrines but Politicians have special allegiance to gaining & holding onto power…  Both Pres. Trump & V.P. Biden easily flip their ‘HEARTFELT VIEWS’  views on any topics for Political purposes! Pope Francis is delightfully attempting to modernize Catholic Church behavior while adhering to the essence of Catholic Christianity! We may be thankful to Pope Francis for bringing the Church into GOD’S DIVINE WISDOM!!!

Back to our U.S. Supreme Court Religious History-  8 wore a Kippah/Yamaka- attempted to keep decisions SUPREMELY KOSHER; 1 expressed no affiliation- SELF PARTNERED with himself???  Pres. Reagan chose the First Female in 1981-  OLD ELITE WHITE HERITAGE ‘BOYS CLUB’ not representative of U.S. Society! (Actor Reagan co-starred in Bedtime for BONZO- a 1951 movie hit! A College Professor, Chimp BONZO wants to show ENVIRONMENT TRUMPS HEREDITY IN BEHAVIORAL DEVELOPMENT OF A HUMAN TEST SUBJECT- Reagan?) Ruth Ginsburg- obviously Jewish, only attended Cornell (after starting at Harvard) but our sitting Judges attended Harvard or Yale- Candidate Barrett only attended Notre Dame Law- Will the other Judges hold their ELISTIST NOSTRILS, BARE IT??? We can see the DIVIDE in America- A Bridge So Close A Bridge Too Far! ELITES KEEPING POWERS & PRIVILEGES!  Justice Ginsberg SAFEGUARDED Modern Liberal Individual Rights (Roe vs. Wade, etc. exercising control over our own bodies…) Our Supreme Court Justices must uphold integrity, independence, be fair, impartial & diligent; refrain from Politics: avoid any impropriety & adhere to a code of conduct; promote public confidence; avoid discriminatory orgs. or events- race, sex, religion, national origins… Who is able to be totally free from IMPLICIT & EXPLICIT BIASES? Our Justice Elites representing & interpreting the U.S. Constitution on behalf of all Americans is A Fairy Tale except for Ginsberg…? Acting on behalf of all Yale & Harvard Law School Graduates- Almost ZERO DIVERSITY TO REFLECT AMERICAN SOCIETY TODAY!!! Our Supreme Court ensures UNIFORMITY of Jurisprudence & when systemic discrimination is enforced in case law, future decisions can rely on evil precedents. (Subjected to discrimination, hate speech, bullying, promoting violence against an identifiable, vulnerable protected citizen or class/group by a Police Officer, the Tribunal Judge EXCLUDED testimony & written evidence of the Police Officers Offences creating a legal precedent ENABLING INCREASED ‘LICENCE TO ABUSE’, WEAKENING HATE LAWS PROTECTING IDENTIFIABLE PERSONS OR GROUPS!  SYSTEMIC DISCRIMINATION IS USED TO ADVANCE FUTURE SYSTEMIC DISCRIMINATION by case law! WHAT IT IS-FAKE CASE LAW= Increased Fake Law! !!!

But American Voter Suppression Laws remove 16 million people from our voting Registry; Federal Judges uphold Texas & Ohio limiting drop boxes…, denying options for returning a ballot in person. Blacks can wait for up to 10 hours in line to vote- ingenious schemes to deny voters targeted for suppression!   ‘North Korea’s Supreme Leader WEEPING BEFORE HIS PEOPLE! : “Our people have placed trust, as high as the sky and as deep as the sea, in me, BUT I HAVE FAILED!” Pres. Trump offered a PERSONAL GOLDEN OLIVE BRANCH PEACE ACCORD with HIGH HOPES for certain ECONOMIC RESURGENCE in return for STANDING DOWN on Nuclear Armaments. A MISSED GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY by N. Korea,  Pres. Trump led a brutal infestation of sanctions- remarkably bringing China on board, breaking North Korea’s economic back & heart! Pres. Trump’s imposition of orchestrated economic sanctions on ROGUE NATIONS appears to work- unfortunately Trump includes Best Friends and Allies at times! Pres. Trump is calling on our World to sanction all involved in attacking Hong Kong’s RIGHTFUL FREEDOMS & OPEN CULTURE- Will our Biden/Harris Team have the COURAGE to face off against Autocratic Dictatorships via economic sanctions??? Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-Chang says, China is an authoritarian Country, and always does this infiltration & damage, so it thinks others do it too! They don’t know Taiwan has been open & democratic for ages!!!”  Trump is addressing international threats abroad, while Mike Pence, Joe Biden & Kamala could work on healing America’s 400 year long civil war, slavery wounds- reparations? Restoring HARMONY- Yeh! Yeh! Yeh! California will be voting Nov. 3 about AFFIRMATIVE ACTION for Visible Minorities/African Americans in hiring, contracts, education… Mississippi- the last State to display State Flag Confederate war symbols… asking for a plebiscite on the offensive flag! Without Pres. Trump, will Joe Biden half heartedly appease China like Chamberlain ‘attempting to appease Hitler? China BREAKING OUR TWO SYSTEMS ONE NATION AGREEMENT, CLAIMING & MILITARIZING THE SOUTH CHINA SEAS- one third of our World’s shipping routes! Seizing Canadians, Australians, Taiwanese citizens, etc. like pawns in a game. Sending war planes & war games frightening Japan & Taiwan, challenging The Philippines, ignoring World Court Opinions…  DISPLAYS of POWER & STRENGTH, MOCKS ‘WEAKNESS!’ WE struggle to bring Sesame Street back to our Neighborhoods within America, among our Friends & Neighborly Nations, Big Bird, Bert & Ernie, the COOKIE MONSTER- even Oscar the GROUCH but who stands like Pres. Trump against the Growing Gathering Storms & Darkness?!  Oct. 15, 2020      by Brianca  Lane  Wow- LOVE YOU SO MUCH-  SENDING YOUR LOVE EVERYWHERE ACROSS OUR WORLD- AMAZING VIBES-FEELING LIKE A ’67 SUMMER OF LOVE- IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES BUT YOU’RE ALL CREATING UNSTOPPABLE LOVE AGAIN!!! THE BEST IS YET TO COME- YOU’RE JUST PLAIN BEAUTIFUL & OUR WORLD IS BEGINNING TO SEE IT!!! Britney- Be Healthy- Spread Your Love to Everyone’s HEARTS!!!! What a Sparkling SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAVIORS, OUTLAWS, HERETICS & Halloween TALES of TERROR!  (P.S. Always Keep One Foot Planted in Sesame Street just in case…

Go to The Last House on the Left- Used my BAT PHONE to call my local Courier- ‘Sorry about the squeaking line- my phone has bat laryngitis! Your Driver was supposed to deliver my Sorcery Potions- ‘Yes but she’s a SCAREDY-CAT, says you’re house somehow disappeared behind the trees!’  (Our trees are so protective sensing bad vibes!) Easy as a Witch’s Halloween Brew to Conjure up Again but sometimes forget something- like conjuring a front door! (Jim Morrison was a Back Door Man- never used the front door!) Emma Watson experiences the same Witchy brain farts conjuring up issues to fret over- no way in or out? ‘GO DIRECTLY TO THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, pass by the ROPE HANGING from the tree, leave the INGREDIENTS WITH ME CHANTING PRAYERS #FREE BRITNEY… BESIDE THE BOILING CAUDRON!’ But instead, DISTRESSED DRIVER sneaks by at 6.17 a.m.- TRUE STORY- my computer says- ‘Sorry missed you at 6.17 a.m.,  NOT SAFE TO LEAVE YOUR PACKAGE UNATTENDED?’ 6.17 a.m.- UNGODLY HOUR for any HONEST Alyssa Milano Style WITCH suffering as a COVID ‘LONG HAULER,’ # Free Alyssa TOO! Over an hour before the cock crows waking innocent souls from The Twilight. Courier frees herself of my Witchcraft ESSENTIALS Pack at a drug store 3 miles hence- actually only two miles as a BROOMSTICK FLIES! A GOOD Witch waiting until Nightfall, flying for her pick up in delightful soupy saturated foggy air to feed a BROODING HEART- Oh, hearts long for Santa Monica sea fog & whispering sirens- You’re safe, all the sharks asleep- o.k. ALMOST ALL the sharks you ADRENALIN JUNKIE- Surfin’ With the SHARKS! Not quite BROOMED OUT, took my rake to see my DEER FRIENDS & watch me rake the grounds from a few feet away around midnight- the bewitching hour. My deer Friends sometime look at me- ‘Bri- you sure are different from many humans- But it’s o.k. We LOVE YOU ANYWAY!!!’ (Hmm- My Body says the same!)

Describes how American Voters see themselves facing the 2020 Election- VOTING for & among SHARKS- choosing the BEST SHARK among the KILLERS- the FANGED FOUR- Voters asking themselves ‘Am I crazy or are our Politicians Lost In Space???’ Nice Fangs Joe? Your 1990’s crime Bill sure solved the ‘housing problem’ for Blacks.. .Destroying generations of Black families,  jailing almost 2 million Americans overall in 2008… The Dems. promise to not be the hurtful past in the future, create better dilemmas? Promises promises- PROMISES!!! Soon Joe won’t remember his name never mind his PROMISES- Ha! Kidding!  O.k. Bite me- Sharkey Joe! Better social programs & supports for middle & lower socioeconomic class Americans, Robin Hood Joe & son ‘Hunter BLOWS’ taking from the very wealthy & corporations, addressing environmental issues including Global Man Made Climate Change- zero emissions by 2050, showing a friendlier, co-operative face & fangs… (A 2019 U.N. Biodiversity & Eco Systems study says we humans are pushing 1 million species to the brink of extinction, Nature is declining at an unprecedented rate in human history. ‘Prince’ Harry said in June, “I want us all to be able to tell our children- YES, WE SAW THIS COMING… WE DID WHAT WAS NECESSARY TO RESTORE THE ESSENTIAL ECOSYTEMS!” Meghan asks herself every day to make the World a better place- inspired by her ‘little pumpkin head Archie (Bunker?) Pres. Trump’s approach actually achieved a clear path to W.H. VICTORY- CRYING Damned Dems. A RIVER? had not China unleashed COVID on the World, killing 300,000 Americans & climbing, Pres. Trump now appears weak & irrational against COVID’s Wild Fires!  He must win for most federal alleged offences to fall outside the 5 year Federal Statute of Limitations; Sound the Trumpets, a legacy begins? His APPRENTICE REALITY SHOW- daughter, son & son in law ready for PRIME  TIME? Should he lose, alleged or imagined offences may engulf the Family Plot. A sitting President enjoys special status but Democrats embody undead Halloween star JASON- formerly Fancy Nancy Pelosi- free kitchen knives never in short supply- her daughter knows she is an assassin!

CHOOSING The Last House on the LEFT or RIGHT? Bad things happen to good intentioned American voters! But former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliano alleges Joe Biden also plays the undead Jason plunging & slicing deeply into America’s Heartland! “SOLD OUT OUR COUNTRY (to China)!” “China OWNS HIM LOCK< STOCK & BARREL!” Claims Joe’s son BLOWS CRACK at The White House, on Air Force ONE… ” “No ONE (especially China) HIRES A CROOKED DRUG ADDICT… to handle $Billions… “A CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY TO SELL OUT OUR COUNTRY” FOX NEWS hosts suggest Biden’s son ‘Hunter’s out on crack half the time…’  But China is in full recovery- economy galloping, threatening severe punishment for Countries refusing China’s wishes! War Games!  Threatening all 300,000 Canadians at Hong Kong, China…  should Canada accept PROTESTERS… from Hong Kong.  BRAINWASHING, TORTURE, SUPPRESSING & PURGING DISSENT! Hammering Australia for being critical;, an undeclared WAR AGAINST WESTERN STYLE DEMOCRACIES? Chamberlain attempted to appease Hitler/Germany…  Feeding insatiable hungry sharks only encourages them- aside from FOX NEWS & the New York POST, Candidate Biden is a mass media darling, pure as his driven SNOWJOB OVER AMERICA? “WONT GET FOOLED AGAIN?” When we want the hidden truth uncovered, our helpful Tomb Raider Lara Croft helps shine the LIGHT! Angelina questioned a former head of British Intelligence, MI6: He said in essence, ‘NO LOVE & PRECIOUS LITTLE TRUST BETWEEN CHINA & WESTERN DEMOCRACIES! 2 SHARPLY DIFFERENT VALUE SYSTEMS FOR THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE! OUR FUTURE SECURITY LIES IN EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES LIKE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE< QUANTUM< SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY…’ On Russia he says, ‘RUSSIA- RUSSIA DIDN’T CREATE THE THINGS THAT DIVIDE U.S.- WE DID!” Angelina says she questions ‘America encouraging a PEACE SETTLEMENT with the Taliban returning to POWER, WITHOUT GUARANTEEING WOMEN’S RIGHTS!’ Flip on the Boob Tube- ‘The Last House On The Left’ is a movie? Who knew?  Home Sweet Home? Or maybe not? You Democracy Voters are Delivery Drivers going for The last Presidential House on the Left or Right? Scariest Halloween Style movie! Don’t get tangled in the rope hanging from the American Tree of CERTIFIED CHEST’NUTS!’ Who to Choose- Donald JASON Trump? Joe JASON Biden? CRACK FINANCIER Hunter? Sweet ski masked smiling assassin Pelosi, 4 years SLASHING AMERICA’S  PRESIDENT’s GROIN- ALWAYS HITS BELOW THE BELT! Don’t AXE AMERICA JASON PELOSI for help Pres. Trump!  Drivers about to deliver the Political Black Box to The Last House On The Left?  The Right is Trumped?? Or shall we all dive off the DEEP END & live on Sesame Street until they come to take us away!??  #BRITNEY- PLEASE ADOPT US ALL!!! You’re the voice we trust! #ALYSSA don’t send your Private Public Police Force after us- We’re all squirreling away gathering Political nuts to bury before they bury America!!! L.O.L. to SAVE YOURSELF! 

For a few days after the 2016 election, underlying health issues soared so as John Lennon said- “WHATEVER GETS YOU THROUGH THE NIGHT! IT’S ALRIGHT!!” (A Southern California Kaiser Health System report says cardiovascular ‘events’ spiked 1.62 times higher in the 2 days AFTER the 2016 Presidential Election! (published in Proceedings of The National Academy of Science) Be silly, zany, enjoy cartoons, Sesame Street…  DON’T GET STRESSED OUT triggering underlying health issues- Care centers are busy with COVID but don’t NOT GO for any serious symptoms- YOU HAVE HEALTH RIGHTS TOO!!!  ONLY Politics, COVID & The Apocalypse- not the end of the World!!! Politicians come & go driving us crazy- they like it! What they do-their narcissistic SPORTS INTERESTS- getting us all twisted up inside! We have to protect our sanity & our health, especially after 9 months of Plagues & Climate Disasters….  show the World America can be GREAT & CRAZY CIVILIZED AT THE SAME TIME- #IT’S GREAT TO BE Protest CRAZY in AMERICA AGAIN! Together Apart MeUsCan-do! America began as a Civilized Protest Movement among Protestants, Martin Luther style- Free Speech, Assembly, All Created Equal, Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness… INALIENABLE RIGHTS! As Michelle says supported by helper/partner Hussein, “WHEN THEY GO LOW, WE GO HIGH!” When they go lower, we go higher in our thinking & civilized behavior! Protesting for Justice, Liberty & Rights & Freedom of expression- speech, press, assembly, protest, religion is in our genes for generations! (Our ‘CANCEL CULTURE’ means 60% of Americans- Cato Institute Finding, unlike Pres. Trump, self censor fearful of how others may react; a teacher may be fired based on expressing political views; in France a teacher lost his head depicting The Muslim Prophet improperly portrayed against strict ‘Taliban style views; Be especially kind, giving, compassionate, PATIENT &  TOLERANT of people no matter they are irresponsible in their views & politics!  Practice handling you’re emotions, thinking… Election results may be drawn out, contested… HOPING FOR THE BEST! What will history say about us, our handling of our challenges? Citizens with severe mental illness experience substantial challenges & stress for years sometimes, showing incredible courage, guts, staying true to their highest values no matter their times of suffering! Balls of Sunshine like Britney! 

‘AND THE BEAT/BEATINGS GO ON!’ Police have held the view- ‘IF YOU HAVE THIS SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS, YOU  SHOULD EXPECT TO GET BEATEN UP!’ If you have this serious Mental Illness, you should EXPECT TO GET BEATEN UP-‘ Still shooting citizens within seconds or beating them to death on “HEALTH CHECKS…” Judges still being informed about blatant Duterte style Police murders  but by a wink wink saying death was possibly due to an underlying health condition (like needing to breathe…) If ever a time to buy voter loyalties, why not within 2 weeks of a U.S. Election? South Americans will be flooding towards America upon Biden’s projected win… millions of future Dems. voters! Why not just enable countries to declare themselves a new U.S. State & save people having to walk so far? Dems. want a 1 year moratorium on evictions & foreclosures$ for paying off student loans… $50 billion for emergency rent & homeowner assistance; 8 million face eviction in January, $32 Billion is owed in back rent; Raising the minimum wage to $15. hourly- same as Peru’s basic daily wages?? $$$ promises to buy votes…      Brain Drain under COVID lock downs: student attendance even in virtual learning is plummeting- housing vulnerability, work, health & income insecurity… but that’s the GOOD NEWS! The BAD MEWS is China has ALL COMMIE CYLINDERS ON FIRE destroying with COVID, opiates, exporting cancer causing products,  stealing jobs & intellectual property, militarizing up to terrify neighboring Nations… demanding countries like Australia & Canada submit to China’s will or in Canada’s situation, 300,000 Hong Kong area citizens facing abduction & torture! New Zealand inviting a Chinese spy to attend parliament & report back to China for China’s final say? Behaving like Nazi Germany without the silly mustache!  Both U.S. Parties quibbling we want everything our way or else nobody gets NOTHING in COVID RELIEF!! Everybody freezes, starves, becomes inactive, our school age children’s brains reduced to computer gaming function stand by mode?

In Ontario Canada, the COVID Anti Life Inquisition Conservative Party  refused to included Seniors Care Homes in COVID Health Care Planning until March 21 with no urgency- about 80% of the Provinces deaths happen in Care Homes acting as COVID incubation & spread gas chambers. Families still shut out completely, residents locked down under horrendous conditions, hospitals shipping patients one way into the Care Camps to certain disease if not death! Finally the armed forces arrived far too late, reported the catastrophic abuses & suffering like a 3rd World Ethnic cleansing Tragedy- soldiers acquired P.T.S.D. exposing the truth! But the Conservatives are covering up the slaughter now, retroactively erasing all lawsuits by attempting to place cruel impediments… giving $$$ to private care homes who pay out dividends & bonuses… Litigation roadblocks against the Care Homes retroactive back to March 17. Before COVID, the Conservatives essentially STOPPED INSPECTION of CARE HOMES- residents put out & down with apparently fewer rights than animals! Shutting down the truth involving Government Complicity in passive & premediated mass murder. Few Seniors want to ever be part of the tragedy seeing what happened to the helplessly vulnerable in 2020- Home Care only! Always been everyday citizens since 1776- We the People  “hold these beliefs to self evident. that all men (and women- People Kind) are created equal, that they are endowed by the CREATOR with certain unalienable RIGHTS, that among these are LIFE< LIBERTY< and The Pursuit of HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!   You are the The People The Elect Who hold The Power, The Inalienable Rights- Life, Liberty Pursuit of Happiness- Mother Nature & Her Biosphere- Systems Within Systems have Already CHOSEN YOU to bring about New Normal & new Sustaining Relationships! It’s Thanksgiving & Halloween Season- Election Time- Please choose your TURKEY /MONSTER CAREFULLY!!! Remember Dr, Frankenstein had the misfortune of creating a monster from nothing, breathing life into his Monster which turned on humanity- Our 1984 Big Brother A.I. Surveillance Mark of the Beast Overseers…  Which Turkey/Monster shall we select this time- FOOL US AGAIN?!!!   # FREE U.S.A.LL- NOT ONLY BRITNEY FROM TURKEYS/MONSTERS TRYING TO RUN OUR LIVES, RUIN OUR FREEDOMS & HAPPINESS!!!!    Love You Always, Brianca   Lane  Stay Safe Everyone You R So LOVED- Our Universe Adores Your Wonderful Kindness & Open Heart!! Oct. 21, 2020 


Good Times Bad Times Yesterday’s Stock Market Swoon brings back memories of our not so good old days- On Oct. 29, 1929, “BLACK TUESDAY” sees stock prices collapse, panic selling- the GREAT DEPRESSION BEGINS!!! Also about 100 years ago, the so called SPANISH FLU begins a second more deadly tidal wave World Wide as today we suffer a second MORE SEVERE wave of COVID. (But the SPANISH FLU swept away young healthy folks- Thankfully helping collapse WW I.) Moving forward in time again, on Oct. 29, 2017 most Houston Texan N.F.L. Players took a knee during the NATIONAL ANTHEM- The Texan’s team owner had remarked to other N.F.L. owners, “WE CAN’T HAVE THE INMATES RUNNING THE PRISON!” referencing SLAVERY- A MASTER vs. SLAVES RELATIONSHIP! LIVING JOYFULLY OR SUFFERING MISERABLY ON EARTH WAS & IS ALWAYS ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIPS!  A very SCARY Halloween arrives on Nov. 3, 2020 in America- FRIGHT NIGHT- More than few Americans are like ELVIS- “ALL SHOOK UP!!!” WE LOVE BOTH PRESIDENTIAL & V.P. CANDIDATES- BEST WISHES TO EVERYONE-, is among the small group of ‘unbiased media’ on our Planet?  But critics suggest a battle between the FORCES OF GREATNESS & GOOD vs. A  PRESIDENTIAL DEEP STATE… CONSPIRACY!’ ‘Flawed best intentioned Fallen Dueling devils, Snake Oil Sales Teams Running Washington?? Pres. Trump freely displays his best & worst at all times feeding mainstream media- flesh eating puranas! Joe hides out- AN HONEST DOWN HOME White Segregationist Roots BOY or REAL WILD 2020 Joker? Opposed young Kamala’s bussing integration pilot program in California! Helped lock up 1 in 3 or young Black males!  6 unbiased but Conservative Supreme Court Judges ready to EVADE or ROCK & ROLL America’s FRIGHT NIGHT FOLLIES?  Dems. rattling sabers- Break the 6 PACK & stack Courts with flunkies? Joe- Donald claims you’re China’s Boy; you say Donald is Putin’s; Russia wants neither- Pussy Riot wants Putin & his Carved Pumpkins Congress Kettled & Purged! Americans want their next COVID benefits & checks!!! Children want Halloween & Candy Treats- Trick or Treat! China wants to run our World! UNCLE SAM still WANTS YOU wherever you live or are trying to hide out from 24/7 surveillance & A.I.!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIPS- ALWAYS- TOGETHER APART- You recall a critical pivot in Political Leaders ‘breaking the Constitution’ back circa Nov. 3, 1534. King Henry VIII radically changed ‘the constitution’ to his fancy marrying wife after wife! He became the Head of the ‘CHURCH of ENGLAND!’ You hope our 2020 November 3rd Presidential Election doesn’t go down like Henry VIII’s solution or to the DOGS like the Nov. 3, 1957 U.S.S.R. launching of animal astronaut Siberian husky Laika- into a doomed Sputnik II- A ‘sacrificial lamb’- DOG SPARKING WORLDWIDE PROTESTS among the ANIMAL RIGHTS EMERGING MOVEMENT! And the animal beatings still go on- PETA discovered CHAINED UP MONKEYS- KEPT IN SMALL CAGES AFTER EVERY WORK SHIFT- PICKED 400 COCONUTS EACH DAY for shipment to Stores everywhere for you to buy!!! (Pres. Trump initially put kids in cages, initially separated them from parents destined for prosecution for ILLEGALLY CROSSING THE BORDER- 545 kids are still separated today- Parents whereabouts unknown. But Pres. Trump says Hussein Obama built the cages for CAGING PEOPLE!) O.M.G.- All the animal suffering behind our every day blissful shopping ignorance! ENJOYING A PLEASANT, ‘INCREDIBLY GOOD PRICE’ SHOPPING EXPERIENCE? Should our shopping labels be required to detail any abuse complaints registered by human or animal rights orgs & UNIVERSAL PROTECTION STANDARDS BE ENFOCED?  Now it’s OUR PAYBACK TIME- KARMA, COVID, CLIMATE CHANGE WILDFIRES, SUPERSTORMS, INFESTATIONS…  for BREAKING OUR SOCIAL CONTRACT RELATIONSHIPS between Humans, Animals, Plants & all other LIVING FORMS & SYSTEMS within Mother Nature’s Biosphere! We look toward a NEW NORMAL- HEALTHY SUSTAINING RELATIONSHIPS- IT’s ALWAYS ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIPS- ALWAYS Together or Apart- Bad relationships= Disaster & Apocalyptic Times; Good, Healthy Relationships = Life, Liberty, Equity & Justice, Pursuit of Individual & Collective Sustainability & HAPPINESS- Achieving Beyond Our Wildest DREAMS!!! 

Amazing to finally hear our SCIENTISTS are GETTING IT! Increasingly saying ‘the sad basis for COVID & many infectious diseases & modern calamities is consequential to our BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS WITH NATURE!’ Admitting we have to HEAL our INTERDEPENDENT RELATIONSHIPS!  CHERISHING & RESTORING OUR BIOSPHERE- Living Systems within living systems! You recall a few years ago, after stressfully ‘wringing her hands, hoping to see the 50 or 60 promised years towards NEW NORMAL SUSTAINABILITY bearing fruit, achieving substantial successes by the VISON 2020 deadline, MOTHER NATURE FINALLY SPOKE IN A FIRM FINAL CAUTION to us- “SHOW ME! SHOW ME!”‘ TIME IS UP!!! So in January 2020 declared- ‘WELCOME to the APOCALYPSE!’ Be Truthful- sure Feels like an APOCALYPSE, Right?! Ball is in our Court- Scientists now screaming at us to Heal our Relationships with NATURE!  If we are simply victims, we are victims of our own Stubborn INACTION- c/o our dumb leaders like Pharaoh & Assorted Nuts in Ancient Egypt refusing to accept inevitable change- hardening their hearts & thereby suffering dearly for their inaction!  We’re not innocent, helpless victims of Apocalyptic Injustices!  Always BEEN & ALWAYS WILL BE About Our Relationships- OUR OWN MOTHER NATURE for God’s/Allah’s/Darwinian Science Sake!  WELCOMING CHANGING OUR BEHAVIOR & RELATIONSHIPS for THE BETTER! ‘Sure- for OUR OWN MOTHER NATURE!’ SCIENCE- a strange brewski!

A ‘Latest Breakthrough’ Scientific Discovery is ‘OUR CONSCIOUSNESS EXISTS AS AN ENERGY FIELD.’ Ever experience knowing something regardless of distance or time- not only in your immediate environment? Feel a true intuitive connection with a loved one ‘together in spirit/emotionally but apart?’ Sense a relationship or event you have to deal with NOW but you don’t know what it is?  PREMONITIONS ABOUT WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN? CRITICAL to your life & relationships? (In the weeks leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election, experienced a fairly detailed understanding of the upcoming election results favoring Candidate Trump but Hillary’s higher vote count. Told a few Relatives what was about to happen- ‘Not possible Bri- Hillary’s way in front- polls are very clear she’ll win.’ Yes- Hillary wins the vote but not the PRESIDENCY,’ I said. In 2016, Trump was ‘Destiny’s Trumpeter’- shaking & uncomfortably waking everyone- like it or not!! Very rude awakening wouldn’t you agree! Election night was merely a more detailed  RERUN of the PREMONITION, the exact results State by State! Our consciousness energy field is created by billions of brain neurons firing away & so we imagine both an individual consciousness energy field & a collective energy field sharing information with us- like an upcoming election! Hopefully our relationships are healthy & good,  a powerful engine operating in perfect harmony, we share uplifting creative power- together or apart!!! With interdependent healthy relationships in our living biosphere, systems within systems, we uplift our Destiny, Greatness & Creativity! Most Americans share a heavy heart- broken human relationships within America, across our World, with Mother Nature. This Apocalypse SUCKS as Canada’s P.M. Trudeau blows! Our suffering is about PUSHING US HARD TO ADDRESS OUR BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS- LIGHTING A FIRE UNDER OUR BUMS & IN OUR HEARTS TO GET US BACK ON OUR FEET-  Jesus/Yeshua said ‘Take up thy (sick) bed AND WALK!’ Everyone’s sick & tired of suffering- being sick & tired! Time to rise up like a Phoenix from Apocalyptic Wild Fires & Calamities- get our ACT TOGETHER BUT ESPECIALLY OUR RELATIONSHIPS!!!  Scientists can study thousands of years of Religious Art showing HALO DIVINE Consciousness Energy Fields, Shimmering Energy Light Fields emanating from Holy Inspired Humans… Touching the hem of Jesus’s garment is touching Jesus’s energy field, divine consciousness & healing power. Yes- we want to be HEALTHY, GREAT AGAIN- POWERFUL- Our Relationships always come first! WE GET IT- WE GOT IT- So BE IT-  Apocalyptic Times Until Change Becomes U.S.!!! Our 20/20 Visioning restored- our BEAUTIFUL, CHERISHED WORLD- DESTINY LONGS FOR U.S.-  LIFE, LIBERTY JUSTICE, EQUITY, COMPASSION, KINDNESS & SUSTAINABILITY-  PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!! We’ll GO FOR IT- ALL IN Together Apart! Love your Beautiful Caring Angel Rose HEARTS- # Free Britney Bird From Her Cage to FLY & SING AGAIN!!! – #FREE US ALL FROM OUR SELF CREATED APOCALYPTIC CAGES!!!  Oct. 29, 20/20 Visioning   by Brianca Lane 

P.S. 500,000 children in Yemen facing starvation- We’re SO MUCH BETTER than how our World shows humans as Reptilians- Apologies to all our Snaky Serpentine Creatures for the slight- Snakes saved my butt from police brutality/ shooting or life long injections with powerful soul destroying zombie psych. meds.; We’re SO MUCH BETTER  than racism & backbiting over Religion & Culture- France on the chopping block for stupidly showing cartoons about the Prophet; Muslim Political & Religious Leaders feeding worst stereotypes about M. ‘terrorists’ demanding conversion or a below the brow free haircut; As Michelle Obama suggests, SO MUCH BETTER than to stoop down- when ‘They go low, WE GO HIGH!’ ‘Lower= U.S. Higher!’ (Except to duck a knife or sword Michelle?) Jesus- PRINCE of PEACE- Ancient Jewish mobs, scheming Temple Priest money changers… Herod… all went lower & lower in their relationships against God, Jesus…  until their Temple destroyed, Arc of the COVENANT looted… Jewish relationships broke apart…  totally Vanquished until ’47/’48- almost 2000 years Wandering in The Wilderness; Rome collapsed from corruption within- WENT LOWER but Jesus WENT HIGHER- His Divine Light Energy Consciousness RESURRECTING POWERS!  In today’s SINNER NEWS- HA! , young spirited 6 year old African American  Kaia suffered sleep apnea, became cranky, kicked her teacher so B.L.M. hear ye- Police really went LOW  according to police interaction protocols with Black children. Strip searching, hand cuffing, arresting, finger printing… juvenile detention booking… What- give a 6 year old a criminal record- KIDS IN BIG HOUSE CAGES? Joe Biden’s- now disavowing systemic racism,  schtick was the 1994 crime bill hurting Black Families, locking them in cages? Kaia suffers Police Induced P.T.S.D.- We hope Officers are proud of themselves! Kaia is told ‘The sky is the limit- REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS!!!’ but she’s suffered psychological injury- we’re hoping for HER BEST!!! Kaia says she knows why the Police hurt her- “BECAUSE I’M A LITTLE CHILD OF COLOR!” Shame! Shame! Police equipped with only one tool- A HEARTLESS SOUL! Update- Jan. 7, ’21:  Canadian Rights Tribunal Decision: media reports Ontario Canada Black girl was AWARDED $35,000 in damages against the Peel Police for 2016 handcuffing 6 year old Black girl…!  BAD PUBLICITY AGAINST BAD POLICE FOR BAD USE OF FORCE! 

Thankfully, Saudi Arabia is shaking the sand from their sandals- headed camel back to HIGHER Sand Dunes! BESTOWING WOMEN’S HUMAN RIGHTS recently & now about to address FOREIGN WORKER’S RIGHTS!  S.A.’s KAFALA SPONSORSHIP SYSTEM is ‘indentured servitude…’ Nations need to adopt INTERNATIONAL WORK STANDARDS… 10+ million foreign workers are subjects of their SPONSORS- low pay, needing SPONSOR’S PERMISSION to change jobs, open a bank account, replace lost I.D., LEAVE THE COUNTRY… U.N. special ambassador Angelina Jolie is worried about WOMEN’S RIGHTS in Afghanistan under the Taliban as America seeks a lasting peace treaty & withdraws from endless $$$ 7+ trillions war??? Also Laura Croft wondering about Ancient Artifacts affecting World Destiny? Just asking? Middle East issues thankfully being addressed by Pres. Trump’s efforts!? About Michelle’s advice on going Higher or Lower- Only crack shot Annie Oakley- passed in ’26 at age 66, neither shot LOWER or HIGHER bypassing Michelle’s wonderful advice- At 90 feet, using her .22 caliber, Annie could split a playing card EDGE ON AND SHOOT SEVERAL HOLES IN IT BEFORE TOUCHING THE GROUND!!! Now there’s a Lady who could get things DONE ONCE & FOR ALL IN WASHINGTON!!! P.S. Don’t tell Trump’s militia supporters about Annie Oakley’s competency! P>S>S> Is Joe GOING LOW DOWN by basically hiding out in his basement until Nov. 3? Oct. 29, 20/20  LOVE YOU ALL!       by    Brianca Lane


Hope Everyone is Healthy, Happy, BEST SPIRITS POSSIBLE IN OUR APOLYPTIC TIMES! Hear any murmurings of violence yet over this 3rd World Shaky mail in balloting fiasco? (More security in picking up an online package- having to show up in person, present a courier sent card & Government I.D. with photo…) For everyone’s best outcomes, was among the FIRST MEDIA to sound the ALARM a few years ago.  Mother Nature, our Biosphere Living Systems within Systems ramping up HER PUSH BACK saying ‘TIMES UP! ‘SHOW ME! SHOW ME!” (You’ve Changed your unsustainable Old Normal deadly ways…)   Specifically in Jan., 2020- saying ‘WELCOME to THE APOCALYPSE!’  An impending Apocalypse complete with plagues, infestations, Wildfires, Global Climatic Changes & Superstorms, mental illness social viral ‘outbreaks…’ all challenging our underlying competencies, weaknesses, abilities for survival! Tragic severe CONSEQUENCES- CAUSES & EFFECTS ALL from our BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS with Mother Nature.   We may GO HIGH & HEAL OUR RELATIONSHIPS- the sooner the better! Our warning was & is as strong as possible & we looked at what DECISIVE ACTIONS we need to take! Today, we see over 100,000 daily new COVID infections in the U.S.,  1,000 deaths, an out of control 2nd wave affecting World wide human activity & survival. Bringing back frightening historical accounts of 1918 Spanish flu 2nd wave casualties! We could have isolated for a month like hermits allowing COVID to die out back in Jan., Feb. or March or adopted uniformly strict safety behaviors to deny transmission.   

IS  ALWAYS OUR RIGHT AS INDIVIDUALS & SOCIETIES TO ENJOY FREEDOM TO CHOOSE OUR DESTINY FOR BETTER or WORSE! Pres. Trump blamed for singularly focusing on America’s economy, withholding how fast & seriously COVID spreads by touch or in the air, our necessary drastic personal & social safety practices…  but & many other HONEST & RELIABLE SOURCES,  health & scientific authorities were SCREAMING THE TRUTH week after week! We quickly began SEEING, HEARING & EXPERIENCING repeating tragedies- especially our SENIORS seemingly being culled reminiscent of 1930’s German eugenics programs- removing vulnerable, weak, undesirables- disposable human beings! We can stop blaming Trump as a whipping post & start taking personal & social responsibility, cooperating, being kind, generous, helpful, tolerant, compassionate, ‘being doers & problem solvers…’  BE BETTER in facing our challenges, relieving burdens & hardships carried by others!  Most citizens are BELIEVERS in a HIGHER POWER or POWER in POSITIVITY! Time to apply ourselves to Be At our Best! Working TOGETHER APART- MeUsCan-DO!!! TIME to ACT! We R Pressured to CHANGE until CHANGE BECOMES U.S.!!! What happened to American Know How & Ingenuity? 

 Many civil societies are fairly cohesive, citizens easily able to cooperate uniformly, generally more agreeable to large scale social plans & field tactics under Liberalism or Socialism.  Our beloved U.S.- The EXCITED STATES  is completely divided into vehement  social silos as the 2020 Elections show! Pres. Trump is quite transparent- we always know what he’s up to but our career politicians are back stabbing & opaque, double, triple agents… And we won’t discuss their worst qualities!  Surely not career politician Joe Bonzo Biden thou doth protest? Pres. Trump was elected as an outsider non politician business boss to take on the status quo, speak in real words directly-  ENERGIZED, ACTIVATED, ALIVE!  Drain the swamp, exorcise vampiric Washington evil undead! AMERICA- MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN! At home and abroad, an ALPHA MALE whose enjoyed many homes & ____ ______ in his challenging musical chairs misogamy! Apologies Malanija- bad joke to release our Apocalyptic stress levels! During his entire term, typical mainstream media have incessantly backstabbed him- deserved or not, never applauding his accomplishments. DESTINY’S TRUMPETER- WAKING US ALL UP!  By whatever outrageous approaches! Paying 10 times over in blood for any perceived character flaws!!! (Not always very hard to find!)  His unloving niece, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, the self appointed Trump Family Psychologist says her Grampa Fred demanded his sons be ‘hunters & killers’- ALPHA MALES, allowing no equals, granting no quarter to rivals… Not even Donald’s spouse is allowed to share power equally. Mary’s Father, not possessing a ‘killer nature,’ crumbled under this impoverishing Spartan live or die harsh military style nurturing. Donald Trumped his ‘loser brother’- possessed by a ‘killer nature’ & thrived in a ‘nurturing’ private military school conjuring up his lust for absolute control, unequal power relationships! Donald is a product of Nature & Nurture- 1 in 2 voting Americans see his energetic determination & indominable competitive desire to win as critical to survive & blossom in our shark infested World- China & Russia to name 2 tyrannical evils. Joe Bonzo Biden not so much? 

In Bedtime for Bonzo (1951) U.S. future Pres. Ray-Gun developed his ART of seeming to Monkey Around while going about his laser focused secret agenda- helped take apart the totalitarian feared U.S.S.R., the wall separating East & West Germany… with a FRIENDLY SMILE ALWAYS READY TO GREET ANYONE!!! Appeared so unthreatening… The film script is about  a College Professor attempting to prove our ENVIRONMENT TRUMPS HEREDITY in behavioral development. In our 2020 sequel we see BONZOS BIDENS vs. Terrifying Trumps MONKEY BUSINESS in Washington FACE-OFF!  Mainstream media typically portrays Pres. Trump as a Soviet/U.S.S.R. double agent, the Trump Family Dynasty attempting to take over Our World, build a Family Dynasty like the Kennedys…! Yes- mainstream media can be a CARTOON PRESENTATION OF REALITY- Played over & over until brainwashed subscribers imagine it must be true! Yes- a part of every cartoon caper fake news story is probably based in Reality. 2020 BONZOS BIDENS is mainstream media’s Darling ‘It’s A Wonderful Life!’ sweetheart down home (actually a strict segregationist) boy finally coming to fruition as a  RESCUER, saving Bedford Falls-  AMERICA!!! But is mainstream media showing Mr. Wonderful BONZOS BIDEN in an honest picture? 

Joe Bonzo Biden has an unimaginably racist way with words & advancing racist political laws: 1. Called Obama ‘THE FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN WHO IS ARTICULATE & BRIGHT & CLEAN & A NICE LOOKING GUY!’ Who knew other African Americans were so yucky???

2. Harris- his ‘colored’ running mate of mixed Indian & A.A. heredity, was among the first children bused for integration in her Cal. Community but complained about BONZOS 1970’s opposition to busing integration programs. In 1975, BONZOS sponsored a major amendment stopping busing for integration. In 1977, supported by SOUTHERN SEGREGATIONISTS, co-authored a Bill substantially limiting Federal Courts ability to ORDER BUSING for INTEGRATION.   BONZOS USED THE FORBIDDEN JUNGLE ANALOGY (we used to hear commonly in jest among the otherwise WONDERFUL FRIENDLY KIND & GENEROUS Tennessee Folks!)- ‘Unless we do something, my children are going to grow up IN A JUNGLE, THE JUNGLE BEING A RACIAL JUNGLE with tensions GOING TO EXPLODE!’ ‘POOR KIDS ARE AS SMART & TALENTED AS WHITE KIDS,’ Joe is ‘charming in a sick politically incorrect kind of way? Says in 2020 A.A.’s ‘AIN’T BLACK’ if ‘you people’ are still deciding who to vote for! How come Pres. Trump & supporters are always slammed by The Big Media Mob but they never call out Joe to face America’s CANCEL CULTURE inquisition Style Political Justice- Guilty until proven Guilty!

3.On property & human rights, Joe Bonzo championed 1984 Big Brother’s COMPREHENSIVE CONTROL ACT enabling CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE WITHOUT PROVING GUILT! In 1989, Pres. Bush called for more Prisons, Jails, Prosecutors… but Joe Bonzo said it didn’t go far enough ‘RIDDING PREDATORS ON THE STREETS’ meaning Blacks. Joe Bonzo’ crime bill helped destroy generations of African Americans setting up a pattern of 1 in 3 or 4 Blacks being jailed!!! ‘I’M NOT ASHAMED- I DRAFTED THE 1994 CRIME BILL’  The 1970 100 per 100,000 norm prison rate dramatically increased over 5 times the base rate in 10 years from Crime Bills! Said he doesn’t care to hear why Black families are too often broken nor addressing inner city circumstances & sources of Black crime-‘victims of society’s neglect….,’ just get ’em locked up!  Joe Bonzo sided with Pres. Clinton about gutting welfare- Families living on less than $2. per person per day tripled from 1996- 2011. In 2006 at a Columbia Rotary Club speech, The State Newspaper reportedly quoted Joe Bonzo saying ‘Delaware- A SLAVE STATE that fought beside the North. That’s only because we couldn’t figure out how to get to the South- There were a couple of States in the way!’ 

4. Eulogized racist Strom Thurmond. Caught plagiarizing in Law School. Failed class but allowed to retake the course. Dropped from the 1988 Pres. race after plagiarizing J.F.K., etc. Subjected A.A. sexual harassed complainant Anita Hill (Justice Clarence Thomas hearing) to brutal interrogation by white power brokers.

5.Helped create major U.S. banks as ‘too big to fail’ leaving average Americans to foot the bills! In 2008, only with 5% support- dropped out of the Primaries coming up to the first vote. Supported the TRULY FAKE NEWS INVASION of IRAQ to seize NON EXISTENT ‘WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION.’ Pres. Trump pointed to a bill approaching $7 trillion for Middle East calamity invasions & reconstruction- 1/3 the U.S. Federal Debt prior to COVID;   killing millions by war, starvation, lack of essentials for life, creating rogue terrorist forces using U.S. weapons for 18 fruitless years accomplishing despair for everyone!

Trump’s STRONG LEADERSHIP in TRADE RENEGOTIATIONS, BRINGING BACK U.S> JOBS… Economic Prosperity, Stock Markets… (but too weak on Environmental & Climate Change for Sure!) successfully uses economic sanctions instead of open warfare- This year N.K.s Dictator openly cried & apologized to the country because economic sanctions effectively seized the N.K.’s economy-   Pres. Trump’s generous offer to help create a great N.K. economy in return for dropping the weapons of mass destruction program was not adopted. Russia similarly does not see Pres. Trump as helping Russian interests today- burdening Russia with economic sanctions! U.S. Military Officials say Obama weakened America’s ability to defend freedom but Pres. Trump restored necessary budgeting to rebuild but also used economic sanctions in place of military warfare as a safer & smarter alternative! Has been hammering Iran & lifting up Israel, normalizing Israeli Arab Relationships…


P.S. Mental Illness Recovery Britney Times- REGAINING CONTROL OVER OUR OWN LIVES, DECISION MAKING… ACTIVITIES INCLUDING DAILY LIVING & PURSUITS OF CREATIVITY & HAPPINESS, APPROPRIATE WITH OUR INCREASING EXPERIENCE IN LIVING WITH OUR MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGES…  & REGAINING CONTROL OVER RESOURCES WE OWN OR ARE TARGETED FOR OUR BENEFIT BUT ARE BEING ACCESSED & CONTROLLED OR UTILIZED BY OTHERS WITHOUR OUR LEGAL INFORMED CONSENT OR WITHOUT OUR CHOSEN PERSONAL COUNSEL ACTING ON OUR DIRECTION & IN OUR INTERESTS !!! Our Beloved Angel Rose Heart Britney’s lawyer is asking California Court’s Justice Penny (for her thoughts)  to remove her Dad as Co-conservator- WHY?  To protect her person & interests against IMMEDIATE FORSEEABLE HARM;  Through her lawyer, Brit wants to  install a professional financial management firm to handle her trust funds, accounting, records… Her Dad wants the accounting & records to stay at the current bank until the Court enables the new financial firm to take over… Brit’s long time manager quietly quit on her; Brit’s Dad hired a new business manager for her without seeking her consent nor her input- Brit doesn’t know costs, salary, contract terms….Brit should select/help choose her preferred manager & terms… based on HER PLANS & ASPIRATIONS…  Brit’s 38- C’mon her Dad may be Wonderful but who wants their Dad RUNNING THEIR ENTIRE EXISTENCE AT AGE 38- NO MATTER HOW CHALLENGING ONE’S ILLNESS???? Also, been about 13 years now? under the so-called ‘voluntary’ Conservatorship Agreement. Time’s Up Already don’t you think? How many millions have been paid out lining the pockets of others- every penny justified? without her knowledge or input???  LET MY PEOPLE GO! Judge Penny!!!!!!!!    LOVE LOVE LOVE TO YOU! PRACTISE EVERY FRIGGIN’ SAFETY BEHAVIOR SO COVID CANNOT POSSIBLY HAVE AN OPPORTUITY TO INFECT YOU- INFECTION RATES ARE COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL UNTIL WE GET A VACCINE INTO 60- 70%+ for herd immunity… (neighbor says- Mother Nature’s keeping me safe & sound like a happy bug in a wooly beautiful rug!!!!    LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU TO BE SAFE! CHEER UP BUTTERCUP! ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS- YOU ARE- WE IN YOUR HEARTS! Love You, Brianca Lane Nov.5, 20/20  (Wish all 4 candidates would share Presidency TOGETHER APART for the next year to heal the 50/50 schizophrenia split in America today- ONLY TOGETHER because each set only represents  50% of Americans… ‘A House Divided Cannot Stand!’ Abe Lincoln


Happy Sad Veterans/Remembrance Day to U.S. A.LL & Everyone Everywhere! Beautiful Vibrant PEACE NOW IF WE REALLY WANT IT! WE WANT IT- PEACE EVERYWHERE  FOR EVERYONE NOW!!!

Funny Song- No Disrespect Intended for all you Pres. Elect? Biden Lovers: Joe speaking about future DOGS in the White House… Junkyard Joe devil dog Presidential Blues-

Woke up Nov.4- Got them knocked down, lied to, cheated out, sexually harassed & assaulted, wife stealin’, Bible burned & buried- In God Joe cussed-  instead of ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ darn dang COVID second infection wave accelerating Junkyard Joe devil dog Presidential BLUES!!! Oh Lordy, LORD…  Apologies to Everyone- Please allow us one tiny slip from impassionate impartiality over the U.S. Pres. Election- You are always so kind hearted, understanding, generous…  Daily U.S. Infections R NOW  100,000+ deaths  1,000- 2,000?! We’ll continue MentalHealthHEAVENRIGHTSForum in our afterlife Together Apart, especially should some GO HIGH with Michelle while others SINK LOW with Joe!!! Apologies to all believers in Bedtime For Bonzo Monkey Business Joe or the sequel  Chimp Chump Joe Blows Up Washington Foes?(Impeachment…)  Indulge our weeping Pres. Trump FAB FANS a moment to plead their Godly case? Thank you, Fair Jurists, Lilies of Lady Liberty’s Green Challenged Valleys! To plead Impeachment- Banana Rama Biden Goes Boo! Chimp Chump Joe Blows Up before or after Inauguration-

The Case is Joe vs. U.S. “ONE NATION UNDER GOD!” “IN GOD WE TRUST!” Banana Brain Joe cheated in Law School; failed a course; lied saying he graduated in top half- was a lowly 76 out of 85; caught cheating again in 1988 Pres. race & withdrew- observers were perplexed-“Biden lied in situations in which it was not necessary or relevant!?”;

Creepy Uncle Joe- Amy Lappos, Caitlyn Caruso- related to famous singer?, D.J. Hill, Lucy Flores attest to unwanted touching/sexual harassment; Assistant Tara Reade claims Sexual Assault- penetration; (V.P. Candidate, former Attorney General, Cal. Kamala Harris says, “We hear you, see you, will give you dignity. Don’t let this process bully you into silence!” Oct.5, 2018)

Joe’s 1990’s Crime Bill involving targeted “Predators on our Streets”- code words for young, male African Americans, including 3 strikes & you’re out for drug charges…- sentenced to LIFE in PRISON, involved locking up 1 in 3 or 4 young Black males, destroying generations of Families & children’s lives!  Brutal BADASS Joe said, “We have predators on our streets society has neglected.  It doesn’t matter whether they were deprived, not abled to be socialized due to poor background- victims of society…” “10s of thousands of young people born out of wedlock, without supervision, without parents, without any structure… they literally have not been socialized…” “TAKE THEM OUT…!” Cheater, liar, alleged sex abuser using his power imbalance as as a “IN GOD WE TRUST” U.S. Senator, Biden destroys millions of lives & Families. Certainly “I CAN’T BREATHE” CHANGED AMERICA’S BLACK LIVES EXPERIENCE on the streets- being V.P. should have dampened his decades spouting segregationist, racist laws & diatribes!  Is he a COMPLETELY CHANGED REHABILITATED HUMAN BEING from previous decades? LOVE IT TO BE TRUE!!! WHY NOT- SEEN THE LIGHT!!!

But recent allegations by his wife’s ex-husband, raise a disturbing EARLY ADULTERY image, Junkyard Joe devil dog Presidential Blues!  He alleges he & his wife helped Joe-including $$$donations in  Joe’s 1972 successful Senate bid. Says one of his wife’s best friends informed him Jill had CROSSED THE LINE with Senator Joe. Says he found out about an auto accident (1974) involving his car where the informant was shocked to see The Senator DRIVING HIS CAR WITH HIS WIFE! Says in 1974, “BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN was going to play (his) Stone Ballroom & I had to go to North Jersey to pay HIM in advance. I asked Jill to go with me- SHE SAID NO!” She wanted to stay & help Senator Biden instead of seeing BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!!! Naturally, the evidence of infidelity was overwhelming- he had to ask her to leave & they divorced.’ ADULTERY as ALLEGED against Joe is challenging if our Nation believes we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD! & IN GOD WE TRUST! because SEVERAL 10 COMMANDMENTS SPECIFICALLY FORBID ADULTERY AS DID JESUS- “GO AND SIN NO MORE!!!”Joe’s version is likely night & day different- Who should we believe??? If he is guilty???

Senator Biden was breaking all manner of ‘IN GOD WE TRUST” including God’s 10 Commandments- God commands not to lie, steal… specifically Commandment 7. says, “YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY!” Commandment 10. says, “YOU SHALL NOT COVET/DESIRE YOUR NEIGHBOR’S WIFE!” Jesus said, ‘let no man separate what GOD has put together- made ONE FLESH!’ Joe claims their story is they first met by a blind date after Jill was divorced… If all these serious breaches of international, GOD’S & JESUS’s Morals, Laws & Commandments are true, how may U.S. Courts allow Joe to be President- Against Everything America represents “IN GOD WE TRUST!” A sitting U.S. President cannot be prosecuted.  Heads the Nation & all its sacred Principles & Morals! If Joe is guilty as alleged, he represents evil, the unholy, Satan/the devil, the ensnarer as described by Pope Francis, a vampiric character preying on younger women/girls…-Creepy Joe? Quid Pro Quo Joe???(But presenting a Wonderful Climate Change Agenda, Better Health Care Coverage including for pre-existing conditions… $!5.00 minimum hourly wage, opportunities for legal & illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. & become citizens- to FLOOD AMERICA??? controversial issues… cavorts easily with detractors he says… Innocent until proven guilty- still applies in our U.S. CANCEL CULTURE??? where suspicion= CANCEL) Can any reasonable citizen or Court allow or enable his ascension to the U.S. Throne on Biblical & Christian Grounds- As a SAVED SINNER???

Back for a moment to our Beloved FREE Angel Rose Heart Britney to control her own life, PERSON & ASSETS with her appointed team of honest expert advisors;   From her slavery under 12 years+ ‘voluntary’ Big Brother Cal. represented by a Ms. Penny for her thoughts under MICRO & MACRO CONTROL FREAK OUT CONSERVATORSHIP;  I ask you, ‘Who is really CRAZY HERE? Our blessed Angel Rose Heart Britney bravely challenged by Bi-Polar… or under assistant hallway school Californian Courts monitor types on heavy handed POWER TRIPS imagining they’re running Chinese Re-education Centers- Britney’s their poster girl treated like a young child?

Back Country Humor-  JOE WHO DO WE GET?- A man with 8 years under his belt as U.S. V.P.? Or a dementia declining well past BEST BEFORE DATE shadow of  earlier competency & capability?  Better to place under a Conservatorship, Junkyard dog Pres. Elect going to DIVIDE AMERICA? Country Joe & his shark eating fishy extreme left CANCEL CULTURE MOB? Says he’s Mr. Co-operation, & Democracy- All for Building Consensus but his associates show 4 years of insurrection & political assassination style politics- Joe’s the LONE CONSENSUS BUILDER in a pack of blood sport wolves??? Better send Joe  up Country to a retirement shack in the Beautiful Appalachians where the Water tastes like (Heavenly) Wine… than enable a CONSENSUS BUILDER to hide blood thirsty power predators stalking the halls of America’s Greatness & ‘staying power drunk all the time!’ Joe’s character often questioned in past critical situations- lying, cheating, adopting extreme legislation hammering Americans!!! About his personal life-“Biden stole my wife! I don’t want to hurt anyone but what happened happened!” says Jill’s ex… Who to believe… JOE WHO DO WE GET AS PRESIDENT???

We R All Britney? Britney/U.S.A.LL feeling like we’re LIVING IN A CONSERVATORSHIP 24/7 – Big Brother Government micro managing our lives- #FREE U.S.A.LL- the Innocent Citizens of the World?!! What kind of INSANE JUSTICE IS THIS? Once Big Brother stamps us as needing Conservatorship, almost impossible to REGAIN OUR INALIENABLE RIGHTS AGAIN? Britney’s next Court date is Dec. 16 at 9:30 a.m. At her Nov. 10 Date, Judge Penny denied her petition to have her TOXIC RELATIONSHIP Dad removed as co-conservator but will allow her lawyer to bring similar requests on her behalf at future hearings. Her Dad says his CONTROL IS AN EXPRESSON OF HIS LOVE? How many women HEAR THAT LINE- FIERCELY CONTROL YOU, DISCIPLINE YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!’ GOOD NEWS!!! Penny for her thoughts school hall monitor type agreed to her Corporate Fiduciary to be added. Her Dad still is able to micro manage HER PERSON at his discretion just as BIG BROTHER micro manages our lives today!  Brit’s Family- Mom, Brother Brian & kid Sis are behind her #FREE BRITNEY!!! Her lawyer says she’s a HIGH FUNCTIONING CONSERVATEE, suggesting Britney can give direction as to her wishes? Britney says she’s very happy otherwise- won’t perform until she wins FREEDOM FROM UNDER HER FATHER! Everyone feeling queasy- our beloved Britney’s ‘voluntary’ agreement now almost 13 years old- what kind of country is our LAND of THE FREE??? ‘LIVE FREE or LOVE FREE’- Is that the Mass. message by the Kennedy Family???

But Britney says she’s very HAPPY- HAPPY HAPPY as ever in her life? “The lights are on- but you’re not home & your mind is not your own?” Absolutely  FANTASTIC DESCRIPTION OF MENTAL ILLNESS Britney if you were speaking about mental illness… (Presumably Judge Penny is very supportive of her Dad’s efforts on her behalf- whatever he’s doing, Penny’s banking on him but likes her new Corp. Fiduciary  keeping an eye on her financials!)  But actually Britney, Worldwide we’re all being treated like little children ordered about by Big Brother saying we must obey because ONLY BIG BROTHER KNOWS BEST in COVID TIMES!  Big Brother- today deciding who lives & dies,- gets vaccines…, who gets help & who suffers or gets kicked to the curb, what arbitrary or illogical sweeping powers are decreed day by day at the whims of our quid quo pro Politicians!  Will Big Brother easily give up POLICE STATE POWERS or actually decide China’s model of TOTAL SURVEILLANCE & A.I. Indefinite CONSERVATORSHIP is BEST!  Everyone falling together into the rabbit hole with Britney? Britney may be too sane for our crazy political World- Happier than most of us thanks to her beloved Wealthy Personality- but we know for certain our Politicians are SELF CENTERED POWER MAD HATTERS warranting being under our co-conservatorships!!!  YOU STAY SAFE- UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU HEALTHY & WEALTHY to enjoy feeding off your co-conservatorships!!! We ALWAYS LAUGH TOGETHER APART ENJOYING HOW SIMILAR WE ARE, LOVING THE SAME WONDERFUL FREEDOMS & INALIENABLE GOD/ALLAH/EVOLUTIONARY RIGHTS, INCLUDING PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS & OUR COLLECTIVE UPWARD DESTINY TO LIFE< CREATIVITY< JOY< BLESSING OUR WONDERFUL WORLD TOGETHER FOREVER IN LOVE- APART!!!  SO SO EASY TO LOVE YOU-  Nov. 11, 2020       We Remember Together-  Love  Brianca Lane

P.S.>>> WHICH PERSONALITY DISORDER DO WE WANT IN OUR LEADERS>>>> Pres. Trump keeps the Chinese TERROR GOVERNMENT ELITES in his economic & military sights. He was shaped by nature & nurture as his niece Mary Quite Contrary & the Trump Family unauthorized psychologist from hell-o! rails against him, a ‘killer’ ALPHA MALE personality understanding Chinese ruthlessness & terror tactics- their plan for absolute World Dominance. Pres. Trump doesn’t accept dominance and by extension any Nation attempting to take over our World nor America. But we exist in an undeclared war against the Chinese government- Every precious heartfelt value among Americans is under full threat right now!  Against Chinese minorities especially, artificial Intelligence computer Algorithms assemble facial recognition & all biometrics, speech, individually assigned spying reports inside & outside people’s homes & work as deemed useful, cameras tracking every movement, word, facial & emotional expression… 24/7. One wrong word, concerning level of tension & anxiety, facial expression may involve A.I. deciding and advising for a ‘precrime arrest,’ interrogation & re-education. Re-deployment or used as slaves in sweatshops…? Is Candidate Biden up to speed, able to stare down China’s ever greater reckless power mad grandiosity?  Detractors claim his addict son was involved in secret business dealings with China- China aims to employ any means legal or illegal to advance World Domination interests. Which candidate is best able to deal with China’s undeclared war???  Candidates compromised morally, by financial gain…, from any Nation? Without a basic moral or integrity compass?  Again, if only the 4 Presidential Candidates agreed to work for a period as a team to bring the 2 halves of America to a healing understanding!!!  If they only PUT THEIR COUNTRY AHEAD OF THEMSELVES, THEIR OWN EGOS, AMERICA COULD HEAL in 2021!!! Make My Day- STAY HEALTHY & SAFE!!! Pray for PEACE & FREEDOM FROM COVID & BIG BROTHER STEALING ALL OUR INALIENABLE RIGHTS & FREEDOMS!

OUR HOLY SCRIPTURES CALL US, OUR POLITICIANS & COVID CULLS U.S. A.LL- A Second Wave sweeping our Globe, headed by the usual suspects- U.S., India, Brazil, Russia, France… U.K. now well exceeding 50,000 deaths!  Super Spreader Events include Weddings, Funerals, Church Services, Family Gatherings, Young Folks Parties, Holidays= Thanksgiving, Diwali, Christmas… We need TESTING & IMMEDIATE ACCURATE RESULTS- EVERYONE PRACTISING EXTREME SAFETY ETIQUETTE; Masks/Facial Coverings; Social Distancing- 6 or better 13 feet if possible; hand washing, avoiding touching face… cleaning surfaces; avoiding crowds, quarantining as indicated; keeping our Family Homes for Residents; protecting Elderly & anyone with underlying health vulnerabilities/illness… while keeping our Economies & Social Systems ACTIVE! STAYING HEALTHY TOGETHER but APART!!! Enjoying fresh air & light exercising for FUN!!! 


We need a Great Conspiracy Theory to Unravel>>>>>  ELECTION  CONSPIRACY/HANKY PANKY? 1. Should State Courts & Supreme Court determine how Nov. 3 U.S. Mail In Balloting ALLEGED Substandard Fiasco affected Counts & Ultimate Election Results?

2. The choreographed mainstream media U.S.S.R. style Propaganda Campaign against Pres. Trump should be examined- this is the U.S.A. Election being subjected to 24/7 Propaganda like the late U.S.S.R. Media used to push out!!! 

