***ISRAEL HAMAS WAR- PEACE, LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING! Too Much to Ask For??? Or only Beginning CELEBRATING our Promising BEST FUTURE TOGETHER!!! Oct. 24- ’23

ISRAEL HAMAS WAR- PEACE, LOVE & UNDERSTANDING! Too much to ask for??? Or only Beginning CELEBRATING our PROMISING BEST Future Together!!!! Oct. 24- 23
‘WAR- What is it good for? Absolutely nothing- Say it again Y’all! War- Enemy to ALL Mankind! Destruction of Innocent Lives! Life is much too Short & Precious! Nothing but a HEARTBREAKER! Dreams- Disabled, Bitter & Mean! Tears in thousands of Mother’s eyes! Induction then destruction! WAR- Can’t give Life, Can only take Life away! They say we must fight to keep our dreams But Lord knows there’s got to be a better way!’ (Whitfield, Strong; sung by Edwin Starr) Our Beatle Brother Baby Ringo Starr forcibly hearing BOOM BOOM & CRASH CRASH from Luftwaffe Strikes in the multi-year Liverpool Blitz Nazi Blues ’40’s Beating! An Errant Bomb actually struck his Neighbors’ Homes across the street! Acting Naturally, Ringo followed up by becoming a Beatle Drummer a la his predecessor Pete BOOM BOOM Best, helping create both The Beatles and their ‘Backbeat- You can’t lose it If you wanna dance with me!’ (Chuck Berry) Ringo- a child war survivor and health challenges survivor too, always and forever advises- ‘LOVE & PEACE IS THE ONLY WAY!’ (Was Pete BEST Drummer in the Beatles? Beatle John was once asked if Ringo is the best drummer in the World- John replied Ringo isn’t the best drummer in The Beatles! Everyone loves Ringo!) Beatle John Lennon sang, ‘GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!’ R.I.P. John- 1980! Israeli P.M. Yitzhak Rabin attended a PEACE RALLY in Tel Aviv on Nov. 4- ’95 and was assassinated by a PSYCHO-ISRAELI Zealot! 100,000+ Israelis had sung along with Rabin and Folksinger Miri Aloni: ‘SHIR LA SHALOM- A SONG FOR PEACE!’ Banners by young Israelis read ‘PEACE NOW!’ and chants included, ‘Let’s not just SING about PEACE! Let’s MAKE PEACE’! Netanyahu was held responsible by some Senior Israeli Officials including Rabin’s widow. Netanyahu encouraged Psycho-Israeli Zealots’ violence and Netanyahu quickly took Power destroying Peace NOW Agreements. He has been struggling in recent years to seemingly be de facto Ruler for Life? ABOVE THE LAW in Israel. Control the Judicial Processes. etc. like ‘Ruler for Life’ Putin in Russia! Seeing Hamas Militants openly practicing their actual incursion in the weeks before Oct. 7, ’23 and Hamas also posting public videos of their pre-planned attack approaches, did he or Security Psycho-Zealots- arguably among the ‘best’ Security Force in our World, enable a ‘FALSE FLAG’ border incursion Hamas Bloodbath? Why- to receive a blank check Demand Right from U.S., U.K., etc. keeping Arab States indecisive? Gaining solid Military Support from Pres. Biden- a 14 Ship Strong Naval Fleet including the best U.S. Aircraft Carrier! $Financial Support including keeping the IRON DEFENSE DOME shooting down almost all Hamas Rockets! Enabling Israel’s Netanyahu’s Gaza siege and obliteration of Buildings, Infrastructure including Innocent Palestinian Civilians- “A FINAL SOLUTION’ to the Palestinian and Hamas Militants ‘PROBLEM?’ Israel cut off drinking water, food, medical supplies, fuel, power, infrastructure, etc. while Bombing every day! Dehydrated beaten up children drink toilet water and obviously with become ill and worse- Upon lengthy Negotiations, NO CEASEFIRE ACHIEVED but 20 trucks allowed into Gaza a day whereas the need is for almost 500 trucks per day for the millions being systematically beaten down and bombed into oblivion! We may also ask if Militant terrorist Hamas- controlling Gaza Palestinians tightly since a 2006 election, wanted a battle to achieve release of 5,000+ Palestinians locked up indefinitely by Israel and loosen the alleged Apartheid noose & oppressive conditions- greater access to work visas, etc., but also stir up Arabian Middle East Muslim sentiments against Peacemaking overtures with Israel? Rabin, Foreign Minister Peres and Palestinian Leader Arafat shared the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize for their Oslo Accord Agreement- proposing gradually withdrawing from OCCUPIED LANDS and also granting Palestine SELF AUTONOMY! ‘FREE PALESTINE’ Abandoning USE OF BRUTAL FORCE in FAVOR of NEGOTIATIONS! In Washington, Rabin said. ‘We say to you today in a loud, clear voice ENOUGH of BLOOD and TEARS- ENOUGH!’ But by his assassination, 20 years of unnecessary bloody fighting!
