THE SEDUCTION OF THE VIRGIN MENTAL PATIENT/QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS! OUR WORLD GARDEN- BEAUTY, LOVE and LIFE! We’re Nobody’s SACRIFICIAL LAMBS! *** Step Up & SMILE You Arctic Ice-Breaker! ***Beware Shadowy Figures ‘Cling Ons’ to The Spiral of Life! ***POWER to the PEOPLE! ***Modern Day ‘Witch Hunts’-Updated but still the same! ***Won’t or Will “GET FOOLED AGAIN?” ***Poetry- The Best Seduction? ***Chemicalizing U.S.A.ll- Becoming Chemically ‘Well Adjusted?’ HUMOR- Your ‘care’ is our ‘care’ $$$! ***All Blue Skies & Rose Gardens? or ‘Side Effects Madness?’ ***THE SUN Still Shine’s Virginia- Santa’s Coming! ***Happy New Year! Still TRUE BELIEVERS transitioning our World?? NEW ***Psychiatrist/Doctor-Patient ‘reckless love=abuse’ Power, Control & Patient Abuse- No Excuses, Time Limits, Exceptions? No Escaping Prosecution & Comprehensive World Wide COMPLAINTS + OUTCOMES Public Registry! Stripped Out Doctors’ Crisis Hypocrisy & Cover ups! ***Everybody loves Good Story Brave Struggles Victorious Dreamers R US! New*****TIME OF RECKONING! Disgraceful, Scandalous CATHOLIC CHURCH Sex ABUSE ‘TIME’S UP!’ Reckless vs. the Laws of Physics! ***R. love- Be My Baby! ***R. love 2.- Changing Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation ACCEPTANCE? ***R. Love 3. On the Spiral of Life! New*** Parable of Suzi & Sammy- Learning & Playing- The Game of Hate? New ** 1940’s Brit Rock- Ringo’s Bedtime Lullaby- Liverpool Blitz!!! New***NO HITTING! vs. Bible ‘BELT’/Spare the Rod’…? ***** African American BLACK and Blues Rock & Roll White History!! New***R. love 4. The More You GIVE- the More you are REWARDED! ***Don’t Trust Anyone over 35 vs. … ***Together for a Good Time but … ***R. love 5.- “Pushing Too HARD” on Mother Nature! *****QUANTUM LOVE RECREATES Our World! ***Where Are OUR CHRISTMAS ANGELS? ***Trumpski Tall Tattle Tales? ***Planet Earth: Werewolf World! ***Crisis Creators’ Live REALITY SHOW! ***Mental Health & ALIEN ABDUCTION- ‘experiencers’ & researchers! ***Quantum Physics- Living ‘Relativity’ Beyond Space & Time! ***Psychotic Patient Breakdown vs. Seduction & Psychiatry Psychotic Reaction! THANKS- YES! The TRUTH Is MAGICAL!

  • New*** POETRY- The Best Seduction? ‘Been A Long Time- Since a REAL MAN’s BEEN HOME!
  • Chemicalizing U.S.All- 1984 Big Pharma Inc.- YOUR CARE is OUR CARE $$$$$$$                                                Becoming Chemically Well Adjusted? 
  •  All Blue Skies & Rose Gardens or SIDE EFFECTS MADNESS?     
  • The Sun Still Shines- Santa’s Coming! 
  •  Happy New Year!  STILL TRUE BELIEVERS transitioning ourselves, our World! Jan. 1, 2019 
  •  New*** PSYCHIATRIST/Doctor- PATIENT Reckless ‘LOVE?!’ Jan. 23, 2019 Power, Control & Patient Abuse! TIME’S UP! NO MORE EXCUSES! No Exceptions? No Escape From Prosecution- ABSOLUTE NEED FOR A COMPREHENSIVE World Wide HEALTH CARE PROVIDER  COMPLAINTS & OUTCOMES Public Registry! Today’s ‘Health Care’ IS TOO HOT! “I was physically emaciated & emotionally exposed ….” Stripped Out Doctor Crisis? Hypocrisy & Cover Ups in ‘Health Care?’  BUT STILL ABLE to WIN OUR WAY BACK HOME to Kansas! Updated Feb. 5, 2019
  • New********TIME OF RECKONING! Disgraceful, Scandalous CATHOLIC CHURCH Sex ABUSE SCANDAL Laid Bare! Feb. 23, 2019 Sequel to Alleged ”Seduction’ of the Catholic Church or US People Kind?’ Aug. 27, 31, Oct. under ‘Time We Jumped Onto Life’s DANCE FLOOR!’
  • New Update***** Parable of Suzi & Sammy- Learning & Playing The Game of HATE? Feb. 27, 2019
  • New ***** 1940’s Brit Rock- Liverpool Blitz! March 1rst For PEACE! Not your 1960’s hippie dippie neophyte! If our World IMAGINES we may keep PLAYING the Game of ‘HATE’- Go ask Rings what HAPPENS NEXT!!! March 1, 2019
  • New *****March 1rst for NO HITTING! Versus Bible ‘BELT’/Spare the Rod Face Off! March 1, 2019
  • Jan. 30 stigma discussion Everyone LOVES a Good Story   Brave Struggles Victorious Dreamers R Us! update Feb.1, 5, 2019
  • New*** QUANTUM LOVE RECREATES Our World!*** Jan. 22, 2019
  • New***  The More You GIVE  The More You Are REWARDED? revised Jan.22, 2019
  • Newly Updated *****Step UP and SMILE! Bye bye to A.L.D.s- Be An ARCTIC ICE-Breaker! Jan. 30, 2019

QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS                                                                        “He’d found HE VIRGIN, the SACRIFICIAL LAMB …” (Princess Diana about Prince Charles)  (he) ‘put his hand on my waistline and said:’ ‘Oh, a bit chubby – here’… ‘and that triggered off something in me’… ‘the first time I made myself sick I was so thrilled- this was the release….’  ‘The first time I was measured for my dress, (my waist) WAS 29 INCHES- the day I got married- 23 1/2 inches.  I got terribly, terribly thin. People started commenting:’ ‘Your bones are showing.’ ‘I was so depressed, and I was trying to cut … with razor blades.’        When the ‘VIRGIN AND SACRIFICIAL LAMB’- Queen of Our HEARTS!, after so many unjustifiable whips, cuts and bruises to her blessed heart and emotions by Prince Charles & THE ROYAL FIRM, by the cruel, incessant media frenzy, … FINALLY was cut down in her own blood- and French attendant care did nothing to save her, young Prince Harry became frozen in the aftermath!  As with Prince Harry, too often we suppress mental illness caused by stressful violations of our individual & collective Worlds- we become trapped in time!  Prince Harry believed he couldn’t change the past so he blocked the horror out!  But you can’t block the horror and the more you run, the more the horror seethes, burns  and  devours you, your health and the wonderful life  you have at hand- if you were only free!  (People around you often can feel it or see it in you-  “something about  him/her…?” makes them anxious or worse.) We all wish we were Time Travelers or able to see the future- in one minute we could reset the world- restore  beauty, love, happiness…. All the darkness, sadness and horror gone- quickly fading from memory.  Thank God it was only a bad dream!  Spiritual  teachers and Masters speak about a “fallen world  and  state of consciousness” and unfortunately, this fallen world and fallen state of consciousness can include us! Who are all these desperate ‘sacrificial lambs’ who hurt themselves or are ‘taken by (deliberate) accident’ leaving everyone shocked and devastated in their wake-like Prince Harry? April 23/ June 12, 2017 by Brian Lane                                                                                        

QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS  part 2                                          Luminous,  Diviana/divus= Divine~Diana               Inspiring to see the strength, wonder and promise behind our names- like Princess Diana! Life is BEAUTIFUL & PRECIOUS- but fragile!  Whatever our mental and emotional stormy weather, struggles and challenges, we remember our promise and inherent importance brilliantly portrayed in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life!’ We can imagine our lives are small but the truth is our impact is substantial- if we could only see clearly beyond our immediate struggles and frustration! Beyond every rainy storm is a RAINBOW!  Tonight, on the radio,  Prince Harry was speaking about ‘locking away his emotions’ in 1997 and now, 20 years after Princess Diana’s tragic passing,  he is speaking openly about his mental/emotional  evolution, about his efforts toward free and open discussion about mental health BY EVERYONE!  He’s doing a great job and, among his contributions,  also helps bring the world ‘Invictus Games’- to Toronto for Canada’s 150th birthday!  We can  easily agree how ‘locking away our emotions’ and mental health challenges can induce more difficulties, illness and waste our precious talents and time.  Instead, we should  proceed  carefully, thoughtfully and competently- NOW!!  NOT IN 5, 10, 15 OR 20 YEARS…. Beauty is all around to experience NOW! We need to work hard to regain and renew our mental and emotional health, (and our physical and spiritual well being),  to fully experience the blessings life has for us!  In the last few weeks, deer had baby ‘bambis’- a couple overnighted beside me!           June 12, 2017 by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS- SACRED LEGACY  (3)                                                                       … “a feeling of being no good at anything and useless and hopeless and failed in every direction …”  Have you faced the same self doubts and symptoms of illness as “the Queen of the People!?” But every young girl who dreams of being a Real Princess and Falling in Love with her Prince Charming is not free from a ‘Fallen World’s’ trials & tribulations! From challenges/tests of character, courage and perseverance including mental illness!  Seemingly, the more substantial the challenge, the greater the breakthrough and confidence we may experience…!  So, whatever our diagnosis or symptoms,  can we accept ‘the challenges’ and are we able to persevere and realize we are already special, unique human beings? Gifts to the whole world like Princess Diana!!   She listened and heard THE BEAT– and DANCED in her own UNIQUE WAYS to a different drummer- AND THE WORLD FELL IN LOVE!!!  In a ‘fallen world’, of course, your individual wonderfully unique and special ways and “DANCE” to a different drummer are being noticed and questioned.  But isn’t that just like Princess Diana (and like John Lennon) even unintentionally? constantly upsetting the Apple Carts of ruling societal elites and the political/corporate-economic/ military industrial complex??            She was able to use her charisma, passion and LOVE for HUMANITY to bring about an INTERNATIONAL TREATY TO BAN LAND MINES!                                                                              She brought genuine compassion and understanding- real Divine Human Touch to homelessness, for AIDS survivors,  and to patients in  their final struggles- helping people ‘marginalized’ by mainstream society.  When too many celebrities and regular folks had an irrational fear of being close to- or God forbid!, actually touching and hugging AIDS survivors and marginalized people,    she broke through and ripped down the awful hate and discrimination by shaking hands, touching and hugging, bringing confidence and renewing hope!     She BRIGHTENED the atmosphere, the room, the HUMAN HEART,  like an ANGEL!                                                                                                                             Her INCREDIBLE HONESTY ABOUT EVERYTHING shocked the world- so many elites create fake personas, fictional characters and roles! They couldn’t bear Diana ‘OUTING’ THEM LIKE THE FAKE WIZARD BEHIND THE CURTAIN IN “OZ!”          PRINCESS DIANA WAS A CONSTANT BEARER of TRUTH & REALITY– EVERYTHING!  FINALLY EXPOSED IN THE BRIGHTEST SUNLIGHT!        THE BIGGEST THREAT TO ELITE EVIL DOERS,  WHAT THEY FEAR THE MOST,  IS BEING ‘OUTED!’ (In a ‘Fallen World’, why would ruling elites dare risk allowing their REAL attitudes and behavior be revealed?! EVERYONE TOTALLY FLIPPED OUT when U.S. Presidential ‘Porcupine’ honestly, nakedly revealed his prickly, crisis creator attitudes and behavior instead of parroting scripted ‘platitudes’ designed to appease or ‘fool’ mainstream America!)            But Princess Diana couldn’t hide her PRESENCE- when she moved, her BRIGHT SPOTLIGHT exposed everything! After all, she was- IS AN ANGEL! An Angel with ‘mental illness!’ Inspiring, calming our HEARTS- ‘You’re almost home!’ Lighting our safe passage in stormy world consciousness seas!                                                                             Princess Diana’s legacy is wonderfully revealed in her children, their fascination about the (1960’s) vision of glorious FREEDOM! ALL people challenged by loss, mental illness, discrimination, disabilities, … should be SET FREE!!!  AND FROM ALL THE CHAINS OF OLD ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOR SHAMING AND STIFLING OUR DYNAMICALLY CREATIVE AND HONEST LIVING!  But, beyond everything, Princess Diana was ‘The PEOPLE’s PRINCESS’ and beyond that, QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS!   August 31, 2017 by Brian Lane

  • OUR WORLD GARDEN- BEAUTY, LOVE AND LIFE!                                                  I stepped outside- birds and animals everywhere- so calmly close to one another! … became still and gave me the look:  “Everything in our “Garden of Eden” all right?”  I couldn’t help but stare and felt I was in a child’s STORYBOOK– all calm, unafraid, able to communicate among each other and to me without speaking a sound!  Breathing in this special experience for as long as possible, I finally gave a universal hand blessing signifying  ‘It’s All Good!’ and we all went about our individual activities!  We experience glimpses of reality,  how life can be on our Earth, the best and most delightful  planet! A few nights ago, I stepped outside to see ‘creature activity’ at night and a protective mother deer/doe came out on the street to do a safety check. She walked calmly down the street, the little ones  behind, in my direction. The World doesn’t have to be the world as we now know it. Like in a child’s STORYBOOK, our World can be anything we create it to be!  Isn’t it because,  individually and collectively, we  create and perpetuate a kind of world  and experience  which is less than our best! Why should we perpetuate a world driven by fear, anger, excessive selfishness, hurting one another, and other downward spiraling bad behaviors?! You may have exceptional sensory perception, talents, intelligence and creativity- and especially important, A GOOD HEART! but still face the ravages of fallen, bad  behaviors. You came ‘to drain the swamp and create a garden of beauty, life and love on Earth but now find yourself up to your ass in alligators!’ So mental illness doesn’t have to exist- it exists because of the ravages and excessive stress on our wonderful body, mind, emotions and spirit.                                              Some people attempt to raise consciousness and drain the swamp as happened in the 1960’s for example- freedom of thought, expression and experience, laying aside slavery, segregation and irrational hate. Bringing in the emergence of equality, opportunity, RESPECT for ‘People Kind’ … ‘I Have A Dream!’  (He knew his days were short by challenging the fake, false and hurtful status quo but he did it anyway because he was a real man helping bring our collective consciousness into the light!) Women experienced sexual liberation and decided to establish themselves in careers and lifestyles of their own choosing- like Joni Mitchell! (We need more brainy, creative woman songwriters/performers as opposed to Barbie Dolls?)  Like in a child’s storybook, our world can be anything we want it to be!  (With some notable exceptions: ‘Oh- yeh! Try bringing democracy to the ‘Slimese Communist Unjust Monsters, THE S.C.U.M. billionaire political elites in China who imprison, torture, kill, …at the slightest provocation- or without the slightest provocation, simply because they can!’                      We have to do our best in creating love, life, happiness in our personal and collective worlds for the benefit of all including other Life & The Earth’s Biosphere! We are indeed, INTERDEPENDENT– our health and happiness is not always in our own hands alone! But still, we can examine, assess and work toward being the best we can be, help others and other life around us! We can bring about a new world and experience in ourselves! Mental illness is brought forth in a bad environment and dissipates in a healthy environment. We are not helpless, never hopeless! We have incredible strengths, power and talents beyond our imagination and we need to raise our worlds from the ‘proverbial alligator infested swamp condition’- maybe slowly BUT SURELY!       Our modern, somewhat fallen ‘western’ world allows us freedoms to be ourselves, to try and try again even if we fall down or fail. We are so innately blessed & talented! So fortunate if we live in a society that values our uniqueness! We need to love ourselves and be patient just as we would love and genuinely encourage a child.  ‘Just do your best!’  If we transform our individual worlds as best we can- and love ourselves and be patient with our efforts, the overall World will become a Garden of Love & Life instead of an alligator infested swamp!    July 14, 2017    by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WE’RE NOBODY’S SACRIFICIAL LAMBS!                                                                                          “HE’D FOUND THE VIRGIN- THE SACRIFICIAL LAMB!” LADY DIANA, IN FAIRY-TALE SPLENDOR, FOUND HER PRINCE CHARMING-  PRINCE CHARLES!  AND WHEN SHE KISSED HIM- YES! DIANA BECAME A PRINCESS!!  BUT PRINCE CHARLES TURNED INTO A FROG- A POISONOUS TOAD! A TWO HEADED POISONOUS TOAD: ‘CHARLES THE BETRAYER’ AND HIS DISCORDANT CONSORT, CAMILLA!  SO WHEN CANADA CELEBRATED 150 WONDERFUL YEARS ON JULY 1- THE SAME BIRTH DAY AND MONTH AS PRINCESS DIANA, The Queen of Our Hearts was 20 years gone! In her place- defying her destiny, ‘the two headed toad’– IN CANADA’S CAPITOL, OTTAWA!                                                        Descendants of ‘The Salem Witch Trial Victims’- ‘sacrificial LAMBS’ in their day,  held a memorial on July 19, 2017 marking the 325th anniversary. TODAY, ‘SACRIFICIAL LAMBS AREN’T US!’  ARE WE AWARE OUR DOCTORS may be THE GOOD, THE BAD or ‘STRANGE LOVES?’ 
  • A bright, attractive, young female Psychiatrist I knew targeted a MARRIED man and ‘caste her charms’ to woo him from his vows. Her insatiable appetite drove her to caste her charms again and again- breaking up marriage after marriage- at least 6 times! Alpha Seductress?                                           
  • But another Psychiatrist I knew was quite satisfied to marry and stay loyal to his patient!
  • A young female M.D. Dermatologist sexually assaulted me suddenly while I was hospitalized.
  • But a young male Dermatologist I admired- looks & charm Hollywood actors could only Dream About,  was written up in the news as an alleged ‘child molester’- THE END!
  • Two M.D.s physically- but not sexually, assaulted me.
  • A female M.D. exhibited almost simultaneous split opposing personalities!! Face, voice and manner- so caring and sweet- enchanting! Suddenly morphing into an ‘Exorcist’ demon! Back and forth, back and forth!    
  • A control freak male Psychiatrist followed my every move to sabotage my efforts as I sought an outside Doctor’s opinion as to diagnosis and treatment! “He’s MY PATIENT UNDER MY CARE! DON’T SEE HIM! Don’t entertain his fanciful thinking…. He MUST SUBMIT & ACCEPT his life-long treatment regime!” The favorite saying is “It’s just the illness speaking and acting out…” “increase the dosage….” As luck would have it?, the so-called “treatment” induced such obvious debilitation,  immediacy of near death, other Doctors seized possession of me! Like being in the Salem witch trials except that warring Religion of Science Inquisitors fought over me and judgement about my ‘possession witchiness’  OR NOT!! Apparently, the ‘OR NOTS’ WON and I have my HAPPY LIFE TODAY! In times of great challenges, “doors of perception” open up in our awareness!  Life & LOVE call our name- have our back, enfold our HEART- We’re NOBODY’s SCIENCE EXPERIMENT or SACRIFICIAL LAMBS! We loosen our grip on the unreal and all the anchors dragging us down. Rise to the surface into the SUNSHINE! Our BEAUTIFUL LIFE IS STILL HERE, waiting for our arrival!  We might seem alone at times in a ‘fallen consciousness world’ BUT THE REAL UNIVERSE OF LOVE AND VIVID LIFE IS ALWAYS CLOSE AT OUR SIDE, CHERISHING US! “RIDERS ON THE STORM”-“in Judas’s world we’re born?” (The Doors) But our destiny is BEAUTIFUL & in our hands!   July 21, 2017 by Brian Lane