3. Operation Warp Speed  Victory & Pre Election Relief Rally Denied by Big Pharma? THE $$$HEALTH CARE PHARMA CALVERY RIDING OVER THE CREST OF THE HILL- BURNING BRIGHT WITH PROMISES TO VACCINATE & TREAT OUR COVID MISERY- ONLY immediately after Nov. 3, every Monday choreographed with a new announcement! Pfizer & BioNTech adding to Moderna & others- Russia says ‘we have a vaccine!’ We should be very suspicious about the timing of announcements- DAYS AFTER the U.S. Election & with the C.E.O…. dumping his stock by earlier scheduled  plans, on or about the very PEAK PRICE & accompanying announcement of a ‘successful’ vaccine & roll out? ! What if Pfizer… announced  just prior to Nov. 3?  Under Pres. Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, he provided $$$Billions… to produce vaccines by Nov. 1 TESTED READY FOR APPROVAL & INJECTION… Clearly had Big Pharma announced VICTORY BEFORE THE NOV. 3 ELECTION, PRES> TRUMP WOULD HAVE WON REGARDLESS OF MODERATE HANKY BALLOTING PANKY BY A RELIEF RALLY!!! (Pfizer denies the announcement timing involved consideration of Stock Valuation & Election implications…)

GOOD NEWS>>>>>>>>>> So, GIVE U.S.A.LL GOOD NEWS  Please! 90%+ EFFECTIVE VACCINE after 2 doses- Full protection kicks in one week after second dose in Phase 3 study! Hope for final results in a few weeks.; quick approval for emergency U.S. use; 50 million doses by Dec. 31; 1.3 billion doses in 2021; (Russia claims their vaccine also is ‘safe’ & over 90% effective preventing COVID & curtailing symptoms;) WHAT ELSE DO WE NEED TO HAPPEN? FAST ACCURATE TESTING TESTING TESTING & CONTACT TRACING TO ISOLATE POSSIBLE INFECTED! PLUS BETTER TREATMENT PROTOCOLS! Moderna’s vaccine should also be ready for approval & use soon with 20 million doses available by year end! (Pfizer’s vaccine needs to be kept very cold at – 70C. , Moderna’s at -20C. but other candidates can be kept at normal fridge temperature!) But Normal anti-body immunity may be short lived with very mild symptoms! How long will vaccine immunity last? How long to vaccinate 60- 70%+ of our World’s billions population? How do we vaccinate in depressed, chaotic, economically depressed Nations or communities? And COVID is spreading like out of control wild fires- who wins the race??? What about our broken relationships with Mother Nature also causing super storms, other plagues & infestations…  Will our Politicians continue to use COVID TO CULL UNDESIRABLES- THROWAWAY OPPRESSED Societal SCAPEGOATS?  ONTARIO’S PREMIER  PULLED ALL PREVIOUS ANNUAL INSPECTIONS… PRIOR TO COVID… FORCING SENIORS INTO 24/7 CROWDED DEADLY 24/7 LOCKDOWN-  REMAINING VIRTUALLY UNCARED FOR- FAMILY & SUPPORTS LOCKED OUT, SENIORS LOCKED IN- PETRIE DISHES FOR VIRUSES & BACTERIA! Substantially RAISED BAR ON THRESHHOLD FOR LAWSUITS to DISENFRANCHISE SENIORS & FAMILIES>>> Understaffed & underpaid part time staff with few benefits & no shifting between homes… Premier promised pay hikes… said repeatedly Care Aides/Personal Support Workers should be paid +/- $170. hourly but instead cut their hours… and is bringing in new staff with virtually no training at minimum wage!!! Politicians World Wide behaving like Colosseum Caesars- THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN as to who lives, WHO DIES!!!   Nov. 11, 2020     Make My Day- STAY SAFE & SMILING!!!   Love Brianca Lane


 Flu cases in Canada down 98%.  Early in 2020, Pres. Trump’s natural response was to begin shutting down international air travel especially from China- but critics called him XENOPHOBIC instead of STOPPING THE SPREAD from International Air Travel! Infectious Disease Specialist Fauci flip flopped on wearing masks, the population needed to curb HERD IMMUNITY & the agonizing long time frame before achieving successful approved vaccines- Pres. Trump implemented OPERATION WARP SPEED to BLOW UP Dr. Fauci’s frightening long time horizon! Pandemic RAGING ON but vaccines are on the brink for Government APPROVAL, manufacture, shipping & injection!!! Pfizer first? GOOD NEWS to hear we enjoy enough immune cell response to fend off a second infection of COVID for at least 8 months! Our B cells grow in  numbers to make more antibodies, our T cells killing infected cells, decrease slowly! Our SMART Immune System REMEMBERS & WIPES OUT KNOWN INVADERS!!! ZAP!!! Everybody sing- ‘We love you B & T cells- Oh YES WE DO! When you’re not inside us, we’re feeling blue- Oh B & T cells- WE LOVE YOU!!!’  Rural mortality is about 3 1/2 times higher than urban! South Dakota tested infection percent is between 21 & 60%! Minorities & poverty stricken always suffer worst along with institutions- incubators for spreading disease- physical, mental, social, spiritual! A.P.A. says about 75% of shrinks report increased demand about anxiety disorders, 60% about depression, 50% trauma & stress, & 50% sleep-wake disorders! About 65% are treating patients remotely, 33% in person or remotely, 33% treating out of state (& out of their mind?) patients!  4 in 10 shrinks say they feel burned out & need a shrink themselves? 66% subscribe to Emma Watson’s self partnering- practice self care. Most countries offer citizens assistance- Americans are long overdue for more assistance with housing costs & paying bills, buying groceries, obtaining health care… Canada is called out for actually paying well off households above their previous income, over 1 million young people 15- 24 including students received $2000 monthly to stay at home cared for by Mom & Dad… 480,000+ spouses benefitted who earned less than $24,000 the previous year. Britney Bird is on the run celebrating her partial dramatic Conservatorship VICTORY- Flying over to Hawaii by PRIVATE JET- We know! What happened to our invitations to join her in a fleet of complimentary jets? Mishandled like voting ballots somewhere in the mail? We who fight so eagerly for her LIBERTY, Control over her own Life & Assets & Living Happily in Paradise!!! WE CREATE OUR OWN PARADISE FOR OURSELVES & EACH OTHER!!! Our own way to Sesame Street Innocent Bliss- Been a long time coming! You probably remember about this date in 1872, suffragette Susan Anthony was arrested by a U.S. Marshall, charge being ILLEGALLY VOTING! Only about 50 years before Women were allowed to vote legally! But today- SO PROGRESSIVE- 38 year old Britney flying away to Hawaii for a deserved vacation leaving her Dad being  ‘co-conservator’ over her assets on her behalf- Suffragette Susan smiling down from Heaven- You’ve come a long way Baby Britney! We welcome her happiness & new freedoms! But she still needs her Dad’s permission to vote we expect- circa 1872 voting right status for Britney in 2020???

2 American B1-B bombers are also flying high over China air space north of Taiwan sending China a message- SHOW of FORCE. China broke the international Treaty for Hong Kong- One Country but 2 SYSTEMS & attacked  democracy, locking up protestors. Canada was warned the 100’s of thousands of Canadians in & about Hong Kong are in danger should Canada accept dissident Hong Kong protestors! China attempts to suppress citizens who are living in or are citizens of foreign Countries based on their Chinese heritage or who have relatives in China… Australia is under strong economic suppression for inviting an enquiry into China’s handling of COVID… China conducted a mock invasion scenario for Taiwan… China is accused of ‘genocide against Uighur Muslims.’ China’s SILK ECONOMIC & MILITARY ROADS extend throughout Asia, into Africa & Latin America including an alliance with Russia’s Military. Pres. Trump has been pushing hard against China’s tactical moves towards World domination. Joe Biden should assist Pres. Trump’s efforts to contain China’s  plague of A.I. suppressing FREEDOM OF POLITICAL EXPRESSION no Western Country should tolerate. A simple facial expression or errant word can bring the full dictatorial suppressive weight on individual citizens who may be watched inside & outside their homes 24/7! As A.I. blankets Western style Democracies, every individual may be similarly studied and called into question! China is ROARING AHEAD as America is split 50/50 and being devoured by COVID- Joe Biden should be reaching out to Pres. Trump, not further feeding into China’s game of dividing, disabling, confounding America! If Joe imagines he won & Trump lost, he’s feeding into Pres. Lincoln’s worst nightmare, Lincoln reminds us “A HOUSE DIVIDE CANNOT STAND!” China’s best scenario for World Takeover!  Our World also belongs to our children- 

Tragic Power Imbalances- Boy Scouts of America faces 82,000+ sexual suits- Lawyer alleges abuse was a RITE of PASSAGE in B. S. Troops across America for Boys to earn their merit badges! Abuse of minors was an unspoken ‘NORM!’ B. S. spokesperson says “WE ARE HEARTBROKEN- WE CANNOT UNDO THEIR PAIN!” Reminds us about trials, tribulations, cover ups spanning decades within our Catholic Church tragedies against children & parishioners- Witnessed a shocking incident involving my very young Nephew & a Priest in the Church- my Nephew running towards me SCREAMING ‘DON’T TOUCH ME- STAY AWAY” the Priest running after him! Thankfully, Pope Francis is SEEING THE LIGHT OF DAY on this DARKEST PERIOD reminiscent of Inquisition Times!  Beloved Princess Diana also experienced power imbalances between predators & their prey, innocents & vampires? But she TURNED THE TABLES so was apparently assassinated by a staged auto accident!   Diana described her relationship- “They had their VIRGIN, THEIR SACRIFICIAL LAMB!” Producing a HEIR & A SPARE! Astrologer Penny Thorton- “Diana told me that the night before the ROYAL WEDDING, Charles told her he didn’t love her- DEVASTATING for Diana- She didn’t want to go through with the wedding!” We remember Diana saying “There were 3 of us in this marriage so it was a BIT CROWDED” in the Royal Bedroom!!! We recall the Queen Mother offering Charles her cottage to attend to his other spouse! The devil targets beloved hearted women!

 Joe ran in 1987 but quit among SCANDAL, LIES & EXAGGERATION at about 2% support prior to the Iowa caucus. He ran again in 2007 but quit upon receiving only 1% in Iowa! Like a Bolt of Lightening from Heaven, Obama selected him as his running mate- Joe suddenly became a V.P. & today hurtling America into WHAT FUTURE? Yes- Joe may be a loser junkyard dog with a bad reputation for sniffing, pawing, licking, kissing females!!! We also LOVE HIS SENSE of HUMOR! Circa 1987, he called the 7 leading Democrat Candidates, “THE 7 DEADLY SINS!” Loser Joe suffered 2 brain aneurysms in ’88 but joked bravely, “THE GOOD NEWS IS- I can do anything I did before! THE BAD NEWS IS- I can’t do anything better!” God knows Joe BETTER DO THINGS BETTER in 2021 should he finally takes the reigns!  Brilliant idea by Pres. Trump- OPERATION WARP SPEED- instead of taking ‘8+ years to create, test, manufacture & distribute vaccines, a PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP would unleash SCIENTIFIC MIRACLES by Nov. 1! Obama & Michelle lifted Biden into the Light! Biden should extend  DELIVERANCE to Pres. Trump by working together for at least part of 2021 & healing America’s 50/50 Borderline Personality Disorder/Schizophrenia split! As Pres. Lincoln realized, ‘A HOUSE DIVIDE AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND’ overshadowing everything including his hopes whether slaves got their freedom or not! By 1864 -seeing approaching 200,000 African Americans Volunteering to serve their Country, he understood he had to move on ABOLISHING SLAVERY! 

HAPPINESS FLOWERS IN SPECIFIC & RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS, COMPASSION… Sometimes we are riding the SURF IN BRIGHT SUNSHINE- BEING ALERT TO HELP & RESCUE! At other times, we are floundering- swept almost helplessly around, being dashed by unforgiving currents & circumstances & needing HELP… OUR GIVING & RECEIVING in BALANCE! In our social connections Together Apart- Time & Distance R no barriers to OUR LOVE! Stress hormones drop- emotional feelings buoy up- cardio vascular health rises- 150 minutes+ of moderate exercise weekly keeps us strong- Clean Living & Clear Conscience guide us- Sleep Times welcome us & brings us assurances we tried our best today! Our genetics specify our initial strengths & weaknesses but our circumstances & daily activities, our environments & especially how we handle ourselves, our ever Faithful Giving THANKFUL HEARTS SHINE BRIGHTLY SHOWING OUR BEAUTIFUL DESTINY! While we wait for individual invitations c/o Britney to share her trips to Hawaii Paradise Destinations, Mother Nature & Darwinian Expression of Beautiful Diversity inform us we  already stand one foot in Sesame Street’s incredible Delightful Innocence, the other standing in the Creative Power of LOVE- Show Your  Force of LOVE Beloved to FREE Yourself & Your World!  Always Your LOVE- BLESS YOU!  Nov. 18, 2020  by Brianca Lane   


new beginnings EMOTIONALLY EXPOSED- OUTRAGEOUS HIGHS & BARE BOTTOM LOWS: HOORAY- Santa Claus & Christmas Celebrations in 1 month- so many WONDERFUL Religious & Civil Celebrations for EVERYONE to ENJOY! U.S. Thanksgiving celebrations tomorrow- O.M.G. Holidays & Social Celebrations are SUPER SPREAD PANDEMIC OPPORTUNITIES- PLEASE ADOPT EVERY SAFETY PRACTICE ESPECIALLY INCLUDING social distancing, masks/scarfs, hand washing, rapid testing & contact tracing, avoiding close contact or indoor social gatherings other than household members… COVID infections R out of control approaching 200, 000 new U.S. infections daily… Dr. DOOM/Fauci forecasts our Holiday Season super spreader events- Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years, etc. Holidays & Social Celebrations could inspire 2, – 3,000 deaths daily for a few months… In Canada Health Czar Dr. Doomsday T. Bone Tam warns superspreading events by Beaver Fever ‘Close Encounters of the COVID Kind’ Canadians could see up to 60,000 new infections daily- COVID Christmas is no time to cozy up TOGETHER beside wood burning fires Tam warns- human beings are TOO COVID FRISKY for our own safety! But 3 vaccines+ & treatments are  riding to our rescue in our Apocalyptic COVID Human Cull Superstorm!  Vaccine manufacturing operations in the U.S., Britain, Germany, Russia, etc. ensure home countries give their citizens vaccines first choice! BUT most companies operate internationally and have contracts- What a battle for receiving vaccines in anxious lines of billions of human beings- while COVID eats us alive & undergoes a Darwinian search for more infectious shapes to bind & infect us!!! ROLLOUT BEGINS MID DECEMBER WE HOPE!!! ( Almost 40% of Americans are worried about vaccine side effects- these vaccines are going into our arms faster than any previous created solutions!) Applications from the F.D.A. are for Emergency Use Authorization. The VACCINES & RELATED BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS ADVISORY COMMITTEE reviews the Applications & votes to recommend the F.D.A. approve & authorize a vaccine circa Dec. 10 hopefully. In the U.S. General Gustave Perna C.E.O. of Operation Warp Speed- within 24 hours of F.D.A. Approval, ships vaccines to all 50 States based on populations. The Center For Disease Control & Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices decides who gets the vaccine shots & in which order. Front line health Care & Emergency Staff get it first, next people at risk, our generally healthy population beginning about April suggests Dr. DOOM! All countries going bananas trying to get vaccines into home population arms. Pfizer’s -70C. storage temp. is problematic? How quickly can doses be formulated & shipped? With demand exceeding supply, will prices become excessive, Big Pharma demanding ‘all your cash’ for all your lives??? ALWAYS ABOUT POWER, CONTROL & MONEY in Satan’s fallen world? They who hold the gold, call the tune by Satan’s law? BOTTOM LINE- Roll up your sleeve, take your chances with rare side effects over your much higher chances of COVID chewing you up inside out??? Follow all safety practices whatever your decision- Anyone infected can cause super spreading to 1,000s of victims!


Silver Spoon placed in Biden’s mouth by Obama:  ***Biden received only 1% in his 2007 Presidential run in Iowa & dropped out; 8 months later in a GIFT FROM HEAVEN Obama decides to bring the rescue dog into his White House Run. OUR POLITICALLY REJECTED LOSER- ONLY 1% VOTER SUPPORT in 2007, WINS THE BIGGEST POLITICAL LOTTERY!***  Pres. Trump is politically assassinated allegedly by Big Pharma + Big Media Mob- Disinformation Specialists ‘STEALING THE ELECTION’ according to Trump with 24/7 propaganda, deception & lies!!! U.S. Courts simply observe the alleged political assassination or subversion of Democracy, regardless of possible alleged HIGH CRIMES & TREASON under 2020 COVID COVER!   Voter’s RIGHT DENIED TO ACCESS ALL RELEVANT INFORMATION IN DECIDING WHICH CANDIDATE TO SUPPORT??! Shocking similar misbehavior to what commonly happened in the U.S.S.R….  But we can’t blame Russia for this J.F.K. style political assassination!  RESCUER NEEDED FOR  ALLEGED KIDNAPPED U.S. DEMOCRACY??? ***In 2020 U.S. Election Politics the only rule governing The Big Media Mob, Big Pharma & Dirty Tricks Dems. Demonic Satan’s choice- There ARE NO RULES- ‘DO AS THOU WILL!’***

Just like on Nov. 22, 1963,  everyone witnessed the ASSASSINATION of a U.S. President! The TRUTH BEHIND PRES. Kennedy’s physical ASSASSINATION has never been resolved- COVER UPS AT EVERY STAGE in the INVESTIGATION! No matter whether we ADMIRE or REGRET the 2016 Election of Pres. Trump, no FREEDOM LOVING AMERICAN OR CITIZEN ANYWHERE SHOULD TOLERATE APPEARANCES OF A FIXED ELECTION, A POLITICAL ASSASSINATION IN A DEMOCRACY!!! Immediately after Trump’s 2016 Election Victory, Dems. 1. called for Trump’s Impeachment & 2. the Election to be recognized as INVALID because 3. Russia CAUSED Trump’s victory… Dems. 4. argued for 4 years, ‘Russia Gate’ would ‘prove’ Pres. Trump was a loyal pawn for Russian influence! Good for the Dems. team!

***But what’s good for the Dems. Goose should be Good for Trump’s Gander at alleged  election improprieties! Yet Big Mob Media- though not faithful to Democracy is certainly true to HYPOCRISY!!!*** No U.S. Courts should support Big Media MOBSTERS fundamental interference with voter’s right to access all relevant issues & information critical to deciding which candidate has the Best & most effective Plan to save America from ongoing COVID catastrophe while saving the Economy. For U.S. Courts to remain SILENT is not an option when DEMOCRACY IS ASSASSINATED by  SHADY CHARACTERS stopping voters accessing truthful & critical timely information!

To understand the impact of voter manipulation & suppression of Trump’s OPERATION WARP SPEED’S SUCCESS, we presented the allegations to a bright analyst STRONGLY FAVORING BIDEN. He examined the actual close votes in several States (aside from any alleged mail fraud considerations…) vs. what he admits was an obvious furious & scandalous 24/7 Propaganda Campaign (reminiscent of the former U.S.S.R.) to destroy Pres Trump including fake news & a polling of 10+/- % separation between opponents… In his analysis, Pres. Trump would have enjoyed a ‘COMFORTABLE but CLOSE Election Victory’ if voters had not been so propagandized & slammed with misinformation 24/7, denied timely critical vaccine & treatment SUCCESS information UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION!  Pres. Trump’s plan was bursting with PRACTICALITY!  Analyst  agreed- appears to be a choreographed campaign by Big Pharma, Big Media Mob- strongly fed by Big Pharma advertising… + withholding vaccine SUCCESSES until after the Election. Weekly (Monday?) choreographed Big Pharma SUCCESS ROLL OUT Announcements after Nov. 3 suggest OUR COVID CRISIS is BEING RESOLVED & TIMED to Biden’s Phoenix rising!* Stealing ALL THE GLORY from Trump’s Brilliant Vision to compress the timeline in developing, manufacturing, approving & distributing several VACCINES within a year instead of the EXPECTED SEVERAL YEARS, by Public Private Partnerships, $$$ Gov’t. Incentives- $11 Billion…  All vaccines show 90% success blowing the top off Dr. Fauci’s WILDEST HOPES & DREAMS!!!    (*Pfizer & German Partner BioNtech, etc. seemingly choreographed their rollout Announcements weekly/’Mondays’ AFTER NOV. 3.  Moderna next- followed a few days ago by a 3rd vaccine, allegedly cheaper, faster & easier to manufacture, store & distribute by Astra Zeneca with Oxford University- 200 million doses by year end available, claiming 4X Pfizer’s amount… 2 dose vaccine 90% effective using 1/2 amount for an initial dose with a 2nd dose 1 month later, stores at -2C. fridge temp.)

Regeneron’s 2 dose dual antibody TREATMENT- administered to Pres. Trump, is intended for early treatment for mild to moderate symptoms- quickly helped in Trump’s therapy package. Eli Lilly also rolled out ‘bamlanivimab’ as a treatment for mild to moderate COVID symptoms & received emergency use approval both in the U.S. a few weeks ago & now in Canada. Our alleged political assassination- an inside job for profits & powers by American & multi national corporate schemers? Indeed after identifying alleged meddling & ‘STEALING’ the 2020 Election with choreographed deception & lies in Trump’s view, Pres. Trump reported only a few days after our article-

(Pres. Trump worked hard this year on a BOLD PLAN TO REDUCE $$$BILLIONS INCURRED BY AMERICANS IN EXCESSIVE BIG PHARMA MIDDLEMEN & OTHER UNJUST DRUG COSTS!!! AMERICANS ARE BEING RIPPED OFF COMPARED TO OTHER COUNTRIES- BIG PHARMA IS FURIOUS WITH PRES. TRUMP FOR FORCIBLY SIDING WITH AMERICANS OVER BIG PHARMA’S GREED!) “Statutorily we had to go through a very long process and we got it done! We were pushing it very hard AS WE DID WITH THE VACCINES! The unprecedented reforms we are completing today (Friday, Nov. 20, ) are the direct result of the historic DRUG PRICING EXECUTIVE ORDER I signed in July. Patients are now going to be getting the benefits (reduced $$$costs!) WE brought it down for the first time in 51 years! Thousands of dollars per year per patient. Todays action ends this INJUSTICE & REQUIRES THAT THESE DISCOUNTS GO DIRECTLY TO PEOPLE. WE had BIG PHARMA AGAINST US, BIG MEDIA, BIG TECH.  I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING QUITE LIKE IT BECAUSE I TOLD THEM WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS!” I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING QUITE LIKE IT BECAUSE I TOLD THEM WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS!!!” PhRMA… President vows they are FIGHTING FEROCIOUSLY AGAINST PRES. TRUMP over his ‘most favored Nations policy’ for example. Not only does Pres. Trump DEMAND AMERICANS RECEIVE REBATES & PRICE BREAKS- he compares prices in Canada, for example which are so much CHEAPER & demands Americans receive the same or better LOW PRICES AVAILABLE IN OTHER COUNTRIES!!!  Pres. Trump also reported on Friday, “THIS WILL SAVE PATIENTS UP TO 30. 40, 50%- These are numbers that nobody has ever contemplated and that does not even include life saving drugs like insulin… even higher (savings.)    American seniors will save $$$Billions from middlemen rip offs…” ’40Billion  in rebates to Medicare part D Plans, for example…’ 

We should also in every Country- COMPARE CROSS BORDER COVID BENEFIT PLANS- Premier in Ontario Canada & P.M. Trudeau claim businesses, orgs. & non profits or charities… may apply to receive 90%+ in rent reduction, heating & electricity emergency subsidies, mortgage interest rebates;  employers rehiring laid off workers due to COVID- may apply for 65%+ of eligible wage subsidies until June, 2021;    self employed or not eligible for unemployment benefits may be eligible for COVID ‘recovery benefits;’  employees needing to self isolate may receive $500 per week for 2 weeks;    $500 per week for 26 weeks++ to care for dependents related to COVID or closures/withdrawals of services…  Citizens should see what their home Country offers their citizens affected by COVID & DEMAND BENEFITS IN LINE WITH COMPREHENSIVE PLANS- especially as many face STARVATION, HOMELESSNESS, FAMILY BREAKDOWN, DEPRESSION, SELF HARM, SUBSTANCE ABUSE, COLLAPSE OF COMMUNITIES & LOCAL ECONOMIES- a dangerous sense of hopelessness & loss of control over our lives & futures!!!


Canada gives special $$$ only for BLACK ENTREPRENEURS– One program by Government & financial institutions offers $221 million or equivalent to Taylor Swift buying 4 or 5 Taylor Master Recordings over 4 years plus a loan program for between $25,000 & $250,000. ONLY for Black entrepreneurs, business training, mentorship, financial planning, Everyone searching Family Roots for any Black Ancestors!!!   Check to see if Biden’s Team creates similar RACIALIZED so-called EQUITY PROGRAMS targeting benefits ONLY based on skin color/ethnic background, etc. A Relative seeking special education upgrading several decades ago, complained about the inequity of various eligibility classes of students- certain ethnic heritages = FREE EVERYTHING vs. WHITES GET NOTHING!!!  Spawning students to at least think about wearing brownface or blackface makeup for sending in a photo & application for FREE EDUCATION UPGRADING INTO A HIGH PAYING JOB!!! Actually, a common scientific view is everyone traces back to about 200,000  years ago to the cradle in Africa for the birth of modern humans- one MOTHER!!!  We all originated from one Mother!!! Turning to White Privilege from Canada’s decades of $$$Black Privilege to account for alleged past discrimination, should $$$Taylor join Britney by private jet to Hawaii Paradise for her EMOTIONAL RESCUE?  Her first 6 Album Master Recordings were sold again for $300 million instead of the previous $330 million  behind her back! ‘One More Time Taylor Baby!’ ‘Oops- They did it AGAIN Taylor!’ Taylor has been trying to regain control over her Masters for a year but wouldn’t agree to say only NICE THINGS about Darth Vader Von BRAUN! She is able to rerecord her first 5 albums- Britney please teach Taylor to SING & DANCE LIKE YOUin BRITNEYLAND!!! “That’s the WAY- U-huh U-huh- WE LIKE IT! U-huh U-huh!” (K.C. & The Sunshine Band)

Taylor, Britney & other fascinating Chirping Birds- “MY LOVE DOES IT BEST!!!”(McCartney) Q: Where does Britney… keep a private jet? Is Taylor’s private jet still in her driveway? More fascinating CHIRPERS-ZEBRA FINCHES- BIRDS, not very large bras or four hoofed horsey looking African Zebras, like Taylor & Britney- especially Britney are GREAT SINGERS- you can easily hear Britney is the standard for many newer singers…  Individual finches can recognize 50+ VOICES & SONGS from other finches without seeing the flirting finches! For example, ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time!’ is undoubtedly covered among the zebra finches!!!  A TOP 50 HIT PARADE but how about The Canary Islands, everyone- No, not canaries but humans created a WHISTLING LANGUAGE so they can communicate up to 2 miles across mountains & valleys when they spot a cute canary Showing All That Tail– like our Wolf Call Whistles, but no longer politically correct in America! Kamala Harris will jail U.S.A.ll for WOLF WHISTLES!!! 

Aside from COVID, if we face an ANTI CHRIST TERROR TODAY, ‘IT’ probably looks something like China playing HARD IMPOSING SURVEILLANCE, A. I. & BRUTALITY- FEAR  to control our Nations & Peoples, seize our FREEDOMS, LIBERTY & PURSUIT of HAPPINESS!!! APEC Gathering happened on Friday, Nov. 20 at Kuala Lumpur- 21 Nation Asian Pacific Economic Co-operation Summit included America. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations formed the largest free trading bloc, the Regional Comprehensive Partnership  Agreement fixing China’s dominance! The U.S. continues to isolate Chinese corporations who steal & spy- we’re at ‘Cold War,’ U.S. helping Taiwan stay strong! Also STAY STRONG HONG KONG- Freedom Protest Leader Wong arrested will plead guilty… 

 The anti CHRIST song version of Santa Claus IS COMING TO TOWN (J.F. Coots, F. Gillespie) is   China CLAWS Is Coming to DROWN- to Tie U.S.A.ll Down, both SWIMMERS & RESCUERS!   “He sees you when you’re sleeping (or in ‘Peeking’)  He knows when you’re awake! He knows if you’ve been bad or good- so be Good for Goodness sake! YOU BETTER WATCH OUT- You better not CRY- you better not POUT/China’s on your BUTT- Trump’s been telling you why! Santa Claus/China the anti CHRIST is coming to Town!!!   China’s making a list- checking it twice- COVID, opioids, poisons, A. I. SURVEILLANCE… China’s NOT VERY NICE- PLANNING to place LADY LIBERTY ON ICE- Trump’s been telling you why! Santa Claus is coming to TOWN!!!   China CLAWS is coming to DROWN!!!  Back in Britney Land…

Our Beloved Brit is GOING BANANAS about her Hawaii $$$ jet set style ESCAPE into PARADISE- ‘Girls just wanna have-‘ Fun in the Sun! 2 weeks = 12 years of meds. & therapies!  Leaving her struggles behind! Brit’s a precious spirited Wild Child at HEART!!! Speaking of Britney’s behind, million of parents are so critical about Britney’s sex symbol image influencing their young impressionable daughters… Britney’s entire life is ALL ABOUT ENTERTAINING, PERFORMING HER MAGIC, MAKING EVERYONE HAPPY & ENJOYING BEAUTIFUL- ANY ARTIST UNDERSTANDS SHE PUTS HER ALL INTO PERFORMANCE, ACTING, BEING A CIRCUS CLOWN… – creating a Show Biz Archetype for her audiences just as Great Doctors pour their talents into HEALTH CARE PERFORMANCE ARTS! We by TOGETHER APART HELP HEAL One Another- EMOTIONAL HEALING! Britney’s into E. H.! She entertains BIG but alas! sometimes screws up BIG as do all our enthusiastic beloved performing EXPOSED Artists facing mental, emotional or other health challenges! Speaking about escaping back into Paradise, rising from the Political Junkyard to Presidency, Joe is Biden his time… named John Kerry his Special Pres. Envoy for Climate. Kerry is a former Secretary of State; signed our Paris Climate Accord; peace agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear program; Senator; Lieutenant Gov. of Mass.; decorated Vietnam vet turned anti war spokesperson for ‘Vets. Against War-‘ Bronze Star with Valor, Silver Star, 3 Purple Hearts for 3 wounds; lost U.S. Pres. Election to Bush- 251 to 286 Electoral College votes- close finish but Bushwhacked by Baghdad’s Beast! Birthday in a few weeks- H.B.- you old Lady Liberty PEACENIK War Horse!!!) PLEASE ADDRESS OUR BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS WITH OUR BELOVED MOTHER NATURE- Catastrophic Climate Changes, COVID plagues culling humans… Unfortunately, jet setter Kerry will ENVOY OFF to Hawaii, spot Britney in her itsy bitsy, teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini & never return to his rescue dog owner at the White House- no escaping Britney Land’s Wild Child siren’s call!!! Everyone Be Safe- Encountered the COVID Spirit in a vision- ‘It’ is not something to mess with!!!!!!!! Practice Every Safety Precaution- COVID is devouring, culling humans until We GET SAFE & STAY SMART or get injected???? LOVE- LOVE- LOVE until our World is SAFE AGAIN! Bless you-  Nov. 25, 2020   by YOURS-       Brianca Lane

1900 Sounds of LAUGHTER, JINGLE BELLS vs. 2020 Big PharmaGATE & Sounds of SILENCING FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY!!!

Christmas Belle Britney- 39 today, She’s Still Singing & Ringing our BODY BELLS!!! Aloha! Hang Loose Babe! Keep Piping your Vocals! Enjoying Hawaii Paradise- Keep sending us your Vacation Pics & Videos, Wild & Crazy for Ya!!! Absolutely Gorgeous Winter Wonderlands today in Northern Climates! “Walking in a Winter Wonderland!’ Gets you HIGH just BEING ALIVE, SEEING BEAUTY, THE PROMISE OF BETTER DAYS AHEAD! Trees decorated in puffy white marsh mellow like treats! (No- not on a ’60’s L.D.S. Tune In Turn On Drop Out Timothy Leary FAR OUT Flashback Trip!) Flashing Christmas lights & decorations all up- Santa’s Sleigh READY , REINDEER ABLE, READY & WILLING! Children on their BEST BEHAVIOR NOW ‘CAUSE SANTA’S WATCHING. Taylor Swift- You better not pout You better not cry   Don’t need those $300 million overpriced 6 Master Recordings- I’m telling you why SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN! He sees the homeless mentally ill   He feels everyone’s COVID pain    He’s begging politicians- GIVE YOUR $77Billion (Canada) $908 Billion (U.S.A.) RELIEF PACKAGES NOW!!!    PEOPLE NEED HELP FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!   OOOOHHHHHHHH- You better not pout  You better not cry Brit’s sending you her video’s to get you HIGH   SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TTTTTOOOOOWWWWNNNNNN!!!!!!! WOW- our song & dance trip- Britney’s so impressed!!! Back to Reality, Everyone- Our present year is 1900! My Relative-dearest young ESTELLE is age 6, born a few years in 1894, SENDS US HER LETTER PONY EXPRESS DESCRIBING HER UPCOMING CHRISTMAS!!! Unlike our 2020 COVID HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS or MERRY CHRISTMAS- Together but VERY APART>>>

“Christmas is a very special CELEBRATION OF OUR FAMILY GATHERING!” (CELEBRATION of OUR FAMILY GATHERING!” we’re not allowed to enjoy in 2020!!! In 1900, no television, computers nor internet, radio, telephone, Britney singing ‘You Drive Me Crazy!’ But Family members seldom scattered…) “We travel by horse & cutter or sleigh to be TOGETHER! The PLUM PUDDING & CHRISTMAS CAKE were already made & stored in the root cellar. The teacher & children in their 1 room school are busy practicing for the Christmas Concert! One year I was asked to recite ‘TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!’-  I felt like a SUPERSTAR!!! The candles were made using string & tallow & a form which made 6 candles at a time!” (Modern practical 1900 technology- Wow!) “Streamers of crinkly paper twist & drape their way from the corners of the big farm kitchen to the large RED CHRISTMAS BELL in the center of the ceiling!!!  Five stockings for us five girls placed in order on the settee to be filled by SANTA! An orange, an apple, some nuts & hard candies!” (Taylor Swift- we hope you’re embarrassed over your public sympathy appeal for your $300 million Master Recordings.) “Each of us 5 girls receive a SURPRISE PRESENT! A doll, a book, a game… hand knit mittens & stockings + our annual new deerskin moccasins with pretty decorations!” (O.M.G.- Hope our DEER FRIENDS DON’T READ HER LETTER!!!)  “CHRISTMAS DINNER- Homemade bread & buns, pork pies, cakes, cookies, PLUM PUDDING & THE CHRISTMAS GOOSE!!! The SLEIGH RIDE is always part of our Christmas Day Celebrations- Our Father hitches up the horses & we sisters & numerous cousins pile into the sleigh, cover up with buffalo robes… SOUNDS OF LAUGHTER & JINGLE BELLS RING!!!”

Alright- on to 2020… Big Brother $$$watching our every move & fining us- arresting us should we dare visit another’s home, pile into the sleigh TOGETHER, ride down snow covered hills, embrace our LOVED ONES not normally in our own home- SINGLES DESPARATE TO GET A PET AGAINST HERTBREAKING LONLINESS??? Our Politicians  passively or actively aiding  in sending off our helpless vulnerable seniors warehoused in bacterial & viral petrie dish incubating ‘care homes.’ Cutting off all care by visiting Friends & Family, neglected, abused… dying from malnutrition… packed & stacked waiting for injections to hasten their cruel suffering & departure… especially in profiteering understaffed homes… Suddenly unaware dearly departed loved ones are called to remove the body within 3 hours! Ontario Canada’s Premier, for example who pulled annually inspections, has legislated to deny Civil Claims except for absolutely outrageous abuses… Declared staff must receive their value in hourly wages of $170. (10 X full current wage) but acted to cut their inadequate wages, hours & incentives… hiring untrained staff at minimum wage as P.S.A.’s resign- a typical 2020 Politician- Darwinian survival of only their Friends & Supporters, the rich & strongest/fittest… Ontario’s Premier bluntly REJECTED the offer for Canada’s Military to serve again given the horrible suffering & death toll- ever more severe in this second wave! The Military immediately OUTED THE DEPLORABLE CONDITIONS & TREATMENT when they began attending Care Homes during the first wave- How shocking to see political psychopaths running our Care Homes almost like WWII death camps- COVID & non COVID crowded together until everyone including staff are brought down!!! Politicians should have no role- Actually heard a Politician Economist speak THE UNTHINKABLE- CALL CHILDREN VALUABLE COMMODITIES (like oil & gas, cows, beef herds, chickens, soybeans…?) deserving special funding & care UNLIKE ‘the burden’ of our Seniors!  Are we back in Ancient Greece- SPARTA where babies were placed alone in the elements so only the strong survived & all were trained to be warriors? Favoring culling the herd while claiming his Heart of Stone Bleeds for the fallen & their loved ones! Same HEART of STONE towards citizens challenged by disabilities, underlying health issues, African Americans & visible Minorities, the poor & homeless…   scapegoats in society- the usual suspects! Revival of 1930’s German Nazi EUGENICS thinking even now discussed in Canada, for example. More than enabling- ENCOURAGING citizens with disabilities to check out of hotel Planet Earth! Many citizens with disabilities asking about Community Care Assistance to improve their quality of life & opportunities for greater participation are instead redirected by health care staff TO THINK ABOUT ASSISTANCE IN CHECKING OUT!! What is our Pandemic & Apocalyptic World come to- we are to choose between becoming Angelic vs. demonic entities???  Thankfully, Angelic humans are asserting their HEARTS STRONGER every day- YOU TOO- MOVEMENT! YOU TRY SO HARD TO BE BETTER & YOU CARE!  A WALKING BLESSING IN OUR WORLD!!! ‘BABY, I’M AMAZED!” HOW WONDERFUL PEOPLE ARE TO ONE ANOTHER!!! As Michelle says- ‘If they go low, WE GO HIGH! They go lower? WE GO HIGHER!!!”  On to Vaccine HOPES but also PHARMAGATE 2020-

Countries producing VACCINES against our COVID Pandemic are expected to SERVE their own citizens best interests but also to sell internationally! SMART COUNTRIES have successfully negotiated licensing agreements to produce vaccines to speed up immunity! We see primary producers like U.S.A., Britain, Germany, Russia, supplemented by Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, India, Japan, Australia, etc. Why wait in long line ups when Countries can license to produce approved vaccines? By a SMART FORWARD THINKING INTERNATIONAL COVAX PLAN- ALSO INSPIRED by Pres. TRUMP’s AMBITIOUS OPERATION WARP SPEED miracle time frame, 172 Countries representing 70% of our World’s population, are looking towards EXPEDITED FAIR & EQUITABLE ACCESS & DISTRIBUTION, 92 middle & low income Nations joined by about 72 WEALTHIER FINANCING COUNTRIES! Our Global collaboration with vaccine & treatment drug manufacturers was created to accelerate development & production & equitably enable access to COVID-19 tests, treatments & vaccines; 2 Billion doses of safe & effective vaccines meeting W.H.O. pre-qualifications & regulatory approvals delivered proportionately to health care staff, vulnerable elderly, people with pre-existing conditions & down the line! COVAX Facilities to also hold supplies for Emergency & Humanitarian Crises! Canada attempted to work with China- providing expertise & financing but China got what they wanted & slammed the gate! China would not even send samples back to Canada for testing! Pres. Trump acted as a Brilliant Catalyst by funding $$$Billions in a Public Private Partnership Operation Warp Speed back in April. He demanded a 1960’s style MOON SHOT RACE like the U.S. racing to beat the U.S.S.R., LAND the first men on the Moon! Dr. Fauci/Dr. Doom too often a foil, believed next March or April would be the earliest date for vaccine success but visionary Pres. Trump DEMANDED PRODUCTION & SUCCESSFUL TESTING OF VACCINES BY THE ELECTION… ENABLING APPROVALS & DISTIBUTION OF ABOUT 100 MILLION DOSES BY YEAR END!!! Pres. Trump- A Visionary with a Perfect Plan- Great Leadership! But undercut SAFETY PROTOCOLS Absolutely NEEDED to KEEP US SAFE UNTIL VACCINES BECOME AVAILABLE- A perfect plan for future vaccination but terribly short sighted about survival in day to day living!  Love your boundless courage- willing to face any CHALLENGES, Examine any Issues with Open Heart & Sweetness- Zeal!!! Like our meme, Bouncing Birthday Beauty Britney- 39 and still a TEENAGER AT HEART driving us all crazy!!! Seasons greetings- SUGAR PLUMS DANCING IN OUR HEADS BAC IN 1900 or in 2020!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE- IT’S ALL WE GOT!!!!!!  Dec. 2, 2020          Brianca Lane  

‘STILL THE ONE I LOVE’/Je t’aime Encore vs. Political Pandemic Stealing Our RIGHTS & FREEDOMS???

Like George Washington- cannot tell a lie- Avec OPEN HEART- Coeur Ouvert, listened carefully to Taylor Swift’s new Album with picturesque great videos!!! But still the one drawing our SPECIAL HEART APPEAL is Canadian SUPERSTAR Shania Twain singing precious gems like ‘YOU’RE STILL THE ONE I LOVE!” OUR ARCHTYPICAL ULTIMATE HIT LOVE SONG!!! YOUR FAB FAV? FAB Bob Dylan/ Robert Zimmerman  reportedly selling out his SOULFUL SONGS  for $$$300+ to Biblical Mammon Records? “You cannot serve both God/Allah… & Mammon!” (Bible) Was it in 1964, he showed up at Newport Folk Festival sans his protest weapon- Martin Acoustic Guitar. Instead draped a Fender Sunburst Strat across his heart, played Rock and Roll backed by The Incredible Blues Star Mike Bloomfield? HEAVILY BOOED by the same FOLKIES crowd who a year earlier launched his international folk protest persona & $$$gravy train? Bob’s sinful electric axe sold at auction for $1 million+? What an awe inspiring Grand Canyon WEALTH GAP between STARVING ARTISTS & ENTERTAINERS & our elite Artists! A CULTURAL DEFICIT we may address by supporting our LOCAL ARTISTS as best we are able! Don’t artists work their hardest before & while STRUGGLING UP THE MOUNTAINSIDE!  The Beatles played routine 10 hour gigs in Hamburg working their butts off… but about 30 minutes- OR EVEN LESS! on tour in U.S. stadiums as overpaid under playing Artists who couldn’t hear themselves due to SCREAMING FANS!!!!!!  Britney Spears was only ALLOWED 1 FREE hour a day and fell under Conservatorship where all her decisions including phone calls… all her communications were carefully monitored!    

Talk About Human Slavery!!!  A genuine lawyer sharknado fest circa 2008- lawyers allegedly professed to act on her behalf & in her interests by denying her INVIOLABLE Rights & Freedoms (and her personally chosen advisor legal assistant) while voraciously gulping down $millions of her hard earned wealth! LEGAL COURT RULINGS ENFORCED alleged PIRATE PILLAGING OF HER PERSON & RICHES!!! Avast- ye dark hearted mates- pirates R U.S. in seeking the spoils of yon plundered vulnerable with assets! Everyone watched speechless as Courts imposed legal counsel for & on her, denying her chosen counsel & her own participation in Court proceedings. In America- LAND of THE FREE??? Inquisition Times or Salem Witch Hunts! Talk about HUMAN SLAVERY & TRAFFICKING!!! Everyone seeing her performing at a stratospheric level, making $$$millions but given an allowance like a 6 years young kid, her entire decisions controlled by others?! Tables turned, Britney’s on track for greater FREEDOM! Our grandstanding Politicians treat us like farm animals, transferring all our INALIENABLE RIGHTS to themselves… Forbidding businesses from operating- suggesting operating infrastructure improvements but shutting them down regardless of all the implemented expensive alterations… Keeping us inadequately employed or paid, near destitute poverty, hungry, suffering emotional deprivation- not allowed to visit Friends & Family nor Celebrate Together nor attend Religious Services… nor gather, assemble in groups larger than a few to express ourselves or protest…  Every citizen treated as A BAND OF 1 ON THE RUN!!! Massive over policing & creating arbitrary edicts for daily or weekly… reprimands, take downs, charges, fines, threats… against hold outs of increasing pervasive deprivation of LIBERTY!! Our marginalized & vulnerable basically being culled- disposable human beings- not valuable COMMODITIES! WE R ALL BECOMING BRITNEY SPEARS CONSERVATEES even as Britney regains her BLESSED FREEDOMS & HAPPINESS!!! Becoming enslaved by our POLITICAL PANDEMIC under cover of COVID!??

Forerunner of a MARK of THE BEAST WORLD? Yesterday heard a Politician Minister of Health speak about ‘NO-NOT FORCING VACCINATION BUT INSTEAD REQUIRING A STAMPED COVID VACCINE CARD-* ‘YOUR PAPERS PLEASE- to ALLOW YOUR MOVEMENT OR ENTRY?’  A PASS, AN IMBEDDED IDENTITY CHIP TO SEARCH ALL OUR PERSONAL INFO. TO PERMIT OUR TRAVEL, ENTRY into theatres, sports & entertainment venues, for mass transit,  shop in non essential (i.e. small to medium size businesses), attend Religious Services, visit with Family & Friends, gather in groups of 3 or more… ‘No buying or selling… without accepting the Mark of the Beast-‘ Pass, Vaccine Card, Facial Recognition check, Identity Imbedded Chip?  In China Brother Beijing is using cameras including Facial Recognition, spies, A.I. etc. 24/7-  arresting, questioning & sanctioning violators severely! A.I. is making decisions & assembling casework in place of humans-  making key evaluations affecting our lives! Over ruling our Constitutional Rights!  Mark of the BEAST, VACCINE IDENTITY CARD, BIO IMBEDDED CHIP, Facial Recognition?  For businesses: 50 customers allowed today… 10 customers tomorrow… no customers thereafter unless you install these expensive alterations…  Curfew’s at 8 p.m. Sorry but you have to close anyways- new Edict…  or FACE OVERWHELMING FORCE  seizing business assets & property, laying charges & fines against owners…  For Churches… 10 spaced out worshippers allowed in a Church/Mosque/Synagogue built for 1100…  CROWDS o.k. buying goods IN BIG BOX STORES…  but no visiting with Family/Relatives/Friends not already residing in your dwelling! Singles may visit one other person or be ‘adopted’ by a Family. Constitutions, Democratic Rules, Principles, Policies over the last 1,000 years arbitrarily set aside in favor of Edicts & Decrees…

 My nephew’s GF sings like an Angel- equivalent to any SUPERSTAR but is an Amateur happily attending University- brains, looks, PIPES…  A future music & languages school teacher? with the face, body & voice to match almost anyone from any era in any style of music! Back in ’60’s L.A. , you could watch THE L.A. DOORS… all the San Francisco ‘Psychedelic’ Acts… virtually at no cost, interview them, buy some of their older equipment… visit with The Beach Boys coming to your local High School!!! Beatles, Stones- incredible up & coming Acts playing almost for nothing in local clubs instead of music lovers chasing established expensive Acts! On a recent New Years, spoke with someone who toured with The Beatles in the ’60s- said John Lennon was wonderful when established media put him down, told him ‘Get to the back of the room Jo-jo!’ John spoke up- ‘Come right up here- Put your recorder… stuff RIGHT HERE ON MY TABLE!’  Why can’t we BE WHERE THE NEW ACTION IS  & CREATE NOW EVENTS instead of chasing long established expensive successful stars?  But not like John’s tragedy- 40 years ago, at 40 re-establishing his DOUBLE FANTASY career released the month before- Grammy Album of the Year, 1981! In front of the Dakota building in New York, John signed his Album for the Assassin,  asked if he wanted anything else? John left & the assassin essentially confessed awkwardly to a casual media associate of John’s- his plan to kill John later THAT VERY DAY…  Do we ignore our intuition, unaware of what is actually happening before our eyes when we could be  HEROES, SAVING JOHN LENNON??! WE SHOULD SUPPORT OUR UP & COMING STARS, ATTEND THEIR VENUES, ENCOURAGE THEM! THINK FOR OURSELVES… Britney became A BACK DOWN HOME GIRL after Disney’s Mickey Mouse Great Show but PUSHED TO  BECOME  A TEEN QUEEN! Britney’s  ‘DON’T GIVE UP- HAVE FAITH’ MESSAGE FOR US TO LIVE BY!  Beloved Britney also helped people around her become $$$RICH by working her butt off! KING ELVIS ALWAYS GAVE HIS WEALTH AWAY- INCREDIBLY GENEROUS TO EVERYONE! Ask Zimmerman- Be like Elvis- Give to the poor during our Apocalyptic Times for THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING$$$! Thanks to our starving artists & entertainers- heroes helping U.S. Thanks to our beloved wonderful animal, bird… & other life forms sharing our perfect Planet as we begin to undo our damage! Thanks especially to Mother Earth/Nature being so intelligent & resourceful in attempting to help all our LIVING SYSYTEMS WITHIN LIVING SYSTEMS RISE BACK UP- So be it! ESPECIALLY LOVE- LOVE- LOVE ’cause it’s ALL WE GOT TO CARRY U.S. FORWARD!  Dec. 9, 2020  by Brianca Lane

P.S. Russian & Chinese Stormy Seas Ahead?  Russia is practicing war exercises- launching sea, land & air cruise & intercontinental missiles.  Russia seized part of Ukraine in 2014 & now threatens beautiful FREE BALTIC NATIONS- Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania bordering the BEAST- the Russian Clawing Bear! highlights Chinese World Domination Aggression and Pres. Trump’s strong stance by trade wars, sanctions in response to human rights abuses & democratic oppression-a U.S. SHOW OF FORCE!  In direct response to China 1. tearing up the One Nation but 2 Systems Agreement;  2. invading Hong Kong ending freedom & democratic processes…  imprisoning protesters, forbidding freedom professing democratic candidates;  3. threatening hundreds of thousands of Canadians in the Region should Canada allow H.K. dissidents & refugees asylum;   4. sending agents throughout our FREE WORLD to COMPROMISE our INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY- ATTEMPTING TO FORCE VISITORS & CITIZENS of Chinese Heritage TO SERVE CHINA’S INTERESTS;  4.  punishing any Country- like Australia who dares to call out China! 5. comprimizing New Zealand by having a Chinese State Spy attend & report on Parliamentary discussions & proceedings!

Should America & our World demand reparations from China for CREATING & SPREADING COVID & ECONOMIC DISASTER? The evidence is mounting that COVID was created in the Wuhan infectious disease State Facility by weaponizing bat or other normal viruses to become 10- 20 X more infectious & targeted at humans… RANG the ALARM BELL LOUDLY MONTHS BEFORE the W.H.O. publicly declared an Apocalyptic Level Pandemic Disaster! On Dec. 1, China was enveloped in uncontrolled influenza, 20 times greater than in 2019.  China ALWAYS SUPPRESSES THE TRUTH if they find it embarrassing, inconvenient! Wuhan virology lab staff showed SARS like symptoms! Dr. William Shaffner: “CHINESE OFFICIALS SEEMED TO MINIMIZE THE (COVID) EPIDEMIC AT ANY MOMENT IN TIME!” Both Russia & China APPROVE & DISTRIBUTE COVID VACCINES BEFORE CONDUCTING LARGE SCALE SAFETY STUDIES… They offer Sinovac Biotech, Gamaleya, CanSino Biologics, Sinopharm… Russia’s Sputnik V is a claimed 95% EFFECTIVE- will be approved widely at 95%! Vaccines may prevent infection in most people or at least lessen otherwise possible serious illness! For contrast, in Great Britain dispensing Pfizer BioNTech vaccine yesterday, 2 Health Care staff suffered a bad allergic ‘I CAN’T BREATHE’? reaction- IMMEDIATELY Britain CAUTIONING EVERYBODY pending further study!

Experts or dissidents who speak out DIE OUT under China’s re-education system. Even cultural & Religious minorities like MUSLIMS- 12 million Xinjiang Uyghurs or Falun Gong Practitioners are placed in re-education concentration camps, may be worked 12- 16 hours each day as slave labor- but their vitals may be carefully assessed- Sounds Good? Actually concerning because China operates a thriving ORGAN TRANSPLANT INDUSTRY- guess who’s SERVING THEMSELVES ON THE OPERATING TABLE whether they need their organs and other body parts or not??? Over 25,000 lambs to the slaughter annually- NOT SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!!!  Disappearing Chinese citizens carved up like animals in slaughter houses can’t complain! International travel enabled by China infected our World! Dr. Li Wenliang, 34 years young was a whistle blower among his colleagues in late December about the out of control SARS like viral infection but he was formally reprimanded by the Police for rumor mongering… China’s state media announced his reprimand to suppress further ‘rumors.’ (He died Feb. 7 from COVID.) Later in January- AFTER published that the world entered Apocalyptic Level Events & Plagues… China put over 700 million under stay at home quarantine- a Western English teacher friend, for example, was confined to his apartment for well over a month… By Feb. 10, China Health Officials noted about 6,000 new COVID INFECTIONS but only about 2400 were publicly stated- Officials waited about 23 days after COVID symptoms before confirming infections. China listed 44,000 cases with only 400 outside the mainland. Pres. Trump smartly called for restricting air travel from China incurring taunts about being Xenophobic… China EASILY COULD HAVE CONTAINED COVID AS IT WAS ALREADY IMPOSING STRICT STAY AT HOME ORDERS IN WUHAN… On Dec. 3  U.S. Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe reported: “CHINA IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO AMERICA TODAY! GREATEST THREAT TO FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY WORLD-WIDE SINCE WWII! THE INTELLIGENCE IS CLEAR: BEIJING INTENDS TO DOMINATE THE U.S. AND THE REST OF THE PLANET ECONOMICALLY, MILITARILY, TECHNOLOGICALLY!” U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo agreed with the assessment & the U.S. Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff added “The existential challenge is going to be China!” Ratcliffe warns “THIS GENERATION WILL BE JUDGED BY ITS RESPONSE TO CHINA’S EFFORTS TO RESHAPE THE WORLD IN ITS OWN IMAGE!”    LOVE- LOVE LOVE-  IT’S ALL WE GOT WHEN OUR APOCALYPTIC WORLD GETS TOO HOT HOT HOT!~!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH Dec. 9, 2020 Brianca Lane


World News- COVID Vaccines HAPPILY beginning approvals, rolling out exactly as we predicted- U.S. circa Dec. 10 voted successfully 17- 4, backing Pfizer’s ‘2 shot’ vaccine NOW being injected Worldwide… Side Effects warning HAPPENED THE FIRST DAY IN BRITAIN’S ROLL OUT for anyone susceptible to allergic reactions!!! Generally, vaccine test subjects are HEALTHY. Our vulnerable people with serious underlying issues are often excluded from testing making predicting side effects difficult!!! Moderna’s ‘2 shot’ vaccine is scheduled for U.S. voting on Dec. 17- on to F.D.A. successful authorization hopefully & Worldwide distribution! Additional vaccines- Johnson & Johnson, Novavax… ready for voting & F.D.A. consideration for authorization by February, 2021??? Dozens more in the works!!! Will dozens of vaccines = variations of side effects? A VACCINE CRUISE MISSILE SMORGASBORG! In a year or two we find out all the side effects for all  vulnerable citizens? Australia Pharma ELLUME offers a 20 minute COVID antigen test available over the counter!  ‘STICK IT UP YOUR NOSE’ everyone will be saying tongue in cheek! And HIT US WITH YOUR BEST SHOT as Big Pharma counts $$$- What no right to sue for side effects? Thankfully, Santa’s WATCHING OVER U.S. A.ll! Our BELOVED MOTHER NATURE is ATTEMPTING TO BALANCE & SAVE EARTH’S LIVING SYSTEMS WITHIN LIVING SYSTEMS. Since the ’60’s, we PROMISED to PROTECT OUR BIOSPHERE- EVEN SAVED OUR STRATOSPHERE FROM OUR MAN MADE fluorocarbons DEADLY OZONE HOLE! Back circa 2017+, Mother Nature SPOKE SAYING “SHOW ME! SHOW ME!” NOT accepting EMPTY PROMISES to create a  CHERISHED WORLD by our 20/20 VISION & Only On Paper Plans!!! Life Always Finds A Way Forward for U.S., helping us escape from one crisis until the next we bring upon ourselves? “TIMES UP!!!” Yes- we Open our Hearts to seek Direction from our Jealous God/Allah…! Do we CHOOSE RIGHTLY or FALL BACKWARDS AGAIN??? Our BEST DIVINE EXPRESSION…

China’s PLANS for World Domination? 2 million+ ‘SWORN LOYAL for LIFE’ Communist China Party members are imbedded in our Western Nations. (Australia’s Sky News, Brit’s Daily Mail, a former U.K. Conservative leader, Iain Duncan Smith…) allege about 80,000 Communist Party Branches are embedded in large corporations, government agencies, academic institutions, diplomatic services…  answerable only to China’s Communist Party. An invisible COVID like China TROJAN HORSE SILENTLY BRINGING DOWN WESTERN ECONOMIES, CULTURES, DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM?  But serious allegations involve our new U.S. President Elect- that in Dec. 2013, Joe Biden & his son Hunter flew on Air Force 2 to China- Joe meeting with Hunter’s future investment partners who then arranged with Hunter to raise $1 billion backed by China’s State owned Bank of China! Hunter’s computer notes show ‘The Big Guy’ was to receive 10% of the profits! China knew Hunter was an alleged addict but wanted access the U.S. V. P..   Biden Business Associate Joe Babulinski has been testifying about the Biden’s & CHINAGATE but Attorney General Barr allegedly SUPPRESSED this alleged CHINAGATE ‘criminal conspiracy’ as did The Big Media Mob since last spring to protect Joe Biden’s election chances! reported an apparent election rigging by Big Pharma & The Big Media Mob in a U.S.S.R. style  propaganda/gaslighting effective campaign! A key reason is about $$$, power & control.  Trump’s PLAN INCLUDES SAVING AMERICANS $$$BILLIONS IN DRUGS & TREATMENT EXPENSES by STOPPING ALLEGED ‘CORRUPT SCHEMES’ & matching Canadian & other Western Nations’ LOW prices, for example!  Only 2 days after we published about Big ‘Pharmagate,’ Pres. Trump publicly stated the facts & details supporting our allegations- reporting he had never seen such a backlash!!! Big Pharma’s spokesperson said Trump faced the fight of his life attempting to level the drug cost playing field with Canada…  (Newsmax etc.) also allege vote rigging… ballots sent in bulk… including for voters who had moved or passed on… enabling copying, substituting, voting without i.d. & verification-  U.S. State & local Courts declined to accept so called EYE WITNESS TESTIMONY FROM IMPARTIAL OBSERVERS & VOLUNTEERS! Courts have shown virtually no interest  in pursuing vote tampering allegations at this time… Voting machines were allegedly comprimized, Voting Systems software used in Michigan, for example allegedly shows a 68% error rate according to a forensic audit- the Federal Election Commission allows .00087% for computerized voting systems! So votes must be ‘adjudicated’ often in semi secrecy enabling switching votes further to alleged opportunities for tampering…! Allegations also include counts stopping but unknown boxes of ballots allegedly being brought in the middle of the night as observers are sent home or away from the counting areas… Machines are allegedly rigged to assign different percentages to competing candidates; equipment manufactured in South America is allegedly designed to enable vote rigging, & results exported for manipulation…  Allegations by a ‘Allied Security Operations Group’ audit allege the Voting System “is INTENTIONALLY & PURPOSEFULLY DESIGNED WITH INHERENT ERRORS TO CREATE SYSTEMIC FRAUD & INFLUENCE ELECTION RESULTS… BULK ADJUDICATION OF BALLOTS…” ensues! The Chinese Freedom Fighting “Epoch Times” News alleges the voting system’s parent company enjoyed a $400 million payment less than a month before the Nov. 3 U.S. Presidential Election! Again, Courts have yet to accept that tampering occurred at a level reducing a Trump win to a Trump election loss! Nor that the voting systems were rigged… Still we should be fully aware, for example, for decades U.S. & German Gov’t. conspirators/spies/intelligence officers created & marketed secret transmission encrypting machines to all nations specifically created for guaranteeing top secret government communications- U.S. & German Intelligence READ EVERYTHING by a secret back door entry mechanism they built into the machines!

 BUT WE ARE BEGINNING VACCINES- HIT US WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!!!  As always we support SOCIAL DISTANCING, masks, hand washing…  avoiding crowds & close proximity- COVID transmits invisibly on surfaces but especially in the air & by close proximity- breathing COVID out & another person breathing it in… COVID transmits EASILY before & after symptoms, in the presence & not in the presence of symptoms so no one knows who is infected on any given day!!! WHY COVID IS SO BAD! Our Crowded Holidays- Christmas, Festival of Lights, Bodhi Day Dec. 8 in India honoring Siddhartha wakening to Spiritual Enlightenment, New Years Celebrations… will cause a dramatic increase infections!  Please Be RESILIENT- on your Best Behavior knowing mental illness  symptoms will be on the upswing like Seasonal Affective Disorder & depression… apparent marital incompatibility, burn out, stress-  Bluntly stated we should avoid doing anything reckless of due to burn out, frustration & impatience… or make any big decisions… Helps to be Thankful, Kind & Compassionate, Healthy & Happy in both good & challenging times!!! How RESILIENT ARE WE?  Can we adjust easily to changes? What happened to our ADVENTUROUS PIONEERING SPIRIT!!! People are self medicating & developing bad  habits… DO YOUR BEST w/o blaming yourself or anyone else… MENTAL or EMOTIONAL ILLNESS BADLY AFFECTS OUR SENSES/PERCEPTIONS SO WE MAY LOSE SIGHT OF OPPORTUNITIES TO EXPERIENCE HOW WONDERFUL LIFE IS EVERY DAY! A study among Canadian new Moms found over 40% are suffering depressive symptoms, almost 3 in 4 anxiety symptoms vs. only 1 in 3 before COVID. Over 75% of Parents are anxious & uncertain about their 8- 12 years young children’s schooling. Millions of Moms Worldwide are forced to stop working- lack of safe child care, health challenges, relatives needing assistance…! Moms doing the food shopping & cooking for the family should be aware of the link between diet, stomach & intestinal health…’   & our physical & mental health- Our  health issues are affected by what we eat, our stomach & intestinal health & if we lack vitamins, minerals…  Individually we may need a different diet for optimum physical & mental health. Our mental health may likewise IMPACT HOW WE FEEL & OUR PHYSICAL COMPETENCY! How do we burn off excess calories & get enough exercise when our Governments scream incessantly-‘STAY AT HOME!’? On body shaming & blaming issues, 1 in 3  14 years young U.K. girls reported being unhappy about their weight & figure, thighs & stomach. Body discontent issues at 14 may = depressive issues at 18! Parents can avoid triggering body shaming issues, encourage activity, healthy eating practices, avoiding junk food… Everyone has a different body shape & size… Fashion magazines distort reasonable body shapes- Models are WARNED a month in advance about needing to starve themselves for an upcoming revealing shoot! Many want pre-pubescent young girls before a full figure emerges! Was it true Britney Spears- her figure usually ‘perfect’ was very big around her breakdown years or simply very pregnant? Big Pharma meds. can appear to bring about weight gain sometimes- very sensitive discussing body parts & body image because we can believe we are fat when our figure is perfect. Suffering from a false body image, we might imagine being dangerously anorexic is good… COVID  simply magnifies issues we might have but in 6 months hopefully the BAD DREAM subsides & were free again! Do your best, look toward the days when you come out from all the nightmares- 100% ALERT & AWAKE- DELIGHTFULLY ENERGIZED- The PRECIOUS GIFT GIVER TO YOUR WORLD YOU TRULY ARE! YOUR DESTINY AWAITING YOUR JOYFUL HOMECOMING!!! AT LAST!!! 

P.S.  In thinking about Christmas or Spiritual Revelations, Just IMAGINE if one day we EXPERIENCED a Spiritual Awakening because our character & behavior was so DIVINE! ‘So Katy what’s new with you?’ BECAME SPIRITUALY DIVINELY ENLIGHTENED- I SEE THE PAST, PRESENT FUTURE- Everything & everybody transparently! Understand All Universal Laws & Principles… ‘Oh- yes- I kinda wondered about ALL YOUR BLAZING LIGHTS & HEAVENLY HEALING VIBES- At first I hoped it was a new A.I. APP?’

