MENTAL HEALTH THERAPY FACE-OFF CONTEST- WHO OR WHAT IS BEST?!! ***TWEETS&SEXTING- ‘Birds Is the Word!’ Instant Song Karma! ***Not just an extra-judicial ‘Board Game for Entertainment!’ SERVE & PROTECT Everyone versus SHOOT in SECONDS Class Citizenship? ***STIGMA-You Ain’t Safe Back Home in Kansas, Dorothy- Ain’t No GOOD Witches in Salem! ***Wild an’ Crazy Dirty Prince Harry Face-Off! ***new BECOMING ABSOLUTELY HEALTHIER & 12 APPROACHES For SUCCESS! ***Living in a DIVIDED REALITY- PARALLEL UNIVERSES! ***new At the Cross Roads- in your Psychiatrist’s Cross Hairs!***new Not Playing Health Care Blame Game! ***new Dressed in Bad Habits, Missed Manners, Hurtful Bias! ***new Bad Mental Health Trip TIME OUT! 1 stupid second lasting a Lifetime! ***CLEAN UP YOUR BRAIN! *** NEW*****MAYDAY ALERT- Editing YOUR BRAIN- 2!! -An EMERGENCY in SLOW MOTION! New ***Have You ever Wondered: What if 1950’s- 60’s Eddie Haskell Ran for American President??? NEW***The BIRDS & The BEES- 2019 Time Traveling Refugees?!! NEW 2019 U.S. States ‘HEARTBEAT’ anti- abortion LAWS- Are ‘NOBODY’s BABIES’ EVERYBODY’s RESPONSIBILITY to LOVE?!! EXPOSING Beavers & Cleavers!!! NEW***You’ve Come A long Way- Baby!!! NEW***Remembering D-Day- Life’s A Sunny Beach in Archetype “Eddie Haskell’s” Eyes! NEW***$$$GOLD Faced-Off Against Golden Human Beings-We Are FREE SPIRITS!!! NEW***The BIGGEST COVER-UP in OUR MODERN CIVILIZATION! OUR EVERY HUNGER CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED NOW! NEW*** JUMPING on LIFE’S DANCE BAND FLOOR NOW PROVEN SCIENCE!!! TUNE UP & TURN ON YOUR BRAIN POWER! New***Rockin’ with the Big Rollers! P.S. Pres. Trump’s July 4th Earth Shattering News! NEW*** GOOD MUSIC-ROCKING-LOVING=Sexy-Healthy-Living!!! BUTT FIRST we gotta make our Governments Accountable!!! Sex Gender Identity & Orientation Revolution! (& Free Love But No Free Speech?) Wild Child Reckless Loves? Valentine’s Day Challenge Japan’s (unpopular) discriminatory marriage laws! ***SOCIAL CHANGE- Too Close for Comfort? ***Marijuana Madness…vs. Staying Alive & Brainy ***Marijuana HIGH CRIMES & MisdumbMEANERS! ***Free Falling TRIPPING Down the Rabbit Hole! New***Engendering MORAL AUTHORITY- Nation versus Nation Face-Off! New***’Time’s Up on underworld ROGUES! Yes- But when will IT STOP?! New***Not Your ‘Now be a Good little Indian’ Kimosabe Kumbaya!!! ***New Twenty-first century Cartoon Character cutup- Shakespeare he’s NOT! New*****Escaping Saudi slavery hell- better give up everyone/everything for Freedom’s freezing EMBRACE! Stop the Enslavement of WOMEN! ***Who is authorized to oversee what is PUSHED, withheld or RIDICULED? ***Sacrificing Children for Ideology, …? ***Play ME TOO! “Misty for Me?” ***Changin’ ‘Problems – Changin’ ‘Therapies? “Over, Under, Sideways, Down! **Massage Therapy- Lay Yo’ Healin’ Hearts&Hands On Us ***’60s FUN FUN Free Love $$$$in’ Expensive TodaY?***DELIGHT in the LIGHT *Wonderful, Friendly World- if we want it! THANK YOU!Thanks for YOUR Wonderful Encouraging Input/Comments, Feedback! See ALL at the bottom

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  • NEW*****Have YOU Ever Wondered? WHAT IF A 1950’s- 1960’s Eddie Haskell archetype t.v. character ran for American President way in the future??? (‘Wally, do you think the Russians would be smiling?’ “Beav- They’d be more than smiling- A Smirnoff drunken grin from ear to ear & ‘Victory Over America Celebrations’ across Russia!” ‘Wally- But we’re not that dumb in  the 21rst Century, right????’)
  • NEW*****THE BIRDS & THE BEES- 2019 Time Traveling Refugees?!! NEW 2019 U.S. States’ ‘HEARTBEAT’ Anti Abortion LAWS- Are ‘NOBODY’s BABIES’ EVERYBODY’s RESPONSIBILITY to LOVE?!! (Exposing Beavers & Cleavers!!! ‘The Beaver’ quips- ‘Wally- SURE GLAD Mom & Dad DIDN’T TAKE THE CLEAVER TO THIS BEAVER!!!’ Eddie Haskell adds: “You’re LUCKY ‘SQUIRT!’ Your Mom & Dad didn’t know what they were getting themselves into!!!”)  May 23, 2019
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  • Valentine’s Day 13 couples’ LGBTQ+ challenging Japan’s discriminatory marriage exclusion laws- (almost 10% Japanese identifying as LGBTQ+ers?) Feb. 14, 2019
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***High Crimes & MisdumbMEANERS! ‘Plus les choses changent, plus elles restent les memes!’ P.S. Please, don’t be a turkey- Gobble- Gobble THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS BEFORE they spoil! Best Thanksgiving Wishes America! Play Safe- Have Fun!

*** MAssage Therapy- Lay Yo’ Healin’ HEARTS&HANDS on U.S

Also see Posts under The Swimmer and the Rescuer  in  Win Mental Hospital Door Prizes or Y.B.Y.D.? BRANDED For LIFE? Psychiatry vs. S. & W. Good/Bad Cop vs. Us People Kind! Coming Out- Whoa! Sayin’ Too Much!

      Mental Health Therapy Face-Off Contest- Who or What IS BEST???                      FIRST CONTESTANTS-  YOUR PSYCHIATRIST  VS.   YOUR  DOG(GOAT OR OTHER PET/COMPANION)  VS.   YOUR FAVOURITE (CLIMBING/FRUIT/SHADE…)  TREE                                                                                  (O.K.-  a question for the audience:  What two contestants have something in common?  And the answer is:  contestants 2 and 3- they both “bark” whereas contestant 1 will simply chew your butt if you forget to take your “meds.”)                         O.K. now do  you want your  therapist to be a military drill instructor– “Sound off!”  “I take my meds in the morning! I  drop them again at night!  I’M GOOD TO GO AND HAPPY TO KNOW  MY PSYCHIATRIST’S ALWAYS  RIGHT!!!”  -Sound off…!     Or,   like  Prince  Harry,  are you really  looking for a good listener and a  therapist who builds you  up naturally/organically?   Rather than being on guard and obedient  to a “military  drill instructor” therapist,   look,  listen and love the sweet vibes bursting from your favorite tree!                                                                                  BRANCH OUT! HANG LOOSE!  LET LIFE BURST OUT!   TURN OVER A NEW LEAF!  BRO/BABE-  DON’T BE  SO TIGHT,  NARROWLY FOCUSED, OBSESSED, SELF CENTERED!  LOOK TO THE LIGHT-  SUNNY MEMORIES, THOUGHTS AND DREAMS!  FEEL YOUR ENERGY BUILDING  AGAIN…!  YES-  I DIG IT BRO/BABE- cold, dark dazed & confused for days on end.   BUT  IT’S  ALL GOOD NOW- GREEN,  RAINBOWS AND COLOURS– BLUE SUNNY SKIES…!   Like the  spiritual  teachings- THE TREE OF LIFE…  I AM THE VINE, YOU ARE THE BRANCHES- whatever,  BRO/BABE!   YES!  ROOT  YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS  DEEP INTO  THE  EARTH  OF YOUR  DIVINE BEING-  LET THE WORLD SEE THE WONDERFUL-  SEE  THE WONDERFUL-   SEE  THE  WONDERFUL  HUMAN BEING YOU ARE!  LIFE’S A SWEET SONG!     (And  the audience  votes?)   “TREE FOR ME!”                                                                    Bring on the DOG!   … ALL SMILES, TAIL WAGGING,  PLAYING, HAVING FUN, ALWAYS LOVING YOU– THE CLEAR MESSAGE IS- LIFE IS PRECIOUS-  SMELL IT!  TASTE IT!  ENJOY IT!  JUST DO IT!  NOW!  TODAY!  EVERYDAY!    (And  the audience votes?)   “TREE AND THE DOG FOR ME!!!”                                         Thanks  to everyone for comin’ on down here and remember folks,  “If you’re losing at the game of life,  we’ll match you a winner on MENTAL HEALTH  THERAPY-  FACE-OFF  CONTEST!”  April 26, 2017          by Brian Lane    ( does NOT advertise/endorse/sell any products.)

            Tweets & Sexting- ‘Birds is the Word!’  INSTANT SONG KARMA= INSTANT HEALING:          “We really are “SINGING IN THE RAIN”                                                                           John  (and Paul)- like Ringo, suffered  severe loss, hardship or tragedy  as young lads….   Spring, summer and fall, a beautiful bird nested in my side yard cedars.  Mrs. Bird questioned why she should endure the 1000+ mile trip to the U.S.A. to overwinter and mere months later, have to retrace the same tiring flight back to her nesting home. She TWEETED- Yes! BIRDS- not human beings invented TWEETING:  “How SEXTING COLD can Canada be in winter?” (Yes! Birds- not humans, invented “SEXTING!” Birds fly up high onto tree branches,  let loose the loudest, sexiest, hottest tweets and songs- and SHOW SOME TAIL– heard and admired near and afar- AND THOSE TAIL FEATHERS!! LORD HAVE MERCY!)  So she stayed overwinter in Canada.  The other birds gave Mrs. Bird that grim faced/beaked, eyes rolling-O.M.G.!!  Are you sure you want to overwinter in Canada?                SOUNDS A BIT HUMAN BRAINED!                       But Mrs. Bird stayed and she was right- not HUMAN BRAINED at all! Most of the time!  BUT SOME NIGHTS IT GOT VERY COLD AND YOU COULD HEAR HER SINGING SO SOFTLY TO COMFORT HERSELFCREATING BEAUTIFUL MUSIC AND SONGS IN THE FACE OF HER SUFFERING!                    Is Mrs. Bird’s story- “and your bird can sing”, the story of the Beatles?… Their instant, tight bonding- four humans living as one, their MUSIC AND SONGS BRAVELY OUTPOURING THE DEPTHS OF OUR EMOTIONS?  “Yesterday”  “Elanor Rigby”  “She’s Leaving Home”  “I’m A Loser”  “In MY Life”  “…life is much too short”  “I Get By W.A.L.H.F.M.Friends”  “Hey Jules/Jude”  “CHRIST- You Know It Ain’t Easy”  and “All You Need Is Love.” (Both John and Ringo even SPORTED BIRD BEAKS FOR NOSES!!)  BURSTING OUT IN EXPRESSIVE, CREATIVE ARTS AND IN JOYPASSION & HUMOUR IS A GIFT everyone challenged by mental illness should embrace!  May 5, 2017 by Brian Lane    P.S.   DON’T  LET ANYONE BRING YOU DOWN-  KEEP YOUR HEART PROTECTED, YOUR HEAD HELD HIGH!

  • Citizens, Scapegoats & ALL Planetary Life: We’re NOT Just An Extra-Judicial BOARD GAME for the ENTERTAINMENT of demonic political & ruling elites!!                                            While only a young boy, I happened to be around the family of an international political elite and to overhear private conversations. An innocent staff woman was dazzled by this politician and, AS IS TOO OFTEN THE UGLY TRUTH, SHE WAS USED AND ABUSED, cast aside like a crumpled candy wrapper!  SHE JUMPED…- what a tragedy!  POLITICAL ELITES SIMPLY SHRUG- IT’S NOTHING TO THEM, NOTHING AT ALL. For China’s, Russia’s, N.K.’s, Saudi Arabia’s, U.A,E.’s, … ‘Kings, Supreme Commanders,Presidents & Oligarchies For Life’ murder, enslavement, extreme abuses or threats are a routine reality of everyday culyural & political life. When a Russian agent, who became a British citizen living with his family in England (now deceased- having been twice poisoned with polonium @ 1000X the lethal limit by Russian agents ordered by President Putin), complained to Putin in the late 1990’s about the absolute immorality of his Russian secret service “job,” to EXTRA-JUDICIALLY*  murder named political, business & ideological competitors or opponents, Putin arranged to have the agent thrown in jail! After his jail term, he escaped to Britain but like recent murders or murder attempts on expatriates living in England in March 2018, President Putin issues ‘hit orders’ against individuals LIVING OUTSIDE Russia at HIS DISCRETION! Similarly, North Korea’s dictator orchestrated killing HIS OWN HALF BROTHER 1000’s of miles away at the airport in Kuala Lumpur by VX nerve agent absorbed through his skin- lethal within 20 minutes! (VX is classified as a chemical warfare ‘weapon of mass destruction.’) Our President’s camaraderie with  a psychopath like Russia’s President Putin is concerning, isn’t it? (* EXTRA-JUDICIALLY punishment including capital punishment is carried out sans legal process or Court supervision.)

Just a BOARD GAME?                With our “worldwide arms race,” how sad we end up with the worst psychopathic mass murderers & serial killers in leadership positions in so many countries! Human Rights Organizations have been attempting to upgrade the ‘Sanctity of Human Life’- & ALL LIFE? & The ‘Rule of Law’ WORLDWIDE (for example, by the Nuremberg trials disallowing ‘just following orders, etc.’ excuses!  What ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ EVERYWHERE WANT,  RIGHT? University of Hawaii Prof. David T. Johnson’s presentation (Jan. 8- 10, 2009 in New Delhi) about both ‘judicial’ &   ‘extra-judicial’ “punishment” uses China as an example of extra-judicial abuse: ‘as an instrument of a government policy designed to eliminate perceived       ENEMIES OF THE STATE     in a proactive, premeditated, illegal manner (as the ‘People’s Republic of China is alleged to do … with members of the Falun Gong religion & their emphasis on Truthfulness, Compassion & Forbearance ….’) MY God- “T-C-F!”  China’s ‘Vlad the Impaler’ political elites don’t want ‘F.G.s’ GOOD VALUES! SHEEP not CITIZENS is what Autocrats/Dicks!tators want! President Trump alleged subscription to  BE VERY MEAN FOR A GOOD END? praises President Rodrigo Duterte’s Philippines mass slaughter style approach to ‘the drug problem’- both against users but especially ‘wild west justice’ for alleged ‘drug dealers.’ Military killing squads roam the Philippines killing indiscriminately any alleged drug involved citizens…. (A wonderful neighbor experiences both JOY & FEAR on returning visits to his in-laws in the Philippines- who is safe from on the spot frontier justice?)  Is America ‘lily white’ about justice & ‘extra-judicial’ tragedy? African/Black Americans are incarcerated at a rate of about 6 X White Americans & how typical to see an unarmed young Black father of 2, shot 8 times- 6 TIMES IN THE BACK! in his Grandmother’s yard while reportedly moving “menacingly” towards police on March 18 in Sacramento.               We worry about SCAPEGOATING ‘MENTAL PATIENTS’ for millennium WHILE THE POLITICAL AND MILITARY-CORPORATE CLASS DESTROY MILLIONS OF LIVES AND OTHER PLANETARY LIFE FORMS like we’re all just a ‘BOARD GAME’ for their entertainment!! (except if a scandal surfaces!) May 10, 2017  by Brian Lane

  • SERVE & PROTECT Yourself & Everyone! against SHOOT in SECONDS CLASS CITIZENSHIP!– You Ain’t ‘Safe an’ Back Home in Kansas, Dorothy!’                                                  Later, becoming involved in mental health rights advocacy,  I saw first hand what happens in the “normal” course of the politics of money, power, greed and  the mental health care/rescue industry. “YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!” as the saying goes.   Many years ago in Knoxville, Tenn., -absolutely wonderful, friendly, folks down there, running with a bunch of white young men & one BLACK, a WHITE police officer, out of breath, stopped us. “We’re searching for a criminal- you all seen anyone suspicious-  THE BLACK GUY, THE BLACK GUY DID IT” he shouted pointing at our terrified friend!  ” No! It wasn’t me! I didn’t do it!” The police officer near fell rolling on the ground LAUGHING!    “Oh GOD, I NEEDED THAT!” “You boys keep a          look out and tell us if you see anyone suspicious… Thanks! Bye y’all!”                                  Many years later, in CANADA, a retired school teacher was VICIOUSLY STABBED as if someone was in a frenzy: NORMAN BATES  SCREENPLAY style.  I  arrived at my property to see a MAN ON HIS PHONE CONSULTING, TAKING VIDEOS, METICULOUSLY SEARCHING…!  I always approach situations like this CALMLY, SERIOUSLY, POLITELY quietly-
  • MAY I HELP YOU? CAUTION ALERT for anyone assumed to be ‘mentally ill’ by a police officer:   Police officers tend to be (extremely?) AGITATED, hostile, aggressive AND ALMOST OUT OF CONTROL when they are dealing with suspected “mental patients” and assuming violence- Norman Bates and his “mother” in the flesh kind of PARANOID POLICE THINKING!” Alleged “mental patients” can be GUNNED DOWN BY PARANOID, PREJUDICED POLICE OFFICERS within minutes-  if not IN SECONDS, so be calm, polite, serious, obey commands/directions, and so on.  In essence,  YOU are calming down the officer and situation,  no matter how you are feeling inside!      You are establishing a connection, trust. YOU are being seen by the Officer as a thoughtful, responsible good citizenobeying police commandscalmly answering appropriate questions….
  • THE DETECTIVE FROM HOMICIDE WAS AN HONEST, GOOD PERSON- but still paranoid and prejudiced…. “YOU are #2 SUSPECT on our list… We have #1 IN CUSTODY, background ,MENTAL ILLNESS….  I’m from homicide searching your property for evidence…. We   were TIPPED OFF BY A PROFESSIONAL in your area…  as a”MENTAL PATIENT” and “LIKELY stabbed the teacher to death….”                                      EVIL PEOPLE GIVING FALSE TESTIMONY & MAKING UP FALSE ACCUSATIONS, ATTEMPTING TO CAUSE HARM, IS THE DISCRIMINATORY REALITY FACING CITIZENS BELIEVED TO HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS!
  • In past centuries, WITCHES AND OTHER ‘NON BELIEVERS’ WERE                     SCAPEGOATS, ABUSED AND MURDERED JUST AS TODAY ‘MENTAL PATIENTS’ SUFFER a similar fate FATE AS SOCIETY’S SCAPEGOATS!  (Little wonder why 80% of citizen’s facing mental illness elect NOT to seek ‘help’ & ‘treatment.’‘ Once branded a ‘mental patient,’ will the stigma/abuse ever end?! Being  aware of this sad fact, attending to this evil, I asked: “So a medical/legal professional called police homicide and said I did it?” “And to       “PROTECT CONFIDENTIALITY,” ANYONE IS FREE TO MAKE UP &  DISSEMINATE DISCRIMINATORY ACCUSATIONS  WITHOUT FACING CONSEQUENCES?”  “And they provided evidence?”  I knew  NO EVIDENCE EXISTED because the accusation was FALSE! ”   Thankfully, the Detective is a GOOD, HONEST Cop:  “NO! NO EVIDENCE AT ALL!  But that’s why I’m here- to search for EVIDENCE and especially since you were seen POURING CONCRETE for your deck…”    Seeing that the officer calmed down and was a good, honest, straight forward man, I  said, “TALK TO ME….”   Before long, the officer LOOKED AT ME STRAIGHT IN THE EYES AND SAID:  “YOU COULDN’T POSSIBLY BEEN INVOLVED IN SOMETHING LIKE THIS!”  He left immediately.  But Suspect #1 had a much worse fate as the police maintained their suspicions. He was IMPRISONED for about 4 or more months including solitary confinement!                 NEVER CHARGED IN THE MURDER! As I wrote previously:  YOU AIN’T BACK HOME IN KANSAS, DOROTHY!  KEEP YOUR HEART PROTECTED.
  • ‘There ain’t no GOOD WITCHES in Salem…!’ no GOOD MENTAL PATIENTS  in a hate monger’s deranged brain? But don’t let anyone bring you down!  Thankfully, most people are good, kind, decent!–  Show compassion, tolerancegenerosity, friendship!        “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”  “There, but for the Grace of God go I.” REAL LIFE LIVING IN YOUR CHOSEN COMMUNITY,  TAKING PART,  BEING A HELPFUL, FRIENDLY, SMILING, CARING HUMAN BEING- BEING LIKED, LOVED, ACCEPTED! IS “ONE HEAVEN OF A NICE MENTAL HEALTH THERAPY!!!”  May 10, 2017           by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        DIRTY (PRINCE) HARRY REVISITED A Wild, Crazy, Royal Face-Off!!               I know what you’re  thinking!   Did Prince Harry face-off  5  mental health therapies or 6? Well,  given that  choosing  the wrong  mental health therapy  or therapist  could result in you and DIRTY Prince Harry becoming ZOMBIES and your heads  clear swollen  up like certified NBA basketballs,  ask yourselves:     ‘Do YOU FEEL LUCKY?    Do YOU?’ MAKING IT SIMPLE- choose between 2 treatment therapies:  Contestant # 1- A Psychiatrist  & 357 size meds. needle shot onto your body….    Contestant treatment therapy # 2- Get NAKED AND DRUNK, out of control & CRAZY,  with several, young  WILD women/men!   Getting it all ON VIDEO so every media outlet can excite the Worldwide Audience into a SEXUAL FRENZY…. Well, he’s  not DIRTY  Prince  Harry  for nothing!- We know  what choice he’s  making to STRAIGHTEN things out  for the Wild Women in Vegas! As  a floundering  swimmer,  DIRTY  Prince Harry HELD ON TIGHT TO HIS LARGE ANCHOR  and  needed rescue  from  his DIRTY Prince Harry self! But today NEW! CLEAN AND IMPROVED! PRINCE HARRY IS  ACCOMPLISHING WONDERFUL ACTS OF GOODWILLALL the ‘DIRTY’ IS COMPLETELY WASHED AWAY! HIP HIP, HOORAY- Harry’s been to the Cleaners!   While  treatment therapy # 2  is  immensely popular for some baffling reason with MEN–  as opposed to treatment therapy # 1,  which can necessarily require a siren seductress Psychiatrist,   PSYCHOLOGISTS have  come  up with  “new & improved” but less titillating mental health therapies-       HARDLY AROUSING  compared to the above!      CBT:  COGNITIVE  BEHAVIOUR THERAPY;                  EFT:  EMOTIONALLY  FOCUSED  THERAPY;                            DBT:   DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOUR  THERAPY;                             and hottie/happening MINDFULNESS! April 28, 2017 … by Brian Lane

P.S. Always Remember You & I Will Carry the Day! The Battle IS ALWAYS OURS to WIN!  (B. Lane)

                            HEY- WANT TO BECOME ABSOLUTELY HEALTHIER!!!!!!