Step Up & SMILE on LIFE’S DANCE FLOOR!  Bye-bye to our frigid A.L.D.s- actual life destroyers! If the Climate in your World- Your Experience is COLD, BE AN ARCTIC ICE BREAKER!

      But A Shadowy Figure- Discrimination Polluting Our LIVES!‘                                            CRISIS CREATOR and N. K.’s ‘Rocket Man,’ Young-Dung Ding-Dong, quarrelsome ‘friends without benefits:’ MY ‘Supreme Commander’s Nuclear BUTTON is biggest, most explosive!! Freud would explain their ‘toxic masculinity tiff’ by illustrating two pubescent teens taking a shower after a sports competition-suspiciously eyeing each other’s genitals! ‘Getting down & dirty,’ they toss their worst WORD BOMBS- accusations of mental illness or incapacity- like ‘U.S. dotard!’ (Sept.21 & 22, 2017) But friendship blossoms, mutual fears & admiration drive their ‘toxic masculinity into co-operation or collusion! Is discrimination vibrantly alive today? You bet it is! SAFE to ‘tell the World’ about your mental health challenges & diagnosis? Gossipers- including ‘professionals sworn to privacy,’ may ‘accidentally’ freely speak behind your back about your health- “Not really supposed to say this, BUT ….!”  Reap a whirlwind of discrimination instead of compassion, kindness?  If our immature adolescent behaving political ‘leaders’ embrace bullying, violence and discrimination, how do we fair minded patriots ‘drain the swamp’ of evil thinking and behavior? A black human rights worker observed secretly to me, ‘If ‘political leaders’ are given to expressing discrimination against so-called ‘mental patients,’ be assured they are ‘EQUAL OPPORTUNITY HATERS’- Be alert to all ‘the others’ they are targeting!’ LESSON FOR US: If we share such irrational fear & hate, let it go because it is ‘infecting our lives,’ how we see our World! So thankful for her insight, her experience as a black woman & civil/human rights professional! Who wants to go about life irrationally hating or fearing wonderful people around us because they are well- ‘different!’ Suffering unnecessary bad consequences, karma for all concerned? If we only withhold discrimination for a minute- even seconds, we allow a real, truthful experience to unfold!  O.M.G.!- If we hadn’t REFUSED to adopt a ‘first blush’ prejudicial thought or course of action! ACTUAL LIFE DESTROYERS- mean gossip, irrational prejudicial fears, suspicions, …. So beautiful, less stressed our life becomes because we bring LIGHT, PEACE, HUMOR, FRIENDSHIP! OUR WORLD EMBRACES US! OUR WORLD EMBRACES US- people around us STEP UP & SMILE on LIFE’S DANCE FLOOR!  Enthusiastically- desperately shy, afraid to take a first step but delighted ‘the ice is broken!’                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In our ‘FALLEN WORLD,’  the ‘SPIRAL of LIFE’ extends UP & DOWN. WE CHOOSE WHICH DIRECTION humanity and our world will spiral.  Today, we are obviously riding on a whirlwind- being slammed by actual, physical ‘super-storms,’ experiencing shocking devastation from reckless behavior towards “Mother Nature!” We are also continuing the 1960’s military-industrial-multinational Nowhere Man Race! What value is our fantastic technology if our Leaders are LOSERS!– Rumors of war everywhere!  Angel whispering on one shoulder- a demon on the other! Only one is the true voice!  Yeshua attempted to raise, heal & enlighten our Worldwide Consciousness, create a new & radiant World- love, PEACE, HEALTH!  The Pope sees ‘the fowler’ roaming about the Earth- tempting, seducing, ensnaring, bringing to ruin GOOD SOULS!                                                                                                                                                                                          Another key historical ‘lost opportunity?’ is The Declaration of INDEPENDENCE! Life, Liberty, Equality, The Pursuit of Happiness, The Rule of Law??? …. Inalienable Rights are GIVEN BY THE CREATOR TO ALL HUMAN BEINGS for which Governments are created TO PROTECT! And we say- not just for the ones with a pale skin color, or of a particular ethnic, cultural or spiritual persuasion- or not! Or APPEARANCE, or dress, or age, or gender or sexual orientation & identity! Or physical, mental, emotional or spiritual attributes! And, for example, not just for Middle East male ‘Guardians’- son, brother, father, uncle, husband, … absolutely controlling (enslaving?) women or the Catholic Church SUBJUGATING WOMEN, …. As ‘for which Governments are created to PROTECT OUR INALIENABLE RIGHTS’ our ‘ruining ruler elites’ &  the military-industrial-technological-corporate complex is attempting to record, oversee, educate, indoctrinate, influence and ‘control’ every aspect of people’s lives! And do we feel SAFE to freely pursue JOY- LIVE LIFE & BE HAPPY as we respect the rights of others? Or do we see the creeping militarization of nations, invasion of our privacy, constant struggle against suppression of our human rights. 50 years ago, John Lennon- “All You Need Is LOVE” nailed it! But envisioned his own fate as a champion imagining social change like Martin L. King.  “Christ you know it ain’t easy …. How can it be 2017 (2019) but we’re still back in  the horrors of the Vietnam era- Endless wars & rumors of war? We want OUR Inalienable Rights NOW! EVERYWHERE! For EVERYONE!                                                                                                                                                                 In the late 1960’s+, U.S. scoundrel President Nixon, quietly declared a RACE WAR, code name ‘War on Drugs’ & against the Counterculture & Peace Movements targeting Beatle Activist John Lennon. When Blacks/African Americans and Beatle John become public enemies #1 and #2  in the world’s champion of Inalienable Rights, the Pope’s dreaded ‘fowler’ is hard at mischief! We’ve blown so many opportunities to move on up into happy, peaceful, fulfilling experience on our Planet over thousands of years- We’re nobody’s & no government’s sacrificial lambs- Not going down that road into hell no more! We better BELIEVE IT!!! Gonna MAKE IT THIS TIME!!!ACTUALLY DO IT THIS TIME!!! Sept. 22, 2017   by  Brian Lane edited Jan. 30, 2019    P.S. Humor heard across North American bathroom showers- ‘Honey- don’t be so alarmed! SHRINKAGE CAUSED BY THE 2019 POLAR ARCTIC VORTEX! ‘The General’ will be at full combat readiness once the Spring arrives!’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Final Farewell Blast??!                                                                    Worst case scenario- our ‘fowler ensnared’ governing crisis creators experience a bad case of ‘toxic masculinity’ after years of unsportsmanlike behavior in ‘World Economic & Climate Change Competitions.’  W.W.III Crisis Creators’ Epitaph: WE HAD IT ALL! BUT WE BLEW IT ALL AWAY! Last words: “Obviously  Sino-Russian- Middle Eastern madmen! Impalers all!  vs. “Mentally deranged U.S. dotards & Freedom Freaks!!!” …. GOD: “I SENT SUPER STORMS WARNINGS for an Umpteenth time!  BIT OVERBOARD CREATING NEW & IMPROVED BIGGER ‘BIG BANG!'” Sept. 23,  2017 by Brian Lane  Our last words? Is it getting REALLY HOT due to Climate Change or JUST ANOTHER NUCLEAR BLAST!!!

“POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!”- We’ll Do The MATH! “because the people have the power…!” “Imagine” John Lennon, in Montreal, Canada, in 1969, at his “BED-IN for Peace,” composing a flaky, stupid sounding mishmash of words ending in “All We Are Saying Is Give PEACE A Chance!” And ever paranoid U.S. President Nixon is soon shaking in fear at the sight of 1/4 million anti-Vietnam war protesters marching and singing the song in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 15, 1969! Naughty Nixon believed John Lennon’s antiwar activities could scuttle a re-election!                                                                                                                                                                    Of course, Lennon was not only blessed by Beatlemania Fab 4 Fame, but ‘presented’ himself as a ‘counterculture icon,’ a true honest working class hero’ and a long haired, bearded dressed all in spiritual white “Jesus the Messiah looking figure,”  “more popular than Christ….”   Lennon spoke about mainstream authoritarian elites desperately stealing, holding tightly onto POWERS RIGHTLY BELONGING TO ‘THE PEOPLE!’ …. The U.S. Declaration of Independence is all about the people having the power! Fowler ensnared President Naughty Nixon taught our World a lesson we’ve seen for thousands of years- many government leaders, attempting to gain or hold onto POWER, are more than willing to send millions of INNOCENTS into certain disaster & death! MILLIONS OF LIVES can be of less value to a ‘President’ than a successful re-election bid and outcome! So why should we be surprised by abuses & humiliation dumped on ‘society’s ‘Witches, scapegoats, sacrificial lambs, …’ including a vulnerable disability community?                                           In the parable of SWIMMER AND THE RESCUER and by the story, Dr. Beebop and Ms. Beauty, we looked at money grabbing, drug pushing, degrading, soul destroying ‘hell care’ versus genuine, compassionate, INTELLIGENT,  health inspiring care!  Under the ‘hell care approach,’ a heavy double burdenmental illness & ‘hell care!’ Add extreme poverty & discrimination= bad outcomes!!! Mental Health is best seen as a simple math equation- Increasingly, we know why good people suffer mental illness or don’t. We can identify the contributing indicators & factors- weight them, add them up! Sept. 26, 2017 (edited Feb. 25, 2019)  by Brian Lane 

But the truth is, in a fallen world, political/government leaders/other elites have ‘snares of the fowler’ big bad power, control, $$$$ predatory schemes! Our crisis creators always looking for “scapegoats and sacrificial lambs!” Create or dramatize queen  a scenario/situation, build a paranoid fake news frenzy, present a ‘Promised Land’ Utopia at the end of THE RAINBOW- after millions of innocents are sacrificed! Sept. 26, 2017 (edited Feb. 25, 2019)  by Brian Lane

                               Modern Day Witch Hunts- Same As Before But Updated!                                               In so many ways, ‘webs & snares’ are set up to trap, humiliate, injure, scapegoat and sacrifice alleged “mental patients.” EVERY FAMILY, FRIEND, GOOD CITIZEN WILL TRY THEIR BEST TO SHIELD  LOVED ONES FROM BEING TRAPPED, TARGETED, DEGRADED, HUMILIATED, ABUSED OR SEXUALLY ASSAULTED, SHOT, LOCKED UP, DRUGGED LIKE A ZOMBIE, … ALL BECAUSE OF A MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSIS, ….            ASK YOURSELF HOW OFTEN- hopefully only in the past! POLICE BRUTALIZE AND KILL ALLEGED ‘MENTAL PATIENTS’ WITHIN SECONDS AFTER ARRIVING ON THE SCENE- Kill & Cover Up! Are able to ‘tell the truth’ without eye witnesses & videos? Thankfully -Today or ‘Someday’ our finest police officers are committing themselves to our U.S. Declaration- Government  SERVES & PROTECTS ALL CITIZENS’ RIGHTS! SERVES & PROTECTS visible minorities, … citizens challenged by mental illness or overwhelmed by circumstances beyond their ability!!!! Serves & Protects mentally challenged & visible minority citizens’ Life, Liberty, Freedoms, Pursuit of Happiness!  Sept. 26, 2017 (edited Feb. 25, 2019)  by Brian Lane                                                 

                                                 ‘Won’t or Will ‘GET FOOLED AGAIN?’                                                 First female and lesbian premier (June 12, 2014) for Ontario, Canada sets things right, right? Sorry!  ‘Wynne’ to bring about human rights ‘for all?’  FOOLED AGAIN! (the Who)  (Wynne’s coming out story:  Married a MAN and had 3 children. At age 37, she came out as a lesbian and divorced her husband. 6 years later, she married a woman. In her victory speech, she was very clear- NO Ontario citizen would be denied his/her/other inalienable RIGHTS- Life, Liberty, Dignity, Pursuit of Happiness, FREEDOM FROM TORTURE! A current court case in Ontario is: Was an opposing party member bribed to switch parties and run with Wynne  (while the current party member aspiring for election was bribed to step aside.) The aspiring party member, A PERSON WITH AN OBVIOUS, VISIBLE DISABILITY- IN A WHEELCHAIR!, previously lost by a mere hand full of votes.  But Wynne testified she hadn’t any hesitation dumping him- ‘You’re out!’ A cold hearted big dump on the disability community obviously!!                                                    But Wynne’s days of dumping on DISABILITY HUMAN RIGHTS continued. On Sept. 26, 2017, the ONTARIO HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION FILED AN APPLICATION WITH THE HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL BECAUSE  WYNNE’S GOV’T. HAD BREACHED A 2013 AGREEMENT TO BAN THE USE OF SEGREGATION IN ITS JAILS for people challenged by Mental Illness, EXCEPT IN  EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES. The proportion of the ‘mentally ill’ population subject to segregation had actually INCREASED! The dumping on DISABILITY HUMAN RIGHTS breached a legally binding settlement- based on a ‘mentally ill’ woman being placed in segregation for more than 200 days!. Citizens with a mental illness or an intellectual disability were not to be placed in  segregation “unless the ministry can ‘demon’ strate and document all other alternatives to segregation have been considered and rejected because they would cause an undue hardship.” The Commission  is concerned “SOLITARY CONFINEMENT IS the ‘default management tool’ RATHER THAN THE ‘EXCEPTIONAL’ PRACTICE.” IN FACT, THERE IS THE CURRENT PROVISION FOR ‘indefinite solitary confinement!’ WYNNE HAS ‘demon’ STRATED SHE LIED in her victory speech!    “We’re not going to leave anyone behind. We are going to build Ontario up for everyone!… EVERYONE! That’s right! We’re not going to leave anyone behind! … EVERY SINGLE PERSON  in this province!  Liar! Naive Ontario voters ‘FOOLED AGAIN!’                                       Yes- the L.G.B.T.Q.+ communities are strongly promoted. ‘THE SKY IS THE LIMIT’ FOR SOME COMMUNITIES BUT FOR THOSE EXPERIENCING MENTAL ILLNESS, HOW COULD SHE CREATE OR MAINTAIN A MORE CRUEL AND HATEFUL ENVIRONMENT?!! In education, Wynne developed a very controversial  sex ed. program for young Grade 3 children- traditional Religious & Cultural practices set aside in favor of modern Western gender identity & sexual orientation culture. BUT widespread outrage about ‘SEXUALIZING CHILDREN,’ ‘PROMOTING RISKY BEHAVIOR AMONG  INNOCENT CHILDREN!’ Under an Ontario Deputy of Education proposal,  anal sex taught in grade 7, ….  Concerns normalizing ‘risky sexual behaviors is likely to lead to more abuse of children.’ As a child who was sexually assaulted on many occasions by older girls- INCLUDING BEING FORCIBLY HELD BY OTHERS FOR RAPE, and RECALLING the extremely violent attack by a much older homosexual teen who had lured me into a  basement and acted demonically possessed, I share misgivings about Wynne’s ‘sexualizing children education experiment.’ P.S. Coincidentally,  the former Deputy Minister was charged with making and distributing child porn, agreeing or arranging a sexual offence against a child, …  Sept. 29, 2017  (edited Feb. 25, 2019)   by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Poetry- The Best Seduction?