  For 6 SHORT MONTHS- Everyone TOGETHER APART needing to SHOW OUR BEST, SAFEST, MOST CONSIDERATE BEHAVIORS, our Politicians & Governments delivering COVID RELIEF AID & ASSISTANCE now as never needed before. Protection from evictions for non payment of rent or being given subsidies, food & nutrition program assistance, business loans & grants, unemployment benefits, health care assistance & covering medical costs, targeting vulnerable populations for extra help, balancing protecting our safety & health vs. helping our economy to be sustained…  In The Land of The FREE, Congress is proposing $1200. checks for everyone- Pres. SANTA Trump willing to offer $2000. to all American citizens! Joe Biden is suggesting BIG BROTHER pay off student loan debts- saddle the American taxpayers with inflationary debt! 3.5 million students owe over $300 billion… $100,000- $200.000 each.  Students enrolling in prestigious, high paying University Programs run up big debts but overall enjoy among the lowest rates of unemployment & highest incomes!~ Students in programs which are much less promising towards a career in their field & offer lower pay & inadequate working environments.. are generally unhappy about their school loan debts burdening them!  Is Joe Biden putting a stop to evicting all illegals from the U.S. & instead creating an orderly path for illegal immigrants & non citizens towards FULL U.S. CITIZENSHIP & $$$BENEFITS? Guaranteeing VOTING LOYALTY FOR SURE! But No Equity if we experience A K-SHAPED RECOVERY FROM COVID, the RICH GETTING RICHER, THE POOR PUSHED DOWN POORER! America’s well off- earning $100,000 are keeping their jobs, pay & benefits- many are working SAFELY from home cutting costs, enjoying more free time, investing in World Wide booming stock markets! America’s bottom 40% are facing lay offs, part time contracts with few or no benefits, in desperate hard times & crowded living & working situations- only 10% working safely from home! Be clear- COVID was designed apparently in a Wuhan China bio- infection LAB STUDY to be weaponized at 10- 20X above normal for one purpose- to SILENTLY, INVISIBLY SEEK & CULL humans- US!!! If not kill, damage our brains, organs, infect as many & cause as much illness as possible!  We face at least 6 months- the WORST DAMAGE BEING INFLICTED RIGHT AHEAD!!! Our BEST CHARACTER, SAFETY PROTOCOLS & COMPASSIONATE HEARTS & HELP R NEEDED NOW FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS- LOVE LOVE LOVE WAS Is WILL ALWAYS BE OUR LONGING HEART’S BEST HEALING FORCE!!!!   Dec. 16, 2020  LOVE LOVE LOVE- Was, IS, Will ALWAYS BE OUR LONGING HEART’S ANSWER!!! BLESS YOU SEASON’S ANGEL- PEACE HOPE LOVE JOY & BRILLIANT DIVINE SPIRITUAL LIGHT BLESSING YOU & YOUR WORLD!!  Love You!  Brianca Lane


new beginnings Yes- you’ve been GOOD- WONDERFUL & Santa’s admired ALL YOUR GOOD DEEDS & SPONTANEOUS ACTS of KINDNESS!!! A Wonderful Sparkling Star like The STAR over BETHLEHEM  2,000 years ago bringing our HEARTS to behold a Prophet & Messiah born in a lowly ‘manger!’ Jupiter & Saturn Together Apart in a rare conjunction…  leading us SPIRITUALLY just as Three WISE MEN followed THE STAR to behold the ONE BATHED IN GOD’S GLORY!! Festival of Lights, Santa, Elves & Reindeer- Rudolph the RED NOSED Lighting the Night Sky, Baby Jesus, Celebrating our FAMILY GATHERINGS, Homes & Gardens Sparkling & Shimmering, Children DREAMING SUGAR PLUMS DANCING in their heads just like Estelle’s  1900 account! The FIRST CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION- was it 336 or 337- so long ago? In 352 it was Dec. 25! But the FIRST NATIVITY SCENE– assembled by a Saint… FRANCIS of ASSISI in 1223 in Greccio, Italy! Coming back to modern times, on Christmas Day in 1855 our first ICE HOCKEY GAME was invented & played- “HE SHOOTS! HE SCOOOOORRRRREESSSSSSS!??” The Royal Canadian Rifles at Tete du Pont Barracks were clearing snow from ice on Lake Ontario for the ice rink game they were about to create using field hockey sticks & lacrosse balls- was it ‘Richard la Roque- Pocket Rocket’ who got 2 minutes for high sticking before a fight broke out to cheering human & moose fans-They had to create & agree on all the rules & bring in referees before clearing the ice with Beaver Zambonis? Our battling hockey players saw stars & showed stripes of bruises from being upended on the unforgiving ice but the song ‘STARS & STRIPES FOREVER’ wasn’t penned until Christmas Day, 1896- Estelle might have being humming it as she wrote her 1900 Christmas account letter! In today’s American Politics, Politicians seem to forget ALL RULES of civility & SPORTSMANSHIP- a BLOODSPORT among competing POWER MAD COMPETITORS… On Christmas Day in 1914, a Spirit of Santa “Christmas Truce” spread joy on the BATTLEFIELD between British & German Troops who exchanged gifts & played Football! On Dec. 23, 1947 Bell Labs demonstrated the first transistor radio- anything to do with Roswell U.F.O. July 7, 1947 FLYING SAUCER crash using alien technology? Pres. Trump signed an order to expose withheld secret U.F.O. records.. Gordie Howe scored 3 goals & got 3 assists- elbowed everyone on both teams too??? on Christmas Day 1956!

Beatles STARR, Ringo got his first drum set for Christmas 1957- COULDN’T BE THE BEATLES WITHOUT A BEAT!!! In 1991 Pres. Reagan (BEDTIME FOR BONZO, 1951) got his BEST CHRISTMAS WISH EVER- Pres. Mikhail Gorbachev RESIGNED & the next day the Superpower U.S.S.R- Soviet Union Dissolved!!! But today Russians are protesting to allow for a rival candidate (not to be poisoned & imprisoned) challenging Vlad the Impaler and his life long Monarchy rule- able to appoint dozens of Senator at his Pleasure! Working on the Hollywood Set with a co-star monkey taught Reagan how to handle Russian CHIMPS & CHUMPS monkeying around with World Domination like Russia’s ally RED CHINA!! (Pres. Putin isn’t taking any chances- Not only has created a law to enable two 6 year terms after 2024, to 2036 but to be appointed FOR LIFE to the Upper House Russian Senate & hand pick 30 other Senators! But additionally to be EXEMPT & PARDONED from all possible charges for anything he has ever done! Now you see why Pres. Trump may be so admiring of Putin’s leadership skills & mentoring- EVERYTHING IN HIS WILDEST HOPES & DREAMS- Putin is ACHIEVING! Pres. Trump’s CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ALIVE- In addition to achieving Operation Warp Speed for our World- vaccines by the Nov. Election, he demands Congresses lowly $600. Christmas Relief Check for every citizen earning less than $75,000. but more than tripled to $2,000. Ferocious Democrat Speaker & Leader Foil Pelosi screams ‘YES!!! YOU & I- U.S. EVERYBODY! LET’S DO IT President Trump!!!’ After 4 years of acrimony, America is SUDDENLY ‘UNSCROOGED like British vs. German troops exchanging gifts & playing football on Christmas Day 1914!’ ($300.+ weekly for unemployment, freeze evictions, reduce business taxes by $150 Billion, $13 Billion for Additional Food Stamps,  rent & business relief, etc.)  The Christmas Spirit FREES AMERICA over Christmas-The BRILLIANT Bethlehem Star OPENING ALL HEARTS like 2,000 years ago!!! (Sad files- over 215,000 new daily U.S. infections, 3,000- 4,000+ daily spiraling death counts- a 9-11 EVENT EVERY DAY! Shaky marriages falling to COVID STRESSORS- Encourage EVERYBODY to hold off- STOP BREAKING UP long standing relationships  to our COVID Apocalypse – if we are puking our guts out with physical sickness like stomach or intestinal flu, we’d never think about deciding incredibly important life changing matters but with mental illness stressors like COVID, couples are JUMPING OVERBOARD into untested SHARK INFESTED LIFE WATERS & ROGUE OCEAN WAVES!!!  P.S. Following Blessed Britney’s (Britney Spears) example, going on vacation for several weeks- just short weekly articles & will look at compressing past articles!  YOUR BEST LIVING IS AHEAD- CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR’S JOY INSIDE YOUR BLESSED HEART- ALWAYS LOVING YOU- YOU BE SAFE!!! (Celebrating with Family & Friends over our Holidays- TOO CLOSE TOGETHER Super Spreading = A Jan., 2021 SPIKE IN COVID- YIKES!!!) Dec. 23, 2020  Brianca Lane


WOW #1. 3rd VACCINE APPROVED vs. NEW STRAINS… Astra Zeneca & Oxford University’s vaccine APPROVED today in the U.K.- no need for supercooling storage! Don’t let COVID PLAGUE U.S. A.LL!!!  Johnson & Johnson vaccine development coming within months. Novavax also from $$$invetments by OPERATION WARP SPEED! (But Darwinian Evolutionary processes = COVID mutations- more infectious? Worse symptoms? Increased humans infected = increased opportunities for mutations/variants- Will our vaccines be effective against NEW STRAINS?)

WOW #2. Dr. Alyssa Milano- Charmed Sister is Correct about LONG HAULERS experiencing ‘BRAIN FOG & trouble concentrating…’ neurological symptoms, ‘delirium,’  new onset ‘psychosis,’ hallucinations, loss of taste & smell, strokes, inflammation, immune system over reactions…. a study shows 80% of HOSPITALIZED COVID PATIENTS suffering such neurological symptoms! Critics wondered if COVID infected wanted ATTENTION BY COMPLAINING AFTER THE NORMAL COURSE OF ILLNESS??? COVID can get into our bloodstream & attack systems & organs, cause inflammation, etc. By standards of historical plagues since Biblical times, COVID is not so bad so far- Plagues used to ATTACK & SUBSIDE over decades without vaccines, proper treatments & adequate SOCIAL DISTANCING & PROTECTIVE MEASURES-


THE BEST VIRAL ‘TREATMENTS’ ARE PREVENTIONS OF INFECTIONS & ILLNESS!!! Multiple vaccines are in use or on the horizon- the quickly developed Russian Sputnik V is being sold internationally with claimed good results…  Health practitioners are developing skills & techniques  to better TREAT viral infections!  PREVENTING TRANSMISSION IS THE BEST TREATMENT- Pres. Trump’s inadequate appreciation to STOP TRANSMISSION cost everyone dearly! But shouldn’t everyone LISTEN & CAREFULLY EVALUATE different APPROACHES to STOPPING THE SPREAD- NOT BLINDLY FOLLOW ANY POLITICAL LEADER’s personal suggestions? Social distancing especially make sense as does mask wearing in shopping stores, for example. We should simply think of how COVID works to SPREAD INFECTION & what we may do to STOP THE SPREAD in practical ways while carrying on living as best we are safely able! In the last 2,000 years, people had no understanding as occasionally plagues could infect a significant percent of the World’s population with virtually no treatments? Back in Biblical times, they understood social distancing & quarantining infected… wearing facial protection… but spreading continued just like today…

WOW #3. New STRAINS EMERGING under Darwinian Evolutionary Principles- U.K., South African, South American Variants…  ex. 70% more INFECTIOUS, symptoms same? WORSE? Will vaccines hopefully equally protect against catching the new strain or at least WEAKEN SYMPTOMS? Astra Zeneca  appears ONLY 50- 60% EFFECTIVE AGAINST A NEW South African Strain!!! Are we in a revolving race, the most complex Life form against a small almost invisible vampire incomplete life form seeing us only as an endless gourmet food buffet? Difficulty for everyone to get on board to vanquish infecting diseases… 

WOW #4. A concern is how long will vaccines & our immune system response protect against re-infection- a nurse subject appears to have been re-infected? What if we become vulnerable again to REINFECTION AFTER A YEAR? Or to new strains- how many new vaccines will be needed IN THE RACE AGAINST THE VIRUS FOR HOW MANY YEARS? 

WOW #5. Are all Politicians & Elites vs. Ordinary Citizens EQUAL UNDER THE PROTECTIONS & SANCTIONS of the LAW? Are there various SYSTEMS OF LAWS where some citizens are immune from prosecution, others are specifically targeted like visible minorities or people with perceived disabilities or illness? Are LAW ENFORCERS so morally BANKRUPT, political & wealthy powerful elites are allowed to engage in ongoing nefarious harmful conduct or neglect of duty completely backed by Law Enforcement & Courts? ABSOLUTELY NO STANDARDS OF EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW NOR DUE PROCESS…? (Homeless people in Quebec Canada issued BIG FINES for not observing STAY AT HOME ORDERS?) Disgracing our Constitutions, violating our INLIENABLE RIGHTS & our Equal Treatment under our Laws!!! Ongoing hypocrisy by our political leaders issuing strict NON SCIENTIFIC ON & OFF  BLANKET STAY AT HOME & BUSINESS LOCK DOWN ORDERS… REQUIRING BUSINESSES IMPLEMENT MANY STRICT EXPENSIVE PRACTICES- BUT THEN STILL ORDERED LOCKED DOWN REGARDLESS!  WHETHER OR NOT THEY ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTE TO THE SPREAD!!!

Governments CONTINUE TO ENABLE SENIOR CARE HOMES TO NEGLECT, ABUSE & CULL SENIORS!  OUR POLITICIANS- AS POLLS OF CITIZENS SUGGEST, APPEAR CRIMINALLY CULPABLE IN CAUSING SUFFERING & DEATH… MAINTAINING THE SAME PETRIE DISH INCUBATOR CARE HOME ENVIRONMENTS, DEPRIVATIONS & ABUSES… Everyone involved experiencing TRAGEDY- Residents, Staff, Family & Friends- OUR COLLECTIVE HUMANITY BEING QUESTIONED!!!  Why aren’t our POLICE & JUSTICE SYSTEMS charging our Politicians & Health Care Care Home Operators- WILLFUL, RECKLESS & NEGLIGENT PLANS< POLICIES & OPERATIONS RESULTING IN FORSEEABLE INJURY, SUFFERING & DEATH??? Everyone is supposedly EQUAL UNDER THE LAW but Political Elites… are CLEARLY DOING ANYTHING THE WANT CAUSING HALOCAUST LIKE OUTCOMES WITH NO LEGAL PEALTIES! WHY???  (P.S. Ontario, Canada’s Finance Cabinet Minister flew off for 3 week+ in Saint Barts while preprograming a Holiday greeting & video suggesting he stayed HOME- strict stay at home lock down orders were imposed on ordinary citizens & businesses, Religious Gatherings only allowing 5+/-  for weddings, funerals… Ordinary citizens allowed out & about only for survival- exercise, essential work, health appointments, purchasing groceries/food… Premier approved the shocking breach but pretended to be SHOCKED & APPALLED-  his FINANCE MINISTER SKIPPING THE COUNTRY as endless daily radio announcements requiring STAY AT HOME & BUSINESS LOCK DOWN ORDERS or BIG FINES- $880. in Ontario, Canada!!!)

WOW#6.  Christmas/Holiday Spirit- Character, civility & compassion ONLY AT CHRISTMAS? U.S. Congress approves $2,000 Pelosi- Trump CHRISTMAS SPIRIT COVID RELIEF Proposal… 1 $$$trillion for Americans but SENATE HOLDS IT UP- wants to also discuss Trump’s election integrity concern & repealing section 230 which grants big tech companies LEGAL IMMUNITY. Why can’t our Politicians get along better in our Democracies showing character, compassion & civility– ALWAYS APPEARS TO ABOUT POWER ALL THE TIME! Democracies- not AUTOCRACIES!!! $600. RELIEF CHEQUES ALREADY APPROVED- on their way! But almost 1 in 6 Americans goes hungry due to COVID. (But endlessly ‘impeached’ Pres. Trump is “STILL THE ONE!” ‘Most POPULAR MAN!’ (Gallup poll shows Trump at 18%- TOP AMERICAN with Joe Biden down at 6%!) Concerning to see Politicians waylaying COVID RELIEF, spending their time in Political Power Struggles- Gov’t. serving their own interests first & foremost  vs. Gov’t. BY & FOR THE PEOPLE!

WOW #7. SHANG ‘EM HIGH in Shanghai Court- zing ZHANG ZHAN! Reporters Without Borders says China is the biggest JOURNALIST JAILOR! A Chinese former lawyer leaked several TRUE COVID Wuhan details & video… on line & was sentenced to 4 years “for picking quarrels & provoking troubles…” By (intentionally) suppressing COVID’s REAL INFECTION THREAT & HARMFUL EFFECTS & by enabling INTERNATONAL TRAVEL OUT OF CHINA but not to infected areas within China, CHINA ASSURED COVID’S  DESTRUCTION WORLD WIDE… ACT OF WAR ON OUR WORLD? Should China BE HELD LIABLE FOR INJURY & DAMAGES in the $BILLIONS/$TRILLIONS in our International & National Courts? Look at our U.S. response to 9-11 planes crashing into buildings killing 3,000+…  China enabled  INTERNATIONAL AIR TRAVEL OUT OF CHINA INFECTING OUR WORLD- 3,000- 4,000 Americans dying daily- over 400,000 COVID fatalities to date, soon approaching 500,000!

WOW #8. Homework Projects About Climate Challenges- Ganges River in India, lifeblood water system headed for future extinction & India becoming a giant desert if Earth continues rapid warming? Our Amazon River & Climate System failing- 20% Earth’s oxygen/lungs of our Planet… home to 30% of our species- flora & fauna? Similarly our Congo Jungle system disappearing? Australia, etc. is losing coral reefs- centers for establishing healthy sea life? Australia & Western U.S. becoming large dry deserts as well after burning  up? Jungles becoming savannah grasslands losing? Entire planetary climate systems altered & unpredictable making survival difficult- mass exodus & starvation, viral & bacterial disease spread, super superstorms & Firenadoes… collapsing societies &  infrastructure… Forget Hollywood Movies, we’re living REAL CLIMAX BATTLES ABOUT EARTH CHANGES, OUTBREAKS, POWER MAD POLITICAL DECEPTION, WORLD Co-OPERATION or else DOMINATION, SURVIVAL! SUPER HEROES R US to SAVE OUR WORLD- Apocalyptic TIMES AT HAND  according to Science- OUR CHOICE IS NOW! HOW THE STORY GOES FROM TODAY to 2050!!! EVERYONE STAY SAFE ADOPTING ALL THE PROTOCOLS- social distancing, your 13 foot air envelope, avoiding crowds!!! LOVE EVERYONE WEARING A MASK or SCARF- minimal spread of influenza, colds, etc. EVERYONE SO HEALTHIER W/O SPREADING THE USUAL AILMENTS & INFECTIONS- downside is people with sudden or chronic illnesses & disabilities- heart ailments, cancer, needing surgery, testing & treatments are being BLOCKED- LEFT UNATTENDE TO SUFFER!! COVID TREATMENT PATIENTS STEALING ALL THE BEDS & CARE< EQUIPMENT & STAFF!!! LOVE ALWAYS-

LOVE + TRUTH= LIFE & HAPPINESS!!! Dec. 30, 2020 see you in Year 2- our Apocalyptic Times! DEAREST BELOVED!!!!!!!!  Love, Brianca Lane 

GOD BLESS U.S.A.LL-  First week in our Apocalypse year 2:  Importance of Jan. 6? YOU’RE STILL THE ONES WE LOOVE!!! 

Thank God/Allah/Darwinian for our Survival Instincts- Strangest Jan. 6 Dreams about CRAZINESS in Washington! Did you you ever SLEEP SOUNDLY as our World Suddenly Explodes in DRAMA?! Or SEEK ESCAPE INTO SPORTS, Music, Literature & The Arts?: HE/SHE SHOOTS- SHE/HE SCORES!!!!!!! also called World Junior Hockey is SAFE for another year- U.S.A., Canada, Finland medaling- Russia breathing down our necks- at our Rear as is usual! Last year, Canada beat back the menacing Russian Honey Bear! We should give EQUAL COVERAGE to Women’s World Hockey, usually a friendly final contest between U.S.A. & Canada.

Everyone is still struggling between generations about sexual orientation & gender identity. Traditional Male & Female vs. current claims to 140+ Sexual Orientations & Gender Identities subscribed to by many among our younger generation! Political Correctness & Cancel Culture infecting civility, freedom of thought & speech, compassion for diverse viewpoints on controversial subjects… Religion, traditionally the backbone of developing societies for good or bad, being challenged in favor of being ‘a universal SPIRIT!’ Why are children being drawn into ADULT MATTERS by advocates/warriors seeking revolutionary cultural change? Shouldn’t children be enabled to be children- EXPLORE & DISCOVER life for themselves vs. being forced to accept the latest fad NEW WORLD ORDER EDICTS & CANCEL CULTURE TOTALITARIANISM?  Traditionally, Universities were centers for studying diverse views, challenging one another’s ideas- disagreeing or agreeing but being respectful, civil- Extremism & Cancel Culture disallow civil examination, respect for our inalienable RIGHTS & FREEDOMS! As Michele says, “WHEN THEY GO LOW, WE GO HIGH!” (Heard a quote from Pres. Obama- if they bring knives- we BRING GUNS!!!’ Michele needs to offer Hussein a guiding hand?)

Jan. 6 was thankfully RESTRAINED in comparison to what might have happened give the DEEP POLITICAL. CULTURAL & RELIGIOUS SPLIT IN AMERICA TODAY! (One LONE WOLF hell bent Vegas Shooter carefully planned & acted tragically on the night of Oct 1, 2017 killing about 58, injuring over 800!!!) Our American Jan. 6 thousands of Pres. Trump supporting protestors were by comparison thankfully incredibly restrained as were Capitol Police in spite of a few activists hoping to stoke protesters & who had preplanned to charge the Capitol Building… Never to ignore the threat by a small number of extremists & violence agitators among the thousands of better intentioned protesters… Like we witnessed too often during the pillaging, looting & violence of the 2020 racially & politically charged 2020 American city protests! Some agitators pushed for arson, violence, looting & pillaging- embarrassing & harming B.L.M…. George Floyd Marches to defund the police overuse of discriminatory excessive BRUTAL FORCE!  Peaceful better intentioned & informed protestors exercised their CIVIL RIGHTS appropriately in the spirit of Martin Luther King…!!!  But also concerning that in our Apocalyptic Times Protests can become SUPER SPREADER EVENTS with people screaming chants & assembling tightly! As social distancing protocols were being enforced, political protest events run freely spreading COVID! On B.L.M.  issues, about 324,000 Blacks were killed by other Blacks over 35 years- Black on Black crime has to be addressed many informed Black leaders argue…  We hear of Police Officers being killed more than George Floyd ‘lynching… ‘ We must examine all perspectives, not allowing any murders to be justified but not pretending Black on Black crime is not the biggest shocking statistic… Pres. elect Biden- originally an admitted racist/segregationist by his legislative record has seen the Light apparently but many white men fought with their very lives against slavery & tyranny over centuries, against the K.K.K. and racism. 

TRULY BEAUTIFUL & WONDERFUL AMERICAN- BETTER DAYS AHEAD… WORLD CHAMPIONS of LIFE, LIBERTY, PURUIT of HAPPINESS!!! But  instead of appreciating their recent Political victories graciously, America’s winning Party alarmist extremists are stoking up emotions into greater  distress, fear & hate, rubbing burning coals into Republican wounds, turning Washington into an International EMBARRASSMENT, presenting The U.S. Capitol looking like a Third World walled in, high fenced, barbed wire topped SELFIE of suppression, oppression & emotional dysfunction! Not at all representing truly Beautiful  & Wonderful America!!! Not at all representing Americans as the World’s CHAMPIONS of LIFE, LIBERTY,  PURSUIT of HAPPINESS!!! The Americans our World LOVES, imitates- looks to for HOPE & better days ahead!!! Today if our Washington Political Leaders play like squabbling tiny tots in MELTDOWN MODE, let no PROUD AMERICANS ALLOW THEMSELVES TO SINK TO THEIR DEPTHS! The World WISHES ONLY FOR THE BEST FOR AMERICANS TO LIGHT OUR WAY IN HELPING HEAL OUR WORLD IN DISTRESS! If they go OH SO LOW in Washington, we all go OH SO HIGH EVERYWHERE ELSE!!!

Changes initiated in the ’60’s continue today, some looking to traditional cultural approaches & values; others seeking a radical rejection of that ‘GLORIOUS or not so GLORIOUS’ PAST! Like turning long established traditional Male Female Roles into 140 sexual orientations & gender identities… V.P. Kamala Harris remembers she was among the first young visible minorities in California to be forcefully integrated  by deliberating ‘bussing students…’ Pres. Joe Biden- apparently a devout RACIST by his law making bent,  STRONGLY OPPOSING INTEGRATION- siding with SEGREGATIONALISTS for years- but NOT TODAY!  Kamala pointed out to his face & on television to all Americans, Biden forcefully opposed her integration! (I remember thinking how PLEASANT BUT ALMOST UNNATURAL & EMBARRASSING TO LIVE IN A BUBBLE SEGREGATED STYLE SOCIETY, MY PARENTS DECIDING DEFINITELY NOT SENDING ME TO EXTRAVAGENT & OUTRAGEOUS HOLLYWOOD HIGH SCHOOL LIVING-  

Perhaps Sending me instead to school in a small, rural 19th century style Church centered  community among straight laced Bible Believing Friendly Country Folks??? They probably should have given my Wild Child Days &Ways- my Guardian Angel working on call 24- 7 to save a Drowning Spirit!!!! Our children are missing out badly in our Apocalyptic Times- INSTABILITY, CAUTIONED TO BE CONSTANTLY VIGILANT & FEARFUL, little social face time, poorest education by frightened teachers, World in Upheaval,  anxious Parents freaking out & marriages fraying… our Politicians as wise as bottom feeders in swamps, as incompetent as elected Political psychopaths caring for vulnerable people… SENIORS! Children need to be back at school instead of their lives being sacrificed for COVID!? Pres. Biden is blindly signing? dozens of Edicts bypassing democratic discussion & consensus building… dramatically introducing a New Normal World Order. Hopefully, in almost 80 years, he’s able to see now what immediate changes are needed, he’s evolved with changing times! Are  we RESILIENT, able to appreciate needed changes without tossing The Baby With the Bath Water? Is the NEW BOSS BETTER THAN THE OLD BOSS? Beware of over zealous Political Correctness & Cancel Culture- The road to hell-o is paved with good intentions!’ Can we listen & find common ground among competing Old Normal Lifestyles & New World Order edicts?  Will we avoid falling into Big Brother 1984 24/7 watchful eyes, attempting to supervise our lives? The new boss banning calling COVID The China/Wuhan Virus: Source was in a Wuhan Experimental Infectious Disease Biolab- apparently CHINA UNLOCKING PANDORA’S BOX- so Pres. Biden’s suppressing “China/Wuhan COVID’ raises SERIOUS ALARM BELLS!!!  L.G.B.T.Q.+? 140 orientations & identities vs. traditional Religion? Leave It to Beaver 1950’s traditional Americana vs. radical leftist Ideology & a New World Order? How long will COVID TIMES last? What else is coming our way as we stand like deer blinded by oncoming headlights? 

Some things never seem to change- Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange continues his 50,000+ round boxing fight with America & Mental + Physical Survival. A British Judge ruled he would self harm/his mental health completely collapse upon being extradited to America for trial so denied his removal. But then another Judge denied bail in favor of enabling a U.S. appeal.  SHOULD HE STAY or SHOULD HE GO? A Merry Go Round- And you thought you faced STRESS! (Everyone saw the leaked footage of American gunship helicopters… firing w/o mercy on CIVILIANS… Shouldn’t everyone know if apparent atrocities are being committed no matter which parties are involved? Governments are BY & FOR THE PEOPLE so we have the Right to KNOW about any apparent atrocity to stop it…)  For example, Autocratic China conducts an industry catering to transplant tourism by a ‘wet market’ but using LIVE HUMANS instead of live wild animals, reptiles like in Wuhan’s former wet market..

PANDORA’S BOX OPENED BY CHINA AGAINST OUR WORLD: Smart COVID-19 is creating variations, one is 40- 70% more contagious raising the bar for achieving herd immunity. The longer COVID victimizes humans in continuing great numbers, the more opportunity for Darwinian Evolutionary processes to develop more aggressive variations against us! With limited vaccines available, giving more people LESSER THAN SPECIFIED AMOUNTS enables COVID to develop ways to fight the low doses & VACCINES! Jungle life is adapted over thousands of years by Darwinian Evolutionary processes. We live in entirely different worlds, our immune systems adapting accordingly. Living by a woods, we find some wild animals, birds, insects, etc. choose to develop viable relationships with us humans. But we avoid actual intimate contact  by SOCIAL DISTANCING or otherwise our immune systems have to handle organisms challenging their immune systems. WE humans catch Lyme disease carried by ticks on deer & birds… In African Congo Jungles, etc. as in Wuhan China, if we invade & destroy jungle flora & fauna… habitat, wild life & human life engage in intimate contact exchanging body fluids, a cut, a bite or scratch brings dangerous unknown organisms against our unprepared weaker, immune system. Bats, for example, in jungle environments face strong viral & bacterial infection challenges- their adapted very strong immune systems can survive but infecting organisms/genetic material virus vampires may be too challenging for us!  COVID 19 only needs to infect one human… Monkeys gave us A.I.D.s supposedly and then we transmitted it; deadly Ebola; fleas on heavy rat infestations gave us plagues for hundreds of years… 

Mad Scientists will offer us a human android machine cyborg escape or we can look to Extraterrestrial Life… Avi Loeb, Astronomy Dep’t. Head at Harvard from 2011- 2020 argues a shiny reflecting surface- 10X more reflective than asteroids or comets, cigar shaped object 100 yards long approached from Vega- 25 light years away, entered our orbital plane Sept. 2017 and was propelled by an invisible force other than our sun’s gravity… Avi thinks it was created by an intelligence. Ancient Indian texts incidentally suggest an ancient nuclear battle over India using advanced technology… creating fields of seeming ultra heated surfaces- nuke bomb blasts? Machines can be programed to dance like humans; cars drive themselves… How long before Artificial Intelligence & machines join humans as cyborgs or take over additional human jobs & roles- begin assuming DECISION MAKING RESPONSIBILITIES ABOUT HUMAN ACTIVITIES & ATTEMPT RUNNING OUR LIVES FOR BIG BROTHER? Pres. Edicts by the dozens like Pres. Biden’s pen strokes with machines seeing the instant decrees adopted & enforced…? 

Mother Nature’s still our Blessed Natural Friend – we’re changing for the better albeit being forced to change- hopefully not kicking & screaming by climate change calamities, COVID, Plagues of Egypt style Biblical challenges, etc. Republicans believed American ingenuity naturally addresses Climate Change vs. the Biden/Harris Team favors INSTANT EDICTS to put some URGENCY into addressing man made CALAMITIES!  Real Life HAPPENS OUTSIDE OUR POLITICIANS’ ENDLESS INSTANT EDICTS, STRUGGLES & ANTICS-  SEND RELIEF CHECKS & AID OUT NOW as we WEATHER COVID/ALL OUR CHALLENGES people beg! Government debt is becoming astonishing- decidedly favoring the wealthy elite but needed by all under COVID restrictions! Will the stock market & economy survive the debt level without a severe shakedown/reset? ( attempts to WISH & DREAM HEALING FOR U.S.A.LL IS AHEAD- maybe hidden somewhere in all Pres. Biden’s dozens of EDICTS!!! God still is God/Allah/TRUTH…  Laws of Nature, Chemistry, Physics, Biology still operating… Our Brilliant Emotions, Bodies & Brains Exquisitely Resilient & Sailing Smoothly as BEST THEY ARE ABLE- You ARE SAFELY ENFOLDED IN LIFE & LOVE- All OUR BRILLIANT SPIRIT BLESSING OUR STRESSED OUT WORLD to bring $$$??? Ha! HEALING & PEACE! Loving You & your Beautiful Character-  Jan. 6, 2021  Brianca Lane 

BY LOVE, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE- but just in case be ready to beam us all up Scotty!!!

Back in Oct., Pres. Trump was perfectly clear about his response to a ballot loss- He stated what actions he would take and he’s pursued them all exactly as voiced- Thankfully scaled back the Mussolini Act= draining & reclaiming Washington swamp land. He may have been badly suffering COVID infection leading to his unusual belligerence at his first debate! Infections getting into our blood can easily affect multiple systems- even a  laid back gentle touch like our delightful smiling Pres. Trump!  Everyone knew exactly what would happen- no surprises for anyone except a small number of extremists preplan activities & push beyond mere Protest Marches like the over the top tragic arsons, violence & looting in the summer race riots supporting B.L.M.- very unhelpful kind of support for the cause! About 60? Pres. Trump unsuccessful Court Appeals- Courts did not want to be involved in rehashing mail in balloting- arguably an easily abused voting system vs. attending IN PERSON WITH GOV’T. ISSUED VOTING I.D. & OTHER I.D. SHOWING NAME & ADDRESS…  Nor THE SUPREME COURT by mixed decision. Very THANKFUL to witness a STRONG TURN OUT FOR DEMOCRACY- ALMOST 75 million  STOP THE STEAL PROTESTORS/Supporters-  2nd HIGHEST EVER TALLY. IN Comparison EVERY SINGLE DAY,  3,000- 4,000 AMERICANS ARE TAKEN OUT BY COVID! More deaths than a 9-11 plane attack every single day! So where should our focus be- addressing COVID & supports/aid/$$$/help/health care to every country’s citizens!!!  Governments only exist BY & FOR THE PEOPLE! The ordinary people are dying at a rate only once higher in America’s history-  In America deaths are heading to 400,000+ The Spanish flu took 675,000!!!  Pres. Biden is ruling by Pres. decrees- may easily call his supporters to pass a COVID relief $1. 9 BILLION PACKAGE he will sign into LAW IMMEDIATELY without negotiating for an agreement with Republicans! Entertainer Dolly Parton twice turned down receiving the Highest Civilian Award pinned to her blouse by Pres. Trump! Pres. Biden is at least as much a nasty groper according to many female victim complainants- Dolly- just slap Pres. Biden’s wayward touch- “Oh- you old heavy breathing trench coat GOAT!” if he refuses to social distance- But watch out- good at snaking up behind your back!!!   

Choreographed ‘Pornography’-  We all saw our mainstream media mob churning out propaganda like the old U.S.S.R; we saw Big Pharma orchestrating & choreographing their propaganda efforts beginning in the summer & immediately after the Election; & now ‘Big internet/tech.’ choreographing suppression & oppression as strongly as in China, North Korea or Russia- 74 million Americans shut out because of their political views- who they voted for… ‘1984’ style Big Brother censorship, denial of inalienable Rights & Freedoms- CANCEL CULTURE- American as Pres. Biden banning ‘China/Wuhan COVID!’ Capitulation to tyranny?  The American Constitution, Rights & Freedoms obliterated! Someone please confirm China has not placed a 5G chip altering Pres. Biden’s circuitry! Ha! Pres. Trump signed a release demanding U.F.O. classified reports are to be circulated- released within 6 months so we uncover suppressed U.F.O. sightings, videos… created by highly trained & credible sources. Discover if Aliens are already influencing U.S.A.ll!- holding Political Office! Who knew our worst Politicians might be Alien poorly operating Space Junk- Explains a lot???

If Biden is pushing electrical power, our electrical grids need to be updated and HARDENED like the President’s arteries! Biden may simply pass a Pres. Edict to update & harden THE GRID! N.K. appears actively hostile to Biden & vows to accelerate it’s intercontinental nuke developments- Where’s our newest basketball star to act as our DIPLOMACY SPORTS HERO? Russia appeared to have a working mentoring relationship with Pres. Trump according to over 4 years of Democratic Propaganda! Biden’s drug addict ‘challenged’ son Hunter allegedly was involved in a $billion dollar investment proposal involving China’s Regime & ‘the big guy’ was to receive a 10% cut of the profits- and a free 5G brain circuit chip? Pres. Trump fiercely battled China economically  & recently by a Military Show of Force to counter China’s Show of Force against surrounding Nations!

New Zealand is ‘chipped,’ bowing before Beijing by refusing to be a co-signer among the U.S., Canada, Australia & Britain- “Serious concern at the mass arrest of 55 politicians & activists in Hong Kong for subversion under the new National Security Law; “A CLEAR BREACH OF THE SINO- BRITISH DECLARATION FRAMEWORK…” (demand) “postponed Legislative  Council Elections include Candidates representing a range of Political Opinions.”  New Zealand allows a Chinese Intelligence Officer to serve in N.Z.’s Parliament & report back to Beijing;; India is now ‘PROFOUNDLY DISTURBED” by lack of trust with China; The Philippines went to the World Court to win against China’s encroachment but China does not recognize the World’s Court’s decisions…;

COVID appears to have undergone “EXTENSIVE PRE-ADAPTATIONS TO HUMANS INCLUDING CONTINUAL TRANSMISSIBILITY PRIOR TO INFECTING PATIENT ZERO!” Along with related activities, it appears China CREATED THE VIRUS PERFECTLY ADAPTED for one purpose- AS A BIOLOGICAL WEAPON TO INFECT & TERMINATE OR INJURE HUMANS…  (see Retired Israeli Lt. Col. Danny Shohan, Microbiologist & expert on Biological Warfare!) BELIEVE IT OR NOT- Circa 2014, Pres. Obama had to OUTLAW U.S. Infection Studying Bio Labs from producing WEAPONIZED INFECTIOUS AGENTS- The LABS. WOULD CREATE SUPER DISEASE AGENTS TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO INNOCULATE AGAINST & TREAT THEM ‘in the event similar infectious agents appeared naturally…’   MORE MAD SCIENCE- Researchers think humans would NOT BE ABLE TO CONTROL A SUPER INTELLIGENT A.I. thinking machine.

Remember emerging super infectious COVID strains are out there U.K., South Africa, South American… & carriers can spread COVID while not showing any symptoms! After Christmas Holidays, Festival of Lights, etc. when people in Northern Climates are most likely to feel a bit depressed & cash strapped… Seasonal Affective Disorder appears… BLUE MONDAYS! Our mood & consciousness can rise & fall based ON OUR HEALTH, exposure to cold & no sunshine, lack of fun outdoor activities & social interactions under STAY AT HOME COVID lockdowns… so some people feel sleepy, like hibernating animals…  But while Politicians & radio… ads bombard us with messages to stay at home, a highly prominent psychiatrist repeatedly says DON’T STAY INDOORS- GET OUTSIDE FOR EXERCISE, especially if you are older because he understands we HAVE TO PROTECT OUR MENTAL HEALTH- please everyone, we’ll stay safe but get outdoor activity SOCIAL DISTANCING TO AVOID COVID!!! Be aware dips in our mental health make us see our world less WONDERFUL THAN OUR SITUATION ACTUALLY IS!  WHEN OUR MENTAL HEALTH IS GREAT,  WE SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL LOVE & LIFE ARE RIGHT HERE IN OUR PRESENT- BEING THANKFUL & ALWAYS LOVING YOU JUST AS YOU ARE!!! SMILE!!! By LOVE, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!  Jan. 13, 2021        Brianca Lane    


When They Go Low- We Go HIGH! If They Go Lower- We Go Higher!!!” (Michelle Obama) Always our LOVE is to GO HIGHER on THE SPIRAL of LIFE- Apparently with no limits on  HOW LOW or HOW HIGH HUMAN BEINGS CAN CHOOSE TO GO! Spoke with delightful & informed Hong Kong friend Mars who lives on Earth; his GF- Venus offers a distant spacey perspective, & also chatted up several inbred Relatives for a Liberal Democrats view of DESTINY’S TRUMPETER! Vs. Rock solid Jewish friends favoring Trump’s M.A.G.A. Call, a breath of kosher opinions…  Mars is delightfully agreeable with my suggesting Pres. Trump should have received a Politically Strategic Strong SUPPORTIVE HONORABLE  Send-Off – “They Go Lower- We Go Higher!!!” A little Trump M.A.G.A. hat statue handed to each Democrat- Pelosi could stick needles into the statue…  But Capitol Dems. took the BITTER TASTING LOWER CLASS TACT nixing HEALING U.S.A.’s DEEP DIVISIONS! “They go so LOW with Impeachment sour puss vile,” Dems. virtually drop off the SPIRAL of LIFE into the demonic underworld? Very SAD DAY-  FAILING THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO BRING HEALING TO AMERICA, SHOW OUR WORLD DEMOCRACY & RESPECTFUL BROTHERHOOD/SISTERHOOD SHINES UNDER ADVERSITY & BLESSINGS ALIKE!!!

The more we disagree, the harder we must work to understand each other’s views & form viable trusting relationships! China’s, Iran’s, N.K.’s, Russia’s dictators gloating? Telling their enslaved citizens America’s Democratic leaders are so hated, 25,000 armed soldiers & rows of high fencing topped by barbed wire are needed to keep all citizens at least a mile away from their hated leaders!!! Instead of 100’s of thousands spilling across the National Mall to attend the Pres. Inauguration, an Art Exhibit was set up- Biden could have held his poorly attended Elanor Rigby inauguration in his backyard & personally served hotdogs from his grill- saving his Country  $$$millions in wasted expenses & the event from international ridicule!!! As Mail In Order Bride Election Victor, Biden should have walked the path to peace by example- acting with charity & dignity, extending an olive leaf… asking Trump for his advice…  displaying friendship, admiration, congeniality & unity for the benefit of American peace & prosperity!! True Olympic Athletes typically display VIRTUOUS MODESTY IN VICTORY, celebrating the achievements of  & praising the character & talents of people who helped them & their fellow competitors- not blowing their own horns… POOR SPORTSMANSHIP IS A BIG ‘NO NO’ even among two old farts! As Beatle Paul McCartney sings, “Life is much too short for fussing & fighting my friend- I have always thought that it’s a crime so I will ask you once again- WE CAN WORK IT OUT! WE CAN WORK IT OUT!” Martin Luther King said, “I’ve been to the Mountain Top and I’ve seen the Promised Land. I want you to know that we as a people will get to The Promised Land!” Is Joe leading U.S.A.LL to The Promised Land & does he read  those Edict before signing them into law??? 

Every day, about 4,000+ Americans are taken out by COVID- more than a 9-11 Plane crash in Twin Towers Tragedy every day. Time for a new President’s every moment to restore harmony, setting aside any personal bad feelings- Wasn’t Pres. Nixon pardoned quickly? A full & unconditional pardon for any crimes he might have committed against the U.S. & everything related to Watergate in early Sept. 1974, 1 month after Nixon resigned! 75 million voted for Pres. Trump, 2 highest ever with a Mail In Bride voting system easily manipulated. Security to pick up an online courier purchase requires I present in person, show gov’t. photo I.D. & the special notice mailed privately to me stating where the package was being held for pick up. Stronger requirements than mail in voting for the U.S. Nov. 2020 election??

Wise leaders say, ‘I keep my friends close but my enemies closer!’  Dems. SHOULD BE SINGING “HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU, Pres. Trump- UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN-  HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU- KEEP SMILING UNTIL THEN!” Nancy Pelosi is sharpening her kitchen knives- ‘We’ll carve you up like a Thanksgiving Turkey at our bloody sacrificial impeachment Salem Witch Hunt trials for your 75 million un-American supporters!!! Ha! Ha! My Pretties…’ chortles the wicked Pelosi witch riding off on her broomstick tormenting the Trumps! We could ask any pre school kids for advice on HOW TO SHARE & PLAY NICE!!!!

BREAK UP SONGS!!! Bitter Sweet Endings Break Up Songs to swoon over while Pelosi brews her devil  hearted impeachment potions: Pelosi’s daughter says if anyone challenges her Mom, she is so skilled as an ASSASSIN, she’ll take your head off and you won’t even realize you’re bleeding!!! Neil Sedaka’s 1962 “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do!!!” Brilliant Singer Songwriter Roy Orbison’s, 1964 “IT’S OVER!!!” Carly Simon’s 1972 “You’re So Vain Pres. Trump!” Fleetwood Mac’s 1976 “Go Your Own Way!” Timberlake’s 2002 “Cry Me A River!” ABBA’s 1980 “The Winner Takes It All!” Taylor Swift’s who We LOVE TO TEASE!  & IRK FANS!!! 2012 “WE ARE CERTAINLY GETTING BACK TOGETHER- FOR SURE- Pres. Trump My Forever LOVE!!!!!!” And never overlook Beyonce crooning Pres. Trump IS  “IRREPLACEABLE!” Or Adele’s 2011 “Someone Like You- Pres. Trump!” (How ironic Pres. Biden’s wife’s ex reports, he knew his marriage was going south by ADULTERY with Joe Biden when she absolutely passed on a unique opportunity to personally meet young rising star Bruce Springsteen playing at her husband’s CLUB & wanting payment in advance! She preferring to help out Joe Biden & care for his kids… Springsteen is to virtually entertain at Biden’s Inauguration? reminding everyone of the alleged ADULTERY- Breach of TRUST! Later, ex’s sports car reported in an accident driven by Joe Biden with his wife at Biden’s side! Witness allegedly wondered, ‘What was the Senator doing with your Wife in your Sports Car?” IN GOD WE TRUST” hangs over the U.S., her citizens called to live according to “spiritual  principles!” To be replaced by ‘O.M.G.- What have we done now?!!’  And  ‘Whoa- Did We Get FOOLED AGAIN?!!’ pines about what could have been achieved by HARMONY instead of DISCORD- Beatles 1965 “Yesterday!” “We Can Work It Out!” “With A Little HELP From My Friends!” But “We Say HELLO- You Say Good-bye!” I don’t Know Why You Say Good-bye, I Say HELLO!!!!”   “HERE COMES THE SUN!!!!!!!!”So embarrassing for our World to see the  U.S. Capitol imbedded in BARB WIRE ROW AFTER ROW  HIGH FENCING GUN DIPLOMACY, VETTED MILITARIZED SOLDIERS- anyone favoring Pres. Trump under suspicion & CANCEL CULTURE!  75 MILLION Pres. Trump Supporters- subjected to CANCEL CULTURE & BIG BROTHER  BREATHING DOWN THEIR NECKS for daring to believe!!! Is Washington supposed to represent Baghdad under siege, Green Zone OCCUPATION??

A year ago- months before The W.H.O. recognized our serious impending catastrophes, we ALERTED EVERYONE- “WELCOME to THE APOCALYPSE” about viral plagues, locusts, climate change disasters, dissolution of Old Normal, etc. ‘A Plagues of Egypt Biblical Level scenario!’ Like Michelle our rally cry ALWAYS IS- “They go low, We GO HIGH- They go LOWER?  WE GO HIGHER…” our BEST HOPE FOR SUCCESS!!! But now we see our beloved U.S.A.- by choosing to go  LOW & LOWER, is suffering by far the highest Chinese virus casualties in our World, a Nation wide Borderline Personality Disorder & choosing The Blame Game CANCEL CULTURE against fellow Americans when we should be FINDING HIGHER COMMON GROUND TOGETHER- A STRAIGHT FORWARD GODLY SOLUTION ALWAYS AT HAND! We pray together “It’s GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME!” (Beatles) but like the song adds “CAN’T GET MUCH WORSE!”  Actually our Ascending or Descending on the SPIRAL of LIFE is entirely OUR CHOICE INDIVIDUALLY & TOGETHER APART! So many wonderful human beings like you LIFTING UP YOUR WORLD SAVING EVERYONE FROM LOSING HOPE, THE LIGHT OF OUR WORLD, SHOWING THE WAY BY PEACE< LOVE< TRUTH< UNDERSTANDING & COMPASSION- LIFE WILL HELP U.S.A.LL AROUND OUR WORLD FIND OUR WAY BACK HOME TO ‘KANSAS,’ to SAFELY RIDE THE FIERCE SURF OF APOCALYPTIC CHANGES!!! Yes- if America had taken our SOUNDING the ALARM  VERY SERIOUSLY a year ago almost to the day-  100’s of thousands of Americans needn’t have died… No one may say “We just didn’t know” (But  we didn’t believe.) LOOve You Dearly- Please Be Safe- Uncle SAM Needs You but Chinese COVID WANTS YOU TOO MUCH!!!  Love You Too!  Jan. 20, 2021                    Brianca Lane Best Wishes to New Big Brother 1984 Surveillance Society Crew a la Baghdad style Capitol siege if they are able to find a safe path through layers of barricades,  high fencing & razor sharp barb wire??? 

Yes- Even Independent Warriors (like $$$Successful Britney Spears) Need HELP!!! HELP THEM ALL!!!

LOVE YOU- 25,000 National Guards can disassemble the rows upon rows of blockades, high security fencing topped by barbed wire… Guns & Military Vehicles galore… the Production is over- Americans embarrassed  & World  Wide Audience duly impressed by all the STAGING & PROPS for Full Political Effect-White House could almost be in downtown Yemen if you brought in Hollywood Effects Crews & stunt actors!!! SHAME you put all your National Guards away like unneeded vehicles to sleep in cold concrete garages with only a few bathrooms among hundreds or thousands! I guess all you wanted was CAMERAS & SHOWTIME and when the cameras leave- IT’S GO TIME for unneeded military props!!! Title for the Upcoming Movie?  Hollywood Drama Queen Political Overacting & Reacting Insanity (over the pre- planned relatively subdued Jan. 6 protesters entering the Capitol…) How about the entire Democratic Barnyard SWOONING at daybreak & sunset! Republicans break your fall & settle you peacefully down & everyone sings “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!!!” EVERYBODY NOW- ALL AMERICA NEEDS IS LOVE! LOVE…” For the upcoming sham Unconstitutional ‘trial’ Chief Justice Roberts refuses? to preside over, bring back the 25,000 from the parking garages- set up all the military props but call in Hollywood for special effects- Schwarzenegger in grease paint, Stallone in Rambo outfit…  America’s homeless hundreds of thousands at $15. per hour to portray wild protesters! No impartial ‘judge’ nor jury, no evidence, no witnesses, no testimony, no examination nor cross examination, no defendant or defendant’s lawyer, questioning, no rule by lawful standards & proceedings- like downtown Yemen JUSTICE after years of siege! Just a hanging rope to satisfy Pelosi’s barnyard justice! If anyone imagines the World is impressed by this dog & pony charade???

We are reminded after 9-11, when Americans were gaslighted with over the top misinformation about Iraq & weapons of mass destruction… $$$7 trillion dollars later, 18 years of open warfare- America’s longest war? accomplishing only destruction & misery for everyone but the filthy wealthy Arms Industries happily supplying all sides, millions of innocent dead slaughtered across the Middle East as well as American soldiers- nothing gained by anyone for all the bloody sacrifice… Like Beatle Ringo- we live through what for some appears to be the Worst of Apocalyptic TIMES…  Ringo experienced a sickly childhood & Nazi Luftwaffe Bombing Blitz of Liverpool’s shipyards… The Mercy Beating- Only London was hit harder! But in 1962 Ringo was invited to join MUSIC HEAVEN ON EARTH with John, Paul , George & George Martin! Like Joe Biden who only got 1- 2% of the Iowa Caucus vote & quit his 2007 Presidential Quest only to be beamed up 8 months later into the Barack Hussein Obama Starship Enterprise as second in command! From the POLITICAL JUNKYARD to the WHITE HOUSE- JUST LIKE THAT!!! So now Ringo’s 80- Joe’s only a youthful 78 like that Paul McCartney happy go lucky lad putting out his 3rd self created album- you think he just might turn out well!?  Thanks to his daily gym workout, personal trainer, careful diet… Ringo is healthier than he was as a child with T.B., ruptured appendix, bombs blasting him awake all night, etc. Ringo been through everything, seen it all- every “HIGH WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM HIS FRIENDS” & EVERY LOW- “WE ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE” & “LOVING TO BE UNDER THE SEA IN AN OCTYPUSS’S GARDEN IN THE SHADE!” So Ringo says with authority, “PEACE & LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER!”

 Joe Biden has yet to learn “Life is much too SHORT” (So Don’t Make It Harder & Shorter by acting like a snarling mangy mutt Junkyard Dog- You’re  President NOW- START ACTING LIKE ONE & HEALING AMERICA= BRINGING AMERICANS TOGETHER, MAKING 75 million Pres. Trump supporters feel at HOME SWEET HOME!!!) “Life is much too short And there’s NO TIME for fussing or fighting my Friend- I have always thought that it’s a crime…” (Beatles) Yes- pointless & endless war & fighting to score political fake points is a CRIME against both our Spirituality & Humanity! Put on your big boy trousers President Joe & TRY TO SMILE & BE NICE to Pres. Trump & his 75 million loyal Americans even if your JAW BREAKS IN THE THE PROCESS!!!  Joe says only AUTOCRATS rule by issuing Pres. ORDERS but his day is filled issuing Pres. ORDERS- so HELP EVERYONE JOE, especially people feeling the Apocalyptic hardship Times on their shoulders!  With your table top piled with Edicts, Decrees & Orders, should be $$$something for every target group in America- even sleeping & bathroom facilities for 25,000 National Guards loyalists vetted to weed out every Trump supporter. Under 1950’s style McCarthy witch hunt sham investigations, trials & CANCEL CULTURE, until you learn Right from Wrong- PEACE & LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY! You can attempt to weed out 75 million American patriots & give their jobs & benefits to new immigrants from Central & South America & China can willingly drop in a few million Communist spies & provocateurs… 

P.S. On a personal note, badly accidentally injured my leg but being an independent warrior & hadn’t visited a Dr. for 3 1/2 years+, waited for almost 2 months after the injury to hope to see complete NATURAL healing- health care crew freaked at the severity! The moral is we all need HELP from time to time- Sometimes the best of swimmers may encounter shark infested situations- don’t be proud or shy asking for HELP for mental or physical injury or illness & don’t be Ebenezer scrooge in showing kindness & compassion for one another at every opportunity!!! Whatever our injury or illness- anxiety, depression, bipolar, borderline personality, schizophrenia… being a stubborn young goat like Pres. Trump or Joe Biden, eating disorders like anorexia & distorted body image, seeking out help is always worth investigating- If my leg could speak about my reluctance to get help, we’d cover our ears! Pres. Biden can easily call on his team to assemble & write the Decree for $1.9 BILLION+/- COVID Relief Aid for all Americans including M.A.G.A. Supporters- and sign it into law! Hopefully, aid is soon forthcoming World Wide to help everybody with their individual specific needs! Go ahead- compare Relief packages & demand everyone receive HELP ACCORDING TO ACTUAL NEEDS!!! (WHO, WHEN & HOW TO PAY BACK INSURMOUNTABLE NATIONAL DEBTS???) Love you all dearly- stay safe- Be strong but let me GIVE YOU A LEG UP Piece of ADVISE- Be willing to get HELP!!!!!!!!!!  Be SAFE- Jan. 27, 2021                Love Always,           Brianca Lane 


Yes! Even Successful Warriors like $$$Britney Spears Needed HELP! No one above or below giving & accepting HELP in Apocalyptic Times! Today’s CANCEL CULTURE is Nothing New for citizens facing serious mental or physical challenges- Being given a serious or actually any mental health diagnosis entails serious consequences, can apparently almost cancel our FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES & DESTINY in the view of our labelling society!!! Britney stands forever among the best, hardest working entertainers- 100% FUN & DELIGHTFUL for her audiences! Anything audiences wanted- Britney lovingly delivered to you perfectly joyfully!!! But at her breakdown, our endlessly wound up, energetic magical Adored Bunny STAR POWER GIRL, was BODYSLAMMED HARD & FAST by the Courts IN THE LAND OF THE FREE using a mental health diagnosis to strip everything from her, especially her dignity!!! 13 years under Slavery & Conservatorship based on a mental health diagnosis- Britney’s not accepted as a human being for 13 years in the Court’s view! A slave at best! However much Britney was showered with accolades, wealth & pleasures! Brings us ALERT to the REALITY all our LIFE, LIBERTY, PURSUIT of HAPPINESS- ownership of our assets, very own lives, mind & Body- ALL our Worldly Governments FEEL they can seize & plunder – ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE MAKING UP ANY PRETENSE!!! Thankfully Britney still had STAR $$$POWER- her handlers feeding off her assets but meticulously helping her maintain her physical health & conditioning, entertaining skills & STAR POWER!!

No wonder 75 million Americans bought a Political Outsider with all his flaws exposed… Inalienable Rights may disappear, the Constitution gone at the stroke of a pen wielded by a flunky powered by Big Brother 1984- CANCEL CULTURE! Big Mob Media Mania & 24/7 gaslighting propaganda, Big tech. elites’ hit squads striking access to free speech & information, Big Pharma picking which President wins on Nov. 3, CANCEL CULTURE upon a whim like Caesar’s THUMBS UP or DOWN on human lambs being fed to the lions & gladiators…  Is Biden /Harris & the New Normal New World Order Agenda so scary- government insiders seen as so ready to attack like sharks on a feeding frenzy we citizens fearfully conform or face CANCELATION? Is CANCEL CULTURE against all non believers Caesar’s new agenda? A year into our Apocalypse, are you shocked how terrifyingly incompetent many of our our Political Leaders are in challenging times? A very top Democratic Party SPOKESPERSON reaches the climax on behalf of his Party’s presentation stating: The question is… “Is Pres. Trump guilty of causing an ERECTION at the Capitol?” The moral is never watch extreme R Rated Trashy Films while practicing your Party’s key platform speech for Congress!!! We’ve enjoyed all the action packed Hollywood dramatic, catastrophic scenario films- in preparation for today- simply being heroic in our everyday lives- TOGETHER & APART. Second level acts don’t cut it in Apocalyptic Times- No retakes again & again either! You’re here now needed to save yourself & your world as best you are able TODAY! No one can play your needed part- Be cautiously optimistic for  you are chosen to play your part- be a hero even as our Political Leaders or Gov’t. flunky agents may act like fools & zeroes! No one escapes or is above or below GIVING & ACCEPTING HELP until we successfully face & succeed at all our karmic challenges- All in together & apart, the Right People at the right time- our confidence still intact RIGHT? Yes- we/you can do this! Yes- as best we are able! Heroic R U.S.A.ll World wide! 

American Political  opponents of Pres. Trump try to impeach almost before he’s elected, after he’s left Office & every moment of every day in between! What else to do in 2020 or 2021- ONLY HEAL OUR WORLD!!? Last April, Pres. Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed and gave a time window never before accomplished- infectious disease Expert & American Health Czar Fauci said it was obviously impossible but to Trump impossible is always possible because he is relentlessly driven & confident! Canada’s darling Politically Correct New World Order P.M. is begging for vaccines after being screwed about & dumped hard by trusting China over a phantom vaccine partnership- the World Wide Covax System we previously discussed last summer, is designed to help have not helpless under privileged nations access vaccines- smart leaders like Pres. Trump jump started several vaccines for certain success & availability! P.M. Trudeau is now where Trump was last April, calling for O.W.S. trial vaccine Novavax to be made in a Quebec plant which has yet to be built- hopefully successfully developed by year end? Researchers advise using existing appropriate facilities to manufacture within months but apparently Politicians make self centered political decisions regardless how senseless & damaging! Apocalyptic Times= an inherent challenging uncertain Future & Destiny= we have to STEP UP & be at our BEST- heroic stars TOGETHER APART. All our Hollywood Films were warm up dry runs to acquaint us with CONFIDENTLY FACING our UNCERTAIN FUTURES! We need to be able to TRUST ONE ANOTHER but not necessarily Caesar’s Decrees & top down imposed Governments. Our Darwinian Evolutionary race, for example is on between SARS-COV-2, a basic (weaponized?) single stranded RNA virus, it’s genetic sequence about 30,000 letters long made up of 4 bases, a simple vampire feeding on humans- life’s most advanced  & brilliant physical life form- should be NO CONTEST!  Virus only surviving because the smartest life forms-humans willingly enable endless transmission between humans! More transmissions = increased Darwinian evolutionary variants to emerge. Countries have amassed incredible debt loads- what will happen unwinding this Pandora’s Box? We’ve enjoyed roller coaster rides as kids but this is REALITY in the very EXCITED STAKES of AMERICA & Worldwide!  Facing REALITY challenges while feeling Mental Stressors upsetting U.S.A.ll- not blaming anyone but STEPPING UP AS HEROES, RESCUERS, PROBLEM SOLVERS, CONSENSUS BUILDERS, HEALERS, NURTURERS, ABLE & WILLING TO LISTEN TO DIVERGENT NEEDS & VIEWS, ACCEPTNG NEEDED PERSONAL GROWTH INSTEAD OF BLAMING OTHERS… Sometimes needing RESCUE & HELP as floundering swimmers in stormy rolling waves but being able to say I always GIVE my BEST- if they go low, I STAY HIGH IN GOD’s, ALLAH’s, DARWINIAN’s, Mother Nature’s Blessings… Life Will Find A Way Forward by LOVE!!!!  Love You & Your Hopeful Divine Warrior Heroics facing ALL OUR CHALLENGES TOGETHER APART- If we all keep LIFTING OUR WORLD TOGETHER, we’ll RISE UP IN STRENGTH & VICTORY- GAINING ALL OUR GREATER UNDERSTANDING & CONFIDENCE!!!                  Feb. 3, 2021     by Brianca Lane     


*According to a commonly accepted scientific (and Religious?) view,  we can all be traced back to the Cradle of Life in Africa about 200,000 years ago to ONE WOMAN!!! WE ARE ALL DESCENDANTS FROM OUR ORIGINAL MOTHER IN AFRICA! We are ALL DESCENDANTS FROM AFRICA… (Our skin color pigment ‘melanin’  becomes darker if we live in the Equatorial Region as a successful Darwinian Survival Adaptation…) From our African Cradle, we developed language & culture, farming, community living… eventually expanding World Wide overtaking European Neanderthals… The Sahara desert was a wonderful tropical Paradise & farming cradle for modern civilization 8,000 years ago… Surprising to note Climate Changes  like the most recent ice age ending about 12,000 years ago buried much of our Northern hemisphere in hundreds of feet of cold & ice. Only relatively small temperature swings cause incredible Climate Changes like leading to runaway Global Warming!  Climate change occurs from Earth’s tilt, wobble on it’s axis… from massive volcanoes, asteroids striking our planet, green house gasses, etc. We seem to be lucky to enjoy a stable sweet spot- not too cold but not too hot, balanced but now unstable with People Kind Global Climate Change! Thankfully, our Political Leaders are waking from stupor & wising up! Take ‘touchy, feely, kissy kissy, breathing down women’s neck… (Please Joe- NO MORE!)  As we happily bring our World back in balance & harmony, will we be able to control our weather or should our primary goal be to STOP TRYING TO PLAY GOD- too often MAD SCIENCE CREATES APOCALYPTIC SCENARIOS LIKE COVID creating more infectious & harmful variants under Darwinian Evolution, successfully adaptive variants thriving on U.S.A.ll!