  • But seeing a therapist safely is sometimes Telling It Like It Is- But Not Saying Everything!
  • P.S.S. Like Scouts & Girl Guides- Be EDUCATED & PREPARED!
  • 1. IF you were smart/lucky to enjoy full health insurance coverage– for how many sessions & how often? (or do you have the $$$ 175. per session +?) to see a 2. trained- educated where or by whom & received degrees? registered psychologist? (But professional accreditation doesn’t guarantee being helpful.)        3. in a specialty relevant to your interests with appropriate knowledge & experience?  4. who is available-when in 6 months? i.e. your urgency?  5. who exceeds your expectations including a very helpful, inspiring, trusting therapeutic relationship, ….   HELPS YOU be UP & AWAY- HEALTHY- A NEW YOU!  Bye- bye mental illness! ‘Unfriending you.’Not spiral lower, right?!
  • But today, we see all sorts of academic or experience trained? “therapists” competing among each other  for mental health dollars– Nurses, Social Workers, Psychology & other Arts & Science Grads. including Community Colleges, intensive “DIRECTED” Programs, Courses, Workshops, … Theologians, New Age Aquarian Seers, …. BIG QUESTION WHO IS ‘BEST’- Pete or Ringo? But back on topic WHO IS BEST FOR EACH OF US- AMONG SUCH DIVERSE SELF PROCLAIMED OR “CERTIFIED” HEAD SHRINKS? Our psychologists, for example ‘pooh pooh’ INSTANT ‘therapists’ who lack academic background & years of prescribed training….
  • Maybe shouldn’t say this but by 3 weeks+ you may be smarter than your therapist about the SPECIFIC NATURE of the diagnosis & experience of your mental illness & in time worlds above your ‘shrink’ HOW TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RECOVERY!
  • You have to work hard- mental illness preys on you being TOO PASSIVE- getting a ‘foothold’ on your thinking, feelings, emotions, … Like you know, in a beginning physical illness, you’re first indication at the back of your throat, ‘Oh-Oh, beginning of a sore throat, cough, cold?’ BE ALERT to beginning symptoms, mental illness ‘trying to gain a foothold.’ ‘Oh-oh, beginning symptoms of anxiety, depression, eating disorder, P.T.S.D., thought disorder, psychosis, mood swings, …- whatever mental illness is challenging your health.
  • Catch & Release! Yourself from mental illness- CATCH SYMPTOMS EARLY- VANQUISH THEM! CATCH SYMPTOMS EARLY not as ‘the mental illness storm’ is ALLOWED to get a foothold & gain influence over your health! BE FEISTY- YOU DESERVE TO BE Mentally Healthy!
  • (P.S. But a bad psychiatrist- too heavily drugging you, for example or in other ways disabling you, may be ‘drowning you’ in the critical days you are trying to stabilize & develop a workable PLAN of ACTION! With wait times for Psychiatrists under National Health Care Programs, at least 6 months for me to see a “GOOD’ Psychiatrist- a bad situation, Psychiatrists will have line ups regardless of ability or competency ….) April 28, 2017 (edited March 4, 2019) by Brian Lane

Brian’s 12 Approaches to SUCCESSFULLY BECOMING ABSOLUTELY HEALTHIER!  If poverty stricken,  scapegoated & weighed by discrimination including relentless put downs we hear every day in mainstream mass media, like over 1,000’s of years, we may always experience HEALING 1. by Mother Nature, 2. by Spirituality, 3. by expressing our highest/BEST Kind & Loving Divine Consciousness, 4. by ADAPTING OURSELVES inside & out as we Rest & Heal from a Fallen World or from a temporary ill state, Fallen World R US? 5. By ‘bad’ people & situations around us changing on account of our being ACTIVELY Angelic in EVERYTHING WE THINK, SAY & DO! Bringing About CHANGES, Believing in Miracles! 6. By accepting LIFESTYLE CHANGES including HEALTHY ACTIVITIES & GOOD NUTRITION, 7. By honestly facing our temporary? unbalanced, dysfunctional, overly stressful internal & external environments. Accepting REST AT LAST! 8. By our loyal, beloved therapy pets, 9. by our therapy gardens, therapy green spaces in 10. Stronger, friendly, healthy, therapy neighborhoods. 11. ACTIVELY UPLIFT! or else get the hell away from bad neighborhoods if you are too frail …. 12. Establish heartfelt community therapeutic social relationships including VOLUNTEERING at …?! April 28, 2017 (edited March 4, 2019)  by Brian Lane


Newscasts= News Spells Cast At US? Are our modern mainstream mass media in every Country ‘sometimes or always’ casting spells shaping our thinking & emotions? How is it when we look at people in each other’s County, we see SO MUCH OBVIOUS MANIPULATION BY governing leadership & mainstream mass media. Pres. Trump’s world view, claims & rhetoric faced-off against Democrats & Liberal Press, for example. Live, apparently in a U.S.A. DIVIDED REALTY, PARALLEL UNIVERSE!     Will we STOP watching & listening to distorting, manipulative, pathological, carefully crafted disturbing- ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ fake news designed to create anxiety, stir up hate, witch hunts & fear frenzy!            THANKFULLY we are hope of hopes BLESSED by HELPING families & networks & BY LOYAL, REAL FRIENDS  HERE FOR US in all our darkest moments!     Seeing to it we BLOSSOM BACK- ALWAYS SUPPORTIVE!   ALWAYS COMPASSIONATE!  Seeing us working hard at facing mental health/illness challenges COURAGEOUSLY! In mental illness, short or long, decisive or grinding slowly in battles & skirmishes,   ‘WE WILL HAVE THE DAY!’ Not every day- How could we realistically expect to ‘carry the day’ in every skirmish or battle? But in the end, the overall BATTLE IS ALWAYS OURS TO WIN!  ALWAYS!  Aug. 13, 2018  by Brian Lane to be continued in March, 2019

  • Psycho Math- Bad/MEAN ‘Doctors’ =Poor Patient Outcomes!
  • At the Crossroads in Your Psychiatrist’s Crosshairs!?                   Finally in a session with your Family Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist- whoever’s THERAPIST’S or ‘WITCH DOCTOR’S shingle lured you in, you’re not gonna blurt out every bad & scary symptom you’ve ever experienced to a complete stranger, an untested therapist to be completely misconstrued & discombobulated to the point he/she/other dives on you & as you escape, a psychiatric seductress calls police saying, ‘Bring Patient X IN’ or ‘Take Patient X’ OUT!’ ARE YOU?? ‘Cause they ain’t taking you all out to no BALL GAME!
  • Doctors may be dangerously JUDGE MENTAL-
  • ‘Doctor Judge U. L. Dread!’
  • ‘Doctor Al Pain!’
  • Docs. playing the BLAME GAME! P.S. Poster Boy Doctor (I. M.) Deadman!’- a Psychiatrist (Zombie?)- “If you allow Brian on your Psych. Wards, he’ll cause A RIOT!” Imagine being in a BAD mental health crisis or almost a psychosis and the Doctor introduces him/herself as ‘Dr. D……!’
  • Health Care Workers who are overly critical, overconfident as to their ‘special insight’ & hostile about the supposed origins of your mental health problems, … Play a ‘BLAME GAME’ at your expense- $$$ & health wise! ‘You brought about your illness by ….’ Feels like an Inquisition Trial! Anything you say can & may be used to blame & discredit! Your words- the Therapist’s interpretation & synopsis- correct or incorrect!, follows you ‘forever’ via digital recording & tracking. Subsequent health practitioners & ‘teams of associated workers,’ administrators, Courts, ANYONE with access to your information legally or illegally or involved in your future health care- DECADES LATER! may read & rely on what is recorded by others about you! Maybe simply keep their Health Care bedside judgemental BAD HABITS subtle.
  • Professional Colleges’ Hypocrisy! Professional Colleges target PHYSICAL & sex ABUSE but Doctors & Nurses may speak so as CAUSE MENTAL ABUSE & HARM to YOU! If we are physically injured with a bad bone fracture & bleeding, … we  expect quick expedition for life saving help- not abuse creating life threatening harm! But I OFTEN witnessed so-called educated Professionals uttering ignorant EVIL, inappropriate, harmful comments, dressed in BAD HABITS, Missed Manners– hurting defenseless ‘Patients- ABUSE! Why are Professional Colleges irresponsibly turning a blind eye to forms of threatening abuse besides physical, sexual abuse?
  • Act accordingly! About invasive negative health questioning, hurtful bias when we are in a mental or emotional overwhelming crisis, ‘helpless,’ vulnerable. ‘Drug user- ever use street drugs? (Health Care Worker thinks- you ‘Annie Addict’) ‘So several casual sex partners, SuZi S. ?’ ‘Involved with the law- any charges?’ ‘Ever liked setting fires as a kid, (‘Freddy Firebug?’) ‘Get in any fights?’ ‘Teen pregnancy?’ Like violence or unlawful conduct?’ ‘Ever Lied to your Parents, Teachers or Authority, Rebel without a Cause?’ … 
  • I am Not Suggesting you necessarily reply- ‘Are you FOR REAL?’ ‘Graduated from The Academy of Dark Arts & Demonology- Class of 666?’ ‘Played all the demonic possession parts in the Exorcist?’ ‘Reside at the Cross Roads, ‘Fire Dam Road to Hell’ & ‘Brimstone R US Court?’
  • But everyone caring & responsible agrees Health Care Staff & Patients are to “DO NO HARM” so any Patient imminently at that terrible precipice has the RIGHTEOUS DUTY to ‘STOP! THAT’S IT! I’M IN A TIME OUT! SEEKING IMMEDIATE SELF PROTECTION! NOT DOING NOTHING TO NOBODY!’ Nothing shameful about STOPPING EVERYTHING- Very Brave- Very Good Decision!! The super storm roars BUT CLEARS- RAINBOWS in BLUE SKIES, you’re BACK ready to face a promising, BRIGHT NEW DAY!
  • Frozen in time for 13 long years! Before I was ‘Brian who’ll bring about a RIOT on the Ward,’ I’d spend a few minute talking with a young or middle age ‘Patient’- appearing ‘pretty well & with it.’ So you been stuck in this ‘________’ how long? “About 10- 12- 13 years ….” 13 years! O.M.G.! You hardly seem THAT SICK! Don’t you HOPE & INTEND to GET OUT! Adjust to HAVING A REAL LIFE IN the COMMUNITY like everyone else, Dude?! Got his FULL ATTENTION NOW!
  • One stupid second lasting a Lifetime! Being Frozen in Time for 13 long years!“Do you think I’m ready?” You seem pretty good- like about anyone … Have you talked to your Psychiatrist about a plan to live YOUR LIFE in the community? Calls to Psychiatrist- “Dr.- May I speak with you?  Brian here, ‘experienced patient advocacy,’ says I seem PRETTY GOOD! & WONDERED why I’m not living in the Community ….” “Would you like to live in the Community- Do you think you’re ready & well enough to leave our care?” “Yes- I think so! So, soon the kind & caring Psychiatrist helps him MOVE ON INTO A REAL LIFE!Better late than never having a REAL LIFE! AFTER BEING FROZEN IN TIME FOR 13 LONG YEARS! But TOO BAD HE JUMPED resulting in his 13 long years hospitalized until someone from outside visits, says- ‘Hey dude- What the ____?/what’s up?’ The moral is- Instead of simply simply STOPPING EVERYTHING, PROTECTING HIS SAFETY, in one stupid second he jumped! He’s HAPPY & FREER but stuck in a wheelchair when he could literally be JUMPING ONTO LIFE’S DANCE FLOOR! P.S. Got his ward buddy/mate out too! Said why not you too! His ward buddy’s one stupid second ‘lasting a lifetime’? was approaching a ‘shoot in seconds’ Police Officer- ‘I’m coming at you, Officer- shoot.” So the Officer shot him! Aug. 13, 2018  (edited March 4- 5, 2019) by Brian Lane

MENTAL HEALTH FACE-OFF THERAPY:  EDITING YOUR                       CONSCIOUS &                                 SUBCONSCIOUS BRAIN: CLEAN UP YOUR BRAIN!                                                                           No wonder our lives can seem so SCREWED UP!   In our conscious and subconscious mind,  we have all these irrational,  messy and mixed up anxieties, fears, hang-ups, unhealthy and false beliefs, values, attitudes- CRAZY THOUGHTS ! …   discriminatory, harshly judgmental views of ourselves and others,  our individual and collective worlds!  ISN’T IT TIME FOR US TO CLEAN HOUSE– CLEAN UP OUR BRAIN!                    Just imagine if we began to ACCESS AND LIST ALL THIS CONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS “STUFF” AND LOADED IT ALL ONTO A LARGE SCREEN MONITOR FOR REVIEW AND EDITING!                  We clean our home, our yard, our physical body… BUT WHEN DO WE CLEAN UP AND CLEAR OUT ALL THIS CONSCIOUS AND- AS BEST WE CAN,  SUBCONSCIOUS “STUFF?” WE LOAD IT ALL  BY THE CATEGORIES ABOVE (and any others) ONTO THE SCREEN AND WE BEGIN TO EVALUATE AND EDIT IT!                    BE HONEST!                                                                   Among this “stuff” are “ANCHORS” DRAGGING US DOWN, CAUSING SUFFERING AND DIFFICULTIES,  SUCKING AWAY AT OUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH AND ENERGY,  AND THE                                WONDERFUL LIFE WE HAVE AT HAND TO ENJOY!”                                 WE LOAD  IT ON OUR MONITOR- LOOK  IN AMAZEMENT AT ALL THIS                  “STUFF” COLLECTED  OVER THE YEARS-  AND WE CLEAN HOUSE!             With our mouse and keyboard,  we SAVE, ENHANCE, EDIT OR DELETE “STUFF” FROM OUR SCREEN- YES!!!   ONCE WE DELETE UNHEALTHY  “STUFF,”  WE  LET GO OF IT COMPLETELY-  IT’S  BYE-BYE- GONE FROM OUR LIFE!   THANK GOD!                                                                                                                      “I BEEN DRAGGING AROUND THAT STUPID ANCHOR FOR YEARS!”   May 2, 2017  by Brian Lane

MAYDAY ALERT- Editing Your Brain- 2!! An EMERGENCY in SLOW MOTION! No fear, No shame, No pretending, No hiding in the closet, … about every instance of Bullying, Violence, Abuse- Right?

“Mayday” is issued as a distress signal to signal a Life Threatening Emergency. In our Mental Health World, we may experience a gradual building up of issues & illness- An ‘Emergency’ in Slow Motion! Our friend, Sigmund Freud employed PSYCHOANALYSIS, a clinical approach involving DIALOGUE between Patient & Psychoanalyst: “Look into the depths of your soul and learn first TO KNOW YOURSELF- Then you will understand why this illness was BOUND TO COME UPON YOU- And perhaps you will henceforth avoid falling ill.” ( We may FALL into illness, outward & inward directed anger, undeserved guilt & shame- a fall in our ‘consciousness’ until we ‘RISE UP’ again into LIFE’s BOUNTY!)  Been attempting to heal ‘war wounds’ (present within every FAMILY TREE?) among Relatives so in-laws excitedly hopeful by a more INCLUSIVE Easter Sunday dinner invite! Brought a LOVED BY ALL Matriarch over & into the front door- but suddenly Easter Sunday welcoming door slammed shut! Some in-laws greeted by LOVING SMILES, others like the kiss of Judas, ‘DIS- INVITED!’ How is anyone ‘Dis-Invited!’ on Holy Easter Sunday!

Smells like a Fallen Consciousness Meltdown!  Behind the scenes work of the ‘serpent?’  Go ask Pope Francis or … put on our Freudian psychoanalyst approach?  What suddenly happened collectively among in-laws’ brain power? Among an MD ‘Shrink in training,’ a Lawyer, a wanna be Professor, Nurse, … all people supposedly too smart for Fallen Consciousness Bad Behavior! I stirred the Family Tree Pot and THANKFULLY! in-laws strongly voiced moral concerns deciding ‘Enough is Enough’-                  Time’s Up on Bad Bullying Behaviors by in-laws behaving bratty! Enter Freud-

An in-law explained during our FORMATIVE YEARS- Freud focused primarily up to about age 7, childhood traumas may injure our brain development, our emotional health, causing us to feel brittle, angry, scared, powerless & frustrated about our seeming chaotic, unstable environment & guardians we absolutely depend on. In “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy and her World is enveloped in a Whirlwind- absolute chaos with the ‘wicked witch’ threatening! A mental health friend & ‘survivor’ tells me her Dad always called her “Stupid” undermining her self confidence & esteem. Recently her Psychiatrist remarked “You’re really not as attractive (physically) as you imagine!” Bullying, being plain mean, ignoring or abandoning a child or teen, being a non committed step mother or step father,  divorces from hell- spouses continually arguing, endless instability, … involve serious consequences for young children & teens!!! Traumas happening to us in our childhood or teen years may be played out again- and again in our adult lives! Like we’re stuck in an ‘echo chamber’ hearing, seeing & facing the same bad feelings, issues & situations!!! Or like in the movie “Groundhog Day” til we finally learn to set things right! We don’t necessarily become ‘multiple personality’ by extreme trauma but like my in-law,”Oh she’s SO incredibly sweet & empathic” suddenly becomes “Oh she’s also so manipulative & so MEAN!!!”

Researcher Emma Gorman et al. (Lancaster University, Department of Economics) studied teen school bullying and subsequent consequences. Examples of bullying typically refer to threats & violence, being called names, subjected to malicious gossip, being excluded from social groups, having property damaged or stolen, …. Our researchers argue victims of teenage bullying have a 40% higher risk of mental health problems by their 20’s! Anxiety & Depression, …. A 35% higher risk of unemployment! In, we look at the PSYCHOMATHS: Bullying +Violence Level+ Frequency= Worse Long Term Consequences: BULLYING IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE! STAND UP TO BULLYING! Like with my In-Laws, ENGAGE THE GROUP TO REJECT BULLYING BEHAVIORS!!! Show an interest in loved one’s lives regardless of age- 80 year old in-laws might still be replaying unresolved yucky childhood traumas & issues, especially in children’s daily life experiences, so they feel SAFE, are not AFRAID NOR ASHAMED to SPEAK UP IMMEDIATELY-NOW! TODAY! Not 30 or 60 years too late and lives are ruined! ABOUT ABUSE, ASSAULTS & BULLYING!!!  In our Mental Health World, we may experience a gradual BUILDING UP OF ISSUES- an EMERGENCY IN SLOW MOTION INVOLVING LIFE LONG CONSEQUENCES: AN EMERGENCY IN SLOW MOTION, BUT A DEFERRED EMERGENCY IS NO LESS CATASTROPHIC TO EVERYONE INVOLVED!

  May Day Alert! May 1- 2, 2019  by Brian  No Fear, No Shame, No Pretending, No Hiding in the closet about every instance of Bullying, Violence, Abuse- Right?  Lane


HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED-  WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF a 1950’s- 1960’s ‘Eddie Haskell’ Archetype t.v. Character ran for American President way in the future?  

  • First, let’s get ourselves acclimatized to the 1950’s with “Leave It To Beaver” (1957-1963) Gee Wally, where did all these people suddenly come from- THE FUTURE? Is Eddie Haskell playing another trick on us? 
  • Haven’t you heard Beav? In the future, this Eddie Haskell kinda guy- Donald Trump, like a used car slick salesman, hopes to smooth talk his real estate marketing & get rich running for President! Never imagines it’ll actually succeed- Gets way less votes but steals the Presidency on account of Russians meddling in our election…. So he appoints a bunch of loud, obnoxious ‘prolific pukers’ or something to sort of mess around with our future laws and turn everything back into  the 1950’s!
  • When he was young and just like Eddie Haskell- a real arrogant smart ass!
  • Beav- I heard that! Wally- I hope you’re not teaching The Beaver bad words!
  • Sorry, Mom- I was just trying to explain why laws way in the future are suddenly being reversed-
  • Wally, you better first ask Rod Sterling from “The Twilight Zone” why on earth any future Americans would put a smart ass like Eddie Haskell in the Presidency! I mean, we’re not suddenly going to go back to legalizing slavery or women,  as men’s and government ruled property, are we?!
  • Mom, well maybe some aliens put something in the air or water and people’s brains shrank so they thought a slick used car salesmen could at least trick the aliens to buy the stuff people weren’t smart enough to use anymore?
  • C’mon Beav- the Russians wouldn’t put Eddie Haskell in charge of a lemonade stand unless they were just clowning around …!
  • Mom, if you were Russia’s Dictator, would you be smiling from ear to ear knowing you got Americans to vote for an Eddie Haskell?
  • I’m certain I would!!!
  • I kind thought it would be that bad!!!***see below

Welcome Everybody- We’re time travelling back on account of America’s 2017- 2019 EXTREMELY ANAL CHEEKY RIGHT Court Appointees into the 1950’s- Roe v. Wade is about 15 years in the future-1973 & The Women’s Liberation Movement ain’t really GONNA KICK ASS until the mid 60’s!  So y’all git back INTO THE KITCHEN & RATTLE SOME POTS & PANS while Supreme Court Judge KavaNOT!!! & his “loud & obnoxious Pro- Lif- Ic Pukers”* turn back the clocks, dim the lights on WOMAN’S LIBERATION & REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS? *Pres. Trump’s handlers told him to appoint ‘Pro Lifers’ to the Courts but did Trump mistakenly confuse ‘Pro-Lif-Ic Pukers’ with ‘Pro-Lifers?!’ (Because Trump can’t bear admitting to his daily errors, are Americans saddled with a ‘PROLIFIC PUKER’ who happens to also be a ‘Pro- Lifer?!’) 