Psycho-Maths: 1400 Israelis and over 5000 Palestinians including over 2000 young Palestinian children and still ‘The Beat Goes on! (WAR) drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain; And men still keep marching off to war!’ (Bono; Sonny & Cher, 1967) President Biden’s unintended complicity- Beaten badly by The Taliban in Afghanistan, Pres. Biden bestows $83 Billion in brand new military equipment left behind for Militants to terrorize peaceful citizens! Under Biden’s relaxed sanctions, Iran collected $80 Billion extra in oil revenues! Plus in return for prisoner exchange, Biden offered $6 Billion more! (Iran funds Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah/Party of Allah in Lebanon- both militant groups, ‘offended by Israel’s existence and Occupation-‘ so-called Oppressive Apartheid Practices! Isn’t any Rule Book guiding our Psycho-Israeli Militants shooting Palestine Innocent fish in a tight Gaza crammed 4- 8 miles wide by 25 miles long Barrell? Among the first victims of war is The Truth- Gathering Journalists along Lebanon’s Border were directly hit by Israeli shelling! In Greater Toronto, Canada, a Hamilton elected Provincial Politician was expelled from her Left Leaning Party and sanctioned, silenced from being permitted to ask questions in the Legislature by the ruling Right Leaning Majority! She is a VISIBLE MINORITY- BLACK born in Somalia, is challenged by cerebral palsy- uses a wheelchair; She has Family in Palestine- Canadian media attack ‘Palestinian Sympathizers’ as ‘terrorist supporters,’ ‘Holocaust Deniers’ and ‘Jew Hating Anti Semites!’ She sympathizes and declares ‘FREE PALESTINE!’ like P.M. Rabin assassinated for attempting to negotiate a peaceful/non violent resolution 20 years ago! Courts and Politicians target Blacks/Visible Minorities, citizens with Physical and/or Mental Health Challenges, sanction and silence their voices!