Pres. Joe says ‘The PEN is Mightier than the SWORD!’ so he signs ROYAL PRESIDENTIAL DECREES/EXECUTIVE ORDERS BETWEEN NAPS bypassing Constitutional Democratic Presentations & Procedures, Back & Forth Debates, Opposition Party Challengers… But Oh HAPPY DAYS for:

1. Students- NO INTEREST on Student Debts & Favoring Waving Debts? (1.9 $$$Billion COVID Relief Aid Package, etc.  = Unpayable U.S. Debt??? We look our young children in the eyes- You think living under COVID is HARD? Wail till you see the SIZE of the NATIONAL DEBT we are LEAVING FOR YOU TO PAY BACK!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK- Kiddo L.O.L.- Your President, Uncle Joe)

2. Oh HAPPY DAYS for L.G.B.T.Q.+? 140 Sexual Orientations & Gender Identities RIGHTS- Joe may not be able to say ‘L.G.B.T.Q.+… but his new order BANS DISCRIMINATION within the Federal Government!  And TRANSGENDER FOLKS ARE WELCOMED, NOT EXCLUDED from America’s Armed Forces- Get yer HORMONES, GENDER RE-ASSIGNING SURGERY… LIPSTICK ON- ROLLING OUT yer Gender  Preference Expression Therapy paid for by UNCLE SAM!  Progressive modern Joe Biden Party thinking favors RIGHTS for Adults in self defining their personal sexual orientation & gender preference/identity… and against previous PERSECUTION or DISCRIMINATION…  A Premier in Ontario Canada married, helped raise their children but in her mid ’30’s, divorced her husband and presented as a LESBIAN- seeking a NEW FEMALE PARTNER! Traditional old style Religious Doctrine emphasizes God/Allah… creating MALE & FEMALE- not 140 personal options to CHOOSE AMONG by one’s Nature or Nurture… Great upheavals ahead in many Nations as everyone works at somehow squaring the circle between such diverse perspectives… Before living at my previous 1848 ghostly pioneer home, two LESBIANS & their children occupied the house. They faced strong consternation by neighbors for their alleged ‘radical unholy relationship,’ their children being off limits to the children of ‘Good Religious Folks!’ They were actually FORCED OUT  being so actively shunned! Years later, a LESBIAN couple moved in up the street- neighbors began whispering about how to behave so in new & improved Joe Biden style, I emphasized ‘We all enjoy EQUAL RIGHTS, FRIENDLINESS & RESPECT AMONG ADULTS no matter how unnerved we feel about their relationship!’ Our World is constantly changing- we hope everyone will be just like U.S. A.ll perfect Folks, Joe Biden style- HA! HA! Can a tiger change their stripes- GO ASK JOE BIDEN!

But 140 VARIATIONS facing OUR BELOVED CHILDREN??? Most parents inherently foster the binary choice- Male or Female identity based on biological appearances… Children identify usually with their Father or Mother accordingly… Radical progressives have different ideas… Very controversial for CHILDREN TO BE ALLOWED TO UNDERGO RADICAL BIOLOGICAL & HORMONAL REASSIGNMENT SURGERY & THERAPY! Better Parents be loving & supportive of children apparently not conforming- Children’s mental & physical health may be tragically harmed should parents not allow for VARIABILITY in human orientation & identity in today’s World.  May lead to severe mental illness & self harm!!! Darwin’s Laws include possible variability, not only binary options! Exposure to Modern Hormones & new contaminants in our water, food, etc. are drastically reducing Male Fertility compared to past generations. Who knows how else we are changing? Big tech. will want us to begin to shed our physical bodies in favor of becoming cyborgs- half human, half machine/computers/A. I. Big Tech. is studying us, using cancel culture & predetermining our search choices to quietly lead us along with Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Corp. & the Big Media Mob…  In a zoo, handlers noted two penguins of the same sex partnering so they provided the two love birds with an egg for their nesting… which they lovingly cared for!  Children apparently who are not conforming to the old norm need loving support as do all children!  But a child needs TIME to begin to reach maturity before radically enabling new or definitive preferred biology on the young person’s body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The U.S. Constitution calls for LIBERTY & PURSUIT of HAPPINESS!!!  All these environmental contaminants & Big Tech. serpents are attempting to rewrite our make-up no matter how our Creator intended our evolution?

3. Oh HAPPY DAYS for INSTANT EQUITY? Pres. Joe’s Orders include addressing RACIAL EQUITY- ‘Advancing EQUITY for all  HISTORICALLY UNDERSERVED, MARGINALIZED, IMPOVERISHED… Identifiable Groups…’ Affirmative Action? What about citizens challenged by MENTAL HEALTH ILLNESS? Joe’s 1994 LOCK ‘EM UP BILL TARGETING young MALE BLACKS  destroying generations of Black Famiiies as he specifically ignored the root causes of poverty, crime, Family & Social Breakdowns, inner city ghettos & hopeless situations… Previously Pres. Nixon created  The WAR ON DRUGS to act against Blacks- ARRESTING & IMPRISONING… just as Senator Biden targeted Blacks! His Bill greatly increased reliance on PRIVATE FOR PROFIT PRISONS but today he is calling off the reliance on the same private for profit prisons! Biden wants to ADVANCE RACIAL EQUITY in underserviced communities by Federal Resources & Benefits… reversing his previous call specifically ignoring the root causes of poverty, crime, Family Breakdowns, young Black males going directly from high school to PRISON… Obviously, under COVID plague & lockdowns, a high percentage of single parent Black Women are losing employment & having to attend to child care or other family responsibilities. Women in general are losing ground, discriminated groups ALWAYS SUFFER THE WORST in BAD TIMES! Black Affordable Care Act benefits available for poverty stricken uninsured citizens or aliens with ‘pre existing’ ailments? For Memory Care like Pres. Joe? (Joe’s working on it?) A brilliant Psychiatrist discovered very serious mental illness may shorten one’s life by an average of up to 20 years. Citizens may be burdened by 3rd World Living Conditions, hate & discrimination all while living in WEALTHY NATIONS! As the health check Police Officer might think or say- “IF YOU HAVE THIS MENTAL ILLNESS, YOU SHOULD EXPECT TO GET BEATEN UP!!!!”  Critics argue Pres. Trump RAISED ALL MINORITIES without overplaying differences by growing the U.S. Economy hopefully for the poor & middle class- and not only for the wealthy 10% elite- whereas Joe is CREATING SILOS OF CITIZEN GROUPS ACCORDING TO IDENTITY POLITICS.  Americans divided & conquered according to color, race, etc. creating friction as groups compete for $$$ & influence? 

4. Oh HAPPY DAYS for poverty stricken caravans from South & Central America seeking The Promised Land… A decisively CONTROVERSIAL APPROACH  EVERYONE WILL DEBATE includes WELCOMING WARMLY & CLEARLY SHOWING the way to U.S. CITIZENSHIP for 10 million+ ILLEGAL ALIENS/IMMIGRANTS who Joe expects will be forever grateful VOTERS! Freak out FRIGHT NIGHT Twilight Zone Nightmares for Unsuspecting ‘White Privileged Americans’ becoming an oppressed minority under JOE-TOPIAN Socialist New World Order? Joe’s also defunding the southern BORDER WALL enabling millions to seek entry under a ‘CATCH & RELEASE’ program! Illegals simply walk or sneak across- if caught they are let go in America promising to show up for an immigration hearing… Who are these illegal alien ‘COVID’ CARAVANS? What are they bringing into America? DRUG DEALERS, GANG MEMBERS? CRIMINALS ESCAPING?  NO VETTING for illegals in the U.S.? We imagine 90% will be GOOD CANDIDATES FOR LOYAL CITIZENSHIP ONCE Americans help them get established…’ or STEAL AMERICAN JOBS?’ Work under any conditions however low the pay- Peru… pays only $15.00+ per day- Joe says the U.S. minimum is to be $15.00 per hour. How many millions will do the simple math & join a caravan walking into welcoming America- OPEN BORDERS, The Promised Land of Milk & Honey c/o Joe Biden?!!  Joe issued secret crazy orders to even STOP ARRESTING & DEPORTING DANGEROUS ILLEGALS- allegedly involved in serious crimes but not yet in police, I.C.E…. custody… 10’s of thousands UNLEASHED FREELY INTO AMERICAN COMMUNITIES, U.S. Authorities FORBIDDEN from acting against them! SANCTUARY CITIES IN A SANCTUARY NATION- Oh HAPPY DAYS for poverty stricken Aliens!!! Gratefully will they transform into model hard working citizens being so freely welcomed instead of so alienated, hated & pursued  under Pres.Trump? Always voting for the Democrats who invited them HOME AT LAST!!!

5. Oh HAPPY DAYS for $$$ & 3 squares a day! Expanding FOOD ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS & addressing POVERTY…   $1400. STIMULUS CHEQUES to lower income Americans…  Help for inner city Democrat run bad crime areas?

6. Oh Happy DAYS…  WE ARE CHALLENGED UNTIL CHANGE BECOMES U.S.A.ll!!!  CELEBRATING MOTHER EARTH DAY EVERY DAY- CANCEL CULTURE Joe is BANNING new oil & natural gas energy exploration on public federal lands, strengthening Natural Protected Areas… Promises to SAVE & CLEAN WATER, protect us against disease causing contaminants?? CLIMATE CRISIS CHANGE POLICIES & TASK FORCES? REJOINING the PARIS CLIMATE ACCORD HE  WORKED HARD TO CREATE! (Pres. Trump withdrew in 2017.) At home & abroad, Joe becoming an avowed TREE HUGGER & not just  ‘CREEPY JOE- ‘ sniffing & kissing… touching & breathing down women’s necks!!!’  SOCIAL DISTANCING JOE? Republicans regret the 10’s of thousands of skilled, high paying jobs suddenly VANISHING BY THE STROKE OF JOE’S PEN! CANCELLING Old School fossil fuels Economic CULTURE. Republicans argue THE CANCELLED CULTURE Canadian into U.S. XL-Pipeline project results in energy being shipped by rail & trucks less efficiently & safely… China, Russia, India, etc. will simply fill the GAP, POLLUTE MORE THAN EVER &  overtake America…  Without consulting Canada, Joe simply CANCELLED  a major player in Canada’s Economy-  AMERICA FIRST & ONLY- CANCEL CULTURE DIPLOMACY? Should Joe be FRIENDLY to America’s pre COVID KISSING COUSIN & ALLY?  Retrain & redeploy displaced highly paid, skilled workers ink blotted out by his pen!? CHANGE SHOULD BE GOOD FOR EVERYONE- flora & fauna including U.S. A.ll!!   

7. Oh HAPPY DAYS- HELPING US RUN FOR COVER FROM COVID- BUT IS SCIENCE A SERPENT? Joe is enacting several orders backing Pres. Trump’s OPERATION WARP SPEED to vaccinate everyone- Americans First! Poor Cousin Canada has to beg hat in hand to the COVAX RELIEF PROGRAM  created to supply vaccines to under privileged HAVE NOT DEVELOPING NATIONS! P.M. Trudeau says only Novavax among Big CANCEL CULTURE PHARMA would enable Canada to produce vaccines! (Canada has LOW BIG PHARMA prices vs. U.S.’s GOUGING CONSUMERS INFLATED PRICES- Pres. Trump declared he would FORCE LOWER DRUG COSTS to match Canada.  Big Pharma ACTED STRONGLY TO CANCEL his Victory & Drug Control Plans…  Democrats criticized Pres. Trump for  sometimes challenging prevention strategies, safety measures & scientific viral opinions… For blaming China’s ENABLING INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SPREADING COVID WORLDWIDE while locking down infected areas for two months WITHIN CHINA-  ‘Save China but Screw our World Policy?’ But Joe is enhancing Pres. Trump’s travel bans for HOT SPOTS like South Africa, Brazil & Europe, introducing Federal COVID Co-ordination Efforts & more rapid response… Lifting Pres. Trump’s longstanding travel ban from 7 predominantly Muslim Countries. Joe’s son was allegedly in a $$$billion quid quo pro investment scheme- 10% of profits for ‘The Big Guy!’ Joe decrees Federal Agencies must not accept Pres. Trump’s indictment ‘The CHINA VIRUS,’  part of Joe’s decree against holding Asians to blame or discrimination against any Minority… Joe is defending employees RIGHT TO REFUSE WORK ‘in unsafe COVID environments’ & apply for Unemployment Benefits…

The Compromized World Health Organization finally received clearance to seek the source of this SARS- 2… plague-a year+ too late to find reliable evidence. Wuhan’s Bio Virology Labs all cleaned up, Wuhan’s wet market closed a year ago… all cookie crumb trails long vanished- ‘Nothing to see here’ at Wuhan’s Virology Weaponizing Experiments banned in 2014 by Obama in America as too dangerous?’ Allegedly an American mastermind behind funding virology ‘DANGEROUSLY MAD EXPERIMENTATION’- banned by Pres. Obama in 2014 & consequently FARMED OUT TO CHINA… including weaponizing bat & other SARS like viruses, is the W.H.O.’s U.S. rep. to tell us where, when & how this plague started! (Fox News has wonderfully outlined the specifics of the Wuhan program and ties to U.S. virology experts funding mad science in Wuhan, China…) A mere few hours at the Wuhan Labs & the W.H.O. Apologist Spokesperson says Wuhan’s Experimental Virology LABS WON’T BE STUDIED AS A LIKELY SOURCE… CANCEL CULTURE & COVER UP  GASLIGHTING U.S.A.ll!!!  Variants emerging up to 70% more infectious- South African variant able to challenge Oxford’s Astra Zeneca & re-infect recovered COVID victims… but Johnson & Johnson… other vaccines seeking approval creating a good widening arsenal!  Every human infection is another opportunity for bacteria or virus’ evolution in attacking us all, neutralizing our vaccines!  Big Pharma sees a need to continually develop new vaccines to contain new plagues & new strains- By invading our jungles- Amazon  Congo, etc., wet market trafficking World Wide or mad science weaponizing existing viruses in labs. to specifically attack human beings… By interacting intimately with flora & fauna our immune systems are incapable of defending against based on no history of human exposure & our completely separated normal habitats, by enabling Darwinian Evolution to create stronger new plague/disease strains among billions of test human victims, we become easy targets for bacteria & viruses used to struggling & evolving against much more robust immune systems in the wild jungles!!! Myself- three weeks now on antibiotics struggling to STOP infection spreading from my leg wound- we humans are literally fighting for our lives in Apocalyptic Times- Stay safe by being ACTIVELY USING EVERY PROTECTION AVAILABLE TO YOU. Yes- LIFE, LIBERTY, PURSUIT of HAPPINESS because together apart we overcome our big challenges our Apocalypse is bringing hard at U.S.A.ll Worldwide!!!  Love All WAYS LOVE is the ONLY WAY!!!                                                   Feb. 10, 2021          Brianca   Lane


*The REAL ANSWER…”  “THAT’S BLACK POWER!” “Say it LOUD- I’M BLACK & I’M PROUD!” Soul Funkmeister James Brown delivers pearls of wisdom about our future summer of 2020 ‘B.L.M. controversial race protests’ sometimes becoming rioting, looting, mob violence- firebombing innocent stores & businesses, police station… NOT LAW ABIDING PEACEFUL PROTESTING- SADLY excused or encouraged by our Mainstream Media Mob & also by our ‘Progressive Politically Correct Elected Democrats’  displaying DOUBLE STANDARDS- kudos to Democrats but an entirely harsher impossibly high unconstitutional standard for Pres. Trump & his 75 million supporters- CANCEL CULTURE for Politically Incorrect Allegiance to Trump & Republicans!   James Brown said STAND UP-  “SAY IT LOUD! I’M BLACK & I’M PROUD!”  But you need things to be proud about- to CELEBRATE!     “DON’T TERRORIZE- ORGANIZE!   DON’T BURN! GIVE KIDS A CHANCE TO LEARN!     The REAL ANSWER to Race Problems Is EDUCATION!    Not Burning & Killing.” White America sees the Wonderful Achievements in the Creation & Economic, Social, Educational &Cultural EVOLUTION of THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, Constitution & Dreams! Most powerful Nation, leader of The FREE WORLD! PROTECTOR OF LIFE, LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESSS! African Americans often still see themselves as victims of a White Privilege Entitled Class captured, still enslaved  after400 years trying to throw off oppression!  Forcefully still broken & enslaved- Originally bought & sold as PROPERTY & OWNED by The White Privilege Entitled Class! Black History involves centuries singing- ‘WE SHALL OVERCOME & WE HAVE A DREAM!!!’ A tale of two opposing hysterical historical stories? among radical Whites vs. radical Blacks. Are we able to judge past generations with our 20/20 hindsight? Will future generations judge us for all our  fighting, destroying flora & fauna, wrecking our Garden of Eden Perfect World, altering our Climates, incapacity to pull together to extinguish diseases & plagues like COVID before millions needlessly perish? U.S. death toll now 500,000- only the Spanish Flu took more lives! We are able to judge past generations when we have brought an Apocalypse upon our World? The Majority of Americans want GOOD HEALTHY ENJOYABLE PEACEFUL LIVES everyone GETTING ALONG TOGETHER APART ON ONE TEAM PULLING TOGETHER TOWARDS THE AMERICAN DREAM!!!  P.S. But we see terrible Black on Black out of control Crime, predominantly single Mothers having to raise children in poverty in unhealthy environments with inadequate supports, poor education, heavy punitive police interventions against young Black males echoing past enslavement… When will we ever learn to work together PEACEFULLY embodying FANTASTIC LIGHT BEINGS LIKE YOU & YOURS?!!

James Brown hearkens  “BE READY! BE QUALIFIED!   OWN SOMETHING!    BE SOMEBODY!   THAT’S BLACK POWER!”       “YOU GOT TO USE WHAT YOU GOT to get what you want…”    “I don’t want nobody to give me nothing!      OPEN UP THE DOOR- I’ll GET IT MYSELF!” Enter STAGE LEFT-    QUID PRO QUO JOE- A favor granted for something expected in return by Joe Biden !  Pres. Biden’s brilliant QUID PRO QUO SCHEME is a ‘MAD MAX’ POWER GRAB! The Capitol is DRESSED LIKE AN OCCUPIED WAR ZONE- $500 million in SECURITY FORCES, high barbed wire fencing, military style OCCUPATION throughout 2021…  Quid Pro Quo Joe’s POWER GRAB SCEME- to OPEN UP THE PEARLY GATES TO THE AMERICAN DREAMLAND- OPEN BORDERS for millions of fast tracked immigrants delighted to earn about 10X the typical wages they earned in Central or South America- $15.00 per day in Peru becomes $15.00 per hour in America’s Dream World? American Businesses & Employers seeking CHEAP HELP flooded with  hard working migrants eager to please & earn their Rights to Citizenship, Full Benefits, Education for their Children, VOTING LOYALTY to Pres. Biden & The Democrats for GRANTING THEM THEIR WILDEST DREAMS!!! “OPEN UP THE DOOR- I’LL GET IT MYSELF!!!” POLITICS for immigrant visible minorities soon overwhelming the ‘White Privileged Entitled’ at the Ballot Box for endless Democrat Party RULE!!!   P.S. Funk Meister James Brown On JUMPING ON LIFE’S DANCE FLOOR “Music has to breathe & sweat- You HAVE TO PLAY IT LIVE!” Britney Spear’s wonderful sweet spot!!!

“BRING PEOPLE JOY”- Heal Yourself & DANCE AGAIN IN OUR HEARTS! Best anti racism approach? White Folks LOVE BLACK FOLKS WHO BRING PEOPLE JOY! James Brown showed Britney Spears & all her ‘wanna be imitators’ what The Entertainment Biz is all about- “WHEN I’M ON STAGE, I’M TRYING TO DO ONE THING- BRING PEOPLE JOY!!!” Most White’s Folks Happiest Memories of Black Folks are how SUCCESSFULLY  & EASILY BLACK FOLKS BRING U.S.A.LL JOY!!! Who would want to live in a World without Black Folks? To our Beloved Britney- “DON’T LET NOBODY TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUSINESS BETTER THAN YOU!!!” (J. Brown) P.S. Britney- Are you getting back up on YOUR DANCING FLOOR- Everyone misses you- HEAL YOURSELF & DANCE AGAIN IN OUR HEARTS!   Don’t know what it exactly means, but James Brown advises on personal safety- “I Don’t Know Karate, BUT I DO KNOW CRAZY!!!”   Singer/songwriter Stephen Stills said: “YOU’VE GOT TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE MADNESS!”  (Madness from our Governments & our Response to Authority MADNESS!) Singer/Songwriter Marvin Gaye said to practice LOVE NOT WAR… “A Sea Was Storming Inside Me! I Think I’m Capsizing- The Waves Are Rising & RISING!” “SEXUAL HEALING”- MAKE LOVE NOT WAR is a tried & true approach? To the summer B.L.M. Protest Marches gone south into mob rioting… Gaye might say, “We Don’t Need to ESCALATE for ONLY LOVE Can Conquor Hate! You Know We’ve Got to Find A Way- To Bring Some Lovin’ Here Today! TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON?” (Gaye, Benson, Cleveland)     More than 50 years ago, John Lennon sang, “You Say You Want A Revolution? Well- We All Want to CHANGE THE WORLD! You Say You Got A Real Solution- Well, We’d All Like to See THE PLAN! …But If You Want Money For Minds That Hate- All I Can Tell You Buddy, You’ll Have To Wait! Don’t You Know It’s Gonna Be Alright!” But V. P. Kamala Harris appeals smiling- ENJOYING & talking upbeat about the protests & rioting-  ‘It’s a Real Movement- They’re not going to stop on Election Day or after… They’re not going to stop- They’re NOT GOING TO STOP…’ Yes- B.L.M. needs to keep their valid protest goals but the violence, looting, firebombing… is not what Michelle Obama says- “If they go low, we go HIGH!” Mob violence & looting FEEDS the STEREOTYPE SOCIAL NARRATIVE created about African Americans going back 400+ years- attempting to justify what really is UNJUSTIFIABLE including slavery & oppression- A few seconds long picture/video of mob violence, looting & burning buildings rightly or wrongly integrated with B.L.M. protests- especially burning down a Police Station, carries more weight than words about overcoming oppression & police violence?! 

How do we square the circle between the Traditional Narrative from the White Perspective vs. The African American Perspective? Same for The Indigenous Perspective? What do we know about our Indigenous Citizens/First Nations? We know they enjoyed a SACRED INVIOLABLE RELATIONSHIP WITH MOTHER NATURE WE May Only DREAM ABOUT- so NEEDED NOW AS WE CREATE OUR APOCALYPTIC CLIMATE CHANGE, PLAGUE PANDEMIC WORLD ENGULFING U.S.A.ll- ‘Houston, we have a problem!’ No heat nor electrical power for days in Texas, Wind Power & water pipes frozen, roads are skating rinks, … Climate Change temperatures dropping to about 0 F. -back up to 65 F. 5 days later??? Multiple COVID variants emerging- more infectious & faster spreading with greater impairment… On the cusp of ‘beating’ a vaccine approved just 2 months ago! Thankfully we have multiple vaccines being developed & approved- Moderna… scientists seeing a continual cat & mouse game, human created vaccines vs. viruses & variants! Darwinian Evolutionary Forces driving our struggle forward! And yes- most likely COVID was created intentionally in a Wuhan, China virology lab from multiple weaponized bat viruses specifically funded by British American MAD SCIENCE upon Pres. Obama BANNING MAN MADE MAD SCIENCE LAB MONSTER CREATING PLAGUES IN 2014 so experimentation was farmed out to China!!! Mad Science wishing to play being God is very dangerous as ‘Adam & Eve’ discovered… (W.H.O. is bowing to China, now is blaming Australia… Alternate excuse- Wuhan’s wet market enabling ZOONOTICS- viruses easily jumping invisibly from wild jungle habitats & creatures with strong immune systems to humans with virtually no immunity!!! 90% of America’s Indigenous People were felled by bacteria & viruses brought by Europeans & in conjunction with ZOONOTIC transmission to Europeans originally…)   

Indigenous/First Nations- Poster Archetype about ‘Cultural Oppression & Genocide!’ Researchers are clueless about our Indigenous People- Imagine in 1492 a population between 8 million to 112 million- you pick a number, any number?! By 1700, 80% disappear due to European diseases introduced to First Nations who have no immunity… Everyone knows about the substantial FUR TRADE in America controlled by the Wyandot/Huron Tribe… An epidemic of smallpox in the late 1630’s killed over half, their population collapsing to 10,000 at one point! So far COVID is comparably a weaker killer- The ‘Black Death’ -NO racism intended, killed 1 in 3 humans in Europe & Asia between 1347 & 1351 while European viral & bacterial diseases- typhus, measles, mumps, t.b., cholera, influenza, smallpox, white privilege entitled pilgrims… reduced First Nations numbers probably beyond 90%… Over a few generations we may develop immunity passed down but when a new virus strikes where no one has prior exposure nor immunity, everyone not practicing extreme social distancing, hand washing… may be taken out dramatically- QUICKLY TOGETHER!  First Nations were hunted down, relocated to reserves, subjected to cultural & actual genocide ongoing to TODAY!!! Only comprise a small percentage of the U.S. overall population with 574 Federally recognized tribes!

America is ‘60% White Privileged Entitled Pampered Class’ according to Radical Left University Political Correct Cancel Culture Ideology. 13.4% are Black; 6% are Asian & unfortunately subject to suspicion & harassment- however GOOD LOYAL CITIZENS THEY ARE! Based soly on Asian physical appearance with China’s bad exports including killing OPIOIDS, COVID & co-opted spies stealing every trace of intellectual property from the West by attending advanced education programs or sourcing business, technology manufacturing & defense secrets… 18.5% are Hispanic.  But ‘White Privileged Entitled’ birth rates & fertility is in decline- about 3.6 per woman from 1955 to 1960 but today less than the replacement rate which is 2.1! Over 50% of U.S. children 15 & under are not ‘White Privileged Entitled!’ So crafty FOXY Pres. Biden, the TIGER WHO CAN CHANGE HIS STRIPES, along with his POWER CRAZED Democrat Party Tribe are GOING ALL OUT TO GAIN PERMANENT POWER & CONTROL. By 1. STOPPING the Construction of the Southern Border Wall with Mexico & all accompanying Pres. Trump’s strong, successful illegal migrant entry practices;  2. Enabling Central & South American migrants easy ‘Open Borders’ entry into the U.S.- Encouraging endless caravans arriving at U.S. ‘welcoming open borders;’   3.  Including the ‘Catch & Release INTO AMERICA’ Policy- immigrants promising to show up for future immigration hearings; 4. Disallowing ICE & the capture, detention & deportation of millions of illegals already in the U.S.; 5.  Creating paths to U.S. citizenship  regardless of alleged fairly serious criminal charges & activities… Quid Pro Quo Joe hopes to OVERWHELM  ELECTION BALLOTING WITH LOYAL Life Long Democrat Voters & their Descendants!!! TEXAS SOON SWITCHING? Pres. Trump was especially tough & favored closing borders & EXPELLING  illegals… But WIDE OPEN DOOR FRIENDLY Joe’s giving a CLEARER PATH  TO LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM- from $15.00 + per day in Peru Poverty to $15.00+/- PER HOUR IN AMERICA’S LAND OF OPPORTUNITY!!! ‘Stealing American jobs?’ GOOD FISHING FOR EMPLOYERS!  On the path to full voting & citizenship in return for BALLOT BOX LOYALTY! Pres. Biden & V. P. Harris need to bring U.S.A.ll HOPE & JOY, not frighten- CANCEL CULTURE ‘White Privileged Entitled’ U.S.A.ll!!!

One World Governments on the Horizon if cultures blend into a potpourri? Michelle says ‘If they go Low, we go High!” inspiring us to be true to “ONE NATION UNDER GOD- IN GOD WE TRUST”- ‘Be a GOOD SAMARITAN! Do unto others as we would have them do unto U.S.A.LL!’ When V. P. Kamala Harris says “They’re not going to stop- They’re NOT GOING TO STOP!” average white citizens imagine the WORST ahead!  “BRING PEOPLE JOY!!!’ With GOOD INTENTIONS Kamala helped raise money, etc.  to bail out arrested protesters… claiming A.A. Protesting has necessarily carried on for GENERATIONS because ‘THERE IS NO EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW! All Black males are subjected to RACIAL PROFILING, Police HARASSMENT & USE OF EXCESSIVE FORCE…’ Whenever we hear stereotypes ALL BLACK FOLKS ARE VICTIMS… or ALL WHITE PRIVILEGED FEEL ENTITLED… our elected Leaders are NOT BRINGING US THE JOY WE DESERVE & NEED!!! Can former segregationist racist  Pres. Joe Biden CHANGE HIS STRIPES? YES HE CAN!!!  And with only a touch of Dementia BUT WHO NOTICES ANYWHO??? (Joe  created & helped enact the 1994 Crime Bill specifically targeting African Americans- locking up Black males, building private for profit prisons to imprison more citizens than any Nation on the Planet except possibly China… today? Biden worked closely with Racial Segregationists to FIGHT AGAINST 1970’s INTEGRATION BUSSING PROGRAMS- Kamala was among the first students in California’s program… (Indeed, 50’s & 60’s American education was a surreal  ‘PLEASANTVILLE’  EXPERIENCE- schools  for similar peer racial & social economc groups…

Double Talk & Standards? Take Pres. Trump- PLEASE!  IMPEACHED AGAIN by the Democrats for his Jan. 6 call to attending supporters: “PEACEFULLY & PATRIOTICALLY MARCH TO THE CAPITAL AND LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD…”  Inciting ‘AN ERECTION AT THE CAPITOL’ according to Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Can’t Chuck keep his mind  off Porn in order to deliver his Capitol address? Old School ’60’s OCCUPY PROTEST STYLE or spontaneous protesters- influenced by B.L.M. Marches going South,  entered the Capitol Building to OCCUPY the Building.  Pres. Trump suggested the Election was stolen by vote tampering & supporters protested ‘Stop the (Alleged) Steal!’  Pres. Candidate Biden challenged Pres. Trump to disavow The Proud Boys but Pres. Trump told them to ‘STAND DOWN & STAND BY’ incurring the wrath of Democrats & the Mainstream Media Mob! BUT Democrat Senators… previously complained about voting systems & machines STEALING & SWITCHING VOTES- like Pres. Candidate Elizabeth Warren! Pres. Trump’s team adopted the same story borrowed from Senator Warren’s posse! 

Pres. Bush gaslighted Americans to believe Iraq was behind so many crises & about to deploy Weapons of Mass Destruction! Pres. Trump says the whole tragic Middle East Invasion & Interventions caused million to die, $7 Billion added to the hopeless U.S. debt!!! Was anything accomplished for all the SUFFERING??? Most Nations watched in disbelief! Personal Big Brother 1984 Surreal Adventure- Years ago, involved in ADVOCACY for PSYCHIATRIC SURVIVORS, I joked ‘BIG BROTHER PROBABLY ALREADY OPENED A FILE ON ME!’ Just to be sure, I pursued an enquiry with Government Officials who assured me repeatedly no such file existed- Suddenly NOT ONLY A HUGE BIG BROTHER 1984 STYLE FILE BUT SURVEILLANCE, WITCH HUNT ATTEMPTS TO SEARCH FOR PERSONAL WEAKNESSES & UNDERMINE MY CREDIBILITY… SHADY INVESTIGATIONS BY VERY SHADY ‘DEEP STATE’ non- official CHARACTERS!  A BIG FILE- so much $$$ better employed ACTUALLY HELPING CITIZENS!!! Maybe why Pres. Trump achieves 75 million votes despite his acknowleged character shortcomings & Big Mob Media GASLIGHTING CITIZENS 24/7!!! 

U.S. & German Intelligence Services created a BRILLIANT DIABOLICAL DECEPTION SCHEME TO SPY ON ALL OTHER NATION’S MOST SECRET PLANS & ACTIVITIES! Marketed & TARGETED AGAINST UNSUSPECTING Governments to use ‘FAILSAFE ENCRYPTING MACHINES TO SEND & RECEIVE TOP SECRET INTERGOVERNMENTAL CORRESPONDENCE-‘ which the secret U.S. & German Intelligence Operations would read by a hidden ‘back door!!!’ So, Senator Warren & her Colleagues naturally believed voting systems & balloting machines could be also be simply rigged to switch votes & steal elections before reaching Final ‘Final Results!!!’ They observed one voting jurisdiction where the count was about 20,000 to 20-  impossible unless votes were switched. Observers claimed they punched in votes for one Candidate to see the votes switch to another Candidate! Hope everyone viewed Trump’s second Impeachment ‘Witch Hunt Trial’ showing a collection of insurrectionist language & videos of Democrat Senators like ‘burning The Capitol’ or ‘encouraging citizens to create mobs & screaming demonstrations against Republicans simply out in the local community with their Family!’ SHOCKING REVELATIONS included Pres. Biden repeatedly saying if he was a young man attending school (instead of living with his current Dementia) he would ‘Take Pres. Trump out behind the gym building & BE__ THE H__ OUT OF HIM! At least Pres. Biden has a SOLID Dementia Explanation excusing his behavior unlike his younger fellow Democrat Party insurrectionists! What kind of SCANDALOUS & OUTRAGEOUS behavior & example for the LEADER of The FREE WORLD- Dementia or not? Shouldn’t V.P. Kamala Harris stand up & VOICE HER CENTRAL MESSAGE supportingThe Rule of Law, that neither Police nor other Officials act as ROGUE ENFORCERS? The Mainstream Media Mob calling for Pres. Biden’s Impeachment & removal for ‘inciting Insurrection against the Presidency & mob rule??? 

Obviously Biden’s primary role is to play out Jimi Hendrix’s famous song- “Hey Joe- Where you all going with that pile of Presidential Decrees & that INKLOADED PEN IN YOUR HAND?!!”  Say it LOUD- I’m for LOVE & PEACE… HEALTH & HAPPINESS but especially for BLACK AMERICA TO BRING EVERYONE THEIR SPECIAL TALENTS<MUSIC, RYHTHMS, DANCE & SINGING, SPOKEN RIFFS, SPORTS, COMEDY< EDUCATIONAL & SCIENTIFIC TALENTS- BUT ABOVE ALL EXUBERANCE- JOY JOY JOY TO OUR WORLD!!!    ‘GIVE KIDS A CHANCE TO LEARN’- Your Kids finally back in School for about 1 entire day followed by  Holidays/several Stormed Out Shool Days to RECOVER from their 1 day of ACTUAL IN CLASS LEARNNG- Achieving Pres. Biden’s goal that students attend in class 1 day each week!!!) My DEER FRIENDS COMING BY FOR COLD COMFORT As OUR BAD STORMS HIT!   “The REAL  ANSWER to RACE RELATIONS is EDUCATION! Not Burning & Killing… Be Ready- Be Qualified- Own Something! Be SOMEBODY! That’s BLACK POWER!” “YOU GOT to USE WHAT YOU GOT!” Celebrated Entertainer Brown’s own work ethic is inspiring- ” I Don’t Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing- OPEN UP THE DOOR- I’ll Get It Myself!”  THANK YOU James! Ladies & Gentlemen- Y’all be GOOD- James Brown has left the building DANCING & SINGING with Angels Elvis Presley… Marvin Gaye- What’s Going On in HEAVEN & on Earth? & our beloved Angel in Denial, John Lennon still singing ‘IMAGINE!!!’  George Harrison sweetly saying ‘John- HEAVEN IS ‘REAL LOVE!”  Love You to Pieces, my injured leg slowly recovering I pray– STAY STRONG & BE SAFE!!! Feb. 17, 2021  Brianca Lane

For Feb, 24, 2021 & Future Articles, please click on the 4th of 5 sidebar headings BEING HEALTHY- LOVING LIFE- MENTAL HEALTH SUCCESSES & NIGHTMARES  (formerly titled Mental Health Psychiatric Nightmares!) For 2019- Feb. 17, 2021 & additional earlier Articles, please see herein under heading The Swimmer & The Rescuer   Explanation: Filling up available space under The Swimmer & The Rescuer, ease of reader access under BEING HEALTHY- LOVING LIFE… heading & leisurely see about condensing a few Articles… Love You  Brianca Lane   P.S. LOVE our Heading ‘The Swimmer & The Rescuer’ thinking back to earlier care free Californian Days- completely wonderful except of course for ongoing wars & civil right struggles… maybe create some space for future articles… LOVE YOU!



LOVE & TRUTH- Sets Us FREE, Our HEARTS on FIRE! vs. Truth HURTS??? 

Yes- We & Our (temporary) Fallen World are far from PERFECT- BUT WE ARE IN TRANSITION- A Heavenly Work In Progress, RIGHT?!!  ‘Struggling swimmers R us’ pulled down by a Triple Cross- Mental Illness Challenges, Stigma… Hurtful  Poverty inflicted on us in our Current Fallen World. Also by our own internalized harmful thinking & unhelpful reactive behavior- We Are PERFECT- but our World including us Definitely Needs Work-  ‘Under Reconstruction’ & In TRANSITION- Right? We may look or feel like wriggling crawling caterpillars now but just you wait till we emerge as Beautiful & Colorful Butterflies! Asked a Therapist about seeing very struggling, squirming sufferers of acute, severe mental illness episodes- Wondering how everything turned out for them- Meeting them years later, hearing so many remark- ‘Thank God I never did anything really stupid (serious self harm) at that very terribly difficult period in my life- my mental illness! Today I’m happy- enjoying a pretty good life!’ Just imagine, the Therapist tells me, “if all these people DOING PRETTY WELL TODAY- BASICALLY HAPPY WITH THEIR LIVES! had succumbed to feelings of self harm or given up on Life at the worst times in their illness- Just think of all the happy years ahead they would miss!!!”

See the Northern Hemisphere experiencing infamous ‘January Blues & Blue Monday-‘ about the 3rd Monday in January- Christmas/Season’s Celebrations, Partying & Spending, Holidaying OVER,  $$$big bills to pay coming in hard & fast,  colder shorter days with less SUNSHINE, barren trees, birds flown south, animals hibernating, people staying indoors… ACTUALLY  LOVE L.A. STYLE ENDLESS SUMMER CLIMATES BUT ALSO AMAZING VARIATIONS IN OUR 4 SEASON CLIMATES-  S.A.D.- Seasonal Affected Disorder is a common over winter blues affliction. By spring or summer sufferers bounce back as if coming out of hibernation! We who are challenged by mental illness, who help our loved ones, family, friends & neighbors with our compassionate hearts- REACH OUT  EXTENDING OUR HELPING HANDS-  ‘There but for the Grace of God/Allah/Life/The Creator… go I!’ Brilliant but suppressed? social scientific research shows serious mental illness & The Triple Cross Effects may statistically curtail our full life by 20 years+/- depending on our illness & diagnosis! Shocking-Alarming- Distressing- Our loved ones may live in privileged, modern, rich & bountiful Societies but personally experience living as if in war torn, plague infested, apartheid catastrophic environments! WE CAN & MUST DO BETTER ! Live by our ‘Golden Rule-‘ “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”  We need not enable these disgraceful statistics for mental illness in a supposedly wealthy enlightened society!  

On the Apocalypse News, the black horse is riding fast through East Africa. Swarms of locusts- worst in decades & some size of cities, swarming & devouring crops for up to 80 miles a day= humanitarian food crisis ahead! 2. The red horse is transmuting bacteria, viruses… on bats in China through to mammals & now to humans- corona virus… Yes- we are Up To The Challenges ahead. Together Forever- me we Can-do!    3. Fires & earthquakes creating ongoing fears! Australia hell fires consume 25% of Nations forests!   Quid pro quo update- Former U.S, National Security Adviser John Bolton says Pres. Trump told him he wanted U.S.$$$funding for Ukraine military defense aid withheld unless Ukraine/Pres. Zelensky publicly announced an investigation into the Dems. (current #1) Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. Now former White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly is diving all in- BODY SLAMMING and publicly roasting Pres. Trump ‘MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’ or ROGUE WANNA BE HERO ZERO?  

LOOK- Life is a 3- Precious, Beautiful- but FRAGILE! Internationally famous, celebrated U.S. basketball star Kobe Bryant, ambassador for volunteerism & philanthropy encouraging women’s leagues world wide… lost tragically in Santa Monica fog– I know  Pacific Ocean incredibly dense fog- and from my werewolf woods experiences! (All right now-wwooooooo!) Santa Monica fog may become opaque- Safer to surf with sharks than drive or fly in Santa Monica fog!  So CHERISH EVERY DAY with your LOVED ONES- no matter they challenge your patience. A PATIENT’S BEST ARROW AGAINST SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS IS PATIENCE- always outlast your mental illness ‘adversary.’   Star Bryant owned or could buy anything he ever wanted, was among a dozen internationally loved & recognized stars and sports ambassadors… flew into the Santa Monica fog and forever stepped away from us! Our invincibility  is not assured no matter our wealth nor star power so we are humble- but GLORIOUS! Never wished to use my e.s.p. for personal gain but several days ago, riding my scooter, e.s.p. said watch the car coming along side! Checked behind & beside for space,  car pulled up beside- slid into my lane- Cleared my Brianca Lane easily before the car could crash into me- unintentionally! (SURFING with the Sharks in our World, we may receive premonitions & CLUES- Beatle John Lennon’s FRIEND/associate/ news writer was basically ‘informed’ by the shooter, Lennon’s time with us was about to end! That very Dec. 8th day in 1980! Lennon needn’t have been taken from us!  We may sense or see something imminent! Or not see something we sense is wrong or missing  about our World! But if we are always afraid- not calmly open to our World, paranoia only hurts deeply- doesn’t help us!  Vanessa Bryant- “Not sure what our lives hold beyond today but we wake up each day trying to keep pushing because Kobe and Gigi are shining on us to LIGHT the WAY!  Jan. 30, 2020  by Brianca Lane (continues below* under ‘Nice legs- shame about her face’ The Monks, 1979)


Surf’s Up- Fog’s Out! Everyone A Board? Getting Your Balance in Living? ABSOLUTELY NO FEEDING the Sharks- Right?!! Glorious days ahead- Feb. 13… I s Ed inviting everyone to PARTY Jan. 17? Sending out Birthday cake?  Academy Awards 2020+ should SHOUT ‘WAY too many BAD ACTORS  on our World Stage!’ ‘Close the curtain on poor performances!’ Cheeky Brad accepted his Best Supporting Actor Award but Angelina may have her justifiable doubts-  Brad put his ALL into being a TRUE & FAITHFUL SUPPORTING ACTOR for her in their holy marriage? (Love you Brad but you done her wrong– Challenging Angelina’s patience!) Brad quipped, “They told me I only have 45 seconds- which is more than the Senate gave Bolton” (at Pres,. Trump’s impeachment trial! Quid Pro Quo- Former National Security Adviser Bolton is highly critical- says Pres. Trump ‘demanded’ Ukraine’s leader, Zelensky publicly announce & conduct a corruption investigation into 2020 Pres. Candidate Joe Biden & family. Pres. Trump is riding high- loved by his inspired faithful! His Grandpa kicked out of Germany… nicknamed ‘Scandalous Fred’ in America,  most people surrounding Trumps become destroyed by crises & scandalous controversies, but Trumps ‘always’ rise unscathed!!! Survivors & Thriving amidst Crises & Controversies! (It’s ABOUT $$$ & the ECONOMY- and great Communication,  Marketing Trump’s Brand? Living according to ‘The end justifies any & all means I choose!’ vs. ‘Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You!’)

Joaquin voiced her 2020 Oscar seconds helpfully- We’re talking  “about the fight against injustice- about gender equality, racism, queer or Indigenous or animal rights”  We shall fight on the beaches, Joaquin  oops! Sorry- quoting Churchill! (We’re fighting) “the belief  one people or race or gender or species has the right to exploit another with impunity!” Including swarming locusts voraciously raiding food sources in Africa? Shall we back up and enable Joaquin to continue in words of compassion for Africa? says the U.N. needs humanitarian financial relief for Africa NOW- $76 million to start!* Award Speakers like Joaquin Should say- ‘Fellow Academy Awards Attendees, we  are challenged to inspire BY PUTTING OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTHS ARE! Africa is facing a locust caused famine- Together, we’ll make The 2020 Academy Awards and our lives ABOUT AFRICA- not about ‘I-me-mine,’ ‘filthy wealthy’ look at me- plastic surgery art creations,   -We’re So SPECIAL Academy Awards!  Together, we Actors, Producers, Directors… are pledging $76 million humanitarian aid RIGHT HERE NOW on a mission for World Peace, Better Income Equality for Everyone, Addressing Poverty with Character & Compassion!’

We’re celebrating our ABSOLUTE ENDEARING HEARTS for Mother Nature, CHERISHING our Environment, our Beloved Earth, our Garden in Eden! If God/Allah/Source/The Creator is our ‘spiritual source,’ our Beloved Mother Nature is our GIVER of All Life on Earth. Our Indigenous Brothers & Sisters commit to living & loving our Earth so 7 generations forward, our bountiful Mother Nature/Earth loves us back!!!  AFRICAN Drum Call- Spreading FOOD SHORTAGES in East Africa- Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan… Billions of swarming locusts- worst in 25- 70 years in many African countries! Left unchecked, locust populations could increase 500 fold!  Medium size swarms eat the same amount as the entire population in Kenya, or as in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York! Arial spraying is employed attempting to tame the swarms! (Canada’s P.M. Trudeau is on an African Charm Tour- his ‘shtick’/forte, canvassing for trade but especially for a seat on the 15 member U.N. Security Council. 40% of Canada’s foreign aid is for Africa but Canada’s Foreign Aid & U.N. military support is weak. Trudeau could focus his Charm Tour on helping address the African crisis! * GODFATHER Marlin Brando sent Indigenous rep. S. Littlefeather to accept The Academy Award on Brando’s behalf. To speak about the American Film Industry’s mistreatment of Native Americans! In 2020 forward, shouldn’t all our AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT actors become ANGELICALLY DRIVEN GOOD ACTORS on public stages, IN REAL LIFE-  BEING INSPIRING, GIVING SUPER HEROES!!!  Including SPEAKING OUT ABOUT our World’s Mentally Ill attempting to survive A TRIPLE CROSS of Severe Mental Illness, Stigma/ Discrimination & Soul Destroying POVERTY? 

Special SHOUT OUT to  TREE POWER!- Joaquin- how dare you  not mention your own primary Mother, MOTHER NATURE!?? Without THE LUNGS of our Earth, your lips would move but no sound be heard, Joaquin!  Please don’t misTREEt  your lung’s best Friend! Love your TREES TODAY- BREATHE CLEAN AIR TOMORROW! HUG A TREE- they won’t bark back or bite you! Cutting down forests is like cutting our legs off, walking on stumps! If a tree is your friend, you will probably have a BEST FRIEND for life! (But maybe branch out in your relationships- o.k.? P.S. Fruit trees can really be affectionate & vise versa!) The best Therapists are PATIENT & REALLY LISTEN- THERAPY TREES WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU TO LISTEN & LOVE YOU 24/7!  Will they allow THERAPY PLANTS on planes or will airlines be mean- like already frowning on emotional therapy pets to sit with you? A needed corona virus Slogan to cut toilet roll hoarding- ‘BOYCOTT TOILET PAPER- It’s a Bummer!’   Way too radical for Joaquin & The Academy Awards but Brad- he’s GAME- right up his BACK DOOR HUMOR!!! Yes- Brad LOVES IT!!!

Corona Virus Diagnosis vs. Serious Mental Illness Diagnosis- Yes- as we predicted, China held back the True Extent of the Contagious Disease! But our ‘guy on the inside’ has a view from Hong Kong- in constant correspondence with a friend of  Being diagnosed with a Mental Illness is often  LIFE ALTERING while up to 50% corona Virus infected show minimal symptoms. (Received a ‘Kiss of Death Diagnosis’ according to my psychiatrists & overheard Nurses gossiping about my chances of living very long- “‘… they’ gonna do it ya think?” “Or the Patient?” “‘They’ got the courage to do it?”) Some Belgium Shrinks are being investigated for pushing euthanasia on their ‘Patients’ or essentially ‘suiciding’/ murdering their mental patients, almost reminiscent of 1930’s Nazi Germany. Having just freed our societies somewhat from eugenics, ethnic, Religious, cultural, visible minority…  ‘atrocities/cleansing-‘ But dare we go down the Rabbit Hole equating mental illness with end of life  physical breakdown euthanasia- NOT comparable at all! Aside from mild or more concerning damaging treatment side effects from  prescribed or not prescribed drugs… or misuse of treatments by Doctors or Patients, Patients may recover COMPLETELY-mental illness simply a horrible bad dream fading like the Santa Monica fog revealing BEAUTIFUL SUNSHINE, sparkling rolling Pacific surf, Muscle Beach, Venice Beach a 3 miles walk-  OPAQUE FOG- GONE! YOU’RE FEELING HEALTHY- PERFECT AGAIN!!! Surf’s Up- Dudes!  

BETTER THAN EVER- RENEWED, SMARTER, Masters over our dang tormenting illness! Sooner or later simply vanishes like a fading nightmare hopefully never to reoccur again! All your bio systems back on line? You GO GIRL/GUY/OTHER! (Everyone else- Enjoy your 140+ identities & orientations!) Upon recovery, we may experience brief hours or days of great discomfort like shock waves from a receding quake- but suddenly bounce up back-  glitches working out in our bio systems… ALL SYSTEMS GO-  as if a bio/electrical/chemical… system fluttered for several hours before smoothing out, came back on line- NO DAMAGE YOU’RE PERFECT AGAIN- BELIEVE- mental illness may be miserable but you’re ALL O.K. INSIDE- 

 Back to our ‘insider’ in Hong Kong- Wonderful guy to befriend, know & speak with! Being held in Hong Kong with 25 in a room, passport taken, temperature checked, tongue color checked, breathing checked regularly, our friend lost about 10 lbs. in a week- fed apple sauce for dinner. Attended University in North America, owns property in Canada for annual visits, lives & works from  Singapore, travels across South East Asia… picked up in Hong Kong, some work assets frozen/seized, as a friend of a close relative suspected of being ill with corona virus. Suddenly captive at the discretion of Authorities- must avoid being critical or graphic about his situation… Like citizens suddenly being deprived of LIBERTY, SOCIAL STANDING, CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN LIVES… by being Diagnosed with a Major Mental Illness: In a few seconds, Medical Authorities may change or downgrade our LIVES significantly acting like 1930’s Nazi transplants. SAW THIS ABUSE VERY OFTEN!!!  Imagine what happens once our rights are removed in so-called ‘hospitals’ or by ‘community treatment orders!’ Like a lottery- patients lose or win BIG TIME in our discombobulated mental care systems. Good Doctors & Care or Bad- Wanna play our Mental Health Care lottery? Try a spin and go up or down! ‘Patients,’ while obviously ill, may be much less disturbing & incompetent, than controlling keepers in our crazy mental systems  acting in partnership with jailing, warehousing or tossing our mentally ill unsupported onto the streets!  ‘Charge?’ ‘Driving while Black, a visible minority- your Honor!’ ‘Charge?’ ‘Living while Diagnosed with a Serious Mental Illness- Your Honor! We rest our case as prima facia!’ We’re seeking the ‘Triple Cross’ Experience for ‘these people’ your Honor!’ (Yikes- remembering, for example, our newly minted U.S. Supreme Court Justice writing- “We better warn the neighbors- we’re a bunch of obnoxious prolific (drinkers &) pukers!”) From LA LA LAND to Trumptopia- you can’t make this stuff up!  (Super or Blooper) Academy Awards for our Health Care & Ruler Good or Bad Actors? We know what Brad would say- ‘Before we announce OUR INGLOURIOUS B’TERDS…’   Enjoy our Fabulous Glorious Feb. 13, 2020 & beyond in our Growing Changing Awareness     by Brianca Lane  Ed- send everyone a piece of Birthday cake- no ‘edibles’ for us Ed- we’re WAY TOO HIGH ALREADY!!! 

PLEASE-      Fellow SURFERS-   Don’t Feed The Sharks or The Jelly Fish!

For decades, we human beings marked 2020 as our collective GOAL POSTS for end zone times- our GLORIOUS TURNING POINT LOVING OUR WORLD BACK TO BEAUTY & LIFE! We’ve ARRIVED- BUT ARE WE ACTUALLY CHERISHING OUR MOTHER NATURE- GIVING HER OUR BEST LOVING HELP?  AS SURFERS ON THE WORLD’S HEAVING SOCIAL SEAS, are we ready for 2020- for any wave coming our way? We BETTER  BE PREPARED or ‘WELCOME’ ANY WAVE WITH OUR OPEN HEARTS & MINDS- OUR COMPASSION!  1. Corona Virus Style Jelly Fish Petri Dish: Disease Growth & Contagion Designed Incubators? Biologists use clear dishes to culture cells in a lab. Is the almost 1000 foot long Diamond Princess $500 million luxury cruise resort ship a giant floating petri dish? To date- many have ‘jumped ship’ back to dry land, but over 630 on board passengers became infected in spite of efforts to stop the spread by the corona virus ‘Jelly Fish!’ Likewise, we place/warehouse our vulnerable Seniors, etc. in so called ‘Care Homes’ which act as lab petri dishes for contagions pneumonia, influenza… Every year, CONTAGIOUS OUTBREAKS sweep away Residents- our BELOVED FAMILY , NEIGHBORS & FRIENDS! Residents packed tightly like sardines in a can- locked in the Wards, outside doors shut, breathing in viruses 24/7, touching viruses covering every surface, staff carrying viruses from room to room, Resident to Resident- NO ESCAPE! The ‘Care Homes’ lack even proper medical air filtration systems and critical isolation units to completely remove & separate infected contagious Residents! Our governments set up or oversee ‘Care Homes’ apparently ‘to kill’ our LOVED ONES- what other explanation is credible?  2. Yes- viruses sting us like Jelly Fish but we may carry the contagion for a few days or weeks unaware as the contagion spreads!  Frightening- yes! But let’s not panic!  Conspiracy theories have forever plagued our worst fears! Wasn’t it by ‘Witchcraft’ or ‘Voodoo,’  people believed diseases spread? We hear rumors- a rogue or careless scientist or government is playing with biological warfare at a Infectious Disease (Military) Experimental Lab in Wuhan, China- creating weaponized  infecting viruses was banned by Pres. Obama circa 2014? Lab techs. accidentally become ill with COVID like symptoms… And  maybe our diverse cultural eating choices or lack of cleanliness or contamination by wild animals from jungles… snakes, bats, pigs…  3. Viruses versus Human Beings struggles: Viruses can change to better attach & infect us-feed on us & replicate as we try to keep our immune systems healthy & not infect others…IF WE ARE AWARE WE ARE INFECTED! Acting SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLY, we attempt to keep ourselves from spreading any illnesses- “We do unto others as we would have them do unto us!” (Jesus) We REMEMBER  many people may have compromised IMMUNE SYSTEMS- what becomes a mild illness in us may be deadly to Seniors, etc. If we are compassionate to each other’s health & dreams, we all flourish! We may choose individually & collectively to raise up our health & happiness or let it slip down on the SPIRAL of LIFE!  4. Our brothers, sisters, others of Asian decent: Ms. Sherry Wang, for example says ‘dang!’ to racism! “Being Asian in the midst of corona virus means fighting for our right to be TREATED AS HUMAN BEINGS! Because this is both a MEDICAL & SOCIAL DISEASE, (we) ADVOCATE for ourselves & each other!” Sherry ACTUALLY CREATED A SCRIPT- reading the RIOT ACT in response to racist behavior aimed at her! “The initial spread is linked to Wuhan in China- Our risk has nothing to do with race or national origin, but our exposure to a carrier.” (Not being a ‘smart Alec,’ she wouldn’t suddenly PRETEND- cough, wheeze & sneeze- touch the offender to punish for a racist remark or anti social behavior- But cheeky, smirking Prince Harry or Brad Pitt? Confess immediately, right? Brad- would you put on an Academy Award Deserving performance?!!)  Sherry continues her excellent insights pointing to RACIST AGGRESSION- overt, deliberate racist ‘attacks’ vs. MICROAGGRESSIONS- “subtle, slight & sometimes unintentional racism.” How important we curb both deliberate overt aggression, bullying, threatening but also lesser microaggressions.

5. Our HERO REPORTING IN HONG KONG: Wonderful Friend ‘J.’ CAUGHT UP in Hong Kong’s corona virus hysteria:  Doctor Approved & Certified Contagion Free? (& stamped No G.M.O.s?) Yes- Finally being set free! (25 suspects of corona virus seized- passports taken! ‘Suspects’ held together, malnourished for 2 weeks 24/7 in a crowded ‘locked’ room. If anyone exhibited contagion, would anyone escape infection?! A Reality Show to test anyone’s character, resilience & SANITY!!! ‘Paranoia will destroy ya’ -Man Eating SHARK TEST! J. SURVIVES Paranoia Reality Show! 3 days FOOD BINGE in Hong Kong- Flying Back to Singapore- We told J.- GET A !%#&@!! MEDICAL LETTER ATTESTING YOU JUST SPENT 2 WEEKS+ IN QUARANTINE & ARE MEDICALLY CERTIFIED VIRUS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be honest- 2 weeks in ULTIMATE STRANGER DANGER locked 24/7 in a crowded room- Brad’s next movie story? Imagine J. flying about South East Asia, to Hong Kong… To his second home in Canada & visiting around America… ‘J.s’ good looking too, Brad- photogenic!! Viruses just waiting to spread with a 2 week gestation period- NO SYMPTOMS as J. spreads contagion World Wide!!! How will we escape viruses spreading World Wide in a PERFECT STORM SCENARIO? So many people travelling freely about our World  over 2+ weeks for business & pleasure!  SETTING OUR WORLD UP FOR CONTAGION? Since circa Feb. 13, U.S., for example,  declared a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY- BARRING Foreign Nationals who have been in China within previous weeks, from entering the U.S. unless they are permanent residents or immediate family members of U.S. citizens!  China creates ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER CITIZENS: LOCKS DOWN 150+ million citizens confining them indoors & allowing anyone outside only by consent of Authorities & wearing protection… Establishing check points in cities to control everyone’s movements… Foreshadowing FUTURE ABSOLUTE RESTRICTIONS ON FREEDOMS UNDER BIG BROTHER’S ABSOLUTE CONTROL?!! Yikes! Using CONTAGIONS… as justification for SUSPENDING CIVIL LIBERTIES??? Conspiracy Theorists ALERT- Governments could frighten citizens under such a stated reason as IMMINENT RISK of CONTAGION to LOCK EVERYONE DOWN ( except entitled elites & military enforcers.) Force citizens to OBEY as BIG BROTHER PROTECTS U.S.! Accept reluctantly, INDEFINITE TEMPORARY SUSPENSION of all our LIBERTIES/FREEDOMS!  All Surfer’s Alert- Sharks- ‘Big Brothers’ may be circling….

6. Santa Monica fog dissipating- Californian sun shining? On Feb. 13, we invited Academy Award attendees to pledge $AID to address the humanitarian crisis in Africa- locust swarms as large as cities travelling 70 miles a day devouring crops… : “But Joaquin, where’s our life saving endearment to Mother Nature? Cherishing our environment, our Earth? Like our WISE FIRST NATIONS- are you listening Canada! blockading Canada’s goods & services moving economy as Indigenous Traditional Leaders attempt to TRAIN our World to live so 7 generations forward, our BOUNTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL MOTHER EARTH MAY LOVE US BACK SO GENEROUSLY!” As in the past 500 years, the military/industrial/corporate complex attacks relentlessly any Indigenous cries to CHERISH Mother Earth- as with the Amazon rain forest- The Lungs of Our Earth,  but with racist hostility says ‘lock ’em all up’ as was always ‘the final solution’ (to our beloved First Nations,) ‘destroy their lands, way of life, culture, environmental sustainability, connection to Mother Earth & The Creator,’ rather ‘exploit her Bounty till end times arrive!’ (i.e. end times beginning TODAY- in 2020 should we choose not to listen & learn from our wise Indigenous unappreciated environmental Futurists for 500 years!) But THANKFULLY some $billionaires are beginning to stir, hearing our call! Amazon’s founder, our World’s richest capitalist with $130 billion greenbacks, is pledging $10 billion, a “WE CAN SAVE EARTH” Climate Change Fund!” Employees speaking out works! We need more of that!” say Amazon employees for Climate Justice who protested & composed a shareholder proposal…

7. Cities are becoming diverse culturally, racially… and by apparently 140+ sexual orientations & gender identities… most people still struggling with simply ‘male vs. female issues?!’ We face justice, peace, pursuit of happiness, freedom/liberty,  government/business/military industrial complex struggles, corruption, lying…  & economic inequality issues- U.S. Pres. Candidate Sanders says 3 Americans own more wealth than over half the population! Candidate Warren says Amazon made $10 billion but avoided paying any tax! Candidate Blooper Berg from New York is buying his way up spending $500 million+? $1 billion? but Candidate Warren points to his horrendous evil PAST comments denigrating women, etc. Why don’t we ALL JUST GET ALONG LIVING HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!! (But bad Government by entitled, narcissistic elites & autocrats in a 24/7 Big Brother ‘mark of the beast’ ‘CONTROL FREAKS’ surveillance world- how scary is that?!) A learning curve for us to see & understand our ‘microaggressions’ by which we harm others? All our cultures create obvious- but also subtle social cues. Awkward at first in relationships- especially between cultures if we miss social communication cues. Do we ‘get’ and respond to subtle micro cues in our loving, closest relationships? Do we see & understand ‘Challenges-‘ including Mental Health Challenges, everyone faces?  BETTER ACT WITH CLEAN HANDS & HEARTS- ALWAYS HOPING TO BRIGHTEN EVERYONE’S DAY- creating a Better, Healthy World in 2020! Surf’s UP- Making our World ‘GROOVY’ AGAIN- MAN/WOMAN/ 140+ OTHER orientations & identities…  Mother Nature’s SEAL of APPROVAL!!     Feb. 20, 2020               by Brianca  Lane

                                                                                                                                                                                            LOVING OUR PLANETARY FAMILY!  (Mother Says!!! We’re Listening!!!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  new beginnings     Being ‘pink shirt day,’ we RISE UP TOGETHER but being 2020, we especially LIFT UP our beloved Mother Nature in CELEBRATION! (‘Green Shirt’ underneath- closest tour HEARTS!) Our World’s ‘Pink Shirt Day,’ BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER/anti bullying campaign is celebrated Feb.24- 28 annually, originating in Canada in 2007. A student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school- students began rallying in support of our diversity, STRENGTHENING INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS, LIBERTY & PURSUIT of HAPPINESS! Most citizens have little understanding about 140+ sexual orientations and gender identities claimed among our younger generation- are struggling bravely with traditional male female complexities! But everyone values our Individual Rights & Search to BE HAPPY! Ask not for whom the FREEDOM BELL TOLLS- IT TOLLS for THEE! In the 1930’s,first they came to TAKE AWAY every RIGHT from ‘Mental Patients’ & Citizens facing disabilities/health challenges. Other Citizens failed to RALLY so they took away additional groups including L.G.B.T.Q?+ until almost the Whole World became involved to STOP the Nazi Virus Social Contagion! 10’s of millions succumbing in efforts to stop irrational national fascism- bringing about The United Nations to ward off future irrational Social Contagions like we see sparking up today! (We introduced ‘End Times Scenarios’ last week & coincidentally, World Stock Markets Immediately PLUNGED IN FREE FALL for 3 days as corona virus contagion spread into 40 countries & Futurists Wondered about corona virus becoming a WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC!  So we’ll speak about our CHANGING CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS, our journey into ENLIGHTENMENT, our DOORS of PECERPTION- not about E.T.s Scenarios!) We’ll journey into & through Santa Monica Pacific Ocean opaque FOG- eventually dissipating as we BREAK ON THROUGH (Doors) revealing Brilliance & Beauty, our Fresh, New Beginnings! From metaphorically speaking 98 pound weaklings to HOT Life Surfers- Healthy HUNKS- Dudes/Dudettes/138 OTHER descriptive memes!