William L. Garrison called the U.S. Constitution’s ‘PROTECTING SLAVERY’ “AN AGREEMENT WITH HELL!”” So is hell exactly where Pres. Trump’s appointees may choose to take America by turning back the laws? Looking on the bright side, why not attempt to escape however fruitlessly from our harm- clear & present danger! to Mother Nature in 2019? The New York Times says our civilization is ACCELERATING EXTINCTION AT AN UNPRECEDENTED PACE…! (May 6, 2019 Brad Plumer) Besides, anal cheeky chauvinist PIGS may fall peacefully asleep listening to “STAND BY YOUR MAN,” Tammy Wynette’s- co-writer Billy Sherrill, 1968 smash hit characterizing a 1950’s woman’s ARCHETYPE supportive role! Like Hillary Clinton to Bill over his 1990’s Power Imbalance Tryst in the Ovum Office with photographic memory intern Monika Lewinski!

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman- Givin’ all your love to just one man  You’ll have bad times and he’ll have good times- Doing things that you don’t understand! But IF YOU LOVE HIM YOU’LL FORGIVE HIM! Give him two arms to cling to … And something warm!” So modernized male readers don’t fall back into 1950’s ways,  keep in your hearts the 1964 Women’s Liberation Hit, “YOU DON’T OWN ME- I’m not just one of your many toys! I’m FREE and I LOVE to be FREE- To live my life the way I want! To say and do whatever I please! … To go out with other boys … Don’t tell me what to do/say- …And don’t put me on display!” (by Cindy Walker & Eddie Arnold, recorded by Leslie Gore)  May 16, 2019                   by Brian Lane -to be continued….

***The BIRDS & THE BEES- 2019 TIME TRAVELING REFUGEES?!! NEW 2019 U.S. States’ ‘HEARTBEAT’ Anti Abortion LAWS- Are ‘NOBODY’s BABIES’ EVERYBODY’s RESPONSIBILITY TO LOVE!!! EXPOSING Beavers & Cleavers!!! ‘The Beaver’ quips- ‘Wally-Sure glad Mom & Dad didn’t take the Cleaver to this Beaver!’ Eddie Haskell adds- ‘You’re LUCKY ‘SQUIRT’ YOUR MOM & DAD DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE GETTING THEMSELVES INTO!!!’  “Hey Beav- I think Eddie’s finally right about something!” 

  • Wally- ‘Should we time travel forward to 2019 to replace the 2019 time travel refugees trying to take their World back to 1957???’
  • ‘HECK NO!’ Beav!’ (“WALLY- I HEARD THAT! WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT NOT TEACHING ‘THE BEAVER’ BAD WORDS!!!” ‘Sorry Mom- I’ll be more careful!’)
  • ‘C’mon Beav- in 2019 Eddie Haskell character rats are running havoc on Mother Ship Earth; The World is in Crisis after Crisis- People just hoping to escape by jumping backwards in time!’
  • ‘Wally how come you know so much about the future if you’ve not yet been there?’
  • Dad told me stuff- C’mon Beav- It’s the 1950’s when “FATHERS KNOW BEST!!!”‘
  • ‘Oh? Wally- what kind of stuff?’
  • ‘O.k. Beav- Let’s say a new girl shows up in Mayfield- She’s walking by 485 Maple Drive- You just have to know if she’s from our World or actually a 2019 time travel back to 1950’s Refugee Wannabe- a Believer in 1950’s Americana! You run out an’ holler-‘
  • ‘Cmon Beav- And get MOM all UPSET?  No- you simply say, “YOU’VE REALLY COME A LONG WAY BABY!” FUTURE GIRLS are STRONG & FIERCE- LIKE LIONS! “I AM WOMAN- HEAR ME ROAR!!!” 1950’s girls are gentle, comforting, innocent, bubbly, … “Oh Wally- you really think so?!! Well- o.k. if you say so Wally!” BUT 2019 girls’ FIERCE GLARE says “WE’RE NOBODY’S BABY!!!” 
  • ‘Better ask Dad, Beav about ‘The Birds & The Bees &  2019 Time Traveling Back to 1950’s Wannabe Refugees!’
  • (Ward Cleaver’s 1950’s era ‘Fathers Know Best’ Advice) ‘Let’s go all the way back to THE BEGINNING Beaver- Adam & Eve in the Garden in Eden- Now who is the Natural BOSS? And who committed the FIRST SIN & SEDUCED the other to also eat of THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT?’ (June Cleaver yells “I’M LISTENING WARD!!!”)
  • ‘Moving right along to 800 B.C., the Ancient Greek Civilization introduced THE ALPHABET, ‘invented’ POLITICS, SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY, THEATER, ‘THE OLYMPICS,’ PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY, STUDIED HISTORY, BUT STRONGLY SEPARATED  MEN’S & WOMEN’S STATUS & PLACE IN SOCIETY! Greeks worshiped both ‘gods’ & ‘goddesses’ but Married Women were RULED & ‘Totally Controlled’ by their Husbands. You see Beaver, Ancient Greek women were especially admired in their role as Wives & Mothers. But while men were seen as BEING RATIONAL, ADMIRED FOR REASONING ABILITIES, women were viewed as BEING IRRATIONAL- TOO EMOTIONAL! At the 3 day Festival of Thesmorphia, married women were encouraged to ‘GO MAD/GO COMPLETELY CRAZY/LET ALL FRUSTRATIONS OUT …!’  (‘YOUR DINNER’S BEGINNING TO BURN, WARD!’) 
  • ‘2019 Time Traveler ‘Wannabes’ are attempting to Turn Back AMERICAN Women’s HARD FOUGHT & WON RIGHTS to ‘lesser rights’ of the 1950’s to early 1960’s!’
  • ‘All across the World, we see Women’s Rights including Reproductive Rights playing out at various stages/dates in history. For example, in some Middle East Cultures and so sadly elsewhere!!! Women are STILL WRONGLY SUBJECTED to MALE DOMINATION as bad as in ancient Greece- ALARMING EVERY REASONING PERSON- MALE & FEMALE- THERE BEING EQUAL NUMBERS OF REASONING MALES & REASONING FEMALES!’ (‘Your dinner’s perfect & delicious Ward!!!’)
  • ‘But Dad, what about ‘NOBODY’S BABY???’
  • ‘Beaver! ‘NOBODY’S BABIES’ are GROUND ZERO for America’s ‘Moral Authority-‘ THE HEARTBEAT of America’s Health & Character!’
  • ‘Oh Ward- Please promise me in Future America, ‘Nobody’s Babies’ will become ‘Everybody’s Responsibility’ to LOVE & BRING ALONG!!! Oh Ward, I FEAR for all the unappreciated or abandoned ‘Nobody’s Babies’ across America & the World- WHO WILL LOVE & CARE For ALL OUR TINY WORLD CITIZENS?’ 
  • ‘Now- Now June- Don’t cry Darling! Just like The Cleavers, I’m sure every American, ever Decent Citizen across the Earth, will play his or her role LOVING & HELPING BRING ALONG unappreciated or abandoned Babies & Children!
  • ‘Or ‘Smart Alecs’ & ‘Incorrigibles’ like Eddie- Dad?’
  • (Psst- Yes Beaver- Including ‘Smart Alecs’ & ‘Incorrigibles’ like Eddie!’ Wally & ‘The Beaver’ collapse laughing!)
  • ‘With growing family instability & break ups, wild rock an roll parties, teenagers increasingly REBELLING WITHOUT CAUSE FROM PARENTAL & MORAL AUTHORITY, all the Eddie Haskells to banter with, … why by the 21st Century- who knows-‘ 
  • ‘They’ll be FRANTICALLY CLIMBING OVER EACH OTHER LIKE REFUGEES DESPERATELY ESCAPING THE 21st Century, TRYING TO RECREATE AMERICA IN THE 1950’s & 60’s!!! Ward, all the 2019 Refugees attempting to roll back American society to a ‘BETTER TIME’ fighting against all the Americans complacent with the future, … – Won’t they create a NEW- BUT OLD ongoing crisis, a new  ‘Societal Civil War,’ Old Americana versus New???’ 
  • ‘Set your heart at PEACE Mrs. Cleaver! I, Eddie Haskell & all the 1950’s Eddie Haskell character ARCHETYPES worldwide hereby resolve to become influential Leaders to SAVE THE WORLD! I’ll even phone my business colleague DONALD!’
  • ‘Eddie Haskells leading our Future- The APOCALYPSE can’t be too far away, June!’
  • ‘Dad- Kinda wanted to hear about ‘The Birds & The Bees’ The ‘STORK’ delivering Babies ….’
  • Yes- Back to ‘The Beaver’- You’re a growing young man- May I be ‘straight’ with you? You ‘straight’ with me?’
  • ‘Ward- We haven’t adopted ‘straight,’ ‘gay,’ ‘L.G.B.T.Q.+?’ in 1957!!!’
  • ‘Right- June! Beav- may I be ‘Frank’ with you?’
  • ‘Frank Who Dad?’
  • Why of course- ‘Frank N. Stein!”- (Ward walks stiffly, moaning, a ‘monster’ like a typical unfortunate patient tortured under a strong, overdose of psychiatric Neuroleptics! Smart Ass Eddie Haskell appears)
  • “Oh, hi Eddie!” ‘So wonderful to see you, Mrs. Cleaver! Your cooking smells wonderful! Looks like I happened to show up just at the right time!’ “Would you like to join us, Eddie?” ‘Oh, Mrs. Cleaver you’re the nicest Mother in Mayfield and as I was walking by 485 Maple Drive, I couldn’t help but notice your cherry pie cooling in the window!!! And Frankenstein coming onto The Beaver!’  (Aside to The Beaver: ‘Psst.- Hey Squirt- Yer old man giving you ‘THE STORK DELIVERS BABIES TALK?’)
  • ‘Eddie, ‘The Beaver’ & I were just about to talk about ‘THE BIRDS & THE BEES’- ‘The Stork Talk’ I think I overheard you say! Would like to give ‘The Beaver’ any WORDS OF ADVICE?’
  • Wallace & I ALWAYS RESPECT A GIRL’S RIGHTS & ALWAYS HAVE HER BEST INTERESTS IN TIME!’ (Wally- ‘Ouch- Eddie! You’re killing us!!!’) ‘I meant to say ‘ALWAYS ONLY HER BEST INTERESTS IN MIND, THEODORE! Wallace & I Believe Strongly in Church Teachings of Abstinence- “First comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, And only THEN COMES THE STORK WITH THE BABY …!’  (Do YOU believe in 2019’s Hollywood’s BEWITCHING SPELL CASTER Alyssa M.’s advice: Stop having intimate relations (with men) until women ‘regain’ they’re personal, independent, lawful & ‘inalienable,’ reproductive rights & full body autonomy, especially during their 9 month ‘Storky Period?’ To ‘cut men off!’ (But hopefully not literally- Not show a Too Busy Beaver, the Cleaver? Yikes!) Alyssa suggesting?women use their ‘INTIMACY’ TO BARGAIN, AS A CARROT OR A STICK? BUT WHAT ABOUT SHAMELESS! FEMALE INTIMACY, JOY & LIBERATION? Or are we replaying Ancient Greek Tragedy-‘WOMEN VIEWED WRONGLY!!! AS BEING TOO EMOTIONAL & IRRATIONAL TO ‘DESERVE’ AUTONOMY, PERSONAL CHOICE & ABSOLUTE RIGHTS including their 9 month ‘Storky Period?’ P.S. Alyssa please don’t vanquish us! I hated that experience!!!) 
  • ‘WOW- Mrs. Cleaver- Wallace & Theodore sure are lucky to enjoy a tasty FEAST for a KING every supper time!’ “Why THANK YOU Eddie!!! Are you almost ready for my cherry pie?” 
  • ‘Almost ready, Mrs. Cleaver! But surely enjoy more Main Course before digging into your cherry pie!’
  • P.S. Who pays for $$$ & provides CONTINUING care for Mother & Child? If America or any Nation decides Mommy ‘loses her own choice rights’ in favor of her Baby’s ‘INALIENABLE RIGHTS’ upon a DETECTABLE BABY HEARTBEAT, who is COMMITTING TO THE WELL BEING OF MOTHER & CHILD, IN A LOVING, WONDERFUL NURTURING ENVIRONMENT UNTIL COLLEGE GRADUATION??? Go ask Sigmund Freud et al. about children’s futures cursed by a wanting, unstable, or unloving upbringing! If we imagine we have crises now!!! P.S.S. What’s with so many 1950’s Eddie Haskell ARCHETYPE characters achieving prominence in The 21rst Century- Their Art of ‘THE STEAL’ as GANGSTERS/PLAYERS; America & Our World Wants For TRUE EVER LOVING GIVERS & LIVERS!!! May 23, 2019  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       You’ve Come A long Way- Baby!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Today, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence- Happy Birthday- June 7th!!! WOO-HOO Mikey!, is visiting in Ottawa, Canada’s capitol, with P.M. Justin Trudeau. SHOUT OUT to all girls, women, … Two strong willed, pig headed MEN about to ‘wrastle’ over WOMEN’S FREEDOMS & LIBERTY, HUMAN RIGHTS & INDIVIDUAL CHOICE vs. THE (Baby’s) ‘HEARTBEAT!’ ‘Right to Life’ & attempt to reverse Roe v. Wade, ….  My brother informs me in 2019, we are asked to acknowledge 143+ sexual orientations & gender identities for individuals to identify by! Please don’t ask me to list them!!! FIREWORKS ABOUT WOMEN’S RIGHTS FOR SURE!!! And about L.G.B.T.Q.+ Hard Fought & Won RIGHTS numbering 143+ sexual orientations & gender identities!!! (V.P. Mike hopes to slim 143 all the way down to 3- ‘male,’ ‘female’ & ‘heterosexual activity’ but ONLY within heterosexual Church blessed marriage!) Justin being a self declared ‘FEMINIST P.M.’ & L.G.B.T.Q+ FAB FAN! v. ‘Good News’ ‘All Smiles’ Bible Belt Mike, ‘GOD’s U.S.A. GENTLE ‘Taliban?’ for Traditional/Old School American Bible Belt Christianity! “I long for the day that Roe v. Wade is sent to the ash heap of History!” “We will not rest until we restart a ‘Culture of Life’ across America.” (Justin demanded circa 2015 that all future Liberal Candidates MUST BE “PRO CHOICE!” Roman Catholic failed Liberal Candidate Bob Rosehart said however, “The best people to make decisions on Women’s Issues are WOMEN!”) As Indiana Governor, Pence sighed a Bill banning abortions even where known genetic abnormalities like Down Syndrome were present, holding Physicians legally liable, …. He helped pass ‘Religious Freedom Laws’ enabling businesses to REFUSE SERVICES to L.G.B.T.Q.+ on Religious Grounds. He resisted hate law protections being extended for L.G.B.T.Q+. He asked for federal funding to ‘discourage same sex relationships’ to match funding for H.I.V./AIDS treatment services, …. Supports ‘Conversion’ therapy services, a therapy opposed not only by L.G.B.T.Q.+, but by mainstream psychology services, …. (Conversion therapy attempts to convert a person’s orientation & identity to one ‘Religiously Approved,’ for example.) Opposes ‘coming out’ in the military about L.B.G.T.Q.+ (A relative- almost 100 remarked ‘Everybody knew what was going on between two ‘spinsters’ living together but no one asked or voiced concerns, and everyone carried on just fine!’) Justin & Mike present extreme opposing fiery views, one from the 21st century, the other calling for a future returning to the past- 1950’s if not back to Victorian Era morals. How long will discourse & social change remain civilized, reasonable or balanced if V.P. Pence & zealots push too forcefully & successfully, if the U.S. Courts are increasingly stacked politically & ideologically as President Trump is working hard to accomplish, or if Liberals like Trudeau are voted out based on failures in policies, personal character flaws, etc. like Hillary’s lukewarm support severely compromised by outside Russian election meddling, … ??? Everyone hold on to your hats- Anticipate a bumpy ride if America’s social balance is too upset? 
  • Everyone feels for the long, hard, painful, bumpy road- totally unwarranted & undeserved!!!- Women have traveled along since Ancient Greece, if not before!!! According to Ancient Greek mythology, Zeus created females. Chauvinist Greek ‘Philosophers/Historians’ laid out a scenario: “Before this time men lived upon the Earth APART FROM SORROW and from Painful Work, FREE from Disease, … BUT THE CREATION of WOMEN brought many evils, pain and disease to man, ….” ( We needn’t add salt to the wound by recalling the Ancient Story of Eve and ‘the SEDUCER serpent’ in the Garden of Eden!) We all are familiar with the story of “‘DIVINE SEDUCTION, GOLDEN NECKLACES,’… woven Spring Flowers into a CROWN, …. But in her BREAST, PERSUASIVE WORDS and CUNNING WAYS- this GIRL BEING NAMED PANDORA- and her BOX,– “THE RUIN OF MANKIND!” (In truth, ALL HETEROSEXUAL MEN- PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE ABSOLUTELY KNOW ‘We Ain’t Nothin’ Without A Woman!!!’ As James Brown sang 60 years ago in Chauvinist America, “This is a MAN’s WORLD- But it wouldn’t be nothing-NOTHING! without a woman or a girl- He’s LOST in … WILDERNESS!” (by Betty Jean Newsome & J. B.- with the Famous Flames, Warner/Chappel Music)
  • But here we are TODAY studying two World leaders- ‘OPPOSITES’ in Ottawa, Canada. And ‘philosopher/HIStorians’ in Ancient Greece;  The Garden of Eden Story;  Notable conflicting opinions by modern women; And because ‘the medium is the message,’ circa 1957- 1963 t.v. characters in “Leave It to Beaver!” Ancient Chauvinist HIStory Lives TODAY!  ‘The Beaver’ quips: “If I had a choice between a three pound bass and a GIRL, I’d take the three pound bass!”  Wally says: “Boy, Beaver, wait’ll the guys find out you were hanging around with a GIRL! They’ll really give you THE BUSINESS!!!”  Even Ward is less than a GALLANT GENTLEMAN towards wife June: “Ah, June, Gilbert’s always talking about his parents- Have you met them?” “Oh, I see her at the supermarket once in a while. She seems like a calm, sensible person, Ward.”  “Oh, June- you can’t go by that. You might look THE SAME TO HER!!!” Budding “Eddie Haskell” Archetypes from the 1950’s & 1960’s are in leadership roles TODAY! ‘The Beaver’ asks brother Wally: “How come Eddie is such a ‘Creepy Guy?”  “He works at IT!”Just like our own Leaders do! in N.K., China, Russia, Middle East Nations- Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, …,  Venezuela, ….  Israeli P.M. Netanyahu expected Special Israeli Laws Passed Protecting Him from criminal charges just as Special Prosecutor R. Mueller claims President Trump is protected from prosecution- ‘Obstruction of Justice,’ etc.?) June Cleaver cleverly adds: “Eddie (ARCHETYPES) has That Look About Him that makes you think Something’s ALWAYS ABOUT to HAPPEN!” We JUST KNOW President Trump studied Eddie Haskell’s deft move: “Wally, if your DUMB BROTHER tags along, I’M GONNA- Oh, GOOD AFTERNOON Mrs. Cleaver! I was just telling Wallace HOW PLEASANT it would be for THEODORE to ACCOMPANY US to the MOVIES!”
  • Hillary- who won The Popular Vote but lost the 2016 Presidential Election due to clever Russian meddling, says “Women’s Rights are Human Rights!” and brilliantly, “Laws and Traditions that HOLD BACK WOMEN, HOLD BACK ENTIRE SOCIETIES!” But alas, Hillary admirers, she is not the only Presidential woman who ‘STANDS BY HER MALE CHAUVINIST PIG!’ Remember Jacqueline Kennedy et al.? Remember Traditional/Old School Judeo-Christian or Muslim Values?  Educator Karen Pence believes in her “Immanuel Christian School’s Guidelines”- ‘Banning’ ‘Heterosexual Activity’ outside marriage; Marriage defined as only between a man & a woman;  L.G.B.T.Q.+ HUMAN RIGHTS seen as ‘shameful sinning;’ Thinking from The Victorian Era, circa 1890 or earlier- long  before  Margaret Trudeau says “I can’t be a ROSE in any man’s LAPEL!!!”
  • Justin Trudeau is as much outrageous, entertaining, charismatic? YOU LOVE HIM or hate him & his ROCK STAR twittering-  as President Trump! “I don’t read the newspapers! I don’t watch the news! I guess if something important happens, someone will tell me!” As with Trump, people admire his grit & determination to PUSH THROUGH ANY ADVERSITY- “SUNNY WAYS MY FRIEND” =Sunny Days or ‘Pierre Trudeau’s Son is Dazed/Confused’ according to his critics? As with Pres. Trump, WINNING The GAME! is accomplished by BEING TENACIOUS, A BULLDOG LIKE TRUMP & ABLE TO WITHSTAND THE INCESSANT BLOWS by Opponents! His background training for leadership, apart from enjoying a silver spoon in his mouth since birth, is outrageous in Canadian politics or politics anywhere! “I was a Snowboard Instructor, a Bouncer for a Nightclub, a white water river Guide, a (Drama) teacher! I make no apologies!” But Trudeau’s vision should be the GUIDING VISION FOR OUR WORLD: “Canada was built by people from all corners of the World! Who worship every Faith! Who belong to every Culture! Who speak every Language! We BELIEVE IN OUR HEARTS (Canada’s) UNIQUE DIVERSITY IS A BLESSING!” (A/The blueprint for PEACE in our World!)