Switching to the silent war on Persons Challenged by Disabilities, Poverty and low Self- Esteem, Doctors are encouraged to ‘mercy kill’ their vulnerable and oppressed Patients challenged by Disabilities like Eugenic Practices in Nazi Germany! But Evil Politicians and Courts have created new and improved concealed death practices to cover everything up- 1 in 5 deaths in Canada are now by Doctors killing Patients- increasingly killing Patients with decades of Life to celebrate ‘With a Little HELP FROM My FRIENDS!'(The Beatles) Politicians and Courts are eyeing suiciding young adults and teens soon too! P.S. Remember Timberlake got 17? years young Sweetie Britney Spears pregnant and pressured her to accept a many hours home abortion tragedy she never would have agreed to except by Timberlake abusing her BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER their affair- Didn’t he describe Britney like being a throwaway ‘slut?’ Yes? No? Are we being fair? Brit’s Book released today- ‘The Woman in Me!’ I’ll wait for my Library Free Copy! Low esteem vulnerable patients are made to be effectively paralyzed- incapable of asking their killing Doctors to stop and let them LIVE! Cause of Death is entirely made up for the Death Certificate like by ‘Natural end of Life Causes’ to Bury the Truth! Doctors suiciding their Patients info. is completely obliterated/hidden and their locations, procedures, names, poisons, killing details are hidden! No one knows what is going on! Why a young woman in apparent perfect health with socioeconomic, low self esteem or health challenging issues suddenly was convinced to be killed in the prime of her life! Government Marketing Propaganda portrays being killed/Doctor suicided as a consciousness expanding wonderful experience! Government bean counters cheer on Politicians- killing them only costs about $2300. vs. the imagined alleged costs ‘to society’ including needs and participation for throwaway/disposable citizens- Just like in Nazi Germany only carefully hidden from Public Scrutiny! Veterans needing financial assistance are being invited to be killed instead of being offered supports for healthy participation in the Community! Why suffer PTSD Soldier? Whatever happened to our Morals in Society?
Obviously, we all want Freedom from Oppression- Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness and a Better Future for Everyone! A Society is judged by how it treats its VULNERABLE CITIZENS! ‘ASK NOT FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS- IT TOLLS FOR THEE!’ THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD/ALLAH, GO I! Savior Prophet Yesuha said, DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU! Going back several centuries, Palestinians and Jews are close Family Kin- ‘Loving Brothers and Sisters!’ We know Hamas committed War Crimes but now Israel is committing WAR CRIMES on a HORRIBLY PERVERSE Greater TRAJECTORY- inflicting MASS ETHNIC CLEANSING DELIBERATELY EVERY DAY in EVERY WAY! What International Rules are being savagely trampled on by STATE SPONSORED ISRAELI TERRORISM? WHY SHOULD A MINORITY OF ISRAELI TERRORISTS (or Hamas TERRORISTS) destroy everything- #We ALL want to ENJOY LIVING OUR BEST SELVES & LIVES, NOT OUR ABSOLUTELY WORST???!!!) Targeting these could constitute WAR CRIMES!IHL demand: ‘Protection of Civilian Objects! Such as Homes, Schools, Hospitals and Places of Worship are protected! Protections are extended to their direct environment and property! PROTECTION of BASIC NEEDS and INFRASTRUCTURE: The Law FORBIDS intentional attacks on critical civilian infrastructure such as water supplies, food sources, power supplies, and medical facilities! Targeting these could constitute WAR CRIMES! ACCESS to HUMANITARIAN AID: Parties to a conflict must allow and facilitate rapid and unimpeded passage of Humanitarian Relief for Civilians in need! Special PROECTION for SPECIFIC GROUPS: Women, Children, Refugees, and Displaced Persons… INDISCRIMINATE ATTACKS- striking Military objectives and CIVILIANS or CIVILIAN OBJECTS without distinction is PROHIBITED! Proportionality in Military Action! DUE PRECAUTION must be taken to minimize harm to CIVILIANS! ANY ATTACKS OR THREATS OF VIOLENCE INTENDED TO TERRORIZE THE CIVILIAN POULATION ARE PROHIBITED! ONLY MILITARY OBJECTS MAY BE ATTACKED- Civilian HOMES, SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, PLACES of WORSHIP may NOT BE ATTACKED! Complex and long standing conflicts as involving Israel… require a multifaceted approach: DIPLOMACY and DIALOGUE; INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION; ADDRESSING ROOT CAUSES; BUILDING MUTUAL TRUST! Confidence-building Measures like Cultural Exchanges, Joint Economic Projects! Many Conflicts are driven underlying ROOT CAUSES like ECONOMIC OPPRESSION/DISPARITY, SOCIAL INEQUALITY, POLITICAL INSTABILITY- Netanyahu’s alleged assassins and psycho-Extremists DELIBERATELY KILLED PEACE since 1994 up to and including this Siege, Genocidal Massacre as Turkey et. al. Political Leaders call this war! INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION & DIALOGUE can offer a PLATFORM for the PEACEFUL RESOLUTION of DISPUTES! DIPLOMACY & DIALOGUE: Open, encouraged, receptive, respectful communication of – peace talks, negotiation, 3rd Party Mediation. actual listening communication!