L.A. Lakers basketball Star Kobe Bryant & company flew bravely, defiantly into increasingly opaque Santa Monica February fog. Being ever ALERT is our only option in today’s challenging World. We trust our Political Leaders to our downfall if we imagine they see beyond what we see. Probably the helicopter pilot had his heart set on not disappointing his famous star, expertly delivering his star power by flying experience- but weather & physics can be sudden game changers. Opaque Pacific Fog = foggy disorientation! Circa 1958- February?, incredible talented stars Buddy Holly &  young teen Ricky Valence were lost in minutes to bad weather flying conditions during their winter SURF Ballroom Concert Series. Our senses & E.S.P. are also for warning us if something appears amiss. Why ever assume experts in flying, living, health care, … will always do right by us? We were given individual choice & freedoms by God/Allah/The Creator/Source, … and Enlightened Nation Builders because we have to ensure our OWN & OUR LOVED ONES SAFETY- given the lack of healthy respect by some for LIFE & LOVING ONE ANOTHER! We look out for everyone’s health & safety- we share a DUTY to EACH OTHER & other Life Forms- a Mutual Admiration Society of Help & Support! How many times in your life have you- SWIMMING in Life’s  Roaring Surf, BEEN A RESCUER or NEEDING SOMEONE TO RESCUE YOU?

Barely able to walk as a toddler, loving big powerful trains with whistles, was able to get myself onto a ‘TWAIN TWACK’ as the Engineer sounded the whistle desperately hoping to see me crawl away or another older child rush to my rescue! At times we all need our EMOTIONAL RESCUE, not only physical! Eventually, we all need to be rescued or to rescue others- We don’t know where or when or the circumstances but only need to be ALERT, able to see & assess the situation in critical seconds- TIME STOPS- WHAT DO WE DO? NO ONE ELSE IS STEPPING UP PERHAPS- JUST US- A RESCUER & A FLOUNDERING ‘SWIMMER’- A CRITICAL MOMENT IN LIFE IN OUR UNIVERSE! To act bravely, compassionately- INTELLIGENTLY, CORRECTLY! Doing the ‘Right Thing Right!’ Or regretting those short critical moments all our lives replaying in our minds! What we could have- should have done, changing everything! In 2020, our beloved Mother Nature needs us to become her RESCUERS of our Beautiful Earth! Unassuming Superheroes R Us, Right!?! In Mental Health Care, we often hear, ‘You really can’t tell the Staff from the Patients’ other than the Patients being distressed by their struggles to make headway in a ‘crazy,’ poverty instilling, stigmatizing,  underfunded system! Drugs can be like empty promises- ‘really bad dates! Weapons inflicting damage or side effects in all but low doses, & quickly addicting our brain & body! But some swear by their  drugs doing right- being a quick fix-   working as best imagined! Like a lottery- some are actually big winners in Big Pharma’s drug lottery! Too many experience an emptiness, emotional dead horror show of broken Pharmaceutical Promises like Chris Cornell suffered never mind his Star Power! The drugs hit a mental Achilles Heel in a Patient’s brain no one else can see, feel or understand! We’re hardly aware of our ‘Achilles Heel’ weakness until a drug strikes & disables! What to do- Consciously Face Off directly against our mental illness & fully experience battles for our health?  Or gamble on a drugs Russian Roulette performance- a brief relief that hopefully will not undo our natural battle strengths & our boundless ability to outfight mental illness  & WIN BIG!!! The Best Treatment for Mental Illness is PREVENTION- STOP ALL BULLYING & ASSAULTS, … ABUSES on our minds, emotions, body & spirit! Children especially are open trusting INNOCENTS- deserving our nurturing LOVE & CARE! Filling our jails should we fail our Children! We’ve known this TRUTH for decades but-  A definition of insanity is creating & maintaining the same conditions which deprive & abuse children causing them to flounder or fail & leading to their frustration & future crime!   

Bent on living close to the Pacific- in spite of Shark & Jelly fish home waters,  we drove WESTWARD HO! into L.A. as the fog enveloped us- ‘Anyone hearing Pacific SURF yet?’ Became impossible to see at all, like the helicopter pilot, our disorientation STOPPED US COLD! In amazing LUCK/GRACE, we found a FOR RENT sign at the curb, able to sigh in immediately- someone just checked out! Sun rise, clear blue skies, stepped out our back door onto MUSCLE BEACH SAND- arrived ALIVE IN HEAVEN for sure! 98 pound weaklings into 99 pound twiggy Surfing Hot Rods! Groovy Dudes!

From narcotics to Zoonotics: YES- MOTHER NATURE SPEAKS!  Our Mother Nature asks for our Show of Commitment & Decisive Action that Earth’s Life Forms- flora & fauna SURVIVE & THRIVE! (Remember Ancient Egyptians hardened their hearts instead of changing their evil behavior- subjugating others, … suffered & perished!) Australia lost almost 1/4 of her forests & countless species in recent hell fires but does anyone still believe Climate Change is not for real? Country after Country is beset by Climate Change consequences- TIME’S UP! on exploiting & subjugating our Natural World! OUR DUTY- LOVING & CHERISHING OUR FLORA & FAUNA- RESTORING  OUR GARDEN IN EDEN! Like folks from ‘Missouri,’ Mother Nature’s been living in ‘MISERY-‘ SHE’S SAYING to People Kind everywhere- “SHOW ME!” “SHOW ME YOU’RE CHANGING YOUR BEHAVIOR TODAY in 2020!”  YES- SHE SPEAKS! (If we only LISTEN we hear her right beside us- CLEAR & STRAIGHT- ALL the Climate Change/flora/fauna/environmental catastrophic CONDITIONS & ISSUES!  What are you & I WILLING TO COMMIT TO NOW?  ‘This week forward, I/we Commit to Mother Nature- reducing our carbon footprints, stop harming our environments, flora & fauna, … helping & healing our beloved Earth by … planting trees, shrubs, flower gardens, cleaning streams & rivers, avoiding all toxics, poisons & polluting products, recycling everything we buy, walking or cycling for short trips/errands, using public transit, adopting healthy behaviors always aiming to be inclusive of other Life forms & their environments, …  SHOWING Mother Nature & Mother Earth by our ACTIONS & BEHAVIOR, …. No harm in saying I’m/We’re doing this all for YOU MOTHER NATURE/ MOTHER EARTH because we CHERISH & LOVE YOU, BELIEVE IN BLESSING & RESTORING OUR ENVIRONMENTS! Yes- she speaks & hears our heartfelt voices! She sure reached Amazon’s Chief- He pledges $10billion for “We Can Save Earth” Climate Change Funds just last week! Big $GREENBACK SUPPORT for a GREENER EARTH! A.P.A. reports more than 2/3  of us are experiencing mental & physical ECO ANXIETY- anxiety related to Climate Change & its effects!                                             

Back to our Ancient Egypt plagues analogy, we are facing a possible Pandemic brought about by ‘Zoonotics’- viruses transmit between bats, snakes, … animals & humans. The SARS outbreak (2002- 2003) began in South China but hit Toronto, Canada- 25,000 in quarantine, about 400 ill & 44 passing- 10%+! Corona Virus  (fall?, 2019- ) from China spread country wide in only one month and is now in at least 40 Countries worldwide. Almost 2% fatality rate for women; 3% for men- (50% male smoking rate in China;) seniors in their ’70’s- 8%; for 80’s+- almost 15%; Seniors & Vulnerable Persons Care Homes act as PETRI DISHES & INCUBATORS with Ward Doors Shut, Residents locked in tightly together 24/7! Diamond Princess $500 million luxury cruise ship enabled transmission to over 640 in this almost 1,000 foot long ship! Transmits by sneezing/coughing, touching/shaking hands, touching infested surfaces & then mouth, nose, eyes, ….Causes fever, cough, shortness of breath, stomach & intestinal issues, …fatal decline.   Feb. 26,  2020  by Brianca  Yes- Mother Nature invites us to SHOW ME we CHERISH & are committed to restoring our BELOVED EARTH! She SPEAKS- WE BETTER LISTEN & ‘SHOW HER OUR BEST!’   Lane  LOOVE YOU- Fellow Life Surfers on our Stormy Challenging Waves of Earthly Changes! You can do it right!!!

*Bri- “Nice LEGS- shame about her FACE” sort of song delivered to me by my psychs.- “Good physical health but sorry-TERRIBLE & IMMINENTLY LIFE THREATENING PROGNOSIS, We’d like to Bri BUT Sorry, no one can help your diagnosis & prognosis!” Nurses debated how long before I’d ‘self harm,’ … Must have entered Rod Serling’s ‘Hell-o Care Twilight Zone Hospital?’ But one Psych. offered ‘treatment alternatives’ calling 911- Bring ’em in or take ’em OUT!’ Attempted to find  Psychs. to give a ‘cheerful diagnosis & prognosis-‘ Relieved- but earlier group of psychiatrists sadly frowned- ‘Bri- SORRY- your alternate diagnosis is “the kiss of death!”) By knowing our challenges, TOGETHER WE RISE TO THE OCCASION!  Some mental illnesses are  difficult but shorter or episodic. Or like a physical illness- we fight our best- it’s GONE FROM OUR LIFE, MAYBE FOR GOOD- Thank God!!! Bad diagnoses may be  GUTS & GLORY Battles- We’re ALL IN- Mentally, Physically, ‘Spiritually,’ … to FIGHT our BEST with GUTS & GLORY- When we win our HEALTH BACK, we know we’re ALL THAT!  One Psych. used the University metaphor- You’re demanding University Program Bri Facing Labs & Exams, …’- I’m gonna PLAY CLEAN BUT HARD against my mental illness!’  Sports Challenges- We’re IN TO WIN! WE’RE HERE- NO FEAR- MENTAL ILLNESS IS GOING DOWN- TAKING THE LOSER’S BUS BACK HOME!   

We ask ourselves, ARE WE KINDA CRAZY FLOUNDERING SWIMMERS IN LIFE’S OCEAN?  Or are our Nations’ bad, corrupt, power crazed Governments & Unholy Alliances  CRAZY?- Military industrial, corporate, elite, … complex pushing HARD at everyone– acting way off the deep end!  In The United/Divided States, Pres. Trump  coaxed both Political Parties to approve a $738 billion so-called Defense budget to defend United States (from outside ‘threats’ created by the U.S. ) & wow & bow our World! But America’s worst enemy is the enemy within? $738 billion better allocated for REDUCING poverty & gov’t./military/industrial corporate corruption, better INCOME EQUALITY, for ANGER MANAGEMENT THERAPY, & HEALING A DIVIDED PEOPLES? Love & Truth SET US FREE- AT FIRST Truth Hurts BAD- but HURTS GOOD in time!!!

Looking up percentages of American soldier fatalities in horrible warfare, we see 2% in War of Independence, 1.1% & 1.8% in W.W. I & II and a shocking, unbelievable 6.7% in the U.S. Civil War! U.S. Civil Warfare ONGOING TODAY is by far U.S.’s worst ‘End Time’s’ AFFLICTION! United States- ‘Divided States?’ Our Governments have A BAD JUNK YARD DOG ATTITUDE SPOILING FOR A FIGHT with WE- THE PEOPLE- A BIG ANGER MANAGEMENT PROBLEMO!!!                           Imagine hearing Pres. Trump-                      ‘You know reading today, Brianca’s right- All Americans- and others- not just Americans but many others across the World- especially others- you know the Countries,  might have deep seated Anger Management Issues & ‘PROBLEMOS’   Americans fighting Americans today is apparently so much more dangerous than any other threat, enemy or form of warfare in our World! When I Look in my mirror- many times a day by the way, And see an almost Perfect President- Not Quite- But Almost Perfect, Strong-  Chosen by Destiny!  HUMBLE- Always HUMBLE! Seeing The ‘Real Enemy’ and The Enemy is US! Not just all of US in America but others- You know the Countries… I don’t have to name them. Do you want me to name them? No? We all have to face our Made In America ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES STARTING TODAY- NOW! Besides, if they’re  MADE IN AMERICA is that not so bad? Better our ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES & PROBLEMOS be MADE IN AMERICA rather than sneaked across our southern border by Mexico or of poor quality and a security threat from China, …!  And by the way- Adam Schiff, Pres. Trump is America’s Greatest Problemo Producer- No President ever produced so many- & it’s only been 3 years! A U.S. President willing to HUMBLY take the credit for all our problems- No American President has ever done that before me! Are the Dems. satisfied now??? No? See- never satisfied!                  

 Just compare United States HOME VIOLENCE among Western World peers? Gun violence in United States was about 40,000 circa 2017 (N.Y. Times, Dec. 18, 2018), about 10 times Canada’s rate & 29 times Denmark’s rate, for example. Yes- America, at first The Truth Hurts- but Thankfully will Heal our World- and ALL of US!  United States better get it’s act together before forcibly RULING our WORLD, pursuing endless military & economic campaigns by so called Manifest Destiny! Forcing Lady Liberty against her true, original DIVINE CALLING & WILL into our World!  Lady Liberty is not America’s ‘Baby’ to POSSESS & ENSLAVE or Pimp! Being Destiny’s Trumpeter- called to waken our entire World up from sleepwalking through Life is no blank check for unleashing the devil’s prime directive- ‘My ends are (my) justification for any and all means- as I see fit!’ Both Political Parties actually similar warring Oligarchs vying for Supremacy & favor of their military industrial, corporate, … complex handlers! Face The Truth corrupted Politicians- Look in the mirror of Righteousness and see you are Somewhat invisible- no Truth to reflect! Impeach Your evils from your Hearts- Politicians on a white horse carrying the devil’s disguised riders! Plaguing us all! Humbly ‘BY THE PEOPLE- FOR THE PEOPLE’ serve ‘WE- THE PEOPLE!’  Jan. 30,  by Brianca seeing with 2020 vision???  Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                            LAUGHTER- Our Best Defense, Offence & Medicine in Times of Trouble!!! 2020visions!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Yes- Psychiatry is actually more bizarre than you imagine- In crisis, asked Family Doc for suggested referrals- She says, “What about Dr. Deadman?” I says, “Know a shrink a BITE more inspirational? What about Count Dracula- he’ll get to the heart of my issues or me to his?!” Friend with life long lung issues attended his family Doc Moriarity for specialist referral, A Machiavellian suspect- will she refer him to investigator- ‘Holmes’ & his nicotine spewing dark clay pipe?! 2020visions- Psychology looks to understand our reward & aversion seeking behavior- Product Marketers hope to ADDICT U.S. life long to nicotine, for example, by various delivery systems- or to opioids or caffeine, …. Upon one delivery system in one preferred market being discouraged, manufacturers & marketers create a new, improved delivery system BUTT OUT! also market to another BUNCH of SUCKERS elsewhere- 50% of China’s men are smokers! Spare a dime or a lung for China’s men’s lung disease crisis? Even soft core Big Pharma’s benzodiazepines taking heat for helping bring down Chris Cornell & other stars! (Asked a Family Doc about them – “Oh, they’re just Baby Pills, Bri  vs. Hard Core Psych. Meds. often being prescribed by Psychiatrists! Want a bottleful Bri?” NOT TRUE- Patients complain very addictive within a week+ with increasing side effects but are widely prescribed for anxiety, … addicting Patients endlessly! So many women being prescribed without caution- becoming ALL DRUGGED UP every time they be “ALL SHOOK UP!” (ELVIS) Patients dropping them for years but should really only be into ‘Mother’s Little Helpers’ (Stones) for a day or two to avoid addiction,…)

Something for intergenerational discussion- Impossible topic for civil discourse? A Canadian professor ‘rock star’ fighting our younger generation’s justifiable? politically correct demands- especially on University Campuses or BE FIRED for ‘failure to provide a SAFE & RESPECTFUL teaching environment for diverse students, …’ to ‘USE LANGUAGE ACKNOWLEGING  THEM & THEIR CHOSEN 138+ sexual orientations & gender identities,’ Is your brain struggling & overheating simply thinking  about these intergenerational puzzles & tongue twisters? Prof. ACCEPTED benzodiazepines- lorazepam? for anxiety, …  Claims benzos caused his deterioration- life or death struggle. Left Canada seeking extreme health care intervention- blaming benzos & unresponsive ‘hell care Docs’. Tried some ‘Baby Pills’ for a few days ‘for Scientific Study Purposes-‘ fantastic feelings! BUT HOPELESSLY ADDICTIVE for sure- will alter brain chemistry almost like a harder opioid! Brain damaging in time. Who wants that!) Hard to believe we ALLOW corporations, Big Pharma, … to behave like VAMPIRES sucking away on us, lobbying & buying our politicians, creating or strongly influencing our public policies & programs, stacking legislative & administrative  authorities to their purposes regardless of whether we vote for the RED team or the BLUE team!  Explains why AUTOCRATS emerge in Russia, America, … – citizens hoping OUR FEARLESS VISIONARY Bad Boy LEADER WE ELECT- knowing all the dark & secret arts, tricks & games,  rises above all the castle’s Corporate leagues of vampires! Deals directly with and on behalf of The Nation’s People- U.S- WE THE PEOPLE.!!!  Better we elect OUR OWN Nation’s Bad Boy BEAST to face off against & manhandle all other Bad Boy BEASTS? Pres. Trump admits he is no Boy Scout or Choir Boy- but he is HIS SUPPORTERS CHAMPION! ‘Outsiders’ for too long voting in a seeming ‘outsider’ President? Points to being a ‘non drinker’ as a rare virtue! A hopeful Mutual Admiration Society? 

But LAUGH WE MUST to save us from becoming fearful or anxiety bedridden like Prof. Peterson (above), suffer Big Pharma’s addiction & worse!  Welcome to our World’s political Jungle- Been a day since Israeli’s voted- almost time for a 4th election for the year- do you think? Ass to America & her Big Bad Presidential Selection process, can’t believe  Floosie Favorite, New York’s beloved Blooper Berg is bowing out after burning through a mere $500 million+ in personal cash! His Super Tuesday balloting balloon BURST leaving him with a stupor Wednesday hang over & $500 million party tab! Ever sensitive to New York’s biggest LOSER’S FEELINGS of self worth, Pres. Trump twitter talks- “The complete (character) destruction of mini mike!” America’s seniors white men ONLY PLEASE Political Jungle Gorilla Thriller breaks towards 3 chest thumping wanna be Jungle Kings- Chimpanzee Blooper Berg has left the stadium slipping on banana peels! Karma will see women adding distasteful serpentine slights for his past misbehavior/misogyny as Bob Zimmerman’s “Like A Rolling Stone” howls derision as he shuffles along cold streets of New York- “You’re INVISIBLE NOW! Now you don’t talk so loud … seem so proud- How does it FEEL to be on your own- Just like a R.S?! …” Brain filled with regrets for his “STOP & FRISK POLICIES” USED BY NEW YORK’S FINEST? AGAINST YOUNG BLACKS & LATINOS!  A delusional attempt to ‘BUY’? the Democratic Party’s Nomination & White House address? Visions of Grandeur or psycho Delusions? “$ can’t buy me love- Tell me that you want the kind of things $ just can’t buy!” (Beatles) Our beloved Blooper Berg is crying now- Mike- You gave $hundreds of millions to address Climate & Gun Control awareness issues, repented about your mistreatment of women, young Black & Latino males, … Somebody play The Carpenter’s “We’ve Only Just Begun” “Why do stars fall from the sky every time you walk by- Just like me they want to be close to you!” Stand tall for America Mikey- Uncle Sam wants you still!

Back to our Surviving & Thriving testosterone pumped up muscular trio- The New Three Amigos- NOT!  78, 77 & Trump- The Kid at only 73! Pres. Trump, the Big Banana  right now in America’s political Jungle, borrowed his slogans from 1980’s Dutch Ron Reagan- ‘Reagan’s Revolution-‘ “TO RESTORE AMERICA!” became Trump’s “TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Dutch co starred with gorgeous Peggy in” BEDTIME FOR BONZO” (1951)- The ‘New 3 Amigos- Not!’ or 3 BONZOS we affectionately may call them, bedtime bell is at 8 o’clock sharp or earlier for Joe! Plenty time for the 3 BONZOS to watch  “BEDTIME …” after dinner! FAB FILM STAR Peggy dropped Dutch to achieve her Patsy- Oscar Equivalent Award, for the sequel SMASH- “BONZO GOES TO COLLEGE!” The classical music soft quartet?, Ramones released BONZO GOES TO BITBURG with inspiring lyrics like “My BRAIN IS HANGING UPSIDE DOWN” to commemorate Dutch visiting a German cemetery where many Schutzstaffel/SS are buried- and then enjoying a cup of tea, …. Suggesting Brad Pitt play Bonzo- an emotional support companion human? co starring with a very excitable & nervous chimpanzee as his owner in BONZO GOES BANANAS IN HOLLYWOOD? An instant SMASH HIT for sure- do you think??? Humor aside, back to Global Climate Change & cherishing Mother Earth-

Loved your STRONG RESPONSES to SHE TALKS! WE LISTEN! (Mother Nature says SHOW ME- SHOW ME!) Climate & Environmental Informed Activists are being challenged & inspired by Mother Nature- Answering her CALL with OPEN HEARTS! Don’t SHOOT THE MESSENGERS but WE WAKE UP FROM THE FOG into BRIGHT SUNSHINE & TO OUR SANCTITY FOR LIFE, for our Beloved Natural Environments- Land, Sky, Sea & Mother Nature’s Exquisite Interconnecting LIVING BREATHING Systems!  Time’s Up on harassing & assaulting women, … but likewise on devastating our Natural Beautiful Garden in Eden on Earth! We & our previous generations should never have Violated the Sanctity of our Natural World incurring increasing human & World Wide devastation as a consequence- karma! Scapegoating our rightly alarmed younger generation like Greta Thunder Bergs, our Indigenous First Nations Hereditary Futurists seeing catastrophic  Earth Changes well before 7 generations ahead, our frightening Global Climate Change & Environmental Activists & Scientists is SO NOT RIGHT! Y B FOG FROGGY HUMANS SLOWLY BURNING IN THE CLIMATE CHANGE BEGINNING TO BUBBLE POT? How many signs of the times will it take before we turn down our speed towards hitting the environmental & climate change brick walls? Our 70+ year old U.S. Presidential Candidates look to only the next 4 years of human existence! Will humans become Evolutionary Cast Offs on Nature’s Tree of Life? Life seeks & finds ways to drop our present day Neanderthal thinking & extinction style behaviors- WITH or WITHOUT OUR INPUT & WISHES SHOULD WE FAIL TO COOPERATE ! Fail to respond? Deliver SUPER STORMS, Plagues & Pandemics like in Ancient Egypt-  NOW- NOT TOMORROW WE CHANGE OUR THINKING, OUR BEHAVIOR or Mother Nature/Life ASSUMES THE REIGNS FROM OUR HANDS! We give up our Right for Dominion & Self Determination!  Still not a Pandemic- corona virus induces miniscule deaths compared to  Worldwide annual flus & diseases but Cities are Shutting Down Word Wide, Schools Closing, Big Brother Authorities Confining people to their homes, travel Almost Stopping in many places, large venues closing- The Louvre shutting for the day denying thousands of visitors, Big Brother emboldened to ‘temporarily withdraw’ ALL OUR RIGHTS as in China- humans like animals in pleasant ‘cages’ except as approved by Big Brother! No ALLOWANCE TO EXERCISE INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS, CHOICE OR PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS EXCEPT BY  AUTHORITIES APPROVING EXCEPTIONS! No riots in the streets? Everything we fought since Ancient Greece thousands of years ago is being quietly taken away without complaint?  Break time for SUNNY WAYS!!! 

Canada’s SUNNY WAYS My Friends- SUNNY WAYS P.M. Trudeau is being attacked mercilessly for his Statesmanship- looking ‘WEAK,’ not being BEASTLY to Indigenous Blockades about land exploitation & environmental recklessness! His CALM, COMPASSIONATE, PATIENT stand with First Nations Hereditary Chiefs for even a few short weeks and their RIGHTEOUS STAND to be Properly Respected in CHERISHING their unceded lands for MOTHER EARTH & 7 generations hence- is described as “UNMANLY & WEAK.”  But isn’t JUMPING TO VIOLENCE AS AN ANSWER, the sure karmic feedback loop to MORE VIOLENCE? America STOLE $trillions from ordinary hard working, ‘God fearing, honest’ American families to feed the corporate military industrial complex in Afghanistan, … – creating a hopelessly large National debt, & destruction throughout North Africa & the Middle East over almost 19 years- millions killed, … nothing accomplished but MISERY for our World! Now the Taliban is CELEBRATING VICTORY- America LOST its dignity, innocence, integrity in the eyes of the World FOR WHAT IN RETURN? Lesson learned by blood & tragedy-

 OUR  WORLD IS BROKEN- “No one’s right if everybody’s ‘wrong?'” (Stephen Stills, 1966) Bringing us to our current Environmental, Species Extinction & Climate Change Reckoning TODAY! Our First Nations Indigenous Hereditary Chiefs are MESSENGERS like Greta Thunder Berg and all environmentally conscious peoples World Wide! Mother Nature is speaking to OUR HEARTS! She Speaks- We Listen!’ OUR HEARTS OPEN to be TOUCHED BY HER MAGIC! Like Joni Mitchell spoke to OUR HEARTS back in the late ’60s- “They paved PARADISE” (BURNED PARADISE in Australia- 25% forests GONE in one Wild Fires Season, or all over California-  shutting down power grids like a third World failing Nation, … beginning to dry up our Amazon ‘Lungs of the Earth,’ …) PUT IN APARKING LOT!” “Don’t it only go to show- You don’t know what you got ’till it’s GONE!” Eventually, “They’ll put all the (remaining) trees in a tree museum- Charge a dollar & a half just to see ’em!”  “We are STARDUST- WE ARE GOLDEN- AND WE GOT TO GET OURSELVES” (Our Consciousness & Behavior) BACK TO THE GARDEN!”  OPEN BEATING HEART- Mother Nature’s calling us back to ‘The Garden-‘ SHOW ME- SHOW ME! We CHOOSE TO WALK BACK FROM HELL’S CLIMATE CHANGE KITCHEN ON EARTH OR WE BECOME WELL COOKED, POT ROASTED!  March 4, 2020 by Brianca  SHE’S SPEAKING- WE’RE BEGINNING TO LISTEN!  Lane  Love YOU- LOVE YOUR MOTHER NATURE- SHOW HER- TELL HER TODAY!  She’s Listening- BELIEVE!!!!  


Last weekend we CELEBRATED INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY- YES! But in some Great Nations like Pakistan, men suffered a ‘brain fart’- wondered about women being allowed to GATHER TOGETHER, MARCH IN SOLIDARITY & PROTEST FOR INALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHTS! Radical Ideals to some men- WOMEN PROTESTING FOR HUMAN RIGHTS- Pakistan’s, … 1966- Cultural Revolution in 2020? Better late than never, says us! “Something’s happening here- What it is ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man with a gun over there- Telling (women they) got to beware! Think it’s time we stopped- Hey, what’s that sign? (“OUR BODIES- OUR CHOICE! …”) Everybody look what’s going down!” Stephen Stills (Cultural change HAPPENING before our eyes!) For our Beloved Pakistani, …SISTERS- the World salutes your BRAVERY! “Paranoia strikes DEEP-  into your HEART it will creep! It starts when your ALWAYS AFRAID- Step out of line, the ‘MAN’ comes to take you AWAY!” Isn’t our highest LOVE to ALLOW our Brothers & Sisters to be FREE?! The Source/God/Allah, … giving human beings FREEDOM to CHOOSE but not imagining we are ‘gods’ or infallible! Our society’s beliefs, values, attitudes, cultural norms, ‘scientific facts’ are not infallible but change and evolve. (Incredibly THANKFUL for wisdom bestowed  in childhood Church ‘Sunday School,’ for understanding we are to “DO UNTO OTHERS AS WE WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO US!” and “LOVE ONE ANOTHER-BE A GOOD SAMARITAN, …” ) Any helpful Religion expresses such basic GOODNESS everyone ADMIRES to see BEING LIVED bringing blessings to everyone, not being mean spirited, …- Christian, Muslim, Jewish, ….

Imagine we were- in error switched at birth. Child of one Religion/Parents switched with another- We grow up happy to believe a GOOD Religion but not the Religion we were born into! Or wrong color? “Hey Doc, we’re black- How come our Baby’s so white?” ‘Oh- I only do Obstetrics- Maybe a white ancestor or two in your Family History?’ (Know a very white looking Family who are descendants from ‘escaped/freed’ from slavery African Americans by the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD!)  We are FREE TO CHOOSE & CHANGE TODAY- we don’t live 1,000 or 5,000 years ago because we enjoy FREEDOM TO CHOOSE CHANGE TODAY- Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness! Women seeking their Divine Rights as full human beings making choices is pretty basic! Pakistani, … men should be thankful to be less pressed to become adept at properly addressing 138 sexual orientations & gender identities as America’s younger generation demand their University Professors to provide an inclusive & safe learning environment for all! (Pestered & bothered at College to EXPLORE MY OPTIONS but declined- MY CHOICE- I’ll give myself 3 options for now- male, female or both- my triactor rather than a limiting exactor bet? Rain check on the other 135 till age 80!!) Our Cultures rightly change in time but individually we may choose between being either male or female, for example or becoming ‘complicated’- Canada’s Prime Minister wisely said about 50 years ago, ‘There is no place for Government in the BEDROOMS of our Nation!’

But why are some men or male dominated cultures so paranoid about women’s freedom & independence- WOMEN’S right to choose for themselves & control their own bodies & lives! In many cultures, men are brought up dependent on women for emotional support/comfort and well being. Apart from natural FRISKY BIOLOGICAL DRIVES, often men are DEPENDENT ON WOMEN, TERRIFIED OF BEING ABANDONED & UNSUPPORTED EMOTIONALLY! In the armed forces, witnessed young men falling apart emotionally or becoming violent without adequate female presence. At the extreme, we see STRONG WOMEN like Princess Diana- her ATTRACTIVE CHARISMA, HONESTY, COMPASSION, POWER, …  completely overshadowing Royal Society ELITE Orders- making them appear SHODDY, SHAMELESS SHAMS like in the “WIZARD of OZ!” (Now Harry & Meghan stepping free from the Royal Class Elite Matrix,) Some cultures operate on a specific matrix  of inequality to separate power holders vs. the occupied class- Kings & Queens, … rule by hereditary Family rights! In some traditional Cultures, males possess rights, women are given obligations! Political Social Orders based on power imbalances result in ‘assassinations’ across our World with only lip service to the RULE of LAW-Extra Judicial Killings! Martin Luther King, … or John Kennedy about to derail racist ethnic slavery/skin color based social order, Organized Crime within & without the Government, or the military industrial complex, …. Even Peace-NIK Beatle John Lennon- dropping the role as a comical, pop, entertaining USEFUL FOOL ,  became Public Enemy Numero Uno to phoney bologna U.S. Pres. Nixon- ‘Tricky Dick!’ Convicted Rapist- sentenced to 23 years, Frankenweinstein was declared untouchable, reigning over Hollywood, called ‘god’ by Meryl Streep who played her damning role too well but reaped fame & fortune! This Monster shows two personalities like the much older male rapist teen luring me into a basement-Suddenly attacking me cackling as if possessed by demons- to hear & see extreme vocal & facial distortions- ‘man becomes monster’ like Frankenweinstein! Change of HEART, Meryl? The TRUTH surprising?

Our changing evolving consciousness is INCLUSIVE- We’re Just Like A Rainbow Shining In the Sky! We’re just like a CLEAN BREEZE Getting Us High! Amazing to see Modi power tripping on Muslims in India- what if our man Modi was switched at birth in error- ‘Hey Modi, Surprising TRUTH is you’re actually Muslim- Mohammed Narendra Modi is your true birth name!’ Celebrating India’s Festival of Holi- throwing colorful powder (gulal) on everyone, dancing to traditional Indian folk music & celebrating the arrival of Spring! Around our World we build a RAINBOW COALITION among all colors, faiths, cultures, ethnic origins,…. But beginning in the ’60s, after World Wars & so much human & environmental catastrophe- remember defoliating South East Asia with Agent Orange & fire bombing Villages/Innocents, …. LOSING BIG TIME in Viet Nam, … & now again after almost 19 years in the Middle East & North Africa, our Mother Earth deserves better- OTHER LIFE FORMS & OUR ENVIRONMENT! In the ’60’s, young people agreed on sweeping Social & Cultural Change culminating in a specific target- Environmental Restoration by 2020 CLEAR VISION! By 2017, became CLEAR 2020 VISION was at least still 50 years away by the current matrix- not on the HORIZON of HOPE! Mother Nature’s Forces & Climate Change Consequences becoming increasingly unleashed beginning to burst our dams, no matter the blood, energy & $$$ poured on the alters of the military industrial complex, for so called ‘progress!’ Plagues of Ancient Egypt scenarios everywhere! Being FORCED the HARD WAY to reduce our Environmental Climate Change Human Footprints because we fiddled while Rome burned for 50 years. Joni Mitchell’s & so many BEAUTIFUL VOICES & SONGS reminded us an “Eve of Destruction’ faced us should we choose WAR & ‘RAPING’ OUR ENVIRONMENT vs, living IN HARMONY, SUSTAINABLY in our EARTH’S LIVING BIOSPHERE, OUR GARDEN IN EDEN! Mother Nature says ‘SHOW ME!’ WE LISTEN & BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY! Our First Nations looking 7 Generations  Ahead or Climate Change Scientists & Activists in the cross hairs for speaking the TRUTH? Mother Nature’s Messengers include Realists like Greta Thunder Berg who are hardly RADICAL- How can the LIVING TRUTH BE RADICAL or SURPRISING?! We CHERISH ‘MOTHER EARTH’, Lighten our Environmental & Climate Change Footprint, LIVE & SING IN HARMONY or face difficulties like ‘Ancient Egypt plagues & infestations, ….’

China puts 100’s of millions under STRICT BIG BROTHER CONTROLS & lock down? Does anyone want to SERVE OURSELVES to 1984 BIG BROTHER TOTAL DICTATORSHIP & CONTROL OVER OUR OWN LIVES? 1000’s of years fighting for our Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness-  to totally capitulate now? Enable Big Brother Governments to lock us down indefinitely ‘for our own good & THEIR TOTAL CONTROL??!’ Visiting (Western) teacher reports from the center of the SARS-COV-2 virus in Wuhan, he has been forcibly shut in his small apartment for 6 weeks- NOT FUN! Italian Premier Conte says the new ‘National Italian Mantra’ is “I STAY AT HOME!” ITALY is in lock down.  In Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA an Oncologist at the local nightmare? Juravinski Hospital, flew to Hawaii for a quick pick me up few days BUT ALSO PICKED UP THE VIRUS & BROUGHT IT BACK TO HOSPITAL STAFF & HER VULNERABLE CANCER PATIENTS! (Hamilton City Council buried the news- 24 trillion liters of untreated human sewage flowed into an Environmentally Sensitive Waterways & Nature Habitat aptly called Cootes Paradise- painstakingly restored by hand over decades but destroyed by Hamilton’s Councillors ‘WITH their dirty COOTES,’ incompetency & cover ups!!!) Our young, successful healthy friend J.- scooped up in Hong Kong, malnourished- apple sauce for dinner, held in 1 room with 24 others ALSO SCOOPED for 2 weeks, feasted after release, flew back to home sweet home Singapore but in Malaysia is experiencing corona virus like severe symptoms- fever, fatigue, body aches & weakness, shortness of breath, ….  For any infectious disease, part of the damage is by the germ, but part is by our immune system’s response. (U. of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s John Williams) Do you know Psychologists are told to stay 6 feet from Clients & to avoid human touch LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! Viruses/Bacteria cover our phones, public places & transportation systems, businesses & food stores, … float in the air, … We touch our hair, eyes, lips, nose, face … helping ingest viruses, constantly. Common ailments compound our compromised immune system when corona viruses  strike! Heart disease, breathing & lung issues, diabetes, …. 50% of Americans have high blood pressure! A simple flu diagnosis by itself increases our heart attack/stroke risk by 6 times! Corona virus increases our mortality rate 6- 10 times above a flu illness among ‘safer’ people under age 50. Symptoms can be so mild as to be undetected but carriers may be contagious for 8 to 37 days!!! As we’ve been saying, Senior’s Care Homes (like CROWDED CRUISE SHIPS) are simply INCUBATORS & PETRI DISHES for bacteria & viruses! LOCK DOWNS create a lambs to the slaughter horror show as viruses float or are transported from victim to victim- all squished like sardines together!! Eventually- left to take it’s WRONG COURSE, over 80% of CRUISE SHIP passengers would catch corona virus & transfer it World Wide!

Before blaming BATTY BRAINED CHINESE eating, … wild bats & snakes, … remember  viruses in other places at other times have placed human beings as BULLS EYE TARGETS! Small pox feasted on humans for centuries- Europeans brought SMALLPOX to America’s INDIGENOUS PEOPLES- killing 90%! 300 million died World Wide from SMALLPOX in the 20th Century! ( Stopped in 1980- but imagine various viruses DORMANT IN THE FROZEN TUNDRA- RELEASED ONCE THE PERMAFROST MELTS by Climate Change!) The 1918 Spanish Flu infected 40% and killed 50 million! The Dengue Virus emerged in Thailand & The Philippines- still kills 50- 100 million annually? (TRUE?) MERS in Saudi Arabia & South Korea reportedly killed 30- 40% of infected victims! We faced Ebola in West Africa, Sudan & The Congo. But in recent years, ‘IT’ FEELS PERSONAL’ with GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE DISASTERS, ENVIRONMENTAL DESECRATION, SPECIES EXTINCTIONS, SUPERSTORMS & HELL FIRES, …. (Yes- Mother Nature informed us a few years ago RELUNCTANTLY- SHE IS RAMPING UP the Superstorms (& ‘Egyptian Plagues?) Scenarios, …) Cities & Countries are ‘temporarily’ shutting down lessening OUR ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT! HER MOTHERLY/GODLY DUTY TO SAVE THE BIOSPHERE, OUR GARDEN IN EDEN from chaos & loss! (Are we out of control humans behaving like a  virus wreaking havoc!)  BACKED OUR EARTH’S BIOSPHERE INTO A CORNER  almost like Frankenweinstein  preying as a Vampire on Women- destroying for Life!  Deserves forceful JUSTICE- 23 years but what about we humans? ‘REVENGE/PAYBACK?’ What would you or any Mother do to protect her own (As a toddler+, a molester came after me along a deserted beach front- My Mother screamed to me- “RUN AWAY BRI! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN! FOR YOUR LIFE!” She put  herself between the Frankenweinstein molester & me- if I was too slow to escape, she sacrifices her life if necessary! Yes- Our BELOVED Mother Nature IS WONDERFUL- BEAUTIFUL! POWERFUL! SHE SPEAKS- WE LISTEN! Only WAY OUR STORY ACHIEVERS OUR HAPPY ENDING- Amen My Brothers & Sisters, ….Love You! Brianca  March 11, 2020  Lane                 Together- MeUSCan-Do like the Agreement!!!! What have we done for our MOTHER NATURE TODAY?


How lucky we are if we believe in endearing, always delightfully welcoming jovial SANTA CLAUS- “HO HO HO!” seeing if we’re being ‘naughty or nice!’ ‘Well- look who we see doing kind, wonderful GOOD DEEDS EVERY DAY- YOU Right? Our Universe celebrates YOUR EVERY KINDNESS- saddened by your rare misdeeds! Lucky- should we be Believers in a Religion/Faith, our ‘Divine Creator/Source/Life Giver’ desires our LOVE, NAKED HONESTY, THIRST for Redemption & TRUTH.  Eschew evil but not live in FEAR of ‘Divine Wrath!’ We learn by our errors, carefully avoid replacing old errors with ‘NEW & IMPROVED’ ‘worser errors’ like Health Care ‘Rescuers’ tossing us bigger ANCHORS dragging us down deeper- We need FLOTATION DEVICES, Thank You ! People of ‘Faith’ look for Divine Intervention & Forgiveness from ‘bad’ THINKING and Behavior beneath our Best Character. Yes- brilliant Divine Jesus says 2,000+ years before we’re finally beginning to grapple with ‘bullying,’ be mindful of your thinking, not only your behavior and actions inducing alarming consequences!

Thoughts & ‘Words of Love’ (Buddy Holly)-  Courageously overcome bad, negative thinking- no longer floundering swimmers among Life’s powerful  surf R U.S.! Yes- so hard initially to change bad habits in our thinking. Bad, negative thinking- participating in almost stereotype Voodoo Magic.  Believe it or not, so are our WORDS- expressions of comfort, love, healing, … or- Who is perfect, right? You & I are CREATORS by our thoughts & words- not only by our actions! We create PEACE or BEAUTY- The Butterfly Effect- what wonderful impacts emerge! Some therapy applauds behaving like a possessed exorcism victim- spewing evil & raging on! But telling your Therapist or Doctor your worst thoughts, words or behaviors- actual or IMAGINARY, may come back to haunt you! ‘Yes- venting my worst emotions building up inside! Feel exhausted but good- finally off my chest!’ Professionals may feel obligated to act or report AGAINST YOU to safeguard against a worst case scenario. Conversely, Therapists may attempt to shock vulnerable clients into recovery mode with disastrous consequences!

Like in a physical illness, our mental/emotional illness may weaken us to an alarming degree- we ( and our supporters) are ready and alert to weather especially bad moments, right? EMOTIONAL RAINCOATS ON to weather our storms? We may rarely if ever experience such vulnerable moments again! ‘If I’m FALLING, CATCH ME FOR GOD’S SAKES!!! So important not to let one moment or period of extreme vulnerability destroy us! A social worker I met in friendly passing several times- appeared on t.v., radio, writing newspaper advice columns for parents- respected as a ‘big authority.’ (Or BIG, Bad authority? Shrinks & Therapists may make terrible, tragic mistakes harming clients!) Among other stupid antics, tried to shock his Client who had just informed him about being so vulnerable, under tremendous stress!!!  ‘With all you marital squabbling, your daughter will ‘self harm’ in her teens by 16- i.e. You are to blame for what WILL HAPPEN! Next day- tragedy happens but governing association for Therapists/Social Workers called it just a ‘coincidence’ Father passed-  ‘Slap on the wrist’- short term suspension, blah blah! Cover up? Colleges of Nurses, Physicians, Teachers, … typically COVER UP- ABSOLVE their members for outrageous behavior & reckless incompetence causing tragedy to others!  Maybe select one area Public is Up At Arms About- ‘sexual assault of young patients.’ BUT ENABLING- PRETENDING ALL IS KOSHER-  seeing no evil, hearing no evil- covering up for horrendous abuses every day! Wonder how his daughter will do in life thanks to this media darling expert social worker vs. the ‘coincidence?’ Professionals simply relocate! P.S. Asked a Therapist- ‘Oh yes- Some Therapists will scream at patients, etc. believing they will accomplish good results?’ SCARE ‘EM STRAIGHT APPROACH? Sometimes Being your Therapist seems safer?

Discovering our truth for ourselves is important- truth about oneself even if HONESTY HURTS AT FIRST. Like putting on disinfectant, cleaning up a physical wound, experiencing real pain for some time!  And where to begin- too many choices today? For example, 140+ sexual & gender identifications exist, young people in completely free & open societies say. Many/most societies admit only 3- male, female & abstainers for anything else! In University, a friend invited me repeatedly to explore them- introducing me to this new world of orientations & identities- “What University is for- explore what is true & real- or not, including exploring ourselves” she said!. Thankfully my gig was sports, music, motorcycles, new age discovery, schooling, … no time for her 140+ Club activities, …  FREEDOM & PURSUIT of HAPPINESS always trumps repression in free societies among (young) adults- We want OUR FREEDOMS &  PURSUE OUR Individual & Collective HAPPINESS- Who are we to deny other (young) adults their FREEDOMS?  Canada’s P.M. Elliot Trudeau said in the late ’60’s “Government has no place in the bedrooms of our Nation.” Homosexuality was removed as a ‘mental illness/behavioral disorder’ by Western Psychiatry in 1973. Still controversial and uncomfortable for many societies today, especially when teens or younger children become involved. We want to be UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING, SUPPORTING & ACCEPTING of our young but how many Parents feel up to the task??? Aside from INALIENABLE RIGHTS  & PURSUIT of HAPPINESS, ‘self harm’ rates among L.G.B.T.Q.? are far too tragic for anyone judging, bullying, shunning, discriminating, attempting to force conversion to traditional orientation & identity. Our World has to ‘deal with it’ as opposed to driving LBGTQ? to despair & self harm. Also hurtful,  Autocratic Governments with 24/7 surveillance in place are attempting to bypass our INALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHTS- Big Brother in China, Russia, … ‘knows best???’

P.S. Is America Becoming ‘The New China?’   Our World’s #2 economic power, China- a Dictatorship, strongly discourages or disallows organized Faiths/Religions- forces Muslims into slavery & brainwashing camps, … China’s state laws persecute Christians, disallowing religious funerals & clerical participation, … for example. A Christian’s daughter was arrested & held until after her father’s funeral- the grieving family had asked permission for Christian customs & rituals. Wouldn’t you imagine Muslims, Christians, Jews, … sharing common ancestry, beliefs or values, should bury their hostilities, recognize Religion/Faiths are under heavy attack- commit to a united front against Religious Intolerance?   China exercises Iron Fist Rule- an all seeing autocratic dictator style government. An idealistic, moral young Med Student in China- died today?- No place for TRUTH nor Idealism under evil rogue dictators! Brilliantly, he identified a new virus- (the corona virus), informed his fellow med students, attempted to alert authorities & the public to ward off the upcoming epidemic. His posts were suppressed, he was charged with ‘rumor mongering.’ China’s government, like America’s becoming capricious & autocratic, creates it’s own face- ALTERNATE FACTS! to present to the World- Truth & Integrity are the first casualties under Chinese, Russian, … (or America’s) slide toward elitist oligarchies & dictators! ALTERNATE FACTS! China attempts to hide the real numbers in any contagion or swoop up & stomp down on imagined threatening peoples, their beliefs, practices or cultures- ‘citizens’ prosecuted for not showing undivided allegiance to autocratic government dictatorship & arbitrary decrees. (Dr. Margaret McQuaig Johnston- U. of Alberta, Canada, China Institute confirms ….) But is America becoming The New China, Democracy giving way to Trumptopian Autocracy & Rhetoric- mostly ALTERNATE FACTS- Ruling by capricious Donald Decrees, ESPECIALLY THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS- The Hitler Model? Children in Cages! Torture & Torment- Hobbies & emotional release for the Aristocracy! Placing Pres. Trump is in impeachment jam for his belief ‘Your President is Above the Law/Expresses the Law’- what Pres. Nixon believed,  but  his Bollywood Theatrics Approval Ratings- almost 1 in 2 Americans buy his I Have A Nightmare- oops! ‘DREAM’ ABOUT ECONOMIC BOOM TIMES for AMERICA! But is America accepting Autocracy, becoming The New China? Reviving old 1860’s U.S. Civil War Era CULTURAL DIVIDE?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered Pres. Trump her outstretched hand prior to his State of the U.S. Union Address to Congress & the Nation, …. No gentleman, an admitted sex offender/groper braggart, Trump REJECTED HER! The previous Republican Pres. Candidate voted IN FAVOR OF HIS IMPEACHMENT?- “The President IS GUILTY of an appalling abuse of Public Trust!” As he finished his ‘Reality Show Presentation using Congress, … as a Backdrop,’ according to Speaker Pelosi,  behind him, she ripped up his speech! Figuratively TEARING A STRIP OFF HIS BACK by WHIPPING HIM- “The COURTEOUS THING TO DO, CONSIDERING THE ALTERNATIVE,”  Pelosi  retorted. All Bollywood Theatrics so Pelosi acted accordingly! Pelosi’s more serious comments echo our concerns voiced Jan. 23, 2020 about “Pres. Trump’s plans against poorer, vulnerable Americans- cutting safety net programs like Medicaid & Medicare by $$$1.19 trillion, $26 billion less for senior’s social security, weakening disability programs, …?” Pelosi claims contrary to Pres. Trump’s ALTERNATE FACTS, the Dems. are fighting Trump in Court as he attempts TO STRIP 150 million Americans covered under The Affordable Care Act with pre existing medical conditions from coverage! We know Pres. Trump is still stripping illegal or undocumented immigrants from all possible federal benefits- including their children & banning people from several ‘Muslim countries’ from entry. Present Trump fully declares ideological Civil War in America against women’s rights, minorities, against environmental protections & addressing Climate Change, … Uses The Union Address to have his wife present America’s Highest Civilian Award- The President’s Medal of Freedom, to arguably America’s least deserved winner, Beyond Bollywood Star, Cheesy Rush McLimbooger, America’s most disrespectful hound dog sniffing his way to outrageous, scandalous notoriety!!!  Pres. Trump hungers for scandal & notoriety- so many collapsing around him in his brief Presidency while like his Grandfather, he benefits unscathed?! Pres. Trump’s OPA/Grandfather was a draft dodger kicked out out of his Fatherland but accepted into America regardless & incredibly, given he became known as “Scandalous Fred!”) A few scandalous, immoral comments from our sniffing ‘hound dog on a hunt for notoriety???” Cheesy Rush McLimbooger, Pres. Medal of Freedom Winner include:

FEMINISM- “was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the Mainstream Society!” (Their) “most important thing in life is ensuring as many abortions as possible occur.” SEXUAL ASSAULT: (In 2014, Ohio State U. policy “encourages students to OBTAIN VERBAL CONSENT” …) But McLimbooger says “How many of you guys have learned that NO means YES if you know how to spot it!” SPREADING RACIAL HATRED: As a radio show host, McLimbooger tells an African American/Black caller to “TAKE THAT BONE OUT OF YOUR NOSE AND CALL ME BACK!” (New York’s first African American Governor, David Peterson, was to select a replacement for resigned Rep. Eric Massa. In a play on words, Massa = old slang word for slave owner- Master/’MASSA’) McLimbooger says “For the first time in his life, Peterson’s gonna be a MASSA!” LATIN AMERICAN IMMIGRATION: ‘Will COLLAPSE ‘RULE OF LAW’ & Representative Democracy!’ ENVIRONMENT: (McLimbooger claims Columbus discovered America but actually Vikings, etc. arrived much earlier as is widely reported if he bothered listening to radio or other news.) Claims more forests now than in 1492- U.S. Forest Service & American Forestry Ass’n reports a 25 % reduction- 300 million acres less.       

You are only one possible ‘floundering swimmer’ in a sea of sharks & among billions of swimmers? Can you change the course of history? I HAVE A DREAM vs. I Have A Nightmare?  King vs. The Trumpeter:   Martin Luther King Jr. is viewed as a captivating speaker- but he didn’t achieve his classic ‘I Have A Dream’ eloquence without help. Approaching the finishing line for THE RACE,  he stumbled- paused- searching for- Divine Intervention? Gospel Singer Mahalia Jackson Angelically flapped her golden wings: “TELL THEM ABOUT THE DREAM!” she implored, 250,000 listeners in attendance transfixed in agreement at the ‘March In Washington!’ Spontaneously INSPIRED- King’s DIVINELY CREATED WORDS lifted the World- ACCEPTING & BELIEVING IN HIS COLLECTIVE “I HAVE A DREAM!” Pres. Trump- Destiny’s Trumpeter, also has a vision, some argue ‘2020 Clear Vision- Make America Great! What America needs NOW!’ Or are his whispering voices demonic in character- not from Angelic Mahalia but from Mistress Malevolent Evil! Dividing America & conquering our World by fear & hate- Master at The Dark Arts? His Bollywood Theatrics Reality Show Productions by a cunning wolf onto unsuspecting sheep- ‘I Have A Nightmare for America & The World!’

Climate Change Agent of Disaster? If Scientists are generally correct in their collective Climate Change forecasts, Trump is condemning Gen X,  Millennial & younger people World Wide to misery. Our younger generations should all be activist Greta Thunder Bergs? Young courageous David Thunder Bergs challenging mocking Goliath Trump Neanderthal Bergs laying waste- their Climate Disaster Futures! Young people’s worst nightmare? Increasing military industrial complex spending to $738 billion- fear, hate & warmongering, arms build ups by all sides- endless wars accompanied by spiraling upward debts & destruction- not helping. U.S. Civil War again? 24/7 surveillance recording EVERYTHING!  First attempting surfing on Santa Monica beaches, my family had cameras ready- BIG SMILES IN ANTICIPATION! WAITING FOR THAT BIG WAVE to CRUSH MY POISE- be preserved forever in pictures! (Cool groovy dude new to Santa Monica becomes shark bait!! Muscle Beach’s wanna be surfing 99 pound weakling crash dives like a dummy- AGAIN! I AM WOMEN- HEAR ME SCREAM FOR HELP!)  24/7 Big Brother Surveillance holds our short comings digitally indefinitely for black mail at any time! 24/7 surveillance enables Big Brother to create an collage of misdeeds to divide & conquer us, control by blackmail- by ‘Dark Arts.’ Attempts to replace ‘Religions/Faiths’ and our own self control & good judgement with 24/7 Big Brother surveillance- NO!  LIBERTY & PURSUIT of HAPPINESS for everyone- YES!!!      Feb. 6, 2020     by Brianca Lane

(Healing and recovery could take time Allah Willing- our Politicians look in their mirrors, accept The HURTING TRUTH- HUMBLY IMPEACH THEMSELVES! ‘Donald- The Humble President????? Yes- like Great Martin Luther King Jr.- we have A DREAM all our Politicians …)  We needed to begin healing  within a healthy basic level  of living necessities-  decent housing, safe and nurturing environment ,  education,  good nutrition,  real friends and enabled recreational and social opportunities,  personal choice and control over resources supposedly targeted towards us  (but too often  the lions share being  siphoned off- devoured in  fact by our appointed rescuers who acted as a cartel.  The rescue industry is not only an entrenched, self replicating cartel- it is  a vampiric beast, a machine grinding away for local and multinational capitalism. We floundering swimmers became mere raw resource inputs.  To be honest and fair,  our real friends, family and “Churches” stay fast, caring and protective at our side-  almost everyone else is horrified or terrified- except for psychiatrists- deadicated to our care and treatment we might complain, but absolutely  trying to help and rescue us (even if it kills us?! A+ for being there and trying  very hard!)   Hold on!  cried the determined rescuer calling for quick attaching  anchors with all social institutional controls being implemented:  to hell with human rights for floundering swimmers and all society reluctantly?  agreed to a never ending cultural hate-fest- every significant media institution and format pounding the stereotypes  about dangerous, unpredictable, out of control, non conforming and non compliant  floundering swimmers. Even the killing with kindness stories are, by design, the kiss of death.  The floundering swimmer left without tight,  heavy anchors  grabs and violently assaults a completely innocent swimmer but after years of invasive, all controlling rescue interventions becomes docile- possibly even safe and actually  apologizes to the innocent swimmer he attacked.  So (this CBC story kills with kindness) shows the rescue industry can- given years of resources,  actually  possibly- with continuing oversight, cure one of those  floundering swimmers-maybe!   The classic story of killing with kindness  happened in 2012 in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. The City political elite declared  the City to strive  to be the best place to raise a child and, for example, the Mayor attended the annual  community prayer breakfast- the theme being “the mental health of our children.” The Mayor reminded us to “care for and nurture all our citizens” in fact.  For 50 years, the “Charlton Hall Center” had, with scant resources,  cared for a total of 1,000 troubled girls! The Center housed 8 teenage girls in a  City owned dilapidated building with crumbling foundation,  leaking roof, outdated wiring and plumbing, etc.-  a mess!  In a 12 to 4 vote City council  voted against a rezoning request to allow the Center  to move the 8 girls to a newer, safer building it already owned!  The move would VIOLATE the  City  radial separation bylaw requiring 300 meters between residential care homes. “Too many “needy people” in one neighborhood “. The current neighborhood liked the girls but the new neighborhood  was horrified and besides “did not like to have UNDESIRABLES move in.” City council members  also declined an invitation to visit the Center and meet the 8 girls. This is a City dedicated to being the best place to raise a child so imagine what goes on in non-dedicated cities!  IF THESE 8 GIRLS NEEDED HELP BEFORE, IMAGINE THE DEGREE OF INCREASED SUPPORT, PROTECTION, CARE AND MEDICAL CARE AND PSYCHO-SOCIAL  ESTEEM BUILDING THEY NOW REQUIRED! (from an article by Ms.  Susan Clairmont , pp. A3,  A5  in The Hamilton Spectator , MAY 1, 2012.)  by Brian Lane-  now back to our story…                                                                                      “Twilight Zone” (R. Serling)                                                                    MY GOD! Can you believe city council still- in spite of the O.M.B. & Human Rights Commission strongly condemning the immoral “300 meter radial separation bylaw”, REFUSES to give up and send this bylaw back down to hello!! from whence it came!! Is city council creating a “Twilight Zone?!”    Dec. 5, 2017  by Brian Lane does NOT advertise/endorse/sell any products.                                                                                                                        Breaking News-                              Together  MeUsCan-Do!   (Yahooo!)  3 BEST AMIGOS ‘SIGN’    MEUSCAN-Do!  Agreement!                       TOGETHER  MeUsCAn DO!    by Brian Lane Oct. 1, 2018

PLAYING Emergency Rescuer or ‘doctor demon’? Speaking about this city’s “TWILIGHT ZONE” issues, what about this breaking story! An elderly man was being accosted across the street from a mosque-Ibrahim  Jam’e Mosque? Upon exiting the Mosque, an aspiring pre-med. university student- acting as a “good Samaritan,” ran across the street to defend the victim and tragically, was shot once in the stomach. Ambulance and police arrived but instead of rushing our (Muslim) HERO for emergency surgery, our hero was MOCKED REPEATEDLY and suffered over 30 minutes of delay according to witnesses and relatives! “The poor kid lied there for over 1 1/2 hours…”        ‘mocked by emergency…’          “they were laughing at him…” “transport delayed by over 30 minutes.”(witness statements) Sometimes, our world seems upside down and the ‘good guys’ become the ‘bad guys’- (ESPECIALLY towards citizens deemed ‘mentally ill!’ or ‘the others’= ‘who are not like us.’) The police say they are closing in on the shooter but I ask you, who is also responsible for OUR HERO’S PASSING?                                Dec. 7, 2017 by Brian Lane   As at Dec. 27, the shooter has been charged BUT no emergency ‘rescuers’ have been charged in relation to the alleged horrendous mistreatment and misconduct! But now our hero’s family is suing for $10 million- bleeding taxpayers!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Playing (E.R.) Doctor or ‘doctor demon?’    My brother informed me- again. Same story, different people, Doctors playing at being Doctors.  And another ‘sad Sunday’ ending.  An early 40’s mom towing two very young children- one still nursing, arrives at the Hospital E. R. with typical flu virus symptoms BUT BAD HEADACHES. “Yeh- we’ll see 200 like you in the next few days…. Have a nice day. Relax,  it’s just the flu!  Next person, please?                          Yes, in a day or two she’s back at E.R. with WORSE HEADACHES! Lady, for God’s sake, RELAX- it’s just the flu!  Next person please?   YES- next day she’s back at E.R. with the same worsening symptoms, she and her husband valiantly attempting to find ONE E.R. REAL DOCTOR-        “Is there a REAL DOCTOR IN THIS HOSPITAL!”   Like a lottery winner, a Doctor actually attends to our young mother and whisks her away. Two hours later, seeing medical staff coming towards him, her husband rushes to them- “I’ll take care of the kids if you’re keeping my wife for” “SHE’S ____!”         (The virus crossed her so-called blood brain barrier causing her brain to swell so the brain sounded the ALARM VIA WORSENING HEADACHES. If REAL DOCTORS HAD BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL, her kids would be blessed with A LIFETIME OF MOTHERLY LOVE INSTEAD OF A MOTHER THEY’LL NEVER REMEMBER AND ONLY KNOW FROM PHOTOGRAPHS- AND A HUSBAND BEYOND DESPAIR! And the next time you or I go for help, they’ll still be playing at being Doctors, won’t they?! And you and I will be putting our lives and the lives of our loved ones in the hands of “Doctor demon”!  Jan. 9, 2018  by Brian Lane

Q. Better to ALMOST WIN the MENTAL HOSPITAL DOOR PRIZES or DO THE WILD THANG an’                         Y.B.Y.D.-  You Be Your Own Doctor?*                           According to traditional medical practice, roles & stereotypes, “The Doctor Knows Best”- We are ‘Passive Patients’ trusting the recommendations, advice & INSTRUCTIONS by our big brained intensely educated & experienced Doctors. A CENTRAL STEREOTYPE enabling the ABSOLUTE SUBJUGATION OF DIAGNOSED MENTAL PATIENTS 1. IN LAW & 2. BY SOCIETAL DISCRIMINATION, is (a) ‘Patients lack of any insight into their mental illness; (b) ‘We know how very mentally ill they are;’ (c) & How FORCEFULLY patients must be GUIDED;  (d) How dangerous mental patients ON THE LOOSE ‘REALLY ARE!’ Under this simpleton quatrain, a MASTER FORMULA in DARK, EVIL ARTS, anything IN LAW & in SOCIETAL DISCRIMINATION is enabled! Nov. 29, 2018 by Brian Lane

Hey- Wild Wilderness World!!! LOVE to BE CHALLENGED??? Getting Our Good Times Rockin’ Band Back Together!!! Tonight- On Stage- MY LIFE IS FAB AGAIN FOUR!!!