Like President Trump, N.K.’s or Russia’s Dictator, Trudeau is a SHOW MAN. He expects people to suspend critical thinking and SIMPLY BELIEVE & FOLLOW! BELIEVE & FOLLOW no matter how outrageous his deceptions before their eyes!  HEAR & BELIEVE!’ Opposite to being a self appointed gift to womankind, ‘THE FEMINIST P.M.,’ he puts women ON DISPLAY, but are firmly under his Chauvinistic CONTROL. A Black FEMALE M.P. ON DISPLAY quickly catches on- said she is stepping down. A Doctor appointed TREASURY BOARD PRESIDENT ON DISPLAY witnesses his chauvinistic immature hypocrisy- resigns her appointments & is turfed from his Liberal Caucus for daring to speak her mind! She’s a DOCTOR, not a Snowboard Assistant Instructor! (Editor’s note- Apologies to all Assistant Snowboard Instructors. Your intelligence is beyond question! Obvious Brain Surgeons or Rocket Scientists, if you hadn’t crashed into ski hill trees too often!) A First Nations Female Power House & Legal Expert is appointed Attorney General & Justice Minister but subsequently told to be A GOOD LITTLE INDIAN- ‘Do what you’re told- Not what you know is moral, legal or right!!’ Being a truly loyal Public Servant of JUSTICE & ‘The RULE of LAW,’ she refuses to GO ROGUE & is labelled ‘Just Another Difficult to Deal With Indian,’ ‘A  B____!’ (Yes- J. T.- Chauvinistic as an Ancient Greek Slave Owner! A ‘ROCK STAR Politician’ dumping on his IMAGINARY GROUPIES! Both women told to ‘Kiss A__’ or be thrown out and run as INDEPENDENTS! ‘No place for INDEPENDENCE or THINKING WOMEN UNDER ANCIENT GREECE STYLE CHAUVINISM- Extremely intelligent & highly educated & motivated women being Pretty Flower Pots for Display Only! What the hell-o! was he thinking!!! May 30, 2019  by Brian Lane

Remembering D-Day! Life’s A Sunny Beach in Archetype ‘Eddie Haskell’s’ Eyes v.’Got the CALL! Now He’s the Hip-Hop, Boogie-Woogie Boy in Company B!’

  • With so many Countries TODAY pouring their BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS- their ENERGY & citizens’ WEALTH, into The Arms Race BOTTOMLESS BLACK HOLE, we may freely ADMIT to ‘The Universe,’  too many ‘Earthlings’ have a GOOD v. BAD ‘Split Personality, a whispering ‘Divine Angel’ on one shoulder, an ‘Eddie Haskell evil schemer’ chuckling seductively on the other! Has anyone NOT had this experience AGAIN & AGAIN?? On June 6, 1944, by the Allied invasion in Normandy, France, our previous FEARLESS generation of teenagers & young adults,
  • Our daily issues & complaints ALMOST INSIGNIFICANT in many BOUNTIFUL & BLESSED Countries compared to what our forefathers & mothers faced in WWII-  THAT BURNING, FRIGHTFUL HELL BEYOND BELIEF!  Our ‘Burden’ TODAY so EASY in comparison: CREATE & MAINTAIN LOVE & PEACE IN OUR HEARTS- IN OUR WORLD- ENJOY OUR BLESSINGS & SHARE OUR JOY & BLESSINGS WITH OTHERS!
  • Yes- big challenges to face like mental illness or accommodating everybody else’s individual human rights & needs including the rights of all life on our wonderful Earth!  But we RESPECT OURSELVES & OTHERS! WHAT WE THINK, SAY & DO! WE MATTER! OUR LIVES MATTER & EVERYONE’S LIFE MATTERS! ESPECIALLY WE WHO FACE SIGNIFICANT HEALTH CHALLENGES- throwing ourselves FEARLESSLY into ‘the battle’ to WIN ‘OUR BRAINS BACK,’ ‘OUR HAPPINESS & OUR PEACE BACK for Ourselves & our World!’ 
  • Mental Health Therapy Face- Off Contest- Who or What IS BEST FOR YOU!!! Not just a few Medical Approaches which might be sanctioned/approved by Psychiatry & Big Pharma for BETTER or maybe FOR WORSE- OVERDOSING & PROLONGED MEDICATING OR BRAIN DAMAGING POISONOUS PSYCH. MEDS. WHEN USED AS DOCTOR PRESCRIBED!
  • But actually you & I BEING CREATIVE!- and with SUPPORTIVE HELP! Family Doc.?, Psychologist?, Church Supports?’ Culture, Arts, HEALTHY Social & Recreation Involvement?’ VOLUNTEERING?, Mother Nature’s BLESSINGS RESTORING OUR LOST SOUL?, Pets?, Relaxation Techniques?, a BOUNTIFUL NUMBER OF APPROACHES AVAILABLE +++ –  for YOU & I to DISCOVER! YOU being a creative thinker & problem solver! So FIGHT HARD FOR YOUR absolute RIGHT to REGAIN your MENTAL & PHYSICAL HEALTH! Yes- we have ABSOLUTE INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS BUT ALSO ‘RIGHT TO FIND OUR WAY BACK TO HEALTH’- NO MATTER OUR MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSIS!
  • For example, CASE STUDY, ‘The Brian:’    My relatives questioned past Psychiatrists- “ALL You Experts said ‘The Brian’ was destined to experience ‘Totally Debilitating Life Long Extreme Suffering & Mental Illness- Only by CONTINUOUS, HEAVY DOSES OF PRESCRIBED MEDS. & INJECTIONS applied forcefully if necessary- … BUT ‘The Brian’ REFUSED & ESCAPED! Avoided YOUR TREATMENTS, … FORCED HOSPITALIZATIONS for your ‘TREATMENTS’….’        Yes- accepted your DIAGNOSES BUT NOT YOUR PROGNOSIS- Instead Faced-Off Therapies, Currently lives ‘Blissfully’- Ha! Ha!…   SO HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN HIS LEAVING YOUR EXPERTISE, TREATMENTS & CARE BUT RECOVERING- YOU SAID- a “HOPELESS CASE!!!” Their ‘Catch-22 Answer: “If ‘The Brian’ is Happy & in any way ‘Blissfully’ Healthy without our Professional Medical Team Care Approach, he was never sick in the First Place!” To which my Relatives BROKE OUT LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And almost fall LAUGHING if they tell me- for the nth time- especially LOVING the part, “he was never sick in the First Place!” Adding, “Those CRAZY Psychiatrists! They ARE TOO MUCH!!!” (Actually, I can’t help but laugh along seeing them Grin & Chuckle uncontrollably!)
  • O.k.- Have you LAUGHED ENOUGH ALREADY at my expense? Back to being serious with ‘The Beaver,’ Wally & Eddie- ‘Gee, Wally- Do You Think We Can Behave Ourselves Better??!’  ‘I don’ know Beav- Our World’s full of Eddie Haskells!!’ ‘Speakin’ of the dev-‘
  • ‘Hi squirt! Hey Wally- ditch ‘The Beaver!’ My business partner, ‘The Donald,’ invited us all to his BEACH GROPE OUT PARTY-‘ ‘Hi Eddie!’ 
  • Oh, Hello Mrs. Cleaver!’ Wally, Theodore and I are planning a ‘Young Believer’s Study Group’ at the BEACH to help ‘Troubled Teens’ feel their way back home!’
  • ‘How WONDERFUL, Eddie! Didn’t know about your volunteering, giving spirit!’
  • Oh- Mom, Eddie’s ALWAYS GIVING- ‘Everybody ‘THE CREEPS!’
  • ‘Beaver!!!’
  • ‘It’s o.k., Mrs. Cleaver- ‘GOOD PEOPLE’ don’t expect to be justly appreciated!’
  • ‘But what about ‘CREEPS’ Eddie??’
  • ‘Beaver!’   (Speaking of current Eddie Haskell Archetypes, What about, ‘THE DONALD?’ 
  • ‘The Donald’ is FINALLY being treated in Britain like he ALWAYS BELIEVES he DESERVES! Like Royalty- ‘His Royal Donald, Ruler of The American Duck Pond, Commander in Chief of the World’s foremost Military-Industrial Complex! (4 times Draft Avoiding Dodger- but who the ‘hell-o’ heard of Vietnam and anyways, that war was UNPOPULAR and ‘The Donald’ IS AN ELECTED POPULIST!) Strutting with The Queen- a ‘Classy Gal!’ ‘Throne Meister’ for 67 years? & ‘Mother Hen’ of the ‘British Empire & Commonwealth!’ Unlike Donald- unappreciated by the American media, who treat him exactly as ‘he doesn’t deserve?’ 
  • ‘We AFFIRM common values uniting us- Freedom, Sovereignty, Self Determination, (‘Trump’s Rules of Law’- 1. He/she who holds the Gold, Rules! She Rules over & prescribes social & legal status Just as ‘The Donald’ attempts to in America and across the World- by political, legal, economic and/or military might! 2. That all ‘servants & suckers’ surrounding ‘US,’ take the fall in our place (according to  family tradition!) 3. Guess what happens to anyone threatening our Royal Presidential Reign or Her Majesty’s Reign- hint- ‘Formerly Alive & Bubbly ‘Princess’ Diana!’ 4. The Queen is The Holder of the Law & The Church and ‘The Donald’ is SIMILARLY ABOVE the Law- may not be charged while President as stated by Independent U.S. Prosecutor R. Mueller! Pres. Trump continuously selects & stacks U.S. Jurists so His Will And His Party’s Will Rules FOR GENERATIONS! 5. Her Majesty and President Trump Hold the Law personally or by proxy- BELIEVE in THE RULE/’Their Rule’ of LAW! 6. Her Majesty and President Trump hold) “Reverence for the Rights given to US (in their opinion) BY ALMIGHTY GOD!” Beyond the questioning of anyone & everyone- By we who are but ‘mere mortals!’ June 6, 2019  by Bran Lane
  • P.S. Will Pres. Trump please refer to his Eddie Haskell’s guide- ‘Creepy Techniques to Charm the Fairer Sex Manual!’ He ‘blatHERS & blitHERS’ or tweets & twitters about Fan Fav. Actress Duchess Meghan (LOVING PARTNER to Completely Cleaned Up, LOVABLE, ‘Dirty Harry No More!’ Heartthrob Prince Harry) being “Nasty!” To his contemporary, Bette Midler, he sneers in his best Eddie Haskell style, She’s a “Washed up Psycho!”- But really she’s an independent “YOU DON’T OWN ME” Gal Singer, Eddie Haskell style Presidents & all Autocrats hate! (Remember 1950’s ‘I Do It My Way’ “YOU DON’T OWN ME!” BOMBSHELL Seductress/Actress Marilyn Munroe, ‘SILENCED’ before she followed through with her defiant promise to- ‘TELL ALL’ about The Kennedys?) But in Britain & for D-Day Remembrance, Pres. Trump  ROCKS to a song Bette Midler covered so well- obviously written for TODAY’s music culture in TODAY’s lingo! About a person unlike Pres. Trump- NEVER WAS, IS OR WILL BE! 

“He was a sexy HIP-HOP boy! He was the TOP MAN of his class! He had a HIP HOP STYLE! But when his number came up- The WAS GONE WITH THE DRAFT! He’s a RAPPIN’ Revelry! He’s THE BOOGIE-WOOGIE, HIP-HOP BOY from Company B!”* (Don Raye & Hughie PRINCE,Songwriters Guild of America, Universal Music)   by Brian Lane June 6, 2019

$$$ GOLD Faced Off Against Golden Human Beings- We Are FREE SPIRITS!!!

  • In my present life and past, really bothered by Golden Human Beings- Perfect or ‘FLAWS GALORE’ being cast aside by C.N.P.-C.A.P.s- crafty, narcissistic,  powerful con artist politicians- religious or ‘non believers,’ betraying The Golden Rule- “Do Unto Others As Ye Would Have Them Do Unto You!” (Anti Christ version: He who controls ‘the gold/wealth and power, rules!’) Prophet or Messiah Yeshua challenging ‘The Money Changers’ among the Priesthood, for example and exposing their duplicity with ‘satan!’ Their blood lust against Yeshua was insatiable! Our 1950’s+ brilliant but terribly flawed archetype female seductress, ‘Marilyn Munroe,’ threatening to expose ‘The Kennedy’s’ …. By 1997, ‘The British Powers’ saw the STAR- Queen of Our Hearts, Princess Diana ascending to Center Stage in World Affairs- a Nobel Peace Prize being drawn toward her bosom- The British Royal Hierarchy’s Star waning!  The Musical and Cultural APPROPRIATION from Black African Americans following centuries of slavery- stealing anything and everything! What would America be today sans bottomless thievery,  hungry ‘zombie’ ‘SOUL LESS’ appropriation?!! More recently, Russian Oligarchs decided ‘to hell with stubborn Hillary’ and helped crown ‘The Donald’ leader of The FREE WORLD. But the Russian Bear is hardly feasting from Donald’s BITTER TASTING HONEY! We may have heard “Incompetent RICH PEOPLE are more likely to get ahead than SMART PEOPLE with (less) NO MONEY!” (Quentin Fottrell) ‘Existing political, corporate and cultural structures ENSURE THE RICH GET RICHER and THE POOR …” (not so much?) (French Economist Thomas Piketty- attended The London School of Economics)
  • Seeing the same or similar bad behavior for thousands of years, we simply BREAK ON THROUGH TO BE OURSELVES AS INDIVIDUALS, NO MATTER WHAT ‘BAD BOSSES or Cultural Dressings’ Rules a specific country! Thanks to our world wide internet, we can easily FACE-OFF to see if our local cultural systems are fixable or totally suck. We may FREELY CHOOSE- keeping our safety dear to our hearts, what ingredients from our WORLD WIDE CULTURAL SUPERMARKET we will bring into ourselves, to be JOYFULLY EXPRESSED in our living! We see cities like Toronto, Canada being over 50% ‘VISIBLE MINORITIES,’ every major culture living peacefully side by side. So we understand hate and war among cultures, except where human inalienable rights are being trampled, TOTALLY IS unacceptable, unjustifiable, indefensible!
  • Imagine cultures engaged in terrible behavior toward one another for generations- They move to a free society- suddenly realizing they are FRIENDS AFTER ALL!!! All the generations of hate and war a bad nightmare- accomplishing nothing but misery! NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED! MASS HYSTERIA! P.M. Trudeau, for example, says Canadians CELEBRATE DIVERSITY-DIVERSITY ENHANCES LIFE FOR ALL CANADIANS! Do we at least secretly- fearing for our safety, mock any leaders who spur us to hate ‘the other’ when we know hate and war IS LONG PAST BEING ACCEPTABLE! Are we able to look around our world and honestly see what’s happening? OUR CULTURES ARE LIKE OUR CLOTHING- IF THEY ‘STINK’ WE WASH THEM CLEAN! REPAIR THEM! OR TOSS THEM IN PART OR WHOLLY!
  • We are FREE SPIRITS, FREE AS A BIRD TO FLY, TO SPREAD OUR WINGS, BE LOVING, CREATIVE, JOYFUL! See young children walking down the street- singing, dancing, twirling, skipping- Anything but boring plodding along like zombies …? LIFE IS A DANCE FOR THEM! YOUR LIFE- MY LIFE IS A DANCE!  Isn’t it about time we stepped up on Life’s Dance Floor?!! Hey- Y’all I’m HERE- ALIVE! HAPPENING! Poor or Rich- It don’t make no never mind- at least not as much as we’s supposed to imagine it does! Before rock and pop music became homogenized and formulated into recipes, musicians were spontaneous, creative, dynamic ‘GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!’ We love studio album productions but to catch musicians in LIVE RAW SPONTANEOUS PERFORMANCE!!! Actual living is A DANCE! Coming BACK TO LIFE- GETTING OUR BRAINS & BODY BACK FROM MENTAL ILLNESS, IS ALSO A DANCE- A DANCE OF DETERMINATION! DOESN’T MATTER WHERE, WHEN, HOW, ALONE OR WITH WHOM WE BEGIN TO come BACK TO LIFE- we just BEGIN TO DO IT, to HEAL, to EMBRACE LIVING, let INTELLIGENCE, PEACE & LOVE VANQUISH ALL THE YUCKY IN OUR EXPERIENCE!  

P.S. Back to Canada- today a Federal Health Task Force asks Canadians to embrace ‘FREE?’ Pharma Care but I ask why do Canadians need Big Brother Pharma- in bed with Big Business and Big Brother Government, to pick ONE APPROACH TO TREATMENT- THE OPIOID CATASTROPHE COMES TO MIND- ‘Oh, yes! Better pain control than other meds. & absolutely no addictive or other bad side effects with our opioids! Big Pharma GREEDY VAMPIRES- knowingly condemning millions world wide simply to generate $$$GOLD- Golden Human Beings Sacrificed Solely for PROFITEERING! Impose ‘FREE?’ Pharma Care BUT EXCLUDE SO MANY OTHER EFFECTIVE OR BETTER TREATMENT APPROACHES INDIVIDUALS SHOULD BE EDUCATED ABOUT AND TO SELECT FROM ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS! FREEDOM IS FREEDOM TO CHOOSE AS INDIVIDUALS TO SEE WHAT HELPS US BEST- ESPECIALLY FOR MENTAL ILLNESS!!!  June 13, 2019  by Brian Lane

        The BIGGEST COVER-UP IN OUR ‘MODERN CIVILIZATION’ vs. The RAPTURE by The RAPTORS! Everything we set out to prove, our every hunger- can be accomplished now!