1.                   We play in the Waves     Anne- the SUN PAINTS our SKIES                                             But they LOVE to RACE in their minds    Big pharma ‘SPEED’ GETS THEM HIGH!                                 We DREAM of the day    Men will lock their weapons away …                                                  But every man DREAMS of LOVE and MYSTERY- SLAYING DRAGONS                                                                            REPLAYING ANCIENT HISTORY!                                                                                      Baby- they ‘been HURT TOO MUCH? Maybe they’re not too strong?                                                         Maybe IT’S TIME TO CHANGE OUR WORLD?                                                                               ‘Been a LONG TIME since a REAL MAN’s BEEN HOME!                                             2.                    We teach our BABIES     To GROW UP Anne-  BE GOOD!                                                  But they teach ’em to HUNT and to KILL   To BURN DOWN our neighborhoods!                       We send ’em to Religious Schools-  Trying to TEACH ’em Wrong from Right!                             But they SHOW ’em the WINNER TAKES ALL Anne- ‘It’s who’s ALIVE                                                                                At the END of THE FIGHT!’                                                                                         Baby- they been HURT TOO MUCH? Maybe they’re not that strong?                                                                   Isn’t it TIME WE CHANGED OUR SELVES?                                                                        Anne – ‘ Been a LONG TIME since a REAL MAN’s BEEN HOME!                                                          Such a damn’ LONG TIME since a REAL MAN’s BEEN HOME-                                                                       Oh, Yeh!  Since a REAL MAN’s BEEN HOME!                                (from a song I wrote about all the invasions bringing down country after country in the Middle East & worldwide-  Millions trampled- countries laid to ruin under the false pretense ‘we’re delivering JUSTICE/Just US, FREEDOM & LIBERATION from oppression & terrorism!’ Yeh! Right?                                       PLEASE- YOU try writing poetry expressing your                                    EMOTIONS! Yes! Do it! ‘Doctor’s order!’

  • humor- YOUR CARE IS OUR CARE -BEING CHEMICALLY WELL ADJUSTED?   Big Pharma’s ‘wet dreams’- Everyone buying Big Pharma’s meds./chemicals/Addictive Potion$ ‘Tripping out’ from childhood ’til old age….
  • P$$t- Big Pharma whispering in your $tressed out ears-   ‘Wanna be Up? Down? 
  • Feeling Too Tall? Too Small? Barely Excited nor Active?Trouble Sleeping/Waking- gettin’ outa bed?
  • Your ‘BUM KINDA NUMB?’/Sexually ON or OFF BUTTONS FELL OFF years ago?
  • Too Repressed? Regressed? Obsessed? Passively Aggressive? TOO AGREEABLE- Trying to please everyone but yourself?!
  • Why for an EA$Y Monthly LIFELONG Fee 1984 Big Pharma Inc.-                              YOUR CARE IS OUR CARE- $$$$ ACCEPT OUR BIG BROTHERLY PA$$ION for chemically sedating, exciting & medicating ‘People Kind’ into ‘Pleasant Dreamland!’ 
  • Obey Our Drug Regimes- Enjoy being CHEMICALLY ‘Lab Rat Tested’ ADJUSTED!
  • We back everyone’s RIGHT TO CHOOSE OR REJECT Big Pharma’s chemical potions as a ‘treatment.’ But O.M.G.! Should ‘chemicalizing’ ourselves at first blush become the ‘GO TO NORM?’ ‘How y’all feeling today- Sugar? ‘Well o.k., I guess.’ ‘Oooh- doesn’t sound good. Why do the work? We all got a pill for that!’ Remember YOUR CARE IS OUR CARE!    Dec. 15, 2018  by Brian Are you all flushed, HOT and BOTHERED from getting off on LIVING LIFE NATURALLY- like writing beautiful  poetry!  -or just happy to see me?  Lane                                                                                                                                                 

 All Blue Skies & Rose Gardens Beyond the Rainbow for our ‘chemically adjusted?’                             Maybe ‘si mi Amigo’ but maybe No!  My beautiful newlywed friend has frustrated, lonely nights. You see her husband is in an incestuous relationship with his ‘Auntie Depressants!’ = High attraction to his Bride BUT LOW SEX DRIVE!                      Love to see some Big Pharma Drug Ads’ finally highlighting alarming serious side effects along with their wonder drug ‘pitch!’ Someday “Over the Rainbow” being chemically adjusted will be less risky & cows will fly delivering fresh milk to our door! Yeh- right! Clearly, some customers are happy experiencing  joyful? living under the influence of their ‘Aunties- Auntie O.C.D., Auntie Anxiety, Auntie “19th Nervous Breakdown- Here It Comes!”  1960’s Stones already sounding the alarm about so many women saddled with pharmaceuticals & addictions- Today, 50 years later, use of  ‘New & Improved?’ Mother’s Little Helpers’ is off the charts, the Stones still Rocking Up The Free World! Mick’s energy or Keith’s guitar talents IN A PILL- Big Pharma- GO FER IT! Someday Big Pharma will be selling                                            ‘BEATLES EXPERIENCE’ in a PILL!!! So what’s acceptable? 50%+ mild to moderate side effects among users? 15% serious or debilitating side effects? Less than 5% substantial & 1% catastrophic? Canada’s C.B.C. t.v. station ran an alarming show about the ‘Demonic Joker’ tragedy at the Batman movie premier in Aurora, Colorado. 84+? Innocents shot by a P.H.D. Neuroscience Student! C.B.C. titled their horror show “Prescription for Murder” alleging the Psychiatric prescribed medication- dose doubled, then tripled caused or substantially brought about the catastrophic destruction of the student, ‘HIS\IT’S’ unspeakable Batman foil demonic like appearance- eyes dead black & ‘Vlad the Impaler’ schemes & behaviour …!  Dec. 18, 2018  by Brian Lane

THE SUN Still Shine’s Over Us- ‘Santa’s Coming to Town!’ 

In 1897, when we were a twinkle in our Grandparents’ or Great-Great? Grandparents eyes, an 8 year old precocious girl- later earned her P.H.D. in education, looked for a clear answer to a mystical crisis! A question implying our civilizations are facing either an Upward Trajectory on The Spiral of Life or else a FALL in CONSCIOUSNESS:             “I am 8 years old – Some of my little friends say there is no SANTA CLAUS! Papa says if “You see it in THE SUN, (newspaper) it’s so!”   “Yes Virginia, there IS A SANTA CLAUS!  He exists as certainly as LOVE and GENEROSITY  and DEVOTION exist, and you know they abound and GIVE to YOUR LIFE its’ HIGHEST BEAUTY and JOY! …” Bear in mind, Virginia achieved her P.H.D. SO WITH SCHOLARLY AUTHORITY, she REAFFIRMED in 1961, her “BELIEF IN THE SPIRIT OF SANTA- stands for LOVE and SHARING, the JOY of GIVING …!” Thankfully for everyone, the sunshine of Santa’s Spirit is BETTER expressed by us in 2018 and into the future whatever our culture, faith or beliefs! Dec. 16, 2018  by Brian Lane

        Happy New Year- Still TRUE BELIEVERS transitioning ourselves, our World!?                      We all being innocent young children once like Princess Diana- before ‘The Firm et al.’ ripped her BLESSED HEART out, in her words, “They’d found their Virgin,” … “Sacrificial Lamb!” She KISSED her Prince but upon tasting her Purity, he revealed himself to be a poisonous? TOAD & The Soft Smiling Iron Queen, Mistress of Dark Forces & jointly possessing power & wealth among military, industrial, political elite    … ALL still hoping to rule our Fallen Kingdoms in 2019!           But after ‘dismissing’ Princess Diana from our presence allegedly by a scripted violent ‘auto accident’ & medical rescuers letting her bleed out, ‘British Commonwealth nations STILL ACCEPT the Soft Smiling Iron Queen as ‘Lawful Head of State!’                                                             Speaking to visiting Russian ‘tourists,’ they express their affections for Vlad, ‘a modest man, one of us- the common people of Russia,’ denying my “astonishing, untrue questions” about Vlad & the ‘Billionaires Russian Oligarchy Families Clique’- their money belts beckoning Worldly Government leaders?’                                                                             Are we still TRUE BELIEVERS in our national rulers, oligarchical families & corporations? Still suckers for our elitist LYING POLITICIANS & their APOLOGIST BUREAUCRATS?  Believe immigration is welcoming ‘Trojan Horse Gifting’ into our Nations? Really?   Still LOVE? our damned acting ‘Drama Queens’ in Washington, London, Riyadh, Pyongyang, Beijing, Moscow, Ottawa,’Israeli  Tel Aviv?   ‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors’ … Jerusalem (God’s Commandment?)    Syria’s Dam-ass-cussing leader? IRAN into Israel accidentally?   FEED US OUR DAILY big whoppers fishy stories & showmanship? 24/7 Reality Government Entertainment shows! Sound bites & tweets to TWITTER our emotions? ‘Dark Arts of Fear Mongering’ making America Great Again?                                                                                                              Disillusioned with the Clinton’s Doing America- after Monica? Bush’s bush whacking The Middle East, bankrupting our nations with endless wars over “Weapons of Mass Destruction?” Anyone still  ‘Believers in the Military Industrial Complex’ Running our World into PEACE by War??  “You hold a knife & a gun in your hands- You think by killing people will understand- But no! They never will!”  (song by Lane)  Are we Citizens Sleepwalking? On Jan. 17, 1961 President Eisenhower cautioned us- ‘Beware Citizens-  Pre-enlightenment Ebenezer Scrooges, their beastly “Military Industrial Complex.”  China- a Spiderweb Blueprint Society for ‘Big Brother is watching YOU 24/7’- BOW or be Re- educated & Recycled- Get a new China  Shine on Ya!! Believe more cameras tracking everyone brings safety?  Live in a CONSTANT STATE of WARFARE READINESS- building, selling & installing ‘weapons of mass destruction?’               Is anybody OUT THERE in our Universe Going to Help Us? Because Time’s Up on Violence, Weaponizing, War, Fear Mongering, Raping our Environment, Following Dark Arts Practitioners- Divide & Conquer Snake Oil Salesmen in Our Going Extinct Garden of Eden, …. O.K.- 5,000+ years experiencing WHAT DOESN’T WORK for US on Earth! Beginning in 2019, we’re ABOUT to TRANSITION into a NEW AGE, RIGHT!? ‘TRANS FOLKS,’ Brian? a. Yes! iNTO oUR nEW sELVES   bRINGING aBOUT oUR nEW hEALTHY & hEALING wORLD! NEW US= NEW WORLD! Jan. 1, 2019  by Brian Still Believing!  Together- MeU.S.CAN-DO!  Lane