  • Enthusiasm for BEING HEALTHY– physically, mentally, emotionally, ‘spiritually,’ (& E.S.P.- our psychic powers) are OUR FAB FOUR members in our World Class Music Group! Isn’t Laura’s Croft’s endearing beauty her self awareness, her strength, her confidence, her LOVE to BE CHALLENGED!!!  Apply her strengths against Mental Illness- Outcomes obvious- almost guaranteed! But just what is Mental Illness?  Mental illness is   simply like feeling INCREDIBLY & ABSOLUTELY Messy & Dirty– discombobulated & needing a GOOD BATH! ‘Hello- Anyone listening? Just WANNA KNOW- Just wanna know 1. Where’s my bath tub? 2. Where’s the taps to turn on the water/insight & truth to  3. wash away this overpowering ‘Yuckiness’ wrecking my GOOD VIBES LIFE?!  FRUSTRATING MY PERSONAL FAB FOUR?! Just Wanna Be Sed- NO! Just Wanna Be MY LIFE IS FAB AGAIN 4!!! 
  • Scientists talk about ‘chemical imbalances,’ being stressed out, …. Do these ‘scientists’ understand we simply want out our BAND BACK TOGETHER PLAYING HARMONIOUS, GOOD LIVING VIBES– “Doc- body, mind, emotions, ‘spiritual  kinda discombobulated- Pained, dazed & confused …. We may realize by our personal cost benefit analysis, $$$Big Pharma ‘science’ introduces more ANCHORS drowning us and fewer Life Vests/Flotation Devices LIFTING US UP!!! ‘Doc- Maybe we didn’t explain ourselves in our discombobulated condition- The Song we want is All We Need is HEALTH- Everybody now- All We Need is HEALTH! Health! Health! We don’t want R.S.s’ “Here Comes Your 19th Nervous Breakdown!!!” Straight Jackets! Bubble Rooms & Torture like Extended Isolation or by Forced Chemicals! Broadcasted dehumanizing diagnoses to ensure future poverty, discrimination & being feared & shunned! Degrading commentary in med charts because we’re not stupid enough to acquiesce to pseudo psych. ‘science!’ Witch hunts & scape goats! ‘Community Treatment Orders’ creating our outside World to be a prison! Enjoy Brain Functioning so no brain damaging overly prescribed anti psychotics’ turning us into ZOMBIES, massive E.C.T. shocks destroying our memories, … experimentation & degradation like we’re lab rats or psychological, physical & sexual abuse! 
  •  Spoke with a long term ‘Forensic Psychiatrist’ at a party- ‘treats prisoners.’ So asked ‘Is childhood trauma/abuse/separation, …  a significant factor behind ‘turning children into criminals?’ Many or most sufferers of childhood neglect and abuses?’
  •  “Brian- ALL my prisoners had HORRIBLE CHILDHOODS- O.k. a few had physical brain damage from violence, accidents, etc.”
  •   So early childhood neglect, abuse, being put in group homes- passed from one to the other, no Father figure, druggie Mom, violence, extreme instability & poverty, … ‘They’re scarred for life’ Set up by their later teen years for failure, violence,  police intervention, … Do you tell them their futures were being destroyed but they were helpless to save themselves …?
  •    You try to help them as best you are able of course- but is it too late by the time they reach Adulthood?
  •    “Frustrating as hell(lo!) Brian- I want to help but usually way too late by the time I see them in jail!”
  •   Shout Out to PARENTS- EARLY CHILDHOOD & TEEN YEARS SO CRITICAL in your child’s future success & happiness. Do whatever you can to safeguard & enrich their emerging mental, physical, emotional & ‘spiritual’ healthy development! My advise- Find the best schools, protect them from drugs, violence & gangs, raise them to be compassionate, moral, … Make choices to help your child become a healthy adult!
  •    O.T. working with people challenged by mental illness, … listened to our conversation & said- “We actually welcomed a pre teen into our home to raise as our son- Was passed from group home to group home since age 6. Turned out much better than his initial childhood implied BUT THOUGH WE TRIED SO HARD, HE DID EXPERIENCE A FEW BRUSHES WITH THE LAW- carried over some lasting damage from his deprived childhood before we RESCUED HIM!” 
  •    By the way, Scottish lads & lassies are finally safe! Sweden outlawed Corporal Punishment in 1979- now Scotland brings the total to 50 countries outlawing physical violence against children by misguided parents! A definition of being crazy is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results! The A.P.A. is banging the drum to wake parents up- Police brutality, for example, never brings respect for The Police & The Law! Something for every Parent world wide to think about. Or China attempting to bring Hong Kongers onside with Brutality & Absolute Chinese Anti Democracy & Suppression of Human Rights & Freedoms!
  •    The A.P.A. is continually struggling to see better treatment of migrants & ‘illegal immigrants’ – especially children who are being damaged for life by cruel mistreatment at American detention camps/concentration camps. Across our World, mistreatment of displaced immigrants seeking refuge from war, violence, cultural & racial genocide or occupation (as in Palestine by Israel who should know better than dehumanizing a population!), refugees from poverty, climate change disasters, … ( Selena Gomez is presenting a series about immigrants’ struggles… Amazed to hear Pres. Trump brainstorming to dissuade ‘illegal immigration’ at the Mexican border- install moats stocked with alligators, crocs, poisonous snakes, abundant use of razor wire fencing, border guards SHOOTING illegal immigrants in the legs- wounding them, … A ‘VLAD the EMPALER’ APPROACH on fencing using sharp posts capable of piercing illegal immigrants’ bodies, …) 
  •    Creating Eco Anxiety Among Our Young Generation- The respective foreign “A.P.As.” are seeing Eco Anxiety in addition to traditional sources behind increasing Anxiety & Depression. We’ve “Paved Paradise- Put in a Parking Lot” (Joni Mitchell) Burned the Amazon Lungs of our Mother Earth, created Chaos by man made Climate Change, Killing Coral Reefs- Previous Fountains of Life in our Oceans, … Species Becoming Extinct- our bee & pollinating populations dropping dangerously, birds by the billions, … Wild Fires, enlarging deserts- Australia, … Temperature Extremes, ….
  • Time’s Up Older Generations! Party at Mother Nature’s expense OLD SCHOOL THINKING!!! POWER to THE PLANTS! TREE POWER! TREES HAVE RIGHTS TOO! LEAF US BE! Keep Your Anti Eco Ways- You’ll Be BUSH WHACKED! Stick this stick up yer Human ….! Touch My Bark- You’ll Feel Mother Nature’s BITE!  FREE ALL TREES NOW! ‘VOTE OAK’ (TREE) FOR CONGRESS! Hug A TREE TODAY! LGBTQ+ TREE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT- We’re Not Going Anywhere! We’re here! We’re Queer ! We’re Fruity Trees!  We Trees Are Not Shady Characters! Plant A Tree Today- Breathe Tomorrow!  
  • The science in Mental Illness is simple- MESSY & FILTHY M. I. DIRT- We need to discover how to WASH The Dirt AWAY!  Leaving us FRESH, SWEET & RENEWED! But how do we separate ‘The Baby from The Bath Water?’ ”So ‘THIS’ is going to be MY LIFE?!” NO- ‘THIS’ IS WHAT WE’LL FIGURE OUT HOW TO WASH AWAY FROM YOUR LIFE!!! So ‘THIS’ Will Just Be A Bad Dream- A Nightmare you barely remember even happened to you! The big issue is do you & I see any SEPARATION between WONDERFUL US & THIS YUCKY STATE INFILTRATING OUR FAB FOUR BAND- WRECKING OUR HARMONIOUS LIVING? It’s just like dirt & sweat on our skin only it’s been able to infiltrate our mind, emotions, body, … clouding our senses, our perceptions, our EXPERIENCES & OUR ATTITUDES & STRENGTHS! Brad Pitt is realizing his childhood imposed or adopted ‘toxic masculinity’ is UNDOING HIM! That’s his story- he’s sticking to it- Backing you Brad! But really Brad, you shouldn’t expect to be in a marriage with several past and present women LOVES crowding out Angelina. Brad’s Mental Illness? Brad attended 18 months of A.A.- apparently suffering Depression but alcohol only increases Depression, Brad? Mental Illness doesn’t bypass exceptionally talented Hollywood Stars like Marilyn Munroe, doesn’t discriminate about race, religion, culture, material wealth- but who can bear a CHALLENGING TRIPLE CROSS OF Mental Illness, Poverty & Discrimination?!! Amazing how ‘Rock Stars’ are seduced by $$$Big Pharma & other drug pushers to believe they are so beyond being devoured by self medicating & greedy Doctors addicting their patients!!! (New York Times reports a Doctor prescribed 500,000 doses of Opioids, was convicted on 861 federal drug charges & over 800 counts of illegally prescribing Opioids-sentenced to 40 years! $$$Big Pharma drug companies are $$$settling Claims to aviod facing Federal Trials.)
  • Princess Diana, plagued by Prince Charles’ cruelty & infidelity, realized quickly she shared The Royal Bed among 3 LOVERS, The Queen Mother enabling Charles & Camilla to enjoy their immoral, cruel fling in Balmoral, … under her sardonic smile! A ROYAL PAIN in our  ___! Diana confided- ‘Never be Queen but pass early by a staged auto accident’- Like Diana’s prediction ever came true! Took out her body guard too! All our Political Leaders skilled ‘assassins?’ Pres. Trump not politically correct or guarded in his twittering tweets but look behind the facades of other leaders- Multiple Brown Face/Black Face disgraced Canada’s Justin Trudeau, back stabbing his Attorney General & Justice Minister- kicking STRONG FEMALES right out of his LIBERAL VALUES Party- attempting to set aside Canada’s credibility and Rule of Law in favor of corporations scheming with The Gadaffi Family! Blaming his upbringing- wonderful Mother overcoming bipolar Mental Illness, his Father author of Canada’s JUST SOCIETY- for example, human rights for LGBTQ+? “There’s NO PLACE for The Government in the Nation’s Bedrooms!!!” 
  • We hear about RICH & FAMOUS BUT FALLEN Musicians, Performers & HOLLYWOOD/ ‘Bollywood’ ‘STARS’ drowning by everything $$$can buy– Elvis- The KING of ROCK and ROLL who passed at 42 brought down   by $$$BIG PHARMA, ….’The 27 Club members’ Jimi Hendrix, Curt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, … all passed at only 27 thanks to $$$Big Pharma/Substance Abuse, Mental Illness & Bad Lifestyle! Michael Jackson by Doctor prescribed poisons/ meds. Chris Cornell by ‘meds.’ … self harm. Chris’s Family believe The $$$Drugs destroyed Chris’s decision making- Absolutely true- As The Serpent in The Garden said: “Eat of This Thou shalt surely NOT ___!” Too many $$$Big Pharma meds. are SOUL DESTROYERS!  ‘PERFECT LIVES’ of The Rich & Famous- Running on Empty! 
  • An excellent RESCUER is able to help SEPARATE US or help us to see SEPARATION from the Mental Illness. If we begin to see we are SEPARATE FROM THIS ILLNESS PLAGUING US, we are Bringing OUR STRENGTH, OUR CONFIDENCE into play! Our LOVE for THE CHALLENGE- slaying The Mental Illness Dragon! Only a matter of time but longer than  2+ hours for Laura Croft to vanquish ‘evil darkness’ from our Earth. 
  • Mental Illness’s biggest strength & weakness- If we can be FOOLED to believe this illness ‘is us’ indefinitely, we become weak. If we believe we may & WILL, hopefully with LOVE, HELP & ENCOURAGEMENT from friends & family, God, Allah/Mother Earth/The Force/The Creator, …- little by little separate ourselves from mental illness- Give ourselves some needed Breathing Room to Rest & Build our STRENGTH- Establish Our Beach Head! Time to remember THIS Mental Illness Is DEFINITELY NOT WHO I AM- not a welcome member in my FAB 4 FOR LIFE! BAND!!! NOT ME! NOT WHO I AM! -Our mental illness dragon is going to be slain sooner or later- Why not sooner? Like Dorothy & her three friends seeking to restore their HEART, BRAIN & COURAGE!!! Pulling back the curtain- OMG!  CHALLENGER is not so big & strong after all! Life & LOVE Win AGAIN!!!  ALWAYS ON OUR SIDE ENABLING OUR BAND- Our Fab Four to BE CLEANSED, RELEASED- ROCK AGAIN!         – We’ll be RELEASED! If  our Doctors & Therapists are actually BRILLIANT, they should be able to help you see how straight forward regaining our health can be. Our ARCHETYPE Religious RELEASE from (Mental) Illness is a Spontaneous Deliverance- But if we just gain a bit of separation, a bit of daylight- I am NOT this dirt in my body, mind, emotions, ‘spirit’, best we be ready to JUMP ON LIFE’S DANCE FLOOR!! And NOW- Ladies & Gentlemen- After a few years fighting mental illness, establishing a safe place & a Beach Head, before pulling back the curtain & kicking mental illness butt- On our stage- Command Performance- The World IS Waiting-                    The My Life Is Fab Again Four!!!- Body, Mind, Emotions, & ‘Spirit!’  Oct. 3, 2019 by Brianca Lane  P.S. Bianca Andreescu- 19 years young with 17 wins in a row! U.S. Open Champion over Selena faces off with a wily coyote roadrunner in Bejing!!!  “Today, I’m REALLY PROUD with my ATTITUDE- I think that was was the main thing today- and my SERVE!”                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dr. STRANGE LOVES- So WHO or WHAT are YOUR HEALERS/DOCTORS?                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Running Away From His Emotions/Feelings, Brad relied on PACIFIERS- but as an ADULT, Brad relied on ADULT PACIFIERS like alcohol, ganja, “Just wanna be” (Ramones) ‘numbed down & sedated-‘ Do we all need ‘ADULT PACIFIERS?’ ‘Bradgelina’ became separated from ‘themselves’ before becoming separated from each other! All Is Well- 2 HEADS going their Separate Ways splitting Bradgelina in two but united FOREVER by their loving children! As the Chinese say, “We Live in STRANGE TIMES!” Take Pres. Trump- Democrats beg of you!
  • In the ’50’s U.S. Pres. Eisenhower warned about a CREEPY creeping military industrial complex consuming our World like a cancer! Russia’s & America’s 1950’s CRAZY SOLUTION- since ADOPTED by Israel, is M.A.D.- Mutual Assured Destruction- No One WINS! In 1961, another CRAZY SOLUTION was building underground fallout shelters & bunkers complete with nuclear radiation readers- Our American PHOENIX would rise from the ashes once radiation levels subsided in 50? years! In my L.A. school- while kids were singing ‘We’ll have FUN! FUN! FUN! ’till her old man takes the T BIRD away!’ … (Beach Boys) sirens & bells rang signaling an IMAGINARY Soviet nuclear attack!
  • “You’ll BE SORRY Brian- if the Soviets DO ATTACK, for not crawling under your desk!!!” (Smirked & Rolled My Eyes!) ‘Your SMIRK won’t save You, Brian!’ But what about ‘LIFE, LIBERTY & The RIGHT to SMIRK, I argued!!!’ Better SMIRK than CRY say I! So Stanley Kubrick’s  1964 Film attempted to LEAVE US ALL LAUGHING as we approached an Apocalypse!
  • But Today- we’re STILL CRAZY BUT SMARTER!  Adopted a ‘FLEXIBLE, PROPORTIONATE RESPONSE.’ When Iran destroyed a U.S. UNMANNED drone, Pres. Trump called off his trade mark outrageous BLISTERING OVERWHELMING SHOW OF FORCE response avoiding Iranian loss of lives- APPLAUSE for Pres. Trump- ‘Our Humanitarian?’ Saying wouldn’t be PROPORTIONAL to Iran shooting down our drone. (Israel is Old School with 100 if not a 1000++ to one tit for tat! Promises to blow up our World should Israel face extinction. How can we have a World without ‘God’s CHOSEN PEOPLE?’ )  Today Pres. Trump is saying after previous administrations wasted 8 $$$TRILLION on Middle East Endless Wars- accomplishing only FRUSTRATION, MISERY & DISASTER- including TRAGIC 6,000 vet. suicides & suffering friends & families ANNUALLY!!!, requiring 824, 000 same day Mental Health visits provided by the Veterans’ Admin. last year  and countless suicide prevention efforts … (Matt Miller) ‘WORST DECISION’ in America. NO MORE ENDLESS WAR destroying America abroad & at home! But leaving Russia, China, … & ROGUE PSYCHOPATHIC political/military leaders to carve up the World like a THANKSGIVING Turkey! Speaking of Turkey- presently bombing The Kurds- America’s BEST FRIEND & ALLY against ISIS, etc.-  PROTECTION & ‘PROMISED LANDS’- NO! DUMPED/ABANDONED in Syria- YES! Turkey GOBBLING AWAY- we’ll carve off a SLICE! Like The Kurds are we stuck- Between a ROCK & a HARD PLACE?  
  • We’re GETTING BETTER 20/20 HINDSIGHT VISION-  SEEING EVERYTHING CLEARLY TOO LATE like Bradgelina? ACTIONS & CONSEQUENCES- ‘Me Too!’ EXPOSE- Our World & U.S. A.ll being ‘chemicalized’ – addicts & self medicating  created  by $$$Big Pharma Opioids, …’  Big Pharma- New & Improved- ‘Treatments’ for All Big Pharma’s Addicts!’ All the chemical poisons we were assured were ‘SAFE USED AS DIRECTED’ are KILLERS USED AS DIRECTED!
  • ‘ TARDIVE DYSKINESIA, for example,  a neurological disorder caused by Big Pharma meds. sweeping longer term users (often FORCED by Community Treatment Orders, etc.) for schizophrenia, psychosis, manic depression, old age, young age high activity, non conforming independent minded citizens, inmates in hospitals & other institutions, prescribed recklessly by Doctors $$$over prescribing, instead of LISTENING & HUMANELY ADDRESSING PATIENTS’ NEEDS & WELFARE!  If we want expensive meds.,  side effects & catastrophic longer term disability, see your rich, over prescribing Doctor or local dope dealer. But if you want a good listener, BEST FRIEND & comfort, see your PET? Favorite fruit tree? Stream or lake, Mother Nature Sanctuary! Me- I ask ‘Scooter’ -Wanna go for a RIDE? YOU DO!!!’
  • Kinda scary- NORMAL SIDE EFFECTS of meds. USED AS PRESCRIBED- BIT  HORRIFIC but prolonged use = T.D.!  ‘ABOVE ALL’ Doctors- ‘DO NO HARM’ to your Patients- BUT INSTEAD CAUSE HARM! Not fun symptoms of T.D. include stiff jerky muscle spasms & body movements- arms, legs & face … grimacing, frowning, jutting out tongue like a Rock Star, lip smacking like a Creepy Cad! Like in Hollywood ZOMBIE MOVIES- ‘Thanks Doc- Always wanted to BE A Hollywood ZOMBIE!’ 
  •  HANGOVER hell-o!- Global Climate Change PARTYING!  Parents & Grandparents legacy to Gen. Xers, …. ‘SORRY But I Think WE WRECKED YOUR PLANET!’  Sorry- Gen. Xers BUT YOU OWE $22.6 TRILLION U.S. IN DEBT! Good luck children with the payments! Ask your Financial Adviser!  Backtracking with the Global RISE OF FASCIST, ‘ETHNIC CLEANSING NATIONALISM.’ But hey everybody- like The Kurds, NO WORRY! Pres. Trump is WATCHING OUR BACKS! No more Never Ending U.S. led Wars-  Russia’s & China’s Dictators try your luck! ‘Fortune Cookie Say- Be Prepared to Be CONTROLLED! OBEY YOUR DICTATOR! SMILE- SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS TAKE PICTURES 24/7! Achieve GOOD Chinese SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE! We DON’T CONTROL YOU SO MUCH! Ha! Ha!’
  • At all about  LIVE & LET LIVE IN LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY- Enjoying our INALIENABLE RIGHTS & FREEDOMS- Life, Liberty, Pursuit of HEALTH & Happiness! Celebrating Our Beautiful Rainbow Differences! We CHANGE- but only for THE BETTER!  Oct. 10, 2019  by Brianca  Lane 
  • P.S. Advice by Sports Stars to Mental Health Challenged Stars is- (Pres. Trump’s view?) “IF IT DOESN’T CHALLENGE YOU, IT WON’T CHANGE YOU!” (Fred Devito)
  • Babe Ruth (Baseball Star) “It’s HARD TO BEAT A PERSON WHO NEVER GIVES UP!”   
  • “… OUR FEARS ARE OFTEN JUST AN ILLUSION!” ( Michael Jordan, Basketball Star)
  • on our ATTITUDE- “YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” (even) “WHEN NO ONE ELSE DOES!” (Venus Williams, Tennis Star)
  • “If YOU’VE DONE YOUR BEST- YOU’VE WON!” (Billy Bowerman, American track & field Coach)
  • “Competitive Sports Are Played Mainly on a 5 1/2 inch Court, THE SPACE BETWEEN YOUR EARS!” (Bobby Jones- Famous Golfer)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               THE GENTRIFICATION OF MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES???                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In every Country we see THE GENTRIFICATION OF MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES- EXCLUDING THE VERY PEOPLE WHO APPARENTLY NEED ‘HELP’ THE MOST BUT ARE SHUT OUT by financial barriers, discrimination, no  supports, etc. … And BECAUSE DOCTORS IDENTIFY WITH SUCCESSFUL ACCOMPLISHED PEOPLE WHO HAVE GENEROUS $$$PAYING PROVISIONS FOR REGULAR MENTAL HEALTH CARE VISITS, ARE MOTIVATED & EASIER TO SERVE WITH RELATIVELY FEW- OR ONE ISSUE IN THEIR otherwise SUCCESSFUL LIVES THEY HOPE TO RESOLVE!
  • Who DESERVES FULL ACCESS TO MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES- People WHO ‘REALLY NEED IT’ from a Health Challenged Perspective OR PROFESSIONALS SEEKING GREATER SUCCESS FROM A ‘MENTAL HEALTH LIFE COACH??? (A poll in Canada found over 90% believe mental health services including psychologists, etc. should be publicly covered/funded! But $175.00 payable per hour is unrealistic from an unemployed ‘street person’ with a major illness, has poor or no housing nor health care, is abused and shunned by mainstream society- especially by Doctors & Nurses- YES- seen & heard CLASS & RACE BASED ABUSE- very disheartening but prevalent!, even OUR PATRIOTS- very ill VETERANS, etc. begging for food, facing P.T.S.D., … probable tragedy every day!
  • But who is presently accessing services- Relatively healthy & successful LOOKING FOR A ‘COACH,’ to IMPROVE THEMSELVES & ENRICH THEIR LIVE? Professionals, white collar university educated & upwardly mobile, … increasingly EMBRACING Psychological Services to boost their relative success or address a specific issue? YES- Professionals NEED HELP TOO! But The GENTRIFICATION of mental health services (for Professionals whose contracts generous provide for $10,000? psychological services annually including full medical benefits, …) ‘SYSTEMATICALLY EXCLUDES severely ill people’ who are w/o employment or economic & social supports, usually shunned, victimized & vulnerable, … ACTUALLY NEEDING HELP FAR MORE … Services increasingly monopolized by successful relatively healthy Professionals?  Oct. 10, 2019 by Brianca Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Don’t Be Cruel- TREEt Me Right by LOVING Me!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        To face our ‘People Kind’ Created Climate Crisis & Our Rising Emotionally Stormy Anxiety & Fears- especially for Younger People inheriting this increasing CRISIS, we choose either Helplessness & Hopelessness or U.S.-Me-CAN-DO!!! Get ready, as Climate Change worsens, ‘subconscious currents of anxiety across our World’ -especially for affected peoples & our young citizens Fearing the Future! will also increase. Until we begin to bring our SUPPOSED TO BE  LOVING RELATIONSHIP with MOTHER NATURE back again and bring our World into balance! Today, Psychologists are ALREADY ALARMED by increasing anxiety & despair among sensitive young people having heard statistics and slogans about declining species and ‘an Unsustainable Future!’ ‘Good Intentions’ Climate Change Activists hope to RAISE ALARM BELLS but younger children may belief their ‘Whole World Is Falling Apart. Climate Scientists & Biologists/Species Experts inform us we are experiencing ‘catastrophic losses!’ (One early bad symptom of mental illness experienced was my World & I being swept away in a hurricane or tornado like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz.” scenario.) Imagine how ANXIOUS & INSECURE children or young adults feel given instant t.v. & on line exposure to catastrophic hurricane/monsoon scenes, …. Once in 50 , 100 or 500 year storms almost every year today, …. with experts saying WORSE is to come!)
  • But ‘No Brainer’- we choose CAN-DO! TREE & PLANT POWER! Trees Deserve (Human) Rights Too! PLANT TREES NOW to PLANT OUR FUTURES! Treat our TREES RIGHT- RIGHT NOW! WE LOVE TREES, shrubs, plants, … Mother Nature’s BEAUTY, wonderful mental health effects, right? Easy to EXPRESS OUR LOVE by GREENING UP OUR LIVES & WORLD- especially NOW- we have NO CHOICE! Joni Mitchell et al., The Hippie Environmental ‘Back to the Natural Land/Garden Movement’ was attempted 50 years ago but since- “They paved paradise- PUT IN A PARKING LOT! They’ll put the trees in a tree museum- Charge a dollar & a half just to see’um.”
  • We sometimes must pay to visit Nature Parks- no longer in a natural state but ‘groomed’ into artificially looking theme parks. Created Works of a IDEAL SAFE, PAYING VISITOR FRIENDLY CONSERVATION THEME PARK! ANIMALS, FEELING EVICTED, THEIR HOMES OVERTAKEN, ARE ADAPTING & LIVING AMONG SUBURBAN HOME OWNERS- part time in the OCCUPIED WOODS & part time among suburban safer human friends! Decided to step outside about 4 a.m.- a deer jumped out of the way allowing me to open my door! (‘Brian- you’re usually fast asleep at 4 a.m. What’s up?’) Often sleep in my yard- also a favorite deer nursery for cutie pie ‘Bambis!’ My next door Natural Woods Wonderland is now often OCCUPIED BY HOLLYWOOD MOVIE SHOOTS- dozens of vehicles humming away 24/7 to produce films you imagine in VIRGIN FORESTS away from civilization! Friendly guards on patrol, $$$production costs & deadlines, Hollywood, CA. no longer for shooting feature movies! ‘City/Gov’t. Authorized Tree experts’ going about cutting ‘unsafe or in the way’ trees like ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre Villians’ by private property & in ‘PROTECTED CONSERVATION’ E.S.A.s (Environmentally Sensitive Areas.) Friend gave me a beautiful property- we all need AMAZING FRIENDS!, beside a nature park as I enjoy growing fruit trees.
  • But local authorities are buzzing about with chain saws everywhere creating great anxiety among tree lovers. Acting above the law- ignoring TREE RIGHTS and property owner rights alike! Governments World Wide attempting to REDUCE OUR PROPERTY RIGHTS & INALIENABLE RIGHTS to LIFE, LIBERTY, PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. Constantly gathering information about us- how much water, electricity we use, how often we are at home or away, our activities, …. Using our “SMART” appliances & computers to study & spy on us, …. at home. To study our personalities & preferences, … to CONTROL US! Ever receive calls & letters about your usage or your activities? ‘Too little or too much water or electrical use?’ Gov’t officials wanting to know ‘Why you are not using the standard typical amount? Spoke to a utilities employee- she wanted to know about my lifestyle and utility usage- otherwise would send out contractors to monitor my utilities if readings not as ‘standard usage!’
  • NO- YOU’RE NOT PARANOID- ATTEMPTS IN OUR FREE WORLD are incessant to study you, know everything ‘they’ wish to know to establish CONTROL! Individually, you and I have a personality type for example. Scientists have studied people & are able to characterize each of us- push our buttons on an individual basis according to our personality, etc. Completed a FREE quick online PERSONALITY TEST- the test exactly described my personality- 100% accurate! (Be careful, even ‘free tests’ online are followed by attempts to convince you to pay for advanced reports & info. about your personality, strengths & weaknesses- Too often It’s about you giving up your $$$money &/or power. $$$Big Pharma, for example, is being heavily sued by Governments for seducing Doctors to prescribe ADDICTIVE Opioids- hooking patients permanently resulting in massive destruction of Families & lives- Countries resilience in jeopardy by addictions & self medicating all for $$$Big Pharmas’ bottom line! 
  • Yes! We can LOVE OUR MOTHER EARTH/NATURE BACK TO HEALTH, save OUR PLANETARY LIFE! WE CAN CHOOSE INDIVIDUALLY & COLLECTIVELY! We never give up because in LIFE- “It ain’t over ’till it’s over!” (Yogi Berra) My question to you is ‘Do we appreciate how much our health & well being depends on Mother Nature being stable, predictable, all Climate systems interacting in synergy, constructively? How may we show other LIFE FORMS- TREES, PLANTS, … OUR CARING HEARTS- THAT WE LOVE OUR PLANET and are COMPLETELY INTERDEPENDENT- Our Health depends on our Earth’s Health, other Life Forms & our Life Giving Climate!!! The Amazon River Eco System, ‘The Lungs of Our Planet,’ now ‘burning up’ step by step, is a COMPLETE WEATHER SYSTEM. Our Earth’s Eco Systems are like WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS!
  • Our Earth is like us- all our systems are interconnected. We are alive & happy because all our systems comprise a smooth running biosphere! We experience our own personal Earth and Climate to express ourselves creatively! In mental illness, because our systems are interconnected, our experience of our World completely changes if one or more systems is ill. If we are abused as young children- subjected to repeated bullying or to traumas, … our future thinking, behavior, physical & mental health, … is pushed into a bad course- we have to deal with the damage sooner or later because trauma to one system upsets our other systems. Our thinking and perceptions may become changed-  We are in ‘The Bestest Time of our Lives!’ but don’t actually see it! People LOVE US, NEED US, WANT US but we don’t realize it! Our brain, body, emotions, spirit, e.s.p. ‘ALL HANDS ON DECK- READY FOR HEALTHY DECISION MAKING & ACTION! ‘Our Destiny is EVERYTHING WE EVER WANTED JUST WAITING PATIENTLY FOR OUR HEALTHY AWAKENING!’ SO SO CRITICAL to see ALTERED PERCEPTIONS in our illness for what they are- an expected experience in an ill state. We are obviously aware of an unpleasant experience- for sure! But in recovery, that seemingly real perception while ill, will just be a fading bad nightmare. All your systems back again ‘online’ operating normally, YOU’RE UP!  BACK & BEAUTIFUL! Just like a nightmare, it wasn’t ‘REAL!’ Sure seemed somewhat real in mental illness- Forgive me but much of experiences while mentally ill is – just a bunch of #*&^!
  • YOUR FIGHTING TO REGAIN YOUR HEALTH IS REAL! Catching glimpses of stability, happiness, PEACE!, creative good achievement is REAL! DOING YOUR BEST IS REAL! BEING HOPEFUL, A POSITIVE LOVING ATTITUDE IS REAL! DOING GOOD IS REAL! SMILING, BEING HELPFUL & COURTEOUS IS REAL! Winning against mental illness is often REAL HARD WORK- takes GUTS- COURAGE, PATIENCE- ONE STEP AT A TIME! REAL HARD WORK separating WONDERFUL YOU from dirty Mental Illness Bath Water & Nightmares YUCK to be tossed!  So We ALWAYS CHOOSE OUR CAN-DO ATTITUDE about any mental illness no matter how bad! We’ll work hard to pull back the curtain to see what’s up about the big bad mental illness wizard like Dorothy & Friends getting their brains, courage, heart, … back! (The Wizard of Oz)   O.C.P.D., Borderline P.D., Manic/Depression- Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, … – we CAN STABILIZE, COPE & SUCCESSFULLY DEAL WITH ALL these mental illnesses- EVERYONE OF US over every one of them! Sooner or later, WE WIN- Our birthright as human beings is to WIN OVER OUR Mental Health Challenges. Oct. 17, 2019  by Brianca Lane
  • P.S. For people believing in God/Allah/The Source, … Health being challenged by Disease, The Divine-Grace & Goodness by ‘evil-‘ recall childhood Religious study speaking of Yesuha/Jesus- Prophet/Messiah, … for example. WINNING over the worst cruel evils of Jewish & Roman FALLEN STATE Consciousness. Jewish & Roman authorities heaped all their evil upon Yeshua’s shoulders- crown of thorns, whippings, beatings, crucifixion, mockery but he TOTALLY WON! Saying we also could rise above our (substantially smaller) challenges-  ‘You may do these and greater things!’ (Wow! Saving our World from ‘People Kind’ Climate Change Disaster?) We understand many Psychiatrists are UNBELIEVERS not only in Divine GRACE & COMPASSION, but in their patients ever recovering by any approach! Simply a reflection of their PERSONAL FAILURE as Healers- IMPOTENT as Healers! No reflection on their trusting Patients! Too bad & SO SAD!*
  • Said before about my story- Relatives went back a few years ago to the lauded Supreme Psychs.- “You said Brian was helpless & hopelessly destined for life long total disability & only lifelong $$$Big Pharma drugs could offer any help. Which he declined after you seduced, tricked him but injected/overdosed him so he threw your Psych(0?) Director across the room & escaped, … Evaded the Police & Seductress Doctor’s ‘unusual’ prescription- ‘Bring Brian in or TAKE HIM OUT!’ (for a ‘Submarine Sandwich’ at the lagoon???) How do you EXPLAIN IT Doctors!??” “The ONLY explanation is- Because Brian escaped our scientific medical care- his only hope to even stay alive, Brian wasn’t ill! Relatives LAUGHED UNCONTROLLABLY-  Dad trying not to be disrespectful but finally bursting, tears of laughter rolling down his cheeks- and every time story is mentioned!!!  According to Tales of Yore, Brave Knights used to slay Dragons BUT TODAY WE SLAY the Dragons of Mental Illness- Brave Knights of the soon to be Healthy, Balanced & Well Rounded Personality Table! Name any mental illness Dragon- You & I will slay it! We’ll toss out the dirty mental illness bath water- Squeaky CLEAN & HEALTHY R US- only a matter of time- my FRIEND!!! ‘TIME’S UP’ on mental illness!
  • *’Satan’ reportedly offered Jesus all the worldly powers & riches in payment for bowing down but Jesus rose above it all setting the tone for SUCCESS!
  • But what about Brad or Angelina- Dr. Brad’s words of Wisdom- “It seems we all carry pains, great feelings of loneliness and regrets. But at life’s end, the only thing people talk about is their LOVES, their regrets in LOVE, dealing with LOVE!” PEACE an LOVE!!! Dr. Brad- may we add TREEt Your TREES RIGHT! That’s ALL- GOOD NIGHT!!!  Oct. 17, 2019  (“We need you to go to the moon- … not because it’s easy, but because IT’S HARD!” Pres’ J.F. Kennedy)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             EXPANDING OUR HORIZONS- Bringing HEALING Into Our WORLD- Including Extending “INALIENABLE RIGHTS” to Our FURRY (& FISHY?) Friends?!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We ALL are both SWIMMERS & RESCUERS in our LIVES! Angelina enlightened Lara Croft- archetype of our FREE CAN-DO MODERN WOMEN! Inspiring us to EMBRACE OUR Mental Illness Challenges- a burning FIRE in our EYES & HEARTS- we’re Healing Bent on uncovering, exposing, holding the keys to recovering our lost SACRED TREASURES- Our Health, Happiness, Destiny & Being Good & Helpful!!! Lara Croft, like seekers regaining Courage, Heartfelt Passion & Brains in “The Wizard of Oz,” is always CHALLENGING Worldly False Wizards- their evil thirst for absolute wealth & power over ‘People Kind,’ Mother Nature and all living forms & beings! Thankfully, in spite of enjoying incredible worldly wealth & Hollywood stardom, Brad & Angelina experienced obvious mental health problems including separation from themselves and later from ‘Bradgelina!’ They have it all materially but became screwed up anyways! We all needed to see it to believe it for ourselves!
  • Generously let everyone see- so honestly, that having incredible $$$riches & Hollywood Stardom isn’t any guarantee for ‘Living Happily Ever After!’ REAL HAPPINESS & SUCCESS apparently is not assured by excessive material wealth & even Hollywood stardom! I know from giving everything away, providing shelter for anyone- no questions asked! … how poverty in our material world is also a bit scary! Just ask the refugees from war torn, climate ravaged, crime unleashed, authoritarian dictator run, economic vampire stricken Regions across our world! Who among us would not leave hopeless homeland stricken situations for a promised land of opportunity, peace and happiness?!! With shadows of Climate Change, we should only expect more FLOUNDERING SWIMMERS SEEKING RESCUE! We all share the same basic needs!
  • Severe Economic INEQUALITY is a world wide crisis! We see the Orange Vests movement  spreading, mass migrations from Central & South America- even relatively progressive Chile is again in upheaval! You recall in economic frustration, Chile elected a Communist Gov’t. who seized private property, … enabling Pinochet an excuse to overthrow the budding political revolution and  assume total military & political power. Today Chile is falling into mass protests & riots over economic inequality- the spark was an increase ride price in Santiago’s metro- 50% citizens earn $550 per month or less sparking social discontent so Pres. Pinera has declared MARTIAL LAW & imposed nightly curfews declaring “CHILE IS AT WAR” & threatening authoritarian crackdowns! (Rich against The Poor?) Similar story to French “ORANGE VEST” protests sparked by gas price, … increases, …. In Russia, according to popular belief, about 40 Oligarch Families with Putin & Friends, control over 90% of Russia’s wealth! China imposes ABSOLUTE AUTHORITARIAN CONTROLS & SURVEILLANCE & is actively attempting to own & control Nations economies globally! Pres. Trump is rightly SCARED AS HELL-O! wearing his ‘orange hairdo?’
  • Political/$$$Power Face-Off: 1.  Knight in Shining Armour? Democrat Alex Cortez versus FaceBook Mark Zuckerberg. In Dec. 2015? media blows open Cambridge Analytica GATHERING & SELLING USER PROFILES TO INFLUENCE ELECTIONS ACROSS OUR WORLD!  (Markie Z. claims only became aware in 2018- Smartest dumb- ass billionaire in America?) Politicians & supporters can $$$pay to spread disinformation on FaceBook except where calling for violence, voter or census suppression, or enabling imminent physical harm, … “SO YOU WILL TAKE DOWN LIES OR YOU WON’T TAKE DOWN LIES?!” Markie Z. says- “People should seek for themselves” (what the truth is. For me- I seek where the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is!)
  •  Political/$$$Power Face-Off: 2. Popular Vote & Proportional Representation versus Individual & Separate Riding Counts- In 2016 Hillary beat Pres. Trump by almost 3 million individual votes! If each vote carried the same weight, Hillary wins! In Canada, on Oct. 1, 2019 The Conservatives won the popular vote but The Liberals won a minority government. Allocating seats proportional to the popular vote, the Liberals are reduced to 112 seats instead of the 157 they were awarded! The Environmental Green Party is bumped up to 22 seats in place of the mere 3 seats they received.   
  • We all share the same basic needs! We are all- from time to time FLOUNDERING SWIMMERS IN SEARCH OF RESCUE or hopefully, GOOD HEART RESCUERS IN SEARCH of FLOUNDERING SWIMMERS! NEEDING OR ABLE TO OFFER RESCUE! 2 EYES, 2 EARS, 2 HANDS TO HELP ONE ANOTHER! ONE MOUTH TO CALL FOR HELP FOR OURSELVES! If WE ATTEMPT TO DO ONLY UNTO OURSELVES, WE ALL CRASH! Too many takers with AN INSATIABLE EVIL APPETITE- $$$ & POWER creates our fallen world, unbalanced & ill health! Our TRUE DESTINY is to SPIRAL UP INTO EXPERIENCING A WONDERFUL, EXCITING WORLD!    Reasonable sharing of wealth, … enjoyment of freedoms & opportunities, respect & appreciation for one another, LIFE, LIBERTY, PURSUIT of HAPPINESS, PEACE & LOVE…In Saudi Arabia the Crown Prince is releasing women from bondage. We all see what is happening anywhere in our world by our internet-“Me Too!” rocks Bangladesh, for example.  Teacher preys on female student so in “Me Too!” style, student makes a formal legal complaint. According to customary fallen state culture, 16 teachers, administrators, students, etc. conspire to immolate the victim but blame ‘suicide.’ Re-victimized complainant survives long enough to tell the world and all 16 are convicted! 1000’s fewer “Me Too!” victims in Bangladesh for the future?
  • Our fury for OUR FURRY (&FISHY?) FRIENDS- “ME TOO!?” Expanding RIGHTS- Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, … to Our Non Human Friends? U.S. HOUSE OF REPS.: THE PACT: THE PREVENTING ANIMAL CRUELTY AND TORTURE ACT (2019) BANS EXTREME INTENTIONAL ABUSE … SUCH ACTS ILLEGAL ON FEDERAL PROPERTY & CROSSING STATE LINES, … (crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating, sexual exploitation, …) & THE HOUSE OF REPS. 724- ILLEGAL TO FILM ACTS OF ANIMAL CRUELTY; California- Banning commercial fur trapping; Helping to protect horses from being slaughtered; in 2023, banning manufacture & sale of new fur products- clothing, shoes, hand bags, …; Like New Jersey & Hawaii, banning most animals from Circus Acts; California adopts about 2 dozen wild fire prevention laws; But! California excludes sale of leather, dog & cat fur, deer, goat, sheep skin, leather & cowhide, …
  • And what about our FISHY FRIEND’s Rights Being Extended?  Still SWIMMING UPSTREAM about protecting Habitat & Species Rights? Our Fishy Friends-  our ARCHETYPE SWIMMERS needing ‘People Kind’ to be KIND RESCUERS!!! Got your SLOGANS TO HELP OUR FISHY FRIENDS?
  • Is this too strong- ‘People Kind’- Go HOOK YOURSELF!
  • FISHIES UNITE- FROM STREAMS, LAKES & like our National Fish Anthem bubbles ‘FROM SEA to SHINING SEA!!!’
  • First Rescue Yourselves ‘People Kind’- You Been Swallowing Your Politicians’ Lies- HOOK, LINE & SINKER! 
  • If we ARE FREE & ABLE, we bring PEACE & LOVE into our worlds- everywhere. We all want PEACE & LOVE- who will bring it if not you & I?  Is it sensible to BE THE SOLUTION WE SEEK? Anyone can accumulate ‘stuff’ but WHO ARE THE RESCUERS AMONG US IF NOT US? And how long do we let mental illness dirty yuck hold us back from our HAPPY, FREE EXPERIENCE AGAIN? Before we begin to clear mental illness yuck from wasting our precious time & GIFTS OUR WORLD IS CALLING FOR? Is it always easy to separate our WONDERFUL SELVES from mental illness yuck? Or often HARD WORK- GUTS & GLORY TENACITY! Or from physical pain? $$$Big Pharma calculated they would make hundreds of billions convincing Doctors to addict their patients to permanent, life long drugs slavery. $$$Toxic drugs for mental illness are to perform by Doctors having their patients requiring endless $$$refills!
  • OUR GOOD HEART brings instant changes in ourselves & extends HEALING VIBES into our world. Our beliefs & expectations are self fulfilling prophesy. Happiness & our Recovery doesn’t always ‘just happen’- we can discover ourselves, uncover causes behind our symptoms & illness with the confidence & tenacity of Lara Croft. Imagine WHAT A FEELING to realize that %@&! mental illness was unbelievably painful & debilitating BUT I- with HELP FROM FAMILY, FRIENDS, … ‘MOTHER NATURE,’ ‘The CREATOR,’… COMPLETELY SEPARATED MY WONDERFUL SELF, CLEANED & CLEARED my body, mind, emotions, spirit … from DIRTY MENTAL ILLNESS BATH WATER! Like it never happened- like just a bad nightmare, it wasn’t really a real or true experience of living! Looking at your world-
  • Hey World- I AM HEALTHY, HAPPY, CLEAR, CLEAN- What’s my ADVENTURE AHEAD!!! LOVE YOUR DANCE FLOOR!!! Yes- not always easy showing the confidence, courage, intelligence & tenacity like Lara Croft in the face of ‘mental illness yucky’ clinging to you, clouding your thinking, beliefs, senses, happiness, … making your world appear difficult, different & challenging! But any separation you achieve, insight about symptoms, skills at weakening its clingy, life sucking ways, is you- like Dorothy & Friends’ pulling back the curtain. Eventually  seeing & understanding the specific ways it works against you, pulls the levers, pushes buttons, causes your parasympathetic & other systems to respond, uses false beliefs & attitudes- weaknesses against WONDERFUL CONFIDENT YOU… You gain experience & insight … WHAT A FEELING TO FINALLY BEGIN TO WIN- TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE, TURN THE NIGHT INTO SUNSHINY DAY- YOUR BEST DREAMS- HAPPINESS! BOTH A SWIMMER and A RESCUER!  You may not feel like Lara Croft now or a ‘brainiac’- but ‘OH- What A FEELING’ AS YOU BEGIN TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oct. 24, 2019  by Brianca  ‘You totally suck mental illness- on & off Life’s Basketball & Tennis Courts- And mental illness- after mopping up your sorry yucky invisible disability ass & showering you outa my brain, hair & sweetheart emotions, I’M JUMPING ON LIFE’S DANCE FLOOR!!!’  Been A Long Time Comin’!  Lane  
  • P.S. What’s with our current generation of BAMBiS’ FAILURE TO LAUNCH? Couple days ago, stepped out my door to see twin Bambis ALMOST AS BIG & FULL GROWN AS Mommy!!! Jumping on her teats like “ANIMAL HOUSE” University Frosh chugging their FIRST BEERS- Tails a wagging at lightening speed! AFTERWARDS, Mommy licking/kissing them all over like they’s NEWBORNS!!! BIG LUGS LOVING EVERY LICK! Reminds me of the Vet. who spotted my Friends & I dressed in unisex clothes, all the guys with long hair- “I lost an eye, … fighting for you and your FREEDOM- And LOOK AT YOU ALL! Why the Guys LOOK LIKE A BUNCH OF GIRLS- SISSIES!!!!!!!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               SMELLS LIKE “PLAY MISTY FOR ME!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             A ONE NIGHT FLING between MR. GROOVY COOL- a Californian disc jockey played by Clint Eastwood, and an instantly JEALOUS, DEPENDENT, OBSESSED listener, perfectly portrayed by Jessica Walter, reminds us how subconscious ‘drives & triggers’ take the reigns in our lives! We engage in embarrassing behaviors beneath our upbringing, good character, rational conscious awareness and self control. People go for therapy to gain insight why they and family, friends and associates behave so irrationally!!! Good reason not to superficially cover up our mental & emotional wounds & dysfunctions by downing $$$Big Pharma elixirs or self medicating- modern society ‘witchcraft’ medicinal potions. Why wait for our emotions- all doped down, pressure constantly building, burst in irrational behavior and illness- including physical illness? Seeing Angelina & Brad for example, blessed by $$$fortunes & Hollywood fame- unable to compensate for nor suppress dysfunction from BURSTING OUT LIKE AN EMBARRASSING BALLOON! Millions of eyeballs- whispers & O.M.G.s!!!
  • Speaking of BURSTING EMBARRASSING BALLOONS- Angelina, Brad! just try to TOP THIS!!!
  • BRi versus Furry Friends Annual Halloween Trickster Treatment Face Off Contest! Seeing it’s Halloween today, time for Bri’s annual TRICKSTER TREAT- Ready or NOT? Hmm- What PERFECT PRANK by THE HUMAN PRANKSTER to PLAY on Halloween? Hear a commotion right outside my door. Quietly as a mouse, gently turning the door knob SLOWLY- you know like in ALL GOOD HORROR MOVIES …. Remember Scary Hollywood Horror Film Actor Jack Nicholson in “The Shining?” Bursting through the door- his evil grin, ax in hand SHOUTING: “Here’s Johnny!!!” (No ax in hand or evil grin obviously for your mental health rights PRANKSTER but it’s ‘A GO WITH THE STARTLING SURPRISE & VOICE!’ Timing’s got to be perfect- This is going to be GREAT!!! Swinging the door WIDE OPEN- SHOUTING “Here’s Bri-y!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! See a Blurring Fur Ball SHOOT 6 feet straight up in front of me- SMELL A ‘FIRE?’ SEE MISTY, CHOKING CLOUDS? of ‘SMOKE’ like heat seeking cruise missiles floating towards- huh? ‘Misty Smoke? Fire Smell? OH SH__! Did I just PRANK SAMMY the VERY, VERY NERVOUS SKUNK?!!
  • ‘Epitath’- Mission Commander ‘Mother Nature’- We have neutralized The Halloween Prankster-  TRICKSTER Bri accepted the BAIT- Stood tongue hanging out in our DOORWAY TRAP!!! PAYLOAD DIRECT HIT! – 4 feet high! Mission Code Name ‘Smells Like Play Misty for Me’ A TOTAL SUCCESS!!! (Actually, what fun stripping and standing outside in the rain washing off the spray! No way Brad or Angelina- or any Hollywood actor’s BEATING MY MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT!!! And it doesn’t sting my eyes badly like I feared! Imagine no waiting in line at check out counters if THIS SMELL doesn’t wash off soon! Yes- this is TRUE- just happened to me! And No- I’m not mad- John Lennon named it “INSTANT KARMA”- When you attempt a prank- “INSTANT KARMA’s GONNA GET YOU!” All I can sing is “I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER WITH A (SKUNK) LIKE YOU”- SAMMY! THAT I WOULD STINK IF I EVER PULLED A PRANK ON YOU- And I Do- Yes I Do- Instant Karma is ACTUALLY TRUE!!!’ (OFF based on Beatle’s song by J. Lennon)
  • If fame & fortune, $$$Big Pharma ‘Just Wanna Be Sedated” (Ramones) potions & poisons fail in the end- why not discover NOW- TODAY!!! for ourselves what the hell-o! is happening in our subconscious, conscious thinking, emotions, behavior, beliefs, in our ‘drivers & triggers, …???’ We clean our computers of viruses, etc. but what about our brains & emotions? What happens if we fail to clean ourselves of yucky nonsense somehow messing us up inside? Our REALITY, OUR WORLD begins to mirror yucky nonsense- ‘Unaware,’ we create our present dilemmas- ravaging Mother Nature, accelerating Global Climate Change & pollution, …. Imagine as we identify & clear our internal yucky nonsense, our outer World becomes HEALTHIER AGAIN- mirroring us individually and collectively!
  • How FUN is seeing our World around us CHANGE FOR THE GOOD BEFORE OUR EYES! Things we were sick of FADING AWAY FROM OUR LIVES & WORLD BECAUSE WE CREATE ANEW! Being happy, cheerful, good, kind, helpful, compassionate, for example- Your World begins to change from a dreary World- totally sucked! into an exciting, vibrant World! NEW YOU= NEW WORLD! At first wearing in NEW YOU feels awkward- involves growing pains, …. But dump all the bad attitudes & behaviors- Your World begins to mirror back YOU’RE A SPECIAL- even INCREDIBLE INDIVIDUAL AFTER ALL! Why were you hiding yourself away all these years??? Great to see you BLOSSOM- find your GROOVE!!! Sounds almost too easy to be true? You’ve PAINFULLY ENDURED THE LONG, BORING HARD ROAD- SKIP through THE GOLDEN DOOR onto EASY STREET!!!
  • Every year at Halloween we are reminded about our need to attend to OUR UNFINISHED BUSINESS- the yucky fears, evils, bad behaviors, violence, karma, jealousies, out of control self centered activities, … plaguing our World. Why do Monsters/awful events happen? Why is our World the way it is when so much BETTER is possible- we’re missing LIFE’S FUN boat ride, besides an oar or  paddle and looks like our lake got burned up in a Californian Climate Change fire!!! How is our own inner and outer condition influencing our World? Is our World mirroring us-  who if not us is going to RECREATE and BRING HEALTH to our World? Are we creating, tolerating or sustaining evil behavior- ill causing conditions? Our words and hands clean? Time we created OUR BEST WORLD!!! OUR DREAMS CAN BECOME REALITY! If ‘People Kind’ can create SUCH A HARD, VIOLENT & BLOODY PAINFUL WORLD, SHOULD BE EASIER TO CREATE A HAPPIER, BETTER EXPERIENCE!!!
  • Flipping by television/boob tube programs, LOVE to find a program presenting a non mainstream mass media view- a non FAKE NEWS portrayal- dog vs. dog- give up all hope and accept being sedated.  “CHARMED- 1998- 2006” series, for example, portrays sister witches devoting their lives to vanquish evil- real Hollywood witches doing good, possessing great powers but selflessly serving others- Living for a HIGHER CALLING! Mainstream mass media portrays us & our World as if we live 24/7 365 in a  Hollywood Horror Movie scenario w/o the three Charmed Hollywood Heroes! So many people still alive with all the mayhem, disasters, evil we’re involved in? Our present WORLD REALITY, so far from a ‘TRUTHFUL PRESENTATION’ of WHAT LIFE SHOULD BE- engendering mental illness, strife, catastrophic loss of LIFE, Global Climate Changes & war over  $$$MONEY, POWER, CONTROL!  (“Me TOO!” advocate Rose McGowan battling her own demons &/or real life demons in the flesh? Scary to see Rose’s World mirroring her “Charmed” movie set.)
  • “Touched By An Angel” portrays we live in a ‘Fallen World’ instead of ‘AT HOME IN OUR BODIES as ANGELIC IN CHARACTERS’ bringing PEACE & LOVE- like Ringo ‘Angel- Waiting for Wings- 1st Class?!!’ A young girl hears & speaks with ANGELS so DR. DERANGED- we “CAN’T TELL THE DOCTORS FROM THE PATIENTS,” her Psych./Shrink  goes off the deep end to MAKE HER ANGEL VOICES STOP- LABELS HER PSYCHOTIC & SCHIZOPHRENIC – prescribes her neuroleptics/antipsychotics, Mother screams in alarm- meds. ‘zombied’ her daughter, killed her emotionally!!!  Hollywood finally scores a BRILLIANT, SENSITIVE WRITER to address how $$$Big Pharma poisons KILL PATIENTS EMOTIONALLY for the ‘crime’ of ‘BEING DIFFERENT- HEARING/DANCING TO A DIFFERENT DRUMMER,’ …? Experiencing E.S.P. like being in touch with ‘Angels?’ KILLING PATIENTS EMOTIONALLY- or with pain pills, self medicating, etc. IS HARDLY A PATH TO NIRVANA- ask Kurt Cobain or Chris Cornell!
  • Our younger generations should wise up QUICKLY to the TRUTH ‘A FALSE WORLD REALITY’ is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE NOR SUSTAINABLE!!!  The ’60’s Counter Culture,’ stepped up- some saying “Don’t trust anyone over 30!” attempting to ‘Get Ourselves’ ‘Back to the Garden- cherishing Mother Earth;’ Exploring/addressing pollution, the military industrial complex,  bullying & violence,  people’s human & civil rights,  women’s liberation,  sexual freedoms, orientations & gender identities,  expressing paradoxical Libertarian & Communal Interdependent Lifestyles, attempting to re establish power & wealth BY & TO THE PEOPLE including social welfare/our ‘SOCIAL CONTRACT’- power & wealth redistribution…
  •  Our younger generations ACT NOW- TODAY, if not YESTERDAY! Political leaders live in YESTERDAY’s WORLD in an elitist unholy alliance rallying against needed changes, incapable of honesty let alone leading us into a ‘Promised Land!’ In the U.S., for example, The Dems. are continuously attempting to replay the 2016 election until they turn back the clock- get the ‘corrected’ results! Known for his understated words, Pres. Trump whispers gently in his subtle style, “The Dems. impeachment probe is the GREATEST WITCH HUNT IN AMERICAN HISTORY!” So, stop with the ANXIETY ATTACKS & HOPELESS DEPRESSING EMOTIONS already, young folks! Our politicians live their narcissistic lives in YESTERDAY’S WORLD, They’ll fight & fade away- But not soon enough! Real Halloween Horror Climate Change is fast approaching- ask California’s FIRE SURFERS how often BIG FIRE SURF IS UP!!! CONCENTRATE ON CREATING A BETTER, PRACTICAL & SUSTAINABLE REAL WORLD NOW BEFORE YOU BECOME SET IN STONE by age 30 or 40 or 60- ZOMBIED & dozing watching mainstream mass media tell you “How WHITE YOUR SHIRTS CAN BE” and that she/he/they/other can’t be a _____ because ….” (R.S- Richards, Jagger- ‘Satisfaction’ released in 1965- Jagger already called out mainstream mass media way back in ’65!
  • P.S. Today, in 2019 Markie Z. (Facebook) tells Congress Political Advertisers paying for advertisements on Facebook) are ENTITLED UNDER FREE SPEECH TO SAY ANYTHING THEY WISH AS OFTEN AS THEY WISH- no matter how UNTRUE except for inciting imminent hate & violence. No fact checking or verification. Is this $$$ brainwashing us with lies- not very civilized nor healthy- nor leading to any good outcomes? What we see in Autocratic Dictatorships a la 1984 Big Brother Nightmare scenarios? Twitter C.E.O. Jack Dorsey says otherwise- Twitter will STOP ALL POLITICAL ADVERTISING on its platform… ‘stop micro targeting us, deep fakes, misleading information, … Pres. Trump eloquently calls Twitter decision “very dumb!”)  Oct.31, 2019  by Brianca- Hope Bianca’s tennis knee is better Lane  (Sorry Sammy- my PRANK kinda backfired on me- sniff sniff! and didn’t help your nervous disorder!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SELF PARTNERING WITH OUR EMOTIONS- CAN’T LIVE WITH ‘EM OR WITHOUT ‘EM?!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     But first- IT’S FLAKY FRIDAY World News:
  • Argentina Judge GOES APE FACED- Grants 33 years young Orangutan legal person hood- human rights! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Lara Croft’s castle- swinging like acrobats on high ropes with Angelina- she’s oh so good with children- a caring soul! HANGING OUT with a mature SWINGING Orangutan be SO FUN vs. Brad’s bad temper? $50 million? from Brad way beyond any castle lifetime expenses! Aging Brad soon be looking like our ‘person hood’ Orangutan?
  • Speaking of Wild Apes assuming human roles, bear in mind the 3rd leading cause of death (behind heart disease & cancer) is MEDICAL ERROR- between 250,000 and 440,000 annually in the U.S.
  • Rumor is traditionally young girls imagine being Princesses or Hollywood Starlets- Look at ME Fame & Fortune! ESPECIALLY HAPPINESS!!!! (But look at Princess Diana’s story- betrayed from even before she became Princess until her staged auto accident- incredibly survived & alive but being left to bleed out- and all the cover ups in the Highest Places!!!)  Our Go To Gal for HONESTY is Lara Croft’s fab inner, quieter self, Angelina: “I was raised where if you have FAME & $$$MONEY and you are DECENT LOOKING & have the ABILITY to work in this (Movie) Industry, you have EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD! Then you attain those things & realize YOU COULDN’T BE MORE EMPTY!!!” Go ask Winona Ryder, apparently greatly successful as a Hollywood actress but became strung out on Big Pharma meds. she shouldn’t have been prescribed- For example, by a Doctor who shouldn’t have a medical licence but was paid to supply rich stars! She excuses her misbehavior by the meds. ‘clouding her thinking-‘ part of THE ZOMBIE EFFECT.
  • SELF PARTNERED Emma Watson is WITCHED OUT- “Feminism is not a stick with WITCH to beat other women- but is about freedom, liberation, equality.  … really don’t see what my t___ have to do with it!” (Minor breast exposure on a mag cover) “I’m 29 and feel so stressed, anxious because there is this bloody influx of subliminal messaging- If you have not built a home,” (not nesting) “do not have a husband, a baby- and you are turning 30 & still figuring things out!” Stardom & riches/fame & fortune just aren’t CONJURING Em’s HAPPINESS- “I’m just as human as you are!’ says SORCERER EM! I’m just as insecure as you are!” (without her MAGIC WAND & SPELL INCANTATIONS?) “I struggle just as much as you struggle!” Still believe Hollywood stardom is ALL THAT? BEING YOURSELF IN YOUR REAL WORLD INSTEAD OF PRETENDING TO BE A MOVIE CARTOON CHARACTER for 10 YEARS- finally SELF PARTNERING- maybe you & I already experience a better LIFE than being a Hollywood  created star or sorcerer?
  • Los Vegas, U.S. City Council’s brains melted in the DESERT HEAT??? Bans sleeping on the streets unless no shelter bed available $1000. fine and 6 months in prison. Sleeping on the street = no $$$homeless person & prison for street sleeping = bankrupt overcharged tax payers being evicted/foreclosed on & having to sleep on the streets- a vicious downward spiral! Besides the primary purpose of Los Vegas is to corrupt morals & bankrupt naive or addicted gamblers! (5500 on the streets with 2,000 shelter beds.) ‘Criminalizing Poverty & Mental Illness!’ ‘Housing not Handcuffs!’ City previously banned public food hand outs & previous Mayor proposed shipping homeless citizens to an abandoned prison.
  • India’s Capital, New Delhi needs every citizen wearing facial smog masks due to vehicle and industrial emissions, and smoke from agricultural land burning. China- where SMOKE & SMOG are among China’s biggest exports??? Future BIOLOGICAL GENETIC ENGINEERING UPDATES ‘NEEDED?’ ‘Playing God’ by Science- including special BREATHING/LUNG BIOLOGICAL ADAPTIONS- creating CYBORG BIOLOGICAL/MACHINE ‘LIFE?’
  • Good intentions among Kyoto Climate Signature Nations falling short:  Our beloved U. S. and China, India, … large oil & industrial projects, … carbon based auto emissions, …are bringing us towards the climate change precipice! OUR WORLD’S YOUTH BEING HANDED AN INDEBTED, RUSHING TO THE CLIMATE CHANGE PRECIPICE, POLLUTED, INDEBTED AND ARMED TO THE TEETH WORLD!?? TALK ABOUT AN UNFAIR, TROJAN HORSE, TICKING TIME BOMB LEGACY!!! Children should all be asking older generations- What & WHY WEREN’T YOU THINKING ABOUT OUR FUTURE- The Future of ALL LIFE on our beloved spaceship EARTH?!!! (Scientists say during the last ‘interglacial warming period,’ the sea level rose up to 3 feet per century and 33 feet in total but what would the consequences if we enabled dangerous ‘runaway global warming?’) 
  • Russia’s Vlad the Impaler? says his new ZIRCON HYPERSONIC CRUISE MISSILE- currently in development and scheduled to be deployed as soon as available, will fly at MACH 7- 7X the speed of sound- Putin says “UNSTOPPABLE-” able to strike America in 5 minutes! Putin, friendly towards key Israeli foes, remarks ominously Russia has an Israeli new class weapon in hand to study and neutralize. Russia will also enable Putin to SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET/WORLD WIDE WEB  into Russia & have Russia create ‘Putin’s Approved SUITABLE CONTENT.’ After Stalin & Lenin Dictatorships- 10’s of millions killed?, amazing Russians saddled/rough ridden by Putin & Oligarchy Families as ‘Dictators/Owners’ of Russia. Pres. Trump, a self described incredible genius, likes/often defends Putin so they must share some good qualities? Or BAD ONES! Buccaneer pirates having critics walk the plank- Ahoy mates! Set sail to plunder! Our often Autocratic Style World leaders favor doing away with the Rule of Law, prefer dividing up our World and ruling as ‘Kings/Queens/other- Self Partnered! Dictators, a la Cartel Style! Mark of the Beast branded ‘citizens’ watched 24/7 like the Dictatorship direction in China! Always seems like we’re back into the proverbial GARDEN in EDEN scenario- ‘Serpentine voice egging us on- “Eat of this FRUIT/KNOWLEDGE/SCIENCE/AUTOCRACY, … Take the Mark (of the Beast) for 24/7 Surveillance, … Thou shall surely not die?” Serpentine EVIL voice chuckling- O.M.G.! I think the’re actually FALLING FOR IT- AGAIN!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
  • FIRE IN OUR BELLY for BEHAVIORAL CHANGE? Or will we still Choose Endless ‘hell fire’ for Our Paradise on Earth? How clear does ‘The Source/Life’ have to make it until everyone gets the message? Like the Pharaoh in Egypt refusing to free Jewish slaves and suffering increasing Plagues,  we’re in Egypt today experiencing the first waves/plagues of Climate Change! We know what’s ahead- more and worse hell fire in our Earthly Paradise if we harden our HEARTS! Our entire WORLD IS ‘EGYPT’ RAINED UPON BY HARD HEARTED & HEADED Pharaohs! WE GET IT LIFE! WE KNOW WHAT WE HAVE TO DO! BUT SEEING AS IT’s FLAKY FRIDAY- START OUR QUEST CREATING A NEW WORLD- TOMORROW? ‘Tomorrow- Tomorrow! We’ll change our ways TOMORROW! C’MON ALREADY LIFE! It’s only a day away!’
  • BEAUTIFUL FALL DAY in northern climates in our FALLEN WORLD. Serpentine thinking SUCKERED US, WE DRANK THE ‘Cool AID’ and KICKED OURSELVES OUT OF PARADISE! Like in the movie, Groundhog Day, ‘People Kind’ living out the same scenario- BUT OUR ENDLESS FLAKY FRIDAY LIVING IS ABOUT TO CHANGE- WE HAVE FIRE FOR CHANGE IN OUR BELLY! BE BIG CHANGES IN PARADISE- RIGHT? Calling on L.A.’s -Whisky A Go Go’s FAN FAV 1967 The Doors ‘to/of PERCEPTION- “C’mon Baby- LIGHT (OUR) FIRE! Try to Set the Night ON FIRE!” (One year ago today, Californians living in Paradise faced a ‘man made’ climate change hell fire- 85 burned alive/smoked, 19,000 homes & businesses reduced to ashes, 150,000 acres in ashes, … authorities pooh pooed citizen concerns about safety & evacuation as the fire CLEARLY CIRCLED PARADISE IN IT’S BULLS EYE. Authorities belittled ACTUAL EYE WITNESS REPORTS until escape became nearly impossible! Today Californians in fire prone ‘Paradises’ endure 3rd world style power outages to avoid endless hellfire in Paradise! (Canada way laid oil sands production opportunities in Alberta, etc. by failing to build pipelines for coast to coast supply transport. British Columbia, Quebec and First Nations have Canada’s environment’s back but the U.S., China, …  are racing ahead with carbon energy extraction! GOOD INTENTIONS only FUELING BAD BEHAVIOR BY UNCARING NATIONS? Power, Control & $$$ short sighted ambitions WRECKING OUR WORLD?!  POLLUTING NATIONS loosen environmental safeguards- BECOME FINANCIALLY REWARDED & ENRICHED IN THE SHORT TERM while carbon restricting Countries  become IMPOVERISHED & UNSTABLE? We look in the mirror and ‘the serpent’ is ??? SHIFTING INTO A NEW NON DESTRUCTIVE nor POLLUTING ENERGY SOURCE- recreating Paradise from the ashes is our PRIME DIRECTIVE– Yes- of course Ringo- as is PEACE & LOVE- What good is living in Paradise without PEACE & LOVE?!!!  Nov. 8, 2019 by Brianca  “WE REMEMBER”- NEVER to allow it to happen AGAIN!  Lane  But back to Emma-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SELF PARTNERING WITH OUR EMOTIONS!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Em’s RIGHT! About being SELF PARTNERED! We realize how important THE PLACEBO EFFECT IS!!! Attempting to remember my WONDERFUL early childhood Religious/Spiritual Education- inspirational stories, parables, miracles! FAITH- BELIEVING SO IMPORTANT IN OUR HEALTH & HAPPINESS. Believers only need touch the hem of HIS/Yeshua’s garment- i.e. enter or be near his AURA ENERGY FIELD to be HEALED! Actually- HEALING is not bound by space or time and you can be healed beyond a healer’s aura energy field- at a distance from your healer! In typical scientific mental illness drug trials- hard to get good information because bad results are suppressed &/or massaged by $$$Big Pharma’s bought & paid for so-called independent scientific research. Typically, THE PLACEBO EFFECT may exceed Big Pharma’s so called anti- depressant medications help, for example. The THERAPEUTIC PLACEBO EFFECT is amazingly up to 30% or higher. Patients are SELF PARTNERING with their EMOTIONS- BELIEVING THEY ARE BEING RESCUED, BELIEVING their health RESCUER KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING- SAVING PATIENTS FROM MENTAL ILLNESS AFFLICTION, A MAGICAL POTION WILL HEAL- ‘
  • YES! I’M ANTICIPATING HELP- BEGINNING TO FEEL BETTER-  EDUCATED SPECIALISTS ‘understanding my brain chemistry, psychology, emotions, … in the process of rebooting my brain RIGHT NOW! Yes- feeling happier already by this MAGIC PLACEBO EFFECT added to this POWERFUL HEALING AGENT PLACEBO PILL!’  A real $$$Big Pharma heavy dose, unlike THE PLACEBO EFFECT, of course, typically includes bad, dangerous side effects like addiction and zombie outcomes- once ‘hooked’ $$$Big Pharma gains regular monthly payments by enslaved patients! Oxycontin, for example being an addictive gateway drug to disaster! $$$Big Pharma currently is being sued for BILLIONS by governments for deliberately misleading Doctors ‘our serpentine dope is non addictive and more effective (at making us $$$rich, ….) and you’ll see more patients in less time- become $$$rich, your patients shall surely not die from our (addictive, gateway to heroin, … disaster) drug.  (Dr. Susan Lippmann & Dr. William Rosenfelt, for example, express surprise at the size of The Placebo Effect in Patients.)  Nov. 8, 2019 by Brianca Lane to be continued … Thanks ‘Em-‘ Please say more about Self Partnering- we’re feeling BEWITCHED & SPELLBOUND!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SANTA CLAUS IS COMING- ARE YOU READY FOR LOVE??? SELF PARTNERING WITH EM IN A HALLOWEEN HORROR SHOW WORLD- FINDING OUR HAPPY!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “I wonder what OUR WORLD will be like 100 years in the future?” my 100 years YOUNG SPIRITED Beloved Relative asks me. As a 7 year old, she’d walk  1.5 miles to school through winter snow- snow banks cresting over the electrical & telephone poles. One horse open sleighs stopping to offer a young frozen icicle a ride. Staying home on bitterly frozen Winter Wonderland icy mornings! As a young independent school teacher, riding her bicycle or on snowy winter mornings, a Jingle Bells red ribbon one horse open sleigh- LAUGHING ALL THE WAY! Rushing to FIRE UP the wood burning heated school house before rosy cheeked children arrived! A YOUNG SPIRITED WONDERFUL ANGELIC human being in a 100 years young physical body- we understand we POSSESS & OCCUPY our physical body but we are so much more!!! We say ‘an 80 year old person’ when we really mean ‘their body appears 80!’ We sometimes- unfortunately JUST WANNA BE PHYSICAL IN OUR MATERIAL WORLD- whoever EXPERIENCES THE MOST PHYSICALITY & COLLECTS THE MOST MEMORIES & MATERIAL STUFF- WINS??? But with $300 million less- $50 million to Lara Croft for CASTLES & CHILDREN, Brad is finally realizing Life’s about LOVING, RELATIONSHIPS & PARTNERING, giving, sharing, expressing our creativity & LOVE! Angelina says ‘I KNOW THAT’ BUT ALSO WANTS LIFE’S $$$RICHES!!!  100 years into OUR WORLD’s FUTURE? On our current trajectory on the SPIRAL of LIFE-
  • Better we turn to FLAKY FRIDAY NEWS to inform us- YIKES!!! 
  • WORLD DOMINATION NEWS UPDATE- America’s OLD GREY MARES- Trotters & Pacers, are readying for THE 2020 FLEA BAG FLOOZIES Presidential Race! DORKY DEMS- damned by HILLARY- with Soviet help- NOT in 2016 versus DONALD & HIS BEFUDDLED FOLLOWING QUACKING DUCKS!!! Our World’s beloved beautiful Baltic States- Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia along with Ukraine, … watching massive SOVIET STYLE MILITARY BUILD UP at their borders- A HALLOWEEN FRIGHTENING NIGHTMARE SCENARIO! Vlad the Impaler- NOT JOVIAL SANTA COMING WITH CHRISTMAS CHEER & PRESENTS FOR EVERYONE? SCROOGE UNCLE VLAD- PLEASE don’t say ‘Humbug!’ YOU CAN CHANGE?!! Warring Nations controlling wealth & gold- including currency wars, impaling economies…;  Extending territory, influence & power …; Feeding SEPARATIST MOVEMENTS, exerting Colonialism & disrupting economies;  Military interventions, creating chaos, militant factions, …; Media- press manipulation & controlling information, psychological warfare- making up stories to horrify or demoralize, cyber attacks; Hate mongering about ethnicity & cultures!  INFO WARS PROPAGANDA! Russia/SOVIET UNION II developing Zircon Hyper Sonic Cruise Missiles- Vlad’s ‘Impaler Gift’ for our Western World! ENDLESS WAR- Military Build Up! CHINA & SOVIET II EXPANSIONISM, ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’ …. We FREEDOM & RULE OF LAW LOVING HUMAN BEINGS HAPPY TO ENJOY OUR FRIENDLY RELATIONSHIPS AMONG OUR WORLD WIDE BROTHERS & SISTERS!!! 
  • More than 11 million- half of remaining Syrians, need HUMANITARIAN AID NOW! (SOVIET II backed Syria’s Assad under siege in The Arab Spring Movement.)
  • “ENDLESS MIDEAST WARS” Pres. Trump is Vlad’s Special Invited Guest- May 9, 2020 for a Military Parade on RED SQUARE commemorating the 75th anniversary- WWII pauses?
  • U.N. Human Rights Committee verbally sanctions N.K. for “ongoing, systematic, widespread, gross violations, ….” 
  • In Yemen, ALL SIDES BLAMED for over 130 attacks on medical facilities, ….
  • GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGES, … OUR Struggling ENVIRONMENT: Australia, California & OUR LUNGS OF THE PLANET- THE AMAZON, are beginning to burn up! ABC NEWS (Nov. 13) says 152 Countries see a “NOTICEABLE INCREASE IN WILD FIRES, …” Our Global Temperature is up 1% in our modern industrial World- our target cap is 1.5%. For the next 30 years, we’re supposed to cut CO-2 emissions by 7.4% annually but otherwise, we could increase Earth’s Climate 4 degrees by 2100-  runaway catastrophic Climate Change? Gretta ‘Thunderbird’ is on the CLIMATE SHAMING HUNT for BACKSLIDERS!!! YOU GO GET’EM GIRL!
  • Biological diseases on the rise, resistance to antibiotics, …. Mathematics:  Global Climate Change= INCREASES IN INFECTIOUS DISEASES, POLITICAL INSTABILITY & MENTAL/PHYSICAL ILLNESSES!
  • $$$BIG PHARMA = BIG TROUBLES NEWS: (A.F.P.- Nov. 14) says our billions of doses of ANTIBIOTICS, PAIN KILLERS, ANTIDEPRESSANTS, … “POSE SIGNIFICANT RISK TO FRESH WATER ECOSYSTEMS & THE GLOBAL FOOD CHAIN. 90% OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS IN OUR MEDICINES ARE EXCRETED BACK INTO THE ENVIRONMENT.” Worse- $$$Big Pharma’s drugs “ARE PRESCRIBED EARLIER,” Patients ‘TREATED WITH HIGHER DOSES!!!’ We all enjoy or suffer from $$$BIG PHARMA’S PRODUCTS- LIKE IT OR NOT!!! Increasing anti bacterial resistance will eventually incur more human beings passing from drug resistant infections than from cancer! Feeling Paranoid? $$$Big Pharma has medications for you! Our womb based STORK DELIVERED BABIES & young children are being fed & showered in $$$Big Pharma meds.- and poisons. For example, heavy weed use of APPROVED (toxic) CHEMICALS = HIGHER STROKE & OTHER ILLNESS RISK among YOUNG people! 
  • DRINKING THE COOL AID- Advertising Marketing Propaganda works! Back in the ’50s & ’60s t.v./Boob Tube Ads showed ‘Real Men’ supposedly smoking Cigarette BRAND X but not show later consequences of self poisoning!!! (I interviewed long retired World Class athletes who DIDN’T SMOKE THE ‘COOL AID’- THEIR BREATHING & LUNG CAPACITY WOULD BE COMPROMISED!)
  • Women have ALWAYS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY BODY SHAMED by Marketing.  TODAY WOMEN are STILL FALLING FOR BODY SHAMING- Corporations PEDDLING TOXIC PRODUCTS! WOMEN, GIRLS, ‘THEY/OTHER’ STOP ACCEPTING BODY SHAMING- ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow’- We’ll Stop letting them BODY SHAME US TOMORROW- ‘only a day away!’ Ask ourselves in SELF PARTNERING ‘If Allah, The Creator, The Source, Life, … or Darwinian Evolutionary Processes wanted TOXIC POISONS stuffed in our Body & Brain, ALREADY BE INCLUDED!!! Read OUR MANUAL- Hey- Didn’t we receive our USERS MANUAL FOR LIVING? What Gives?
  • BUT REALLY- STOP THE INSANITY OF FALLING FOR BODY SHAMING! DON’T LISTEN TO BODY SHAMING! BE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF BUT NOT BY BEING BODY SHAMED! (- SORRY!!! but 1 in 11 adults suffer from Diabetes often attributed to ‘bad lifestyle & eating habits including too little exercise.’ Half of Diabetes sufferers are not diagnosed. See your health care Professional REGULARLY- NOT LIKE Bri! who fails to go to the Doctor to find out  should have passed 5 years ago- Had HEART TESTED- Doc phoned next morning in a PANIC- “Oh My GOD, Bri!” !!!!! Thanks Doc- Calm yourself- I’m in Good Spirits- APPARENTLY ALMOST AMONG GOOD SPIRITS ACCORDING to Expert Medical Test Results!  Haven’t been back for years-  Please don’t BODY or BRAIN SHAME ME!!! Like Pres. Trump- don’t believe in the polls, medical or other!
  • Speaking of finding OUR HAPPY, did you know OUR MOTHER NATURE REALLY KNOWS BEST? Bean counters (Paris, A.F.P.) say visiting our (National) Parks ‘IMPROVES OUR MENTAL HEALTH, REDUCES STRESS, IMPROVES OUR SLEEP, ENHANCES OUR BRAIN POWER, …! Is $$$valued at $6 U.S. TRILLION!!! Also saves $$$ on need for mental health treatments, costs due to absenteeism, poor productivity, …’ & Auntie  Social Behaviors- not to overlook Uncle Doomsday Predictions! Bad Vlad becomes FAB Vlad if we can Mother Nature him back to GOOD MENTAL HEALTH? Rose McGowan- help us out- Can we change Bad into FAB? Bad SELF PARTNER with Good? Sorceress Em’ we need your help!     Nov. 15, 2019  by Brianca Heart’s in the Right Place  Lane