  • Beyond our Politician’s/Supreme Commander’s/Crown Royalty Ruler’s apparent comprehension- ‘SPORTS COMPETITIONS’ WERE TO REPLACE WAR THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO!. CIVILIZED SPORTING COMPETITIONS ENJOYED BY EVERYONE REPLACING THE HORROR OF WAR ENJOYED BY NO ‘HUMAN BEINGS!’ The Olympic Games, for example, enabled ‘City States’ or today- Nation States to CHALLENGE ONE ANOTHER AND STRUGGLE FOR SYMBOLIC ‘PECKING ORDER’ AND TIME LIMITED  SUPREMACY! Every year in MOST Sporting Competitions or at least every 4 years by THE OLYMPICS, all our Nations offer our BEST ATHLETES up to THE CHALLENGE in Sportsmanlike- ‘Sportsperson Like’ Venues. HOW DID WE CITIZENS FAIL TO HOLD OUR DUMB ASS Political Leaders/Commanders/Royalty to account???  Strong, inexorable PRESSURE needed on our dimwitted ‘Eddie Haskell’ Archetype Politicians to bring them out of their CREEPY infantile war games AT OUR EXPENSE, AT OUR SUFFERING, TO OUR HORROR! We CAN ACCOMPLISH THIS!!!
  • Sometimes we hear play by play announcers or crowds chanting ‘war cries’ & using ‘BATTLE LANGUAGE’- “We killed them!” alluding to a subconscious understanding SPORTS COMPETITIONS ARE SUPPOSED TO REPLACE WAR IN OUR SOCIAL EVOLUTIONARY PROGRESS. WHO IF NOT YOU AND I TOGETHER WITH LIKE MINDED SMART CITIZENS ARE GOING TO HELP WAR BE REPLACED? STAMPING OUT WAR is proving difficult but REPLACING WAR by SPORTS COMPETITION IS ‘FANTASTIC!’ RANT & RAVE- BATTLE IT OUT TO THE COMPETITION’S FINAL SECOND BUT NO ONE IS SUPPOSED TO DIE OR SUFFER! HOW CAN IT BE WE FAILED TO REPLACE WAR WITH A WONDERFUL EMOTION RELEASING EVOLUTIONARY MIRACLE-Civilized SPORTS??? Human Rights Oriented Aspiring Political Leaders like Canada’s Justin TRUE DUDE/Trudeau has an opportunity today, for example, as he meets with Pres. Trump and with The Congress- The Senate and House of Representatives, … for the EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE and JUDICIAL BRANCHES to REPLACE and OVERRIDE war mongering in the U.S. and around our World. Pres. Trump’s war mongering ‘cling ons’ attempting to seduce him- ‘Go to War- Thou shall not surely die!’- (JUST LIKELY!)  We can imagine other World Leaders being similarly demonically influenced. So, for ‘Religious Folks’- who is running THE SHOW on PLANET EARTH? Months ago, I noted a friend wanted to visit IRAN- ENJOY VACATIONING AMONG FRIENDLY, HOSPITABLE IRANIANS, but guessed his wife might complain about ‘The Noise and ‘FIREWORKS CELEBRATIONS’ by ships around the Straight of Hormuz- GATEWAY to a third of our World’s CRUDE and other PETROLEUM PRODUCTS! Lat week- circa June 13, a few ships burned- WAY TOO EASY TO PREDICT A BAD FUTURE in our ‘Fallen World!’
  • YOU and I NEED TO HELP SEE OUR HUMAN RIGHTS & SOCIAL EVOLUTION RISE JUST(IN TRUE DUDE) AS FAST AND SIGNIFICANTLY AS OUR TECHNOLOGICAL EVOLUTION! We Suffer from 21st Century Revolutionary Technology in the hands of OUR ancient 5,000 year old WAR LORDS exercising their LIZARD BRAINS! LIZARD BRAIN SYNDROME among our Leaders- Religious, Business, Cultural, Political, … is our Number 1 Unacknowledged & Most Dangerous Mental Illness mainstream mass media ATTEMPTS TO REPRESS! The BIGGEST COVER UP IN MODERN ‘CIVILIZATION!!!’ But back to SPORTS and A REAL WORLD- not run by ‘LIZARD BRAINS!!!’
  • About 2 million delirious Toronto Raptor Basketball FANS CELEBRATED DAY & NIGHT!!! ‘What’s THE STORY Mayor Tory?’ giving the Team ‘The Key to the City & THE HEARTS of Toronto’s World Class DIVERSE ETHNIC & CULTURAL COMMUNITIES!- EVERY RACE, RELIGION, CULTURE, COLOR, CREED, LANGUAGE, BLENDING TOGETHER IN PERFECT HARMONY- DISPELLING THE MYTH THAT PEACE IS NOT OBTAINABLE IN OUR DIVERSE WORLD!! Ontario Premier- ‘Trump Wannabe’ ‘Doug the Thug?’ introduced warmly but RED FACED- Smiling before 2 million? ‘BOOS;’ P.M. True Dude declaring A DEFINING MOMENT IN CANADIAN IDENTITY, CULTURE & NATION BUILDING- Canadians from coast to coast to coast UNITED (& HIGH ON ‘LIFE’- Not Recreational POT!) True Dude WANTS The TEAM IN OTTAWA at the PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS to RESTORE HIS MOJO, His True Dude MAGIC CHARM, bring his Sept. Federal Election Hopes BACK TO LIFE!!!
  • Personal experience- The gang & I were playing around on gymnastics equipment when an OLYMPIC COACH WAS VISITING, SAW US GOOFING AROUND-  ASKED IF WE’D LIKE TO ACTUALLY PERFORM  REAL GYMNASTIC’S MOVES! Within half hour in his presence and teaching, we were all performing like REAL GYMNASTS!!! 
  • Simply being caught up in Raptor Euphoria- Superhuman basketball playing, watching 2 million celebrate non-stop! Raptor players saying to their 2 million revelers- “We heard you were HUNGRY for a WINNING TEAM?” “Is that right?” “We gave OUR EVERYTHING FOR YOU! “Because you were so HUNGRY, We GAVE YOU OUR EVERYTHING- WHAT you WANTED!” “BE HAPPY & ENJOY YOUR WHOLE SUMMER- NO COMPLAINTS!!!” Contagious exuberance also overtook me- Been thinking for years about a steep ravine back yard. Supposed to have a serious, untreated heart ailment but phoned a quarry anyways-
  • You have stone? “Sir- We’re a GRAVEL QUARRY!” You have a big truck? ” We can deliver 24 metric tons!” Bring it on!!! (Thank God- I questioned his map reading & dumping plans- My NEIGHBOR’S DRIVEWAY!!!) An old shovel, two big buckets, a simple wheelbarrow & a Raptor inspired HEART! On the third day, my neighbor, after repeatedly teasing me- I told him the quarry was replenishing the pile at night as a PRANK! finally admitted the massive pile was  substantially SMALLER.  NEIGHBORING CHILDREN- FEELING SORRY FOR ME- RAN OVER & USING ANY MEANS- EVEN BARE HANDS, … FILLED UP BUCKETS WITH THE ENERGY OF RAPTORS MOVING BEYOND LIGHT SPEED- “WE get home at 5,  Brian- We’ll be here any day to help you except on Monday- have a Course, … Sure enough- arrive home today- “Brian, are you home? Need our help?” Thanks- Looks like rain & time for a rest for everybody- EVERYTHING SET OUT TO BE PROVEN IS ACCOMPLISHED NOW!  We all are HUNGRY FOR PEACE, LOVE, KINDNESS, ENCOURAGING WORDS, HEALING, COMPASSION & HUMAN RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE, APPRECIATION FOR OUR INDIVIDUAL & DIVERSE WAYS OF LIVING AND EXPERIENCING OUR WORLD! Anything is possible in our friendship & generosity across our beloved world. Healing hands & healing hearts accomplish what no lying politician can ever offer us! We live in a LOVING UNIVERSE ON A LOVING PLANET IF COLLECTIVELY WE ONLY BELIEVE & SEE TOGETHER- ACCEPT HOW BEAUTIFUL LIFE CAN BE!!!  June 20, 2019  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                               JUMPING ON LIFE’S DANCE BAND FLOOR NOW PROVEN SCIENCE!!! PRACTICING MUSIC makes PERFECT Academic Harmony! Instrumental Music & Performance = BRAIN GAIN!!! Is Music the KEY to Hitting All Your Academic High Notes? (BEGIN LIVING YOUR MUSICIAN/PERFORMER DREAM NOW & IS YOUR MENTAL HEALTH  JUST A SONG AWAY?)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “Roll Over Beethoven- tell Tchaikovsky the NEWS!” (Chuck Berry) PULLING STRINGS & GETTING HIGHER GRADES! YOU’RE JUST AN ORCHESTRATION AWAY FROM BRILLIANCE! IS MUSIC THE KEY to HITTING ALL YOUR ACADEMIC HIGH NOTES?!
  • TUNE UP & TURN ON YOUR BRAIN say Psychologists? The ‘common sense’ approach to educating young brains- removing music & the arts, phys. ed., … from curriculum IS NONSENSE After All! Psychology researchers studied the academic performance among 112,000 British Columbia, Canada students- especially their performance in English, Science and Math. Students with years of instrumental music performance study & now playing in a high school band or orchestra, for example, APPEARED TO BE A YEAR AHEAD! (Academically- my Dear Watson. Academically!) Drag your young kids away from addictive computer gaming, from being fixated on their I Phones- walking into lamp posts …. Dust off a 2000 pound oldie wood piano stuck in a basement, a screeching violin from someone’s attic, ….  SING about the JOYS of MUSIC- PRACTICING MAKES PERFECT ACADEMIC HARMONY! Discipline- PRACTICING to PERFECTION! READING SKILLS- Comprehending & REMEMBERING- MEMORY TRAINING! complicated music scoring!  HAND-EYE-MIND Co-ordination! Keen LISTENING SKILLS (How many Parents complain their children don’t seem to LISTEN!!!) Teamwork development in CHOIRS, BANDS & ORCHESTRAS! PERFORMING under stress & scrutiny by a ‘critical audience!’ (O.k.-  admit Parents are hardly a ‘critical audience’- more a CRAZY, FANATICAL audience but still putting children under pressure-
  • ‘Now Beaver- Don’t feel any Pressure BUT JUST REMEMBER WE’RE COUNTING ON YOU TO UPHOLD ADMIRATION & FAMILY HONOR!’ “Yeh- Beav- Don’t go Slipping on a banana peel & Falling Off LIFE’s DANCE FLOOR!!!’
  • Being highly engaged & an ‘ACHIEVER BEAVER’ musically- concert band or choir, orchestral & conservatory training, jazz, … especially INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC TRAINING & PERFORMANCE, = BIG BRAIN GAIN! But if you’re still a hard working musician pushing 80 like RINGO or CHARLIE WATTS- or you have always wanted to be a PLAYER PERFORMER- BEGIN LIVING YOUR DREAM NOW!!!, “KEEP ON ROCKING-” (OR BEGIN TODAY!) “IN  THE FREE WORLD!” (Neil Young) like Chuck Berry performing LIVE monthly in hometown St. Louis in his upper 80’s! (Research findings CELEBRATED (& Published in the Journal of Educational Psychology) by the American Psychological Association! Researchers led by Peter Gouzouasis, PhD at U.B.C., Vancouver, Canada) June 27, 2019  by Brian Lane “I got rhythm- I got music … Who could ask for anything more?” (George & Ira Gershwin, 1930)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Rockin’ with The BIG ROLLERS!                                                                                               U.S.A. Independence Day July 4th Earth Shattering Celebrations- A 6.4 Rock and Rolling Earthquake in Southern California between L.A. and Vegas! A Baby Earthquake compared to Chile’s May, 1960 Valdivia Quake causing ocean waves up to 82 feet high! My in-law- a young girl in Chile, watched the GROUND ROLL LIKE OCEAN WAVES in a 10 MINUTE LONG HORROR FILLED RIDE by a 9.4- 9.6 Earthquake! But a beautiful “Independence Day” from past & present slavery- Slavery & injustice inflicted by ‘people kind;’ slavery we self impose on our beauty & creativity; slavery belief systems invented with demonic intentions to steal our enthusiasm, our joy & power, our health & wealth, & make us feel inadequate.
  • If you are experiencing any form of slavery, how would you CELEBRATE YOUR EMANCIPATION? Silly me celebrated by ‘jumping on my scooter, heading out onto beautiful countryside winding HIGHways, into hillside tunnels, over Bridges, … speeding at 70++m.p.h. all afternoon ‘JUST GOING WITH THE TRAFFIC FLOW’ (not FASTER?)- Mr./Ms./Other Police Officer- Dutifully CELEBRATING FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE from Rule Britannia & Big Brother WATCHING OVER U.S.- present company excepted! MAGICALLY turning my sans macho scooter into BOSS HOG HIGHWAYMAN!!! No Big Pharma pill or potion approaches OUR JOY IN SEIZING OPPORTUNITIES TO CELEBRATE BEING ALIVE EVERY DAY ON EARTH!!! Seeing and smelling lush vegetation, rivers, wild life! Yes- my grinning brother asked me- “You wore your silly pictured grinning ‘skull’  half helmet picked up for $4.00 at a garage sale?” We all have to be SILLY SOMETIMES- like Canada’s P.M. True Dude butchering his INSANELY SILLY befuddled duddled  explanation when asked how his family was decreasing use of polluting plastics. Or among some Trumpeteering Nit Twitterers- SILLY AT ALL TIMES APPARENTLY!* Our solemn duty on important holidays is to make each other L.O.L.! Or on Special Occasions to let our world in on a personal secret- Psst Don’t be fooled by our quiet composure- WITHIN US IS A REAL WILD CHILD Out of Control & Running Free! Let’s get real crazy & have FUN!!!
  • BORN FREE to LIVE FREE & BE OURSELVES!  Our God/Allah/Creator/Source, … DEMANDS WE EXPRESS OUR EMOTIONS- ROCK an ROLL, CELEBRATE LIFE, DO WHAT WE FEEL to Celebrate Life! We’re SPIRITED SPIRITUAL BEINGS- not ‘biological robots’ as many stupid scientists believe! We exercise self control as appropriate BUT WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS BY DIVINE DESIGN CREATED TO EXPERIENCE FREE WILL, never to suppress OUR DIVINE GIFTS!! Hopefully, we avoid too many loopy decisions & live good,  clean lives, caring for everyone & our beloved Mother Earth! Nobody owns us according to gender, sexual orientation, class, social status, wealth, bestowed title, disability, … nor inherently ‘knows better’ or has authority over us, our PASSION, nor has any right to interfere with our CREATOR’s DIRECT LOVE FOR US, our DESTINY IN LIFE! Every country should CELEBRATE our individual RIGHTS & FREEDOMS!!! Just as every ethnic & cultural group- DIVERSITY BY THE MILLIONS! CELEBRATED IN JOY & PEACE TOGETHER- TORONTO  RAPTORS N.B.A. VICTORY; Just as Americans celebrate together, FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE- LIFE, LIBERTY, PURSUIT of HAPPINESS on July 4th; we CELEBRATE that every human being in every country- in our hearts & prayers- ENJOYS THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO EXPERIENCE & EXPRESS FREEDOM! Freedom is our CREATOR’s GIFT TO EVERYONE- EVERYONE! Should we tell puffed up authoritarian bubble brained boo boos attempting to run/ruin our lives, Get off our Backs- Haven’t you heard? TODAY IS INDEPENDENCE DAY July 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, …!!!  July 4th is Independence Day, 2019  by Brian Lane                                                
  • *P.S. No one DOES SILLY LIKE DONALD TRUMP! The GREATEST SILLY since WILD WEASEL WILLY- Hillary’s Ovum Office Bad Boy!!! ‘Monica- What will you do to assist your President?!’ Oh, I guess anything… ”ANYTHING?’ Wild Weasel Willy snickers?’ (And Monica primarily became the scapegoat among  the Blame Game media attack hounds, not Wild Weasel Willy- huh? And Hillary- He done her WRONG! held onto The WEASEL singing “Stand By Your Man!” (Tammy Wynette & Billy Sherrill, 1968) President Trump’s STORMY (Daniels) July 4th Earth Shattering Speech is a Barn Burner of SILLY! Burn All the History Books- All of them! History Being Rewritten back to the DAWN of ‘The Donald!!!’ WHO KNEW? “In June of 1775, the Continental  Congress created a unified Army out of Revolutionary Forces encamped around Boston and New York” named according to Pres. Trump, ‘The George Washington Forces!’ (to be renamed ‘The Donald/G.W. Forces’ upon future Rewriting?) By 1776, Pres. Trump proclaims “OUR ARMY MANNED THE AIR, TOOK OVER THE AIRPORTS!!!” No wonder ‘Rule Britannia’ lost! Did British Forces face drones and cruise missile attacks from America circa 1776? Pres. Trump- Please tell us more- Your Opa/Grampa Scandalous Fredrick Trump- kicked out of ‘Germany,’ reached America in 1492- NOT Chris Columbus, right? Began land acquisition from First Nations in classic Trumptopian  Bargaining Style- THE DECEPTIVE, DARK ARTS of The BAD DEAL for our trusting, honorable First Nations! July 5, 2019 by Kemo Sabe/Faithful Friend Brian Lane   
  • P.S.S. But speaking about Silly Wild Weasels turning the White House into an Out House of Calamity, Californian Quakes have now reached an up close and personal figure tonight- 6.9 on the Richter Scale- way too liberated, almost promiscuous!!! At High School in L. A., refused to hide under my desk as the Siren Sounded a  ‘Soviet attack.’ “BRIAN!” My response- Our ‘Comrade Soviets’- HA! HA! are not going to attack U.S.!!! “You’ll Be SORRY If They Do, BRIAN!!!” Your right- This 1 inch thick desk top will shield us all against Armageddon! But 6.9 earth quakes- just might start us all THINKIN’ ‘BOUT DIVING UNDER A DESK or SURFIN’ AN EARTH QUAKE GROUND WAVE if California Rockin’ really begins A ROLLIN’! July 4- 5, 2019 Fireworks Ending Soon?  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           GOOD MUSIC-ROCKING-LOVING= Sexy-HEALTHY-LIVING!   BUTT FIRST                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • S.O.S. Who Is Holding Our Governments Accountable? For POOR PROGRESS ON
  • 4. Healthy environmental Restoration, Climate Change Issues, ….
  • Our Hearts & LOVE to all the toddlers & young children suffering world wide on account our political leaders- admittedly ‘Trying Hard!,’ ‘Doing Their BEST!’ but like Pres. Trump, lacking THE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE & HUMILITY to create a LOVING, PEACEFUL, SAFE WORLD!!! The too honest British Ambassador resigned after leaked assessments of The Presidency- “dysfunctional, inept & chaotic. ….” (More destabilizing & worrisome- in my view, The Administration continuously threatens nation after nation with MILITARY or ECONOMIC WARFARE, friend or not!) “Dysfunctional, inept & chaotic” also applicable to most or ALL Government Administrations World Wide? Who IS HOLDING OUR GOVERNMENTS ACCOUNTABLE FOR POOR PROGRESS ON OUR INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS, RAISING QUALITY & STANDARDS OF LIVING,  WORLD PEACE & SAFETY, Healthy Environmental Restoration, Climate Issues, …?  Our mainstream bought & paid for traditional sleep walking media? Or our music, video, paper, talk radio, internet media? Our Artists/Stars? Giving our hard working government leaders a CLEAR TO DO LIST could solve our “dysfunctional, inept & chaotic” state!!! A straight forward TO DO LIST allows us to MEASURE & SCORE our Governments- A? B? C? D? or Fail!
  • If we set out CLEAR, COLLECTIVE OBJECTIVES we can EVALUATE, measure, score- ACHIEVE a World befitting our BEST ASPIRATIONS- far above our ‘Swampy, Scary World!’  P.S. Our Hearts & LOVE to children in Texas, U.S., Syrian, etc. border ‘concentration camps’ -unable to sleep due to hunger, cold, illness, lack of safe running water, poor hygiene, bathing opportunities, open to humiliation & sexual abuse… in U.S. ‘Camps’- DELIBERATELY SEPARATED FROM LOVED ONES and Relatives living in the States- dying mentally & emotionally day by day! Wherever we live, as human beings we have A HIGHER CALLING!!! LOOKING AROUND AT OUR WORLD, our children may ask- IS ‘THIS’ All There Is? ‘Of course not! Today is the DAY WE BEGIN to RISE UP- giving CLEAR DIRECTION to our Governments who lack CLARITY, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE & HUMILITY! Setting ourselves UPRIGHT AGAIN, being able to finally MEASURE & EVALUATE our “dysfunctional, inept & chaotic” Governments, our World simply RISES above the reptilian infested swamp creatures into PEACE, BOUNTY & FREEDOM!!!   Been a long time coming= LOVE & PEACE be US! July 11, 2019  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         AMERICA: LOVE IT or LEAVE IT! Hell No! I Won’t Go! … (Please see July 17, 2019 New Article under  ‘TORTURED HEARTS BUSTIN’ LOOSE’ series                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        WILD CHILD RECKLESS LOVES
  • LGBTQ+ OTHER+ FLUID????                             WHAT’S UP!  pEOPLEkIND?                  Breakout sweeping social & cultural changes- a revolution, a superstorm, blew across Britain and North America in the mid 60’s liquefying past rigid intransigence, inflexibility including sexuality. The burning fires in  “FREE LOVE” also updrafted  concepts of “FLUID LOVE,” a not new approach to sexuality, but a current teen interest. ’60s rock and pop music stars appeared as both male and female. In a time of reigning “FREE LOVE,” how could anyone decide what gender identity or sexual orientation our cultural icons subscribed to? We knew fantastic showman, “Little Richard,” in contrast to Elvis- the “KING of ROCK & ROLL,” was a “Queen of Rock and Roll!” Mick Jagger appeared to be obviously BiSEXUAL, David Bowie- whatever? But who knew the real- out of the closet gender identity  & sexual orientation of our young, revolutionary stars?                                                                                                                                            Our Revolutionary Stars didn’t appear to care so the de facto message STILL                                             IS INDIVIDUAL “Life, Liberty, FREEDOM, security & PURSUIT HAPPINESS” but now includes a BROAD- even ‘flexible’ or ‘fluid’?”                          RANGE of sexual orientations and gender identities.                                                                      In Canada, by the ’70s,  P. M. Trudeau said “THE “GOVERNMENT HAS NO BUSINESS IN THE BEDROOMS OF THE NATION!” Homosexuality was ‘delisted’ as a mental disorder. Police didn’t have to continue tracking down and prosecuting ‘homosexality’,” citizens being discriminatorily wrongly viewed as “deviants and imminent threats to Religious Institutions, National Identity, Culture, Morality the Mental Health and Security of the Nation!” Our President’s teenage years ended just before sweeping changes including ‘SEXUAL’ “LIBERATION” in 1967- THE SUMMER OF LOVE.       Is this fact the basis for our President’s misguided intolerance towards our ‘trans’ loyal patriots being allowed, accepted & included in military service?   Without ‘normalized’ outlets for expression, sexual assaults & violence did occur in a climate of repressed sexuality, shame, hate and fear. You may ask-        ‘Yes, but today, Brian,  don’t sexual predators still commit violent assaults regardless of a ‘liberated climate,’ sexual orientation or gender identity? Toronto’s gay community is now tragically realizing a serial predator was living in their midst taking lives seemingly anytime he wished. My FATHER told me of  dangerous older teen/young adult camp counselor PREDATORS!     I was lured into a basement and had to fight for my LIFE during the  MOST VICIOUS ATTACK by a DEMONICALLY                             POSSESSED, EVIL FACED, LAUGHING OLDER TEEN PREDATOR!        (By writing “The Seduction of the Virgin Mental Patient/Queen of Our Hearts”  my brain FINALLY ALLOWED ME TO REMEMBER THIS PERSONAL HORROR!)               Sooo,  aside from parents  concerned about CURRENT TEEN & YOUNG ADULT EXPERIMENTATION- WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN’ GOIN’ ON*    do we prefer ‘bygone danger days over today’s new dangers??               AIDS & increasing levels of (LIFELONG?) sexual diseases, sterility, ….  emotional confusion, mental illness, self harm, crazy, treacherous self medicating with Opioids , etc.                                                        Always remember as a young teen, the first genuine ‘drug pusher’ I saw-            giving a handsome, SMILING! 14 year old ‘lamb to the slaughter teen’ a ‘crack-cocaine’ cocktail. “He’s taking it?!” I gasped. 14 year old teen SMILED at me. ‘Drug pusher’ SMILED at me.    Party People all winked to my buddy: “What’s up with your new boy?” My buddy takes me aside: “Chill out- your embarrassing me.” ‘But-‘ “Yeh- he’ll be dead in 6 months!” And all the Party People nodded, agreed an’ SMILED at me: “He’s cool!”                                                                  Always remember the last genuine ‘drug pusher’ I saw. Buddy says- “What you doin’ here! Told you a ‘friend’ from my long gone previous life was droppin’ by….” Don’t joke around- don’t push me in fun- don’t look at him….  No one was smilin’ anymore TODAY in the era of “guns an’ gangs, gangbangers”           1,000s of ‘lambs to the slaughter’ by OPIOIDS, etc.                          But hey! today’s ’60s style ‘LOVE GENERATION,’ TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS ARE EXPERIMENTING & “coming out!” “This is my “gender identity” and “sexual orientation”-               TODAY!  A MONTH OR A YEAR FROM NOW- WHO KNOWS?????”                    kEYS to the ‘cANDY sTORE‘ in the hands of our too young children? Are we tryin’- unsuccessfully, to stuff the ‘SEX GENIE’ back in the box for 12 – 14 years young ‘teeny boppers’ who are also self- medicating, self harming? Downing combos of alcohol, dangerous street drugs, junk food, mom’s & dad’s pills & their own numbing,  psych. meds.?              DOWNWARD SPIRALING “WILD CHILD- RUNNIN’ WILD! NOT YOUR                                                  MOTHER’S OR YOUR FATHER’S CHILD.” (Doors)                            FLOUNDERING & DROWNING but Mom & Dad, still wearin’ rose colored glasses,  see them in the rear view mirror as 10+ year old delightfully                    innocent Babes– until your li’ll ‘BooBoo’ Chil’ & his/her buddies crash-  your car, your dreams. your life!!!    Feb. 4, 2018 by Brian Lane         * P. M. Justin ‘mansplainin’ to a questioning female- you mean “PEOPLEKIND, not mankind.       FREE LOVE  BUT   NO  FREE SPEECH             F.S. IS THE  NEW                            “PORNOGRAPHY!”  (*song credited to Williams & Hall)
  • Japan’s Valentine’s Day LGBTQ+ 13 Couples’ Marriage Constitutional CHALLENGE! ‘We 13 gay & lesbian couples challenge the Constitutionality of Japan’s LGBTQ+ Discriminatory Marriage Laws!’  Significant majority in Japan agree with the Challenge! Almost 10% identify being LGBTQ+! BUT Armed Forces still says ‘Don’t Tell- We Won’t Ask!’ versus
  • U.S. Crisis Creator Trump says ‘Get them out & don’t let them in!’ You mean all the illegal, unregistered immigrants- or who tricked immigration by entering on a visitor’s permit BUT STAYED & WORKED ‘stealing American jobs?’, Mr. President?  ‘And get them out too!’ Get everyone out! Especially Democrats!’      Malanija entered by a visitor’s permit BUT STAYED & WORKED stealing American jobs? No hay problema- ‘She’s the wife of America’s greatest President!’  (P.S. Conversion therapy still being practiced in Japan- for now! )                                                                                                                                                
  • SOCIAL CHANGE– MAY BE Uncomfortable!   Readers probably BELIEVE IN EQUALITY, LIBERTY, FREEDOM, PURSUIT OF INDIVIDUAL HAPPINESS, … AND CHOICE in gender identity & sexual orientation BUT MAY STILL FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE about L.G.B.T.Q.+ issues? SOCIAL CHANGE TAKES TIME FOR SOCIETY TO ADJUST- OFTEN TOO LONG- i.e. ‘TIME’s UP! ME TOO!’                        HARD TO BELIEVE NOT UNTIL 1967- ‘LOVING versus VIRGINIA’  African American Blacks & ‘Whites’ allowed to marry in U.S.A.!!!  People find it terribly UNCOMFORTABLE social change IS SO SLOW; Other people find it dizzying-UNCOMFORTABLY FAST! Everyone else wants to SAY to BOTH contentious sides “CAN EVERYONE PLEASE CALM DOWN AND GIVE THE REST OF US SOME PEACE!!! PLEASE! THANK YOU!!” Some social change is so necessary- stopping hate & violence, war! forcing tens of millions to migrate, affording opportunity for crisis creator, nationalist/autocratic populist ‘haters’ to gain power! In Clint Eastwood’s stark (gun) violence movie themes, we often see “them that are looking down the barrel”  at the frightened “them looking up the barrel.”                              Difficult to inflict force on people to ACCEPT & be COMFORTABLE with social change.  Better to SHOW BY EXAMPLE- BE THE LIGHT OF YOUR WORLD, INSPIRING PEOPLE TO BE JUST, KIND, COMPASSIONATE, ACCEPTING OUR SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES! (Even if we experience discomfort! What social change do you find challenging?) ‘Self- medicating’ alarms me, for example ….  ‘opioids’ so deadly, addictive & over prescribed – 1500 fatalities in British Columbia as Emergency Rescuers rush to resuscitate victim after victim! Powerful Ganja in the hands of young teens- a prescription for mental impairment, I.Q. issues! Second hand smoke?  ALWAYS LOVED MUSIC so Never Bothered by black-white marriage- black-white music, artists, blending styles being so wonderful together! (Like Elvis blending African American & ‘Hillbilly’ rock!)Time will tell how L.G.B.T.Q.+ is socially accepted around our World.                                                      My L.G.B.T.Q.+ relative- everyone being SO ACCEPTING of her orientation & female partner! So impressed! BUT our adored Darling was DUMPED HARD- horribly by her female partner! What about the ‘right’ to be treated HONORABLY, KINDLY? Many relatives seemed ‘very o.k.’ when she confided ‘I’d better look around for a man!’ NEW RIGHTS involve ‘behaving right,’ a caring human being to your partner!  No one has the right to say ‘I’m all that- and liberated from straight society!’ but think it’s treat our darling so badly! Just askin’- Don’t our universal human being rights trump bad behavior whatever our identity or orientation?  Feb. 14, 2019 by Brian Lane