  •             Psychiatrist/Doctor- Patient Reckless LOVE=ABUSE?! Power, Control  & Patient Abuse- Today’s ‘Health Care’ IS Painfully HOT! No Excuses, Time Limits or Exceptions? NO ESCAPING Prosecution & Comprehensive World Wide Complaints & Outcomes PUBLIC REGISTRY?* Thankfully, personally escaped ‘hanky-panky’ with health care professionals, clients, ‘vulnerable people’, …. Just because ‘wild & crazy’ ‘illegal/immoral’ ‘sexcapades’ may be going on, doesn’t make it right or give anyone ‘licence or permission’! CAUTION- ADULT SUBJECT DISCUSSION AHEAD!  
  • IS Health Care Professionals’ Behavior ALWAYS EXPLOITATION/ABUSE  involving Sex with a Patient/Client? Absolutely NO exceptions or allowances? 
  • Should Health Care Professionals’ be prosecuted whether or not Patient/Client makes a complaint?
  • Should EVERY health Care Worker BE REQUIRED to immediately report suspected abuse?
  • Should there exist NO TIME LIMIT for prosecuting historical sexual abuse?
  • Should EVERY COMPLAINT & PROSECUTION OUTCOME be EASILY ACCESSIBLE & PUBLISHED by a CENTRAL HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS’ REGISTRY OF COMPLAINTS & DECISIONS for EVERY COUNTRY? (Enter the health care worker’s name & pertinent info. to easily publicly view every complaint & outcome, …. educating & protecting the public WORLD WIDE!)                            *******Thanks for your feedback asking  to ‘Please be CLEAR & STRONG!’ on this significant issue! HOPE above statements spur ACTIVIST DISCUSSION world wide TO TAKE A STAND PROTECTING PATIENTS! Are ALL Health Professionals’ agreeable to above implied STRONG STAND!!?Updated Feb. 5, 2019*****
  • Looking, for example, at 3 page form IL486-2034 02/13 (crimacts) “Health Care Workers Charged With or Convicted of Criminal Acts” Pursuant to Illinois, U.S.A. 20ILCS 2105-165(a), the following professionals are ‘REQUIRED TO DISCLOSE’ …  –about 35 professions such as Doctors, Nurses, Dental Hygienists,  Social Workers, Pharmacists, O. T.s, Speech Pathologists, etc. …. For example, ‘Are you currently charged with or have you been convicted …against any patient in the course of patient care or treatment, including any offence based on sexual conduct or …?’ Every country World Wide may be advised to adopt CLEAR & STRONG LAWS, POLICIES, STANDS PROTECTING Health Care Patients/Clients! Adopt consistent protections everywhere! Again, a central registrar data base is helpful so health practitioners may not simply relocate & set up a new ‘predatory practice!’
  • And you thought you were depressed BEFORE UNDERGOING THESE DOCTORS’ ‘TREATMENT!!!’  Using Toronto, Canada for examples of Doctors abusing patients, Psychologist G. Matheson sexually abused 2 adult female patients -including at his office over several years. (Didn’t his wife walk in one day …?) The victims had been sexually abused in childhood and consequently suffered from severe depression– so sought treatment- SO SAD! Vulnerable victims REVICTIMIZED!  They ‘submitted/did not resist his sexual assaults’ & his ‘grooming’– gifts, passionate letters, ‘constant phone calls,’ … due to HIS EXERCISING AUTHORITY OVER THEM- POWER DIFFERENCES AT PLAY, but I suspect also because he was an accomplished hypnotist, would ASSIST the Police by hypnotizing witnesses to recall crime information! Imagine- this ‘pillar of society,’ ‘helping- NOT!’ mentally ill victims of abuse for years taking their money but using them for evil purposes, ‘a big police supporter fighting crime!’ Again, we call for a central info. easily accessible HEATH PRACTITIONER SEX ABUSE/CRIME REGISTRY to prevent ‘Health Provider-NOT! Offenders’ from say- jumping over to New Zealand until a conscientious victim in North America tracks him/her/other down somehow & alerts the hood winked New Zealand Hospital! Patients/Clients present their PRIVATE mental or physical issues trusting their licensed Professional is anything but a pervert- Bad assumption sometimes unfortunately ….  
  • A Toronto area Canadian Psychiatrist STRIPPED of her Licence for going ALL THE WAY to help her patient GET his/her ‘mood’ UP?
  • ‘Prolonged’ sexual affair with an ‘ERECTILE DYSFUNCTIONAL’ Patient- kinda makes sense in an ‘Animal House’ movie mentality but we expect higher standards by Doctors!
  • Falling Hard for Dr. Snake Eyes- Remember BILL CLINTON!!!                                         Doctors & their Patients may experience HEALTHY ‘Emotional Friendship- Rescue.’  But a Medical College eyebrow raising IMPOSSIBILITY- A ‘LOVE Connection?’ by working closely to stabilize & overcome severe health challenges? APPEARING organically by Patient & Professional struggling together! Or is Professional- Patient/Client ‘love’? just eye rolling ‘make believe,’ abusive, always WRONG!? ‘You & me Doctor- SUPERBOWL of my Young Life! Win BIG or Get to the Back …, JoJo!’ Almost ‘like’ falling into LOVE, your ‘Healer’ trying so hard to protect & stabilize you? Professionally close ‘Care Provider- Patient Binding’ or sliding down into HOT & BOTHERED forbidden, ‘POWER IMBALANCED’ AFFAIR?  Pres. Bill Clinton, ‘POSTER BOY’-an alleged sex offender presenting as a SHINING KNIGHT but bearing down onto forbidden YOUNG INTERNS!  Slipping Presidential Dignity ‘down & dirty’ beyond ‘Wild & Crazy!’
  • My Relative Married Her Psychiatrist!!! THE END!!!                                                                     My relative, a Nurse, married her Psychiatrist: Her substance abuse- so sad! Eventually bringing her down!  Imagine a naive, trusting  illness challenged patient- so admiring her Health Care KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR come to rescue her, has her hopes SMASHED! Do we RALLY in our Doctor-Patient Healthy Relationships but are destined for damnation if we cross the line- becoming what ‘Time’s Up!’ sees as power imbalanced abuser & victim/survivor??  Taking advantage of vulnerable, health challenged ‘PREY!’ A tragic recurring event has been sex assaulted or ‘groped’ female victims- challenged by mental illness, not believed by law enforcement- ‘Given Her Mental Illness, Your Honor, She Probably Imagined ….’  Explained away in serpentine language-‘Given the complainant’s diminished mental state’ (credibility), on the balance of probabilities,’ does the Court believe this esteemed (accused) pillar of society, or this- this …?’
  •  SUSPEND ACCUSED ‘SHRINKS!’- THEN VERIFY THEIR GUILT!!!                           Should the College governing Psychologists, for example, temporarily SUSPEND a Psychologist’s licence upon a clear ACCUSATION of sexual touching, assault, …?  Better to be ‘SAFE than SORRY’ with additional complainants? Does this reverse our common law- becoming GUILTY until PROVEN INNOCENT? Should a notice be posted- all other patients/clients past & present be informed & encouraged to speak up if …? An independent health care observer to attend Client sessions to monitor the Psychologist’s manner & behavior, -report? What about uninvited talk & body language? A young Professional Nurse- off attending to her mental health issues, complained to me her Psychiatrist made comments about her “attractive dress,”… for example- deliberating jumping onto an elevator to be alone with her in a private space? (No Doctor ever commented ‘How good good I looked in my underwear free Scottish kilt!’ O.k. bad humor!)
  • Healer’s Can Also Deliver Swift Shoe Leather SOLE!!!                                                        Health Care Professionals, often ‘STRONG FORCES’, may embody a ‘SPLIT PERSONALITY’ or behavior,  an intelligent, compassionate healer but an evil, emotional terror if upset or ‘CROSSED!’ Studied & experienced in the arts of healing, as a by product, they may expertly cause harm to teach a hard lesson ‘for a ungracious, patient’s good!’ If highly functioning psychopaths, as studies have found among many business C.E.O.s & politicians,  they can be high achievers at accessing their goals, AT WINNING AT EVERYBODY ELSE’s COST, undeterred by constraints of normal emotions, act decisively for good or FOR EVIL & HARM!  ‘PLAY PEOPLE’ & lie effortlessly, like politicians- escape accountability, live a double life- one for the outside world, another for their inner psychopathic drives! Effective, efficient invisible double agents! ‘Only their hairdresser, ‘Clairvoyant,’ or ‘Intuitive,’ KNOWS FOR SURE!! And just try to prove negligence, ….
  • Hands In Our Taxpayers’ Pants!!!                                                                                                             A young female Dermatologist, waited for other practitioners to leave my hospital room, attempted to grope me. Males are NOT SUPPOSED TO COMPLAIN about unwanted female ‘advances.’  Only to ‘laugh it off?’ ACCEPTED locker room response over the years is, ‘Lucky you!’ No sympathy! No complaining acceptable! ‘MAN UP, Bro!’ chastise for a frown in place of a (painful) smirk!   Jan. 23, 2019  by Brian Lane P.S. Uninvited HURTFUL LOVE-‘ Not Healing LOVE!  Professional Colleges see a virtue signalling ‘ME TOO!’ opportunity- but also SHIELDING ATTENTION AWAY FROM CRITICAL STUDY OF VERY QUESTIONABLE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, NEGLIGENCE & PROPER OVERSIGHT! Devastating our G.D.P., health care costs spiraling with ineffective outcomes, harming trusting patients. AVOIDING HONEST INQUIRIES & EFFECTIVE CHANGE!  Brian Jan. 24, 2019  -Just Saying Health Care is TOO damned HOT- IMMORALLY!  Hot as Hell, run by OPPOSING INTERESTS?  Brian Jan. 26, Feb. 5, 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                                   STRIPPED OUT DOCTOR CRISIS?Hypocrisy & Cover Ups in ‘Health Care?’     BUT STILL ABLE TO WIN OUR WAY BACK TO HEALTH!!!
  •  Epidemic ALERT! For example, Doctors in greater Toronto area- ‘Toronto Doctor’s licence STRIPPED- Dr. ordered to pay 10’s of thousands for ‘INAPPROPRIATE REMARKS’ & ‘TOUCHING’ a female patient!          ‘Toronto Psychiatrist STRIPPED for abusing female patient!’          ‘Greater Toronto Psychiatrist, Robert C., STRIPPED 2 years after admitting to sexual assault!’   Dr. Michael P. STRIPPED for sex abuse of a patient!’ Psychiatrist N. Ghabbour STRIPPED for BEGINNING a (romantic) RELATIONSHIP TOO SOON AFTER ENDING THE DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP!’
  • Practitioners’ Alert! Attempting sex liaisons with on-line police officers posing as young teen girls seldom involve HAPPY ENDINGS!                                                                  Jan. 23, 2019- 2 additional Toronto area Doctors STRIPPED! Greater Toronto area male Doctor STRIPPED for- (drum roll, please!) ‘ATTEMPTING TO ESTABLISH A SEX RELATIONSHIP with a Police Officer pretending to be A YOUNG TEEN GIRL!’
  • When Doctors’ Internet Rating Site Doesn’t Tell the Real Story!!!                              Here’s a real HEART BREAKER! Female Oncologist Theepa Sundaralingam, 37, STRIPPED!  She has a ‘4.1 out of 5’ high rating from patients, on an internet rating site- hopefully not her designated dating site! Suddenly 1000’s of patients are deprived of her expertise- forever? Who believe strongly in her capabilities? Is punishment for one patient, worth denying all patients who she has or she may capably care for? NO EXCEPTIONS? Imagine the cost for training a Specialist- Throw it all down the drain, the baby with the bath water? But TIME’s UP on sex abuse, isn’t it!  What about Professional Health Colleges and Colleagues being tough on negligent, incompetent, careless, … Health Care Professionals- Professional ‘Morons,’ instead routinely covering up the gross negligence occurring EVERY DAY! Rather be kissed, hugged or ‘invited to sex,’ … than be subjected to incompetent, life threatening negligence by ‘Morons’ playing the roles of Health Care providers!? Better still- be subjected to NEITHER!  But Colleagues & Colleges covering up is THE TERRIBLE TRUTH! Professionals who give overdoses, the wrong meds., are sloppy or overzealous surgeons, cause premature disability & worse- EVERY DAY!  For ‘Conspiracy Theorists,’ is this JUSTIFIED preoccupation with STRIPPING sexually inappropriate ‘Practitioners,’ ACTUALLY DIVERTING OUR ATTENTION FROM OTHER VITAL QUESTIONS- Reckless, Incompetent Health Care! Too Little Help, TOO Late! Not adequately allocating $$$ to PATIENT DIRECTED/INVOLVED HEALTH CARE & ILLNESS PREVENTION & Individual Patients’ Hands On Care, In Home Assistance,  …. Please! Health Researchers- EXPOSE THE HYPOCRISY IN HEALTH CARE!!!
  • All Hands On Sex- Oncologist’s Alternative Bone Marrow Treatments!!!                    Back to the Fallen Oncologist’s story- A male E. R. patient was referred to Oncologist Dr. Theepa for bone marrow testing & diagnosis. She gave him the bad news but included her personal phone number! Over a few months, forbidden (predatory) love? BLOSSOMED into hugging, kissing, immoral touching & caressing- ‘All the Way’ into President Bill Clinton’s ‘true sex’ in his house, at HER ‘alternative treatment?’ clinic!  While receiving ‘MORE CONVENTIONAL MEDICAL TREATMENT IN HIS HOSPITAL BED!!’ Star crossed pseudo? LOVERS, she fell ‘in love again’ with “SOME OTHER GUY!” (Beatles) “taking her love away from me!” Dumped him HARD- Refused to see or treat him further! “I was physically emaciated and emotionally exposed, and the loss of a critical relationship ….” Yes! Power Crazed, Horny ‘All Hands On Sex Syndrome’ STRIPPING our BEST & BRIGHTEST? 
  • Beware Serpents Bringing Forbidden Gifts! Why do successful Doctors engage in forbidden, indecent activity, Fall from Grace? How is a ‘BRAINIAC’ so clueless? Great Oncologist knowingly destroying herself- How is ANYONE so reckless? Same old Biblical story from the Garden in Eden? Serpent whispering in her ear- ‘Eat of this forbidden fruit- Thou shalt surely not die as an acclaimed Oncologist.’
  • The Bigger & More Reckless, The More Patients’ PAY!!!          As a naive advocate for ‘psychiatric survivors,’ I overheard a Nurse blurting out in SHOCK & HORROR- ‘But Doctor your dose is so far beyond the limit for anti-psychotic medication injection!’ “Nurse- inject the patient NOW” he scolded her LOUDLY! I looked into the amount- 4 or 5 times accepted dose! Surprise, surprise- ‘Patient’ mentally is devastated …. People wonder why so many seriously ill ‘mental patients’ appear as ‘zombies.’ So many complained to me about being ‘forcefully administered’ brain devastating quantities of medications!
  • What HAPPENS When Psychiatrists’ turn their E.C.T. instrument amps. to 10 1/2!!!  Patients were routinely damaged physically & mentally by E.C.T. A friend observed the E.C.T. administered attempting to cure his depression, OBLITERATED HIS MEMORY & ABILITY TO PERFORM IN HIS MUSICAL CAREER! Any healthy person injected with such quantities of anti-psychotics may be also brain injured- including physical  debilitation!
  • You’ll Be Enjoying Much Better Living- In the AFTER LIFE!!!                                         Turning to Morons masquerading as surgeon Doctors, a best friend’s Mother miraculously recovered from a so-called ”routine” throat exploratory procedure. Against the protestations of her family, the Doctor convinced her to continue on with ‘SAFE SURGERY’- “You’ll be back THANKING ME & enjoying much better living in a month….” (In THE AFTER LIFE WORLD!) During surgery, the Doctor accidentally stabbed her in THE HEART!! Do Doctors enjoy such freedom from consequential blame- seemingly ‘untouchable,’ they become Recklessly Rich R US? ‘Hey- Patients- ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! The Bigger & More Reckless Doctor Moron Is, The More Often You Patients Pay!’ ‘PATIENT RECEIVED THE BEST TREATMENT but was just too vulnerable to recover in spite of Doctors’ heroic efforts ….’
  • A Professional offered me a quick question & opinion- ‘Why are Psychiatrists sexually abusing patients higher than other Doctors? Are too many ‘LOVE STARVED’, too close emotionally as patients reveal innermost private issues?’ 
  • WHAT YOU SAY PRIVATELY MAY BECOME VERY PUBLIC-FOREVER CHASING, STIGMATIZING YOU!  On Jan. 30 stigma discussion-Rather than allowing accusers to throw rocks …  Patients who divulge every ‘bad’ experience & imagined character misstep, possible diagnosis, … i.e. ‘Let’s Talk’ PUBLICLY Jan. 30′ about your experience with stigma & mental illness’ & PUBLICLY REVEAL EVERYTHING YOU SAY ABOUT YOUR MOST PERSONAL, PRIVATE ISSUES’- Risk having everything resurrected & spread out in ‘technicolor’ later in life? L.G.B.T.Q.+ revealed to the U.S. Armed Forces? In traditional strict Muslim countries- inviting tragedy? Mental illness diagnosis available to your present or future employer? Your neighbors & community? In a Fallen World, imagine just a few evil people may engage in a ‘witch hunt’ creating a crisis. Your insurers? In he said- she said disputes? Become a legal pot user + reveal a mental health diagnosis- Want governments allowing legal (government oversight) pot sales to collect & pass such information about? To Border Agents? Before Court proceedings in an attempt to disgrace you, attack your credibility? Private matters passed on, magnified & completely misunderstood among future health care staff? Health records floating about the internet- FOREVER! Health records hacked, computers misplaced, passed around, stolen during break-ins, gossiped about by nosy staff, …? Big information search engines & Facebook, for example, mining personal data about everyone, every detail. What you say to your Doctor in PRIVATE COULD BECOME VERY PUBLIC REGARDLESS WHETHER YOU OR YOUR DOCTOR INTEND IT TO REMAIN ‘OUR PRIVILEGED SECRET!’ ‘Let’s Talk on Jan. 30′ is helpful, good intentional, corporate marketing & opportunity for virtue signalling, encourages donating, … but the elephant in the room is societies’ entrenched fear, hate, ignorance- stigma no one wants to experience! Once you speak up publicly, you can’t take your information back! The ‘witch hunt’ IS ESPECIALLY on again TODAY -SO MANY POLITICAL LEADERS ARE autocratic narcissistic CRISIS CREATORS DESPERATELY TRYING TO POINT TO THE boogeyman! Guess who tried & true scapegoats/the boogeyman are? On Jan. 30 let’s protect our people!!!
  • BEATING Mental Illness is a ‘no brainer’- Just work you butt off ’till you’re BETTER! Smile! Smile! Smile! ENJOY YOUR WONDERFUL LIFE! Margaret Trudeau, wife of Pierre- former P.M. for Canada 1968- 1979, … presented on Jan. 30 to be exceptionally sweet, kind & compassionate! She appears SO HONEST about her hard fought/WON battle with bipolar disorder, … Said SHE APPLIED HERSELF FOR YEARS-HARD WORK!!

Seen & experienced every imaginable evil of discrimination & stigma- You don’t  want to expose yourself to being targeted!  Waited 6 months to see a “REALLY GOOD” Psychiatrist- mental health about to burst like a dam exploding, wash away my wonderful life…. But upon seeing me, she FREAKED! at my challenging symptoms & status- refused to help me! “You’ll be institutionalized for years- won’t be your caregiver,  won’t help you!” Doctors may ‘cream off’ the best, easy, lucrative, ‘fun’ passive patients- avoid or dump patients with severe, difficult illness!          THE GENTRIFICATION of HEALTH CARE! ‘Let difficult patients suffer alone in silence!’ Forcing patients into poverty, stigma, homelessness, abuse, legal subjugation/apartheid, life expectancy is shortened by 2- 3 decades among seriously ill ‘mental patients.’ But being a VIRGIN MENTAL PATIENT about to encounter a PSYCHIATRIC SEDUCTRESS, better my Family Doctor Said, “In your challenging struggle, Brian- Gentrification of Mental Health Care, … Psychiatric SEDUCTRESS’s luring you like a sea siren- Us Family Docs unable to distinguish Patients from CRAZY Mental Health Staff!, BETTER YOU BELIEVE IN MENTAL HEALTH MIRACLES BROUGHT ABOUT BY WORKING YOUR ASS OFF!  By guts, family, friends, your Creator & Church Community, … along with your Family Doc. is EVERYTHING AVAILABLE- TOO MANY PATIENTS DON’T GET THIS! to WIN your way Back” Home to Kansas! Given our STRIPPED OUT DOCTOR CRISIS & SHORTAGE, A CONSPIRACY OF HYPOCRISY & GENTRIFICATION, THANKFULLY WE ALL ARE ABLE TO WIN OUR WAY BACK HOME TO WHEREVER OUR ‘KANSAS’ IS! You better believe it!  Besides, how COOL for you to be able to say ‘I DID IT! I GOT MY MENTAL HEALTH BACK! with a LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS!!’ Everyone LOVES A WINNER- ESPECIALLY A GOOD STORY, A BRAVE, DETERMINED STRUGGLE- Finally achieving our DREAMS! Jan. 23- 24, 2019 Feb. 1, 5, 2019 update by Brian Lane  Peace & LOVE!  On Jan. 30 Stigma Discussion- Rather than allowing accusers to throw rocks at us, We’ll ROCK OUR LIVES BACK TO HEALTH!