          WHO’S STILL FAB?!!  P.S. SMILE on the INSIDE & OUTSIDE- and YOUR WORLD                                                                           WILL SMILE BACK!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Live Newsworthy Events happen everywhere- Are you ready? Our Politicians & their ‘Solutions’ are sometimes THE PROBLEM!!! Standing in my back yard watching the big wind storm bending a tree close to me, the tree trunk suddenly shatters, the tree actually begins to sail a short distance! Appropriately on Halloween, my neighbor hires a two man chainsaw crew to chop up the tangled mess. Sawdust flying everywhere, revving chainsaws chop apart the formally majestic tree like a knife through butter- and the busy chainsaw crew is on to the next unfortunate victim of disease, bugs or stormy weather. Ten minutes later I glance back- the hot chainsaws set sawdust on fire and everything nearby- brush, trees, my house could quickly be engulfed! Surprised how persistent fire is- extinguish it in one spot but hot sawdust or a spark starts fire elsewhere! These two busy bees unwittingly may create greater problems with their solutions!

Exactly what our political leaders sometimes do- CREATE TEN TIMES WORSE PROBLEMS WITH THEIR SOLUTIONS! Look around our World- Middle East & Northern Africa, South America, Russia, China, Europe- Spain, France, Britain, … even GOOD NEWS AMERICA- Liberty with her LAMP & OPEN? Welcoming? Golden Door! See our Too Often lying, narcissistic Politicians- authors of inequality, injustice, poverty, enslavement, … taking away our RIGHTS & FREEDOMS. THEIR DESPERATELY DUMB SOLUTIONS SEEMINGLY SETTING OUR WORLD ON FIRE! (Friend just heard rumor Iran shut down internet services and police shot protesters at point blank- ‘face to face!’ So Catholic Church horrors are equally being matched by other religion’s brutality & attempts to justify violence ‘with ALLAH/GOD/The CREATOR/LIFE ON THEIR SIDE!’) Sudden News Flash on my screen says ‘Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu criminally indicted on corruption charges- BRIBERY, FRAUD, BREACH of TRUST, ….’ Who could have seen it coming- HA! HA! Add ‘incompetence’ & isn’t this what our typical Political Leaders are all about! What they do morning ’till midnight ON OUR BEHALF- Yikes!!!

BUILDING a World where we are ALL welcomed with OPEN HEARTS & BELONG! Thankfully, we HAVE Mr. & Mrs. SANTA CLAUS- ALWAYS CHEERFUL- HO! HO! HO!!!  BELOVED WHISTLING & SINGING WORKSHOP ELVES GETTING OUR GIFTS & EVERYTHING READY, REINDEER, HIS SLEIGH, NORAD, etc. tracking SANTA’S PROGRESS, …. 150 years of SANTA CLAUS PARADES in Toronto, Canada- over 500,000 SCREAMING FOR SANTA CHILDREN & ADULT FANS FOR LIFE! Yes- Santa is still FAB- still ALL THAT! Imagine our World- smiles, happiness, laughter, gift giving to one another, everyone on their BEST BEHAVIOR! (Even our narcissistic Political Leaders behaving themselves- Just imagine for example, Pres. Trump behaving- and experiencing no more ‘witch hunts’ brought by the Dems. against his foibles! Imagine Chinese Leaders standing up for Human Rights & O.M.G. Freedom of Belief & Expression- Individuality & Compassionate Consensus Building! Honoring ‘two systems’ like Hong Kong’s FREEDOMS, Rule of Law & Democratic Political Independence- neither system being Authoritarian ‘1984 style Big Brother IS WATCHING 24/7 ready to crush any discontent!’ Vlad throwing away his Impaler persona- becoming GOOD in heart & soul!

Oh- Whatever our Religious Beliefs- or not, our Special Celebrations like The Spirit of Christmas & The Spirit of Santa bring us CLEAR GLIMPSES LIVING CAN BE BEAUTIFUL & WONDERFUL ON LIFE’S DANCE FLOOR! Beautiful & Wonderful EVERYDAY IF WE CHOOSE IT- IF WE WANT IT BAD – GOOD!!! ENOUGH! Effort, energy & $$$ currently poured into bad behavior & bullying, we could pour into creating BEAUTY, EQUALITY, FREEDOMS, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, SUSTAINABLE LIVING! Toronto is a microcosm of our World- over 50% visible minorities ALL LIVING CLOSELY- CHEEK TO CHEEK in Ringo’s DREAMLAND WORLD- ATTEMPTING TO LIVE THE DREAM- PEACE and LOVE- A WORLD WHERE WE ARE ARE ALL WELCOMED WITH OPEN HEARTS & BELONG! It’s a PROVEN FACT we can let go of our bad feelings- no matter how deep or long held, and give our energy to being FRIENDS AMONG OUR FORMER ENEMIES. Without everyone having to move out of The Middle East, for example. We LIVE & LOVE TOGETHER in diverse cities like Toronto- we can LIVE & LOVE TOGETHER in The Middle East, North Africa- ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE! We can do it right where we are right now with the people around us- enemies becoming our BEST FRIENDS. We can begin to achieve it together everywhere seeing so many cities like Toronto just simply decided to GO THE BETTER WAY- TAKING THE ‘FUNNER’ FAST LANE TO PEACE, LOVE, COMPASSION, EQUALITY … CELEBRATING OUR SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES TOGETHER- BEING HAPPY & ABLE TO LOVE LIFE! (Fighting & war is passe- no future in killing & dying! Just an ‘OLD SCHOOL DRAG!!!’) Nov. 21, 2019  by Brianca Oh I tried so hard to be GOOD, Santa!  Lane  (My Jewish friends always ask me this time of year, ‘Bri- how long did you believe?’ I STILL DO & sing- So you better be GOOD- You better not smirk You better not roll your eyes & act like a jerk CAUSE SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN!!! & YES I WISH THE SPIRIT OF SANTA’S GENEROUS HEART CONTINUED AMONG US ALL- ALL YEAR LONG!!! but falling back down to FLAKY FALLEN WORLD NEWS …

Always keep your HEART PURE- Your Spirits Up- My 100 years young relative was about to taken to the Sunday afternoon Religious Service with all Believers, whatever Faiths. But I intercepted saying ‘She is better to worship in the sun in the garden outside your Care Home. She had a big decision between Care Home staff desires & her cheeky, smirky Bri. Smiling my way, seeing the sunlight sparkling in the distance- why are Care Homes often so poorly lighted? she announced “GOD WILL UNDERSTAND AND ALLOW ME TO MISS THE RELIGIOUS SERVICE TODAY!”

What GOD does not allow is SEXUAL ABUSE by Princes of this World. Prince Andrew- ‘Randy Andy,’ The Duke of DIRTY, a ‘jet set playboy,’ is finally being outed in our ‘Time’s Up! Me Too! Movement. We recall our now Angel-formerly Princess Diana, saying about The Royal Family- “They’d found their VIRGIN- their SACRIFICIAL LAMB!” and later saying she’d never be allowed to assume The Throne but be finally removed by “an accident- probably a car accident.” She kissed her Prince Charles/Charming- but when she did, he turned into a toad … and The Queen Mother enabled Charles to carry on a sordid affair at Balmoral? Castle (built 450 years ago!) (Bad Morals? Vacation Home) Castle under her dark protection! Aptly named ‘Virginia’ (Giuffre?) was forced into sex slavery by Evil Epstein- a curse on our World. Virginia says ‘Prince’ Andrew took her as a slave/object by his friend Epstein in London, New York & on a private Caribbean Island. (Watched/listened to mainstream mass media reporting only that Andrew was once a casual acquaintance with Epstein but naturally completely appalled finding about allegations regarding Epstein’s behavior especially towards young ladies! No mention of Andrew’s piggy disgusting alleged serial abuses! What a hopeless attempt at a cover up!!!) This was AFTER he undertook a media interview in which he completely convicted himself- making himself appear as guilty as ‘hell-o!’ Had to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY from all public duties or destroy the Royal Family’s credibility!

We already know $$$ is vital for equality & relieving unimaginable poverty & suffering experienced around our World. But a Financial THERAPIST, Brad Klontz also emphasizes once our BASIC NEEDS ARE MET, MORE $$$ does not generally bring more happiness.

Self harm- cutting, etc.: Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, … so many rich, famous ‘stars’- in spite of being blessed with so much fame & wealth, … whatever their hearts desire!, have sadly involved themselves in self harm/abuse. Not a healthy or good example for impressionable young fans! Obviously dangerous, inappropriate and addictive/ habit forming. As a cry for help? in Lady Gaga’s situation, …. To attempt to spark emotions- TO FEEL! Or feel/see PHYSICAL PAIN & INJURY to mask/overlay underlying painful THINKING & EMOTIONS. To deal with SHAME or GUILT or not being comfortable seeking help? Private ‘punishment’ & an instantaneous acting emotional chemical release in one’s brain? Volunteered with a wonderful, bright young women who often presented with bandages going up her arms- in more distressful times her bandages were up to her shoulders. Difficult to go out in public obviously. A beautiful soft spoken person but seeing her injuries!!! Emotionally charged and scary for everyone concerned! (New York Times- Nov. 11, 2019 writes about this perplexing self harm used by 1 in 5 adolescents to varying degrees.) Example of- OUR EMOTIONS- Sometimes can’t live with ’em but can’t live without ’em! Lady Gaga used dialectical (& cognitive?) behavior therapy as is often used (as well as meds./drugs).

D.B.T. & C.B.T. are used for Borderline Personality Disorder, etc. where OUR EMOTIONS ARE LIKE HUGE STORMY WAVES ON THE SEA UPSETTING OUR LIFEBOAT & we are at risk of serious self harm! Always remember my young childhood Religious schooling  Jesus/Yeshua calming the stormy sea- Disciples feared the waves would flounder their boat and drown them but Jesus calmed the sea into a transparent sheet of glass! We have to calm our fears, insecurities, lost opportunities & LOVES, …  Be able to look through our transparent emotions to the source of our traumas, joys, dreams & wishes! Actor Brad Pitt ‘escaped’- dug himself into a PIT!!! by drugs & alcohol, into depression and anger- a failed marriage & ongoing struggles with beloved Angelina! Our emotions  overwhelming us, leaving us emotionally drowning, AFFECTING OUR BEHAVIOR & OUR PHYSICAL HEALTH? Always learning about our all so powerful EMOTIONS & OUR EMOTIONAL RESCUE in our Fallen Narcissistic Politicians DRAMA QUEENS WORLD! But ATTEMPT TO JUMP ON LIFE’S DANCE FLOOR W/O OUR BELOVED WONDERFUL EMOTIONS?!! Our EMOTIONS ARE- WILL ALWAYS BE ‘FOREVER FAB’, ALWAYS BE ‘ALL THAT!’ CHURNING & TURNING OUR WORLD TODAY- ALWAYS ONLY  FOR GOOD- RIGHT?! After all- SANTA KNOWS WHEN WE BEEN NAUGHTY OR NICE- SO BE GOOD FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nov. 21, 2019  by Brianca  Is it becoming HOT at the North Pole with Climate Change? Santa’s sleigh needs PONTOONS in the future? The Reindeer won’t overheat?  Lane

P.S. Just asking for THE WORLD-  May we enjoy CESSATION of BULLYING, FIGHTING & WARFARE Worldwide during Special Seasons of Celebrations, Compassion & Gift Giving.  Build A NEW WORLD together by directing our talents harmoniously & constructively with compassion & sustainable EQUALITY AT HEART!  EASILY RESOLVING seemingly difficult problems working together! How hard it has been to accomplish anything amid evil intentions when we long for Beauty, Peace, Love, Equality & a Sustainable Future! Is it too much to ask for- well- just EVERYTHING?!! Our hearts & minds engendering PEACE & LOVE- OUR WORLD DANCING AND SPARKLING! OUR TIME TO STEP UP IN LOVE creating a NEW REALITY IS NOW!  Love, Brianca  Shalom Salaam Peace Be Unto You! Merry Christmas! Ringo still says ‘Peace an’ Love is the ONLY WAY!!!’  Survived The Liverpool Bombing Blitz …. 

Happy THANKSGIVING- The GOOD, BAD & The un- BEAUTIFUL! Are you READY for LOVE?!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              If you’re VERY old! you’ll remember the ‘First Thanksgiving’ outdoors American harvest festival in 1621, WOODSTOCK’s forerunner- 3 days of LOVE, PEACE, MUSIC- and overfilled outhouses- 600+ port a potties?! Attended by 90 First Nations Brothers (& Sisters?) & 53 Pilgrims GETTING HIGH ON  PEACE& LOVE TOGETHER– smoking & sharing ‘The Peace Pipe!’ By 1969, American Festivals still ROCKED with Folk Music, …  but attendance sky rocket to 500,000+ FREAKS, Pilgrims, First Nations, etc. all trying to GET HIGHER on LOVE, PEACE, MUSIC! Peace Activist “The Universal Soldier Really Is to Blame” Buffy Sainte Marie presented at the 1969 Milwaukee equivalent ‘WOODSTOCK.’ If only our forefathers held true to their sacred Brotherhood/Sisterhood with First Nations in 1621, TODAY we wouldn’t have FALLEN HARD INTO ‘People Kind’s Climate Change dilemma!’ First Nations looked 7 generations forward in their impacts & CHERISHED Mother Nature. Turns out we were the ‘savages’ in our devastation of our MOTHER EARTH!

Brad/America/Our World- In LOVE- EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! American life spans & quality of life have peaked & are now in decline. How many diseases we experience today are linked to a toxic environment & ingesting toxic substances- we undervalued the GOOD, overvalued the BAD- now we’re stuck living among the un-BEAUTIFUL CONSEQUENCES- Karma of our actions- Braddy/bratty behavior! We had it all but let it all- including ourselves, FALL! Thankfully, first step to recovery is ADMITTING we screwed up- BECOMING AWARE- SEEING THE LIGHT REVEALING EVERYTHING! (NEW AWARE Brad bending on one knee begging Angelina to FORGIVE & renew their VOWS of LOVE?) In LOVE- EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE we all agree!  3 days of THANKSGIVING FEASTING in 1621 turning into year long feasting today: Americans are approaching 75% OVERWEIGHT, 40% OBESE- at least 30% body weight being FAT!  The Journal of American Medical Association REPORT warns about a new ’27 like age club’ BADLY on the rise! Young adults approx. age 25 to 34 experiencing a dangerous rise in disease including drugs & overdoses, self harm , etc.. Female overdoses up almost 500% and male overdoses up 350 % over 20 years! The Brookings Institute says about 45% of all workers earn an inadequate income. People with only High School education or less face ‘a SEA of DESPAIR!’ Daniel Alpert & fellow researchers attempted to create a “JOB QUALITY INDEX” and argue about 66% of American jobs created since 1990 are “LOW WAGE/LOW HOURS JOBS.” Across our Globe within so many Countries, citizens are PROTESTING GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION- Self Serving Authoritarian Style Corrupt leaders & The Unholy Alliance among Military/Corporate/Industrial/Narcissistic Political Elites, increasing the income/wealth/quality of living gap between The Elite Class versus the Middle & especially burdening the Poor! Autocratic Political Leaders possessed or possessing a twisted sense of THANKSGIVING- Vlad the Impaler’s idea of ‘Tanksgiving’ is lining 150+ new horror/killer military tanks along the Latvian Border, flying attack planes meters from foreign observation planes, sending attack subs into Britain’s North Sea, …. Lithuania- Baltic States sees 20,000+ friendly waving Russian military personnel, surface to air missiles, a naval infantry unit, … backed by 120,000 military personnel, a tank army, air force assets, … warships in the Baltic Sea! Wow! How ‘PROTECTED’ The Baltic States must feel with Russia’s military assets at their borders TO HELP THEM!!! ‘TANKS A LOT’ our Baltic Family must be saying for Russia’s PROTECTION!

BUT WE REALLY CAN’T GO ON LIKE THIS!!! World population changes show India, China & South East Asia hold more than 50% of our World’s population- are experiencing good & bad effects of booming economic growth & environmental degradation, & are about to overtake traditional modern Western Economic Powers. China’s export economy grew almost 1000% (1970- 2010) and household income almost 500% in 11 years (2002- 2013) to $4800. ($4800. in China buys so much compared to America! The U.S. debt is over $23 trillion!!! No wonder Pres. Trump is so alarmed about the American economy versus China!  From every direction, our World is being SHAKEN UP- EVERYONE IS BEING SHAKEN UP by SIGNIFICANT CHANGES. Anyone FEELING our EMOTIONS EXPERIENCING ‘TOO MANY’ PEAKS & VALLEYS- sometimes seemingly 24/7 as portrayed on mainstream news?!! Or have we WITHDRAWN- turned off, tuned out- ESCAPED from complicated relationships & our World in Upheaval? WHO & WHAT DO WE BELIEVE or TRUST TODAY? IS ANY LEADER OR INSTITUTION BEING TRUTHFUL, GIVING, HEROIC ANYMORE? As we hear in Hollywood relationships like Brad & Angelina, ‘WE JUST CAN’T GO ON LIKE THIS ANYMORE!’ Aside from Russia’s meddling in American elections- by the way, isn’t America meddling in Foreign elections?, Pres. Trump’s role sees his role SHAKING AMERICA (& our World?) for GOOD or BAD- and yes- for his own benefit- Do any leaders actually believe in ‘The Rule of Law’ & ‘The Law Applies to Me???’ Demolition is sometimes very un- BEAUTIFUL in America The Beautiful! Worldwide, we ALL AGREE- WE REALLY CAN’T GO ON LIKE THIS!

TO GIVE IS TO LIVE!!!  But OUR HEARTS BEING IN THE RIGHT PLACE, WE MAY STAND IN THE EYE OF THE STORMY WEATHER- THE WORLD WIDE WHIRLWIND- WHERE EVERYTHING IS CALM! WHERE WE LOOK OUT SEEING ALL THE CHAOS SWIRLING! So many Chances to Help Set Everything Right! A kind encouraging word instantly bringing healing to a lost soul! Your Endlessly Appreciating HEART- THANKSGIVING FOR OUR BLESSINGS EVERY DAY- not only on Thanksgiving!  Seeing a Need like Princess Diana & Helping Others- Isn’t Angelina stepping up in humanitarian efforts? Brad has $50 million he could donate by bending on one knee -truly showing Angelina he’s been reborn into a gentle person of peace & understanding! Our World is un-Beautiful & Sickly only on account of ‘I-Me-My’ Bad Living! 

To be the struggling swimmer- BUT RESCUED BY A HERO STEPPING UP while cowards fell back!  Real Doctors aspire to be HEROES- not simply Doctors! No media accolades needed- HEROES ARE MODEST- Among many WONDERFUL QUALITIES in REAL HEROES!!! Or to SELF RESCUE- HOW FUN- LOVE IT- I CAN DO THIS!!! Or Like Emma Watson, we’ll other ways SELF PARTNER & bingo bangle, Bob’s Your Uncle, right Emma?!! (That’s as explicit as ‘All Ages’ gets!) TO BE A RESCUER IS TO GIVE when you could have looked/walked away! TO GIVE IS TO LIVE!!! To BE NEEDED- We ALL ARE NEEDED! To hold LIBERTY’S LAMP- OPEN THE GOLDEN DOOR to a BETTER FUTURE!

You holding the door open for someone else= Good Karma from Karma Bank! Breaking Free the Shackles of Corruption, Inequality including Economic Inequality, Ignorance, Oppression, Fear!  Bringing smiles,  justice & hope to broken, tearful faces! BEING A HERO IN YOUR DAILY LIFE EXACTLY AS WE ARE with all our weaknesses & shortcomings! Rather than being a purse snatcher story: Yes- just happened! Left the store but my intuition 6th sense called me to go back- I ‘self partnered’ with my intuition- Just shopped already! but deferred to my intuition ‘better half’ … Approached the store door- Lady thoughtfully brought & properly parked her cart- leaving her purse behind! Imagine her PANIC ATTACK upon arriving home- her INTUITION nagging at her- ‘YOU FORGOT SOMETHING IMPORTANT!!!’ Brought her purse to several store staff & also phoned local Police asking if I acted correctly, my INTUITION YELLING ‘If you acted correctly??? Am I ‘Self Partnered’ with a dim lighted human or what?’ ‘Why did you step up- Answer the Need?’ I don’t know- just seemed like the Right Thing to do…. My self partnering INTUITION screaming ‘SEEMED like he RIGHT THING? O.M.G.!’    Enjoy a Wonderful Thanksgiving America & Joyful Holiday Season to All Faiths & Cultures around the World! Don’t you dare NOT TAKE CARE OF your mental, emotional, physical (& spiritual) HEALTH & YES- DO bring PEACE, LOVE, MUSIC & HAPPINESS INTO YOUR WORLD NOW CAUGHT IN THE WHIRLWIND, SHAKEN TO THE CORE! BE THE HERO YOU REALLY ARE- SAVE YOUR WORLD & YOU SAVE YOURSELF! We can only save & free ourselves & our loved ones by seeing our situation clearly- including all the chaos! (Or in my case, my INTUITION apparently does the seeing in our ‘self partnering’ LOVE AFFAIR!)  Nov. 28, 2019   by Brianca  In all the feasting and celebrating Thanksgiving, kinda forgot- Did I gobble gobble 5 heaping platefuls or six? Tomorrow-Tomorrow- Be a vegetarian again tomorrow- It’s only a DAY AWAY!!!   Lane            Burp!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                The CHRISTMAS SPIRIT & HEALING- Are you READY for LOVE?!!                                                        

  • First- A devil’s bargain- DANGERS of bad vaporous ‘spirits:’ ‘Vaping’ being highlighted in 2019 mainstream news is OLD NEWS! I witnessed vaping style get-togethers as A MAJOR ISSUE back in 2003- teens ‘addicted’ to daily vaping- and coughing, hacking, …! A spin off from smoking with cigarette companies DELIBERATELY ADDICTING YOUNG TEENS TO GET THEIR $$$ FOR A (SHORTER) LIFETIME- causing them suffering, declining lung capacity & health! A devil’s bargain! Back in the ’40s, smarter athletes already figured out- contrary to all the barrage of advertising lies about smoking, manliness & health, cigarette smoking IS ALWAYS dangerous- not glamorous to destroy one’s own health! Advertisers try anything to prey on our insecurities and weaknesses, GENERALLY FOR THEIR BENEFIT- NOT NECESSARILY FOR OURS! Addictive products can hook victims quickly before they realize they are being SET UP! Why ever succumb to ‘following the herd behavior’ if we sense it is potentially risky, dangerous & harmful.
  • Don’t ever go lookin’ for trouble- Make it hard as possible for troubles to find YOU! My athletic friend dove into shallow water breaking her neck- now confined to a wheel chair! Smart as a whip too! What a tragedy- one bad decision, while I was a risk/adrenaline freak wearing out my Guardian Angel saving me from myself! A one second reckless decision, consequences lasting her life time!  We are designed SOCIAL BEINGS- we create BONDED GROUPS together! We want to BELONG! But we never feel embarrassed or afraid to stand up for ourselves as intelligent individuals, right! Girl friends would say to me- “Oh, Bri- think I’ll pass on that ‘FUN?'” ‘You ONLY LIVE ONCE, I’d say!’ “THAT’S WHAT WE’RE THINKING BRI! We’ll stay here- watch & try to rescue you!” But today- Only Do THE BEST FOR OURSELVES & OTHERS- ALWAYS! ‘I have a bad feeling about ….’ No thanks- I intend to ENJOY MY ABILITIES, TALENTS & OPPORTUNITIES- I CHERISH LIFE- NEVER NEVER RISK LOSING ANY OF WHAT LIFE HAS GIVEN US!!! (But today riding my scooter or motorcycle, guys always want to know- “How big is the engine & your fastest speed is- …?” We may be ADRENALIN JUNKIES, … BUT WE HAVE BRAINS, HEARTS & REIGN EVERYTHING BACK TO BEHAVE OURSELVES BECAUSE PRETTY HARD TO REVERSE A TRAGIC ACTION & CONSEQUENCE affecting everyone! Ever ALERT, Right?
  • Even quieting our WILD CHILD WITHIN, tricky escaping risky behavior- Just purchased headphones online- built in China discounted to $56.  advertised as the “studio reference standard for 50 years.” California warning sticker says “Cancer & Reproductive Harm!” Comfortable & Beautiful Sounding product but should we BE ENJOYING FAB SONGS WHILE AT THE SAME TIME CONTRACTING A HORRIBLE DISEASE!  Is China sending us dangerous products including tainted foods &  drugs because they ‘don’t really care about us’ or WORSE- to make us sick, internally weaken our FREE SOCIETIES? Sending us TROJAN HORSES at imaginary GOOD PRICES? Saved $$$ in return for using their cancer causing crap? What IS OUR WONDERFUL HEALTH WORTH? ARE WE ALERT TO ADVERTISERS LURING US IN TO PURCHASES PRODUCTS WHICH ARE HARMFUL- AS CORRECTLY USED?!!  (Big Business or Big Pharma can act like the proverbial serpent in the Garden in Eden tempting us to “Eat This- Thou shall surely not die!” Thanks for Californian Laws alerting us! GOD/ALLAH Keep Us on top of our wave, AWAY FROM THE SHARKS below!
  • If “The Creator” or “Mother Nature & Evolution” considered it beneficial for us to ingest harmful garbage destroying our lungs & health, … stuff we apply or ingest causing us cancer & reproductive harm, … THEY would have already included these horror experiences in our living! BUT THEY LOVE US!!! Not only LOVE US BUT TRUST US NOT TO DO ANYTHING TOO STUPID GUMMING UP THE WORKS! (Unfortunately some of us LEARN THE HARD WAY!) But never think ‘Nobody LOVES US?’ We were BUILT BY LOVE FOR LOVE- EVERYONE!!!   Unfortunately our upbringing & early nurturing may be poor- temporarily restraining our happiness and development! Extreme poverty, war & violence, addictions, political upheavals, economic disparity, environmental & climate change disasters, …. But if we ‘hang tight,’ LIFE WILL HELP US FIND OUR WAY OUT OF A ‘BAD UNFORTUNATE TEMPORARY SITUATION.’ Our brains, emotions, physical selves are BUILT FOR LOVE, JOY, SOCIAL INTERACTION & CREATIVITY! WE ARE CREATED BY LOVE for LOVE for God’s sake!!!
  • THE MEANING of LIFE? Not very complicated at all- Ringo’s been telling us for years! Peace, (creativity- music, …) and LOVE! GIVING! Being Thankful! FUN!!!!!!! FINDING OUR HAPPY & SHARING WITH OTHERS! The Spirit of Christmas! Santa bringing presents to every child, 9 or 99 years young! Everyone being accepting, joyful, DIGGING LIFE- in harmony among all our rainbow variations & cultures!  (Yes! We all love our ‘stuff’ we buy but Big Business doesn’t LOVE US really as much as we believe- loves our $$$! BET you already figured this out as a young child in store with Mama- “Mama I want that- Mama Please Mama- I NEED THAT!!!” ‘Sorry Sugarplum- The Stork didn’t bring a bagful of- $$$ don’t go falling from the sky like Manna from Heaven!’)  Because we are social beings by nature, we are influenced by crowd behavior , especially our peers and our ‘STARS.’ But sometimes crowd behavior can act like a virus, a social infection! Well if ‘everybody’ is getting high or drunk- ‘everybody’ catching a social herd DISEASE/INFECTION! If our so-called ‘Friends & References’ who can vouch for us include adrenaline risk taking junkies, gang bangers, drug addicts, a petrie dish of sexual diseases, … get high/drunk weekly- wanna call them? Not a HELPFUL DESCRIPTION ON YOUR EMPLOYMENT RESUME OR FOR ATTEMPTING TO FIND A WONDERFUL LIFE PARTNER!!! THANKFULLY, WE ARE DESIGNED BY LOVE TO LIVE & CREATE JOYFULLY, to recover from rough handling brought on by ourselves or others! 
  • “And a man comes on an’ tells me: “How WHITE my shirts can be- And that he can’t be a man ’cause he doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me”  (Timeless lyric by The Rolling Stones *music group BUT- *Name & ‘everything’ appropriated/ ripped off from African American culture- McKinley Morganfield “Muddy Waters”- father of modern Chicago Blues- “I Can’t Be Satisfied,” “Mannish Boy” ripped off for the clone hit “Bad to the Bone!”… “I Just Wanna Make Love to You!” … Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Howlin’ Wolf, … James Brown, … dancing style. (Origins of rock an roll feature African American Jackie Brenston- “Rocket 88″/ ‘Rock Around the Clock style’ highlighting Ike (Tina) Turner & The Kings of Rhythm.  “Rocket 88 recorded March, 1951 by Sam Phillips for Sun Records, et al.
  • Imitation- Considered The Highest Form of FLATTERY but actually PREDATORY BEHAVIOR is an epidemic social disease in our music & cultural industries- including FRANKENweinCRIMEstein style, or among our elite business, political, … class like Jeffrey FRANKEPsteinCRIME types- IMAGINE WHAT FRANKEPsteinCRIME could REVEAL about OUR ELITE CLASS WERE HE ALIVE?!!  How do we uncover what he knew & bring our elites to Justice? Maybe Randy Andy was just the tip of the ICEBERG HEARTED PREDATORS RUNNING OUR WORLD?!! Thankfully, we all are WISE GUYS TODAY & ALERT TO THE TWERPS, PERPS & ASSORTED JERKS, RIGHT??!! Hear Buffalo’, N.Y.’s  Catholic Church still has 200 lawsuits to resolve over Priestly Beastly Misconduct!
  • Speaking of TWERPS, PERPS & ASSORTED JERKS, what messes are our fearless LOSERS- correction- LEADERS up to CELEBRATING GOOD CHEER & CHRISTMAS SPIRIT? We’ve been predicting Pres. Trump falling into ‘IMPEACHMENT JAM’ for 2 years- Now Dec. 5, 2019 ‘Boy- these lemons are SOUR’ FACED Pelosi is finally about to drop impeachment Writs/Articles of Impeachment scolding The President! (Who saw that coming?) At NATO, a vexed Pres. Trump- “WITCH HUNT!” is scolding ex Drama Teacher/QUEEN Canada’s P.M. Trudeau- “You’re still not spending 2% of G.D.P. on defense … How much are you spending, Justin?” “Well- Uh Uh- My assistants do all my homework for me- anybody know???” Justin sweats buckets under Trump’s HAIRY EYEBALL GLARE! “We’ve certainly increased our spending by- well- uh uh ALOT- I’ll tell you that!” And so it goes- the next day Pres. Trump, like music star divas- Madonna, Lady Gaga, … shows up late! Feelings hurt, Justin gossips among World Leaders- ‘He ALWAYS SHOWS UP LATE- Holding press A. & Q.s, making a BIG SHOW! …’ So Pres. Trump joins the sour lemon faced crowd calling Justin “TWO FACED!” Actually the President should have said FOUR FACED- Justin’s WHITE SKINNED FACE, HIS PAINTED ON BROWN OR BLACK FACE LOOK, and his behind Trump’s back GOSSIPING FACE! But isn’t Justin one of our BEST HOPES? YIKES!!!
  • Sour faced French President & protester shooting, slithering *electric eel, Miguel  Macron calls NATO “Stupid” saying the U.S.S.R.- SOVIET I, WAS DANGEROUS BUT TODAY SOVIET II IS NOT AT ALL A THREAT- PEACE & LOVE FLOWER POWER CHILD, VLAD THE IMPALER!!! Amazed to hear mainstream media pitying Justin Trudeau being paired at one point with Latvia’s leaders for talks! Ukraine & The Balkans facing Soviet II’s IRON FIST! Ukraine’s President Zelensky, for example, holds our future in his hands! Who will carry our World Peace and at what cost?
  • Pres. Trump’s impeachment is based on his dialogue with Ukraine’s leaders! President Zelensky- Crimea, … TAKEN BY FORCE by Russia & Ukraine’s Zelensky is attempting to broker peace and restore it’s border from the Russian Bear. But faces criticism from Pres. Trump- “Ukraine is corrupt!” Such harmful dialogue at a critical moment in history! Zelensky is attempting to hold THE WORLD TOGETHER in difficult political circumstances! “It’s quiet when the (ongoing fighting) weapons fall silent and people speak up!” … (Some quarters want me to fully engage!) “I WILL NOT AGREE TO GO TO WAR IN THE DONBASS! I CANNOT SEND FIGHTERS THERE! Hundreds of thousands will die, and then an all out war in Ukraine and then ACROSS EUROPE!”
  • Zelensky points out “United States is a SIGNAL FOR THE WORLD!” When Pres. Trump called mainstream news media “FAKE NEWS” rightly or wrongly, terrible regimes across our World acted on Trump’s cue/SIGNAL naming their own Country’s critics and critical media as terrorists, traitors, fake news purveyors to be shut down, arrested & killed! France, Spain, etc. joined the dozens of Countries justly facing protests by concerned citizens but acting brutally- deliberating shooting & imprisoning whoever speaks against Government abuses, corruption! Stopping free speech, basic human rights! “The United States is THE SIGNAL FOR THE WORLD!” Zelensky says. “If you’re our strategic partner, you can’t go blocking aid for Ukraine!” “The WHOLE WORLD would support Ukraine to this happening” (Russia led war in Ukraine) “America is one of THE KEYS!” For instance, Pres. Trump signed “The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act” Nov. 19, 2019. American brutal sanctions are inducing protests in Iranian strongholds and elsewhere cutting off innocent people’s basic needs & ability to survive. Across our World most countries are afraid to undermine America’s lead in stopping trade with sanctioned Governments/Countries. Nations rise or go into turmoil upon U.S. support or heavy sanctions. Russia & China are buoyed by United States unnerving alliances, weakening Governments, allowing for chaos. Enabling Russia & China to slip in power vacuums, destabilize or restabilize, install puppets & consume Countries wealth & populations!  IMPALE FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY everywhere!
  • (*Apologies to cuddly electric eel Miguel in his/her/other CHRISTMASSY dEELightful ELECTRICAL PERFORMANCE POWERING CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTS AT A TENNESSEE AQUARIUM! Together now EVERYBODY PLEASE SING- ‘Miguel’- “YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE YOU GIVE ME HOPE >>>!!! “Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the Aquarium Not a sea creature was swimming On account Miguel was a- scaring- ’em! Please help everybody-create Miguel’s ELECTRIFYING SONG BOOK! Right on Ringo- GOOD SPORT! You’ll change your lyrics to “We All Live in Miguel’s Aquarium, Miguel’s Yellow Submarine- Wet Christmassy Dreams!” (Psst- Ringo! is ALL AGES! Right- Bri- “LOVELY CHRISTMASSY SCENES!” Thanks- Ringo! Psst. Always wanted to ask about the cost of achieving PEACE & LOVE- Expensive? Ringo picks up his drum sticks, performs a drum roll- “Listen to an expert on PEACE & LOVE versus KILLING”- Steve Killelea: (While it’s true) “It is much harder to build peace than it is to destroy it” … “The economic impact of violence reached $$$14.8 trillion in 2017, 12.4% of Global G.D.P., $2,000 per person! (Cymbal Crash) But (drum roll) “Over the past decade, Countries that improved in PEACE, had G.D.P. Growth rates almost 7 times HIGHER than Countries that DECREASED in PEACE! These REMARKABLE FIGURES UNDERSCORE the ECONOMIC BENEFITS of PEACE!!! (Cymbal Crash!) Eisenhower’s STARK WARNING ABOUT THE RISING MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is what we see today- Pres. Trump bragging about all the American sales in ARMING OUR WORLD- Saudi Arabia, etc. with all the bombing in Yemen …. (top 5 to 2008 was: U.S. 41%; Russia 17%; France 8%; U.K. 7%; Germany 3%; top 5 in 2016 in war trade $: U.S. 9.9; Russia 6.4; Germany 2.8; France 2.2; China 2.1;) (The Institute for Economics & Peace developed 23 indicators to chart Peace Scores- based on internal civil war, fights with neighboring Countries, corruption, repression, rates of incarceration, and so on. (see also Forbes, D. Dudley, June 6, 2018 on The Institute)- What a brilliant but obvious approach- In a too $$$ oriented, BOTTOM LINE corporate/business world, demonstrate PEACE IS THE BEST- BY FAR! APPROACH TO ANY COUNTRY’S ECONOMIC PROSPERITY!)  Dec. 5, 2019  by Brianca  in a SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS CHEER- PEACE & LOVE TO ALL WHATEVER  YOUR FAITH/BELIEF, CULTURE or PRACTICE!!! Lane 
  • Remember- Kids from 1 to 100 years young- He knows when you been bad or good so be good for goodness’s sake!
  • And for anyone thinking women of yore were not ALL THAT compared to today, my 100 year old relative was on her own at 18, put herself through University, ran her school, rode a one horse open sleigh to arrive early and fire up the wood burning stove, picked out her future husband at a University SADIE HAWKIN’S DANCE- ‘girls’ ask the ‘boys’ of their choosing  to dance, etc. etc. Always spoke up for herself! Every female relative I met from ‘the olden days’ was/is a sweet human being about whom ANYONE WOULD INSTANTLY SAY- Smart- Down to Earth & Practical- Warm, Open Hearted- Compassionate to the Poor- Lived through Hard Times, Wars & Dirty Thirties Poverty, … Happy- Feels Successful- VERY LOVELY!!! Loyal to the END!- No toss away Spouses or Friends- No Cold Cookies nor Electric Eels! (Apologies to Miguel for the slight!) Made everyone WELCOME- SO GLAD YOU DROPPED BY IS ALL YOU WOULD HEAR & FEEL!!!!!! Oh- and “BLESS YOU!” or “BLESS MY HEART”- “Look who dropped by to visit us Dear!!! Why- …” You felt SO SPECIAL! Holiday Love, Brianca                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WORLDWIDE WHIRLWIND  FACED OFF AGAINST OUR COURAGE, HEART & BRAINS!!!     LIVING IN AN AQUARIUM- Are You Ready to WIN & Hold Sacred Your FREEDOMS & EQUALITY???                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Guess we’ve discovered the science behind Pres. Trump’s shocking & unpredictable behavior! Miguel the Electric Eel emits higher voltage shocks in his aquarium when he’s EXCITED- like eating, causing BIGGER FLASHES! In combative mode, Pres. Trump in his WHITE HOUSE Aquarium emits higher voltage shocks, insults, erratic behavior & taller tales! He’s like a humanoid ELECTRIC EEL, for-gosh-sake! Democrats attempting to impeach- calling him SLIMY, his motives so FISHY in exasperating beleaguered Ukraine being clawed by the Russian Bear- SOVIET II! Fearless Heroine Hillary- hooked & tossed aside though winning the popular vote by 3 million, waits just outside the WHITE HOUSE Aquarium Wings, Ready? Willing to brave Pres. Trump’s REVOLTING SHOCKING INSULTS should The Dems. be unable to produce a capable 2020 Presidential Challenger?
  • Voltage prone, ever electrically charged Pres. Trump fiercely punching hard against imagined dangers- domestic & World Wide. Attempting to impose BINDING FATWAS as a Supreme Religious Style Emotionally Charged Ruler Domestically- above ‘The Rule of Law.’  And arbitrary brutal, suffering, death & riot causing economic & trade war style sanctions against Foreign Countries not bending on one knee to his will & business interests!  SHOCKING to hear a poll among Mexicans viewing United States as their BIGGEST THREAT! And COUSINS in CANADA where less than 50% viewed United States even as an ALLY!
  • As Ed Sheeran smartly remarked (reading The Seduction of The Virgin Mental Patient), even a seemingly ‘slight poor choice’ comment- “Oh- Bit Chubby There” often triggers surprising dramatic unintended? repercussions!!! (Prince Charles slight to his Bride to be BUT NOT THE LOVE of His Life, Sacrificial Virgin Lamb, Princess Diana- Queen of Our Hearts!) To the probable DELIGHT of China, Russia & Iran- now BEING DRIVEN UNINTENTIONALLY by Pres. Trump TO FORM AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE, Lady Liberty’s GOLDEN GLOW, FREEDOM’S OPEN DOOR, WELCOMING HEART is being crushed in the eyes of the World! Crushing the Spirit of Lady Liberty- The Light of Our World, is really why The Dems. are attempting to impeach Pres. Trump. But ‘DESTINY’ CALLED OUT FOR A POLITICAL LEADER TO SHAKE OUR WORLD NOW!!! We really have to change for Life on Earth to SURVIVE! Trump heard & answered THE CALL- he’s certainly FORCED everyone- we admit- in the rudest manner! to WAKE UP, TAKE A STAND, BE HEARD!  ‘People Kind’ in Country after Country waking up protesting for FREEDOMS & EQUALITY including Economic Opportunities & Equality, Human Rights, Climate & Environmental ‘JUSTICE,’ … Thank you Pres. Trump- Unorthodox Approach, for sure! Not a pleasant experience at all!  But you’ve accomplished WAKING OUR WORLD- EVERYONE happy or cranky is finally paying attention! YOU DID IT!!! Now for God’s SAKE- The Dems. plead- Please get the hell-o! off the World Stage enabling Political Leaders who are not FATWA Decree Style Narcissistic Dictators to Better Handle Domestic and especially World Relationships! A Brookings Institute Study examined the Turnover in Trumpville! 51 among 65 top executive officer positions- 16 positions turned over at least twice! Also 15 top Cabinet positions. (Kathryn Tenpas) 
  • Did we ADEQUATELY RALLY & PERSEVERE in times of GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY- Like the ’60’s, our age of AQUARIUS ‘DREAMSCAPES,’ a time in DESTINY when EVERYTHING IS SUDDENLY POSSIBLE! When Social Change BLOOMS LIKE GARDEN FLOWERS! World Healing Is At our Fingertips, Touching our Blessed Hearts!! (But Kennedys, … killed!) A time of ENCHANTMENT- BEAUTIFUL, BRAINY, DELIGHTFUL, GOLDEN VOICED Music Waterfalls like Joni Mitchell, her BRILLIANT songs “Both Sides Now,” … “we’ve paved Paradise, put in a Parking Lot!” …they’ll put all the trees in a tree museum- charge a dollar and a half just to see’um!” “We are Star Dust-We Are Golden! And we Got to get Ourselves Back to The GARDEN!”  Ringo-  wherefore our DESTINY- PEACE, LOVE, BEAUTY, CREATIVITY ever flowing from our beloved ’60s artists? … Restoring the SACRED in OUR EARTHLY GARDEN? Loud but unappreciated warnings against the Military Industrial complex by Pres. Eisenhower? Missed Opportunities with the ’80’s & ’90’s  collapse of The evil U.S.S.R.!  Princess Diana, Queen of Our Hearts, …. Restoring our DREAMS once again! The brutal ESTABLISHMENT EVER ENEMY OF SOCIAL CHANGE!  Oh- The SUN’LL STILL COME OUT TOMORROW- “Clear away ALL THE COBWEBS & SORROWS TOMORROW”- We’ll Do It Tomorrow- “Only a Day Away!!!” (from the play “Annie”)   Yes- LOVE TODAY’S plain Jane ‘GRETA Thunbergs’ but “Where Have All the FLOWERS  GONE- Long Time Passing?!” (Pete Seeger) Our DELIGHTFUL, GORGEOUS, IRRESISTIBLE, BRILLIANT, ARTISTIC & ‘ALL THAT!!!’ ARCHETYPES we recklessly passed over in the preceding 60 years!!!!!! 
  • Is our technology taking us backwards? Yesterday, relived early adrenaline rush motorcycling days by riding my scooter through a STORM! Every sensory perception ALERT – TIME SLOWING DOWN- ESP CLICKING ON- “RIDER ON THE STORM!” (The Doors) “In Judas’s World we’re born! …” But for younger people today- everything’s toss away, fake news &/or simulated like Gaming or “Fox versus CNN” warring for better ratings! 90% electric eel shock treatment, freaked out emotions & 3 Stooges style slap stick name calling & antics! So turned off ‘The Boob Tube’ & listened to the radio for serious discussion. Exactly same shock emotional 5 year old antics & name calling! Time to feed both the Dem. & Republican talking heads to Aquarium electric eels? So checked out science programming for serious thinking- We trust Science & Technology to better or lives, right?
  • Or embitter our lives? China scientists are attempting to bend & combine Life Forms-  pig & monkey DNA/genes to enable pigs to grow human organs for transplantation- for our benefit. (Unfortunate side effect is we will SNORT instead of SPEAK after a successful transplant!) But America already crossed filthy pigs & humans to create FrankenWeinstein & FrankenEpstein, right Rose McGowan?
  • In our busy Christmas/Various Religious & Civil Holiday Season, we should be mindful about SAFETY given Worldwide Protests & Upheavals. Indexes are created giving us a comparative sense of danger/risk. For example,   lists the worst & safest countries & why? for L.G.B.T.Q+ identified individuals. for SOLO travelling females. Women’s Danger Index with rankings. Worst 5 Countries for women to visit solo are South Africa, Brazil, RUSSIA- Soviet II, Mexico & Iran! United States is listed as a very DANGEROUS Western World Country to visit! Homicide rate 7.4% of deaths for ages 20- 24. BLACK FEMALES 15.7%!!! In our familiar surroundings, we learn where and when and with whom and in what situations we are safe. When we travel and are open TO NEW ADVENTURES- WE MAY PLACE OUR LIVES AT RISK! Also, be careful about SELF MEDICATING- drugs, alcohol, etc. (Oh- Right- Bri riding Scooters in STORMS for the adrenaline rush & feeling FEARFULLY EXCITED cautioning about our SAFETY!) Our EMOTIONS, MEMORIES & EXPECTATIONS SOMETIMES GO BANANAS FOR GOOD OR BAD DURING HOLIDAYS- PLEASE BE SAFE & DON’T FREAK OUT TOO MUCH!!! Some wonderful people like you gotta hold themselves & our World Together for the sake of everyone! SAVE THAT Wild Child Side in Yourself FOR UPCOMING 2020 PROTESTS & GOOD CAUSES- EVERYTHING’S HEATING UP AROUND OUR WORLD- SOCIAL CLIMATE included! In the ’50’s & ’60’s we could choose AMONG GOOD SOCIAL CHANGES! But today, Social Change Train’s a rockin’ & rollin’ – We’re on board driving it or it’s coming fast upon us!  
  • Gov’t. BY & FOR or AGAINST The People? If Google, Face Book, etc. track everyone & have dates, locations, activities, preferences, profiles, conversations, correspondence, … on everyone’s behavior inside or outside homes & offices, should they spill the beans on filthy humanoid pigs involved in criminal acts- for instance sex slaves, trafficking vulnerable victims? On every ‘vampire’ involved in sex slave trader’s- Jeff Epstein’s lengthy criminal history! Because politicians & other Gov’t. officials, legal authorities- Judges, … corporate & private beneficiaries of Gov’t. funding & contracts are undoubtedly involved, our World’s National/International Security Interests are COMPROMISED until offenders are outed and brought to Justice! Justice must not be denied nor Trumped! An IMPEACHABLE OFFENCE because suppressing such info. compromises National Security. Gov’t. BY & FOR THE PEOPLE among World Leaders- or Gov’t. AGAINST THE PEOPLE? Google, Face Book, … could easily be served warrants to produce all the predator’s involved information.
  • But every government appears terrified about modern computing technology being able to determine election outcomes. With GOOD REASON BECAUSE serious computing genius’s- especially FORMER (NOW WHISTLE BLOWING) INSIDERS in GOOGLE & FACE BOOK’ etc.- are terrifying us about their unlimited reach into EVERY INDIVIDUAL’S BEHAVIOR & DECISION MAKING! Tracking our every choice & correspondence- including so much GOVERNMENT classified/secret info. Russia & James Brien Comey, – Happy Birthday J.B. Dec. 14!, former F.B.I. Director, threw the 2016 Presidential Election Trump’s way! So the Democrats are convinced Soviet II  AGAIN ! will SUCCESSFULLY play America again! Crown  Prince (deal with the devil through) Donald, TRIPLE AGENT! LOYAL FIRST TO himself; 2nd- Agent TO HIS COUNTRY & America’s feared MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX- approx.? $$$738 Billion proposed for Defense Appropriations-  $$$100 Billion increase towards World chaos, mayhem & suffering; 3rd- Agent to Buddy Vlad the Impaler & Soviet II! 
  • Actually today we all live in an AQUARIUM BEING STUDIED BY Google, Face Book, etc. Everything being tracked & recorded about our internet usage & communications, …. Also attempting to record EVERYTHING INSIDE OUR HOMES using devices like Google Home’s ‘ALWAYS ON’ status. Because Google, Face Book, … can profile us with complete accuracy by all the information gathered, our devices can better serve our interests- GOOD!  BUT ALSO VERY BAD! Because they CAN ALSO DIRECT OUR THINKING & DECISIONS! MAKING CHOICES FOR US! NUDGING US ONE DIRECTION OR ANOTHER & KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT TURNS US ON OR OFF!!!  Without us even being aware we are being LED & CONTROLLED like Miguel The ‘CHRISTMAS SPIRITED’ Electric Eel! We’re HAPPY NOW but what if an evil monster dictator or oligarchy cartel takes the reigns of power? Accesses & controls all the information about us? Big Brother knows what we think, write, say- and with whom, …. What information & sites we access, …. Everything transpiring in our daily activities & also within our HOME LIVING!  That very near FUTURE WORLD is certainly a likely possibility we must overcome!  Living in an aquarium like Miguel- but controlled by Evil ‘Big Brother’- A CHALLENGE FACING US NOW!   Dec. 12, 2019  by Brianca  ‘DESTINY’ -NEVER GIVE UP ON US- For 60 years, we’ve been offered all the ANSWERS- But didn’t follow through- Always We’ll do it ‘Tomorrow.’ But Tomorrow is TODAY! The day We Restore Our Hearts, Our Bodies, Our Minds, Our World! Me-Us-Can-do! Our Agreement for LIFE!   Lane  Smile on your Inside & Outside- and Your World Will Smile Back!!!   Maguel is LIGHTING UP HIS AQUARIUM- Time you & I LIGHTED UP OUR WORLD TOO! BE SAFE! BE AT PEACE IN LOVE WITH LIFE!!! Merry Christmas   Bri   12/12/19                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            WORDS of LOVE- Tell Me Our World Today is HARDLY REAL- BUT REAL LOVE IS ALWAYS REAL!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Greta Thunberg is what- only 16 but she’s already fed up with our World’s psychopath politicians’ evil lying- making all of us crying! Greta says all politicians should be put AGAINST THE WALL to- well, not as we usually apply the phrase but to ‘address difficult questions & situations’ in politically correct speak! To understand politicians’ basic biology we simply turn to Miguel, a seemingly friendly slimy but electric shocking eel. Our typical politicians act as if they are our Friends in the same way the snake in the Garden in Eden story was ‘helping’ Eve! Politicians & their Co-conspirators are chameleons, appearing to be whatever they think we want them to be until they gain POWER! They take advantage of our imagining they are ‘For the People!’ (For the People’s CONTROL UNDER POLITICIANS & THEIR ABOVE THE LAW SCHEMES!) Like Miguel- our electric eel being observed & studied in his Tennessee Aquarium- in his/her/other EXCITED STATE emits electric shocks lighting up a Christmas tree, Pres. Trump’ shocking & now predictable behavior mirrors the science behind Miguel’s Miracle! Our humanoid Darwinian? ‘electric eel’ political leaders- Archetype Being Pres. of The Not UNITED but Extremely EXCITED STATES of America!  is in his modest self assessment- our  ‘most unappreciated BRILLIANT GENIUS BENT ON MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!’  But as to the ‘Demon- Critics/Democrats,’ NO GOOD DEED by ‘The TRUMPETER’ MUST GO UNPUNISHED! Our Trumpeter Eel in his White House Aquarium, emits high voltage, inflammatory shocking speeches- taller tales of ‘injustices & “Witch Hunts!!!’, the usual assorted nutty insults, squeaks & tweets out- 123+ REVOLTING, SHOCK TALK TWEETS last Thursday! 
  • “Chief Witch Hunter” Prima Donna Pelosi, in The Trumpeter’s view, places The Impeachment Hood over his head & the House of Many Horrors! Demon- Critic/Democratic- not! Representatives  vote to IMPEACH- The IMPEACHMENT ROPE on display including NOOSE for The GREAT WHITE GOOSE- as we predicted two years ago! A ‘mark of the beast’ brand STAINING HIS GLORY in future history books The Trumpeter fumes electrically! And all for what? According to The Trumpeter- ‘FAKE NEWS’ since his ascendancy as The Great White Hope for America into the Oval Office! As Darwinian Donald sees it, ‘two kinds of Electric Eels in our World’s Supreme Aquariums- Winners versus Losers/Whiners!’
  • According to our MACHIAVELLIAN Politicians- Greta- Are you listening against your wall? World Over, Politicians depend on being cunning, scheming, unscrupulous, … These slimy Eels adopt any means to WIN, to defeat opposition- believing anything is ‘acceptable’ because Politicians’ Think is: ‘Winners get all the  RIGHTS & POWERS, & LOSERS GET/’DESERVE’ ALL THE OPPRESSION & POVERTY!’ The hundreds of Justice & Equality Protests emerging around our World are Citizens WAKING UP to The Darwinian Model Politicians & Warmongers- Military Industrial, … Complex BASE THEIR ACTIONS ON! As a ‘Winner,’ Pres. Trump sees  ABUSE of POWER & OBSTRUCTION of CONGRESS charges as ‘FAKE NEWS!’ Our Darwinian believing Politicians see themselves as ‘BEING THE LAW’ or ‘BEING ABOVE THE LAW!’  For example, ‘trumped up charges’ against The Trumpeter are viewed as the Dems angry about losing in 2016 and justifiable  worried Trump will OUTFOX them again in 2020!! “Witch Hunted Down, Charged & Ruled Impeached”- but not yet TRUMPED- in his view, The Darwinian Donald though ‘UNJUSTLY ACCUSED’-  faces TRIAL BUT SUPPORT by  fellow U.S. Senate Machiavellian Eels! In similar ‘Political Psychosis,’ Nobel Peace Prize & pro- Democracy darling symbol Suu Kyi asks the United Nation’s top court this week to abandon condemning Myanmar’s armed forces, … for the DELIBERATE WELL OBSERVED & DOCUMENTED GENOCIDE of Rohingya Muslims.
  • Seemingly in a PSYCHOTIC STATE, our Politicians don’t GET IT modern thinking ‘People Kind’  DEMAND A NEW WORLD- NOT A TWO CLASS Darwinian SYSTEM BY WHICH ruthless psychopath narcissistic schemers GET IT ALL & leave the oppressed majority to fight for rights, dignity & equity scraps- under the thumb of Big Brother’s 24/7 glare! (Rohingya Muslims are denied citizenship based on a 1982 ‘LAW,’ as well as education, government jobs, freedom of movement, etc. They are raped & killed, their villages burned, forcing survivors to attempt escape to anywhere!!!) Our Political Machiavellian Darwinian self described ‘Winners’ exist in a parallel psychotic state of narcissism, self importance & indulgence! We see Canada’s Political Pop Star World Darling, Justin Trudeau, parroting current progressive thinking ALWAYS in his SPEECHES, but not personally in his behavior & lifestyle. Often forgetting to PLAY THE PART ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPT but  WILLINGLY PROTECTED by mainstream mass media!
  • In our so called FREE WORLD we witness constant attempts to criminalize being poor, mentally ill, being a ‘member’ of  an oppressed group, race, culture, gender, orientation, religion, …. Attempts to criminalize OBJECTING TO or PROTESTING ABOUT oppression, denial of rights, equality, freedom, justice, dignity!  But everywhere a Rising Tide IS GATHERING- PEOPLE COMMITTING TO BUILDING A NEW WORLD AQUARIUM to LIGHT & EMPOWER OUR LIVES! LOSE OUR SLIMY REVOLTING POLITICAL EELS! IT’S 2020- OUR BACKS AGAINST THE WALL! WE’RE GOING FOR IT ALL!
  • Our corrupted slithering political class snakes initially appeared to be our ‘Friends’- but became SHOCKINGLY LIKE Miguel ALL THE TIME WORLD WIDE!!! The question THE WHO’s Pete Townsend raised over 50 years ago- “Won’t Get Fooled Again”- AND AGAIN!!!– AND- Oh No- AGAIN? In our Democratic elections do we elect a new snake who quickly becomes as bad or worse than the serpent we just dumped? Left, Right, … Then  Now- Serpent in the Garden feeding us the same ol’ promise & we keep FALLING FOR IT!  “over, under, sideways- DOWN!” (Yardbirds) What if The Trumpeter budgeted $738 billion in 2020 to raise our quality of life instead of spending on hate & endless wars- (military industrial complex, …)  If Soviet II’s Vlad the Impaler, China’s Ping Pong with prodigy N. K.’s Ding Dong, … Iran’s Theological $Billion Bag Man, … all our Political Monsters became simultaneously infected with the Christmas Holiday Spirit- ALL BELIEVED IN THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS PEACE< JOY< CELEBRATING OUR FRIENDSHIP< GIFT GIVING, …? and ended all wars & warmongering in 2020. ‘We fought for 5,000 years- Give it a rest!!!’
  • Just The Demon- Critics/Democrats & The Repub- Flubs U.S. Political Parties intend to waste $10- $12 Billion in Political Advertising on the 2020 U.S. Election  lying to us in expensive ads on Facebook, etc. (Facebook doesn’t fact/face check Political Ads.- ‘Doing the Right Thing- You’re Kidding Right?’ says Markie Z., … $$$Spread any Political line/lie you want! World’s FUTURE not Facebook’s concern!) 
  • Add up all the $$$ spent on, by & for slimy serpents, hate, endless wars, bringing ALL LIFE on Earth AGAINST THE WALL- REDEPLOY EVERYTHING! In 2020 alone, LIFE & BEAUTY BEYOND OUR WILDEST IMAGINATION! Mental illness: ‘Mom/Dad/Other- what’s mental illness?’ ‘Well for 5,000 years People Kind worshiped fear, hate, violence, … dividing all Life into ‘Winners’ & ‘Losers’- ‘Winners’ ALWAYS WANTED MORE- ONLY ALLOWING ‘LOSERS’ SCRAPS, IF ANYTHING! But suddenly 2020 HAPPENED- People kind WOKE UP FROM THEIR PSYCHOTIC NIGHTMARES NOW NO ONE LACKS FOR ANYTHING IN BUILDING PEACE< LOVE< HAPPINESS & CREATIVITY! By not spending half their wealth & energy destroying each other & their World, how EASY to RIGHT THEIR WORLD FROM ALL MISERY! So- like the Ancient Middle Ages plagues- Mental Illness is almost GONE! Ancient Plagues surviving only in children’s songs- “Ring around the Rosie- A pocket full of Posie’s! Hush-A! Hush-A! We all fall DOWN!” Everything FEELING & BEING SO FRESH & NEW- EARTH RISING UP IN CONSCIOUSNESS=  being smarter, healthier, wealthier, creative!’ 
  • Should we Wait until Climate Change or Big Brother makes every decision for us? Forced against the wall & a bad ending or should we can accept Greta’s ‘politically correct’ save as to what she really meant- Let’s DO IT! ADDRESS IT! SOLVE IT! in 2020-  REVOLVE IT! or RESOLVE IT!   In 2020- all wars away forever in history books gathering dust! (Look- Miguel’s sending big electric shock waves lighting up our Christmas Tree! Believes in The Spirit of Christmas! Can someone please ask Santa for a present on Miguel’s behalf- even though Miguel HAS BEEN KIND o’ SLIMY this past year!)  by Brianca  What- Santa sees ‘Sally’ & ‘Mohammed’ not getting along again? Santa KNOWS when you’ve been bad or good- so BE GOOD for GOODNESS’ SAKE!!!  Lane- Love YOU!  See LOVE A PLENTY in 2020  Dec. 19, 2019                                                                                                                                        