Stayin’ Alive & Brainy                                                                                                                                                                                           mARIJUANA mADNESS & yOUR tEEN ‘S bRAIN                                  About 5% of  prenatal babies experience bRAIN dAMAGE due to Mommy drinking alcohol. Yikes!  But if babies endure a barren experience of care, love,  sensory & learning deprivation, it’s so much worse for their developing brain! Our teens also face many threats to their brain health at a critical time in their brain development- from their outside world and their own naive, natural curiosity, reckless innocence. At any age, why go a lookin’ fo’ troubles!’       BETTER TO          MAKE IT AS HARD AS POSSIBLE FOR TROUBLES TO FIND US & OUR                        LOVED ONES, to enter our individual & collective  worlds!                                          If our brain ‘ain’t broke, don’t go an’ try to ‘fix it,’ y’all hear me!                                                                                                       Dr. Andra Smith, studying psychology and neuroscience, offers some interesting findings about the scourge of                                                 ‘mARIJUANA mADNESS’ on teens brains.             Doctors say the ‘best practices policy’ would be to set the legal age for recreational pot use at 25- but  in my view, politicians are way too unethical to worry                                  about inflicting brain damage vs. ‘losing young people’s vote.’ Doctors asked for age 21 as a compromise- but in my view,        politicians are way too unethical to worry about inflicting brain damage v. losing EVEN YOUNGER voters!  Now Dr. Smith isn’t about to           SCREAM ‘MARIJUANA MADNESS                            ALERT!’ But she suggests SCARY significant findings we                                                        shouldn’t pretend are ‘fAKE nEWS!’                                                      1. Marijuana use shouldn’t occur before age 25– ‘we know that!’                                2.  The younger the age when a teen begins smoking pot, the more pot smoked &  the longer pot smoking continues, … ‘We know what happens to a teen’s brain!’                     Earlier Start + Heavier Use + Longer Time Smoked=                 Dumber, more Impulsive, Less Intelligent, Damaged Teen Brain ….    But let’s use the good Doctor’s words, not mine:       “We were able to detect SIGNIFICANT LONG-TERM IMPACTS of prenatal marijuana exposure on the patterns of activity in the brain during executive functioning.  Some pregnant women are using marijuana for their morning sickness … But the long-term consequences for the child surely outweigh any short-term benefits for the mother.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Among study subjects who smoked an average 11 1/2 joints per week, they suffered significant differences as shown by brain activity.                            … The brain has to work harder, a sign of a required or a necessary compensation. Over time, the brain can’t compensate any further. It gets fatigued and it falters. … not able to adapt or compensate … problems with cognitive efficiency …. particularly problematic … when the prefrontal cortex is undergoing fine-tuning and optimization for future success. The p. c. is like the ‘band leader’ or CEO of executive functioning, what DISTINGUISHES HUMANS FROM OTHER ANIMALS AND ALLOWS                                FOR HIGHER ORDER COGNITIVE FUNCTIONING                                                         THAT WE REALLY RELY ON  FOR             SUCCESS IN RELATIONSHIPS, ACADEMICS, PROFESSIONAL LIFE.                   MARIJUANA HIJACKS DEVELOPMENT IN THE TEEN BRAIN … OUR EMOTIONAL BRAIN IS RUNNING THE SHOW RATHER THAN ENLISTING                                  THE HELP OF THE THINKING BRAIN.   P.S. In my view, kinda also           explains? why too many  beloved drug addicted ‘younger’ music stars struggled & have drowned in ‘superstorm emotional turmoil.’ First, music stars may be ’emotionally overcharged as ARTISTS!’  The added impairment by        dopey? psych. meds. & self-medicating of their ‘executive functioning’ thinking & problem solving brain leaves them adrift- no shores/solutions in sight, CRASHING WAVES OF EMOTION SMASHING THEM ON  ROCKS…!            The not so fun side o’ rock and roll-  being ROCKED & ROLLED!  Deepest     hopes our Best Mental Health Days are in sight!  Always safeguard                  your precious GIFT, MENTAL HEALTH!       Feb. 8, 2018   by ‘Brain’ Lane

Flakey Friday’s Eccentric Stories- More Marijuana Madness Potificating-                          Pot Roasted Brain Syndrome!  Good Brain- Bad Brain!                                                        You already know Canadian Doctors say our modern massively increased THC levels cause damage to 25 & younger brains. But Canadians politicians want young voters to LIKE them & easier to manipulate brain damaged youth? Soooo, legal age is set at a bare minimum + 1 year for VIRTUE SIGNALLING! Bred in massive THC levels (20- 30%+) trigger underlying vulnerabilities to anxiety, paranoia, panic disorders, psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar, …. Because our bodies & brains are                       SO INCREDIBLE! SO SENSITIVE! SO RESPONSIVE! SO CREATIVE!, the downside is we all have vulnerabilities able to be triggered depending on our internal & external environments. We want to be drawn & pushed up into releasing health, happiness creativity, co-operation, sharing & compassion, not triggered down into unleashing DIS EASE & DYSFUNCTION. We know by stories about Jesus & others, our bodies & brains ARE ABLE TO EXPRESS  SO BEAUTIFULLY EXPRESSIVE & COMPASSIONATE AWARENESS- we’re barely seeing our opportunities! Better not trigger underlying vulnerabilities in ourselves or others- physical or mental to our best ability! Psychoactive high THC may ACTUALLY CAUSE MENTAL ILLNESS beyond triggering underlying vulnerabilities! (We are not overlooking ‘pot’ is being employed & studied for medical treatments prescribed by Doctors- i.e. medical Mary Jane, Ganja.) An 8% drop in I.Q. facing young teens regular dope users seriously drops their future opportunities…. (“Don’t it only go to show- we don’t know what we got (upstairs) ’till it’s gone” (Joni Mitchell) & experience POT ROASTED BRAIN SYNDROME!                                                             Speaking of bad brains- good brains,  T. V. documentary showed a top U. S. researcher attempting to look for underlying genetic basis in ‘BAD ACTING PEOPLE’S’ brains & DNA genes. He also confidently brain imaged & checked his own genetic make up to observe a ‘good citizen!’ But was shocked to see he, the ‘good citizen’ is the same potentially as a bad dude,        a REAL BAD ASS! His environment & upbringing offered him only love, friendship, compassion, careblessings & opportunities!  His underlying NATURE VULNERABILITIES HAD BEEN LOVINGLY TRANSFORMED INTO STEPPING STONE CATALYSTS SO HE EMERGED                       SEEMINGLY                 THE OPPOSITE OF THE BAD ASS STUDY SUBJECTS!                                                                       

                                  High Crimes & MisdumbMEANERS!                                                                  From High Standards Cops to No Standards Hyper Crooks?                          From SINcere politicians fighting Marijuana Madness/ Pot Roasted Brain Syndrome to SINfully Wealthy Marijuana Inc. Pot Heads!       $$$$             Former Canadian P. M. Baloney Mulroney (1984- 1993) said he ‘believed drugs were an epidemic!’ So in the early 1990’s, he introduced a heavy handed Bill in Parliament to entrench marijuana in the same category as heroin! Bill C-61, for example, expanded police powers to raid properties and seize assets of alleged drug traffickers.      A Canadian former Toronto police Chief  said circa Oct. 16, 2015:  “I am COMPLETELY opposed to the legalization of marijuana- LEGAL POT WOULD BE A BOON FOR ORGANIZED CRIME! LEGALIZING MARIJUANA IS EQUIVALENT TO LEGALIZING MURDER!”                                                Became a Government Cabinet Minister- ELITES CONSOLIDATE POWER  in government, law, business, etc. We see dynasties in democratic countries-  Hillary & Bill- Friendliest, Fun Alpha male U. S. President & Sex Predator– ask Paula or Monica, Clinton, the Bush Family political Dynasty- world’s 2 most deadly weapons of mass destruction? totally trashing both our Middle East friends & enemies!, U. S. Pres. Trump, his daughter & son-in-law, … wielding power & influence; (Tragic, famous families- The dead Kennedys’; Nehru Gandhi et a.; …) Baloney Mulroney’s daughter, is appointed Attorney General for Ontario, Canada a few months before marijuana for recreational use is LEGALIZED & NOW- LAWS are ENACTED & VICIOUS SANCTIONS leveled against non- gov’t. approved growers, sellers & buyers! BRUTAL SANCTIONS AGAINST EXISTING USERS, GROWERS & PROVIDERS WHO SIGNIFICANTLY HELPED  Justin- a USER(of NAIVE CITIZENS- not just ‘pot’), become P. M. & LEGALIZE RECREATIONAL POT USE!                              Ohhhh, did anyone take note, the day recreational use is legalized in Canada, former P. M. Baloney Mulroney, father of Ontario’s Attorney General, ANNOUNCES HE IS JOINING the BOARD of DIRECTORS for a BIG U.S. Cannabis enterprise? Don’t you love ‘no brainer’ conspiracy theories!                                                                                                                                           Back in the swinging 60’s+, our eloquent poet,  1 finger, ‘FUDDLE DUDDLE’ smirking Pierre Trudeau- who pirouettes behind the Queen’s behind, says      “THERE IS NO PLACE FOR THE STATE IN THE BEDROOMS OF THE NATION;”  Circa 1970- FANTASTIC EXPRESSION of JUSTICE for all LGBTQ? leading our world in Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness about sexual & gender orientation & identity!!      Not to be out pirouetted by his old man,  Justin appears to ‘say’ There is no place behind my back in the Nation for non governmental, unapproved marijuana madness business!!  In Canada, STATE TAXATION & REGULATION of ALL growers, sellers & users for marijuana madness purposes I S ENTIRELY & SOLELY THE STATE’S BUSINESS!          IF WE REALLY VALUE INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS, JUSTICE, LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS,  should we attempt to play ‘god’ over one another’s inherent sexual & gender identity & orientation? NO!  (Or adult use marijuana madness activities? But are we to stand by unawares like our Queen letting our brothers & sisters behind us, self medicate & GO ALL TO POT- doing nothing!! Self medicating is beyond containment in today’s world but hopefully scientists will offer evidence based research to help users choose their ‘poisons wisely’ before pot roast brain syndrome consumes our best & brightest!)                                                                                          As to Pierre Trudeau’s acknowledging our swinging ’60’s SEXUAL LIBERATION MOVEMENT                                                  LOVE WHOEVER YOU WANT!                                                                     Many people have a difficult time understanding sexual & gender identity & orientation apart from our own so- called ‘normal,’ ‘morally’ based identity & orientation-                    LIVE AND LET LIVE!                              CELEBRATE OUR RAINBOW DIFFERENCES- NOT ONLY OUR SIMILARITIES- Like were early Model Ts , all assembly line one color clones!  ….                                                                                                 Back to our turncoat politicians & law enforcement elites …    In the ’90s, our former Toronto Police Chief & Gov’t. Cabinet Member- alongside former Federal Finance Minister, like so many Police Officials & Politicians, joined the marijuana madness bandwagon, backing passage, for example- Bill C-10, mandatory minimum sentences for growing 6 plants or more…. Marijuana USERS constitute the LOW HANGING FRUIT for law enforcement- over 60% of drug offences were for SIMPLE POSSESSION! Do our 10s of thousands of convicted felon pot users in North America or world wide see Big Government- especially bureaucratic & political elites, Law Enforcement, Business, … attempting to obliterate their long suffering, hard fought marijuana culture?  Becoming overnight multimillionaires eagerly PUSHING MARIJUANA LIKE IT’S NEVER BEEN PUSHED DOWN PEOPLE’S THROATS BEFORE since the ’60s?   Nov. 23, 2018  by Brian ‘Plus les choses changent, plus elles restent les memes!’       ‘The more things change, the more they (& the POWER/$$$$ GAMES) stay the same!’ – You better BELIEVE IT!  Lane

Free falling TRIPPING Down the Rabbit Hole!                                                                           Oh No!  Are A Family of Stinky Skunks HAPPY TO SEE ME or- Whoa- am I experiencing an involuntary Sunday Slide- marijuana madness’ tripping?  Quick bike ride to store- walked by a wooded trail home. Smelled like skunks were holding a SKUNK ODOR FACE OFF COMPETITION–   Whose spray stinks to High Heaven?  OMG-  actually breathing Ganja second hand smoke from unaware HUMAN CANNABIS SKUNKS!        Cast into involuntary potpourri -15 hours eating & drinking- NOT a ‘bad trip’  but REFLEXES & BRAIN POWER dropping:              “Uh, Houston- we’ve had a problem!” Our Bird Brian’s losing reflexes, brain power!”    Did you hear- MAJORITY of pot users in Canada, True North, Strong & Free!,  ADMIT TO free falling HIGH-WAY driving!       Doctors advise the minimum age should be 25- & no High-Way Driving! Younger folks LOVE your precious body, brain & emotions- your gifts to cherish for a lifetime! Besides, everyone else is able to LOVE LIFE without unawares- BEING TRIPPED! Thinkin’ ‘How long before this ride is over? Brain’s better be back or be trouble in the ‘hood!’ 15 hours later feelin’ all right again, Thank God! “Houston, we regained contact-  Our bird Brian is flying again!”                                       THANKS BUT No Thanks for a Free Trip, unawares happy Ganja users!  After my 1 Trip- “No, no, no- I don’t (second hand) smoke it no more- I’m (with Ringo on this!)     tired of waking up on the floor! …”  Not another free falling trip down the rabbit hole an’ askin’ “Alice in Wonderland” for directions back home to Kansas! Nov. 26, 2018 by Brian     Yes- Jimi Hendrix- I’m now ‘EXPERIENCED’ & No! Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane- not gonna “Go ask Alice!” after strangers “FEED MY HEAD” & YES!  Ringo- ‘Peace an’ LOVE is the ONLY WAY!  Lane