Time of RECKONING! Sequel to ”Seduction of the Catholic Church or US People Kind’ under ‘Time We Jumped onto Life’s DANCE FLOOR!’ Aug. 27, 31; Oct. 2018

To remind ourselves, His Holiness, Pope Francis BLAMES the devil for post WW II Catholic Church disgraceful SCANDALS! “We should not think of the devil as a myth, a representation, a figure of speech, a symbol or an idea ….” but as an entity, the serpent, the ‘fowler,’ “prowling about the World laying snares, seeking the ruin of Souls!” (Given my Psychiatrists’ absolute shock & horror about their belief in ‘absolute certain outcomes’ by my ‘super storm hurricane class 4 or 5’ mental illness- including my knowledge and awareness of the actual ‘ENTITY’  Pope Francis refers to, hard to disagree with His Holiness. My esteemed Psychiatrists were fully committed to having me ‘FULLY COMMITTED’- head Psychiatrist actually DOVE ON TOP OF ME! Love at first sight? NO! After tossing the head Psychiatrist across the room, escaping like a breakout running back, the Spurned Seductress Psychiatrist, suggested a two teared solution- “Bring Brian IN or Take him OUT!” ‘NOT to the Ball Game!’ To the morgue c/o Police Swat Team! Kudos to His Holiness for calling out the ‘ENTITY’ prowling about the World laying snares, seeking the ruin of ‘Souls’- perhaps influencing terrorist bombings, U.S.A. mass shootings, …? The ‘influenced’ or ‘possessed’ bomber or shooter becoming the ‘ENTITY’S WEAPON, ‘The Prince of Darkness’ in the flesh, a proxy stand in to create the crisis, evoke the horror & endlessly replay & exacerbate repercussions! Science needs to face up to ‘invisible entities!’ Matter is NOT all that MATTERS!  That which occupies space and possesses mass- is MATTER! As opposed to ENERGY! But back to The RECKONING …

Pope Benedict 16? said “The greatest persecution of the Church … arises from SINS IN THE CHURCH!” The Betrayal of All That IS SACRED, Not to be VIOLATED, The Innocents, …! Pope Francis calls together 190+ leaders- Cardinals, Bishops, Heads of Religious Orders, … for an unprecedented 4 day sex abuse scandal summit at The Vatican. On day 1, 5 video testimonials from Catholic Church sex abuse SURVIVORS are presented. Clearly, given the 100’s of thousands of Church abuse victims, Church Officials should be listening to EVERY SURVIVOR, OFFERING REDRESS FOR EVERY VICTIM. ACCOUNTING FOR EVERY VIOLATION ANYWHERE ON OUR PLANET! NO statutes of limitations on Complaints or redress! Up till now, the Church has served its own sinful pleasure- NOW TIME’s UP! REDRESS & SERVE your VICTIMS!                               Nigerian Veronica Openibo attended to chastise the gathering for the Church’s ANTI CULTURE- “Mediocrity, HYPOCRISY, COMPLACENCY, …!” Germany’s Cardinal R. Marx presented a 2014 Bishop’s commissioned study including at least 3667 child abuse ‘cases’ -hardly horrible contrasted to what has been unearthed in the ‘Land of the FREE’- the U.S.A.’s 100’s of thousands- and elsewhere! Victims SILENCED while perpeTRAITORS of immoral, horrible, illegal, sacrilegious power sexual control abuses coddled & protected at all costs! Certainly, the Church EXCEEDED ALL EXPECTATIONS & demonic ASPIRATIONS of Pope Francis’s described ‘devil’ “prowling about the World laying snares, seeking the ruin of Souls!” Feb. 23, 2019  by Brian Lane  to be continued …

Dean of the press corp- accredited to The Vatican, Mexican t.v. reporter Valentina Alazraki reports her decades studying Church infamy! “The more you play the OSTRICH, fail to inform media, … faithful & public opinion, the GREATER the SCANDAL” she informed summit shocked participants! “In the age we live in, it is very difficult to hide a (SACRILEGIOUS) ‘secret!'” The Church should provide “PROACTIVE AWARENESS & TRANSPARENCY information, not reactive” (discredited alibis!) Pope Francis is quoted: “The devil enters through the pockets!” Behind the silence, “quite often there is not only the FEAR of SCANDAL, but also MONEY $$$$ compensation, gifts, ‘special permissions” & allowances’ given to the Church, …. Ms. Alazraki calls the summit participants to “PUT THE VICTIMS FIRST!” And she adds- “We are at the THRESHOLD of ANOTHER SCANDAL- NUNS, …!”  What Are A Nun’s Vows- Poverty, Chastity, OBEDIENCE, …

Coincidentally, today after weaving through accident after accident on my scooter, I visited a care home ‘Loved One’- 99 years YOUNG- STILL SMILING & GIVING BIG KISSES to her beloved Visitors! ‘So, as a little girl, had you any awareness of Catholic Church sex abuse of children?’ “OH YES! VERY MUCH SO! MOSTLY ABOUT YOUNG BOYS BY PRIESTS!” “The Church & Priests, … SO PROTECTED THEN!” (SO PROTECTED FOR 99 YEARS & counting!!!) Just imagine 99 years- INNOCENT CHILDREN BEING SEXUALLY ABUSED BY CATHOLIC CHURCH ‘FAITHFUL- NOT! devil worshiping PREDATORY WOLVES in HOLY SHEPHERD’s CLOTHES!!! A LOVING In Law- studied to become a Professional Child Psychologist, drops by- raised in Chile- the Country, not in a Cooking Dish! Educated by Argentinian Nuns- “very mean” but later by Spanish Nuns- “very sweet!” Pope Francis has been playing ‘rope a dope’ about Church Laity abusing children in Chile. Didn’t play well in Chile- both by Chileans AND THEIR GOVERNMENT who raided & seized Church records, conducted Official Inquiries into Church predatory power, control, sex abuse scandals! Pope Francis discovered Ms. Alazraki’s caution- “The more you play the OSTRICH, the GREATER the SCANDAL!” His Holiness, fallible after all, changed his thinking & approach, APOLOGIZED VERBALLY & IN WRITING, accepted the RESIGNATION of several Chilean abuser & cover up BISHOPS! My formerly ‘devout Catholic’ In Law, seeing so much OUTLAW BEHAVIOR in her Church, describes the Church as a ‘Broken Down Machine.’     “Just take all the parts into individual pieces! Scrap the crap- the garbage pieces! Clean & refurbish what is still useful, capable of working well!   Create a completely NEW Church Operating Machine.  Serving God & People Kind!” So not the ‘NEW & IMPROVED,’ ‘lipstick on a …’  Refurbished Catholic Church? But an ‘HONEST TO GOD NEW CHURCH!’ What think you- Bye bye Darth Vader hot as hell scandalized Church! Instead Something NEW & WONDERFUL! A GODLY ‘Birds IS the Word!’ PHOENIX RISING FROM THE ASHES OF THE MONASTERY  MONSTER? Or may His Holiness slather on a thick layer of REPENTANCE & SOUL SEARCHING, … MAKE AMENDS for 100 years+ sexual abuse & cover ups, …? “Here Comes the SUN” (Vanquished? O.k. ‘relocated’/’reassigned’ ‘devil may care!’ Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, Birds of Prey!)  POPE APPROVED & CERTIFIED! Fresh Lipstick Gloss … Did somebody say, ‘POPE APPROVED & CERTIFIED!?’ O.M.G.! PLEASE Fool us AGAIN for another 100 years!  But time for our honest look at sexual abuse- anywhere!              to be continued  Feb. 23, 2019  by Brian Lane 

  • Pope Francis is NOW SAYING Catholic Church Clergy Predator/Offenders are “tools of satan!” His Holiness’s unequivocal damnation of Offenders will be shown by-
  • ZERO TOLERANCE for Church Clergy Offenders? (Among Health Care Providers’ Professional Organizations, tolerance for abuses is all over the map! The Catholic Church has effectively ‘PRACTICED ZERO TOLERANCE FOR VICTIMS OF CLERGY ABUSE!’ In Health Care Providers’ Associations, heard anecdotally- a Psychology Association adopts a ‘zero tolerance’ for Licensed Psychologists ‘practicing’ Patient Abuse, automatically suspending a Psychologist’s Licence to Practice upon receiving a Patient complaint. Later Examination & a Hearing enables a resolution in favor or opposed to the suspended Psychologist.                   
  • But on another Health Care ‘PLANET X,’ College for ‘Not Nurses?’ for example, where a Nurse was responsible for Nursing Care over extremely VULNERABLE & DEPENDENT Residents in a Care Home, she became an OPIOID ADDICT, PILFERED DRUGS/MEDS. from the Care Home to feed her addiction while WRITING FALSE ENTRIES  on PATIENTS’ CHARTS, … all while exhibiting A DIMINISHED MENTAL CAPACITY- OUT OF CONTROL! What should the shocked & appalled Nursing Home owners do on ‘PLANET X?’      Her employment was terminated by her Employer- seems reasonable? Our addicted, … Nurse believed she was ‘WRONGED’ & appealed to an Adjudicator. ‘PLANET X’ Adjudicator declared her to be victimized by an ‘addiction disability’ diminishing her mental capacities! He required the Employer- Allow for her recovery & enable accommodations WELCOMING HER BACK to her employment position, …. (Does ‘Planet X’ Arbitrator act with misplaced sympathies akin to the Catholic Church or was she ‘VICTIMIZED’ by a ‘disability’?) The ‘PLANET X’ Nurses Association wanted MORE, however- strongly encouraging the Arbitrator to AWARD the addicted, stealing, chart falsifying, mentally diminished Nurse presiding over helpless, dependent Residents-  SUBSTANTIAL “DAMAGES” for hurting her feelings, etc. by firing her! Back here on Earth, the Church has PROTECTED Clergy Offenders enabling centuries of abuse- Clergy abusers are ‘victims’ caught in the snare of the fowler as our ‘Planet X’ Nurse was ensnared by ‘addiction disability.’ Impressions about College of Physicians indicates some horrendous bias- behavioral allowances & cover ups no matter what the evidence of negligence, willful incompetence, tragic harm indicates! Others,  showing unwanted attraction to a Patient, ‘hugging’ a Patient, … are less tolerated. 
  • ZERO TOLERANCE? NO EXCUSES or EXCEPTIONS? NO DIMINISHED MENTAL CAPACITY OR GROSS MISBEHAVIOR ALLOWED FOR, DUE TO ‘ADDICTIONS,’ SUBSTANCE ABUSE, CIRCUMSTANCES, OBEDIENCE VOWS- following the will & pleasures of Church Superiors, acting according to normal Church practices, …? Finally, if all other excuses fail, allowances for ‘Being ensnared by The Fowler?’ How is DECISIVE CHANGE GOING TO COME ABOUT?  By burning & discarding Predator/Offender “tools of satan’ Inquisition Style?’
  • ZERO TOLERANCE AMONG CLERGY not IMMEDIATELY reporting abuses by CLERGY or Church members or participants- including The Pope!?
  • No statutes of limitations for reporting or prosecuting ALL abuse complaints? Our brain might protectively conceal abuse from our clear, conscious understanding for years or decades- VERY NORMAL! … We may experience shame & self blame, confusion, a black out & memory suppression- fear & anxiety, depression, anger & hostility, personality disorders, dissociative states, feelings of self harm, P.T.S.D., reckless behavior, social withdrawal, addiction & self medicating, ….  
  • Obligation for Clergy, … to report Abuse Complaints to BOTH CHURCH & CIVIL LAW ENFORCEMENT BODIES, to detail & fully co-operate with examination & prosecution? 
  • COMPREHENSIVE WORLD WIDE Publicly Accessible Religious Providers’ COMPLAINTS & OUTCOMES REGISTRY! No hiding, no cover ups, no transfer to greener pastures, to new ‘flocks of innocent, unsuspecting sheep’ to prey on!
  • Compiling a detailed HISTORY of ABUSES By & Within The Church- accounting for ALL CLERGY ABUSES, …. If you can’t count, detail & measure a problem in an Organization, how will you control it??????
  • Enabling Every Clergy abuse Victim/Survivor to tell his/her/other story of Clergy/Church Abuse & have their stories recorded, kept & redressed, ….
  • Rule of Law- PRACTICAL RESTORATIVE JUSTICE AT LAST! Church’s long standing ability to revictimize, SUPPRESS Survivors while PROTECTING Offenders & The Church MUST BE REMOVED in favor of enabling Survivors to seek & obtain JUSTICE! Issuing a blanket apology ‘Sorry for hundreds of years of repeating willful abuses & cover ups’ IS NOT ADDRESSING THE NEED FOR REAL, PRACTICAL JUSTICE & RESTITUTION! Sounds empty of conviction! A politician’s prattle! The Church has a Spiritual OBLIGATION & parallel Physical World OBLIGATION to restore Survivors as much as possible as if they had never been deliberately victimized! SHOW US the apology in REAL COMPENSATORY TERMS!   Feb. 24, 2019  by Brian Lane  P.S. Please don’t tell me  ‘At the same time during this ‘unprecedented’ Catholic Church CHANGE OF HEART- ADMISSION of GUILT- Call to the World- ‘By God- We Have Finally Seen The LIGHT!’ “We’ve CHANGED! By the Grace of GOD, we’ve Changed! Hallelujah!” Please don’t tell me high priced Catholic Church legal SHARKS/teams are FIGHTING LIKE HELL to set aside or lower FINANCIAL COMPENSATORY COURT AWARDS $$$$ to Clergy Abuse Victims! After all, seeing Pope Francis, hearing his words, I’m singing “Then I saw His face- Now I’m a BELIEVER! There’s not a trace  Of doubt in my mind!” (In 1967- 1968 Davey Jones, Mickey Dolenz, Mike Nesmith  & Peter Tork- Awarded Grammys? Easily outselling The Fab 4/Beatles & The Rolling Appropriators! Today only 2 Beatles & 2 Monkees- Hey! Hey! Join ’em & we could see The Fab 4 Beatle Monkees! 2 drummers!!! Just a ‘Daydream Believer!’ Love to All, Brian

MORE- RECKLESS ‘LOVE’?!  versus the Laws of Physics!                                                                                                                                                                                                           Strong winds blasted a large tree in my backyard- ‘Wow, look at the power of this storm!’ Suddenly, 10 feet up from the ground, I watched the wind shear the tree and toss it aside like a rag doll! Naturally, silly me decided to bike ride in  the storm-  romantically recalling ‘Riders On the Storm’ (The Doors). On a beautiful country back road, trees ominously bent to the limit and a large tree dropped in front me as a raced…. I hit tree branches and awoke, ‘on the other side’– (no, not in Heaven!), my leg pinned under a large branch and I struggled to break free. The neighbors were wonderful and one offered to throw my bike into his pick-up and take me ‘ANYWHERE!’ All I sustained was a very swollen lip- obviously this tree & I kissed passionately! After all, I am a tree hugger! So at home, I called my brother to tell me again about HIS big crash and all the gory details- he completely recovered! I slept like a bug in a rug and felt fantastic although all my joints stretched beyond normal parameters! I phoned my brother again and he assured me I was so busy bending and twisting my way through the tree branches like TARZAN or a gymnast, how could I remember?                                                                                                                  What tiny effects could happen by a ‘drug treat’ from an appreciative rock and roll Teeny Bopper- versus our Biochemistry! Years ago, attending a rock concert, a famous band suddenly stopped playing, walked off the stage! Everyone was silent, stunned! A young girl said, “You have the loudest voice- “scream something to them to make them come back!” I screamed something silly- the band returned to the stage LAUGHING and PLAYED their HEARTS OUT!…. The audience thanked me- people wanted to give me treats and, unfortunately, ‘drug treats’….  I accepted a tiny offering from a girl, no older than 13 or 14- what tiny effects could possibly happen at the hands of this young child? … As the drug effects worsened, by nighttime, passersby were desperately trying to help me live out the seemingly endless tortuous overdose! In the morning, I awoke feeling wonderful, a concerned citizen’s arm around my shoulder comforting me…. I felt SO SAFE AND LUCKY- OUR WORLD IS WONDERFUL! SO MANY CARING AND COMPASSIONATE HUMAN BEINGS!  So GOOD to be ALIVE! BEAUTIFUL! But we really shouldn’t push our biochemistry & our luck, should we? We shouldn’t blindly, recklessly experiment with our health, our biochemistry- We’re not ‘an experiment,’ not throwaway rag dolls, not here to go viral on You Tube on account of ‘innocent drug accidents gone south in spite of playful intentions!’ Invincibility = intelligent, good judgement!                                                                                                                              Reckless ‘LOVE’ versus a chemical imbalance in a ‘Player’s Trousers!’                                  A wonderful teenage friend wanted to save her virginity till she found her ‘Prince Charming’ and they exchanged marriage vows.  But a smooth as silk deceiver seduced her ONCE- when she told him she was ‘with child’, he was ‘GONE- LIKE A COOL BREEZE!‘ (Chuck Berry) She- and especially her family, adhered to strong religious beliefs and she moved thousands of miles away for ‘volunteer service.’ We ALL are our brother’s & sister’s keepers, to see us do unto others as we would have them do unto us! But in our mixed up world, some people are only after their own immediate gratification at our expense- say anything to trick us. NURTURE & LOVE- ENGENDER  A HEALTHY YOU AND ME!!! (No more ‘storm chasing,’ biochemical reckless experimentation- & beware chemical imbalances in a ‘Player’s pants!’ ‘Peace and Love’ August 4, 2017 by ‘Reckless No More’ Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Reckless LOVE- Be My BABY!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           As baby Brian, my parents rightly left me in another woman’s care and left the Country for a while. I still remember- but experts  say perm. memories start about 4+ years, not 18 months! Just imagine all kinds of significant events in your Baby Life or Your Young Life you barely remember or not at all!  Influencing your life, how you see yourself and your world! Life is HAPPENING NOW but if we carry burdens and anchors from the past, can we deal with them and let them go? We can be thankful for beautiful events in our life! But if we can resolve & wash away past HURTFUL memories, we’re all the freer and less burdened NOW! We grow up in an imperfect, artificially created world! Our world could change in an instant if ‘people kind’ are willing! We’ve suffered racial, ethnic & cultural slavery, women being second class citizens- obedient to males In Saudi Arabia & in the Catholic Church, for example! And young Innocents being preyed on! None of it is ACCEPTABLE, ‘Normal’ nor HEALTHY! No Supreme Being or Divine Order sees such nonsense as acceptable! All hateful, hurtful practices based on violence & denial of The Divine, Liberty & Justice! BUT WE CAN FIX THIS!  And from external events impacting us…. Too many ‘spoilers’ are narcissistic, selfish, self centered, or violent and vicious, or we are ensnared in horror by our bloody, beastly ‘military-industrial corporate complex’- A BIT HARDER TO FIX!  We are blessed to be on Earth, owning a brain, emotions, senses + intuition & 6th senses, body and spirit designed & able to express far above and beyond our artificial, substandard, fallen world! YOU & I HOLD THE KEYS TO THE MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES EVER CREATED! But KINDA A ‘DEMOLITION DERBY OUT THERE!’ So here we are- BLESSED POSSESSING THE ABSOLUTE BEST THE UNIVERSE HAS TO OFFER! EVERYTHING ON THIS BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING  PLANET! YES!! (But we step out into actual living- experience a ‘demolition derby’ causing depression, anxiety and other symptoms of mental and physical illness).  WE CAN INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY CREATE A NEW WORLD of LOVE & PEACE!                                                                                                                                  Only a young child,  Mommy called to me to “Run- run as fast as you can!,” as she lagged behind on a deserted rocky beach to sacrifice her own life if need be. A pedophile predator attempting to catch me! “Run, keep running!”  In writing, ‘QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS’, I suddenly relived another terrifying childhood experience, buried for decades: A full grown teen pedophile predator lured me into his house- “my Dad was a great football star… come see all the trophies… and hear about all the amazing stories… come here, DOWN IN THE BASEMENT…! I fought for my life with all my strength… so much younger and smaller than the homo-pedophile violently and viciously attacking me! Demonic cackle-laugh, so evil! Never heard any sound so evil, possessed, demonic- to this day!   We are truly blessed to be given ONLY the BEST the Universe has to offer!! But until we raise the human world out of VIOLENCE AND VICIOUSNESS, individually and collectively, how can we expect symptoms like anxieties and depression to be forever vanquished?  BE CONFIDENT irregardless! (However difficult symptoms like depression, etc. can be, be assured how BEAUTIFUL, STRONG AND WONDERFUL you will be as YOU RECOVER! BE CREATIVE AND DO YOUR BEST! A RAINBOW will brighten your Life after the mental illness storm,  the endless night will be vanquished by the LOVING SUN SHINING INTO YOUR HEART!  Depths of sadness become JOY AND LOVE and YOU BECOME THE LIGHT OF YOUR WORLD! Yes! All TRUE! Aug. 11, 2017  by Brian Lane 