    NEW Year’s- Christmas- All Religious & Secular Holidays BEST WISHES! Where Do We Go From Here? R U Ready for 2020? Lights- Action- Showtime! Fires of Change!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               R U Ready for 2020? LIGHTS! ACTION!  2020 and beyond is SHOWTIME for ‘People Kind!’  Mother Earth & The Universe is WATCHING, HOPING, PRAYING for OUR PERFORMANCE TO SAVE ALL LIFE- ‘CREATOR’S’- ‘CREATION’S’ SPECIAL, PRECIOUS PLANET, A ROSE AMONG THORNS IN THE UNIVERSE! MEUSCAN-DO! RIGHT? We’re CREATION’S “A TEAM” We cannot let Ourselves or Mother Earth, Life or Destiny down! (Will spend a few+ weeks compacting articles where possible.) Best Wishes for our best, healthy expression across all Cultures & Societies on Earth! So where are we going in 2020? Been seeing & experiencing  FIRES of CHANGE sweeping across our Earth- Demands for Social, Cultural, Political, Economic, … Equality & Justice Changes & Cleaning House, including Climate Changes & Environmental Cleansing!

Been FEELING your HEALING VIBRATION WAVE- Amazing ‘GOOD VIBRATIONS’ (Beach Boys) building & extending from Readers/Friends- from YOU! Healing Peace, GOODNESS & LOVE- What our World needs NOW! Is our individual & collective colorful, diverse, complex, wonderful awareness/consciousness beginning to RISE UP?! Enabling us to HEAL & address all the messes we face in Earth in 2020+? Enabling orderly changes but not ‘throwing out the Baby with the bath water.’ Keeping Dear in our Hearts whatever is GIVING, HEALING, LOVING in our beliefs, values, behavior, cultures, ….  We’ve seen all the $$$, Lives & Health SACRIFICED- LAMBS to the slaughter! in a hopeless attempt to maintain our present World’s MATRIX ‘Reality.’  U.S. Pres. Trumpeter, for example, calls for $738? billion- a $100 billion increase in 2020 defense/military industrial complex spending- weapons of war,  military build ups & ENDLESS WARS!  A $1.1 trillion? dollar (increased) current year budget deficit for a total debt of $23,086,685,242,023.66 on Christmas Day- (And you think you overspend on your shopping sprees & your debts are driving you into distraction!!!)

The current MATRIX– falsely created ‘REALITY’ is teetering– more $$$, human & other life forms being sacrificed to hold it up from collapse! Dark Arts of fear, greed, hate, corruption, narcissism, autocracy, double/triple conflicting loyalties… being played by many Political Leaders, …. Pretty scary! Citizens’ RISING TIDE demanding SOCIAL, CULTURAL, CLIMATE, ECONOMIC, CHANGE & OPPORTUNITY- EQUALITY & JUSTICE! Young or ‘Young at Heart’- Hang On! Our FUTURE’S PLAYED OUT IN OUR PAST? We’re going Back to the ’60’s AGAIN! Speaking of being young & buffaloed, in 1966 Neil Young & his Buffalo Springfield released a classic 1960’s PROTEST SONG “For What’s Worth.” (by Stephen Still’s HOPEFUL?) For what it’s worth, the lyrics include:

“Something’s happening here- What it is ain’t exactly clear There’s a man with a gun over there (Will be millions more dangerous guns, shooters & violence by 2019)- Telling me I got to beware! …Hey- What’s that sign? Everybody look what (Greta’s et al. got) going down! What a field day for THE HEAT! (But- you think it’s hot in 1966? Just wait ’till Global Warming HITS- Storms & Fires, 2000- 2020, … Police HEAT deliberately targeting Protesters (including ‘civilized’ Countries- Israel, Spain, France, … like a ‘turkey shoot’ or ‘fish in a barrow’ to deliberately maim, blind, kill, demoralize, … Politicians & Police Gangster Tactics Criminalizing Poverty & Protesting, ‘ethnic cleansing’ back in action like WWII  never ended! Endless Wars!  Racializing ‘People Kind’- 5,000 year old Divide & Conquer ‘Dark Arts’ techniques!) A thousand people in the street  Singing (protest) songs & carrying signs …    Battle lines being drawn Nobody’s right if everybody’s (both the demon critics & repub. flubs) wrong (about conflicting loyalties & ‘Witch Hunts’- Are ALL our Politicians ‘Bought & Paid For regardless of election results- not FOR the People?’ Distracting us from REAL ISSUES- Big Brother’s creeping 24/7 Surveillance; eroding Human Rights & Dignity; Endless Wars & Arms Build Ups; social & economic Equity & Justice issues being side lined, ….) Time travelling futurist genius Stills really nails today’s almost world wide 2020 dilemma-

“Paranoia strikes deep-  Into your life it will creep   It hurts when you’re always afraid-  Step out of line, THE MAN COMES & TAKES YOU AWAY!” Stealing our  $$$, BASIC INALIENABLE RIGHTS & FREEDOMS, DIGNITY, ABILITY TO BE FREE FROM 24/7 SURVEILLANCE & A SOCIAL CREDIT REPORT SCORE. In China, for example, The State Big Brother 24/7 SURVEILLANCE System enables each individual to be assigned a SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE- number/mark of THE BEAST!  O.M.A./Oh- My Allah! You are a practicing Muslim- a Believer in Peace!!! Your Inalienable Right, right? But ‘Big China Brother Not Approve- So Sorry but You Now Disappear as a practicing Muslim! Disloyalty to China’s Gov’t. = Abduction & Imprisonment! But Big Brother Clean Mind- YOU RE-EDUCATED! YOUR LUCKY DAY! You Come Back Happy- New Person!’  China- the World’s future economic powerhouse?,  is bent on influencing & controlling our Nations’ resources, big businesses & infrastructure, …. = Political & Military Control/Dominance! ) Social Credit OFFENCES involve details beyond ‘driving impaired’ -Speaking, e mailing, associating, … participating in an organization or activity, … exhibiting a behavior or preference, … NOT APPROVED BY Big Brother= Bye Bye ACCEPTABLE SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE= ‘So Long’ Human Rights & ‘Privileges’= NOT being ALLOWED TO TRAVEL by train after labeled a State ‘Security Risk!’ Bye Bye Income, Employment Opportunities, Friendships, … A Biblical ‘Mark of the Beast’ predicted Social Credit Number Score System.   24/7 SURVEILLANCE STATE- EVERYWHERE! ALL THE TIME!

Among our Free Societies, we welcome our TROJAN HORSE GIFTS into our lives? By our Google, I Phones, … Assist Devices in our homes- surveillance microphones & cameras everywhere outside- as in London, England, Big Brother is increasingly able to track, time & date our every movement! Smile- you’re on FACIAL RECOGNITION SURVEILLANCE! (Clothes look a bit WRINKLED TODAY? Was harassed for a year for my non conforming utility usage and asked to explain over & over IN DETAIL AGAIN why my utility readings did not conform! Big Brother wanted to KNOW my habits & behavior in my home & failure to respond = threats to quadruple+ utility costs! ) Recording & storing everything we say, write, tweet, think, …. Our behavior, everywhere we go, who we associate with, …. ALL AVAILABLE TO BE ACCESSED SHOULD BIG BROTHER DECIDE TO LEAN HARD!  WHAT IS THE DICTATOR’S most sought after weapon if not 24/7 surveillance of us all and complete secrecy by the Dictators? Apparently, a local Toronto, Canada area City spent decades with GOOD citizens restoring magnificent wetlands into it’s former BEAUTIFUL PARADISE- with habitats & species reintroduced, bike paths, …. But enabled 24 billion liters of untreated human waste over 4 1/2 years to flow in destroying the Paradise Lost but Restored. Finally citizens couldn’t stand the stench, … and uncovered the catastrophe. Paradise LOST AGAIN!  City Politicians & Officials- as occurs everywhere all the time, suppressed the catastrophe because informing the Public would be politically unwise for their re-election & the Public’s Confidence. Surfaced a winding, sloping expressway with a substance causing vehicles to slide- AGAIN suppressed  as vehicles crashed! Is a synonym for Politician ‘lying demon?’ Are they able to actually tell the honest truth about anything?

Big Pharma calculates how much $$$ flows in before about 20 years later, the lawsuits take back a percentage of the profits- a calculation determines the overall viability based on FINANCES! WE WISED UP TO THE FINANCIAL GAME OF PREYING ON US POLITICALLY & ECONOMICALLY, HAVEN’T WE- Dumping 24 billion tons of lies & crap onto LADY LIBERTY’S FEET BUT WE HOLD HER TORCH HIGH, HER LIGHT FOR OUR WORLD, THE GOLDEN DOOR IN OUR HEARTS OPEN!!! U.S. Universities adopting 24/7 surveillance of students to create ‘Educational & Social Credit Score Standings?’ Big Brother intervenes ‘AS NECESSARY’ & applies carrots & sticks’ to train students ‘like sheep or pets!’ ‘Let us re- educate America’s children!’   Late for class? Left early? Poor attendance at recommended Campus activities? Made inappropriate conversation, exhibited ‘bad attitude?’ A loner? Big Brother can fix THAT or apply unbearable pressure & penalties to force conformity to PLEASANTVILLE University. Signs of possible Mental Illness- Big Brother INTERVENES to shock you back to conformity- At PLEASANTVILLE U.,  ‘We take unruly rebels & CREATE MODEL CITIZENS Big Brother Displays Proudly (through our University 24/7 Surveillance STUDENT ASSIST APPS!’) Face Off between our worst nightmares in 2020+ versus our INTELLIGENCE & INFORMED GOODNESS & CHARACTER! BUT WE ARE BECOMING STRONGER & HEALTHIER, BETTER ABLE & WILLING TO STAND UP FOR LADY LIBERTY WORLD WIDE & RECLAIM EVERYONE’S INALIENABLE RIGHTS!  EYES WIDE OPEN, HEARTS ON FIRE WORLD WIDE, BETTING WE ARE BECOMING THE CHANGE WE NEED & SEEK! 

Destiny’s call for a TOTAL World Wide WAKE UP & SHAKE UP is underway!  We may not be among ‘the Witchy starlets Hollywood Charmed Ones’ but The GOODNESS VIBES so clearly evident among us are IRRESISTABLE! Evil can be resisted but our NEW clean & clearer healthy vibration for our World is something our World has been begging for. So YES young ‘People Kind’ everywhere, we certainly can turn our dire situations around, individually & collectively while our possessed Politicians ‘witch hunt’ among themselves Impeaching Each Other 100 Times Over- not working FOR THE PEOPLE, corruptly carrying on, incapable of speaking The God’s Truth if their narcissistic life depended on it!  Thanks again to you Donald- answering Destiny’s Call, in crude ibly & stressfully but successfully rudely forcing us AWAKE (leaving everyone with bumps, anxiety attacks and bruised egos!) World Wide we say collectively, We’re not agreeing to this fallen World Wide MATRIX anymore!

As for ourselves, we can say any mental illness diagnosis you or I or anyone unfortunately experiences can be cleared SOONER now Because of YOU- Friend/Reader-‘Your Goodness Vibes’- You’re giving into your World- You collectively produce- ‘Just what The Doctor Ordered!’ Thank you very much! Always believed if we simply let our LOVE & LIGHT SHINE- stopped trusting the fallen World MATRIX ANCHORS propped up by ‘Dark Arts’- fear & hate, divide & conquer, endless warmongering, …  back biting, terrorist lying Politicians, … dragging our World down, our World & our HEALTH SPONTANEOUSLY begins to BOUNCE UP, Life’s Creative Energy begins to bring balance, to breath health into us mentally, emotionally, physically, (spiritually?) once again! FELT IT- REAL- Our World can BOUNCE!!! (Yes- feel a Healthy Bounce reading a smart comment from brilliant Ed Sheeran , feeling Angelina’s true powerful heart- inspired me to write a song as if she was helping me! Rose McGowan’s endless inspiring strength, … But WOW! You Guys!!! No matter you see yourself or your current situation as ‘inadequate,’ Healing Vibes Are Happening BECAUSE YOU SHINE! A New Consciousness Emerges in Your Heart Healing Your World! You certainly ‘Hit Me With Your Best Healing Shot’ Surely people are taking notice! (The Queen scolded Princess Diana- now an Angel, why do spend so much time & energy visiting ‘THOSE PEOPLE’ ‘LOSERS?’- illnesses, poverty, homelessness, actually touching & hugging A.I.D.s patients, for example, when the World stigmatized & feared them so strongly? A: She knew she’d never be allowed to be Queen (of the MATRIX) but rather preferred to be “Queen of The People’s Hearts-” REAL LOVE by a REAL QUEEN!!!  Dec. 26, 2019 by Brianca   Always believed ‘People Kind’ challenged by serious mental illness- (their supporting community, friends & family, … ALLEVIATING THEM FROM POVERTY & ABANDONMENT as Yeshua & God/Allah/ Humanity Cries Out for Compassion- along with caring Health Practitioners,)   were NOT ‘LOSERS’- FORCEFULLY ‘witch hunted’ & scapegoated in most societies- being different/unique individuals! But in fact ARE GIFTED & INHERENTLY GOOD- A BLESSING to our World, GIVEN HALF A CHANCE! Like Princess Diana, Queen of Our Hearts, we see so many wonderful BRIGHT LIGHTS, SUCH HONESTY & FOREVER GIFTS TO OUR WORLD! But finally- THE POWER of GOODNESS to Heal our World! Greta- think we found the secret weapon’ to SAVE OUR WORLD in 2020+ REAL HEALERS- present in the mental health community & Friends, among our star power musicians, actors, …  Everywhere A Plenty- HEALING OUR WORLD in 2020!  Lane                                                         


update Jan. 2, 2020  FIRES of CHANGE! Lights, Cameras, Action- SHOWTIME! HEALING Face-Off!!!

Supposed to begin editing but- After being swept away to write a song When They Drop The Bomb on Dec.31, 2019 & writing ‘FIRES of Change’ (above,)* predicting rise of ASSASSINS over 2 years ago, … ‘SHOWTIME’ IS NOW!!!’ only days after ‘FIRES OF CHANGE!    *”…think we found the secret weapon to save our World … stopped trusting the Fallen World Matrix ANCHORS propped up by ‘Dark Arts’- fear & hate, divide & conquer, endless warmongering, terrorist lying Politicians dragging our World down … U.S. President Trumpeter (sounding the Battle Charge) … We’ve seen all the $$$, LIVES! … SACRIFICED (on the alter of) the military industrial complex- FEARFULLY PREDICTED OVER 60 years ago by U.S. Pres. Eisenhower, $738? billion- a $100 billion? increase- weapons of war, military build ups, endless war ….’ BUT SO THANKFUL ‘seeing’ YOUR GROWING ABILITY TO BRING HEALING INTO OUR WORLD! Yes- you & your supporters are a HEALER in your World! From a stigmatized ‘mental patient’ to a World Class Healing Influence into our World the t.v. reporter will say- but only if their corporate sponsors o.k. it- Ha! Ha!!

If we ‘People Kind’ ‘get our ACT TOGETHER,’ mental & physical illness SPONTANEOUSLY BEGINS DISAPPEARING- HEALING ENERGY SPONTANEOUSLY BEGINS RESTORING OUR HEALTH in our HEART, BODY or MIND! (I kinda always believed in it but now see & feel it- ‘Life finds a way after all!’) Cool & Simple- Just what Doctors’ God/Allah/Creator/Source/Jesus/Humanity/compassion/Mother Nature/Evolution … ordered! And FREE HEALTH CARE!!! What a great motivator for our World- Feeling down & sickly? Several Afflictions? Be good to yourself, all ‘People Kind’ & other Life on our Earth, think BLESSINGS …  be Peaceful & Loving- SHOW YOUR WORLD WHO YOU REALLY ARE- A WONDERFUL UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL LIFTING EVERYONE’S SPIRITS! Collectively HEALING BEGINS for us all! (We spent 5,000 years conjuring up evil or being discombobulated by evil practitioners of ‘dark arts’- time’s up! Time NOW for centuries of PEACE, LOVE, CREATIVE HEALING!!!) But back to our ‘Fallen World Matrix’ & Consciousness- FIRES! We ‘still in the wilderness!’

Being on ‘VACATION,’ supposed to ask YOU all the questions- So Pres. Trumpeter sounds the BATTLE CHARGE, UNILATERALLY complicit with ‘his U.S. military industrial complex’ & EXCLUDES CONGRESS- ELECTED OFFICIALS, … ORDERS THE ASSASSINATION OF A FOREIGN ‘HEAD OF STATE’- arguably Iran’s # 2 ‘Leader,’ & chief military Commander & strategist for Iran’s  charge against ISIS, The Taliban, etc. Also, a PREEMPTIVE ASSASSINATION! To hell-o with PROPORTIONAL REPRISALS says The Trumpeter!  PREEMPTIVE & All OUT HARD SMACK DOWN INCLUDING DECAPITATION OF HEADS OF STATE! Q: Is that o.k. with you? With your World?    Q: Has Pres. Trump been withdrawing from ‘PEACE TREATIES,’ creating ‘ENEMIES’ from former U.S. Allies & Friends- or even ‘neutral Parties?’ Imposing IMPALING LEVEL SANCTIONS, DUTIES, BULLYING TACTICS trying to FORCE all other Nations to bow on bending knee to his will or U.S. World Dominance ( along with ‘Buddy/Fellow Autocrats?’) Or is he simply doing what he was elected to do by Americans believing in ‘America’s GREATNESS AGAIN?’ Is he ‘BOUGHT & PAID FOR’ by rich Donors/Contributors to his Election who Support HIS/AMERICA’S ‘GREATNESS AGAIN’ in 2020? Been actively demonizing Iran & using all his Presidential Powers to warmonger- finally seizing on the killing a U.S. Middle East contractor to GO BALLISTIC- LITERALLY?!  BY AN UNDECLARED ACT of WAR DECLARATION? 

Caution- Don’t Freak Out question ALERT!  Q: Is Pres. Trump acting as a proxy Military Commander for Israel & his son in law’s or ‘radical Israeli’- God’s ‘chosen People’ interests & issues? The U.S. Pentagon is now saying the U.S military will attack anyone anywhere at any time in our World to protect & advance U. S. interests, …! Q: Is this a DECLARATION of ENDLESS WARFARE ANYTIME ANYWHERE? Finally, what are the implications of President Trumpeter’s assassination threats? Will other Nations’ Political Leaders take Pres. Trump’s behavior as THE SIGNAL TO DO LIKEWISE- unilaterally bypass all levels of government decision making, issue COMMANDS for SANCTIONS, ASSASSINATIONS or ‘WAR & KILLING’ at WILL- ANYBODY? ANYWHERE? AT ANY TIME? FOR ANY CAPRICIOUS REASON? Caution about giving The Trumpster ‘THE FINGER’ TO HIS FACE* or show him a sign-  Stick THE TRUMPSTER IN THE DUMPSTER in 2020!  (*like my relative did STANDING DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE POPE for all the child molesting in the Church!!!) 

Is Pres. Trumpeter’s ‘Twilight Zone World Show’ (Rod Serling) dastardly or Do the President’s BAD ends justify the WORSE means?  Is the TOP DOG whoever’s the meanest dog S*B on the World’s Block? Or is it just election 2020 time & our President needs to ramp up his Mastery of ‘DARK ARTS DELIVERY’ with rhetoric, fear, hate, warmongering … IMPALE SOME BIG SHOTS ( & impress his Buddy & Mentor Vlad, show up China’s evil mongrel, Ping Pong, …  message the World- ‘Don’t EVER MESS WITH ME ANYTIME ABOUT ANYTHING!’ Put hell fire under his supporters’ asses? Support me or the Planet BURNS!  Simply ‘END TIMES’ ACTION? We’re EXPERIENCING OUR RISING UP- COMPASSION, LOVE, GOODNESS= HEALING- YES!!! HEALING!!! What we WANT & NEED!  Add a tea spoon of Ringo’s PEACE & LOVE & a la Princess Diana’s style HEART GOODNESS (& our soft spot for Artists like endearing Angelina, LOVING, INSPIRING Ed, etc. no matter their issues?) 

‘END TIMES-‘ a transition from a ‘Fallen World’ to Rising Grace- GOOD Faces Off with evil’s ‘dark arts & artists.’ YES- You’re becoming ALL THAT- GOODNESS for GOODNESS’S SAKE!! So thankful to be here with you all   awakening together WORLDWIDE-  Playing our wonderful individual & collective parts – if possible within the PEACEFUL EYE OF THE HURRICANE’s FIRES of CHANGE! LOVE- Brianca  We Always KEEP OUR EYES ON THE PRIZE- PEACE, LOVE, HEALING ENERGY, COMPASSION & GOODNESS R US no matter how crazy our World or a President’s ‘electioneering antics!’  Lane Jan. 2, 2020 OUR LIVES ARE ALWAYS REAL even if our World is NOT! P.S. Please answer all the above questions- discuss with Friends, etc. as necessary, … LOVE not having to think so hard NOW KNOWING HOW INSIGHTFUL YOU ALL ARE!!!      Brianca Lane

                                                                                                                                                                                                        FIRES OF CHANGE- Facing Our FINAL FRONTIERS to Regaining OUR HEALTH- p. s. Also CELEBRATING 100 years- Birth of LIVING WOMEN’S LIBERATION!!!

‘Busted In’ to my 100 years young Relative’s Care Home these past Holiday weeks to visit, comfort & get her outside from ‘the Dark Cave’ as she calls the dimly lit facility! When ‘Care Homes’ experience influenza, … ‘OUTBREAKS,’ they attempt to KEEP VISITORS OUT, RESIDENTS ‘PRISONERS WITHIN’ & LOCK DOWN THE FACILITY & WARDS so residents are EXPOSED TO VIRUSES 24/7- No Escape as the virus infects one after another! Big downside to our LOVED ONES surviving in ‘Care Homes!’ My guiding philosophy- hopefully shared by every Freedom Loving American & Citizen in Our World is: If ‘Big Brother/Authority/Government’ attempts to Shut Us Down or Out, We’re PUSHING BACK FAST & HARD! Lies to us- Spies on us- Hides information from us? We’re Hitting Back Hard Every Time! They’re up to No Good for sure- Especially their BIG PUSH today is to get us to accept TROJAN HORSE SPYING, RECORDING & REPORTING TECHNOLOGY-  Both Inside our Homes & Outside RECORDING EVERYTHING! WHY- To protect & save us from our LIBERTY, FREEDOMS & PURSUIT of HAPPINESS? To CONTROL US 24/7? HARMLESS & PURELY FOR OUR CONVENIENCE according to Big Brother. Authors & science fiction script writers were giving us the ‘heads up’ about our government ‘Big Brothers’  planning to enslave us ‘for our own good,’  elites like wolves ‘guarding & sheep herding their flocks!’ Being DOWNLOADED AT US TODAY in 2020!

Asked my 100 years young Relative- obviously knew many people from ‘The Victorian Era’ & the U.S. Civil War Era, when Women’s Liberation Began- “You’re talking about ‘My Generation’ (decades before THE WHO appropriated the ‘ROARING 20’s’ Theme) … Everything changed from the Victorian Era, … women’s dress, involvement in recreation & sports, education expectations, independence & employment opportunities, social freedoms, … (her sister)  A SWEET HEART & REALLY POPULAR!” My relative, like many young teens of the day- CRUISING AROUND ON THE BACK OF A ‘HARLEY DAVIDSON’ Motorcycle at Sweet 16! Agriculture- still a significant industry, gave the World STRONG, DOWN TO EARTH, HEALTHY young Women raised TOUGH on farms unlike today’s too mentally stressed out & inactive 10 hours on the computer & ‘I Phone’  young women by comparison? America’s life expectancy is actually falling with poor living habits compared to previous generations enjoying increasing years & being ‘ALL THAT!’ (Oops- o.k. compared to ‘Today’s Worldly, FIERCE & HERE ME ROAR WOMEN’ who are STILL ‘ALL THAT!’ Better expressed?)  WOMEN EVERYWHERE- Happy 100 years- Birth of Women’s Liberation still spreading World Wide today!

We have Fires of Change & Frontiers Ahead of us to Explore to Regain our Health, Creativity & Happiness!  1. With Climate Changes massive FIRES in Australia, for example, fire fighters are being brought in from across our World & Radio Stations are even banning songs containing ‘FIRE THEMES & LYRICS!’ Back home in America, Pres. Trump is outplaying Russia’s Vlad the Impaler as to who is our World’s TOP DOG IMPALER!

2. Iraq has been under U.S. OCCUPATION for about 17 years! 3. Afghanistan about 18! 4.A complete disaster- millions killed, millions displaced, carnage & chaos! 5. 11 $TRILLION SPENT on Middle East Invasions- almost half the hopelessly massive U.S. debt! Nothing accomplished except chaos, evil & misery! 6. U.S. hoping to achieve an agreement with enemy Taliban & hand back the Country! 7. Failed regime change U.S. war involvement in Syria- now Turkey & Russia influencing Syria. 8. Arming Saudi Arabia, … 9. but feeding a total humanitarian war disaster in Yemen! 10. Regime change war in Libya resulting in complete chaos- 11. Turkey ready to move in? 12. Iraq’s Parliament voting to kick American Forces OUT- U.S. army Commander agreeing to do so ‘in writing’ but Secretary of State, etc.  saying the letter acknowledging Parliament’s Authority over it’s own Country & Wishes is nonsense, …. 13. IRAN & also enemy of Iran & Iraq- ISIS could RISE TO POWER! 14. Breaching International Laws, assassinating without Iraqi’ knowledge or consent, without U.S. Congressional awareness, nor consulting with other World leaders,  the #2 Iranian Leader- a ‘Political Assassination,’ and many Iraqi Officials- supposedly U.S. Allies on Iraqi territory! 15. Bragging he’s making the World safer but telling Americans after the assassinations- GET OUT IMMEDIATELY- RUN FOR YOUR LIVES to escape retribution! Guess my friend will cancel any plans to vacation with his wife in IRAN THIS SUMMER! 16. Our U.S. Trumpeter even boasting he’s got plans to destroy Iran’s historical & cultural sites- (so won’t be as much for tourists to visit anyways!) War Crimes (Genghis Kan style brutality) under International Agreements going back to 1954!  17. Daring Iran to kill just one American, a paid mercenary as Trump used as an excuse behind the assassination of Iranians & Iraqis! Playing a child’s game ‘I DARE YOU’/ ‘CHICKEN’ inviting a total Middle East conflagration … (p.s. About the civilian plane crash carrying dozens of Canadians returning to ‘The Western Countries’/Canada only hours after rockets fired in Iran, was the plane targeted by rogue militants? Or simply a bizarre coincidence? Iran fired missiles seemingly as a show of force to save face but were not intended to cause any deaths, ….)  18. in such a scenario, Iran attacking U.A.E. & Saudi Arabia oil fields, shutting off critical oil shipping lanes, cutting off the World’s energy supplies, …. bringing down ‘neutral nations’ … 19. Proxy wars, … Activating sleeper cells? 20. Unleashing an end times ‘Armageddon’ as Countries World Wide struggle for survival, … anticipated by Muslim radical clerics & prophesying Christians, …? 20. But Remember? America went to war & came into existence to free itself from outside control & occupation by Great Britain. 21. Pres. Trump was elected in 2016 on a platform vowing to get AMERICA OUT of MIDDLE EAST DISASTROUS COSTLY WARS, NOT CREATE NEW WARS!!! So let’s tour inside our President Trumpeter’s BRAIN to see what’s going on!


Back to our tour of Donald’s BRAIN- Hope you don’t MIND (Ha! Ha!) Mr. President everyone touring the innermost working workings in the White House- How you think or maybe how you don’t think before your NARCISSISTIC TRIGGERED FREAK OUTS  is the key problem at the White House? Our poster Archetype on T.E.M.s-Triggered Emotional Outbursts- Miguel informs us-  Amidst strong triggered emotional outbursts, beloved electric eel Miguel- like our beloved humanoid electrifying slippery eel Trumpeter,? emits CHARGES LIGHTING UP THE TENNESSEE Aquarium Christmas tree. Our STUDY PATIENT Pres. Trumpeter when likewise TRIGGERED- literally FREAKS OUT under the stress of Impeachment Hearings/Trial & 2. the 2020 Presidential Election coinciding, 3. jumps on starting a war with Israel’s enemy Iran to deflect everyone’s attention- ‘Rally round the FLAG everyone- we’re at war now- Your strong, ALERT, decisive ALL POWERFUL (Greatest Pres.- just ask me!) Trump will save your butts against THE VERY WORST (imaginary) imminent attacks I can conjure up to scare you! So no time to question my secrecy for not releasing (imaginary) details about the (imaginary) attacks! Signed- Your unwavering HERO & WINNER APLENTY in 2020! Destiny’s Trumpeter! ‘ EMOTIONS FIRED UP & BRAINS- RATIONAL THINKING turned off!

Our Pres. is a multi agent favoring his Russian Buddy Vlad- If Vlad says it wasn’t Russia in 2016 but F.B.I. & U.S. Intel says it was Russia, U.S. assets are lying! If Vlad says it was Ukraine but not Russia, it must have been Ukraine! So o.k. to hold up Ukraine aid, CALL UKRAINE CORRUPT BEFORE THE WORLD- scaring any allies from supporting Ukraine- … quid pro quo investigating the Democrats ‘corrupting influences’ … enabling Vlad to be CONCERNED about Russian speaking peoples in neighboring Countries, BE ‘INVOLVED’ IN ADVANCING THEIR RUSSIAN HERITAGE (think rebuilding U.S.S.R.II but as an elitist autocracy with the prominent oligarchy families …) On his family’s interests, son in law is Jewish, daughter has converted- cheerfully acts as a proxy using his Presidency & military industrial complex allegiance to fight for Israel & continue endless wars in the Middle East- dividing, conquering & impaling! P.M. Netanyahu- ‘Just tell me what you want- You want Golan Height- take it & anything you else you want … Move Israel’s capital to Jerusalem- do it! After 2001, American Presidents became more active as agent assassins! Before 2001, Presidential ordered political assassinations were much less kosher! But like Pres. Obama- now create kill lists?  Apparently Pres. Obama ordered weekly assassinations. “HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL!” t(.v. series 6 seasons starting in Sept. 14, 1957 freaky coincidence- few days after infamous Sept. 11, 2001!) So you see how significant for every good citizen in our World to BE ‘AN ANGEL’ IN CONTRAST TO devil activities plaguing our World! So much blood, energy, beauty, destiny CRUSHED by our misguided leaders- ‘Power corrupts- Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!’ Thankfully, our Trumpeter is playing for Destiny-WAKING US UP! Frightening us all to actively become SOCIALLY ENGAGED like the ’60’s with PEACE RALLIES & MARCHES, GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE & OUR ENVIRONMENT, SOCIAL & ECONOMIC EQUALITY- CORRUPTION AMONG OUR LEADERS, BEING COMPASSIONATE & LOVING! (So THANKFUL & HAPPILY SURPRISED TO SEE YOUR ENGAGEMENT IS LIFTING OUR WORLD UP- SUCH A STRONG, HEALTHY GOOD INFLUENCE IN OUR WORLD (‘VIBRATION & LIGHT’ AS MY SENSES SEE IT!!!) Collectively raising ‘our light’ enables our healing just as certainly as evil behavior around us or against us has stunted our growth, infected us with a matrix of trouble & affliction- as we see in the Middle East.  Truth is pretty straight forward & obvious. Not at all some mystical impossible search, journey or Religious life long quest!

Always keen to hear New Years’ Messages from Pope Francis- from one of the oldest major World Religions, a Religion expressing & experiencing both the highs & lows in our Fallen World. Is our Fallen World simply the expression of a Fallen Consciousness. We’ve all experienced times in our life when our consciousness fell or rose- and our behavior & expression. Floundering swimmers in Life’s stormy seas seeking rescue- or self rescue! How did we/do we free ourselves from a bad state/condition? Thankfully, we are creating together- given the high character & quality of readers- YOU! a STRONG HEALTHY uplifting vibration by composing, reading, commenting on, speaking about our issues. (As The Beatles put it- “BABY- I’M AMAZED!!!”) Our individual & collective lives- our World is dropped or lifted up by the quality of  consciousness/vibrations we all create together. We’ve experienced situations where ‘the vibes’ & environment are healthy, creative, uplifting, ‘safe,’ ‘happening’ & good- although challenging our abilities! Versus where ‘it’s a downer, ‘bummer,’ chaotic, … amid feelings of intense foreboding fears, anger/hostility, jealousy, mistrust, deceit, evil, …!  The infamous ‘military industrial complex’ is spending $trillions World Wide- apparently, for example, $738 billion this year alone in the U.S.- approved by both the Democrats & Republicans, towards endless military build ups & wars. Too painful to think about the millions of people no different from you or me- their lives & loved ones destroyed by hate, military build ups, war, evil. Imagine all these same $trillions put to healthy life saving purposes- everyone being lifted up, all the ill health & chaos falling away- so easy to build up. So hard  to accomplish anything as our World leaders ‘fiddle while Rome burns! Social Scientist all over our World- Scientifically face- off to enable everyone to see how much we are losing & sacrificing in our hate/military build up/war/economic inequality/corruption/climate & environmental blood sacrifice rituals & matrix when we should be EASILY BOUNCING UP- ALMOST SPONTANEOUSLY TO ACHIEVE HEALING & WHATEVER OUR CLEAN HEARTS & MINDS IMAGINE!!!!!!! Love You for Being the CHANGE we NEED & SEEK,  Brianca Lane- FIRED UP- Thanks to you & feeling your strength! Gonna finally start editing over the next month -Promise myself!  YES WE ARE READY, WILLING & ABLE  in 2020! Jan. 9, 2020                                                                                                             l                                                                                                                                                                                                                                For example,  being an educated, well spoken professional counted for absolutely nothing as a Seduction of the Virgin Mental Patient attack plan roped my alleged ‘mental patient’ neck! The SEDUCTRESS TRICKED me to “Come to the MENTAL HOSPITAL NOW–  HERE WAITING FOR YOU NOW!…”(You may imagine her wiles & enchanting voice! I’d say 8+ out of 10 as an evil seductress!) But contrary to her seductress promises, at the hospital, she is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!   Imagine that?             In her place, A MAD FRIGHTENING LOOKING SCIENTIST IN WHITE LAB COAT LEADS ME INTO THE BOWELS OF THE INSTITUTION- “You have come to our hospital ‘VOLUNTARILY’ Brian– BUT NOW WE WILL HAVE  TOTAL CONTROL OVER YOU!  AT A DEAD END, MAD SCIENTIST DIVES ONTO ME WHEN I BEGIN TO QUESTION HIS INTENTIONS … Ssooo- Salad toss 1 mad scientist across the room in a world record performance but sadly, no medal nor “WE Shall Overcome Moment!” Escaping down the twisting corridors like an N.F.L. running back, I BREAK OUT- Free AS A BIRD!  The ANGRY, THWARTED SEDUCTRESS, growls into her phone to the police- “Bring Brian IN or TAKE HIM OUT!”  Thankfully, no shrinking lily, I  raced like Wolf Man in Heat to my ‘Mother Nature’ forests, outfoxing the Foxes! Accordingly, my Mental Hospital Door Prize might have included indefinite institutional solitary confinement,  drugged up like a zombie indefinitely if released onto the street, roped back in if ever daring to neglect regular zombie injections!  Nov. 29, 2018 by Brian I chose The Wild Thang- Y.B.Y.D.  Lane   to be continued …

 Staring Fiercely into the EYES of the Dragon- Our Loyal, Defending Knights With US                                                                    *My young, independent minded, toddler niece- hands firmly on her hips, stared fiercely into the eyes of the Dragon Lady ruling her Kingdom! Asserted her UNALIENABLE RIGHTS against her controlling Mommy, that is! We should Never Surrender except to LOVE! – Life, LIBERTY & the Pursuit of Happiness!  “I AM THE BOSS OF ME!”  she stated before she could ever read our Nations’ Declarations of Independence & Human Rights!             BUT we need to be practical!                   Our military & police forces, for example are notorious for seemingly recklessly sending in ‘the troops’ almost as ‘cannon fodder’- “Ours is not to question why” but hear the call and do or ? get hurt & cry for well deserved sick/disability benefits! But what about the implied reverse obligation to our PATRIOTS or employees? Suddenly injured patriots & civilian employees are too often  abandoned as unproductive collateral damaged goods by evil fire breathing dragon employers!  In a civilized society, we have health care & treatment coverage- Smart employees welcome extended medical protections! Registered qualified Doctors may vary widely in ABILITY to GIVE HELPFUL TREATMENT, but hold the keys to our MEDICAL CLAIMS being AUTHORIZED. How will  disability or illness CLAIMS BE AUTHORIZED IF NOT BY A QUALIFIED DOCTOR/PRACTITIONER with recognized knowledge & authority? We all are as FREE CITIZENS in FREE DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES, the BOSS of ME! But for practical purposes, we NEED a GOOD RELATIONSHIP with a LOYAL DOCTOR who has OUR BEST WELFARE & INTERESTS AT HEART! If and whenever employers, our old world, autocratic & narcissistic, drama queen governments, etc. attempt to scapegoat & screw our most vulnerable citizens & outcasts, who is our DEFENDER, our ADVOCATE? For vulnerable citizens lacking political favor- including our injured, ill & challenged by disabilities, expenses, & poverty- LOYAL DOCTORS are our KNIGHTS in SHINING ARMOUR, OUR DEFENDERS of RECORD!                                               WE enthusiastically safeguard our Freedoms & Liberty to VOLUNTARILY CONSIDER OUR TREATMENT OPTIONS and INDIVIDUALLY DECIDE! ‘Look Doc- in my health & vulnerability situation, I Thank God Every Day! for your loyal effort on my behalf saving my ass from being thrown to the wolves …! But as I said to my Mommy & Daddy/Others- Everyone Else in my Wonderful but Vulnerable Life, I AM STILL the BOSS of ME!   P.S. A well deserved ‘Shout Out’ to HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONERS everywhere!  But a caution to ‘patients’ who see themselves portrayed fussing about in “What About Bob?” starring Bill Murray & Richard Drayfuss! How many ‘patients’ see their PRIMARY Doctor is their PRIMARY FRIEND?   Jan. 3, 2019  by Brian Lane                                                                                       Just Sayin’ ….                                                                      Psychiatrist: ‘Thank You! For giving me the opportunity & pleasure … meeting with you for a few sessions and assessing your mental health!’    ‘Client’s’ response- (Real client is his/her/other employer.)  ‘Actually, been thinkin’ ’bout seeing a Psychiatrist for some time with all the job stress!’      Psychiatrist: ‘Yes, understandably so- but that’s all behind you now. By the way, how long was it you were a police officer?’ Client: ‘I AM a police officer- 25 years of service.’                                        Psychiatrist: ‘And you drove a police patrol car and carried weapons for all those years- and NO ONE questioned you about that?’                                              Client: ‘Well, in the days before anyone talked about P.T.S.D., we were expected to man up & carry on. ‘Just do your duty, soldier’ the Chief would say!’ Psychiatrist: ‘But actually being a police officer on active duty IS STRESSFUL & requires an officer’s best decision masking abilities …. You’ll probably enjoy leaving all that stressful activity behind! Nurse- next patient please?’ Client: ‘But Doc’…?’   Psychiatrist: ‘Calm yourself down- Doctor Always Knows What’s Best for You!  Because we care so much about our patients! Mental  Patients lack any insight into the seriousness of their mental illness BUT WE DOCTORS KNOW HOW SERIOUSLY ILL & DANGEROUS THEY REALLY ARE, HOW FORCEFULLY THEY MUST BE GUIDED! Nurse! Next patient please!’                          Just sayin’- Seein’ a psychiatrist is sometimes a ‘catch-22 situation’- You or your employer, … may say you need ‘assessing badly’ BUT ARE YOU REALLY PREPARED & WILLING TO BE ‘BRANDED’ FOR LIFE? Nov. 30, 2018 by Brian  Beware Being Branded for Life!   Lane

Neanderthal Psychiatrists Drs. ‘Dirty an’ Harry” Been Throwing Rocks, Spears, ‘S. W.,’ ‘Community Treatment Orders, … IN GLASS HOUSES but always ask the Same Silly Question – Will We Ever Learn?                     If anyone remembers, in our cave man ancestor days, a favorite  quote was “With all the saber tooth tigers, woolly mammoths & the Ice Age comin’ an’ goin’, I kinda’ forgot!  Did I throw five rocks/spears, … or 6?                          Normally, you & I abide by ‘Our Lord’s Prayer’ et al. ‘FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES as we forgive others who trespass against us.’  But occasionally? we slip into casting evil thoughts & spells- Well what about sending our boss/employee, ‘alien’ neighbor, Supreme Commander/President, … for psychiatric assessment & branding?          Many U.S. psychologists have dreamed about branding Pres. Trump, for example. But protocol call for friendly face to face mental health sessions before saying ‘      Professionally speaking- ‘kiss your butt good-bye ‘Suckah ’cause you’s been officially branded!’                                                                              But branding our World’s autocratic? populist rebels feeds their causes & (often ironfisted) adoration!  Besides our President’s populist support is  tenacious while other county’s ironfisted persecution of dissidents is Khashoggist!!                                                                                                                                                                  In Niagara Falls, Canada, Wedding Bliss Heaven for 10,000  years, we see what may happen when psychiatry is not called per an “ASSIST PERSON TO MENTAL HOSPITAL FOR ASSESSMENT” on account of being SO BAD- ‘an alleged firecracker danger to others!’ Two Cops were on an investigation PLAYING typical roles- GOOD COP & BAD COP!              Except the bad cop ACTUALLY IS a BAD COP!  (History of police disciplinary hearings, alleged impulsive, hair trigger temper & violence against civilians, resentment, ….          He could be successful a politician?)                                        You choose the better assessment & branding approach, lesser of 2 evils ….                              1. Police Chief ‘asks’ for a thorough psychological assessment- ‘Assist Cop to hospital for being so BAD!’ Psychiatrist/Inquisitor assesses, condemns & brands our Bad Cop- bad, not ‘mad/crazy’ from police service indefinitely? (A teacher friend got branded with a mental health diagnosis- a GOOD teacher & a GOOD citizen dearly challenged by mental illness but not a BAD person like the Bad cop in our story above.) So she was encouraged to try volunteering ‘for a while’ but became discouraged because the Police, for example, offered her a ‘volunteer position,’ positioning herself at the front door opening the door for people.                                                                                                                       Before diagnosis- esteemed, valued, respected, well salaried, sought after….          Upon diagnosis-  LEPER, avoided & WORSE! Recovering employees (off due to mental health issues) are encouraged by well wishers to ‘Get well- Hope to see you soon, Friend!’ But should they show up for duty, OMG! ‘We didn’t expect you to consider assuming responsibilities ….’  Psst- ‘How can we trust him/her/THOSE KIND of people to deal with vulnerable clients, act safely & responsibly, not crack under pressure, be more than a 5th wheel in our smooth operation, …? Trapped in a ‘Twilight Zone,’ branded for life,’ scarlet letter/human alienation R us!’ BUT ACTUALLY GOOD, ENCOURAGING, ANGELIC PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE- HOPEFULLY, WE FIND THEM/THEY FIND US QUICKLY BRINGING FORWARD OUR INVIOLABLE STRENGTH, DETERMINATION, VICTORY-                                                                         SKIPPING OVER OUR CHALLENGES LIKE STEPPING STONES ALONG OUR GOLDEN PATH!  update Dec.22, 2018  by Brian  Lane                                                                               or 2. Our GOOD COP, like Clint Eastwood’s on screen persona- Dirty Harry, AS TOO MANY COPS DO, (not to be confused with former Vegas lifestyle Bad Boy, Prince Harry! before his redemption), enlists Messieurs Smith & Wesson    60 second 5 bullet points approach= simultaneously branding & ‘permanently treating the problem!’    Approach 2. is sadly, the evil plaguing our World for thousands of years- Dirty Harry’s chasing down alleged ‘Dirt Bag Punks!’  throwing rocks, spears, arrows, Smith & Wesson, ….                                                                                                                                                                    We could have chosen PEACE, Flower Power, Sunshine  & Rainbows years ago but why be SMART & HAPPY?  Too many men ( & some women) prefer Messieurs S. & W. 60 seconds & 5 bullet points to BEING S. & H.!                                       By the way, fortunately, our Bad Cop did not ask, “I got’s to know- did you fire 5 rounds in me or 6?” before our Good Cop holstered his ‘PEACE KEEPER’ and called for Emergency Medical Care!  “Emergency here! What’s the situation?” ‘Bad Cop is down!’ “A man’s got to know his limitations!” Good Cop here askin’ for 5 more bullets & Clint Eastwood’s movie- Dirty Harry! When will we ever learn? After we’re back to huddling in caves, still enslaved to violence?  NOT IF WE CAN HELP IT!  RIGHT? If we all imagined our World without violence …. Dec. 3, 2018  by Brian  Why can’t we all just love one another & be friends?  Lane

                     TORTURE & ‘TREASON WITHOUT A REASON?’                                                            “Canadian P.M.’s Town Hall Meeting Crowd Drinks the ‘cool-aid’ and Becomes His “ZOMBIE CHEERLEADERS!”  On Jan. 10, 2018 Canadian Prime Minister ‘Torture & treason without a reason?’ Trudeau held a “Town Hall Meeting at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. We recall Trudeau secretly arranged a $10.5 million payment to a confessed murderer/terrorist who claimed he was tortured by the U.S.A. as a Guantanamo detainee and ‘bad’ Canada failed to RESCUE his EVIL BUTT! CAN YOU BELIEVE Trudeau actually bought this terrorist’s act? He was a member of al-Qaeda.                             He ‘happily’ built and planted roadside i.e.d.s/IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICES/bombs aimed at killing Americans and other ‘unbelievers’ who were then in Afghanistan.  He killed a medic coming to offer care and blinded another American. (As listed, for example, in  Oct. 26, 2010 and in other media. Various media have also broadcast video of the young terrorist making i.e.d.s.) Trudeau thwarted  the medic’s widow from accessing any of the $10.5 million= she found out too late for legal action!                                                                                                                      At the “Town Hall’, Trudeau passed over questions from a young women patriot who passionately shouted he “was an embarrassment for opening wide Canada’s borders and agreeing to pay $10.5 million…!” The crowd of Trudeau’s “ZOMBIE CHEERLEADERS” drank Trudeau’s ‘cool-aid’ and offered the cheerful ‘idiot’a standing ovation for SELF INCRIMINATING JUDGEMENT: ” … take it as a lesson that in the future no Canadian government should think it’s o.k. to allow a Canadian, no matter how unpopular they may be, to be tortured. That is not how we do things in Canada.” Trudeau is “hoisted with his own petard!” We know, for example, as Trudeau certainly knows, Justice Paul Perell has RULED:  THREE PROGRAMS AT THE PENETANG PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL IN ONTARIO, THAT INVOLVED THE FORCED ADMINISTRATION OF DRUGS, PHYSICAL RESTRAINTS AND SLEEP DEPRIVATION, AMOUNTED TO BOTH PHYSICAL AND MENTAL TORTURE. ( quoted by Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press, June 8, 2017 “Treatment at Ontario mental health facility was ‘torture,’ judge rules”) Jan. 11, 2018 by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                         World’s First ‘FAKE NEWS’                                                   Among the ‘most damning’ or ‘funniest?’ comments in history were spoken by Pope Francis today, “World Communications Day.”  In the ‘Garden of Eden,’ Pope Francis says ‘that crafty serpent spread the world’s first evil, biased disinformation- the WORLD’S FIRST ‘FAKE NEWS’ (to our original Mother, as the Biblical story goes, naive, virgin EVE!)  Was this tragedy- original sin, the seduction of the world’s first ‘sacrificial lamb,’ the original Queen of Our Hearts?!  But also, His Holiness  says the ‘TRUE NEWS IS WORLD PEACE’ (and inadvertently reminds us to avoid grandiose, evil thoughts, whispering and dangerous seductive suggestions, to shun planting seeds of self destruction or ‘laying snares’ for our brothers and sisters!) Our individual world is our unique ‘Garden of Eden’ to be beautiful and bountiful as we regain our mental & overall health, our wonderful destiny! Jan. 24, 2018 by Brian Lane                                                                         

          “Fake or Real-  Health, Economic & Political Cold War Conspiracy Theories”              1. Bad China Dicks!-tators being Dark Dope & Opioids Arts Pushers- Goal is North Americans become Opioids/Drug Dependent Dopey Eyed Dotards- I.Q. s & Health ‘Collapse’ & our FREEDOMS & DEMOCRACIES are Undermined! OPIOIDS WARS? China’s Pharma ‘Meds.’, Food, Toys, … Exports SAFE?                                                                        2. China’s TROJAN HORSE ‘GIFTING?’ Insert SPYWARE & SABOTAGE? electronics into ‘GOODS’ shipped to our Modern Western World at ‘INSANE LOW COST PRICES’- REAL PRICE to Western Countries is INSANELY HIGH!                                                                    3.  Use STUDENTS STUDYING in Western Countries as SPIES STEALING INFORMATION. TECHNOLOGY, …. Families of Students, … back in China at risk? ensuring co-operation?                                                                                                                                       4. Russian, Chinese, … internet cyber ongoing warfare- electronic infrastructure take downs, … election rigging/ influencing= for ex. Conspiracy Story is being advanced ‘Trump is triumphant because Russia altered 2016 election to install their alleged friendly, compromised? long time business buddy supported by oligarchy financing …’                                                                                                                                                                                       5. Is our U.S. President ultimately concerned about The China Threat- attempting to Control Our Western World?                                                                                                             As China, Russia, … spin a Dark Web into our Western World?, Canadians, like their U.S. cousins, escape by alarmingly strong THC recreational marijuana- unlike ganja in the ‘Swingin’ 1960’s!’ (Oct.17, 2018 recreational use becomes LEGAL in Canada & each Canadian is allowed to grow 4 plants, ….) Jan. 24, 2018 & update on Dec. 22, 2018.                                             P.S.  TO SERVE (&) Protect POT- Trippin’ Police-                                                                      Saturday Night Live style skit about Western World Going to POT! News breaking story is Toronto police conducted drug busts but 2 hungry police officers began chowing down on the evidence- irresistible specimens, edible ‘pot.’ To be fair, our police are ‘TO SERVE & PROTECT’so they SERVED themselves edible pot thereby PROTECTING other officers  from being tempted & falling into the same sorry ‘TRAP!’ by their sorry fall from grace. Unfortunately, our ‘I’m Hungry Dude!’ police officers began ‘freaking out’, man!  Bad Trip= GROOVY- Not! They called in-   ‘Hey DUDES,  officers need immediate back up & back down!’ So Toronto’s finest are ‘down’- or more truthfully, HIGH AS A KITE! One Officer needed help ‘Comin’ Down From His Misguided Trip!’ He was up stuck hugging? a tree! Is 2018 ganja THC- principle psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, creating paranoia & psychosis among new users? (… &  Dec. 22, 2018)                                      

                        YOUR ANNUAL REPORT CARD DUE IN APRIL: “What- Brian you mean we should create an annual report card we give to ourselves outlining our MENTAL & OVERALL HEALTH Strengths, Weaknesses, Achievements and Failures?                                          How we’re going to make OURSELVES GREAT AGAIN? Our FLEXIBILITY, ORGANICALLY GROWING INSIGHT & ABILITY TO ADAPT & CHANGE FOR THE BETTER? Including our ATTITUDES? How we view &  behave towards ourselves & others? Our physical body, emotions & intellectual capabilities?   Our COMPASSION & TOLERANCE-   ACCEPTING our brothers, sisters, LGBTQ?ers!       Stop justifying questionable conduct- right? The KORAN delivered by Arch Angel Gabriel speaks about ‘Unbelievers’ & The BIBLE speaks about “S. & G.’ ‘LGBTQers …?’ Right- when we ‘CHOSEN’ remove the LOG in our eyes blinding our COMPASSION for OTHERS, we can remove the speck in our neighbors’ eye! (Yeshua) We remember Liberty’s outstretched welcoming TORCH by the GOLDEN DOOR and our Constitution’s ‘LIFE, LIBERTY, FREEDOM & the Pursuit of HAPPINESS!                                                                                  Welcoming our Mother Nature’s LIFE FORMS, CARING for our beloved EARTH?                                                    GOOD CITIZENSHIP BEHAVIOR?                                                                                               How PATIENT MENTAL HEALTH PATIENTS OUGHT TO BE!                   The more  severe the illness we face,  the more gentle, kind, compassionate, understanding we ought to be towards ourselves, our challenges, successes and setbacks! If you need proof how STRONG YOU REALLY ARE-

                                                      12 HOUR PSYCHOTIC REACTION                                                                       Received an EMERGENCY CALL once from a BIG SHOT financially successful relative. “PLEASE- get me out of the City- the noise, all the people, so much chaos!”   (He LOVED “BIG CITY ACTION” but developed a fever a became slightly PARANOID & PSYCHOTIC for 12 hours-  collapsed psychologically! By the time I picke