  •   ENGENDERING MORAL/ETHICAL AUTHORITY NATION AGAINST NATION FACE-OFF!                     Thankfully-  hopefully!  we are able to SPEAK FREELY  -BUT CERTAINLY may THINK about our lives and the state of our Country’s MORAL/ETHICAL AUTHORITY no matter where we live! We enjoy our miraculous technological toys but if our Country fails to embrace FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, RULE of LAW, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS- Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, … we are ‘dreaming in technicolor’ if we imagine we are truly enjoying a “PROMISED LAND?”            Time’s Up! Playing With Our Techno Toys listening to mind numbing fabricated pop stars playing their corporate created  USEFUL FOOLS entertainment role!! (Inspirational John Lennon wrote- “All I Want Is the TRUTH!” We ADORE NAIVE Beatle songs but by the mid to late 1960’s John believed pop/rock stars should be SOCIAL AGENTS of CHANGE- not simply giggling ‘useful fools,’  a drug placating powerless people!)  Engendering MORAL/ETHICAL Me Too! judgement on our Nations is where it’s at! What the World needs now is LOVE & RISING MORAL/ETHICAL AUTHORITY to wash away nightmares of hate & war!                                       In many countries, FREEDOM’S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING- especially under authoritarian regimes! Break away at last! Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia, … sentiments from the useless U.S.S.R. are jeopardized, anxiety rising c/o ex K.G.B. Authoritarian Vlad the Impaler, a howling wolf mind tracker with his predatory plans at their Nations’ doors! China’s POLITICAL IRON FIST, attempt to control Asian seas & create new ‘islands,’ saturating surveillance, … readily pounds dissidents & neighbors’ freedoms ! Saudi Arabia, like many Authoritarian Regimes claiming allegiance to ‘Allah’s/the Creator’s Will’ as justification for brutally enslaving citizens, dismembering transparency & freedom of the press,  is beginning to loosen the noose- on some- ensnaring others! Our BIRTHRIGHT as planetary citizens includes responsibility to INFORM OURSELVES WHAT EXACTLY MAKES OUR COUNTRY STAND ON HIGHER OR LOWER GROUND FACED OFF against other Countries! To see clearly, discard cultural robes used to divide and conquer us- dress, religion, etc. If we were switched at birth, wouldn’t we ‘believe’ as we grew up, our adopted culture to be ‘normal, according to Our Creator’s ‘Natural Order?”
  • Rule of Law: Every citizen experiences fair equivalent justice regardless of religion, color, ethnic background, sex & gender identity & orientation, wealth, occupation, social status, …. allowing for efforts to enable & protect society’s outcasts, scapegoats- like ‘mentally ill’ citizens traditionally subjugated & marginalized from full & equal participation. How closely or insanely far off is your country/society from actualizing Rule of Law? Nations may be compared as more or less MORAL than one another- Shouldn’t we all acknowledge countries working hard to establish & improve? If our Nations focused on engendering Rule of Law as much as on hate and weapons of war, how quickly R.O.L. would rise into prominence! We repeatedly suffer from fear, hate & consequently war & weapons of war ONLY BECAUSE WE FEED OUR LIFE ENERGY! Better we let it all fall, fade away! 
  • Time’s UP on Underworld  ROGUES? (Yes- Brian “TIME’S UP!” But WHEN Will IT STOP??)  In Western Countries-  U.S. for example, we see the ongoing Special Independent Legal Prosecutor hard at work- big ‘BOTTOM FEEDER’ GARBAGE FISH to LAND! How many Countries on our Planet are ethical, intelligent, actually CHERISH ‘Rule of Law’ to install an ‘Independent Legal Prosecutor’ & at least attempt a supposed Independent Judicial System? (What did the most recent Supreme Court appointed COURT JESTER allegedly write years ago? ‘Better warn the neighbors we’re a bunch of obnoxious, loud puking, hard drinking, …’) Haven’t we reached a ‘TIME’S UP’ on megalomaniac, corrupt, autocratic political leaders arising straight from hell!? Hitler- Germany; Lenin & Stalin- Russia; Franko- 1936- 1975 Dictator over the ‘endless destruction of Spain;’ current ‘Demonic Leaders for Life’ in N. K., China, Russia, …?  Show me our typical political leader & tell me with a straight face, he/she/other isn’t chomping at the bit to wave a wand of dictatorial decrees, autocratic ‘specially appointed by god powers!’ Brought to ‘HEEL’ by special prosecution, U.S. President Nixon, Wild Willy Clinton, but what about today’s Trumptopian Class of Summa Cum LOSERS! Bush Jr. claimed he spoke regularly WITH ‘god.’ Obviously Bush Juniors’ ‘god’ was actually an ‘underworld  demon’ to invoke perpetual war, the death & chaotic displacement of 10’s of  millions beginning with the ruse- ‘weapons of mass destruction, …!  Today’s U.S. I.S. Prosecutor is necessarily examining Russian tampering into the 2016 Presidential campaign & ‘corruption,’ ‘criminality’ among the President’s associates- hauling in big fish for filleting! The President allegedly attempted to tamper with the R.o.L process, to exempt himself & his associates- to have the F.B.I. Chief GO ROGUE but THANKFULLY was REBUFFED! But fired like ALL the OTHERS! 
  • Evil’ can’t stand to be in the same room with ‘Good!’ And why would ‘evil’ want ‘Good’ for an Assistant? Instead wouldn’t any autocrat want  a complicit best friend to be the official ‘investigator’ of corruption? Alarmingly, in open, democratic Nations political leaders, Prime Ministers, etc. ATTEMPT TO INFLUENCE JUSTICE, STACK APPOINTEES- Trump stacking biased Jurists! So laughable- ‘cry able?’ to see ‘INDEPENDENT GOVERNING ‘ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICIALS/ARBITRATORS’ are ACTUALLY POLITICAL HACKS, ‘trained seals,’ ideologues best ‘friends’ of political leaders! In Ontario Canada, the Premier lowered qualification standards allegedly so his friend would ‘qualify’& is pushing hard to have his friend appointed O.P.P. Commissioner! In any official inquiry, may we wring our hands about having a political, autocratic style leader IN BED with his/her/other HAND SELECTED investigating judicial commissioner BEST FRIEND? i.e. Will a best friend ‘appointed commissioner’ rarely say ‘No- we’re not _______ with the ‘Rule of Law’ tonight!’ 
  • ‘Just Him’- Justin decides justice for us ALL- o.k.?!  Canada’s ‘What- Me Worry About Rule of Law?’ P.M. Trudeau appoints PARTISANS to ‘Independent Accountability Offices’ including adjudicating what is ‘acceptable political marketing/advertising’ as his 2019 Federal Election kicks into gear! A major Quebec based engineering corporation, employer of 55,000 world wide, super friend $$$ of the elected Liberal government, faces Canadian criminal law proceedings for bowing to a foreign country’s practice demanding & accepting bribes! (Remember Libya’s inglorious Gaddafi,  ‘ruler’ 1969- 2011, dragged from a drain pie, beaten, sodomized, ….)  The P.M.’s ‘Office’ & senior staff ‘pressured’ Canada’s First Nation’s fiercely strong Attorney General & Justice Minister to seek ‘outside expert opinions.’ (About accessing the just slipped into Law ‘deferred prosecution agreement, ‘ created to enable ‘S.N.C.- Lavalin’ escape criminal proceedings including a 10 year ban on Member Country reciprocal Government contracts- Business Purgatory!)
  • Old school, ‘now be a good little Indian’ BAD ATTITUDES- Justin! Instead, in her view she felt an ‘old school, ‘uncle tom,’ now be a good little Indian attitude’– perhaps not actually intended, ‘to bow to white man’s pressure’- be open to assessing an administrative substantial fine & ‘reparations’ process! A fiercely independent woman- hear her QUIETLY ROAR- STAND HER GROUND!, Canada’s Attorney General quickly decided against a ‘deferral process,’ refused to bow to suggestions for additional legal advisers! But beyond that, she actually SUPPRESSED a carefully researched report created by the Ministry of Justice for the Privy Council, …. Her MIND WAS MADE UP! HORROR of HORRORS, she was pushed over to ‘Indian Affairs’ to supervise the ‘Canadian Indian Act’ she spent her life HATING! DEMOTED from her position, given the Veteran’s Affairs Portfolio which she resigned from- insulting BRAVE PATRIOTS!!, She says she STANDS for JUDICIAL INTEGRITY of the OFFICE of the Attorney General! But who may argue JUSTICE with a ROCK STAR, FEMINIST P.M., CHAMPIONING World Wide Human Rights- seeking ‘white man reconcile with First Nations’- ‘RIGHT PAST WHITE WRONGS!’ His Foreign Affairs Minister- Chrystia Freeland EMBRACING a desperate Saudi Arabian Guardianship female escapee! Standing up to China like David to Goliath about China’s abominable, dishonorable human rights record! Oh- and Climate Change Activist allegedly barely standing up for Canada’s own oil industry- losing $$$ billions by avoidable delays! Oh- and LEGALIZING recreational ganja for self medicating citizens just wanting to ESCAPE FROM LIFE- ‘I WANNA BE SEDATED!’ (The Ramones) Oh-JUSTIN!! Maybe spelled ‘JUST HIM’- Just he decides for us ALL what is JUST? 
  • KIMOSABE KUMBAYA AMERICA! Thankfully, our ex Attorney General & Justice Minister, resigning from 3 Cabinet Post opportunities, is fiercely backed by white Conservative Party lioness, Ms. Lisa Irate, M.P. Ms. Irate, Minister of ‘Intense NeoCon. Sarcasm against Liberal Hypocrisy’ speaks for white NeoCon. Party leader A. Scheer Horror! Leader Scheer Horror, also called ‘A. Sneer!’ on account of his anti Liberal faces, calls for the R.C.M.P.- Canada’s F.B.I./C.I.A. to persecute Liberals, FIRE Justin!  Canada’s top civil servant rails against ‘FIRE SPEECH’- IS NOT FREE SPEECH! ‘Somebody’s gonna get assassinated- or scalped!’ & OUR WORLD LOVES JUSTIN’S GORGEOUS WAVY HAIR! P.S. Canadian & U.S. Culture is getting closer every day- Two BIG FEUDING FAMILIES- Liberals Versus Neo Conservatives! First Nation ‘Indians’ kept back on ‘Reserves? Get back Jo-Jo? First Nations Independent Thinking Justice Minister for Canada or U.S.A.??? Someday Over the RAINBOW!  March 6, 2019 by Brian I still got my First Nation created kimosabe ‘trusty scout’ moccasins Lane!
  • * ‘People kind’ get persecuted & prosecuted but ‘Too BIG to fail? LAUGHING all the way to the bank!’ Corporations may successfully lobby to CREATE their own preferred ‘Legal System!’ Your estimate on how many countries ROUTINELY USE BRIBERY in awarding contracts? 30%+? i.e. Gaddafi in Libya- being cited in proceedings against a ‘too BIG to fail?’ Canadian corporation. Your estimate on bribery incentives used ‘sometimes often’? in ‘RULE OF LAW’ Countries ‘if they can get away with it?’                                                                                                                                                            In Canada, the federal government was heavily- AND SUCCESSFULLY lobbied to ADOPT A FREE ESCAPE JAIL & CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS LAW ALREADY IN FORCE AMONG MODERN COUNTRIES (ALLOWING CORPORATIONS TO ESCAPE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION, in favor of administrative fines, reparations, corporate ‘soul searching’ ‘LAUGHING on the way to the bank!’)  In theory, big corporations may bend or obliterate acceptable practices governing business conduct- escape criminal sanctions, allowing ‘full steam ahead’ operations, uninterrupted employment & contributions to G.N.P.- & to politicians /political parties! Avoiding nasty criminal sanctions including a 10 year ban on bidding for government contracts! ‘Hello- governing political  friends- Surprise! Surprise! Our corporation ‘inadvertently’ misbehaved- ‘accidentally ….’ Will be ever so grateful $$$ to be afforded $$$ the non criminal punishment route- ESPECIALLY AS WE ARE TOO BIG to fail & because $$$! Wink wink Nudge nudge! We trust your Country’s Attorney General is PATHETIC- oops! ‘SYMPATHETIC!!!’ 
  • Individual Rights: Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, …  How would you rank Nations FACED-OFF against one another? Shakespeare sees us as mere ACTORS on Life’s stage! The U.S. CRISIS CREATOR CARTOON CHARACTER in the flesh, is forever playing the AUTHORITARIAN political leader’s 5,000 year old TRUMP CARD!  T. v. ‘poisonality’ Darling Donald enters to the RIGHT on America’s ‘Stage Right!’ The Dons style is ‘Divide & Conquer’- his State of the Union script writers hoping to have ‘America’s Don’ read from a new ‘go along to get along’ script! Still, in his address, he play Jews (Christians, …) against Muslims- BAN ALL Muslims- at least from many ‘Muslim Nations,’ visiting America! His State of the Union Address singularly binds the U.S. & Israel- ignoring other traditional U.S. best friends & allies! His operetta emotion laden staged performance has us crying on cue- Cheers to the Artistic & Stage Directors! But please- more singing!
  • Our emotions laid bare, his MASTERY of Dark Arts take center stage! Bypassing our conscious mind- straight as an arrow into our subconscious beyond our normal awareness! We are INDOCTRINATED-Central American & Mexican Genghis Khan style ‘Mongolian Hoards’ are about to overrun, desecrate & decimate America! CRISIS CREATED!! The Sky Is Falling- but where is our Superhero, our fearless Supreme Commander desperately needed to save the day? (Can’t believe this 5,000 year old stage act STILL WORKS!!) But wait- our Superhero ALREADY SAVED OUR ASSES! If not for our golden white hope, South Korea is ALREADY blown to bits! Japan finally is BY NUCLEAR GODZILLA GONE! Full war DROPPED IN, TURNED ON, LIGHTS TUNED OUT America!  Fact? If America’s electric grid is taken down, 90% of Americans expire within a year! or until the ammo runs out.  ‘Without our super hero Trump, he bellows in a disassociated state addressing the Nation, America would ALREADY be fully engulfed in war- ‘Trump & only Trump is America’s SAVIOR!’ What- no confetti or balloons dropping onto the enraptured adoring crowd? Fire the Stage Manager!  As U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi sucks on a lemon behind him thinking ‘Is this a Mad Magazine Alfred E. Newman or Bizarro cartoon moment? Captain America, 4 Time Draft Dodger- Winner! Losers go to Vietnam & get themselves captured!  Object of ‘Little Rocket Man’s’ endearing affections, personal letters & adoration! Defender of Russia’s HONOR & President- ‘President Putin gives me his word Russia did not meddle in my election VICTORY- WINNER! I BELIEVE HIM ANY DAY OVER WRONG! LOSERS! U.S. INTELLIGENCE REPORTS!’ Triumphant Trump tosses U.S. Intelligence, F.B.I. under the bus! at the hysterical HELL-SIN-KI Secret Society meeting! (A solid? 35% Americans believe in Pres. Trump enthusiastically- let’s acknowledge their support! 65% Americans somehow fail to recognize a superhero RIGHT of right before their pre hypnotized eyes!)  Feb. 8, 2019  by Brian  Shouldn’t we CALL OUT every Country to BECOME MORAL & ETHICAL, COMPASSIONATE, INCLUSIVE- No More Hate! NO MORE WAR!  P.S. Seeing civilians being targeted & massacred by bombs & missiles in Yemen, horrified reporters could sometimes see- & broadcast by video, ordinances’ parts showing country of manufacture! ‘Bus full of school children blown up by Saudi missile made in France? Lane  to be continued … Captain Canada’s Savior, Real-Deal FEMINIST, ‘Peoplekind’ Rights Superhero enters stage LEFTIST SHOWING THE ART OF JUSTICE, a foil to Dark Arts Magician ‘The Don of Darkness!’ 
  • Our political ROCK STAR, Justin- ‘Just Him’- your Feminist, Human Rights & Climate Change Activist White Knight, ‘People kind’ MAN ‘Hunk’ of Burning Optimism & Sunny Ways! sans even a sniff of toxic manliness  FACED OFF against  ‘Old Snake Eyes’- not ‘The Good,’ not ‘The Bad,’ but The Twittering Master of Dark Arts, The DON of Darkness, Ladies & Gentler Men-     THE devil’s own- CRISIS CREATOR!!!!!! (O.k. enough about our beloved deep sea serpent TRUMP ‘TESS,’ our Wizard of Lizards! Nothing hurts him more than BEING IGNORED.) Better to freeze in FREEDOM than burned alive in ‘hello!’ 
  • Better to freeze in FREEDOM (in Canada) than BE BURNED ALIVE as a slave in Saudi TAWDRY* Arabia- *”Showy BUT CHEAP & of POOR QUALITY.”  Soooo- How do you find Canada?  The North Pole a tropical paradise compared to winter in Canada? (No- not at all. BUT flying from Bangkok at about 90 F.? (on to Seoul) to a coincidental unusually cold few days at 0 F.? in Toronto is a REALLY COOL WAKE UP EXPERIENCE! Actually, middle to north & north east U.S. seems significantly colder or FAR MORE STORMY year after year than Toronto!) Our 18 year Arabian escapee’s first words are- “It’s FREEZING!!!” “I felt that I was FREE and that I was BORN AGAIN! FREEDOM is the MOST IMPORTANT THING for a Person! ” “I GAVE UP EVERYTHING TO BE FREE!” “It was AMAZING … MADE ME VERY HAPPY BECAUSE I WAS LOVED & WELCOMED!” (in Canada) ‘It took this 18 year old woman to make the World ask what (the     ) is Saudi Arabia doing to women!? 
  •  (In, we’ve been pressing Saudi Arabia for some time about their ‘enslavement of women,’ especially ‘male guardians’ having total control over women- going outside, receiving an education, working outside the home, travelling; women being subjected to arbitrary punishment without recourse- beatings, whippings, …  a ‘male guardian’ is to accompany a woman outside the home, to grant her permission for her activities, to allow her complaint by attending at the police on her behalf, for example.                                                                                              Women make plans and attempt to escape slavery in Saudi Arabia. Escapee sad stories include landing in a foreign airport, being asked ‘Where is your male guardian?’ ‘Do you have consent to travel?’ Saudi Arabian officials & family VIGOROUSLY, AGGRESSIVELY acting to have her returned, her visa, passport, tickets confiscated- ESPECIALLY HER PHONE, DENYING HER ABILITY TO CONTACT RESCUERS OR PLEAD FOR HELP!; she is taken into custody, seized by or delivered to Saudi Officials & family; BEATEN, TIED UP- duct tape over her mouth, to a wheel chair, forcibly brought onto a plane back to Saudi Arabia; forced into a women’s detention ‘shelter,’ belittled/admonished, tortured by electricity, whipped, etc.’ into repentance?; not allowed out or to communicate- her life completely controlled. Her male guardians, feeling she has ‘dishonored’ her family & country, may be beyond unsympathetic, …; she may attempt to marry, for example, find a stranger even- to be her new ‘male guardian’ & pray she sees a better life, still a ‘slave’ but a kindly, reasonable ‘guardian.’)
  • Google & Apple being CALLED TO ACCOUNT: ‘Apps’ being used by males- fathers, husbands, brothers, sons in DISHONORABLE CULTURAL EVIL “GUARDIAN” PRACTICE (by smart phones) TO TRACK SAUDI ARABIA WOMEN’S EVERY MOVEMENT! Please ask Google & Apple to CEASE ENABLING ABUSE OF ALL WOMEN IN SAUDI ARABIA & wherever women are being enslaved by men!!! Feb. 13, 2019
  • FREEDOM AT LAST IN FREELAND’S WARM BUT FREEZING EMBRACE!   Wonderful, our quick acting escaped ‘enslaved Saudi teen’ makes a frenzy of calls for help, barricades herself in her airport room to deny seizure, … before her phone is shut down! A sympathetic news reporter flies in to be with her, flood the World with live reports & cries for help to the United Nations, … to prevent her from being seized & sent back; Now a MAJOR WORLD LIVE NEWS STORY, Bangkok accepts the U.N.’s intervention & decision she indeed qualifies as a refugee from imminent harm by Saudi Arabia & requires protection/resettling! The U.N. appeals for an accepting SAFE COUNTRY- REMEMBER SAUDI ARABIAN WASHINGTON POST CRITIC KHASHOGGI WAS HORRIBLY TRICKED to ‘pick up paper work,’ TORTURED & MURDERED AT THE SAUDI EMBASSY IN TURKEY! She planned to fly to Australia to be with accepting friends but Australia’s goofy ‘Kangaroo Courting’ application process ‘FAILED to IMPRESS’ anyone! (Australia- created & populated as a penal colony! Need I say more? APOLOGIES- but Australia deserves to have their knickers pulled down over this nasty affair!) U.N. turns from a former ‘penal colony’ to a CLASS ACT- CANADA! True, North STRONG & FREE- ‘FREE ZING’ in winter? She was accepted by Human Rights Champion & Feminist P.M., Justin & especially by Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, aptly named CHRYSTIA (‘Christians’ believe “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” by Jeshua/Jesus!) FREELAND! FREEDOM IN FREELAND’S EMBRACE as she entered FREEZING CANADA! Australia- Stick your penal colony persnickety kangaroo courting and you may suffer according to playwright Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II undignified ENDING! APOLOGIES- G’DAY MATE! When I’m washing my ‘down under parts,’ I’ll be thinking of you! Feb. 10, 2019  by Brian CANADA-The WORLD LOVES YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS EFFORTS! ‘Keep Rocking for A FREE WORLD!  C’mon Saudi Arabia- Your Crown Prince says ‘Everybody’s A Human Being’- male &  FEMALE!  Shouldn’t women experience equal FREEDOMS & OPPORTUNITIES? Don’t disappoint Crown Prince’s stated goal- modernizing women’s RIGHTS!! (But NOW– not in 2,000 years!) Lane                                                                 

   WHO is AUTHORIZED to oversee what is PUSHED, WITHHELD or RIDICULED?Hopefully for our CHALLENGED EMOTIONS, we no longer are sucked into mainstream’s mass media Downer Frenzy- Blood, guts & gore- ‘If it bleeds, it leads!’             While Pres. Trump is always overly dismissive of most mainstream mass media- AUTOCRATIC DICTATORS jumping on the BANDWAGON WORLDWIDE unfortunately, saying ‘Mass news media unjustly try to hurt us by publishing fake stories!’ (Don’t have to try too hard to reveal corruption & lawlessness among Autocrats!) If we use OUR SHERLOCK HOLMES BRAIN POWER, are we being almost demonically manipulated by mainstream mass media? Our thinking & emotions directed like we are actors- having to play roles foreign to who we truly are & out of tune with our best interests!   Aug. 17, 2018  by Brian Lane                P.S. A fun game to play by yourself or with friends: SPOT ALL THE CLEVER & SLIPPERY WAYS  MAINSTREAM MASS MEDIA WORKS TO CONTROL US– our attitudes, beliefs, values, feelings, thinking, consequent future actions & behavior! In unison directed to sing from the same song book?         Who the hello! is AUTHORIZED to oversee what is PUSHED onto us, what is WITHHELD from us or whose VOICE is to be ridiculed?!  (Over marketing, relentless propagandizing, ‘dumbing us down,’ pushing   specific perspectives, events, stories we’re supposed to think, talk & forget about- when they tell us ‘time’s up children! Time for bedtime!’                                 ‘In the morning, we’ll direct your EMOTIONS AGAIN!’    (Always amazed, for ex. how 1947 crashed flying saucer at Roswell- “RAAF CAPTURES FLYING SAUCER….” becomes a weather balloon; how Pres. Kennedy is shot from several directions by the best marksman ever lived! Why WE THE PEOPLE ‘sheltered’ from  ‘important stuff/events shaping our world? TRUE STORY- PEOPLE & EVENTS …; Pres. Bush brainwashing America about “weapons of mass destruction”                                               ‘SAVING  our world’ by DESTROYING OUR WORLD!’ resulting in millions of casualties & the destruction of nations while an incredulous world looked on helplessly! Who all was behind bringing down so many bright stars… QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS, for ex.?           Racializing, scapegoating, profiling, SEIZING OUR EMOTIONS FOLLOWED BY OUR MINDS FOR THEIR PURPOSES- NOT FOR OURS!  Aug. 17, 2018  by Brian Lane     P.S. Mothers Everywhere- Speak to your children– ONLY DO IT FOR GOOD & LOVE- No- not that!!  Upload intelligent or at least harmless or unintentional wild & crazy antics on You Tube  stating no people, animals, other life forms  & including musical instruments, elephants & phones suffered humiliation, etc.  So you wanna be a You Tube Star? Aug. 17, 2018  by Brian Lane