‘Reckless LOVE’ versus Changing Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation Acceptance?                                                                                                                              Before  the 1960’s, ‘normal/acceptable’ gender identity and sexual orientation was pretty clear. Maybe 4% of women loved other women and 2% experimented…. Actual laws in addition to ‘acceptable moral standards’ could force compliance. People today carry old records/convictions of ‘defined Cultural moral/legal offences.’ I inquired from seniors born about 100 years ago and it was ‘Don’t Ask & Don’t Tell & We’ll All Get Along So Very Well- Have a gay old time!’ People figured what was going on between two young or older ‘spinsters’ happily living together but no one asked or talked much about it….  In the mid to late 1960’s, a ‘sexual revolution’ broke all the stereotypes, especially BY rock and pop music and youth culture, …. Blacks married whites- LEGAL in U.S.A. circa June, 1967! Integration and interracial schools, …!  Young, confident women focusing on Education & ANY CAREER SHE CHOOSES!- Suddenly, young female Engineering students & grads. going about her work in (prior) all male steel mills, etc. The military-industrial corporate complex was outed- with apparently little success! Environmental issues became prominent- Living SIMPLY, NATURALLY! HOLISTICALLY! with questionable success? Our Earth- A LIVING PLANETARY BIOSPHERE of Integrated Systems! By the mid 1970’s, psychiatry delisted homosexuality as a mental illness, unfortunately too late for Beatle’s manager, Brian Epstein.  But in the ‘non-Western modern World’, harsh sanctions continue…. Middle East and other nations claim ‘homosexuality’ to be almost non-existent, the translation being ‘blasphemers’/’offenders’ are ‘no more’ once suspected or outed! From a scientific view, L.G.B.T.Q.+ appear to be a NATURAL VARIATION of gender identities & sexual orientations being forcefully suppressed in religious & culturally strict- ‘in denial’ Countries while ACTIVELY CELEBRATED- ‘Gay Pride Festivities,’ severe penalties for L.G.B.T.Q.+ discrimination, … in Liberal, Democratic Societies. Cultural & social change happening as we speak!                                                                                                                            BACK IN MODERN LIBERAL SOCIETIES, approximately 25%? of young women try intimacy with other women! In Canada, official gov. forms allow for about a dozen gender identities & sexual orientations…. Washrooms are commonly becoming gender neutral especially to accommodate ‘TRANS FOLKS!’ Human rights laws and policies are loosening up to address newly accepted gender and sexual orientations. But little 13 or 14 year old Suzie may be messed up, anxious, depressed- and worse, seeing a therapist after being EXPOSED TO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET, having experimented with drugs, booze, various gender identities & sexual orientations,… Suzie’s parents blind to the new grow up fast before you’re ready! world, experimentation & complex choices Suzie faces! (My young niece just ‘outed’ herself but ‘don’t tell Grandma!’ I said, “A secret’s being withheld from you, mom….” “IS SHE PREGNANT!! THAT’S USUALLY WHAT THE SECRET IS!”  August 11, 2017 by Brian Lane-  What’s Our Future- Robot Friends with Benefits or Cyborg Children or ??? ‘Huh- married Human to Human? You Are SO Straight!!!’ Or, ‘People Kind’ SPACED OUT in ARTIFICIAL REALITY 24/7???                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          RECKLESS LOVE on the Spiral of LIFE!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We can see our world riding on the Spiral of LIFE & CHANGE!  Individually and collectively, we can CHOOSE whether we go up or down on the Spiral by our thinking, believing, behavior, …. “I Have A Dream” visionary Martin Luther King Jr. calls us all to move  into the light today- NOW! just as all people were called in Aug., 1963!       1960’s pop and rock music sensation THE BEATLE’S sang: “We can work it out; Life is much too short & there’s no time for fussing or fighting my friend!. I have always thought … it’s a crime .” “Nowhere man- Please Listen! You don’ know what you’re missing- The world (A New World of diversity, understanding, freedom, dignity, love, integrity, compassion, peace, …) “is at your command”. “All you need is LOVE!”  “I get by with a little help from my friends- gonna try with a little help from my friends- I get high” (on the Spiral of Life, Creativity & Change) “with a little help from my friends!” “With love from me to you!” ‘Love an’ peace!’ from John, Paul, George, Ringo, (Pete, …) since 1960!!! “You can have PEACE NOW if you want it!” John said 50 YEARS AGO. WE WANT IT RIGHT NOW! Yeh!  Yeh!  Yeh!    YEH!                                                                                                                                                            Clearly, the good, old U.S.A. – like across our World, is on a spiral of change RIGHT NOW- pretty messy!  One big, public, messy, mental health Therapy Session for all the world to see!  All the ‘ANCHORS’/’B.S,’ ‘monuments’ and skeletons in the closets being shaken out in broad daylight! Embarrassing as hell for Americans! The Presidency, a whirlwind of controversy and crisis! Like in the 1960’s, we’re all “riders on the storm”, CHANGE versus RESISTANCE.  GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO GET HIGH or collapse down! IN EVERY BREATH OF GOODNESS FROM YOUR HEART, EVERY ACT OF KINDNESS, LOVE AND COMPASSION, PLEASE CHOOSE LIFE, LOVE, TRUTH, COMPASSION, DIVERSITY, DIGNITY, RIGHTS & FREEDOM, INTEGRITY & PEACE!!!                                                                                                                         August  18, 2017 by Brian Lane

  •      As for FREEDOM- We’re not Free until We’re ALL Free From Hate!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Parable of Sam & Suzi  learning about ‘The Game of Hate’ Passed down Generations
  • “Sam & Suzi- how old are you twins now?” We’re both ‘free,’ Grampa!
  • “I guess you’re old enough- the same age my Grumpy told me about hate.” 
  •   What’s ‘hate,’ Grampa? A game? Can you teach us how to play?
  • “Your bleeding liberal Mommy and Daddy might not like me to teach you but since you really want to know….”
  •   Sam and me love to play games, Grampa! It’s o.k. You  can tell us how to play….            Is it fun?
  • “Fun? No, not really! Nobody enjoys playing ‘hate!’ Always ends badly- people hurt, crying, misery! Dreading the game becoming endlessly worse! Which it always does!”
  •  Nobody likes the game? Sammy, Grampa says nobody likes playing ‘hate.’ And it gets worser each time you play! Sammy, should we play ‘hate?’ Sammy shakes his head, ‘NO!!’ 
  • “But Suzi-  everyone in our family learned and played the game of hate all the way back to the year 1865- and before those really hated 1860’s ALL AMERICAN GAME PLAY OFFS!!” Every Grumpy passed the game on no matter no one liked it! We believed we had to do it on account of being a Family Tradition!”

Sammy- everyone had to learn and play the game of ‘hate’ back in dinosaurs days on account of Family Tradition but nobody never liked it then! Should we try it? Sammy whispers to Suzi….    Sammy says ’cause everybody played it but nobody liked it even back to DINOSAUR DAYS, ‘hate’ must be the stupidest game ever!!!’ Aug. 18, 2017 by Brian Lane 

1940’s Brit Rock- Heavy Hits Kept Britain Rocking! P.S. Bet you’ve wondered why Ringo- born in 1940, is so all about ‘Peace and LOVE?’ The number one BRITISH INVASION Sound- second only to London’s HEAVY BEATING, was The Rocking “Liverpool Blitz”  played constantly by the Deutschland Luftwaffe Orchestration!’ Our FAB 4 drummer’s BABYHOOD BEDTIME SWEET LULLABIES drowned out by WWII Luftwaffe Bomb Beatings!!!! (The loudest war drum sounds!) Ringo’s ‘peace and love’ is NOT a ‘hippie dippie’ 1960’s throw away sauce!  Just saying if our World IMAGINES (Lennon) we may keep playing hate- go ask Ringo what happens next! March 1rst For Peace, 2019  by Brian Lane

I say NO MORE WAR & NO MORE HATE! Whispering to Suzi, Sammy adds- ‘And No More HITTING!’  March 1rst for No More Hitting! versus The Bible ‘BELT!’/Spare the Rod  Face Off Contest!                                                                                                                                Religious folks quote the role of the Bible “BELT’- “Spare the rod, spoil the child …?  (Or we may ask- Violence begets violence?)                                                                                          PROFESSIONAL View:: A 2017 published study (Journal of Pediatrics), The American Academy of Pediatrics & now the American Psychological Association, for example, indicate physical violence, corporal punishment– hitting, slapping, spanking, strapping causes short & long term adverse outcomes-HARM!  Behavioral problems- aggressiveness & defiance, …  teaches/passes on undesirable conflict resolution practices … Kids become more likely to be violent with later increased dating violence, …. (‘U.S.A. Today’ Feb. 18, 2019 Sonja Haller) (Parents can seek professional advice $$$.)                                                                                                                              Brian’s View- Serious harm from corporal punishment stated above and 1. PHYSICAL INJURY= CRIMINAL CHARGES- Parents branded as ‘abusers’, …       2. Children suffer EMOTIONAL & MENTAL Turmoil, Disruption & Disabling Stress = MENTAL ILLNESS, P.T.S.D., Sabotaging Future Performance & SUCCESS, ….    3. Children (seeing their Parents as CENTRAL in their WORLD= THEIR BEST FRIENDS, LOVED ONES, LEADERS & ‘HEROES!’) SUDDENLY see their Parents BECOMING  ‘POSSESSED!’ Helpless child’s WORLD SUDDENLY FALLING APART before his/her eyes!                                                                                                      Informed Parents: Are probably asking questions, researching, … using approaches like ‘time outs,’ warnings, reasoning, withholding privileges, expressing honest disappointment, … and certainly not reinforcing bad behavior! Parents are MODELS & TEACHERS! Children are WATCHING & LEARNING! March 1rst for PEACE, 2019  by Brian Lane

African American BLACK & Blues Rock and Roll History!