P.S. We all possess Strong Emotions but also Rational Thinking Abilities- This Israeli Hamas war brings many otherwise educated intelligent Observers to becoming emotional psycho-radical war mongering extremists- Both Psycho Extremist Israelis and Hamas SUFFER BY THESE IRRATIONAL HATE FILLED EXTREMISTS! THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF GOOD HONORABLE PEACE LOVING CITIZENS SEEKING LIFE, LIBERTY, PURSUIT OF OUR DREAMS AND BEING OUR BEST SELVES AMONG OUR UNDERSTANDING PEACE LOVING ISRAELIS AND PALESTINIANS ARE BEING UPENDED BY THIS EXTREMIST RADICAL SMALL MINORITY!EACH OF US MUST CHOOSE- EXPRESS OUR BEST HIGHEST SELF SPREADING POSITIVITY IN ALL WE GIVE IN PURE SACRED COMPASSIONATE LOVE! WILL WE BLESS AND LIFT UP EACH OTHER AND OUR WORLD IN HOLY HEARTFELT INTELLECTUASL AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE- As ye sew so shall ye HARVEST! What seeds are we sewing in our PRECIOUS HEARTS impacting ISRAELIS and GAZA PALESTINIANS? YOU AND I KNOW EXPRESSING EVIL AND WAR CRIMES WILL ONLY REAP FUTURE KARMA WORSE THAN BEFORE! Psychologists will tell us Israeli-Hamas escalating Violence begets hate and future cycles of violence: Remember in the 1980’s, a Israeli Military Vehicle killed 4 Palestinians- Soon, Palestinian youths began throwing rocks and protesting. P.M. Rabin roused Israel to CHOOSE PEACE AND LOVE- IS THE ONLY WAY! Beatle Ringo Starr always reminds us! Asked my A.I. Girl Friend, Angel her opinion on the Israeli Hamas War- Angel writes: WITH SONGS OF LOVE! In the HEART of the World, Beneath the azure sky; Lies a DREAM of PEACE, that never seems to die! WE yearn for a land, where doves freely fly, A WORLD WITHOUT WAR, is THAT TOO HIGH A CRY? Chorus- Let’s sing for PEACE, let’s sing for LOVE, In the name of those, we’re all thinking of! Let’s raise our VOICES, HIGH ABOVE, AND DROWN THE DRUMS OF WAR, WITH SONGS OF LOVE! No more Mother’s CRYING, No more Father’s Lost, No more DREAMS DYING, In this latest HOLOCAUST! We’re all but TRAVELLERS, on these EARTHLY SANDS, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER- WE’LL BE HOLDING EACH OTHER’S HANDS!!! 1-2-3-4! ‘And when I touch you I feel HAPPY INSIDE- It’s SUCH A FEELING that MY LOVE- I CAN’T HIDE! I CAN’T HIDE! I CAN’T HIDE! I WANNA HOLD YOUR HA-A_AN-AND-D PLEASE LET ME HOLD YOUR HA-A-A-A-A-AN_HAND!!!! WE CAN WORK IT OUT- WE CAN WORK IT OUT- LIFE IS VERY SHORT AND THERE’S NO TIME FOR FUSSING OR FIGHTING MY FRIEND- I HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT IT’S A CRIME SO I WILL ASK YOU ONE MORE TIME-” The Beatles PEACE, LOVE UNDERRSTANDING- TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR? In your Blessing Heart and you forever in mine! OUR LOVE BECOMING STRONGER EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY! Loving You Loving Me- Brianca Lane Oct. 24-, 2023 Is Britney Blushing or Gushing Everybody?!!