      Sacrificing Children for Ideology-Being Encouraged to Make Adult Decisions?                                      Hang onto your hats- and your body parts! We’re discussing preadolescence (10- 13) & younger children ‘being encouraged?’ to decide if they want to undergo                      ‘GENDER TRANSFORMATION THERAPIES’ including surgery &                                                STERILIZING  meds. consequences, ….                                                        Well, guess what?    By the time they reach their 20’s, surprise! surprise! DO YOU THINK many SEE THEMSELVES AS having been VICTIMIZED, disfigured and abused at a young age when they couldn’t possibly be expected to make such a life altering decision!  What’s  a typical American legal drinking age21? 19? … Gun ownership in Florida- 21? So why are young children way below the 21 or 19 threshold for significant decision making ENCOURAGED TO MAKE PERMANENT LIFE ALTERING DECISIONS!               wHY iSN’T  pRESIDENT tRUMP lOOKING oUT fOR yOUNG qUESTIONING sO-cALLED ‘trans’ cHILDREN, AN APPROPRIATE THRESHOLD DECISION MAKING AGE?        tODAY, hE iS sTRONGLY aCTING aGAINST tHE dECISIONS aMONG pATROTIC, aDULT  ‘tRANS,’  wHO mOST pEOPLE aGREE, sHOULD nOT bE tARGETED & eXCLUDED fROM SERVING IN THE MILITARY?                                         Transgender issues using young CHILDREN smells like A GROUND ZERO BATTLEGROUND between ‘fo’ & agin’ activist groups- EXTREME left vs. being right? mentally prudent, showing care & thought for a child’s future!          Feels like being back at the party with everyone- but me!  accepting life altering drugs also being fed to a 14 year old INNOCENT, his whole experience and future suddenly in doubt- I’m supposed to “Chill Out, Bro’!”       Defend ‘Trans Patriots’ but encouraging children-                                                                                                                   Children don’t belong on anyone’s battleground!                                                                          WHO’S PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN TO BE CHILDREN!                                           Mainstream society SHOULD BE concerned by the statistics- almost 1 in 2 trans folks attempting serious SELF HARM–  ‘punished & beaten down’ verbally, physically- subjected to horrendous discrimination! How many LGBTQ? young teens are BRUTALIZED OR IN OTHER WAYS FORCED TO LEAVE HOME- and become targeted by predators, drug pushers, sex trade demon pimps!   Forced out into the streets to encounter horrors, injuries, sad outcomes by parents abandoning or disowning their children and parental obligations?     Both Extremist Ideologies are making ‘TRANS FOLK” casualties on the battleground between!                                                                                                                                                                                  Given the significance and difficulty changing oneself to live and appear as the opposite gender, extreme left & right ideological warfare centering on young people questioning their orientation &/or gender is so unhelpful!        Irregardless of our private, personal views- even if ‘all this LGBTQ  seems so confusing,’ we are called to be COMPASSIONATE,RESPECTFULKINDSOCIETY’S BRIDGE BUILDERS, GUIDING ANGELS & HEALERS.    “THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD- GO I!”                                 “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”    (And truly, THANK GOD! if you & I are not  personally questioning our own gender identity & sexual  orientation!*) Feb. 14, 2018 by Brian Lane  P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day, LoveyDovey:                                                                                                “Oh, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! … Did my heart love ’til now?…  For I ne’er saw true beauty ’til this night!”                  by BillieBoy ‘whole lotta Shakespeare goin’ on’    Romeo & Juliet, 1594- 1595                                                                                         

                                                  Play ME TOO! Misty For Me!                                                                              *P.S. During College Days, one ‘Queenie’ asked me out, insisted on paying, rushed me back to her place- “Huh? We just got to the restaurant! The night is young! The ‘rock and roll’ band isn’t even on stage!”  As you can guess, her entire College room was filled by a gigantic bed. Wonder what she had in mind for all her ‘dates’ and her line about ‘Wanna a fun evening out? ‘Rock and Roll’ College Boy!” I started to leave & she went into a “PLAY MISTY FOR ME” craZY FIT!                      She eventually calmed after deciding I was ‘GAY’ & brought me gay guys to date. I just shook hands & laughed a bit when introduced to my ‘dates’- Explained I was completely involved in sports, no time or energy for anything else… The guys were all nice about it & I avoided a sequel, “PLAY MISTY FOR ME- The Final Reckoning!”  Bet   the “Me Too” Movement doesn’t know & doesn’t care about female on male sex assaults, violence & harassment …. Men are supposed to quietly ‘just accept it,’ laugh & never EVER complainWe never do!  Someday- Over The Rainbow, society says, “Time’s Up On BOTH Female on Male Violence, Sex Assault & Harassment”                   March 24, 2018  by Brian Lane                                                                    FREE LOVE  BUT  NO     FREE SPEECH    IS THE NEW                                                                                         “PORNOGRAPHY”

            Changing ‘Problems’ – Changing ‘Therapies’- “Over, Under, Sideways, Down!”                    ‘Problems,’THERAPIES” & Issues akin to the SPANISH INQUISITION & SALEM WITCH HUNTS                                                                            700,000 young Americans  have undergone “CONVERSION THERAPY” to allegedly FREE THEM BY WHATEVER MEANS ‘NECESSARY’from LGBTQ?  AVERSION THERAPY is connecting unwanted behaviour with discomfort-  electric shock, icy cold, burning heat, ‘brainwashing,’ noxious, ‘punishing torture, …Yes! OFTEN TRIED, TRULY FAILED THERAPIES are recycled century after century.  The End Justifies The Means Therapy-          i.e.     Justifying the use of horrible, mean treatment as ‘therapy.’   Conversion Therapy is a  kINDA sCARY, rISKY eXPERIMENT tO sUBJECT a lOVED oNE tO!  Over reaching ‘mean spirited’ approaches may engender increasing potential for unintentional bad outcomes. The question always is: ‘IS ANY ‘IMAGINED TREATMENT’ CAUSING WORSE CONSEQUENCES AS COMPARED TO THE ORIGINAL BEHAVIOUR OR ALLEGED ILLNESS?              This was ALWAYS the case at ‘SPANISH INQUISITION’ & “WITCH HUNT’ TRIALS!         TOO OFTEN WE FALL INTO THE SAME TRAP TODAY!            A lame excuse is: ‘How many therapists are needed to change a light bulb? Maybe only 1 but the light bulb has to really wanna change!’ Too often, ‘treatments’ for mental illness actually complicate and increase illness!    ‘THE TREATMENT WAS A SUPERB SUCCESS! BUT… UNFORTUNATELY IN THE PROCESS & AS A CONSEQUENCE FOR THE PATIENT- ‘Well, we’re always learning & we’ll do better in the future!  Nurse! Send in the next ‘SACRIFICIAL LAMB’ for slaughter- I mean for                      ‘TREATMENT!’                                                                                  Wonderfully fortunate for me, given my severe diagnosis & prognosis, all the psychiatrists were reluctantly FEARFUL TO USE ME IN THEIR disastrous? EXPERIMENTS.  Had my diagnosis & prognosis been better,  I would have been USED EXPERIMENTALLY, THUS SUFFERING A MUCH WORSE OUTCOME!  If 700,000 young Americans actually WANTED CONVERSION THERAPY- probably many felt pressured by family?  to try C. T., HOW FEW actually changed their gender identity or sexual orientation? If lasting conversion numbers are weak, why do therapists continue on with failed approaches?                                                                                                    But as long as people present a demand for ‘health care’ for ‘psychological                                         problems,’ therapists will attempt to provide ‘treatment.’                                                    Our individual rights include OUR INVIOLABLE RIGHT TO SEEK THERAPY should we believe our gender identity or sexual orientation is disassociated from who we are. Evidence based success stories may help guide what therapeutic approaches are attempted.      Aren’t LGBTQ radical activists who ideologically oppose conversion fervently ‘on principle,’ who see therapists who ‘dare’ to offer conversion therapy as ‘heresy,’ & who view individuals who genuinely want conversion help as  ‘duped, shamed apostates,’ undermining our  Constitutional Liberties & Freedoms?    My experience being Afflicted with ‘the worst Diagnosis &                     Prognosis’ – Certainly felt that way too!, BUT Overcoming- by’ THE WAY OUT IS THE WAY THROUGH!’  shows you and I can OVERCOME        ANY AFFLICTION,                           God, Mother Nature, chosen care givers, Friends & Family willing!!                                             Soooo, if it was me, my EXPERIENCE is anything under Heaven is possible!   Statistically, the numbers are certainly different now. Teens- especially girls, are experimenting at unusually high numbers, girl on girl for example. But teen questioning & experimentation is not the same as a gender identity or sexual orientation. We’ll all stay tuned to see where They’re Going- Back to 1966??                &      “Over, Under, Sideways, Down:      When I was young- People spoke of immorality   All the things they said were wrong is what I want to be”         ( The Yardbirds featuring Jeff Beck) And exercising LBGTQ radical activist human rights is certainly not kosher with threatening, censoring & harassing  other citizens- trampling on their lives, liberties, free speech, freedoms, beliefs, cultures, religions, rights & pursuit of happiness. Is an ideological, cultural, religious dance or outright war happening between traditional mainstream society  and new LGBTQ activist demands for ABSOLUTE RECOGNITION & POWER?                        1967 is the WATERSHED MOMENT– the crucial TURNING POINT for social & cultural change! But Radical LGBTQ Movement Activists want CHANGE NOW! ACCEPTANCE NOW! Regardless of anyone’s individual rights & conscience to have so called traditional ‘Religious’ ‘politically incorrect’ views. University students in Ontario, for example, are DEMANDING PROFESSORS USE ONLY NEWLY INVENTED WORDS BY LGBTQers or be attacked & fired! When a student assistant at WLU? in Ontario referred to a ‘banished Professor’s view’ (who declined to use the newly created LGBTQ words), she was VICIOUSLY VERBALLY ATTACKED AS IF SHE HAD COMMITTED HERESY!!  Feb. 4, 2018  by Brian Lane

MASSAGE THERAPY- wink wink! Nudge nudge!         A reader crows about the benefits by massage therapy- “Thai/oriental massage,         acupressure massage, Balinese massage, Sakura sensual massage, Bamboo erotic massage, … without genital contact, Brian-  so legal?”  Therapeutic Massage & Touch have been central healing techniques since our oldest ancestors’  on Earth began- ALL LIFE BENEFITS!         What do we imagine happens when we Get Back to The Garden, Mother Nature, go camping, swimming, nature hiking & exploring, … escaping man’s fallen, polluted,  selfish world! All UNREAL nonsense washed away from our body, emotions, thinking, … by Mother Nature’s blessed  Therapeutic Touch Presence! (Man made global climate change & environmental damage eroding our best precious Healing Sanctuaries on Earth?) A Mother kissing her child’s boo-boo better. Animals licking one another’s fur, primping, ….    For sickly patient patients, strong, brave & free human beings challenged by severe disabilities- HEALING BEGINS simply by BELIEVING, by BEING IN THE PRESENCE OF or by BEING TOUCHED OR MASSAGED by a ‘holy empathetic, loving angel!’ (Accompanied by ‘Butterfly Effect’ Steps towards healing….)    But don’t Doctors and therapists ABSOLUTELY DEPEND on patients TRUSTING & BELIEVING in our ‘Doctor-Patient Relationships’- in powerful ‘placebo effects’ engendering healing processes?  Believing our  DOCTOR/THERAPIST HAS OUR BEST INTENTIONS AT HEART, KNOWLEDGE, BRAIN POWER, EXPERIENCE & CONFIDENCE TO ENGENDER HEALING- TO MAKE THE ‘boo-boo’ heal!  Believing in the inviolable STRENGTH of LOVE, PEACE POWER, CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING, EVIDENCE- Seeing, experiencing, being able to accept our healing, OUR DESTINY to bring ourselves and our world BACK UP AGAIN!  Nov. 18, 2018  by Brian  YES! ALL WE NEED IS LOVE! + A little $$$! Y’all Better Believe It!  Lane

60’s FUN FUN Free Love $$$$in’ Expensive Today!?                                            Young at heart very senior, seniors born circa 1890’s informed me about ‘spinsters’ living happily together, for example. EVERYONE KNEW      BUT IT WAS LIKE ‘DON’T ASK! DON’T TELL!’ aND eVERONE hAD a  gAY oL’ tIME!, as the phrase was traditionally used before being appropriated!!  Today, we live in an ‘LGBTQ in your face’ world, unfortunately. Don’t wanna design a wedding cake for me & my gay partner? We’ll sue your ‘assoff’ under ‘Human Rights’ in Court!        Fox News Oct. 1, 2015: Bakery owners ORDERED TO PAY $135,000? damages ….)  Hardly discreet, modest or subtle!. Forget about the Taliban & enforced extremism- LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENING TO INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS OF  CONSCIENCE  & RELIGION IN AMERICA- Refuse to design 2 wedding cakes-         That’s about $300,000. you’ll be ordered to pay IN AMERICA!                              I get propositioned- ‘sexually harassed’ occasionally by gay men- but ‘hello!’  thankfully so far not being brought before U.S. Court for’HUMAN RIGHTS’ & ordered to pay damages for saying ‘NO!’ I’ll take being publicly politely & gently propositioned to ‘DO THE WILD THANG’ by a card carrying ‘LGBTQ+er any day over being lured into a basement (dungeon) for torture- and worse! by a older teen sexual predator- who happened to also be Gay!! At the time, the worst experience of my life!                                                                                        But as to the burning question,  believe we ‘LOVE ONE ANOTHER,’ WE EACH ENJOY OUR OWN LIFE, LIBERTY, CONSCIENCE, FREEDOM, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, FREELY ALLOWED TO THINK & BELIEVE IN WHO WE ARE!!!       How did ‘FREE LOVE’‘ in the ’60s become a  battlefield for forced ‘POLITICALLY CORRECT SLAVERY’ TODAY? PLEASE-   ‘PEACE AN’ LOVE’ TO BRING US BACK TO SANITY?!                                             FACING OFF among the WORLD’S WORST THERAPIES,  everyone will agree, has to include ‘ROOF DIVING’ in the MIDDLE EAST, & being jailed, beaten, whipped, hacked/killed, …  as employed outside our western modern world to “CLEANSE MORALITY” & “REDEEM FAMILY HONOR.’ Smells like ‘Salem Witch Trials’ or the ‘Spanish Inquisition!’                                            The curriculum designed in part by a convicted child sex offender, (FORMER dEPUTY mINISTER oF eDUCATION in Ontario pleaded guilty to 3 child porn charges,) is designed to sexually educate very young childre & instill ‘political correctness’ is simply employing children as ‘child soldiers’ for radically extremist cultural warfare. The current government is facing a rising sea of wrath over ‘sexualizing’ very young children and for  the government calling its intrusive activity “CO-PARENTING” ONTARIO’S CHILDREN!                 But why is the ‘LGBTQers…” RATE OF ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, SELF-HARM off the charts! Who to blame? Why not an easy vulnerable whipping boy, ‘traditional religions?’ And the Torah- Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Numbers, … &  HOLY Bible, for example!   So autocrat P.M. Trudeau demands no organization- especially Religious- OMG! need apply for gov’t. funding for programs for the poor, homeless, ill /’disabled,’ ‘disadvantaged,’ orphans, … unless they sign “HIS JUDAS DEAL WITH THE DEVIL”-    FOR ’30 PIECES OF SILVER,’ AGREE TO WHATEVER BELIEFS & STATEMENTS THE P. M. DECIDES                     REGARDLESS THAT THEY CONTRADICT ANY OR ALL RELIGIOUS     TESTAMENTS, POLICIES, PRACTICES, BELIEFS OR VALUES.                                                                                                                          Probably 5% OR LESS females used to self identify as “LESBIAN” BUT WITH TODAY’S EXPERIMENTING TEEN & ’20s GIRLS, who knows? Are 25%– or even more trying out ‘GIRL ON GIRL?’ Traditional culture & religions, societal laws, policies and norms faced wave after wave of superstorm changes 50 years ago- IN THE ’60s! C’mon we’ve had 50 years to “LET IT BE!” ACCEPT LGBTQers  & dump all the ‘consequential ‘hellfire & brimestone karmic fears. Or maybe NOT? We ALL watched our President’s “STATE of the UNION Address!” He brilliantly captured & focused our dreams- being                                                           “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”- “IN GOD WE TRUST!!” Practicing ‘THE ART of THE DEAL,’ our Pres. will negotiate with GOD about our ‘MORAL DEPRAVITY’- after he negotiates about his own! Remember,  neither the gov’t. nor society has any business as to what’s going on in your personal drawers, in your bedrooms, between your ears & other body parts, beyond your DOORS OF PERCEPTION.                                                             As usual, I found out the hard way! I ONCE stared into a neighbour’s large, non curtained,  back windows to observe her ‘special relationship’ with (wo)man’s best friend-with benefits!                                                                         Feb. 4, 2018  by Brian Lane  update March 24, 2018   Sir Paul marches in “March For Our Lives”in memory of Beatle John, shot on Dec. 8,  1980 by an angry former fan who wanted to be ‘THE STORY’ in all the news & ‘famous’- Probably an important reason for many shooters ‘copycatting’ previous shooters. Unfortunately, the media obliges by a steadfast policy: IF IT BLEEDS, IT LEADS!’ Shooters always get non stop coverage.                                                          They deserve NOTHING.     

GOD’S TREATMENT; “LET THERE BE LIGHT!”                                       Great news- oldest treatment really “HOT,” BRIGHTENING YOUR DAIZE!  If GOD CREATES IT & Beatle, George Harrison sings IT “HERE COMES the SUN”- Well, You &  “I SAY it’s ALL RIGHT!”                   Overheard psychologist speaking about how good Light Therapy may be FACED OFF against ‘dopey psych. meds’ (my words.)  ‘We are biologically wired to respond to bright light, sunlight- endocrine system, etc.’ 1/2hour 10,000 lux light one foot in front of you first thing in the morning.’                           After a few weeks YOUR IMPROVEMENT blows away ‘dopey yucky psych. pills!’ (Sorry…        Love to ‘poop’ on those pills!)               Anyway, a double blind study FACED OFF light therapy vs./& adding pills; pills sucked, light therapy SCORED RESULTS!!                      So, go with GOD- LIGHTEN UP & BRIGHTEN UP, Snuffles!                   P.S. Why do you see millions of northern/winter season folks rushing onto airplanes headed for sun filled vacation escapes. Whether it’s about mental health, God or The Beatles, you jus’ know we’re all sun or Son worshipers!  Feb. 20, 2018- by Brian Lane                  Hey, even my Dad’s nickname as a kid                                       was ‘SUNNY!’ Certainly worked for him!!! How about YOU?!                          THANK YOU! Wonderful Friendly World- if we want it!                                               THANKS FOR ALL YOUR ENCOURAGING COMMENTS!     “Wow! You certainly don’t hold back! Do you think people are ready for ….” from (Christmas) Carol;  “Woh! Everybody LOVES you! Bookmarked! (Still, take issue about ….” from heart to heart lovely Ivana F.; “You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! Just what I was looking for ….” from desperately seeking Elvia K.; “One of the greatest websites on the net! I will most certainly highly recommend ….” from (my MOM? calling herself) Zelda L.- THANK YOU ZELDA!;  “Shame you don’t have a DONATE button- I’d certainly donate to this superb blog! Bookmarked– looking forward to new updates. Sharing your site with my Facebook group!” from (my doting DAD? calling himself) Emmet L.- THANK YOU EMMET & FOR YOUR GENEROUS WORDS!; “People will relate to your website” from social Eva A. & “Real good, valuable info. for everyone” from Rosalba V. & from Kenia C.; “Awesome! Clear!” from beloved Augustine A. & Jess D.; but (easy for you?) Timika G. says “… You make it appear really clear & easy but I’m trying to understand … (Oh- experienced ‘hard times’ too, Timika);” “Informative- helped me out! …;” Virgina A.  (keener) “learning new stuff …;” like kind Gabrenas- “very clear & informative;” from artistic (blessing) Evia K. & Aileen D.- “Awesome style;” Jeannine P.- clever & exposing!; (get to it) Chana S. “Fluent & to the point;” Isaiah R. & Walderon- (Why don’t teachers say these encouraging words to students?) “Couldn’t be written” (spoken) “any better!””Excellent writing …;”(I’m into it) Cory K.- “Bookmarking your site & keep checking for new …;” Rosanne-“Valuable info.” also seconded by Sharda T. (India), Elinore B., Lizbeth M., Reena S.; Aly C.-“Wish to promote your website as a resource …;”              Kaila R.- “I ‘get’ what you say!  Saved to fav!;” “Checking your stories & info. out” from (trust & verify?) Lamonica;   Francene M.- Keep up your quality posts …;     Story about (significant) unintended consequences & human emotions by                                      words & comments from Ed Sheeran tour  (The Seduction of the Virgin Mental Patient)  Speaking of Artist/Musician style feedback, Andrea K. writes- “YOU, MY FRIEND, ROCK! Thank you for sharing superb info. I already searched all over the place for & simply couldn’t come across …;” Nickie K.- “So cool! Haven’t read anything like this before- authentic originality! Something new to the internet- Thank you for beginning …;” ‘Craib’- “Sweet Blog!” ‘Wosher’- “Cool! Amazing!” ditto Emily M.;                        ‘Wendeln’- “So intelligent views from varied angles …;” Ramnarine- “Whoa! Love reading your posts! … lot of people are searching for this info.- you can help them greatly!” Yuette B. & Irmgard K. “Shared in my social networks!”   “Fantastic! 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Suggest to my friends, …”  “Love your site’s content …” from Gwen F.; “WRITE MORE! Enlightening to read- You definitely know what you’re talking about!” by encouraging, generous Brenda D.; but “Please be good to yourself!” by caring Nquyen- Thanks!;” “Hope you add a subscription button, … using your feed at present …Thanks!” from Retasims; … “Really want to Friend You …” from enthusiastic Brittanie E.! “STEP ABOVE anything else I’ve seen! FRESH information! RELEVANT ADVICE for my friends- will link back- you’ll get my friends- new readers!” generously from Isaiah B; Aly C. wants to promote as a RESOURCE – a DO FOLLOW link …; Very Impressive! Easily found by search engine!’ from Randy; “Very Acceptable!” Domingo H. (Are we soul brothers?) “Hey- You think like I do!!” Vaccarella -“Want to friend you!” Lucio B.- Perfect for followers on Linked in! LOVE IT!” Ronald G. says ‘Sure makes more sense than other people’s writing!’ Chuck G.- ‘Very acceptable- give additional examples …,” From Kapa & … “Best diet?” (Ready to dive into shark infested waters of ‘BEAUTY/Body Image, …? Why not!    Good to apply all these ideas to obtain best personal results! Thanks!” enthusiastically from Susana S.; Lenna B. asks “Please keep posting your articles under ‘Mental Health Therapy …’ your articles have been very useful to people!!”  “HEARTFELT   THANKS to so many additional WONDERFUL READERS & YOUR EXCELLENT FEEDBACK!    LOVE READING EVERYONE’S  views/inspiring comments beyond the selections above!      What a JOY & PRIVILEGE to be connected to so many kind   & wonderful friends across the Earth by                                           !          Aug. 7 & Sept. 5, 2018, updates …   by Brian Lane

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