  • Getting All Shook UP! 
  • Doc- I don’t feel like myself again today…. Is this really bad? “PROBABLY!”
  • Doc- what should I do! “CALM DOWN-WHO DO YOU FEEL LIKE?” To be truthful, I kinda feel…  A towel please to wipe my facial perspiration? Thank you! Thank you very much!                                        
  • “YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY FEEL LIKE ELVIS!!  ELVIS LEFT THE STADIUM 40 YEARS AGO- AUGUST 16, 1977!”   Doc- Thank you! Thank you very much!  Before our appointment, I was “ALL SHOOK UP!” But now- Doc, You Be My Teddy Bear! “HOW GREAT THOU ART” for all your help!  Doc-“ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT?” We could watch “What About BOB? together. But before I go- before the final curtain, …. ELVIS!!  PRISCILLA CALLED- SHE WANTS YOU BACK AT GRACELAND until your next appointment!!  (The King passed from heart failure causing heartbreak for millions of fans! But he lives on!)         
  • Speaking of Kings of Rock and Roll in March 1951,  African American Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm, recorded “Rocket 88”, possibly ‘the first’ rock and roll song- or NOT!  African A. Jimmy Preston and his band recorded (“We’re Gonna) Rock This Joint (Tonight!”) in 1949 and sounds like the song developed- by 1952, into “Rock Around the Clock”- best recorded by white Bill Haley and His Comets in 1954. In 1951, white Cleveland radio d.j. Alan Freed helped inspire a cultural revolution by bringing “race”/black/African American ‘rock and roll’ music and concerts to mainstream white teenagers along with hip white songwriters’ creations in the new ‘rock’ style-  setting the template for white mainstream America  to embrace ‘rock and roll’- SEX music!                                                                                      
  • Elvis, the white pied piper bringing black rock and soul to still racist white America, claimed the crown, ‘King of rock and roll’ and presented “Good Rockin’ Tonight”(African A. R. Brown, 1947) in 1954: ‘I’m gonna hold my baby as tight as I can    Tonight she’ll know I’m a mighty, mighty man…”- SEX music!  Elvis inspired John Lennon, Bob Dylan-  ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO HEARD THE ROCKING SOUL IN ELVIS’ VOICE AND SAW HIS ‘RACE’/BLACK AMERICA SEX DANCE MOVES!! (Elvis Religiously attended an African American, Gospel, Soul Singing, Jumping, Joyful Express Train local Congregation- not one vocal or dance move escaped his study, his practice & his professional adoption! If we love ELVIS, we LOVE Religious Africa Americans for enabling Elvis to become ELVIS! (Not to blemish Elvis’s own greatness- before Elvis, whites imitating African American Rocking  ‘RACE’ music risked being dubbed ‘white-n…!’)                                                                                                
  • The ‘Rolling Appropriators Stones’ seemingly ‘stole’/’borrowed’  lyrics, styles, public personas, dancing, clothes, guitar licks, anything you can imagine?… from African American culture and music!!  Loved! ‘England’s Newest Hitmakers’- an intentional tribute? to African American music but all the borrowing… of African American culture and music going decades back…! ‘Wow’ original lyrics, etc.- but hearing them on decades previous African American recordings!!!        To their credit, the cultural appropriators, “The Rolling Stones”- taken from Muddy Waters, (McKinley Morganfield), father of Chicago rocking blues, who in 1948 recorded “Rollin’ Stone”, have chastised white America for neglecting the unbelievable legacy, talents and cultural contributions by African Americans! CONSIDERING ALL THE $$$ THE WHITE MUSIC INDUSTRY GULPED DOWN OFF THE BACKS OF DIRT POOR TRAILBLAZER AFRICAN-AMERICANS, ‘THE ROLLING STONES’ AND FELLOW MUSIC INDUSTRY APPROPRIATORS ARE APPRECIATIVE!! ‘Bad to the Bone,’ etc. money printing African American appropriations!    But when ‘AFRICAN AMERICAN’ ‘APPROPRIATORS’ raved about Muddy Waters, for example,  U.S. media thought ‘Muddy Waters’ was a place- not a person!
  •  The Beach Boys appropriated the music for their smash hit, “Surfin’ U.S.A.”(1963)  from Chuck Berry’s SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN (released in 1958) and copyright transfer, including lyrics,  was assigned to Arc Music. John Lennon, ignoring Paul McCartney’s caution,  admitted to creating “Come Together” (1969) based, in part, on slowing down a Chuck Berry song, YOU CAN’T CATCH ME (1956).  George Harrison took the music for “My Sweet Lord” from “HE’S SO FINE” and had to pay $587,000 but owned the copyright for both songs. The African American (1960- …) Chiffons- in fun, later recorded a cover of “My Sweet Lord.”         
  •  White mainstream music & music groups like the ‘Beatles’ and the ‘Stones’ also ‘borrowed’  heavily from earlier white singer songwriters like Buddy Holly and the CRICKETS- i.e. the ‘BEATLES’!, Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers, ….  Roy Orbison’s smash hits, “PRETTY WOMEN,” etc. suggestively rings in creating the guitar riff for the ‘Stones’ biggest hit, “Satisfaction” and in many other songs- Beatles, …. If you are A RED HOT MUSIC LOVER- a great game is to uncover music and lyrics,  borrowed from earlier songs.  Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” allegedly ripped off by our FAB modern British Artist currently being sued for $100 million? HOW CAN WE ENCOURAGE ARTISTS AND GROUPS TO “COME OUT CLEAN” compensate original creators? ‘Brian- we never actually stopped slave era activity- becoming rich on African Americans?’  ‘Y’all do the trail blazing and hard creative work while we reap all the FAME AND BOOTY?’ EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN- EXPLORE AND UNCOVER ALL THE BURIED SECRETS like a MUSIC archaeologist- Lara Croft or Indiana Jones. “ELEMENTARY, my dear Watson” you say to your amazed friends! The Beatle’s first big hit, released in March, 1963,  was “PLEASE PLEASE ME”- SEX music! Title inspired by African American James Brown and the Flames 1956 smash hit  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? ‘She Loves You’- WOOOUUU!!!  inspired by African American, LITTLE RICHARD! 
  • By mid 1960’s, a young ‘counterculture’ emerged specifically on the back of music and other cultural ‘superstorms.’  Young society transformed as if  ‘invaders from space’ had dropped in and conquered with ‘peace and love’, sex, drugs, rock and roll- countercultures…!  Everything was questioned- and ‘don’t trust anyone over 30! On the surface, genders suddenly blurred- “Are you a boy or are you a girl” became more than fun lyrics!  Whereas before young males and females had appeared intentionally and clearly distinct- girls in dresses, … viola- UNISEX!  50+ YEARS LATER,  all the seeds planted are growing and blossoming,  producing the fruits of 1950’s  and 1960’s counterculture ideologies including SEXUAL AND GENDER IDENTITIES,  BUT  THE LEVELS OF MENTAL ILLNESS AND SELF-HARM AMONG L.G.B.T.Q.+ COMMUNITIES ARE OFF THE CHARTS in spite of ‘rainbow’ PRIDE MARCHES, GOV’T. SUPPORTS, …. including traditional Religions in the ‘cross hairs?’ 
  • TRINITY WESTERN UNIVERSITY’S ‘Christian’ proposed Covenant for Law students not to engage in drinking or smoking, … and no premarital sex or outside of heterosexual marriage?  ONTARIO, Canada  says ‘NO’! to ALLOWING law student graduates who dare to sign the Covenant practice law!  Is the whole idea of multiculturalism, diversity, accepting, celebrating our cultural differences a joke! if we allow governments to ban traditional world religious practices? YES- DROP THE BLOODY ANCHOR OF HATE in traditional world religions AND ELEVATE PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSION, DIVERSITY AND “LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!” No one has been expelled for breaking the Covenant. But which lawyer would you trust to be ethical to your lawyer-client covenant not to overcharge, that all your lawyer’s training, experience, advise and conduct will be of the highest ethical standards, …” versus the common modern horror legal proceedings experience: ‘Drag it out, drain the client dry, then settle & celebrate $$$$$$$$      August 18, 2017 by  Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              RECKLESS LOVE  (4)  The More You GIVE- The More You Are Rewarded?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Our reckless love really affects our life including our mental health! Admired all my female relatives so much I wanted to help any female “in real need.” If asked, gave my money, guitars, time, … -whatever they said they needed! “If there’s anything that you want- if there’s anything I can do…  Just call on me and I’ll send it along– with LOVE from me to you!” (Beatles)  Because “Money can’t buy me love!” But neither will POVERTY!  Becoming a psychiatric survivor or physical illness survivor by being TOO GOOD for own health? Our Mom & Pop give us LIFE! Mother Nature & our wonderful sun give everything LIFE! EVERYDAY we are given opportunities before our eyes ! By a big majority, ‘People kind’ want to be KIND PEOPLE, compassionate, ‘GOOD SAMARITANS!’ But being too generous towards the needs- or WANTS of others, too neglectful of our own needs may be an unjust recipe for mental illness!                                        In a fair, ‘heavenly’ world, unconditional GIVERS should rightly be unconditional Receivers- The more you give, the more you are rewarded! What a blessing for us all- some individuals live so generously! But in our ‘Fallen Consciousness’ World, too many are ‘hunter gatherers,’ imagining the game in living is to ignore the corresponding enthusiasm for GIVING BACK as for ‘GETTING!’ Breaking a law of Life! Bringing us ALL the PROBLEMS we experience today! Our ‘leaders’ and ‘stars’ are unworthy of our accolades if their giving back is significantly less than their taking! So you wanna be a ‘star?’ Need to be a ‘STAR GIVER!’ We live within inalienable laws- if too many people don’t, irregardless whether we are blameless or at fault, we all experience mental & physical illness & today’s seeming impossible world problems!  TOO GOOD FOR OUR OWN GOOD IN A LESS THAN APPRECIATIVE FALLEN WORLD may bring about illness! To deserve our respect, fake news mass media might feature true honorable generous ‘stars’ & drop gushing over narcissistic, self indulgent, evil vampires unjustly sitting prominently on our world stages!                                                                            SEE A BALANCE, GENEROSITY, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, GIVING AND RECEIVING IN OUR RELATIONSHIPS AND IN OUR WORLD, TOWARDS OUR ENVIRONMENT/MOTHER NATURE? See yourself too often in the role, ‘THE GIFT WHO KEEPS ON GIVING?’  To love one another  and do unto others as you would have them do unto you includes reciprocal action NOW!, not somewhere ‘Over the future Rainbow!’ Our world needs to learn ‘to play nice’, ‘to share’, to achieve  a balance between giving and receiving. Imagine how many relationships heal, if friends, acquaintances, partners, ‘hostile parties,’…simply said ‘What can I do to HELP? First, I wish to help you! But I’ll help you even more!’ ….  Showed initiative, without needing to be prompted,  ACTED to HELP WITH RESPONSIBILITIES AND WORKLOAD?!  We can attend costly counselling sessions bitching …. Allow our (friendships and) marriages to collapse into life ruining ‘divorce proceedings,’ depleting our mental health, assets and scarring our children, loved ones- our impact on the World! Please let us show all the ways to express our thankful hearts “Love Me Do!”(Beatles) Aug. 25, 2017 revised Jan. 22, 2019 by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                      

                 Don’t Trust Anyone Over 35  vs. Don’t Trust Anyone Under 35!                                            Circa 1980, a fantastic relative and his sweetheart since high school were on the BRINK of Marriage– all alone at the family lakeside cottage, DOING THE WILD THING, WITH AUDIBLE SOUND EFFECTS! EXCEPT FOR Grandparents with me in tow made a SURPRISE VISIT- Boy! How SURPRISED WE ALL WERE! Grandma, born circa 1890+ in the Victorian Era, when women were ‘Proper Ladies’ and men were gallant, moral, ‘Respectable Gentlemen,’  ‘OUT SCREAMED’ THE PASSIONATE LOVE MAKING WITH HER CRIES OF ANGUISH AND DISAPPOINTMENT OUR TWO LOVE BIRDS, ‘COULDN’T’  WAIT A FEW MONTHS FOR HOLY MARRIAGE VOWS AND SANCTIFICATION…! With so much passion & excitement, Grandma swooned as Victorian “Proper Ladies” did in such heart wrenching moments, and Grandpa gallantly came to her aidassisting and comforting her delicate heart!  (Can you believe the circa 1980’s young generation’s recklessness of the heart! I’d swoon myself now but no one’s here to catch me! ha-ha! How empty our culture with the passing of dramatic public displays- Ladies in passion, Gentlemen attending so gallantly, lovingly! Nowadays seem half of marriages are merely convenient business partnerships.

                                                Together for a good time- but not a long time?                                                            But time’s a changing! Move over heterosexuals for our L.G.B.T.Q.? rainbow movement! Should the L.G.B.T.Q.? community proceed more compassionately, patiently, cooperatively, hand in hand with traditional mainstream society?   Ease off  a bit on pushing legislation fast and furious, swinging the sexual orientation & gender identity pendulum hard to the left?  Strife best musically spoken in the 1965 pop/punk song “PUSHING TOO HARD” (S. Saxon) “You’re  pushin’ too hard…pushin’ on me          You’re pushin’ too hard… what you want me to be?   You’re pushin’ too hard … about the things you say  You’re pushin’   too hard… every night and day!                                                                Well, all I want is just be free   Live my life the way I want to be…”                                                   Both traditional mainstream and the swinging 1960’s L.G.B.T.Q.? views will balance out but isn’t it way too little classic swooning between life long lovers and FAR TOO MUCH anxiety, depression, self-harm, friends? with benefits, fast & furious relationship crashes? Our experimenting youth, under 30- “Don’t trust anyone over 30/35?” have set aside mainstream heterosexual sexuality and gender identities,  demanding immediate acceptance of approx. 20? new identities! Newly created words teachers are to use in referring to new identities & orientation. Teachers using old school words to be sanctioned for enabling an ‘UNSAFE ENVIRONMENT,’ CAUSING HARM including affected students’ FEELINGS, creating ‘political incorrect discourse!’ Governments have legislated ‘full acceptance’  in many jurisdictions- The human rights exclusion crime- Refusing to design a gay couple’s wedding cake might incur a legal action for $300,000.00+ in the U.S.! But to forcefully ‘demand’ genuine emotional support and acceptance in many traditional countries is to tease hungry lions, tempt impalers eager for ‘witch hunts,’ scapegoating minorities! ‘The government legislates you have change your old fashion culture-beliefs, values, attitudes, behaviors, ….’ ‘Government says you have to fully ACCEPT AND LOVE US!’ ‘Government says your traditional world religions are BAD,  STUPID, WRONG, OUT OF STYLE- to BE RADICALLY CHANGED OR SUPPRESSED!’ Backlash hits America- President Trump & Republicans filling jurist decision making vacancies by the dozens to roll back modern morality, sex, & gender rights changes! Across our World, leaders playing hardball against loosening American style morality influences! An Egyptian media reporter sentenced to a year’s hard labor for the ‘moral crime’ ‘interviewing a gay person!’ Russia’s Vlad the Impaler- say no more! Any volunteers willing to be sacrificed unto the hungry lions until societies lose their thirst for L.G.B.T.Q.? blood?  August 25, 2017 by Brian Lane revisited Jan. 22, 2019  

         RECKLESS LOVE (5)     ‘Pushing Too Hard On MOTHER NATURE!

      1963- 1967:  The world experienced a sudden, revolutionary- somewhat peaceful! SOCIAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL/CULTURAL transformation-  still being played out today!   But now, the world is experiencing DRAMATIC CLIMATE CHANGES:  ‘ONCE IN 500 YEARS/TEARS SUPER  STORMS every year or two?‘  Due to ‘our reckless love? -LOVING Mother Nature to death? Loving MOTHER NATURE to our extinction?! Instead cherishing, protecting, building up our BEST FRIEND!                                                              Apollo 13  astronauts reported, “Houston, we had a problem…!”   But today,  ‘WE Have A PROBLEM! Cataclysmic Climate Change!‘ (For example, 70% of Houston and the surrounding area is under at least 1 1/2 feet of rainwater; 28,000 square miles are at least 20 inches deep in storm water!) Devout Jews may unscroll Torahs & Christians, Holy Bibles- Noah COME IN! METROPOLITAN HOUSTON NEEDS AN ARK to house 7 million sinners eager for Salvation- OMG- Make that dozens of ARKS for coastal city sinners across the Planet! OMG!- And Noah, Please lend us 1 trillion U.S. dollars every year to cover climate change damage to our coastal cities! What’s that- we have to ‘repent’ first? Noah please kindly plead a ‘one time waiver’ that our Creator void ‘BUTTERFLY’ cause and effect consequences during this climate tribulation period!  Just one more century for reckless partying down here on Earth but not suffering unpleasant hangovers, consequences- bad Karma, o.k.?  And we’ll change- HELLO? HELL-OH, NOAH??! ARE YOU STILL THERE?? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!  DID NOAH HANG UP ON US- AGAIN?!! CHANGE OUR ATTITUDE AND BEHAVIOR?! Let’s P-A-R-T-Y! BUT just IMAGINE ’40 DAYS AND NIGHTS’ OF A SUPER STORM-   OUR EARTHLY MATRIX OBLITERATED!                                                                                                CONSEQUENCES of our Climate Change FLOODS-  Serious mental & physical health/illness issues, desperation stress– especially anxiety, depression and P.T.S.D., … marriage and family tensions… poverty… unemployment… financial chaos. STAY and rebuild- but what about the next super storm…?  OR GO? Where? When? How? ‘Leave Egypt’ and everything behind to seek a new ‘PROMISED LAND?’ But ‘our promised land new wilderness’ is already claimed by competing ‘tribes!’ Will Houston and so many other areas become a massive cyclical disaster, cesspools  for mosquitoes,  bacteria, viruses, diseases,  ‘plagues of Egypt’ events…? Will our spirit, courage and perseverance hold up to the costs and challenges??! Today, foreboding zealous national Fascism is rising!  Sept. 1, 2017 by Brian Lane

                                                   Quantum LOVE RECREATES Our World!                                                                                                    A BETTER PERSPECTIVE ON OUR SITUATION is to see our big picture need to change direction! BE CONFIDENT AND THANKFUL FOR OUR PRECIOUS LIFE, TALENTS AND OUR OPPORTUNITIES TO HEAL & CHERISH OUR WORLD AND BUILD OUR WONDERFUL LIFE, especially blessing Mother Nature!        On a scale of 1 to 10, compared to problems faced by WWI/ WWII combatants & innocent civilians- or victims in war torn fractured, tribal regions today, we’re so safer, more blessed! May we pray & act always under our Righteous Banner– No More Hate! No More Violence! No More WAR!  How BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS- but Fragile! Life on Earth IS! Cherish our every happy moment- LOVE, CARING for OTHERS & Mother Nature! Be FRIENDLY, KIND, COMPASSIONATE, FORGIVING, thankful!  Embrace Diversity!  PEACE inside us & around us! Dream about your blessings & blessing our World! Sleep peacefully like a happy bug in a cozy rug! Say a heartfelt prayer for courageous survivors of all afflictions, psychiatric survivors included! Enfolded in our hearts! Sept. 1, 2017  revision Jan. 22, 2019 by Brian Lane

  •                                                Where Are Our Christmas Angels?                                                                                 But back in our ‘fallen world= fallen consciousness’, breaking news is- June 16, 2017,  in Mass. Juvenile Court, Judge Moniz correctly delivered a guilty verdict of involuntary manslaughter on a  young woman who urged her so-called ‘boyfriend’, via dozens of text messages and Facebook entries, to take his own life. Also of interest is the involvement of psychiatrist, Peter Breggin.  For decades, Dr. Breggin has campaigned against ‘toxic psychiatry’- the co-opting of psychiatrists by the pharmaceutical companies to heavily push ‘toxic drugs’ on unsuspecting, vulnerable patients at great harm to the patients! Dr. Breggin acted as an expert witness for the defense!  The defendant was taking an anti depressant med.- (celexa?),  which acts on the brain’s frontal lobe,  a control area for empathy and decision making. The ‘toxic med.’ induced her evil behavior? On radio, a psychologist was explaining patients dislike psych. meds. due to ‘side-effects’- he specifically referred to ‘dry mouth’- minimizing patients’ justified complaints. Dr. Breggin reports severe consequences, critical harm  to patients by prescribing psych. meds.- ‘toxic psychiatry!’ Presumably he would also attribute many acts of self-harm  and fatal self-harm to ‘toxic’ psych. meds..
  • Among the most tragic experiences, was a beautiful, intelligent,  ‘together’, personable/likable mother who occasionally helped with a small group of volunteers on ‘psych. survivors’ rights issues.  Another was a wonderful, smart woman who would attend with arms heavily bandaged from self-inflicted cuts.  Also a sweet, warm soul whose mob/gang involved husband had ‘reconfigured’ her head  when she confessed to him she wanted to leave their lifestyle and marriage. Hadn’t seen the seemingly ‘together’ mother who occasionally volunteered and fondly asked about her, if she is coming back. ‘On Christmas morning, she left her Family Celebrations to go for a walk… ‘ She walked to the bridge…’  They play ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ every year the night before Christmas.  Christmas morning- still in her mind! No Angel received his/her wings. June 16, 2017  by Brian Lane                                                                                           

                                        Trumpski Tall Tattle Tales?

  • Since 1987, via all expenses paid trip by ‘Russian Oligarchs?, … he is continuously in Russia’s SEDUCTIVE CROSS HAIRS! Encouraging him to influence America & Europe to lay off pressuring Russia! In 2008, at the brink of bankruptcy, Russian & via German banking & Russian Oligarchs, he is bailed out by 10’s of millions of $$$+! Sells a property in Florida EXCESSIVELY $$$ beyond value (according to Howard Bloom, …) His personal lawyer testifies he was actively pursuing Russian business/real estate deals while achieving Presidential aspirations, fully informed about the stolen & about to be leaked Democratic emails, … inflated & deflated real estate property values to inflate qualifying loans & deflate taxes, etc. In Russia’s eyes- a double agent water boy??  
  • In the tradition of George Washington, he’s down on African Americans- especially former President Obama  and his Health Care Barackracy. ‘Comrade T.’ spent 4 years+ trying to establish President Obama wasn’t an American born citizen and now he wants to spend the next 8 trying to show Mexicans ‘Comrade T.’ is a WHITE TRASH! “Green Go!” (‘Gringo’) 
  • OLD SNAKE EYES’ new squash the “VULNERABLE, RURAL, OLD, POOR, MUSLIMS AND IMMIGRANTS via MEXICO Health Act- ‘VROPMIM and WOP’EM!’ is reminiscent of infamous narcissist Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake”- ‘like I care about the ‘peasant class!”
  • TRUMPTY-DUMPTY may toss and tip atop his upcoming U.S.-Mexican flimflam wall. ‘Ol’ Snake Eyes’ personal calling? ‘Ask not what you can do for your country! Ask what your country can do for you to fill your pockets- your rich friends’ pockets and build your brand!’ “Please let me introduce myself…” (The Rolling Stones)!

THEORY OF Trumptopian RELATIVITY:  Relative to the President’s bad behavior, we all are wonderful, compassionate, considerate, honest and truthful, loving, generous, inspiring angels! SHINING STARS R US- BEACONS OF LIGHT!  No matter how confused, sad or anxious we may be,  HOLD YOUR LIGHT HIGH that the President may someday rise up INSPIRED BY YOU! P.S. Waiting to hear the President say “Elvis came down from Heaven just to attend my inauguration!’ June 23,  2017 by Brian Lane 

  •                                                    PLANET EARTH: WEREWOLF WORLD                                                                Beautiful day- 25C/77F,  fantastic planet-EARTH- brimming with Life! LOVE! Incredible SENSORY DELIGHTS! We’re all HAPPY- LUCKY if we’re living in wonderful countries! Ready to ROLL on out if not. BUT ‘hell’- WHY WRECK IT?!!  
  • Excuse me- Hello?  GOD- is that YOU? … I apologize- I should have said, ‘Why the HEAVEN aren’t we PROTECTING IT?!!’ Yes- I’ll remember, ANGELS HAVE SENSITIVE EARS!
  •  In  China, forest cities are being created with trees and plants on balconies, rooftops, built out platforms on hi-rises. Imagine barren,  concrete wastelands being transformed into green spaces while maintaining city population densities. If local conservation agencies were given overall authority to ‘REMOVE THE CONCRETE OBSCENE AND MAKE IT ALL GREEN!?’ Would beautiful greenery scenery,  clean, fresh pastoral settingssprings, ponds & waterfalls calm violence and anger in the werewolf beasts among us?!  Every downtown citizen should plant and care for a tree  and several shrubs!  Canada’s flag shows a red maple leaf, LOVE for Mother Nature in her People’s HEARTS!! Whatever mental illness we are challenged by, OUTSIDE BEAUTY ALWAYS REMINDS US- LIKE A RAINBOW- this STORM will PASS and we will find a new GOLDEN EXPERIENCE awaiting US!!                               
  • On Canada Day, July 1- Canada’s 150th birthday and U.S. Independence Day, July 4- in all special Birthday Celebrations across our World, we acknowledge all our FIRST NATIONS and how badly they have been treated. Sorry about committing genocide against your cultures and trashing ‘MOTHER EARTH’ LIKE INVADING ALIEN WRECKING TRANSFORMERS!  And sorry we behaved like a pack of tuned out turned off, drugged up werewolves.  First Nations presented a NEW WORLD brimming with life, incredible sensory delights! The Creator,  along with evolutionary development,  gifts us a Divine body, brain, bottomless emotional range, fantastic senses– including psychic senses emerging on our conscious horizon- all infused into a specific life form, human beings. We are indeed enabled and designed to express perfect and infinite generations of life & LOVE in a transforming, upward spiral! O.k.- we kinda missed the mark on the bit about  expressing ‘perfect infinite generations of LIFE& LOVE in a transforming upward spiral.’ Planet EARTH- governed according to a ‘WEREWOLF WORLD?’
  • The Catholic Pope, for example, selected an incredibly offensive Cardinal as a top adviser! This ‘WEREWOLF CARDINAL?’ is now facing child abuse prosecution- among the lowest and most offensive behavior against CHRIST- evidence of possible SATANIC worship? Apparently, last year this Cardinal admitted the Catholic Church made CATASTROPHIC CHOICES refusing to believe sex abused children, shuffling EVIL POSSESSED PRIESTS from parish to parish and relying on denial & cover ups to solve the ANTI-CHRIST BEHAVIORS ! 
  • Old Snake Eyes, another key WEREWOLF WORLD PLAYER,  BRAGGED ABOUT HIS SEXUAL ASSAULTS- rubbing women’s  genitalia. Russian President Vlad the Empaler Putin and P. RUMP are slammed by a former Obama defense official, Derek Challet: “Both are MASTERS in the DARK ARTS of DECEPTION, MISDIRECTION, and NATIONALIST SYMBOLISM!” Attempting to reverse social change brought about circa the 1960’s? Or maybe the 1860’s!  Key players in the ‘BILLIONAIRE’S CLUB.’ Who are a President’s closest peers- fellow autocrats and billionaires or average citizens with whom he/she has little in common?                                                         Attempts to put forward a NEW health care bill to replace OBAMACARE  appear as if ‘THE HEALTH CARE PUZZLE WAS THROWN ON THE FLOOR’ and pieces carelessly and arbitrarily placed together- OR NOT, OR SIMPLY TOSSED?  But is Old Snake Eyes a BREATH of NEW INSPIRATION- o.k. with a bunch of old, stinky B.O. to boot! THE WORLD ALWAYS knows what’s concerning and bothering him- O.k. with absolutely no analysis!  He’s shaking up stagnant practices and thinking- innovating- O.k. like A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP! Shouldn’t he be allowed  to gain his sea legs, to know his aft from his stern on the good ship AMERICAN LIBERTY!? HE MIGHT ACT LIKE AN 8 YEAR OLD SPOILED BRAT, BUT in time WILL HE BE SHIP SHAPE,  A LIGHT FOR THE WORLD? Grow into a INSPIRING, COMPASSIONATE LEADER IN THE CAUSE OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM OR FAIL AS A FORCE OF HATE, VIOLENCE AND ENSLAVEMENT?
  • MOST POLITICS IS FAKE, covered up- a RARE, HONEST REMARK captured by a microphone accidentally picking up a seasoned politician’s REAL views!  China is clamping down on HONG KONG DEMOCRACY, FREEDOMS AND ANY DISSENTING POLITICAL VIEWS. The world NAIVELY believed Hong Kong WINDS OF DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM AND CHANGE would blow across China, sweep away China’s ‘WEREWOLF WORLD’ BRUTAL DICTATORS!   Europe is trying to calm the tremors of new versus old cultural views, multiculturalism amid  HORRID TERRORISM. In the ‘WEREWOLF WORLD FRENZY’ race to the bottom, spiraling downwards into hostility, hate, fear and weapons of mass destruction, can we dump  WEREWOLF WORLD LEADERS who lack the ability to bring us up into our ANGELIC NATURE AND TRUE DESTINY!?!           June 30, 2017  by Brian Lane
  • P.S. Attempt at humor- please cover your eyes: ‘P. RUMP FAILS GENDER TEST= NEITHER MALE NOR FEMALE!  JUST ONE BIG ‘A-Ho..’
  • HUMPTY DUMPTY declares June 14 ‘PRESIDENTS’ CROSS-DRESSING DAY’- skirts and high heels, please!!!  Old  SNAKE Eyes  announces his favorite to-live-by quote: “Girls will be boys AND boys will be girls- NOT! in Uncle Sams’ 21st century armed forces!” Tweets: ‘If I could look like my daughter, I’d change gender in a second!’ July 26, 2017  by being naughty Brian Lane, ‘peace and love’                                                                                                                               

                                                 Crisis Creator’s LIVE! REALITY SHOW                                                                  The Presidency has become A SITCOM, A COMEDY SHOW, A PARODY LAUGH UP LIKE ‘ARCHIE BUNKER’! Old Snake Eyes is ENGAGING IN SELF EXAGGERATION FOR COMIC EFFECT- PLAYING US ALL UNTIL THE ENTIRE WORLD IS ROARING IN FITS OF HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER!!!  ‘JOKER FOR WHOLE WORLD’ IS A FOOL’S FOLLY- LAUGHING OUR GUTS OUT ON THE DECKS OF THE TITANIC?!!                       THANKFULLY, U.S. LAWMAKERS VIEW THIS PARODY COMEDY SHOW- FOOLS ON THE HILL, with an eye to STOP THE CHAOS AND OBVIOUS DOWNWARD, SPIRALING TRAJECTORY! WATCHING A NUCLEAR BOMB BEING UNWITTINGLY DETONATED OR DIFFUSED BY ‘THE THREE STOOGES’ Presidency? We are  SIMULTANEOUSLY LAUGHING & CRYING!  BRAGS ABOUT GRABBING WOMEN’S GENITALS, GIVES PROPAGANDA SPEECHES TO BOY SCOUTS, ATTACKS THE 30,000? ARMED FORCES ‘TRANS’/CURIOUS PATRIOTS & OTHER MINORITY COMMUNITIES!      60 MILLION PEOPLE DIED by WWII Crisis Creating, by whipping up HATE & FEAR- We’ve Been Down That ROAD BEFORE To Ruin & hell!                                                                           Presiduncy FOOLS ON THE HELL!  comedy sitcom streams endlessly… new communications director calls White House chief of staff a ‘paranoid schizophrenic’, threatens to fire entire White House communications team, wants to ‘kill all the leakers;’ top U.S. commander says he will ‘nuke’ China if ordered by President! Mr. President, you make the whole world laugh! But will you make the whole world cry before we realize this REALITY PARODY COMEDY SHOW IS ACTUALLY OUR WORLD, OUR LIVES IN YOUR HANDS!?    July 28, 2017 by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mental Health & ALIEN ABDUCTION ‘Experiencers’ & Researchers                                                                                                My brother phoned to inform me about an “Alien Cosmic Expo”- Conference on Extraterrestrial Life, in Toronto.  ”EXPERIENCERS’ DAY” PRIMARILY FOR ABDUCTEES- about 20 with added input from professionals and researchers, revealing PERSONAL STORIES about alien abductions, …. ‘Take me to your Leader Earthlings- to see ELVIS!’ Sorry Spaced Visitors- Elvis has left the PLANET! ‘I’ll inform our ALIEN CONGRESSIONAL REPS.’ A Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. John E. Mack, scientifically researched, wrote and lectured about alien abductions & treatment implications.  Stood his ground against the profound angst by peer scrutiny and attempts at ridiculing his serious research and treatment efforts with hundreds of patients alleging alien encounters/abductions, ….                                                                                                                     The “Alien Cosmic Expo” includes presentations by credible heavyweight researchers, high ranking military officers & organizations devoted to alien abduction stories, evidence, witnesses, UFOs, disclosure versus military/government cover ups. Previously, my brother spoke with former Canadian Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer- who believes in aliens- 80? different species have been visiting Earth and living among us;  with Dr. Stanton Friedman, an early and esteemed scholar and researcher;  and with respected Canadian researcher, Victor Vigianni  who reveals information about secret UFO NORAD files & ‘cover ups’? My brother hopes, at a future Conference, to speak with Steven M. Greer- who is presenting his new movie just released in L.A.. Dr. Greer, a retired M.D., founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence & the U.F.O. Disclosure Project.  Nick Pope, who ran Britain’s U.F.O. Project, is also at the Conference.

Quantum Physics- Living ‘Relativity’ Beyond Space & Time!                                                                    How little we know about the universe, galaxies, ‘nearby stars’ and their planets, the ‘multiverse’, so called ‘parallel dimensions and universes’, ‘worm holes,’ ‘portals’, and life on other planets or in ‘other dimensions.’  QUANTUM PHYSICS leap frogs Einstein’s RELATIVE STUPIDITY- our universe may easily operate instantaneously ‘BEYOND SPACE & TIME!’ (Not only is Einstein RELATIVITY THEORY a bit BUBBLE BRAINED but didn’t he mess up women?) For centuries,  a commonly held view was ‘the earth is flat,’ physics was flat footed, but boats sailed around the earth without ‘falling off the edge, our REAL Universe is beyond human belief!!’   HOWEVER AFRAID OR ASHAMED, EMBARRASSED, … WE MAY BE TO REVEAL PERSONAL EXPERIENCES , CONCERNS AND ISSUES, PUSH BOUNDARIES BACK- SEE WHAT IS BEYOND OUR PRESENT UNDERSTANDING.  WHO IS ANYONE ELSE TO JUDGE YOU- BRING YOUR ISSUES & CONCERNS INTO THE LIGHT!?  IT IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT TO SEEK HEALTH FOR YOURSELF AND FOR OUR WORLD- EXPERIENCE THE BLESSINGS OF A BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS LIFE!   June 23, 2017  by Brian Lane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Psychotic Patient Breakdown= Seduction & Psychotic Psychiatrys’ REACTION!– “Pick him up or PUT HIM DOWN!”                              A young man, like Prince Harry?, was losing it- falling completely apart!”   Feeling tortured by day, at night horrifying, vivid,  bloody  nightmares and dangerous fight and chase scenes engulfing all his senses!  Damned up emotions about to burst flooding!  Psychiatrist available … in 6 months! Damned up emotions breaking out imminently-ALWAYS PSYCHIATRY’S DILEMMA in a Fallen World cursed with ignorance and stigma!! First psychiatrist so alarmed, when her treatment is questioned,  she suddenly stops ALL care- blurts out “A complete, lengthy psychotic  breakdown is imminent!  Young man believes, no time for blushing shy ‘touchy-feely’ encounters! Best decision– spill every astonishing detail- including demonic attacks! to the  hospital’s expert TEAM!  According to tragic script, psychiatrists MAY INTERNALIZE THE SAME HOLLYWOOD SALEM WITCH HUNT HORROR THEMES as any bigot- unfortunately! The expert team imagines they possess an opportunity to see, predict- CHANGE THE FUTURE, RESET THE WORLD  before “IT”  happens!”                                                   A young attractive new psychiatrist speaks emotionally- forming a close intimacy with the very troubled young man during the lengthy  phone call, coaxing him gently with concern and care.  “Please! Come NOW to the hospital!  We  are going to give you the help  we  have been talking about.  I will meet you  when you arrive  and we’ll  talk, we’ll take care of  everything!  I PROMISE YOU!  But you have to come now- I AM WAITING…!”  The seduction  works- the very troubled young man rushes to the hospital!  (The very  floundering swimmer  anticipates  a thankful rescue at last!)  But this rescue is without A HAPPY ENDING!   Anticipating an emotional,  wonderful rescue, the troubled young man is instead met by  a cold, military like presence!  He is  led- taken  down corridors  to a strange  walled in area- “NO OTHER EXITS!”  Placed in a lone chair before a cold, white coated,  shaved head  figure  seemingly transported straight out of a Nazi war camp!  “We have DECIDED WHAT WE WANT TO DO TO YOU!  First, YOU WILL AGREE TO COMMIT YOURSELF immediately  to our treatment…. ” “But I  came to see the young psychiatrist to talk and she said ….”  “You WILL COMMIT YOURSELF immediately!  You CANNOT GO HOME!  You must stay here!”  “But the young psychiatrist promised me ….”   Suddenly softening his  military style voice,  “But- of course!  For you to “DECIDE TO COMMIT YOURSELF to the hospital!  You tell me your answer- I’ll GIVE YOU A FEW SECONDS.   So- WHAT HAVE YOU DECIDED!”   Thoughtfully, the young man begins, “I  think  I should go home,  sleep on what the young psychiatrist and I talked about and-”       “YOU’RE  NOT GOING ANYWHERE!”   the Nazi transplanted SS specialist  bellows and literally DIVES ONTO the frightened young man before he can stand up!  After a brief all out struggle, the young man tosses the  Nazi transplant away and worked his escape,  eventually to freedom from the “hospital/death camp” facility.                                                                                                                                  Arriving home,  nearly scaring  his brother’s girlfriend to death when, in  the middle of the night,  she awakens without her glasses, to  see a dark,  shadowy figure BANGING ON THE WINDOW ABOVE HER BED SHOUTING “They’re after me- they’re coming to get me…!”   In horror,   she blindly searches in the dark  for her glasses…,  eventually realizes  “Jason” ISN’T ABOUT TO BURST THROUGH THE PICTURE WINDOW, slice and dice her!  The shadowy figure vanishes as suddenly as he appeared,  girlfriend COLLAPSES DOWN IN SHOCK, PULLS THE COVERS over her head but mere minutes later, SHE IS TERRIFIED AGAIN BY LOUD KNOCKING, SHOUTING at the front door!  The young psychiatrist’s SEDUCTION, HER ‘SERPENTINE SCHEME’ hadn’t panned out-  The psychiatrists had seized THEIR MISGUIDED OPPORTUNITY TO EXTINGUISH AN IMAGINED FUTURE HOLLYWOOD POSSESSED ARCHETYPE ‘Jason,’ only to watch their INQUISITION TARGET break away in the worst possible way!  Young  Psychiatric Seductress calls the police immediately to tell them of CLEAR & IMMINENT DANGER! PICK HIM UP OR PUT HIM DOWN!– April  23, 2017    by Brian Lane                              to be continued…                   

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